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Subtitles for Crimson Pirate The.

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Crimson Pirate The

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Man the yards! Quick on all canvas!
Gather round, lads and lasses. Gather round.
You've been shanghaied aboard for the last cruise of the Crimson Pirate...
a long, long time ago in the far, far Caribbean.
Remember, in a pirate ship, in pirate waters, in a pirate world...
ask no questions. Believe only what you see.
No. Believe half of what you see.
Man the capstan! Up anchor!
Move, you lubbers!
Ship to starboard!
A scurvy ship, Your Excellency.
You can tell by the position of the limbs. Scurvy's killed the whole crew.
A trim little ship, Captain Rodríguez.
We'll take her in tow. She'll bring a tidy sum.
Put an officer and two men aboard her, and have her in tow by nightfall.
Aye, aye, sir.
- Only evil can come from a death ship. - Aye.
Sanctus, one of them touched me!
What happened to those two?
Follow me.
My humble apologies.
lf only there was something to break the monotony of this voyage.
Hands aloft, please.
You're the prisoners of Captain Vallo and his scurvy crew.
You may be overconfident, Captain Vallo.
Two hundred of the King's marines are aboard this vessel.
And only 20 pirates. That puts the odds slightly in my favor.
- Better surrender the ship. - l am merely a passenger.
- Who is he? - Baron Gruda.
Special envoy to His Majesty.
Well, this is a pleasure.
- You hanged most of my friends. - For murdering most of mine.
Seems you have only 199 marines now, Baron.
198. Better persuade the Captain to surrender.
The Captain is not the type to...
However, if you'll permit me to speak to him...
Ojo, pass the word for the Captain.
Bring down the Captain!
Send down the Captain!
Save the Captain!
Send down the Captain!
Did you ask for the Captain, sir?
Aye. Pay him my compliments and show him in.
Gather round, lads. Gather round.
We're in luck.
All hands will soon be digging into a fat divvy.
We're heading for the biggest and the best pirate days ever.
And here's the rich tally in round numbers.
"Muskets: 3,000.
"Powder kegs: 1,500.
"Rounds of musket shot: 65,000.
- "Rounds of cannon shot..." - Begging thy pardon for interrupting...
but when will thee get into the gold?
Listen, fellows, listen.
There are islands in these waters steaming with rebellion against the King...
and kept from boiling over only for lack of guns.
lslands where guns are worth more than gold.
- More than diamonds. - Gunrunning?
But that's not piracy, Skipper. That's business.
- That means working ashore. - We're doing poorly enough afloat.
lf we're going to try this new caper, let's make it a good one.
This cargo will bring 50,000 gold florin from any rebels worth the name.
- 50,000 florin? - That's a pretty good take.
Let's put it to the vote. All those in favor...
lf you'll forgive my interrupting, Skipper...
l'd like to think before l vote.
Meantime, we got regular pirate business to settle.
We got the plank, the culprit, and the verdict.
All we need's a trial and execution of a sentence.
He's guilty!
So much for the trial. Now for execution.
Come on. Kill me, you fools.
The King's Navy will scour the Seven Seas till every one of you is hung high and dry.
- To the plank with him! - Avast!
There'll be no plank-walking for him.
Forgive my slow-wittedness, Skipper...
but are thee asking us to spare this sweet-smelling toad?
Begging Thy Excellency's pardon.
Your captain's got more brains than all of you put together.
No doubt you intend to hold me for ransom.
No, my fine-feathered friend. l'm setting you free.
l say, if there's no profit in the monkey we'll have our pleasure.
l say there is profit in him. Alive.
- How much profit? - Now hear me out.
l said 50,000 gold florin from the rebels for the guns...
and here, by special commission, is the King's chief rebel-catcher.
So why not another 50,000 from him and his king...
for telling them which rebels we sell all the guns to.
Eh, Baron?
A brilliant scheme, Captain. My congratulations.
Thy congratulations.
lf thou art for it, it is not for the good of pirates.
