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Mr. Gunther?
She can't talk. I cut her tongue out.
What a shame.
I really liked you.
So be it.
Who's there?
Don't stop undressing on my account, lady.
Really. I don't mind at all.
You just keep on peeling away.
I like that red.
Looks real hot. Matches your lips.
Ooh, I like this, too.
Sweet. Kind of slutty.
You know what I like better than nasty red bras like this?
I like it better when they're off.
Know what I'd like?
I'd like it if, for once...
you'd use the door instead of climbing in the window.
I'm gonna come.
Not yet. I'm not ready.
I don't think I can hold it back, Sophie.
You have to. I'm not ready yet.
Oh, I'm gonna come, sweetie.
Oh, think of something. I'm not ready.
Think of what? All I can think of is coming.
I don't think I can hold it back.
Don't you dare come, Hank Peterson.
Are you thinking of something?
- What are you thinking of? - I don't know.
- Alaskan zombies? - Oh, that's good!
I think I'm... I think I'm getting close.
You can come now.
I can't...
- Do me a favor? - What?
You won't tell anybody about this, will you?
Hello? I came to see about the vacant apartment.
It's been rented.
No, really. No, that's all right.
I'll just... I'll just pick it up myself.
Thank you.
Hi. Are you the owner?
Um, I came to see about the apartment.
Is it still vacant?
As a matter of fact, it is.
May I take a look at it?
Why not?
Hey, do I know you from somewhere?
No, I don't think so.
Are you sure?
Yes, you have a face I think I'd remember.
You're a beautiful woman.
Oh, why that's... Uh, thank you. Um...
My name is Lori Bancroft.
You don't mind if we don't shake?
This way, please.
Pretty girl.
Yeah. Mr. Gunther always runs to the pretty ones.
What do you suppose his secret is?
How do you mean?
Well, everyone has a dark secret.
I just wonder what his is.
It's wonderful.
I love it.
It's just the right size. It's affordable.
It's not anything like that creepy old haunted house...
I lived in last year.
What a nightmare.
I'm convinced the man across the hall was a vampire.
Well, maybe he wasn't a real vampire, but...
You know what I like best about this place?
I have no vampires.
That's good.
No, I like it because it's walking distance to school.
You do rent to college students, don't you?
Mm-hmm. Yes, I do.
If I find they are the right choice for the apartment.
I try to be selective.
Well, that's good. You should be...
This is a great kitchen.
Will you take it?
The apartment... will you take it?
I need to know now.
Sure, I'll take it. It's perfect.
It's a deal, then?
Well, you bet. It's a deal.
May 8, 1986.
I used to kill in the name of science.
Now I kill...
because I'm addicted to killing.
It's the only way I can feel alive.
Now, Martha, let's see, where was I?
It's the part where I talk about father...
sending mother and me to Argentina in 1944.
June '53, I finish medical school and...
begin my practice.
Martha, it isn't good if you don't eat.
Come here, please.
You must eat, Martha.
Come on, another one.
Swallow it down. Come on.
I can't kill you.
Who would I talk to if you are dead?
Hi, Karl.
Hey, could you give me a hand?
You have a sweet tooth.
- Oh, well, they were on sale. - A sackful?
Oh, why is it I can never find my key?
Oh, I have a master key. I'll open your door.
Oh, I'm such a goofball sometimes.
- Thanks. - There you are.
You're welcome.
How about a glass of wine, Karl?
No, no, I couldn't. I don't drink alcohol.
It poisons the body.
Oh, it's a small vice, Karl.
Everybody has at least a few vices.
- Don't you have any vices? - Like what?
Oh, I don't know, the usual...
drugs, gambling...
fast cars, women.
- Well? - Well?
Well, say something.
I had women, OK?
It didn't work out.
Jessica here is our most famous tenant.
Really? What are you famous for, Jessica?
I'm a soap opera actress.
I play a soap opera actress on a soap opera.
- Are you serious? - I'm afraid so.
Here, Lori, try this on for size.
- What is it? - Tequila milk shake.
- Gotta say no to that. - Oh, come on. Be a sport.
What do you think?
It's the worst stuff I ever tasted.
Oh, it is, but, honey, it does wonders for your woes.
I just can't figure it out.
It seems every time I start sleeping with a guy...
with any sort of regularity...
he disappears on me...
without so much as a "Been nice knowing you, Harriet...
