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Subtitles for Crow The.

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Crow The

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-= ***** =-|Spell Chcked & edited|by|HxHPRC
HxHPRC: Enjoy the movie and the subtitle!
[ Siren Wailing ]
[ Indistinct Police Radio ]
[ Girl ] People once believed|that when someone dies...
a crow carries their soul|to the land of the dead.
But sometimes,|something so bad happens...
that a terrible sadness is carried|with it and the soul can't rest.
Then sometimes,|just sometimes...
the crow can bring that soul back|to put the wrong things right.
- [ Camera Shutter Clicking ]|- [ Siren Wailing ]
[ Man ] Over here.
There's a piece of glass.
Hey, Sarge!
Shelly Webster and Eric Draven.|Wedding was tomorrow night.
Who the fuck gets married|on Halloween anyhow?
- Sir, we gotta move her.|- Do it.
All right, guys,|let's do it.
Devil's fucking Night.|What's the count so far?
143 fires.
- They're slacking off from last year.|- Three hours to go.
- Maybe they're just slow starters.|- Coming through!
[ Cawing ]
[ Man ] You guys can't come in here|and take her away like this.
There are procedures. You should have|cleared this with me first.
- Is this the victim?|- No, it's Amelia Earhart.
- We found her, and you missed it.|- I don't care what her name is.
I didn't give the order to move her.|Jesus, Albrecht.
I can see why they took away|your gold shield.
Yeah, I wasn't a big enough asshole.|Come on. Let's go.
- [ Cawing ]|- All right, clear out.
- Shelly?|- Stand back, kid.
- Where's Eric?|- Just don't worry about him.
Tell him to take care|of Sarah.
Look, I will.|You just, uh, lie back. Come on.
[ Gasping, Panting ]
- You Sarah?|- Yeah.
Yeah, look. Your sister,|she's gonna be okay.
She's not my sister.|Shelly just takes care of me.
- [ Siren Wailing ]|- She's my friend.
Her and Eric.
You lied to her about Eric.
I had to.
And you're lying|to me about Shelly.
She's gonna die,|isn't she?
Hey, uh--
Now, come on.|Come on. It's okay.
She's gonna be fine.
[ Sarah ] A building gets torch ed.|All that is left is ashes.
I used to think that was true|about everything...
families, friends, feelings.
But now I know that sometimes,|if love proves real...
two people who are meant to be together,|nothing can keep them apart.
- [ Thunder Rumbling ]|- [ Crow Cawing ]
[ Caws ]
What are you,|like the night watchman?
[ Car Horn Honking ]
You know, what this place|needs is a...
good natural catastrophe.
- Earthquake, tornado, you know.|- No, no, no, no.
Mickey, come on, man. You got to put|the mustard underneath first.
Maybe a flood like in the Bible.
Hey, hey, let me do it.
There we go. All right.|How about some onions?
Come on, man.|Don't cheap out on me.
- Lots of onions.|- All right, here you go.
Hey, all right.
Now we're talking.
Hey, it's the Sarah monster.
- How do you steer that on a wet street?|- Pure talent. Hi.
Now, Sarah, she's a genuine hot dogger.|You hungry?
- You buying?|- I'm buying.
- No onions though, okay?|- No onions?
- They make you fart big time.|- [ Chuckling ]
[ Man ] You know, Lake Erie|actually caught on fire once...
from all the crap|floating around in it.
I wish I could have seen that.|[ Whistling ]
[ Shouting, Crashing ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Creaking ]
- [ Cawing ]|- [ Screaming ]
- [ Shouting ]|- [ Laughing ]
[ All Shouting ]|Fire it up! Yeah!
[ Gasping, Panting ]
[ Engine Revving,|Tires Screeching ]
[ Dog Barking ]
- [ Tires Screeching ]|- ** [ Rock And Roll ]
- All right, we busted their machines!|- Shit!
[ Cawing ]
Oh, oh, shit, guys.|T-bird, cop car, cop car.
[ Tires Screeching ]
Bad people out|on the street tonight.
[ Beeping ]
- Damn it!|- What was that?
- You wait right here.|- Be careful.
- Mickey, call it in for me!|- [ Woman Shouting ]
[ Cawing ]
[ Cawing ]
[ Cawing, Wings Fluttering ]
[ Door Creaking ]
- [ Meowing ]|- Gabriel!
