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Subtitles for Cristina Quer Casar.

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Cristina Quer Casar

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My name is Marlene.|I am 32 years old.
I work for|a construction company...
I am Pisces.
Well, I hope a nice guy|sees this video...
and thinks I'm kind of nice|and we'll get along just fine.
-Is that okay?|-Almost.
Try not to convey that you hope|someone will see you and like you.
Let me try and explain that.
Every man likes|a hard to get woman.
Men like to conquer.|They like that.
If it's harder, it's more attractive.|A woman's got to be smart.
She's got to control the situation|without letting him realize that.
A woman's got to be the neck|turning a man's head...
to wherever she likes.|But he can't see the neck.
He doesn't even realize|he has a neck. It's a game.
You're looking for a man|but you can't show it.
-You've got to be above that. Got it?|-I think so.
Okay, let 's do it. Let 's tape it again.|Let 's do it. Go!
But what do I say?
Wait! Wait!
I'll tell you something.
It 's tough to say something|to a woman because...
you never know if she's going|to love it or get mad, right?
Promotion. Marketing.
Marketing, sales...|they're really challenging jobs...
Really very challenging.
Look, I really have|no complaints.
Thank God,|I have a great life.
Really great.
It 's just that I work so much|just to keep up my lifestyle that...
I don't have time|to find a boyfriend.
We can be partners, then.|You find the time...
...I'll find you the boyfriend. Deal?|-Deal.
Loneliness isn't a crime, honey.|Doing nothing about it is the crime.
-Are you married?|-I am.
Sorry, you don't have|to answer that.
In fact, I'm not married. I'm very|happily married. Thank God!
Take a look at this.
do you think I'll find someone?
I don't just think, I'm sure you will.|Your future here is promising, see?
Come on. Let 's record|the introduction tape.
Let 's see who's|the master at marketing.
166.5O reais.
I see.
I guess I don't really want|the detergent...
158... 149...
143.2O reais.
I guess I'll...
I'll just take the cod|and the wine. That 's it.
Cristina. Cristina Salvetti.
Well, Cristina Renata Salvetti...
You don't have to use the Renata.|Just call me Cristina.
l see. Do you have|any computer skills?
Look, to tell you the truth,|I don't but...
I'm a fast learner. You...|If you give me a chance...
I can work on trial for a month,|that 's okay.
You'll see, I...
Do you speak English?
No. I mean, a little.
-Good morning, Eunice.|-Good morning.
Did you forget to limp|this morning?
You know, I dreamed|a car had run you over.
-I woke up feeling much better.|-Really?
-Did you buy some wine?|-Yes.
What are you celebrating?|Have you won the lottery?
No, I just felt|like having some wine.
-Anything against that?|-As far as I'm concerned...
Any old booze is good enough|for you, isn't it?
I love your fine|sense of humor.
Listen here, don't you have|anything better to do?
Well, I guess you don't.
-Look, Eunice...|-Have a nice day, Walter.
It's just for two weeks.|Until all the units are sold.
The shift 's from two to six.|You can start now.
-Wage system. Interested?|-Right.
-Okay.|-Right, fill this out.
I spoke to them.|It is up for rent.
-What 's up, Walter?|-Hi, Cristina.
They will rent it.|It's close by, it's alright.
Take a look at it later.|Excuse me.
Let me wipe this for you.
Well then?
How did it go today?
Like your soccer team.|I never make a win.
Don't say that|about my Juventus.
I know they never win.
-But they never give up.|-Who said I'm going to give up?
I'm going to play right up|to the final seconds of the game.
That 's the spirit.
That 's what players|lack nowadays.
It's true! Nowadays|they don't have the guts.
They don't put|their heart in it, see?
They don't honor their uniform.
I sure miss the days|when there was Dodô, Vicente...
And Índio!
Spit it out.
You can't fool me, you know.
Hello there? May I come in?
That 's not what they promised me.
I thought it would be easier.
I thought that... it was simple.|I thought that...
that you were born, you grew up,|you played, went to school...
studied, dated, fell in love...
found a job, worked...
found the man of your life,|got married, had children...
Isn't that simple?
Hi, Criszinha.
-Dé, what are you...|-Hi, Cristina.
Look, you don't have to worry.
The fridge wasn't working,|but Mr. Lair fixed it.
It's okay now, don't worry.
I can't believe it, Mr. Lair.|It broke down again?
Don't get all upset.|I fixed it.
But pretty soon|you'll have to get a new one.
I saw a great|24-installment special.
-Mom!|-There are several...
God willing, some day|we'll be able to get one.
Mr. Lair, I...
...can I pay you next week?|-Sure.
Thanks. Mom see Mr. Lair|to the door.
-Thanks then, Mr. Lair.|-Nothing to it!
Don't forget to send my regards to...
-I missed you!|-What are you doing here?
I told you. I missed you,|so I came to see you.
You saw me enough over the past|seven years, Dé. Enough.
Dé, I'm broke.|I can't lend you a cent.
-Dé...|-Leave, now.
-Are you staying for dinner?|-No, Mom, Dé was just leaving.
-My cod always smells good.|-It really does!
-Cod?|-Surprise! I made it for you.
-Great! I'll stay then.|-Wonderful!
-I'll go set the table.|-Yes, ma'am.
-Aren't you going to eat the olives?|-I don't like them!
-May I have them?|-Go ahead.
I love olives.
you know pizza was invented|over 6,OOO years ago?
Six thousand years|is a lot of time.
By the way, let 's go...
or your mother will kill me and|l have to work early tomorrow.
Do you know what people|in Japan are doing right now?
If you know what people in Japan|are doing right now.
-Let me see... going to bed to sleep?|-No, it's a new day there.
They must be waking up|to go to work, right?
-Is that a new watch, son?|-Beto gave it to me.
-What Beto?|-A friend of Mom's.
-Our son has grown, hasn't he?|-Yes.
Did you get a hair cut?
A little, for a change.
It's looking good.
Did Felipe eat well?
You know pizza was invented|over 6,OOO years ago?
Yes, he told me.
-Well...|-Well, I...