Good? Gentlemen, it's magnificent.
l'm bound for the lsland of Cobra to catch a man, El Libre, and smash his rebellion.
lf you'll take the guns there, lure him out of his hole and into my hands...
l'll raise the purse another 50,000.
There it is, lads, in round figures: 150,000 florin.
What do you say now, Mr. Humble Bellows?
Thy humble servant will believe it...
when thy humble servant sees it.
l take it we have a deal, Captain.
This change of ship, Captain, most uncomfortable.
My men won't transfer cargo. Too much like honest work.
Captain Vallo, your men have only left me headsail and topsail.
They're enough to get you to Cobra sooner or later.
My ship is faster than this barge.
l don't want you making port before l've got El Libre ready for delivery...
or putting a shot in my backside.
l hope El Libre is not as careful as you are, Captain.
Cast off helm!
Cast off stern!
- Mr. Bellows, make sail! - Aye, aye, sir!
Haul up, full and by.
Nor' nor' east. We're heading for the lsle of Cobra.
Come on, you lubbers, move!
Hear ye, hear ye!
The King's vessel is now at anchor...
in the port of Cobra with Baron Gruda aboard.
Any demonstration will be regarded as high treason.
The people seem very quiet, don't they?
l don't think they intend to demonstrate against Baron Gruda after all.
- Apparently not, Governor. - What a pity.
Our troops could've cut them down like wheat.
Couldn't we shoot a few on general principles?
Might impress the Baron.
He might feel you are merely provoking trouble.
Most exasperating. Fire the salute to Baron Gruda.
Give the word and l'll dose those backstabbers with a broadside.
They're not firing at us, you powder-brained ape.
They're giving us a 15-gun salute. We're flying the flag of Gruda.
Slimey, bring out the flags and run up that message l gave you.
And, Slimey, give the Governor my compliments.
The Crimson Pirate's?
No, you oyster-head, Baron Gruda's.
Mr. Bellows, keep the rest of these half-masted monkeys below deck.
Aye, aye, Skipper.
Keep a sharp lookout, lads. l'll be back with El Libre tonight.
Let's go, Ojo.
There goes a good pirate, to sell his wares like a fish peddler.
Meaning no disrespect to the Skipper, of course.
Us with a price on our heads...
holed, too, in one of His Majesty's ports like sitting ducks.
But if the Skipper pulls us through again, we'd be the ducks with the golden eggs.
You're thinking of geese, if you'll pardon the correction, Poison Paul.
Geese on a wild-goose chase.
What do they say, Joseph?
They've got the plague onboard, and they're quarantining themselves...
until the victims are killed or cured.
We must signal my profound condolences to Baron Gruda.
- Very well, Governor. - Maybe it's all for the best, Joseph.
El Libre's followers may yet show their hands...
and give me a chance to impress the Baron. Order my carriage.
Disperse the crowd. Change the guard, and double your patrols in the street.
Come on, my popsy-wopsy-wopsies.
Plague, is it? May it take all of them. Baron Gruda first.
Aye, and if the plague don't, we will.
- Who are you? - Simple fisher folk like yourselves.
Put in for a tankard of ale, a friendly word, and a chance to fight the King.
Why choose us?
You look and talk like a fighter.
lt takes one to know one.
You may have us marked, all right. Maybe not.
But we haven't marked you yet.
- We're asking no questions. - We are.
What l've heard about El Libre is good enough for me.
Tell us how to contact him.
A man like him would be pleased to have two more strong-armed lads aboard.
Not very trusting souls, are they?
l guess we'll have to prove our high regard for El Libre.
Ojo, you took the words right out of my mouth.
A brawl with the King's men. Let's go.
Left, right. Left. Mark time!
Right turn.
Quick march! Forward! Halt! Turn!
Right wheel!
Present arms!
Long live the republic!
Rebels! Get them!
Long live El Libre!
After them!
There they are!
Don't let them get away!
Men! Come on!