"but I've got to be moving on."
My latest fellow and me, we were just starting...
to get good at it when he just up and whooshed.
Gone, like a fart in a storm.
I didn't mind that he was undependable, unemployed...
uncivilized, uncouth, uncool, and lazy as a pig.
From the sound of it, Harriet, you were probably better off.
Honey, alone again is never better off.
enough of this poor little ol' pitiful-as-a-dog me shit.
Drink up.
That was close.
Don't scare me like that.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Mr. Gunther...
I hate to bother you this late at night, but...
would you mind going down to my apartment?
- Sure. - There's a strange noise.
- Vampires? - No, no, no. Not this time.
More like The Exorcist.
Would you like to come in, Lori, for a moment?
Thank you, Mr. Gunther. It's... it's late.
Are you sure?
Well, I only came up here...
because I was disturbed by the noise.
Oh, it was probably the rats.
Isn't there something you can do?
- Sure, I'll take care of it. - Thank you.
Are you sure you don't want to come in?
Thank you, Mr. Gunther.
Good night!
Good night, Lori.
I was chief surgeon at the National Hospital...
when I began practicing euthanasia.
As a doctor, I was able to end their pain by mercy-killing.
Then, in 1971...
a very strange thing happened.
I began reading my father's diaries...
and was shocked to learn that euthanasia...
was the same word he used as an excuse...
to kill Jewish people.
Thank God I have a sense of humor.
It makes life much easier if you can laugh.
We don't have to love forever
Just tonight
We don't have to say sweet whispers
Just tonight
We don't have to be true lovers
Just kiss me tonight
We don't have to hold each other
Just tonight
We don't have to say "I love you"
Just for tonight, lovers tonight
Hold me tonight
Make me believe
You need me tonight
I'm coming, Sophie.
Don't make me feel like a fool
Don't think that I would ever cry for you
But why should I want one more night with you
When I don't really love you
Hank Peterson, will you quit playing around...
and just get in here?
I'm hot.
So be it.
Dr. Gunther?
My name is Joseph Steiner. Do you remember me?
May I come in?
Please let me alone.
Dr. Gunther, I have spent three years looking for you.
You should know by now that I'm a very tenacious man.
You were not easy to find, but I found you.
And I am not going to go away.
Just a moment.
You are a murderer, Dr. Gunther.
Oh, I can't prove it.
Not yet anyway.
But during the five years you were the chief resident...
at the National Hospital in Buenos Aires...
sixty-seven people admitted under your care...
with routine illnesses died.
And, as you know, Dr. Gunther...
one of those sixty-seven was my brother.
Mr. Steiner...
I'm a doctor for twenty-seven years.
I delivered babies, I healed the wounded...
and I cured the sick every day of my life.
Surely, some of my patients died.
One of them was your brother.
I'm sorry about that, but I am only a doctor.
Do you recognize this man?
Ehrenfuhrer SS Officer Karl Werner Reitlinger.
Principle designer of the instruments of torture...
used in the Einsatzgruppen in over 100 Concentration Camps...
executed in 1945...
by the international military tribunal...
for crimes against humanity.
This is a picture of your father, isn't it?
Mr. Steiner, I'm going to ask you to leave.
- Dr. Gunther... - Mr. Steiner...
I ask you to leave. Good-bye.
I will be watching you.
December 8, 1973.
I have been practicing euthanasia as routinely...
as I perform my other everyday medical procedures.
February 17, 1974.
Due to a clerical error...
I mistakenly terminated the life...
of a perfectly healthy man.
A quick undetected injection, and his heart stopped.
To my surprise...
I did not feel remorse.
Instead, I began to understand...
the unusual sensations...
my father described in his writings.
Killing is my heroin...
my opiate...
my fix.
It gives me a god-like sensation...
that goes beyond that special feeling doctors have...
because they can save lives.
When you can take life away as easily as you can give it...
that is a feeling very few people ever experience.
You're a really difficult woman, Martha.
You haven't even touched your milk yet.
Do you want some of it?
Here you are.
I'm a happy man, Martha.
Just a sec. Let me find the switch.
Nice place. It has your touch.
Thank you.
Can I fix you a drink?
Tonight would be a good night to drink...
a lot.
Do you go to the ballet often?