The guys are waiting for me.
{y:i}Well, it sure was great|{y:i}to see you agaln
{y:i}Enjoying the samba|{y:i}with the rest of the crowd
{y:i}You have no idea how I like it
{y:i}I said you wouldn't last|{y:i}even a week
{y:i}Away from this poet|{y:i}who loves you so much
{y:i}Away from this beat|{y:i}and from my love
Mom, why did you ask Dé|to stay for dinner?
I felt sorry for the poor boy,|he's so skinny.
Now the bum will never stay|away from here.
He must think we're rich|eating cod on a plain Tuesday.
You sure are silly, Cristina. Cod isn't|that expensive. Look, 4OO grams...
Mom, I've told you,|times are rough.
-We can't spend money like that!|-But don't you love cod?
I love it, Mom, I love it.|But your pension...
is not to be spent on wine|and cod, got it?
Got it?
Come on, Mom, we have...
a bunch of bills|to pay. There's...
...the electricity bill, the phone.|-There was phone.
I think they cut it off.
Great. One less bill to pay.
Who needs a phone?|Nobody calls anyway.
I remember Dad used to say to you,|''Eunice, tighten your purse strings.''
Do you remember?
I do...
How I remember.
Everyday I remember|how your father loved...
when I surprised him|with some cod.
He pretended to be angry,|and used to say...
''Eunice, have you gone crazy|buying all this stuff?''
I didn't care.
I would open a bottle of wine...
and when he smelled its aroma,|dinner would become a party.
This wine was made in the ltalian|village his parents were born.
He felt as if the wine brought|the smell of his parents.
This wine brings me back|your father, Cristina.
Ouch, my leg.
I'm going to lie down, sweetie.|Good night.
You have no money to pay your bills.|You're paying a marriage agency?
Wake up!
Are you nuts?
Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
''Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.''
Maybe you better finish that.|We have to hand out the leaflets.
Wake up, Cinderella!
What? Why are you laughing?
I'm calling you Cinderella|and look at what you're wearing.
I'm more like Prince Charming|than Cinderella!
Did you think I would|let you down, Pereira?
I owe you money,|but I'm tied to you, my friend.
I'm your best man. Who introduced|you to Dircinha, Pereira?
Who organized your wedding party?
lt was the most beautiful party|I ever organized, Pereira.
No... I know, it was expensive.|I know.
Are you telling me|it wasn't worth it?
I see.
I see. Listen, Pereira...
I'm just asking you to be|a little patient, okay?
Please trust me... okay?
-I can't do it, Cristina.|-Come on, Ricardo.
-Try to work it out.|-Look, I really want to help you...
but you haven't even paid off|your last loan.
-Isn't there anything I can do?|-Pay up. There's nothing I can do.
I just need enough money to free|the rope around my neck, you know?
It's not easy to get it at the bank,|I didn't know where else to turn to.
Bills, right? There's always|a big bill to pay.
Times are rough, see?
Look, honey,|just sign here, right?
That 's 3O days at 4O% interest.|After that the interest goes up.
But... 4O% interest?|Isn't that a lot?
I'm not the one who needs the money.|You're the one who needs it.
If you don't want it, that 's okay.
-Where do I sign?|-Here.
Hi. How are you?
-Fine. You are... Cristina.|-Yes, that 's me.
And you are...
Miro... Miro...|Nice to meet you, Miro.
You... you want to marry me?
I... I accept.
-Hi. Did you call me?|-I did.
I'll take this one here.
Don't you want to delay|payment for ten days?
No, thanks, I prefer to pay cash.
Wait a little, he'll see you|in a minute.
It's just that I'm anxious.
You have no idea how much|this means to me.
While I was waiting outside,|I got to thinking...
how lonely we are.|Loneliness is a pain, isn't it?
l mean, you're married. You|don't know what it's all about.
Or do you? Sorry.|You don't have to answer.
I'm always asking things|that are none of my business.
It really is a bad habit.|Have you noticed...
how many questions we ask|that didn't need to be asked?
And how many times we have|to answer those same questions?
Everybody loves to ask. You go out,|someone asks where you're going.
You don't know how to get there,|you have to ask for directions.
You ask for a coffee they ask you,|''sugar or sweetener?''
-Do you want some coffee?|-No, no!
Well, let 's do it.
I selected these files. I think|they're a good match for you.
There are some|pictures and stuff.
-Take a look.|-Right.
-Sure you don't want coffee?|-No, thanks.
I liked this one here.
-He has a nice face.|-Let me see.
Very good. That 's Nelson. He's 38,|and works with computers.
He is divorced and dreams|of finding a mate...
{y:i} share the joys of life.|-Then I said to him...
''You need to upgrade your computer.''|So, what did I do?
I cleaned his hard disk,|downloaded some programs...
and really made the machine go.|It moved like a Ferrari.
He looked at me,|started to laugh and said...
''You're brilliant!|Where have you been all my life?
In two minutes|you solved my life's problems!''
-Nelson is a brilliant guy.|-Didn't I say so?
Very smart but...
I think we're not a good|match because...
all he talks about is computers.|I barely know how to switch one on.
I think I need someone a little more...|humane, get it?
I feel very humane.
Humans should look out|for each other.
The world today is so individualistic.|People have to bond together.
Bond. That 's the word. But to bond|in a bonding based on individuality.
Because you can only bond if|your inner self is feeling well.
35,23 reais each.
What was I saying?
inner self.
35,23 reais each.|Would you believe that?
Serves you right!
Now maybe you'll forget|about this marriage agency thing.
What did you expect?
Come on, what every woman wants.|It's not the money, it's the attitude.
A man shouldn't go Dutch|on a first date.
Tell me, would you go Dutch?
No, honey, not me.
You know me.|I'm an old-fashioned lover, right?
-The kind that sends flowers?|-That 's it. Why not?
-Would you marry me?|-God forbid!
No, twice is enough for me.
Thank God, I'm cured.
-Marry me, come on.|-Oh, stop it. Play on! Play on!
Ten days? But I have to work.|What will I do with Felipe?