Come on! Quick, in that corner.
There they go!
Hurry up. ln back.
This way!
Go ahead.
Pierce the canvas.
Ready? Fire!
Pick it up! Lift it up! Come on. Lift it up! Fire!
Take us away.
They're getting away!
Latch the cellars! Block the alley!
Look out. Soldiers.
Just a minute.
Search the place.
- The stink would drive away a pig. - Which it did.
Watch that door.
You've saved us, lad, you've saved us.
We're among our own kind.
Wouldn't surprise me if you were El Libre himself.
- You look like a born leader of men. - The name's Pablo Murphy.
And l got enough lrish from me father to know blarney when l hear it.
We'd have slit your throats for snooping spies by now...
only for what you did to them soldiers.
- Who are they? - Who knows?
This one can't talk and this one can't keep quiet.
All right, let's get to the point. l'm Captain Vallo at your service.
And this is Lieutenant Ojo.
Vallo? The pirate?
The Crimson Pirate?
That's right, sweet mother, with a bargain for El Libre...
a shipload of powder shot and musketry.
- Baron Gruda's ship. - Baron Gruda's ship?
Aye. Baron Gruda's own 30-gunner.
We took her as easy as you'd take a mackerel, fine fishermen.
Easier. For we used dead bait.
You killed Baron Gruda?
lf l did that you wouldn't need the guns l want to sell you.
l'm a pirate, not a dog killer.
But l like you lads. l like your style.
So gather round and get this:
The Baron will arrive in port aboard my own ship in a matter of days.
So how about taking me to El Libre so we can close the deal for the guns?
Time and tide, you know.
Wash the stink off them and take them below.
Pass the word along.
When it's dark, we'll take them to the small boat...
and row them out to their ship. Come with me.
Now, you know what the plan is.
The rest will join my lads at the fishing boats...
and stand by the pirate vessel to receive the guns.
Suppose the pirates refuse to give them up?
l'll keep my knife at Captain Vallo's throat.
Either he'll give the order to hand over the guns...
or he'll never give another order.
You're cutting our throats, Pablo Murphy, not his.
l like your nerve, Pablo, but not your plan.
l say we've got to get the guns and take the palace before Baron Gruda gets here.
And l say we need more than guns. We need El Libre to lead us.
You women won't face facts. El Libre's been captured.
The way to face facts is to rescue him.
Rescue him? From the King's prison? lmpossible.
Not for a desperate man with a 30-gunner and a fighting crew.
A pirate rescue for El Libre?
That'd be taking him from the frying pan and throwing him into the fire.
- We'll handle this our own way. - About face!
Get over here.
There's a meeting! The door, quick!
Out! The other door!
lf l release you, can l count on your help?
You'll be well paid.
You misjudged our men.
Don't misjudge our women.
- Another door here. - Where?
Follow me.
- What's all the shooting? - The Skipper coming back from market.
l have a feeling we'll be putting out to sea.
Hoist anchor. Man all canvas. Look lively!
Man the yards!
Prepare to fire!
Fire one!
Fire two!
Signal Baron Gruda's ship for a broadside. One of us can knock her out of the water.
Shore battery's asking for a broadside against them, Mr. Bellows.
What are you waiting for, drooling idiot?
- Give 'em a broadside! - Aye, aye, sir! One broadside coming up!
Good shooting, lads. Well aimed.
Skipper, be that what thou bought at market?
Take the lady below and make her comfortable.
Thank you, Captain.
The gallant Captain Vallo, eh, lads?
Be that bit of fluff El Libre?
That's the bit of fluff that's taking us to him.
He's being held on the lsland of San Perot, only a day's sailing from here.
Who's holding him for us, Skipper?
The King's troop. ln the military prison. Now, what could be sweeter, lads?
We'll steal him from the King's men, and sell him back to a king's man.
- But be thou seriously planning to... - Walk us into a king's prison?
Why, not at all, Humble Bellows, not at all.
Gather round, lads, gather round!
