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Subtitles for Crime of Padre Amaro The.

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Crime of Padre Amaro The

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Based on the novel written by Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz in 1875
Aldama Mexico, 2002
No, thank you.
- Are you going to Santa Marta? - No, I'm staying in Los Reyes.
Do you live there?
I'm going to open a store with my grandson in Santa Marta.
I saved up the money they gave me for my lands.
If the store doesn't go well, I'll cross over to the other side.
- I have a daughter over there. - That's great. Great.
- Lights on, asshole! - Good evening!
- Hands up! - You're screwed!
What are you looking at? Damn woman!
Give me the watch, damn it!
Hurry! Hurry, asshole!
The watch, damn it!
What's this?
- Give it! - The chain.
Don't fuck with me! Hurry, asshole!
Okay, let's go!
- Have a nice evening. - And a good trip.
This will help a little.
- What are you doing here? - Hi, kiddo!
I thought you were in Aldama. Didn't you get a job?
- Well... - What?
I've been hired by El Independiente.
I came to see you.
- Me or your father? - You, only you, Amelia.
Now we can get married.
- Someone will see us. - Come on, let's talk.
- I have to teach catechism. - Catechism's in the afternoon.
They're preparing for their First Communion.
And what about me?
- I'll see you tomorrow. - I can't tomorrow.
Of course you can.
Tomorrow at 8:00 mass, okay?
That's it. The game is over. Come here.
Chepina, why didn't you start catechism?
- These kids! - Stop playing.
The ball.
Give me the ball.
We're not going to play anymore.
The ball! The ball!
Excuse me, where can I find Father Benito?
Thank you. Over there.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
The ball. The ball.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
So you are Father Amaro.
The bishop told me so much about you that I was looking forward to meeting.
I was recently ordained.
That's precisely why, because you are young and tender.
He thinks of a young priest to temper him in this town.
And then to send him to Rome to study Moral Theology or Canon Law.
- I just want to serve God, Father. - Yes, yes, of course.
That's why he sent you to me, an ogre. To test you.
Just remember, a priest who barks doesn't bite.
Come, come, I'll show you the parish house.
It's no great thing.
Here is the chapel.
The bishop wanted us to start a seminary...
...for Bible and pastoral studies with the priests in the diocese.
But it didn't work out. Some of us still meet every month.
The bathroom is there, and your room at the end.
Sanjuanera does the cleaning. I eat lunch and dinner at her place.
You'll have to do the same.
It hasn't been occupied for some time.
You'll only be here a short time, if you please me and the bishop.
Thank you.
What's up, Doc? What's new?
I'm just hustling your father.
- Hi, Dad. - Hello, son.
Weren't you going out with Amelia?
She couldn't. She had catechism all day.
I told you, son. That girl has her brain confused by prayer.
Why don't you find a more liberal girl?
- Not that wafer-eater! - Priest-hater, it's your turn.
I am going to check you.
Tell me when you want a story that will rile them up.
I'll give you all the information on the priests in the area.
I've got the dope on all of those fools!
I told you, Paco.
Double check.
Damn it all to hell!
Why do you take advantage when I'm talking to the boy?
Yes, Don Chato, yes.
I got what you sent, but it's in dollars and I can't change them.
I would appreciate that, Don Chato.
I'll tell the engineer, Don Chato. Go on.
Where are you going?
To the bathroom.
When do you want to have the baptism?
Yes, Don Chato. Of course, it will be a pleasure.
I'll be there.
The body of Christ.
God grant you more.
We pray for your help all over the world, for your message...
God grant you more.
...and for our Holy Father John Paul II...
...and all of us who are working...
- God grant you more. - ...all of us gathered here...
- ...fulfill us with your love and friendship. - God grant you more.
This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
Fortunate the ones invited to the supper of the Lord.
Lord, I am not worthy to receive you...
...but only say the word and I shall be healed.
The body of Christ.
- The body of Christ. - Amen.
- The body of Christ. - Amen.
- The body of Christ. - Amen.
- The body of Christ. - Amen.
The body of Christ.
Amelia likes the new priest.
- Is that priest new? - Are you mad?
- I am here, aren't I? - You never take communion.
- I don't believe in that stuff. - In God?
You care more about mass than about us.
Do you believe in God?
Maybe, but not the way the priests picture him.
You're a communist, Ruben!
- Don't be foolish. - Goodbye, Amelia, God bless you.
I'm home, little Salome.
I brought you your medicine. The body of Christ.
- Tell me if you like the tamarindo. - Thank you.
This is Father Amaro.
I'm glad to see you, Father.
- Nice to meet you. - Hello. Likewise.
My daughter told me.
Very young and very handsome.
Priests are neither young nor handsome.
We are ministers of the Lord.
What did I say?