[ Screeching ]
[ Pounding ]
- Eric? [ Gasping ]|- Department of Housing!
Code violations?|Safety hazards?
Place looks fine to me.
Let's redecorate.
"Abash, the devil stood...
and felt how awful|goodness is.
Saw virtue in her shape, how lovely."|It's pornography.
- Virtue?|- [ Gasping, Screaming ]
- [ Eric ] Shelly?|- [ Shelly Sobbing ]
- [ Shelly ] No! Eric!|- [ Man ] See ya!
No, no, no, me first.
- Shelly.|- Eric!
[ Siren Wailing ]
[ Cawing ]
[ Cawing ]
- Hey, that's good.|- [ Man ] That's good.
[ Gulping, Coughing ]
See if you can top that, man.|Can you top that?
Look at that.|Look at that.
Here's to Devil's Night,|my new favorite holiday.
You go over there|and talk to your pals--
- [ Sizzling ]|- You sick fuck.
Are you out of|your motherfucking mind, man?
Look at that!
Pussies drink last, man.
- Fuck you, Tin Tin.|- Hey.
Shit ain't|even loaded, man.
This one is.
Which of you Motor City|motherfuckers...
wants to bet me|this one isn't?
Hey, fire it up!|Fire it up!
- Fire it up!|- Fire it up!|- Fire it up!
Fire it up! Fire it up!
Here's your shooters.
- Put your guns away, huh, guys?|- How ya doing?
[ Crying ]
- Boo.|- [ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
- I love you.|- Say that again.
I love you.
- Oh, boy.|- [ Laughing ]
Restaurant.|[ Laughing ]
- [ Sarah ] Wow, you look great.|- [ Shelly ] Ta-da!
- Yeah!|- [ Laughing ]
- Come here! [ Laughing ]|- No, no, no!
* "Just paint your face"|The shadows smile *
* Slipping me away from you *
* It doesn't matter how you hide *
* We find you if we're wanting to *
* So slide back down|and close your eyes *
* Sleep a while|you must be tired *
* But every night I burn *
* Screaming the animal scream *
* Every night I burn *
* Dreaming the crow-black dream *
* Dreaming the crow-black dream **
Couple more rings.|That's 24k.
24k, huh? It's 18k.|It's crap. It's probably fake.
Leather purse. Leather.
Geez. Oh, what is this, Tin Tin?
A blood stain|that's on here?
I'll give you 50 bucks.|And I hate charities.
Now, you,|take it or leave it.
Right there for ya.
Decisions, decisions.
- You cheap ass, chrome dome...|- [ Siren Wailing ]
...child molesting,|saprophyte motherfucker.
Close the gate|when you go out!
Oh, I close this up|for you real good, massa.
- Fuck you.|- [ Laughing ]
Yeah, sit on it and twirl,|you dirty scum.
Lucky I didn't stab|your fat ass.
* Someone take these dreams away *
* That point me to another day *
* Peculiar personalities *
* The stretch of true realities *
* They keep calling me *
* They keep calling me *
* Keep on calling me *
* They keep calling me **
[ Cawing ]
[ Caws ]
- [ Cawing ]|- [ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
What the fuck you all painted|up for, crackhead, huh?
Halloween ain't till manana.
Come on.
[ Groaning, Coughing ]
[ Shouting ]
Fuck, you murderer!
I ain't murdered nobody, man!|I don't even fucking know you!
- Man, what the fuck you want, man?|- I want you to tell me a story.
A man and a woman|in a loft a year ago.
- You're out of your fucking mind--|- Listen!
I'm sure you'll remember.|You killed them... on Halloween.
Yeah, yeah, Halloween, yeah.|Some dude, some bitch, whatever, man.
- Her name was Shelly.|- [ Laughing ]
You cut her.|You raped her.
Shelly, yeah, yeah. I shanked|her pink ass and she loved it!
Murderer? Murderer? Let me tell you|about murder. It's fun!
It's easy.|You gonna learn all about it.
[ Laughing ]
I'd like you to meet|two buddies of mine.
We never miss.
Try harder.
- Try again!|- Aaah!
Victims.|Aren't we all?
** [ Rock ]
* Sometimes it rains inside my head *
* When the words run dry *
* The walls are breathing *
- Look at this mess!|What's the world coming to?|- It's a mess.