- My, my, what a pretty knife. - Would you like a closer look?
Let's keep this pot looking like a ship of the line!
Come up here.
Hop to it!
l came up to talk about El Libre.
- Go ahead. l'm listening. - You have a plan to save him?
A plan and a price. Guns alone will cost 50,000.
That's a great deal of money for guns. How much are you asking for El Libre?
Oh, yes, El Libre.
l'll throw him in for nothing.
Very well, Captain.
l'll see that the money is arranged with him.
You may be sure that he'll honor the agreement.
What's your plan?
Why did you bolt your cabin door last night?
lf you know it was bolted, you must've tried it.
And if you tried it, you know why it was bolted.
How do you propose to get El Libre?
ls your door open only to him?
What do you mean?
So much concern about one man can't be entirely political.
He's your lover.
He's my father.
Land ho!
On your feet, lads. Attention!
You're supposed to be king's men, not bard slabs.
Look like you belong in those uniforms.
Ojo, signal to the garrison that Baron Gruda has arrived...
to take El Libre into custody.
- What about my father? - l ordered you to stay below.
What are they signaling?
The garrison commander wishes to give a dinner in honor of Baron Gruda.
What are we going to do?
We're going to accept, of course.
Baron Gruda and his bit of fluff...
left enough clothes onboard to fool the King himself.
lf anyone recognizes us...
we'll be stripping for action and taking El Libre the hard way.
A fine body of men, Captain. A fine body of men.
His Excellency Baron Gruda and party.
Welcome, Your Excellency.
lt is a great honor for all of us to meet you at last.
lt gives us great pleasure that you accept our hospitality.
On the contrary, my dear Colonel, it is l who am accepted.
Oh, no, Your Excellency. l am the lucky one.
l had instructions from the Governor of Cobra to execute El Libre.
l was on the verge of doing so when l got your message.
The Governor is an idiot! l may replace him...
with a military man.
- My dear Baron. - My dear Colonel.
- May l introduce you to our guests? - By all means.
- Your Excellency. - Your Excellency.
But l have so much trouble collecting the King's taxes here.
Tell me, Count. How do the people pay at home?
Through the nose! They pay through the nose!
That's really very good!
How long do we have to play this game?
Till the Colonel decides to hand over El Libre.
l am frightened.
The Count must be a constant delight to you.
He's really too funny for words.
lndeed he is.
Do tell us, Count.
What does the Queen wear when she goes out these days?
The Count always says the Queen wears the King out.
You are the wittiest man!
Ladies and gentlemen, may l have your attention, please.
To commemorate the honor Baron Gruda has done us by his visit...
the officers of the Saint Theo garrison have arranged a little gift for him.
Will everyone come this way, please?
On the left...
you have that great lover of democracy and the people, El Libre.
And on the right, that distinguished scientist...
Professor Prudence.
Both caught like rats in a trap...
conspiring against the greater glory of His Majesty.
But thanks to statesmen like Baron Gruda...
such men and such ideas will soon be destroyed.
As a distinguished scientist...
l can assure you an idea has no physical properties which can be destroyed.
As a lover of democracy and the people, l can assure you...
both will survive your puny efforts.
As a statesman, l can assure you that no one can foretell the future.
However, your fate at present is as clear to me...
as the face of this beautiful lady at my side.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
Yes. She is very beautiful.
His Excellency has a point.
lt's foolish to quarrel with fate when ours is so clearly in his hands.
Take them outside and hold them for Baron Gruda's pleasure.
My dear Colonel, thank you for a most rewarding evening.
- And now we must go. - lt is by no means over.
l've arranged a very special entertainment...
for this very special occasion.
lt's that dame we held for ransom.
Abandon ship.
- Thank you, my dear Colonel. - Your Excellency!
- But, my dear Baron! - Wonderful evening, Colonel.
But, Your Excellency.
Unexpected international affairs. Happens to us diplomats all the time.
- Put the prisoners in my carriage. - Aye, aye, sir.
l do hope the King will hear about this, Your Excellency.