Don't pay him any mind. He's just a grouchy old Spaniard.
But you ended up in the best place to eat in the whole town.
I have mole de olla...
...and some bean picaditas.
- Picaditas. - Yes?
- And for you? Your chicken broth. - Thank you.
Saturday afternoon we're having the meeting I told you about...
...with the diocese priests.
The bishop is worried about Father Natalio.
He's very headstrong.
Good afternoon, Father.
- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
What would you like to drink? Sangria, a cold beer?
Just water, please.
She's Sanjuanera's daughter.
I wanted to apologize about the other day.
- I never thought you were a priest. - Well, now you know, child.
- For you, tequila, right? - Yes.
I haven't told you about our construction underway.
What construction?
A clinic on the outskirts of town for the diocese.
- The bishop asked me to build it. - I could take him to the clinic.
Martin will go. That's what the sexton is for.
Go on.
Is this it?
I didn't think it was so big. My goodness, it's huge!
Father Benito calls it a clinic but it will be a full-fledged hospital.
Look, come over here.
On this side will be the old people's home.
And over here the orphanage. And all the rest is for the sick.
The people around here are very generous with their donations.
Yes, especially the mayor and his wife Amparito.
- She's very religious. - Good afternoon.
I see you're a big hit.
Except with my boyfriend.
- The boy you were in mass with? - Yeah, the big dope.
- Did you break up? - No, I'm just not in love.
Do you know the only one I am devoted to?
Just to God.
Oh, that's nice.
Careful! Careful!
- I slipped. - You okay?
- Yes. I'm fine. - Yes?
- Thank you, Father. - No, no. Don't do that.
Good morning.
- Good morning. - Hello.
Sanjuanera? How are you? This is Ruben calling.
Is Amelia around?
This is the third time I've called her.
Yes, please tell her I need to talk to her.
She has my number, it's 12-34-26, extension 117.
Yes, tell her I miss her.
Okay, see you later, ma'am. Thank you very much.
Father, Father.
Now that you know my sins, I want you to know my virtues.
This is for our Lady's altar.
She granted me a big miracle.
And my husband sends this.
It's for the hospital center.
Thank you.
I am Amparito, at your service. The mayor's wife.
Thank you.
- Holy Mary. - Conceived without sin.
Tell me your sins, child.
- Have you no sins? - Yes.
I confess that I am very sensual, Father.
What do you mean by sensual?
Well, I'm very intense.
I like to kiss my boyfriend, and touch myself.
- You touch each other? - No.
No, I touch myself, Father.
In the shower, taking a bath.
I like to feel the water falling on my body, and I caress myself.
Is that a sin?
No, sensuality is no sin.
The body and the soul are the same essence. It's normal.
But when I caress myself...
...I close my eyes and I think...
What do you think about?
What Jesus?
Jesus, our Lord, Father.
Is that a sin?
Yes, that is a sin.
Her mother died the day she was born.
It's always been like this.
She can't walk. She's like a little animal.
And sometimes she has fits.
Is she a girl?
Her name is Getsemani. That's how Father Benito baptized her.
Can she talk?
When she wants to.
Come on, Getsemani, say hello to Father Amaro.
Hello, hello.
But she understands everything.
Do you think the devil is inside her, Father?
No, of course not.
Father Benito exorcised her once.
What do the doctors say?
They've tried everything and nothing works.
Not doctors, nor witch doctors.
Now I just give her some pills... calm her down!
That's it, that's it. Look, look.
Do it! Look, look!
- Goal! What a goal! - No, Father, he was offside.
- That's a goal. - He was offside.
You're not even watching the game.
Turn that off, damn it.
- There are only five minutes left. - Not another minute!
Let's get to business. I don't think anyone else is coming.
Father Galvan is in the kitchen. We could finish watching the game.
No matter. What were you talking about?
The game, Father. What else?
Father Amaro here was giving us his view on celibacy.
Yes. If celibacy were optional...
...the church would avoid a lot of trouble, don't you think?
That's bullshit!
You'd sooner see a Mexican pope than an end to the vow of celibacy.
Besides, what do we care?
What we care about now...
...are the accusations against you...
...Father Natalio.
- What is this about, Father? - Clear the way, gentlemen!
You've never tasted anything like this.
To welcome Father Amaro, monsignor's favorite.
- Don't say that. - And why not?
The bishop himself just told me so.
"This is my beloved son in whom I take great pleasure."
- Don't blaspheme, Father Galvan. - I'm sorry, but it's true.
Help yourselves, help yourselves. You'll be licking your fingers.
Before we know it, they'll name him adjunct bishop.
I would like to know what the accusations against me are.
The effects of your damned liberation theology.
What does liberation theology have to do--?
The Bishop has exact information, very precise, Father Natalio...