About as often as I'm audited by the IRS.
- How often is that, Alfred? - Too often.
Both experiences are terribly boring.
Oh, is that what we were? Bored?
Sometimes culture confuses me...
and I think I'm having a good time.
Anyway, that's the way I felt tonight at the ballet.
You enjoyed the ballet?
Oh, no, not at all. You see, that's what confused me.
The ballet confused you?
No, culture confuses me.
I just wasn't certain it was boring...
until you told me about the IRS.
Jessica, I have no idea what you're talking about...
but I find you absolutely charming.
Aren't I?
I like you, Jessica.
I like you, too, Alfred.
You remind me of my Uncle Morris.
What a rotten human being.
Oh, I didn't mean you were rotten, Albert.
- I just meant... - Alfred.
Alfred. I mean, you're just, like, uh, older, you know?
Like my rotten Uncle Morris.
I'm sorry. Um, why don't l, uh...
slip into something more comfortable?
Yes. Why don't you?
What are you doing, Alfred?
Well, l... I just...
I heard this, um...
l... I can't quite describe it.
Well, it... it sounded like a tap-tap-tapping.
- Mice! - Mice?
Baby mice.
You get used to it.
Oh, boy...
I like your cane, Alfred.
It's long...
and hard.
Nice ring.
Thanks. It has survived four wives.
I'm rather fond of it myself.
Just how rich are you, Alfred?
Oh, does it matter to you that I'm rich?
Well, yes, it does matter to me if you are rich or not.
I wouldn't have gone out with you in the first place...
if you weren't.
But don't be offended by that...
because I don't go out with anybody unless they're rich.
Jessica, you are absolutely an original.
Yes, I am.
- Now, what the hell is that? - Uh, the baby mice.
There. It stopped.
Sorry, kitty.
Jessica, I just cannot make love with that sound.
I'm really very sorry.
And if I were you...
I'd talk to your landlord about hiring an exterminator.
"May 9, 1986.
"I am intrigued by my own special relationship...
"with death.
"Ever since arriving in America...
"I have meticulously documented my killings...
"in order to explore this addiction to death.
"And lately I have begun to wonder...
"if I have fallen from grace...
"with the world."
Excuse me for disturbing you, Miss Bancroft.
My name is Josef Steiner.
I spoke with you earlier on the phone.
Oh, right, right. Come in.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Personally, I can't stand smokers.
They're a nasty hazard to society.
Well, then, why do you smoke?
Compulsive personality type, I suppose.
As I told you earlier on the phone, Miss Bancroft...
I'm investigating your landlord Dr. Karl Gunther...
and part of that investigation...
involves getting certain information...
from some of his tenants.
Yes, well, I don't know if I can help you.
As you can see, I just moved in here a few days ago.
You're Lori Bancroft, age twenty-six...
born in Tucson, Arizona.
Journalism student at Brown University.
Single. Both parents living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Your father is editor of the Santa Fe Chronicle.
Your sister Kate died when she was only four.
Just exactly who are you investigating, Mr. Steiner?
I believe Dr. Karl Gunther killed my brother.
Mr. Steiner or...
whoever you are...
I think you better leave.
Miss Bancroft, I have spent three years trying to prove...
Dr. Karl Gunther killed my brother.
I just need a few more pieces of the puzzle.
Look, I don't know you...
and I don't know anything about Dr. Gunther...
and I'd rather not get involved.
Miss Bancroft, you are involved.
There's something going on in this building.
I don't know what it is...
but I think you can help me find out.
Mr. Steiner, I don't know what kind of ax...
you have to grind with my landlord...
but I'd just as soon not be part of it.
No. It should be painful.
Miss Bancroft, I don't mean to alarm you...
but I would be concerned about your safety in this building.
Dr. Gunther?
"May 9, 1986.
"Like my father...
"I am fascinated...
"by the delicate balance between life and death..."
"good and evil."
So be it.
Heil, heil Hitler!
I am my own God...
my own jury...
and my own executioner.
Heil, Gunther.
Who's swimming in your bathtub?
Sophie, we need to get out of here.
Sweet whispers, just tonight
We don't have to be true lovers
Just kiss me tonight
We don't have to hold each other
Just tonight
Become a friend of the rats.
Sieg heil!
Get off!
Oh, God!
So be it.
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