I don't know, Chico,|think of something.
I don't know. Maybe it 'll give|both of you a chance to...
be together some more.|You can spend more time with him.
What do you mean by that?
That having pizza every|once in a while is not enough.
I can handle my son, got it?
Well, since you can handle|your son so well...
remember he eats, wears clothes,|drinks, studies.
Bia, I told you as soon as|I have money I'll send you some.
I'll tell the school that.
''As soon as his Dad has money,|we'll pay, okay?''
''Hi, son, as soon as there's|some money, you can eat.''
-Bia, I'm doing my best.|-It's not good enough.
lt never is.|Nothing is ever enough for you.
One man wasn't enough.
Are you going to start|that again?
If you carry on like the perfect|mother and wife, I will.
Hi. How are you?
Can I call you back in a minute?
Okay. A kiss. Bye.
-Well, I'm leaving.|-Wait.
No, I don't want|to get in your way.
When you call Beto, thank him|for the watch he gave Felipe.
Chico, you were the one...
What do you want me to do?|I have to carry on living my life.
-Are you leaving tomorrow?|-Yes.
Could you drop Felipe off|at the agency?
Women never cheat on men,|oh, no, no way.
No, they just...|simply feel unloved.
And who's to blame?|The sucker here.
Before you know it,|you're apologizing, and saying...
''Oh, my love, I'm sorry.|For God's sake, it's all my fault.
I'm just no good, you know?''
It's really cruel, see?|It's very cruel.
Listen, I really would like|another one of these.
Would you order one?
Just to think he's going to call me|and I'll have to dress up!
Then he'll make up all sorts|of stories to try to seduce me.
Then I'll have to think it's cool...
and be even cooler|to try and seduce him.
Then he'll want to do stuff|he never does just to seduce me.
And I'll accept to show him I'm up to|anything; that 's just to seduce him.
Then when both of us|have been seduced...
there'll be the first kiss...
then the second kiss...|This is exhausting.
When I told Jair...|Jair is my neighbor...
I said to him, ''Jair...
I'm going to that agency to try|and find a woman who'll marry me.''
And he said, ''Jujuba...''
Jujuba is my nickname.|The guys call me Jujuba.
''Jujuba, what do you want|a woman for, Jujuba?
She'll only give you headaches|and trouble. Why marry, Jujuba?''
But I think that 's because|Jair has been married...
about seven times, I think.|So he's probably traumatized.
I have a friend who was|really desperate, you know...
really desperate.|She didn't know what to do.
Then she had a chance,|plucked up her courage and went.
I thought it was crazy.
Just think, she went on her own,|knew nothing about it all. Oh, no.
-And is your friend okay?|-Yes.
She's doing really well.|I think she got used to it fast.
The light is changing.
This one here...
...seems interesting.|-Let me see.
That 's Nelson, he is wonderful.|Do you have anything...
...against computers?|-Computers?
He looked at me,|began to laugh and said...
''You're brilliant! In two minutes|you solved my life!''
Marlene, see,|the computer is a machine.
You have to control it, see? You have|to have the machine in your hands.
Has anybody ever told you...
that your hands are lovely?
That you're a classy chassis?
Turn the TV|off and go have a bath.
-I'll make us some pasta. Go on.|-I don't want pasta.
-What do you want?|-Pizza.
No, not pizza,|we had pizza yesterday.
But I want pizza.
And I want you|to take a bath, got it?
And I want my mother.
Take it easy, Pereira. Okay.|I'm fine. Everything's okay.
Yes, everything's okay. lt seems|we'll be having some weddings.
Weddings need parties|and saints be praised, Pereira.
Okay, Pereira.
Okay, Pereira. Okay, see you,|Pereira. Thanks, you too. Bye.
-Is anybody here?|-Nobody. There's no appointments.
Holy shit!
Are you paying the bills today?
But are you sure there are|no new releases?
Oh, man, for God's sake,|anything will do.
Well, there's a toy trade fair|on the 27th.
-But...|-Yeah, the 27th.
If you're interested,|you can come to register for it.
The 27th next month?
Yeah, next month.|This month is over, right?
I'm worried, it's due tomorrow.|If you don't pay...
...the bank will call the guarantor.|-No.
-Some Mr. Walter Cruz.|-No, Ricardo. For God's sake.
-Delay it for me.|-There's nothing I can do.
-It's the bank's rule.|-Give me at least another month.
I can get you ten days,|at the most.
My name is Cristina Salvetti,|I am 34 years old...
I live here in São Paulo|and I really need this job.
It's gone out.
My name is Márcia,|I am 24 years old...
I am a business administrator,|I speak English and Spanish...
I am well trained|in computer skills...
and have worked in the market|for three years.
I am starting|my post graduate course...
at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and|will specialize in foreign trade.
I also lived in London|for two years...
where I perfected my knowledge|of the language...
and did several other|complementary courses...
like hotel management,|raising funds for NGOs...
Watch the birdie!
Now all you have to do|is look at the camera...
open a smile, say your name,|how old you are, your job...
and something that might|impress a girl.
-Got it?|-I think so.
Let 's do it.
Look here...
Well, my name is Paulo.
I am...
34 years old.
I don't know if this counts,|but my mother used to say...
''You're a wonderful son.|Lucky is the girl who gets you.''
I guess that 's it.
Thank you.
Well, did you like him?
Well, you don't have to meet|anyone you don't want to.
There are lots of others.|But Paulo saw your file and liked it.
He saw your video and thought|you were very lively.
-Set it up.|-Really?
Let me see.
Is everything okay?
It's nothing, I'm...
having some problems|at work, nothing serious.
Well, how will this work?
Let me see.|Are you free tomorrow?
-Tomorrow? Yes.|-Really?
Perk up, girl!
Think that tomorrow you'll meet|the man who will change your life.
-Really, who knows?|-I do!
Well, at least I try.
It's a nice place, isn't it?|I'd never been here.
-It really is very nice.|-Yes.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
-A toast.|-A toast.
I have a friend that|is allergic to champagne.
-Would you believe that?|-Really?
