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Subtitles for Cronos 1993.

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Cronos 1993

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Man: In 1536 . . .
fIeeing from|the Inquisition ,
the aIchemist|Uberto FuIcaneIIi
disembarked in Veracruz,|Mexico.
Appointed officiaI watchmaker|to the Viceroy,
FuIcaneIIi was determined|to perfect an invention
which wouId provide him|with the key to eternaI Iife.
He was to name it. . .
the Cronos de vice.
4 00 years Ia ter,
one night in 1937,
part of the vault in|a building collapsed.
Among the victims|was a man of strange skin,
the color of marble|in moonlight.
His chest mortally pierced,
his last words...
Suo tempore.
Man:|This was the alchemist.
The authorities located|the residence of the dead man.
What they found there
was never fully|revealed to the public.
After a brief investigation,
the mansion and its contents|were sold at public auction.
Never on any list|or inventory
was the Cronos device|mentioned.
As far as anyone knew,
it never existed.
( tango music playing )
Man in distance:|Only a few days left.
Tickets are running out|for the big New Year's dance...
( clocks chiming )
Hey, how can l help you?
- Good morning.|- Good morning.
How can l help you?
Old man: And this one goes...|where?
V ery well.
Now it has a face.|Well, you go next.
( both humming )
# When the sun rises|in the morning #
# You open your eyes... #
You still have this one.
Sort it out.|By size and...
lf you anger them it's worse...|it's worse, Aurora.
( hollow echo )
( phone ringing )
De la Guardia Company.
What did you find?
Another statue, huh?
l'll tell him.
( beeping )
( buzzing )
( opera playing )
lovely day for breakfast pills.|Reds, yellows, blues.
And... the new draft|of your will, ready to--
Why do you always|have to be so noisy?
Just sign the new draft|of your will.
l have news for you.
Our buyer just called.
- Thank you.|- Now tell me,
what did our buyer|have to say to you?
same old thing.
l found another archangel.
So what are you|waiting for?
No, not this time.
This time you get somebody else|to pick up your garbage.
Not everything is garbage.
No, not that book again.
This is not garbage.
l know they all look|the same to me.
That's part of the problem.|Open your eyes.
Look.|This is different.
This one will be mine!
- Lovely day.|- Good morning, sir.
Are you looking|for anything in particular?
- Pricey.|- lt's unique.
Yeah, sure.
They all are.
But... then,
it's not my money.
Keep the change.
l'll wrap it up for you.
l love these mirrors.
Do you want any?
May l ask your opinion|about something?
- Sure.|- Yours too.
V ery "importante."|V ery important.
- Do you like this one?|- No.
- How about this one?|- No.
- This one?|- That one.
- Which one?|- That one.
You too? Yes?
Thank you very much.
You don't know how|important this is to me.
A little gift,|thank you.
Thank you both.
Good luck.
No, honey,|it's not chocolate.
Something like this|just happens once in a lifetime.
Once in a lifetime.
( winding )
( ticking )
nothing happens.
( laughing )
Look, how curious.
What do you think it could be?
A toy?
Don't get close to it.
Don't get scared.
Bring me a box.
Woman: One, two, three, and...
one, two...|one, two, three.
Now, watch carefully,|this is seven by four.
We'll start with this leg,|Manuelito.
And...|one, two, three, and...
four, five, six, seven.
One, two, three, four.
- Don't push, Manuelito.|- Sorry, ma'am.
Now comes the finale.
( applause )
Good evening.
Where did you say you fell?
Over some broken glass.
You won't need any stitches.
Blood is so messy.
Remember when|Aunt Marge died?
Everyone was soaked in blood|and she was spotless.
But really dead.
There's something here.
lt's going to hurt.
Good thing you warned me.
lt was buried deep.
Man: What is it?
Woman: l don't know,|some sort of metal shaving.
No, it's more like a sting...
from a bee, l don't know.
( scratching )
Please, please, please.
Be very careful|with my soul, please.
( ticking )
Our Father, Who art in heaven,|hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,|on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
( whirring )
( whirring stops )
l'm fine, honey.
l'm all right.
l'm all right.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- l'm reading.|- There's too much light.
lt's amazing, look.
Nena VizcaIna|died at 92.
Do you like it?
- No.|- You look...
different, much younger.
Exactly, that's why l did it.|That's how l feel.
Where's Aurora?
- You don't eat breakfast?|- l'm not hungry.
Hey, do you like it or not?
- Yes, l do like it.|- Well...
that's really nice.
( giggling )
( glass shattering )
Man: Hello, Mr. Gris...
How are you?
You...|destroyed my store.
l'm not the one|you want to talk to.
The red ones are|especially good today.
You don't know what|you're getting yourself into.
Almost 40 years ago...
l found this manuscript.
40 years ago.
They are the notes,|the hermetic annotations
of a 1 6th century alchemist.
lt's a fascinating book
written backwards in Latin.
lt talks about|a peculiar mechanism,
an invention that extends|its user's life.