...that you are protecting or helping...
...guerrillas in your area.
What guerrillas?
You give them weapons, or hide them for them.
Lies! That isn't true.
There are no guerrillas, just drug lords.
The Aguilar brothers' drug traffickers. Chato Aguilar's men.
- I'm talking about guerrillas. - I'm talking about traffickers.
The kind who invade peasant lands, force people to plant poppies...
...and threaten or kill them if they refuse to work for them.
Gunmen and drug lords.
They are in my community and they murder my people!
The bishop knows well of your helping the guerrillas.
Then the bishop knows Chato Aguilar launders money with donations.
All for your damn hospital center.
- You don't understand anything! - I understand it all!
I know what goes on in my community.
Well, if you won't listen to me, face the consequences, Father Natalio.
Don't spoil our gathering, Natalio. Let's have a good time.
- I'm drunk as a skunk. - I'll hold him on this side.
One, two...
But how about those chiles rellenos?
- Weren't they amazing? - Yes.
Especially for you...
...God's favorite.
Thank you, Galvan.
I would like you to visit my community...
...up near the mountains, so you could see how we work.
What's that you said about the donations?
I suspect it, but I don't really know.
I guess I went too far, right?
Excuse me.
Why not anymore?
You know.
But I could come when he is saying mass.
Don't try my patience, for God's sake.
Or you could come to my house when Amelia isn't home.
You don't care about me anymore?
Excuse me, Father.
- Do you have any clothes to wash? - I washed them myself. Thanks.
I'm so glad to see you, Father, because...
...well, I wanted to...
...ask you a favor.
It's Amelia, Father.
She broke up with her boyfriend, who is really a good guy.
And now the poor thing is crying his heart out.
Where do I come in?
You have so much influence on her, Father.
Convince her to make up with him.
I'll try. But I can't convince her of anything she doesn't want.
Go on, it won't hurt you to help her.
Make her happy.
You're going to get better, okay? First things first.
The body of Christ. Amen.
- You old bitch! - No, no, Martin!
No, Martin, no!
I'm here for Father Benito.
Just a second.
- Father. - Yes?
Someone to see you. He looks like a hit man.
Yes, I'm all ready.
- Where are you going? - To a baptism.
- Where? - At the hacienda.
What hacienda?
Son, you ask more questions than the bishop. The hacienda.
Welcome, Father Benito.
Here I am, Don Chato. Here I am.
- You look well. - Yes.
- Everything in order? - Everything.
- And this mess with the dollars? - I exchanged them at a very good price.
- Where is the little one? - Over there.
You're going to get stuffed with succulent barbecue.
I can't eat too much or I won't fit into my vestments.
Tell me, when are you going to visit the clinic?
I baptize you with the name of Maria Elena... the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit...
Nice pictures?
I'd like to buy some from you.
I'd pay you well.
I'm in a lot of them.
I work for Mr.Aguilar.
I don't even develop them. I give him the film and that's it.
That's too bad.
Galarza wants to see you.
What's up?
Look at this, Ruben.
Chato Aguilar.
And Father Benito.
The priest is from your hometown, right?
How did you get these?
A present someone brought me.
Someone who wants to fuck over Chato Aguilar.
Chato Aguilar or Father Benito?
I could just publish them and be done with it...
...but it's worth investigating. It's a big story.
It's my town, everyone knows me there.
If you don't want to do it, I'll give it to Ramiro.
It's up to you.
Fuck it. I'll do it.
And not just the hospital center, there's more.
Then the whole construction is with Chato Aguilar's money.
That's right. Here are the contracts, costs...
Goddamn, this is a lot.
And there's still more.
Here are testimonials from people in the mountains.
What's that about?
About Father Natalio.
A guy named Natalio Perez who lives in the hills and joined the guerrilla.
Didn't you know?
No. Hey, but where did you get all these facts?
Son, a lot of investigating...
...and some help.
You know, I should have been a reporter.
- Thank you. Could I have more lime? - Oops. Sorry.
Forgive me.
Great! This will boost circulation in a hurry. Damn!
You almost didn't make it, man.
See you around.
Here you are, Don Matias.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
Have you seen this, Sanjuanera?
Holy Mother of God!
And I thought you were the one paying for the hospital center.
What we gave would only have been enough for a clinic.
But damn Father Benito wanted more.
Did you see who signed the article?
- Ruben. - What Ruben?
Ruben de la Rosa. The son of Don Paco, the heretic.
Damn Father Benito, son of a...
You have to do something, Gordo. You're the mayor.
No way!
You have to keep your distance from priests, like Benito Juarez said.
Father Natalio is late.
You can bet he isn't coming.
I told him not to mess with the rebels. But he was pig-headed!
The accusations against him aren't clear and refutable.