I'm so sorry for her,|at New Year's Eve...
everyone is drinking champagne|and she's there, toasting with beer.
I have nothing against beer,|I actually like...
a little beer|every once in a while.
But there are times when,|I don't know...
nothing but champagne|will do.
...has a party air about it, right?|-Right.
This friend of mine...
I'm so sorry for her,|poor thing, because...
when they serve champagne|at a party she says...
''No, thank you,|I can't have any.''
Poor thing, because...
you can't toast without a drink,|can you? And she can't, I mean...
at some parties|there's no beer.
You can't toast and not drink|because it's unlucky, I guess.
So they say, anyway.|I don't know.
I liked Paulo. Really.|I thought he was polite...
kind, good-looking...
fine, elegant, you know?
We had champagne,|we made a toast.
I liked him... I did.
This is really tasty!
You're in a good mood.
Is everything okay?
Not yet.
But it will be.
How come?
Speak properly.
I met a guy...
and I think he's going|to change my life.
Tell me! Tell me all about him!|Who is he?
Go on, tell me!
Is there any of Dad's wine left|so we can toast?
No. But tomorrow|I'll go to the supermarket...
No. Never mind.
Today I paid the light and|the phone bills. And I love water.
My God, you're|just like your father.
Well, are you, or aren't you|going to tell me?
His name is Paulo.
I don't think it will work.
She's an interesting girl.
It was a really bad idea.|I should never have come here.
Paulo is having|a really hard time.
His mother just died.|He was very close to her, you see.
-I talked too much.|-No.
-I know, I talk a lot...|-No, I'm telling you... No!
But he wouldn't say a word.|What could I do?
Just sit there, looking|at each other without a word?
Take it easy, you have|to be a little patient.
Like the saying goes,|''Piano, piano...''
''Si va lontano.''|I know, slowly you'll go far.
I just don't have the time.
-I'm already 34.|-But you don't look like it.
That 's a nice ring.
Is that all? It's an heirloom,|it should be worth more.
-It was my grandmother's.|-I'm sorry, that is what it's worth.
It's very little, but I can|get you a postponement.
-A month?|-Less.
Please I'll pay the bank...
I'll get another loan|to pay you, you see?
Just pay me what you owe me,|got it? That 's all.
-Hello? Janete?|-Come on, the bread is warm.
It's me, Cristina. How are you?
No. Remember that friend|you told me about?
I opened my purse|and everything fell out.
I'll help you.
-Make yourself at home.|-Thanks.
Would you like a drink?
Do you have water?
My mouth is dry.
I'll go get it for you.
I'll be right back.
You have a nice home.
It's modern, really cool.
Excuse me.
You... do you live alone?
I have a friend...|she lives alone too.
But she's allergic|to champagne, poor thing.
I'm so sorry for her because|she can never make a toast.
It's really crazy.
Wouldn't you like...
to play some music|or something...
so we can relax?|I think music always helps.
Some people don't like it. I love it.|I love any kind of music.
Samba, rock, axé.
I like country music,|romantic music.
Sit down here, sit.
Where's the bathroom?
What am I going to do?
What am I going to do?
{y:i}Are you okay?
Yeah... I'm okay.
Just do it.
Just do it. It's easy.|Breathe deeply.
Come on. One, two, three,|open the door.
Just do it.
Your bathroom is lovely.
You have very good taste.
You... you're a guy that has...
-What 's wrong?|-Nothing... nothing.
it's nothing personal,|but I just can't stay here.
You're really sweet, okay?
Your home is lovely. I loved it.|I'd like to have a home like this...
but I really have to leave,|I have...
You're going to think I'm crazy.|I am a little...
but I'm not that crazy, yet.
I'm going to... Look,|you're really cool, right?
I loved it. Everything here|is very nice. See you around.
I mean, I think we won't|see each other again...
but if we do,|we can say hello. Right?
What are you doing here?
Nothing, I came to see if|everything you said was a lie.
But it seems like|your address was true, right?
Wait, I don't get it.
I saw you at the bar.
Marketing and Sales.
Is that the kind of Sales|you do?
Wait. It's not|what you're thinking.
-I can explain.|-You don't have to explain a thing.
Wait! I'm not what|you think I am.
For God's sake, listen to me.
I'm in a jam.|Last week I was...
distributing leaflets in the street|dressed like a musketeer.
Look, I saw you at the bar|speaking to Carlão.
Carlão is a pimp.|A pimp, honey!
I know, I went there.|I went, but nothing happened.
I didn't screw the guy.|I couldn't do it.
I tried, but I couldn't do it, see?|Nothing happened.
My God, is it so difficult|to believe that?
Would you?
I didn't screw the guy!
Look, you know what?
I don't give a damn|what you think.
I barely know you.|Who are you to question me?
Who am I?|Do you know who I am?
I'm the owner of the agency where|you went, looked into my eye and lied!
-Wait!|-Don't touch me!
Sorry, please.
Please, listen to me. Look, I...
I'm really in a jam.
I don't have a job,|I don't have any cash...
I owe a lot of people money.
I ran to you because|I had nowhere else to run.
I had an idea. I thought a marriage|would straighten out my life.
A good marriage'd straighten out|my life and my mother's.
I'm not going to listen|to this trash. Sorry.
To tell you the truth, I don't know|what I'm doing here.
I don't know what you're|doing here, either!
Go away.
You want one?
This is shitty, right?
Are you cold?
Truth or lie?
Do you want to leave?
Is your name Salvetti?
Cristina Salvetti.
Italian, of course.
''Piano, piano, si va lontano.''
{y:i}Champagne per brindare|{y:i}a un incontro
{y:i}Dio, come ti amo
My grandma used to recite a poem|to my grandpa. It went like this.
''You shatter my head
I am ill
And the fever burns in my veins
I am thin|Yellow and sick
But when I think of you|I feel fine
But when I think of you|The pain goes away
And I can remember my hope
To stop living like this|I want to die
But when I think of you|I want to heal''
I didn't understand a word.
{y:i}When a heart|{y:i}is tired of suffering
{y:i}It finds a heart|{y:i}That is tired of suffering too
{y:i}It is time to think
Let 's leave, come on.