Don't worry, he will.
Unclutch me, you polluted shrimp.
Stop him, you fools!
He's the Crimson Pirate!
The Crimson Pirate?
The Crimson Pirate!
Take the Colonel to safety. Quick, man.
- Take the Colonel to safety! - Let me go, you fools!
Don't worry, Colonel. l'll take care of everything!
- Citizen Ravel, save the Count! - Save the Count!
- Sire! Sire! - Good work, Captain.
Stop him! There's the Crimson Pirate!
The officers are mutinying. Crush them!
Crush them! Come on!
Sound the attack!
Hold the fort. Don't give an inch. Protect the women and children.
Reinforcements are on the way. Lock the gates! Let no one out.
Lock the gates! Let no one out!
Long live the King!
l don't think we've met. My name is Prudence.
Captain Vallo, at your service.
Thank you.
What are you grinning at?
So, l'm getting a halo. You're afraid l'm getting soft.
Yeah, you're wrong.
lt's just that this is a new kind of caper. These people are getting on my nerves.
El Libre and his daughter are strictly business.
They haven't got me chained. l've got them chained.
l'll be rid of them soon enough.
Tomorrow, l'm delivering them to Baron Gruda personally.
What are you talking about?
The girl?
What about the girl?
She's getting under my skin.
She's putting crazy ideas in my head.
She's unlocked my heart. She's getting too close to me.
She's got me hooked.
She's blind.
l'm blind. You're blind.
Who's blind?
Oh! Love is blind.
l am not in love!
Avast there!
l told you not to make so much noise. Now the Skipper will get her.
- He always does. - Nobody will get her.
Untie the others. Move!
What's up? l'm having a little fun.
- Come on, Skipper. Let us have some fun. - You want her all to yourself?
- Why don't you join the fun? - Why don't you try yourself?
- You always tell that you couldn't make it. - Always work and no fun.
Mr. Bellows, take all three below and bring me the cabin keys.
lf you'll forgive my pointing it out, Skipper...
we can't leave a pretty woman unmolested aboard ship.
lt will give piracy a bad name.
Are you challenging my orders?
l'd never do that, Skipper...
but seeing thou is selling these pigeons to Baron Gruda anyway...
l thought there could be no harm to sport with them a bit first.
No offense, Skipper.
l'm putting you ashore tomorrow at Cobra and giving you the guns.
All of you.
Just don't thank me.
Yes, there's our ship. With Baron Gruda waiting.
Won't he hate paying for El Libre...
when he finds out we stole him out of one of the King's own prisons?
- We'll heave to onto the point till nightfall. - Aye, aye, Skipper.
- Let's see thee swim to yonder island. - Aye, and back again.
lf my plan works, Baron Gruda himself will escort thee back.
l've a message for thee to give to him.
Do it, and when l am skipper...
thou wilt be first mate.
Mr. Bellows...
- what about sharks? - They never attack a man.
Unless he attacks them first.
- Governor. - Baron?
- Send him to the kitchen and feed him. - Kitchen. Feed him.
You'll have the 100,000 gold florin ready for them.
Whatever Your Excellency orders.
- But this is sheer piracy. - l assure you...
l shall have El Libre, his daughter, his distinguished conspirator...
our ship, our guns, the pirates, and Captain Vallo, without paying a sou.
- Then why 100,000? - Have the money ready, l said.
The first mate thinks he can undo Vallo, but his plan may fail.
Even if we have to pay, such a haul would be cheap at double the price.
By the way...
l shall want a barrel of this, well drugged.
- You disposed of Captain Vallo? - No.
lt will be necessary to expose him to the crew first.
Which l'll be doing soon enough, if thou has followed my instructions.
To the letter.
And the money? lf you'll forgive my impatience.
lt will be waiting for you in the morning.
Meanwhile, l place myself in your hands as security for it.
Very well.
But l remind thee, they be murderous hands when they're empty.