The journalist states opinion, not facts.
He says his people have nothing to do with guerrillas.
I believe him.
And what about Chato Aguilar, Father?
That's an entirely different thing.
I always thought... have thought...
...that we shouldn't be too picky about money for good works.
- Even if it comes from Chato Aguilar? - It's laundering drug money.
The true cleansing is in the eyes of God.
It is bad money that turns good.
Yes, hello?
Yes, speaking, Bishop.
I want to tell you...
Yes, yes, but...
I understand, Bishop.
Yes, yes.
As you wish. If you'd like, I can go tomorrow.
Oh. I'll tell him right away.
Conceived without sin.
Do you want me to go with you?
No, not me. He doesn't want to see me.
He just wants you to go.
Extension 15, please.
You are a son of a bitch, Ruben!
Idiot, dope, faggot, damned apostate!
Renegade, asshole...
...two-legged insect!
It was all a lie, wasn't it, Father?
What the newspapers say about Father Benito.
Pure slander, Martin.
I think the devil came to this town many years ago, Father.
He built his lair here.
The bishop is expecting you, Father.
Wait here, Martin.
What a joy to see you, son! Come in, come in.
Put me through to the mayor of Los Reyes, Sister.
- Have a seat. - Thank you.
We are here to address heaven's issues on Earth.
See why I sent you to Los Reyes?
That Benito is a calamity. Look at the scandal he got us into.
All because he is so stubborn about having a first-world hospital.
Did you know about Chato Aguilar, Monsignor?
Where sin is plentiful, grace will be more plentiful, son.
Even saints make mistakes. The important thing is to recognize them.
Don't make a sour face. For God all things can be remedied.
I already spoke with the director of that rag.
We're going to publish a rebuttal.
You will write it.
Yes, Sister?
The bishop is on the phone.
Those priests. I'm not going.
No, no.
At your service, Bishop.
No, no. It's just a lot of noise about nothing.
No, Bishop. Don't say that. I can't say I gave all that money.
It's in the millions. They'll lynch me.
Oh, that's okay.
If you take responsibility for half, I'll vouch for the other half.
Fine. Perfect. I'll send the fax to the newspaper tomorrow.
Yes, Bishop.
See you later.
- Will everything be all right now? - Yes, yes, yes.
There's no worse politics than black politics.
Fucking priests.
Don't let your party hear you, they'll burn you alive.
I govern for the people, not the party.
No shit?
For his activities, I'll take Father Natalio out of his community.
He swears there are no guerrillas in his area.
I'll lock him up with the nuns. Let him take care of them.
- Bishop, if you will allow me an opinion-- - Relax, son.
I know how tiresome all this is for you.
But first we have to get the work done. Then you will come to my side...
...and learn to run the diocese.
- Thank you. - Goodbye, son.
Isn't that excessive?
No, it seems fair to me.
What if we decide not to run your rebuttal?
Your newspaper is doing well.
The readers have trusted us for years.
We always report the truth.
And is truth supported by readers, or ads?
It would only take the bishop one phone call... end the advertising.
He wouldn't do such a thing, of course.
The rebuttal is to go on the front page, in big type.
The mayor's statement, well...
...put that wherever you like.
But I can't fire de la Rosa.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
Just find him a job somewhere else.
Come in, Ruben.
- You know Father Amaro, don't you? - Yes.
Well, Mr.Galarza, nice to meet you.
But these are all lies.
What I wrote was the facts, not this bullshit!
I'm talking to you, asshole!
- Think you can make a fool of me? - Calm down, Ruben!
- Sit down. - This is all bullshit.
Sit down.
I'm sorry.
It gets worse.
They're asking for your head.
It was around here but I don't remember.
It's very difficult.
Go on to the curve.
On this side. It's still good.
Can I help?
Please, Father.
There it is.
Done. Thanks.
- Hello. - I'm glad you came.
You read what they printed in the newspapers?
Newspapers don't make it up here.
Let's go over there.
- Make sure those are tight, Lucas. - Okay.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Benito looks good.
He's photogenic.
With his buddy, Chato Aguilar.
That misunderstanding has been settled.
You believe that?
Then the rest is also a misunderstanding.
There are no guerrillas here.
But people have to defend themselves.
Yes, I believe you.
But I'm not speaking for myself.
I'm speaking for the bishop.
What's this?
"A decision..."
Can you imagine me in a convent full of nuns?
I'd drink all the eggnog.
It's an order from your bishop.
I don't give a shit.
You are bound to obedience, Natalio.
My only obedience is to God, and to my people.
Come up here for a few days.
Come on.
So you can see how we follow the gospel to the letter.
You could be suspended.
Maybe excommunicated.
No. Tell the bishop I said no.
He can do whatever the hell he wants.