Can I just have|one more cigarette?
-Excuse me?|-You smoke a lot.
-What 's his name again?|-André. Dé.
When I realized it,|seven years had gone by and...
he hadn't changed at all.
I liked him.
At first it was great.
Time went by and there he was,|living the same life...
always jobless, always broke,|always asking me for money.
Now I think he understands.
It's over.
Let 's go, come on,|or your wife will get angry.
No, she won't.
We split up.
I'm separated and in debt.
Married, very happily married...
thank God.
Tricks of the trade.
Come on, I'll take you home.|Come on.
{y:i}It's time to think
{y:i}That love can come suddenly
-Don't you want to keep it?|-No, I'm home. Thanks.
-Hug me.|-What?
Hug me.
It feels good, doesn't it?
People don't hug anymore.
When you're a child,|people hug you all the time.
But then you start to grow up,|everybody's arms seem...
to open and get too rusty|to close again.
It feels so good.
-Tomorrow afternoon at the agency?|-Why?
Your future is promising.
I wanted to say that...
...I've been thinking a lot.|-You're not giving up, are you?
Quite the contrary.
I want to try.
-I want to try to be happy.|-That 's it!
I would like to meet other girls.
It's not because it didn't work|out with Cristina...
that I have to give up.
That 's it. That 's right.
You're absolutely right.|That 's it.
Before, I'd like to share|my experience with you.
And I've worked in this|area for years!
I want to use my experience to bring|you something tangible.
Something for you, get it, Paulo?
Consider this.
You came here,|I introduced you to Cristina.
You came back and said it didn't|work out, she talked too much etc.
On the other hand, Cristina came|here, I introduced you to her...
and she came back|a little uncomfortable...
because she felt|you talked too little etc.
Get it?
Opposites, Paulo!|Opposites attract each other!
It's perfect. You talked little,|she talked a lot.
The average is ideal. Do you see|why I introduced you two?
Because together,|you make the ideal average.
You told me you thought she was|cute. Did you, or did you not?
And she, on the other hand,|thought you were good-looking.
Get it?|Cute, good-looking...
talked too little, talked too much.|See how it's perfect, Paulo?
Do you think so?
That 's odd. I got the impression|that we had nothing in common.
If you want, we'll start from scratch.|But this kind of perfection...
is hard to find,|my experience tells me so.
Very hard.
This is Paulo's file.
I checked it and...
he loves Italian restaurants.
I'm glad you chose this restaurant.|I love Italian food.
Great! I was worried.
I was worried|you wouldn't like it.
-I liked it very much.|-Good.
Do you always come here?
I don't go out a lot.
I work a lot...
The little time I have to spare|I spend at home.
My mother cooks very well. Nothing|like a mom's cooking, right?
-I guess maybe you're right.|-Didn't I say so? Didn't I?
But what do I do now?|I'm very shy.
Tell her.
I'm shy.
I served you cheese but didn't ask if|you wanted. Let 's exchange dishes.
No, that 's okay.|I love cheese.
You can even give me more.
Okay. Go... go ahead.
-You can...|-Excuse me.
Thanks. That 's okay.
Do you like cheese?
Very much.|Dairy products in general.
But he barely talks.
-I'm going to talk!|-No, don't! Don't talk! Go easy.
Sit down here. Sit here.
What shall I do, then?
I tried. He won't talk,|he says ''yes''...
The mother!
Ask him about his mother. He loved|his mother! Then he'll talk.
What about your mother?
-Tell me a little about her.|-About my Mom?
There is so much I would like|to tell you about her.
She was a wonderful woman.
-Very tough.|-Really?
-Here's to her.|-Here's to her.
It was very pleasant.
What next?
Invite her up to your apartment.
Already? Wouldn't that|be premature?
-Shall I go?|-Absolutely not! Are you nuts?
Play hard to get. The man must|feel he is conquering...
but that she's tough, get it?|Otherwise, it's not worth anything.
Would you like to see|my apartment?
Well... maybe some|other time, okay, Paulo?
-Sure.|-We barely know each other...
it won't seem right for me|to be alone with you there.
I didn't know what to do.|I was very embarrassed.
I guess I really|pushed things too far.
He loved it! Didn't I tell you?|I know what I'm doing.
Paulo is a conservative guy|who lived with his mother.
She probably used to say...
''Good girls don't go|to bachelors' homes.''
You sound like my mother.
Would you please stop|messing around with my things?
-It really is a bad habit.|-Sorry!
I have to go.
I will pay you, Pereira, okay?
Okay? Trust me.|There will be a wedding soon.
Yeah, and a good party.|It's in the hole, okay?
Two, three days. Yeah, that 's it,|at the latest. Okay?
How long have you and Marlene|been going out? One, two months?
Yeah, one or two months.
As far as I know,|it's going okay, isn't it?
Yes, Nelson is|a wonderful guy.
Then, isn't it time to think|about getting married?
-Is it?|-Sure! I think of it all the time.
I love going to the movies.
So do I.|I like it more than anything.
-Want some popcorn?|-Yes.
I used to come a lot|when I was young...
to the matinées|to see the old musicals.
We used to like it a lot.|Me and my mother.
Do you like to dance?
I'm going to tell you something|but don't laugh.
Some time ago,|before I went to the agency...
I enrolled in one|of those dance schools.
You did?
We could go out dancing some day.|Would you really like that?
I would. I love to dance.
That 's it. How can I go dancing?
Everybody knows|I'm as stiff as a broom!
I'm terrible!|You have no idea.
-Relax, we'll find a way.|-What way?
You're kidding. I'm never|going to learn to do this.
{y:i}The look in your eyes|{y:i}When they meet mine
{y:i}Speaks of things|{y:i}That I cannot believe
{y:i}It's sweet to dream and think|{y:i}That you
{y:i}Love me|{y:i}As I love you
{y:i}But when the illusion|{y:i}Falls to pieces
{y:i}It hurts the heart of a dreamer|{y:i}Who dreamed too much
{y:i}Oh, if only I could understand
{y:i}What your eyes say
That 's it!