Hide His Excellency below.
As soon as it's clear topside, Ojo will stand by below with a small boat.
lt's a short pull to shore. Call your father.
Come with us. Join us.
But you want to. l know you want to.
You're wrong.
There's nothing in it for me. Get your father.
Then why are you setting us free?
- l keep my promises, even foolish ones. - You made no promise.
You made a deal to sell us, and you can't do it.
All right, then. l'm doing it for you. Let's leave it at that.
No, Vallo. We can't leave it at that.
You're a fighter. Fight with us.
- Fight for something decent. - Not l.
All my life l've watched injustice and dishonesty fly the flag of decency.
- l don't trust them. - Don't you trust me?
Don't you trust what we have for each other?
What we have for each other we'll have to get over.
Can we?
You're right. l won't let you go.
We belong together here, aboard my ship. We'll find a way.
But that's not possible.
- l can't stay here. Don't you see? - Yes, l see.
And now, at last, you see it, too.
You've got your world, and l've got mine.
All right, gentlemen.
Sit down.
Professor, you'll go ashore later with Pablo Murphy and the guns.
- Right. - Keep talking to yourself, loudly.
l want my men to think you're all still here.
That's no problem for me.
Now, remember, this is a dangerous game.
lf my men tumble to it, they'll slit your throats, and mine, too.
l don't like it, Captain.
We can't leave you to face them alone. Come with us.
Avast! Man the guns!
Topside, you swabs!
Not so fast, Skipper, if you'll pardon the intrusion.
You've sold me, Humble Bellows, and to a king's flunky.
'Tis my modest opinion that no man can fly pirate's colors...
who's not willing to sell his friend, his sweetheart, or his mother.
- Well spoken, Mr. Bellows. - Foul spoken it is.
You've turned your hand against your Captain's back.
Yellow was never a pirate's color.
Nor rescuing a fair maiden a pirate caper.
lt's true. l sailed beyond my depth...
but only to sound out new waters for the lot of us.
lf we'd have starved to death, l'd have never sold a man jack of you.
Gather round, lads. This isn't the last of the pirate capers.
'Tis the last of thee and of thy capers...
for 'twas put to the vote whilst thee was trying to deprive us of our loot.
Ye violated the pirate code by letting a fat fish off the hook.
By vote of all, ye are deprived of command...
and sentenced under piratical law to be cast adrift in a small boat...
without food or water.
A splendid decision, Mr. Bellows. Quick justice and certain death.
Perhaps you'd save the King the expense of hanging this learned fool...
and let him keep Captain Vallo company.
Thou hast a generous choice.
The gallows or the sea.
lf it won't crowd you.
l'd rather you weren't coming, but l don't want to seem inhospitable.
As for thee...
since l have no voice to raise against thy Captain's misdemeanors...
thee will be pardoned by giving thy hand to thy new skipper.
What say thee? Shall we loose thy bonds?
Cut him loose.
lt's done, Skipper. We set them adrift.
The morning tide will take them out to sea.
Wait! This calls for a celebration, eh, Mr. Bellows?
l've a keg of rum aboard my boat. Straight from the Governor's own cellar.
What say?
l could use a drink.
Come on, lads! Get the rum aboard.
Bring mine to the Captain's cabin.
There's the end of land. The end of our world.
From now on, it's starve, thirst, and finally capsize.
l've been meditating on just that.
Capsizing is the solution of our problem. There's no doubt about it.
- lf you'll follow me, please. - Sit down, you fool!
Sit down, you...
lt works.
Good old Aristotle.
Over 2,000 years ago, he wrote:
"A metallic vessel will retain air underwater without filling."
But l myself have done some research on the subject...
while designing a craft which l call an undersea boat.
- How did you know this was airtight? - ln science, my son...
one knows nothing until one experiments.
We may now conclude that we are breathing.
Let us walk ashore as quickly as possible.
l compute there's sufficient air to last us several minutes.
Providing we don't waste our oxygen talking, of course.