But it has rules,|precise rules,
very strict,|on how to use it.
An insect?
That's the master stroke.
The insect is trapped|inside the invention.
Like a sort of...|living filter.
You believe it?|l mean, after so many years.
Who says insects aren't
God's favorite creatures?
Christ walked on water,
just like a mosquito.
The resurrection concept
is not foreign to ants,
or to spiders.
They could survive inside a rock|for hundreds of years...
until someone comes along|and sets them free.
lt's very educational, but l don't|see why you're telling me this.
l'm dying, Mr. Gris.
l'm going to show you something.
The scalpel has been|eating me alive,
little by little.
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy,|psychotherapy...
Look closely,|my friend,
half of my body is here,|inside this display case.
And the other half...
it's already in the menu.
Or it's being chewed|as we speak.
No. lt's mine.
You used it?
You used it?
Just by accident.
What an imbecile.
Angel: Here l am, Uncle.
Here l am.
Oh, Mr. Gris.
My uncle is getting impatient.
De la Guardia...
We both lose something.
you finally got your...|whatever it is.
De la Guardia: Mr. Gris?
You may continue the game.
After all,|you have the toy.
But l'm keeping|the instructions.
And l won't relent.
This can't be possible.
lt can't be possible, damn it.
Aurora, my God.
l know you've got it.
Are you scared?
You think something|will happen to me?
Are you comfortable back there?
lt already happened to me once,|with your dad.
You remember him,|at least a little?
l believe you do.
When he was your age,
he heard something or someone|speak about those
who die of lung cancer.
So, when l came back|from work,
l found out that my cigarettes|had disappeared.
After searching all day,|l get in the bathroom
and l find a bunch|of little bits of tobacco,
floating in the toilet.
Just bits.
l think he understood|that breaking my cigars
didn't help the matter at all.
But at least it made it clear to me|that he was worried.
And it made it clear to him|that it made it clear to me.
You know...
l don't know|what's happening to me.
But l think it's better|if we stay together.
( metal slicing )
( ticking )
( knocking on door )
- Woman: Jesus?|- Just a minute.
- l need you to help me.|- Just a minute.
Hurry, honey,|we'll be late.
Who are you, little one?
A god?
You're so good to me.
Woman: l don't understand why|l can't zip up this dress,
it's the same one l wore|at last year's dance.
l'm almost done.
How could l change so much|in such a short time?
( applause )
( music playing )
Remember this?
lf l remember?
# No, l can't accept it's all over #
# That life set us apart... #
lf l remember?
l always think about|the first time l saw you,
how l thought you would never|pay attention to me.
l felt like|such a nobody that...
Man: That's what architects|call "vectors."
lt's the little things that support|the big things.
- How are they supported?|- The fact is that the pillars...
- Teacher, can you see...?|- ln a minute, Manuel.
- Cheers.|- Cheers.
- Cheers.|- Money and love.
- What's wrong?|- Eh?
- ls something wrong?|- No, l'll be right back.
- Where are you going?|- l'll get something to drink.
lt's the heat.
lt happens to me all the time.
- ls it better?|- Yeah.
Every time l drink,|l have to pee.
...since l was a kid.
What a decadent party, damn it.
Let's see, let's see...|fuck this.
Look at what they've done here.
lt must have been|an Argentinean gate crasher
or some Peruvian on the loose.
l'm working my ass off|all year for a party...
Let's go.
Nine... eight... seven...
six... five...
four... three...
two... one...
( "Las Mananitas" playing )
Radio: lt's been a pleasure,|an honor for Radio DIa...
to bring to your home,
the classic remote broadcast
of the yearly|Tigers Club Party.
Always thinking of you,
and wishing that|all your dreams come true
and that all those goals|you have set
reach the happiest of results
through the purest of roads.
Here, in this booth at HTLM
we feel honored,|overwhelmed...
Yes, why not?|Overwhelmed with joy
to be able to serve you,|to answer your calls.
Mrs. Lorenza from La Colonia|los Jardines de la Luz
sends warmest regards|to all the family
and wishes happy times|for everyone.
Mrs. Lupita Raquel|sends us a wish
of glory to God in heaven
and peace on earth|for the people of goodwill.
- How beautiful...|- We're dead...
Happy New Year.
Tell me where it is or my uncle|won't leave me alone.
What is it exactly...|this thing?
What the fuck does|the old man want it for?
He never told you?
You all think l'm stupid,|don't you?
He thinks that will help him|to extend his life.
( laughing )
That fucker does nothing|but shit and piss all day,
and he wants to live longer?
Leave me alone.
Do whatever you have to do,|but leave me alone.
Of course, sir.
l will leave you, when...
and if...
it pleases me.
Get it?
Get up.
Get up.
( singing )
( bottle breaks )
How quiet.
All this blood, my God.
All this blood is mine.
l'm dying.
How weird.