{y:i}But when the illusion|{y:i}Falls to pieces
{y:i}It hurts the heart of a dreamer|{y:i}Who dreamed too much
{y:i}Oh, if only I could understand
{y:i}What your eyes
You're ready. Good luck.
One, two, three, tum.
One, two, three, tum.
You must 've had|the same instructor I did.
One, two, three, tum.
-That was funny, wasn't it?|-Sure.
-My mother was a good dancer.|-Really?
Well, in her day...
her generation used to go|to dances all the time, right?
My mother always talks|about those club dances.
The tuxedos...
the silk stockings.
I'd like you to meet her.
I mean, I don't know|if you think it's too soon.
No, no way, I...
I'll invite you both over|to dinner at my place.
Then you can get to see|my apartment.
-Would you really like that?|-I would.
What 's your mother's|favorite dish?
I'm dead, Mom.
Working hard, sweetie?
I'll tell you something.|Your daughter is a fighter.
I know, honey, I know.
Two people called for you.
The bank manager and someone else|who wouldn't say who he was.
I was looking through|your father's belongings...
and I thought that this here|should be worth...
No, Mom. I'll take care of things.
This doesn't mean anything|any more.
It just stays here,|locked in a box...
waiting to be looked at|every once in a while...
so it can bring back memories.
But the greatest memory|is here, locked away.
Oh, Mom... I'll find a way.
I'll get a good job soon,|and all of this will blow away.
Take this.
It should be enough|to pay our debts...
with enough leftover|to buy a good wine...
instead of that junk|your father liked.
I pretended that I liked it,|just to keep him happy.
You don't like that wine?
Then why do you buy it?
Memories, sweetie.
No, it's okay, Pereira.
The couple is going to hire me|to arrange the party...
get it?|No, for sure.
As soon as they do, I'll call you.|Okay, man?
No. Don't worry, Pereira.|No, everything's fine.
Okay, then,|see you later, Pereira.
Right, see you. Bye.
-We decided to get married.|-Wonderful! Look...
Look, I'm so happy. You...
-I've got goose bumps! Look.|-Love, tell him. Go on.
We want you to be the best man.
I've got goose bumps again.
We'll let you know what|to wear later on.
Won't it be tails?
I don't know yet, love.|After speaking to Márcio...
we'll settle that. Márcio is|the guy who'll arrange the party.
I told you we should ask him.
Márcio arranged|my sisters' weddings.
How could I turn him down|for mine?
Okay. Man, it's going to be|a great party!
how long have you and Cristina|been going out? Two months?
Two months and three days,|to be precise.
And everything is okay, right?
Couldn't be better. Cristina is|a wonderful girl. You were right.
Then it's time to think|about getting married.
-Already? Isn't it premature?|-No. No, listen carefully.
You're no longer a child.|Neither is Cristina.
How long are you|going to date?
Come on, man, time flies, get it?
-He knows how to cook, Cristina!|-Mom, stop it!
-Would you like wine?|-Sure.
-Cristina...|-Look, what a coincidence.
My father loved that wine.
You have no idea how that wine|brings back memories.
I could make the best cod|in the world...
but if we didn't have|the wine that Mário loved...
he would not eat the cod.
Mário was so stubborn, wasn't he?
He was. My father...
Allow me to serve you.
Do you like cod?|Oh, Cristina loves it.
She gets angry with me|when I make cod...
because she's just like her father|and complains I spend too much.
-Can you believe that?|-Mom...
-It seems you're a good cook.|-Mom.
Thank you, son.
Honey, I'll leave the door open.|Don't be too long.
Your mother|is a wonderful woman.
-She really is...|-I loved the dinner!
-Really?|-It was like a family dinner.
It was!
I just couldn't...
I just can't.
-I'm going to give up.|-No way!
I don't know what to do, I don't|know what to say. What do I do?
Take it easy.
Easy, easy. Listen to me.
You're going|to ask her out to dinner.
Then you order some wine.|No, a good wine.
Then you open the wine,|fill your glass...
and drink the whole glass.|Got it?
You drink the first glass,|look into her eyes and say...
your eyes shine...
and fill me with life.
When you hold me...
I feel like I want|to freeze time...
stop all the clocks...
and stay glued|to your body.
I want to be with you|for the rest of my life.
Will you marry me?''
Got it?
Cristina, your eyes shine|and fill me with life.
When you hold me...
I feel like I want|to freeze time...
stop all the clocks|and stay glued to your body.
I want to be with you|for the rest of my life.
Will you marry me?
Well, then, will you?
I'm doing the right thing|for the very first time.
Paulo is a wonderful man...
He's the best thing|that has ever happened to me.
Didn't I say so?
How can I ever thank you?
First, stop messing|around with my things.
And then, I...
I owe a guy some money|and he's bugging me.
You know that besides finding|partners, the agency...
also arranges|wedding parties and...
Chico, we want you to arrange|a wedding party fit for a princess.
-Don't we, honey?|-Yes.
{y:i}Sometimes I have never seen you
{y:i}Sometimes never lovers|{y:i}Never more
{y:i}Sometimes I never wanted you
{y:i}Sometimes never unhappy|{y:i}Never anybody
{y:i}I don't know you any more
{y:i}Your clothes are different
{y:i}They're loose on me
{y:i}The words from your mouth
That 's the one.
There are several kinds|of decoration.
From the very simple|to the most luxurious.
Don't you think this hall|is too big?
No. I don't think so.|I think it will do fine...
so you can show off|your dance steps.
-Want to see?|-No!
One, two, three, tum.
did you like it?
-Very much...|-Beautiful.
-Very good.|-Good.
-It's enormous, isn't it?|-Big.
{y:i}-How are you?|{y:i}-Fine. How are you?
{y:i}-Fine.|{y:i}-Just fine.
{y:i}So, is this the apartment?
{y:i}Well, if I had|{y:i}somethlng better...
I think the wedding march|is a classic. I would have it.
Just a minute. Excuse me.
-I love that song.|-Do you know it?
-Thank you.|-Thank you.