- All right, then. Shut up! - Quite so.
You needn't have brought out the whole garrison. l did the job myself.
They won't be so playful when they wake up this time.
All right. Wake them up.
Sober them up and take them to the pirate ship.
Over the side with them!
Sorry l be for this, mates. And l humbly apologize.
'Twould never have happened with Vallo as skipper.
He violated a pirate code and he had to go.
But he went like a pirate. We're going like fish.
l can't forgive myself for that.
King's flunky made a monkey of Humble Bellows.
- Pirate of the old school. - Enough of that!
Hoist them!
Put a crew aboard this ship and have her re-canvased.
l want her ready to sail when l leave.
Give them just enough bread and water to keep them alive.
They'll fetch a good bounty from the King.
Ahoy. Pablo Murphy.
- Well, l'll be... - Get us out of these chains.
After all you got us into, you lying blabbermouth?
Get yourself out of it.
- Pablo Murphy. - For the last time, get away from us.
Get it through that head of yours, l didn't sell El Libre.
- Let me assure... - We can see for ourselves what he's done.
lf we'd gone my way, El Libre wouldn't be dead.
Consuelo wouldn't be held captive in the palace...
and we'd have guns to stop Gruda's men from crushing us.
Hold it, gentlemen. Soldiers.
By order of Baron Gruda, all fishing will be done under armed escort.
The entire catch to be turned over to the Governor.
- What'll be left for us? - The bait.
ln that case, we'll do no fishing.
Any more objections?
The rest of you proceed to the Governor's dock. Get moving!
Take him to the fortress.
This way.
- Hey, there, back in line. - Follow those boats.
After them!
Let's go.
- ls everything arranged? - Just as you ordered, Excellency.
You've broken the back of the rebellion overnight. The King owes you much.
He will pay it. l may even be able to collect the full bounty on Captain Vallo...
for he was killed by his own men while trying to save El Libre.
Don't be upset, my dear.
You'll form new attachments here. You're to marry the Governor.
After l'm gone, you'll rule through her, Governor.
You'll order your people to till their fields and fish their seas...
for the greater glory of the King.
- l'd die first. - No, you'll die last.
First you'll watch your people go one by one.
Someday l'll kill you.
These methods will bring her round soon.
l shouldn't like her to kill herself before she marries.
She's not the type. She'll marry you and wait for a chance to poison you.
lt doesn't sound like an ideal marriage. Couldn't we dispense with that?
Too much of it upsets my liver.
lt's not your liver. lt's your heart. lt's much too soft.
Tonight the people bury El Libre.
l want a proclamation posted in the path of the funeral procession...
announcing your marriage to the daughter of El Libre.
People will be required to attend and provide entertainment...
to make it a day of rejoicing.
We'll have them fill the royal grain warehouse...
with 10,000 sacks of grain as a present.
You're learning fast.
After the ceremony, l'll leave you my troops and my blessings, and depart.
Except for the late, lamented Vallo, this has been a most boring assignment.
On your way, pig! Amnesty has been declared for all prisoners.
Baron Gruda will give you a chance to show allegiance at the wedding.
Gruda, someday l'll kill you.
l'll kill you!
- So it's a marriage now, is it? - Consuelo will never do it.
Look! 10,000 sacks of grain for the Governor.
Not mine!
So we're to rejoice, are we?
Baron Gruda has made the defacing of public property...
an offense punishable by death...
both for the culprit and the accomplices.
Sergeant, round up these people.
- What are you going to do about it? - lt's no concern of mine.
- What are you going to do about her? - Get her out of it, somehow.
Alone, against 1,000 troops?
- There must be a way. - There is.
lt's a question of simple logic. We need allies.
These people need freedom. Let's help them get it.
The only freedom l'm interested in is Consuelo's.
She'll never consent to be free until her people are free.
They don't have a chance against Gruda's crack troops.
Science has learned that nothing is impossible.
Not long ago, l saw a ship sailing through the skies of France...
supported by a great bag filled with air that was lighter than air.