* No, they don't have to take you *
I got to go upstairs.|Report from the front.
* No, they don't have|to take you away *
Get out of my way,|you worms!
Give me some of that|over there!
Why don't you ladies come by later?|Check me out.
Hey, guess what?|Arcade Games fell down, went boom.
- Boom.|- Can you imagine that? It's tragic.
Gather your soldiers.|You're on for tomorrow night. No sweat.
- Is the man in?|- He's taking a meeting.
[ Water Running ]
You're thinking|about the past.
Dad gave me this.
Fifth birthday.
He said childhood's over|the moment you know you're gonna die.
Is she asleep?
I think we broke her.
I love her eyes.
* No, they don't have|to take you away **
[ Car Horn Honking ]
[ Man ] Hey, kid,|get the hell outta the road!
* I don't hate them *
* But I know them *
* I don't want them hanging 'round *
* I won't roll my bones **
- [ Clearing Throat ]|- I told you to stay out of here.
So I guess you're not gonna be home|till a lot later, huh, Darla?
She's busy. Go play with your dolls|or something, okay?
I don't have any dolls.
Get some food, huh?
Somebody already bought me dinner.|The police.
- "Somebody already bought me dinner.|The police."|- [ Laughing ]
Thirty, forty dollars.
Who the fuck is this now?
Hey! Piss off!|We're closed!
- Cerrado!|- [ Pounding ]
Sleep it off somewhere else, dusthead,|unless you want to get mutilated.
[ Muttering ]
Goddamn creatures of the night,|they never learn.
Hey! Hey!
- [ Cawing ]|- [ Screams ]
"Suddenly I heard|a tapping, as if someone...
gently rapping,|rapping at my chamber door."
What are you talking about?
You heard me rapping, right?
You're trespassing,|and you owe me a fucking new door!
I'm looking for something|in an engagement ring.
You're looking for a coroner,|shit-for-brains.
Oh, shit.|Oh, shit on me!
Shit on me.|Shit on me!
- Aaah!|- Mr. Gideon.
You're not paying attention.
No! [ Screaming ]
I repeat, a gold|engagement ring, yes?
It was pawned here a year ago|by a customer of yours named Tin Tin.
He confided in me|before he ran out of breath.
[ Helicopter Departing ]
Who's this sack of shit?
That's Tin Tin, one of|T-bird's little helpers.
I think you can rule out|accidental death.
Don't any of your street demons|have real grown-up names?
This could be a turf hit, but it doesn't|look like your usual gang crap.
Come on, Albrecht, spare me.|You're a beat cop now, so be a beat cop.
I'm suppose to thank you|for that, right?
Word to the wise:|Watch your fucking mouth.
What the hell|do you call that?
I call it blood, detective.
I suppose you'll write it up|as graffiti.
You can leave|my crime scene now, okay?
[ Helicopter Approaching ]
- Warmer?|- What are you doing?
- Don't you know this game?|- What game?
Okay, the rings!|I'll tell you about the rings!
They're in that metal box!|It's under the shelf there!
Take the fucking rings!|Choke on them, you son of a bitch!
- Look, it goes to the attic.|- Okay.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Oh, it's beautiful.|I don't believe it.
I love you.
[ Groaning ]
- You have one chance to live.|- Take anything you want.
- Thank you.|- Take anything!
Now you're going to tell me|where to find...
the rest of Tin Tin's|little party pals.
The Pit. They all|hang out at The Pit.
T-birds's little potato-heads hang out|there. Funboy lives there upstairs.
- Funboy.|- Oh, baby, oh.
- A whole jolly club...|- Please!
- with jolly pirate nicknames!|- Stop! Please!
- Jesus Christ in a taxicab!|- Hold still!
Each one of these is a life...
a life you helped destroy.
I'm begging you.|Don't kill me.
I'm not gonna kill you.
Your job will be to tell the rest|of them that death is coming for them...
Tell them Eric Draven|sends his regards.
You walk outta here,|they're gonna erase your sorry ass.
You're nothing but street grease,|you motherfucker!
Is that gasoline I smell?
No, man, no!|No!
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
It's on the house, kiddo,|you know that.
One root beer.
[ Bartender ] I can't do anything.
Your mom... technically,|she's off right now.
Yeah, way off.
[ Tires Screeching, Door Opening ]
Police! Don't move!|I said, "Don't move!"