Oh, how lovely!
Let me see.
I'm going to start|with this chocolate éclair.
That 's right, I'll start|with the éclair.
I've had so many lately,|why not one more?
Especially if it's chocolate.
We're not going|to eat all this.
We're going to eat all this.
-Didn't I tell you so?|-It's so good!
Iris's of Italian descent|and was raised in Minas.
She knows everything|about cooking and more.
l forgot the most important.
The ''well-married'' cupcakes.
-I love them.|-Thank you.
I haven't seen ''well-married''|cupcakes for ages.
Funny. When I got married...
I thought these cupcakes|were made of eternal love.
Today I know...
they're just two pieces|of sponge cake...
stuck together|with caramel.
Very sweet,|but with little ''substance''.
As my grandmother used to say:|''No substance.''
I bought some sweets and thought|Felipe might want some.
-It's late, isn't it?|-Yes.
He's sleeping.
His mother will love making us some|coffee to have with them. Come in.
It's been a long time since I ate|''well-married'' cupcakes.
Would you like a piece?
They're really good!
We had fun, didn't we?
I think so.
Can I give Felipe a kiss?
This cod is delicious.
You're sure you want|to serve cod, right?
-Absolutely sure.|-Okay.
-Cod brings me good luck.|-Well then, so be it.
Good luck.
Well, everything is ready.|We've won the game, right?
Thank you, Chico.
You sure made a habit|of hugging me!
Well, see you on Saturday?
See you on Saturday.
A friend of mine|told me to come here.
She said I should...
I thought it was weird,|but she insisted and...
She's a very close friend.
She called|and made the appointment.
All my life I've been waiting...
for perfection.
The precise words...
to say at the right moment...
to the right person.
And time slipped by me.
And I didn't realize|that every day...
that every year that went by...
it would make it all harder.
How do we know|who the right person is, right?
I don't want to die all alone.
I don't want to think|about that woman who...
was so close and...
who I didn't hold and say...
''Stay with me.''
need to love a woman.
I need to. Now I want to do|everything differently.
I don't have a minute to spare.
Do you know|if there's anyone upstairs?
Up there? Excuse my asking,|but who are you?
I am Cristina's friend.
They're out. They both went out.
To see about last minute details|for the wedding.
-What details? Everything's ready.|-How do you know?
Because I arranged everything.|It's all ready.
Well okay, then.
Do you know if they'll|be out for long?
Well... I don't think so.
-Hi, Chico.|-Hi.
-Everything okay?|-Just fine.
-Is something wrong?|-No, I...
Nothing's wrong.
Say something, Chico!
-I...|-How about some coffee?
-Have a seat. I'll bring it in.|-Thanks.
-Sorry I came, it's just...|-Excuse me.
I wanted to know if everything|is okay for tomorrow.
It sure is.|Didn't you say it was?
-He said it was.|-Everything's just fine.
Everything's fine.
Excuse me.
Is everything really okay?
We had a lot of fun arranging|the wedding, didn't we?
We did.
It all worked out|in the end, right?
I have to go. I wanted to be sure|everything was okay for tomorrow.
But Chico...
You didn't have your coffee.
See you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
{y:i}Very flexible.
{y:i}Because if you wait around|{y:i}for the ideal and perfect love...
{y:i}you'll end up with nothing.
{y:i}The ideal love is flexible.|{y:i}It's like...
{y:i}I think of love as if it were...
{y:i}I think of affection|{y:i}as if it were water.
{y:i}And the person...
-Walter?|-That guy Chico...
left this. He wanted you|to get it today, no matter what.
-But what is it?|-I have no idea.
Your friend is a little odd,|isn't he?
-Good night.|-Good night.
{y:i}I think of love|{y:i}as if it were...
{y:i}I think of affection|{y:i}as if it were water.
{y:i}You can put the water|{y:i}wherever you like.
{y:i}And the water shapes itself.
{y:i}But it can be moved from|{y:i}one vessel to another.
{y:i}And it gets the shape|{y:i}of the vessel.
{y:i}The important thing|{y:i}is not to empty it.
{y:i}-I am little shy.|{y:i}-I'm all in here.
{y:i}Things get stuck inside me,|{y:i}I can't get them out.
{y:i}I really like you.|{y:i}I really like you.
{y:i}I really wish|{y:i}I didn't need words.
{y:i}I'm just calling to say|{y:i}that I love you.
{y:i}When we met,|{y:i}our eyes met...
{y:i}It must've been|{y:i}written in the stars...
{y:i}Thank God!
{y:i}I thought I was going out|{y:i}with a friend...
{y:i}but suddenly I realized|{y:i}that I was interested...
{y:i}that there was|{y:i}something here inside.
{y:i}And so...
{y:i}I really like to dance.|{y:i}So I...
{y:i}what I feel with my partner...
{y:i}is that I can trust him.
{y:i}That when I lean on him,|{y:i}he holds me up.
{y:i}That when I make a mistake|{y:i}he supports me, when...
{y:i}he makes a mistake|{y:i}I can support him.
{y:i}Don't go, for God's sake.|{y:i}I love you, stay with me...
{y:i}and dammit, give me a chance,|{y:i}or I can go with you.
{y:i}And my heart would be|{y:i}broken to pieces.
{y:i}I asked him to please|{y:i}stay with me.
{y:i}I just called to say I love you.
{y:i}I begin to smile in here|{y:i}all the way up...
{y:i}and it takes over my whole body.
{y:i}I think this feeling|{y:i}can only be love.
{y:i}Life without love is not...
{y:i}It doesn't exist.
{y:i}I tried to avoid it,|{y:i}but you were stronger than me.
{y:i}I couldn't help it...
...{y:i}so I want you.|{y:i}-I love you.
{y:i}Feel the beating of a heart|{y:i}in a body up against you.
{y:i}You came closer to me|{y:i}than anybody else.
{y:i}I invite you to be a partner...
{y:i}a confidant.
{y:i}What does a pear taste like?
{y:i}She says a pear|{y:i}tastes like pear...
{y:i}sort of, there are some grains|{y:i}in them, it's sort of rough.