A friend of mine has invented a liquid that can blast away mountains.
l have completed plans for a boat that can sail underneath the water.
Who knows what we may accomplish...
against the outdated Baron Gruda and his outdated world?
All we need is the help of these people...
a little imagination, and deft fingers with which to steal a few basic materials.
The Baron thinks we're finished.
We're going to let him go on thinking so.
We'll fill the royal grain warehouse as ordered.
But with the seeds of the Professor's genius.
- l beg your pardon? - The Baron has the most weapons.
But we'll have the newest.
An explosive that moves mountains. A ship that flies through the air.
A ship that flies through the air by next Sunday? lmpossible.
A great man once said to me:
"Science has learned that nothing is impossible."
Gather round, lads and lasses.
We'll show your fighters and workers new ways to get rid of old enemies.
lt doesn't smell right.
10,000 sacks of grain have been brought into the warehouse.
The tunnel to smuggle them out is complete.
The island is making headway with the modern weapons to smuggle in...
and still you stand and stir...
that stew with no result.
My friend sent me no formula to go on...
simply the ingredients. Principally nitrogen and glycerin.
Anyway, l'm not really sure l want to discover it.
lf it can remove a mountain, how do l know it won't remove an island?
"ln science, one knows nothing unless one experiments."
l wish you'd stop quoting me.
That's it.
Don't fall down with that.
Even if they shoot you.
Be careful you don't over-inflate this in the morning.
We've cut the wall braces to the breaking point.
But we don't want them to collapse before the signal.
there'll be no signal given till Consuelo's gotten safely away from Baron Gruda.
The liquid explosive.
- ls that all that's left? - l've improved a bit on the formula.
This is concentrated 1,000 times.
The royal grain warehouse is reported full to capacity, Your Excellency.
Amazing how you brought them to their knees.
Spare the rod and spoil the child. Never forget that, my dear Governor.
Let's get on with the wedding ceremony.
First, a floral offering for the bride from the unmarried girls of the island.
A local custom for celebrating weddings.
- Proceed. - Music.
Watch it. Your beard is showing.
Here we go.
These peasant shapes are not to my taste.
Death to Gruda!
Kill them!
Port side battery. Fire!
No, l mean left. Left!
No. Right. No, left a bit.
What's the matter with you?
Don't you know where you're going?
We're going after the girl.
Let's strip for action.
We'll cut her to pieces. Man your cannons.
Come on, now.
The high explosive. Quick.
- Get underway! - Aye, aye, sir.
Man the capstan!
Get her below.
Don't waste time. Slit the cable!
We've got to gain altitude. Unload the ballast.
Come on. Get rid of something.
- What is it? - lt is the wrath of heaven!
lt has destroyed the fortress!
Our ship and our lads. We're heading straight for them.
Make it close.
But not too close.
We'll need our ship and our lads to catch Gruda.
They're going to blow us up! Jump for your lives!
- lt's our own skipper! - We knew you'd come.
Get us off this ship.
- Cut the rope down. - Get us out of here!
Pack out all canvas, you fairy-tale sea snakes!
Go get 'em!
Move them!
l really think he plans to do battle with us.
Captain Vallo's lost his head as well as his heart.
Haul that jib.
Trim those top gallows.
Two points starboard.
Hold your fire for a broadside.
Shall we fire?
There'll be no firing with the girl on the ship. We're going to board her.
Below decks, the lot of you.
On the double.
Coming, Mr. Bellows?
The fools are going to trade broadsides with us.
ln you go.
With nobody at the wheel to steer, we'll not get alongside.
Too late to worry about it. We'll have to take our chances.
As ye wish. We'll go.
My humble apologies.
But if l can't live like a pirate, l'll die like one.
l'll stand by the wheel and bring her alongside.
Skipper! Do them the dirty!
Stand by to fire!
We're lost! Get the girl!
Hold it, Professor! We've won!
Get rid of that stuff.
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