Saint Paul tells us:
"When Jesus rises up in heaven with his powerful angels... a tongue of flame...
...and takes vengeance on those who know not God...
...and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus...
...they will suffer eternal pain and ruin...
...far from the presence of the Lord...
- ...and the glory of his power." - He's right.
Dear brothers...
...slander and defamation...
...have fallen like a deluge...
...the confused mind of a brother of ours.
Our neighbor has chosen to smear the good and noble actions...
- ...begun by Father Benito. - Bastards.
All the worst for him.
Because our Lord will judge him when his time comes.
Let us be understanding.
Because the Lord tells us:
Do not allow this evil to conquer you.
On the contrary, conquer evil with goodness.
- What? What? - Today we can be thankful to God...
...because the slander did not trouble our consciences.
In the face of slander, shines truth.
In the face of hatred, shines love.
- Amid blasphemy, shines forgiveness. - Forgiveness?
We mustn't forgive. We can't allow that.
- Long live Father Benito! - Silence!
- Heretics! You're a bunch of heretics! - Be quiet!
- You be quiet! - Dionisia!
What racket.
Calm down. Calm down!
Don't be crazy!
Heretics! Heretics!
- Heretics! - Long live Christ the King!
- I have stuffed crab. - I want my chalupas, like always.
Oh, Don Matias, I'll get them in a moment.
- Good evening. - Come in.
- Where is Father Benito? - He doesn't feel well.
- What? - It's nothing serious.
No, I still have to go see him.
Tell Amelia to take charge. Excuse me.
- Good evening. - Good evening, Father.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
How are you, Father?
I so wanted to see you.
Very upset and hurt by all that's happened.
The people went too far.
Don Paco deserved it. He started the whole thing.
Don't say that, Amelia.
Luckily it wasn't serious.
How is Ruben?
I don't know.
And I don't care.
My chalupas, Amelia. What's the problem?
Nothing serious. This time it's not the heart.
He's severely depressed, but he'll come out of it soon.
With two days rest and spirit.
Keep up your spirits, Father.
- See you later. - Thank you, doctor.
I'll stop by your office to pay you later.
You see?
When will you learn?
It's the price I must pay for my sin.
What sin?
Now wait just a minute.
When Cipriano left me...
...who was the only one who helped me? Remember?
I brought you to wallow in my bed.
You gave me back my life.
I made you into the priest's whore.
And for that love, I shall go to hell.
Listen to me. What was it you told me about hell?
You don't remember, do you?
The only hell is loneliness.
Did I say that?
That's what you told me.
I hope God sees it that way, Agustina.
There, there, stop thinking.
You need to rest.
Why don't you close your eyes?
Maybe you can sleep for a little while.
If not for Doc, I wouldn't have known. That's what telephones are for.
Why should I have told you?
I didn't want you to come in this time of fanatical crusaders.
Just like living under Franco!
Well, I'm coming to get you.
- To take you to the city. - Are you crazy?
- You'll get better treatment. - I'm not moving from here at all.
Oh, Dad.
What's the matter?
You haven't gotten a job?
Oh, God. Come on, don't act like a victim, son. Lift your head up.
Lift your head up.
That's it.
What you have to do is get a job at a newspaper with big circulation.
Because I have some news about the priests...
You're going to fall over!
Remember Father Natalio, the guerrilla?
Well he confronted the bishop. And what do you think?
- Now they want to excommunicate him. - Wow!
- Cheers to Father Natalio! - Cheers.
Let go of me!
- Let's talk. - I don't want anything with you!
- Get lost! - Wait.
Don't you get it? I loathe you!
That's not true.
- Do you feel better, Father? - Better, better.
I'm not numb anymore.
Defend yourself, you son of a bitch!
Come on, faggot!
- Come on, asshole! - My goodness!
Fucking priest, don't you have any balls? Just you and me! Shithead priest!
Come on, asshole!
Son of a bitch!
You fucked up, Rubencito.
We're putting you away for three weeks, or more.
No, it's okay. I'm fine with this.
Thank you.
Ready to make your statement, Father?
No, I'm not going to press charges.
I forgive you, Ruben.
Are you crying?
Over Ruben?
No, over you.
Over all you have suffered without complaining.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost...
- Go in peace. - Amen.
- Mary, Mother of God. - Conceived without sin.
- I absolve-- - Father!
- What? - What do you mean, "what"?
- Tell me your sins. - You know them.
What about yours?
- Forgive me, I was out of line. - What do you think about love?
Love is the motor of the world, Amelia.
Love believes everything...
...expects everything...
...bears everything.
- Saint Paul says in Corinthians-- - Stop playing dumb!
About our love. What do you think about that?
It is a gift.
God blesses us through this love.
We have to be careful.