{y:i}Then he turns to her and says...
{y:i}''No, I want to know what a pear|{y:i}tastes like to you.''
{y:i}I really like you.
{y:i}-I can't explain.|{y:i}-I love you.
{y:i}That's why I want you,|{y:i}I adore and worship you...
{y:i}and I'm begging you|{y:i}to stay with me.
-I think it's going to rain.|-The weather doesn't look good.
-There.|-Wait, Walter.
I've never seen anyone suffer|so much because of a tie.
I hate these things.
-I think a coat would be just fine.|-Stand still.
-Isn't that too tight?|-Don't fuss with it!
Look at yourself in the mirror.
You look so good I'm beginning|to think you're someone else.
You're not too bad yourself,|you know?
Oh, Eunice...
If only we could go back|some 40 years, right?
If only you hadn't|introduced me to Mário.
Forget it. Things were as they|were meant to be, you know.
Come in! The door is open!
Excuse me.
-Is the bride ready?|-Are you the driver?
Just a moment, I'll get Cristina.
Well, Chico?
-Chico is your name, isn't it?|-Right.
Did you solve all things pending?
Everything is fine.|Don't you worry.
I see.
Hi. I insist on taking you|to the church.
So he's not the driver?
Eunice, our cab is waiting.
-Come on.|-Don't push me!
You look lovely.
Are you ready?
-Don't touch it!|-It's too tight!
I'm so glad you came!
Did you think I would miss|my daughter's wedding?
-Walter.|-How are you?
Come on, it's going to rain!
-I need to go to the bathroom.|-Now?
Yes, now!
-Cristina!|-I'm coming!
{y:i}Cristina, are you okay?
-Let 's go?|-Are you ill?
-No. Let 's go.|-Come on, come on.
Will you stop messing around?|What a bad habit!
What is it?
I don't know where|I put the damned key.
Did you drop it outside?
I had it in my hand!
Try to remember where you went.
I was in the car. Then you|were in the bathroom for ages... I went after you.|-You didn't leave it in the car?
No, when I got out I took|the key out of the ignition!
-In your pocket?|-Not there.
-Are you sure? Look for it again.|-It's not there, I'm telling you!
-Don't shout at me!|-I'm not shouting!
-I'm taking a cab!|-No, wait.
I'm sorry I shouted at you.|It's just that I'm upset.
How do you think I feel?
It was in the other pocket.
Come on, come on!|You're going to be late!
I have to go|to the bathroom again.
I... I'm going there.
{y:i}Look, it's okay, alright?
{y:i}It's okay, forget it.
{y:i}I know my timing was wrong...
{y:i}but I...
{y:i}Forget it.
I never thought this...
would ever|happen to me again.
Forget it. Forget it, I...
I better take a cab.
No, don't. I insist on taking you|to the church. Come on.
...I brought you an umbrella.|-Right. Thanks.
This is a mess.
Paulo is a wonderful man.
He's everything I ever wanted.
He's well mannered, kind...
good-looking and...
Paulo is the best thing|that 's ever happened to me.
Say something!
I thought you had backed out.
I'm like your Juventus.|I may lose, but I don't give up.
Are you okay?
Just fine.
Are you sure?
It's not too late.
Stop it, Walter!
-Is that thing on?|-Yes.
Paulo... I'm sorry.
Aren't you coming?
{y:i}When a heart|{y:i}That is tired of suffering
{y:i}Meets a heart
{y:i}That is tired of suffering too
{y:i}It's time to think
{y:i}That love
{y:i}May suddenly appear
{y:i}When there's somebody
{y:i}That misses somebody
{y:i}And that somebody
{y:i}Doesn't understand
{y:i}-Where are we going to?|{y:i}-I haven't the faintest idea.
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Cat In The Hat The
Cat People Directors Cut
Cat on a hot tin roof
Catch Me If You Can
Cats Eye (Stephen Kings)
Cats Meow The CD1
Cats Meow The CD2
Cats and Dogs
Cellular 2004
Celluloid Closet
Celos (1999) - Jealousy
Cenetentola La
Central do Brasil
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD1
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD2
Chaikovsky 1969 CD1
Chaikovsky 1969 CD2
Chain Reaction
Chalte Chalte
Chamber The
Champion CD1
Champion CD2
Changing Lanes
Charisma (K Kurosawa 1999)
Charisma (Karisuma)
Charlie - The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin
Charlies Angels
Charlies Angels - Full Throttle
Chase The
Chasing Amy
Chasing Liberty
Chatos Land
Cheaper by dozen
Cheats The 2002
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD1
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD2
Cheong Feng (1999) - Mission The
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD1
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD2
Cher - Live In Concert
Cherry Falls
Chicago CD1
Chicago CD2
Chicken Run (2000)
Chihwaseon CD1
Chihwaseon CD2
Children Of Dune Part 1
Children Of Dune Part 2
Children Of Dune Part 3
Children of Heaven The
Children of a Lesser God
Children of the Damned
Childs Play 1988
Childs Play 2 1990
Childs Play 3
Chimes at Midnight
China Moon
China Strike Force 2000
Chineese Ghost Story A 3
Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese Odyssey A
Chinese Roulette
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Choose Me (1984)
Chori Chori 1956
Choristes Les
Choses Secretes
Christiane F
Christine CD1
Christine CD2
Christmas Carol A
Christmas Story A
Christmas Vacation (National Lampoons)
Chronicles of Riddick The - Dark Fury
Chunhyang 2000 CD1
Chunhyang 2000 CD2
Cider House Rules The
Cinderella 2000
Cinderella Story A
Citizen Kane
Citizen Ruth
City By The Sea
City Hall
City Heat
City Of God 2003 CD1
City Of God 2003 CD2
City Of The Living Dead 1980
City of Lost Children The CD1
City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 à 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
Cleopatra 1963 CD2
Cleopatra 1963 CD3
Cleopatra 1999 CD1
Cleopatra 1999 CD2
Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
Cliffhanger CD2
Clockers CD1
Clockers CD2
Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
Cold Mountain CD2
Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)