Everything is upside down
and l'm dying...
Don't let me die today.
Oh, it hurts so bad.
l can resist a lot longer...
a lot longer.
Oh, Aurora.
( police sirens in the distance )
( ranchero music playing )
Great, Tito.
The forehead is coming out perfect.
Like nothing ever happened.
- lt's your best work.|- You bet.
lt has its secrets.
Here l'm giving form...
l'm giving it color...
They think l'm a fucking artist.
but don't work on it too hard,|we're going to cremate him.
Motherfucker,|what do you mean "cremate him"?
You should have told me. l wouldn't|have dolled him up, fucker.
God, rest in peace.
lt seems no one|respects my work here.
Why don't they tell me?|You, why didn't you tell me?
- Huh?|- The widow changed her mind.
lt seems the guy didn't have|anything prepared.
No tomb, no grave, nothing.
They're all the same.
Eternal, the fuckers.
Tape playing:|Plastic surgery and you:
Plastic surgery,|contrary to--
( doorbell ringing )
- Yes, Uncle.|- Get up here immediately.
- l want to know what happened.|- l'll be right there.
l can't blow this.
l didn't touch him,|the car skidded.
- Went off the cliff.|- You imbecile!
( thud )
What about his heart?
What about it?
Did you hurt it|in any way?
l told you|l didn't touch him!
His car skidded,|it went off the cliff...
Did you check his heart?
lt wasn't beating.
Did anything|accidentally pierce it?
What's the difference?|He's dead.
lt makes all the difference,|all the difference!
Oh, you clumsy beast.|You can't do anything right.
After all these years l thought|there might be hope for you.
But you're useless, useless.
You probably ruined|the whole thing by now.
How can somebody be|deader than dead?
You know nothing about dying.
l don't understand.
No, you don't understand.
And you'll remain that way.
But there is one last thing|you still have to do,
and you better do it right
because l'm not going to rest till|l have what is rightfully mine.
And neither are you.
Look at you...
( laughing )
Was the wake fun?
You're not going|to heaven like that, right?
Naked...|kisses everywhere,
they'll know you were out|fucking around.
( gas hissing )
Come on, compadre.
Funeral director:|... 1 5 minutes ago.
Come in, this is your house.
Tito,|Mr. de la Guardia is...
was a friend of the deceased.
He wants to see the body...
one last time.
medium or well done?
- ( glass breaking )|- Ohh...
( phone ringing )
Jesus: Mercedes...
( ticking )
( Aurora humming )
That's for me?
Jesus: Dear Mercedes...
l write this lines|with great difficulty.
( piano playing )
l want you to know that...
l'm still alive.
And it hurts me to be alive.
The thirst is burning me,
and l feel indifferent|about everything...
the day...
this house...
and you.
Aurora is staying with you,
will leave you this letter.
By the time you read it...
l would have been gone to settle|some kind of date,
an unfinished business.
Since l lost everything,|at least l want to understand why.
Just today
l realize how much l miss you.
l hope to see you|when l come back,
and that you want to see me
no matter in what|kind of shape l am.
Loves you...
( thunderclap )
( echoing )
My God,|what are you doing here?
l told you not to come.
Put that away.
Don't you see|they could kill us?
Don't you see we're in danger?
De la Guardia: lt works?
l knew you would return.
lf you're looking|for the missing pages,
you're wasting your time.|l ate them.
Best meal l've had|in years.
You talk about eternity,|look at me, look at my skin.
lt's decomposing,|it's falling off piece by piece.
Peel it off.
What are you talking about?
Peel it off.
What's happening to me?
You've been reborn.
( buzzing )
What the fuck is it now,|you dried up old prune?
What's this,|why the new skin?
And don't answer in riddles.
You talk about insects,
alchemists, artifacts.
But what is it that l need?
Of course.
You can't gain eternity|with a cow or a pig.
l can destroy the artifact,
pulverize it.
As you wish.
lf the device goes,|you go.
we can share...
- eternity.|- What do l care about eternity?
l don't want to be eternal,|l just want to get out of this.
That's even better.
There is a way out.
But first, the device.
l don't trust you.
l don't see you have a choice.
Give me that, darling.|Come on, l know what l'm doing.
You first.
My way out.
As you wish.
You don't even bleed right.
And now the heart...
My God, Aurora.
Talk to me...
Let's go now... let's go.
( clanging )
Merry Christmas.
( sinister laughter )
Merry Christmas.
Mine, mine...|everything is mine.
Mine, mine, mine.
You kept me waiting|long enough.
( footsteps approaching )
Fuck...|not my nose again.
This has to end.
Oh, Mr. Gris...
now l have|to kill you again.
Mr. Gris...
Come here, precious.
Come here.
What the fuck|does it take to kill you?
You'll lose more than l will.
Mine is only pain.
Get ready for some more.
What the--
l'm Jesus...
Jesus Gris.
Jesus Gris.
[ Ripped by Blink182 ]
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