People wouldn't understand.
Go on, now. Go.
Were you planning on going out, Father? The distributor isn't working.
No, no, I was just taking a walk around here.
Father Benito should buy another truck, don't you think?
El Gato is selling one.
How is Getsemani doing?
- Have you taken her to the doctor? - Yes.
He gave her some medicine.
Do you want to come in?
I'd like that.
What about that room? Are you using it?
My son Lencho would stay here...
...when he'd come to Los Reyes.
Martin, I want to ask you a favor.
- Do you know Amelia? - Sanjuanera's daughter.
Yes, a very pious child.
She wants to become a nun.
She doesn't want anyone to know.
And I offered to prepare her, and, well, in secret...
...but I don't have a place.
It could be here.
- Already? - Yes.
You look happy, child.
I'm so glad you finally decided... tell that Ruben to bug off.
It was about time.
The cheese, child. Here.
- Excuse me. - Thank you, sweetie.
- You're welcome. - Delicious.
- Cheese? - Yes, thank you.
Pardon my hand.
- Cheese? - No, no thank you.
- You need anything? - Nothing, thank you.
- What a lovely girl. - Very pious, intelligent...
...and church-going.
Did I tell you, Father?
Amelia is going to give Getsemani catechism classes. Aren't you, Amelia?
What poppycock!
- Who is Getsemani? - A retarded child.
She doesn't understand a thing. The poor wretch can't even talk.
All the more merit.
You're wasting your time, child.
- You won't last a week. - The feeble-minded need God too.
Don't they, Father Galvan?
Yes, yes, of course. We all need God.
- Want some more horchata? - Yes, thank you.
I found a place.
This one is the Holy Spirit.
See his little wings?
This is the Virgin Mary.
And this one is Jesus...
...the baby.
Look, this man with a beard...
Look at him, he's God.
Look closely at the drawings and I'll be back to tell you the story. Okay?
Look at them.
As the lily among thorns
So is my beloved among maidens
Thy hair
Is as a flock of goats that appear From Mount Gilead
Thy lips are like a ribbon of scarlet
That's from the Song of Songs.
It's a holy book.
Thy two breasts are like two young roes That are twins
Which feed among the lilies
The joints of thy thighs are like jewels
Thy navel
Is like a round goblet Which wanteth not liquor
Thy belly is like a heap of wheat Set about with lilies
A fountain of gardens
A well of living waters
And streams from Lebanon
Thy lips, o my spouse Drop as the honeycomb
Honey and milk are under thy tongue
And the smell of thy garments Is like the smell of Lebanon
The commandments of the law of God are 10.
The first: Thou shall love God above all things.
The second: Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.
The third: Thou shall observe the holy days.
The fourth: Thou shall honor thy father and thy mother.
The fifth: Thou shall not kill.
The sixth: Thou shall not fornicate.
- The seventh-- - Miss!
What does thou shall not "formicate" mean?
It means that you don't eat meat during holy week, Chente.
- The seventh. - The seventh...
Leaving, Father?
- I have to visit someone who is sick. - I came for confession.
I brought you a present. I made it for the altar to the Virgin.
It's lovely. I'll take it. Thank you, Amparito.
- Thank you. - Come visit me at my house some time.
Good afternoon, Father.
- Wait a minute. - What?
- No. - What?
Let me see it on you.
You are more beautiful than the Virgin.
I don't want any more scandals.
Just imagine if the newspapers do another number on us.
Be patient with him, Bishop. Father Natalio is acting in good faith.
I've given him more than enough time to come around.
- May I express an opinion? - Of course, son.
That's why I call you, to advise me.
If you send him to some other peasant community... another diocese, I think he would accept.
You're too good.
Well, give me time for God to enlighten me.
Did you tell the Bishop about the child Amelia?
- That you are preparing her, as a nun. - Oh, yes.
We talked a long time in confidence.
I think the Bishop would like the Order of the Clares for her.
How is she doing?
The child Amelia.
With her studies, I mean.
Fine. She seems to have a vocation.
I want to love you without hiding. In front of everyone.
No, it can't be done.
Our love is unique.
It's spiritual, right?
No. It's carnal.
I know, the flesh and the spirit are one and the same essence.
But it isn't true.
Lots of priests hang up their cassocks and marry.
Well, I won't.
Why not?
- We could go far away. - Where?
- Anywhere. - For what?
So I could end up teaching civics?
What about all my studies?
That's not the important thing.
No, the important thing is my vocation.
Besides, I can do so much for people as a priest.
Do you know the Clare nuns, Father?
I think they have a convent in Santa Marta. Why?
Because little Amelia wants to become a nun with them.
Amelia, a nun?
That's what Father Amaro said.
He has been preparing her for a long time.
For a long time? Where?
In a little room, out by the workshop.
He says it's a secret.
Where is he?
She's just a child. Didn't you notice?
We both know what we are doing.
- You are a priest. - I'm also a man.
- You took a vow of chastity. - Because I was forced to.
I'm going to have to inform the bishop.
- No, you won't say anything, Father. - Just wait and see.
Then I will tell him what I know about Sanjuanera.
It's not the same thing, damn it!
Sanjuanera is different.
- That poor woman-- - It's the same, Father.
Are you blackmailing me?
The host is sacred!
You'll be damned, you little brats!
Blessed and praised be the host consecrated unto God...
Guess who called my boyfriend?
- Who? - Ruben.
He said he's working at another newspaper in Mexico City.
- What's that to me? - You still hate him?
I do.
- Why so much--? - Amelia!
I'll see you.
I need to talk to you.
- We have to find another place. - I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
Is that all you can say to me?
May I talk to you, Father?
To confess?
No, I just want to talk.
You're in big trouble, boy.
I do want to confess.
Father, I have sinned.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
I have lied.
I have committed the sin of pride.
I abused the trust of people who opened their house to me.
Like Herod, I chopped off innocent heads.
I have offended God.
I have committed the sin of lust.
I fornicated with a virgin who was a child!
- He must go to Mexico City immediately. - I'll go with him.
How are we going to get him to Mexico City now?
It is quite a severe coronary.
But how can we take him by plane?
By anything, but hurry.
- From where? - Figure out where.
Hello? Put me through to Don Chato, please.
- Mr. Chato Aguilar. - You can't call him.
- Father Benito. - No!
We're talking about his life!
Be careful, son. He's very fragile.
It looks bad, really.
We'll get in touch later.
I'm giving you just enough time to find another job.
I didn't want to hurt you, Father.
By the time Father Benito gets back there will be another sexton here, okay?
You haven't been to the restaurant.
Nor you to mass.
We have to talk about my pregnancy.
- Have you told your mother? - No one.
I don't know what to do. I can't think.
You could go to Villa Aldama.
Stay there nine months and put the baby up for adoption.
Is that what you want?
- For me to give my baby away? - Listen to me, Amelia.
I'm a priest.
I can't jeopardize my priesthood.
Besides, you knew that from the beginning.
I'll have my baby here! I don't care if everyone knows it's yours!
- Don't say stupid things. - It is yours!
Shut up, you dumb bitch! Shut up! Shut up!
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Ruben is here.
Ruben your boyfriend?
He's working in Mexico City. He came to see his father.
Have you seen him?
Maybe he'll want to marry me.
Would you like that?
To save my baby, I would do anything.
What are you doing here?
Can I talk to you?
Could you forget it all?
I've forgotten it.
You wanted to marry me, remember?
I would have done anything for you.
Not anymore?
Take me to Mexico City with you.
You don't love me anymore, do you?
No, not anymore.
My love ended.
- Forgive me for blurting it out like this. - That's okay.
Of course I'm worried about his condition.
But alas, only God knows, son.
Father Benito has fulfilled his mission on earth.
Let me know when you hear anything.
Meanwhile, you take over his affairs.
You understand, right? We're going to renew construction on the hospital.
No, no, no.
What concerns me most right now is Father Natalio.
If he won't accept another diocese, I can't wait any longer.
If you can't sort it out, who can?
Excommunication, son.
A decree to be read in all the churches...
...and all over the country.
He won't even be able to get into the rural schools.
You must deliver it to him personally.
And we'll see. Either he gives in or he's fucked.
Let me know.
Did you talk to Ruben?
Yes, of course.
I have a suggestion, Amelia.
Do you know where Dionisia lives?
Good evening.
Good evening.
What a surprise! What an honor!
Come in, Father dear, come in.
Look, this is my private church.
Let me introduce you to my saints.
Here is my Saint Anthony, Saint Joseph, my Virgin of Guadalupe...
- Sit down, Father. - I'm in a hurry.
And how is the little girl?
Listen, I heard in confession that you know a doctor...
A doctor, I don't know...
One of those who does...
Does what, Father?
Brings children into the world.
- And also... - Mother of God! The girl is pregnant?
What you want is an abortion, Father.
I don't know if this is enough.
No, it takes a lot more. But don't worry.
We'll settle up later. First let me see.
- Yes. - I'll let you know in time.
God bless you, Father.
Excuse me.
- Mother of Jesus. - Pray for him.
- Mother of divine grace. - Pray for him.
- Tower of David. - Pray for him.
- Tower of ivory. - Pray for him.
- House of gold. - Pray for him.
- Heaven's gate. - Pray for him.
- Refuge for sinners. - Pray for him.
- Consolation of the afflicted. - Pray for him.
- Aid for Christians. - Pray for him.
- Queen of angels. - Pray for him.
- Queen of the apostles. - Pray for him.
- Queen of the patriarchs. - Pray for him.
- Queen of all the saints. - Pray for him.
- Queen of the apostles. - Pray for him.
- Queen of prophets. - Pray for him.
They found Lucas in a canyon.
Three years ago they killed his father and two brothers.
Chato Aguilar's men.
What about the municipal guards?
They help them.
But someone should be told. The authorities.
If you only knew of all we've accomplished.
Things are settled differently around here. Don't worry.
Can I ask you a moral question?
Well, I don't know a lot about moral theology, but...
Ask away.
What do you think about abortion?
We don't have that problem around here.
But in your parish you do, huh?
I don't know. In some cases, one would have to consider it.
And how is the bishop?
Look, he sent you a fax.
It's a suspension ad divinis against you.
And excommunication too.
You are out of the church now, Natalio.
You can't officiate, or give the sacraments anymore.
You have to go before the bishop.
...Im not going before anyone.
Out of the church.
If they want to kick me out, I'm already here.
I'll stay on as just another peasant.
I chose this path.
And you?
Believe me, I admire you, Natalio.
Well, I have to go.
Holy Virgin among virgins...
...don't let me fall, or lose my way in adversity.
I have been your faithful son...
...since I was a child.
You have protected me along the path of duty.
Do not forsake me in this crucial hour.
My Mother, grant me a miracle, please.
Save me, Holy Mother.
My mother called from Mexico City.
- What happened? - They've operated on Father Benito.
They'll be back in two weeks.
That's good.
What you told me over the phone, I thought about it.
No. Think about it more.
You have to do it of your own free will.
Heaven purify my soul.
My spirit is filled with emotion when I contemplate the blessings of my Lord.
You have shed your light on your servant...
Grant me a miracle, Holy Mother.
Save me.
Friday at 2 in the morning.
Bring double the amount that you gave me.
Right on time, Father.
As you should be.
And the girl?
Don't tell me she chickened out?
Too bad, Father.
Straight ahead, straight ahead.
Take the next turnoff to the left.
It's all very clean.
It's a hospital.
- Wait. I want to talk to the doctor. - You can't go in.
I'll take care of it.
- I have to see the place. - No.
The money.
Come, come, Amelita.
Everything will be fine.
Ask God to watch over you.
Pray for me, okay?
Come, Amelia, come.
Come, child.
I'll be here, I'll be here.
Good evening, young man.
- Good evening. - Don't you remember me?
- No. - We met on a bus.
When we were held up, remember?
Oh, yes.
I always remember how good you were.
There aren't people like that, anywhere.
I couldn't open the store with my grandson, like I told you.
I wandered around and around.
Until I got a job here as a night watchman and handyman.
- Here at the hospital? - That's what they call it.
You came for them to relieve your girlfriend?
I came for them to relieve me.
Don't worry. They all come out okay.
Screwed, but content.
God willing.
A hemorrhage! It won't stop!
We're treating her, get out! You can't take her!
- Out of my way! - She'll bleed to death!
She's bleeding to death.
Go straight.
- In Santa Marta... - Open it.
- ...there is a good hospital. - Yes, I know, doctor.
I have to go. I have to go!
Take me, take me!
Take me!
Christ, sanctify me! Body of Christ, save me!
Passion of Christ, comfort me! Blood of Christ, intoxicate me!
Good Jesus, hear me!
I don't want to die.
You won't die. You won't die.
Thy two breasts are like two young roes That are twins...
Wait, Amelita, wait for me.
Wait, Amelita.
Poor little girl. Imagine that.
What happened?
Well, it turns out that Ruben...
...Don Paco's son, got her pregnant. Imagine that.
What a bastard.
Well, the poor thing was desperate.
She went to one of those horrid clinics to get rid of the baby.
Father Amaro, who is a saint...
...I don't know how he did it, went to save her.
Did he save her?
He got her out of there and took her to a hospital in Santa Marta.
But the poor thing had already bled to death.
And she died?
Yes, she died.
How awful.
Gordo, you have to close those clinics down. Today, okay?
The holy sacrifice of mass which we celebrate today...
...we offer for the soul of our dear sister Amelia.
Lord grant her eternal rest...
...and may His perpetual light shine upon her.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
- The Lord be with you. - And with your spirit.
The grace of our Lord Jesus...
...the love of the Father...
...and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all.
And with your spirit.
- I confess... - I confess...
...before God almighty and before you, brothers...
...that I have sinned greatly... thought, word, deed and by omission.
For my faults, my faults, my great faults.
For these I pray to Holy Mary, always Virgin...
...and the angels and the saints...
...and all of you, my brothers...
...who intercede for me before God our Lord.
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