I thought the police|always said, "Freeze!"
I am the police and I say don't move,|Snow White. You move, you're dead.
And I say I'm dead and I move.
Not one more step.|I'm serious.
Then shoot, if you will,|Officer Albrecht.
What are you, nuts?|Walking into a gun?
You high?
- You don't remember me?|- What are you talking about?
How about Shelly?|Do you remember Shelly Webster?
Shelly Webster's dead, my friend.
I want you to move over to the curb,|nice and easy. Move it!
Okay, we're gonna|wait here for backup.
- It's getting too weird for me.|- Oh, it gets better.
Do you know someone named T-bird?
He had a friend who shouldn't have|played with knives. Like the coat?
You're the guy|that murdered Tin Tin.
- [ Looter ] Check it out.|- He was already dead.
- [ Glass Shattering ]|- He died a year ago.|The moment he touched her.
They're all dead.|They just don't know it yet.
Get away from there!
Cops!|Get outta here!
- [ Woman Laughing ]|- [ Looter ] Leave it, run!
- Oh, great, great.|- [ Siren Wailing ]
Guy shows up looking like|a mime from hell...
and you lose him|right out in the open.
Well, at least he didn't do that walking|against the wind shit. I hate that.
Little early|for Devil's Night.
You are very restless.
Just wish I was a little|hungry again, that's all.
- Be careful of what you ask for.|- Yeah, I may get it, I know.
[ Sizzling ]
** [ Rock And Roll, Indistinct ]
There are energies|aligning against you.
Seeing is believing,|isn't it?
[ Door Opening, Closing ]
Mmm, yummy.
Gideon's pawnshop just burned down|to the foundation.
Nobody cleared|this little event with me.
I didn't have nothing|to do with that.
[ Man ] You must be|awfully disappointed.
I got trouble.|One of my crew got himself perished.
- Yeah, who might that be?|- Tin Tin.
Somebody stuck his blades in all his|major organs in alphabetical order.
Gentlemen, by all means,|I think we ought to have...
an introspective moment of silence|for poor, old Tin Tin.
You're working for me|tomorrow night, right?
- Whatever you say, I can do.|- Good.
That's very reassuring.
I still ain't heard|why Gideon's burned down.
Is that a natural catastrophe|or act of God or something?
Call it my need to know.
[ Sighing ]
[ Honking, Tires Screeching ]
Let go, you creep!
- Nah.|- [ Laughing ]
You didn't even slow down,|you dickhead!
He couldn't have stopped.
He was a buttface.|I could have made it.
What are you supposed to be,|a clown or something?
It's more like surfing than skating.|I wish the rain would stop, just once.
- It can't rain all the time.|- Eric?
[ Phone Ringing ]
Don't thank me.|Are we fighting the good fight?
Double homicide a year ago.|No convictions.
Annie... look at that.
"We, the undersigned tenants of|1929 Caulderon Court Apartments--"
What is this, a petition?
Big "kick me" sign for a very nice girl|who found herself a cause.
- The cause got her killed.|- She was fighting tenant eviction|in that neighborhood?
Shelly Webster and her nice|rock-and-roll boyfriend, Eric Draven.
The last time you snooped around a case|is when you got put back on the beat.
- I know. Torres keeps reminding me.|- I bet he does.
You're going to wind up|working a school crosswalk.
I'm cool.
You didn't get that file from me, okay?|And don't tell me you owe me one.
Ah, I owe you one!
Yeah, right.
** [ Rock And Roll ]
Tomorrow night|we can get high...
and watch this whole fucking city|burn from that window.
- * I am the park *|- [ Caws ]
* I am glow *
* In the motherfucking dark *
* I am shocked *
* And I see *
* I don't want to believe *
* No more *
- There's a big fucking bird over there.|- * No more **
- Huh?|- [ Cawing ]
- It's a squab.|- [ Laughing ]
Come here, bird.
Hey, bird.|Hey, bird.
Bird. B-B-Birdie.
Here, birdie, birdie.
Come here, birdie,|birdie, birdie.
Birdie? Hey, birdie?
Here, Funboy.
What the fuck?
[ Strumming Guitar ]
No, man! Don't do that! You nearly|gave me a fucking heart attack!
Look at him.
[ Funboy ] Don't sweat it.
It's time for you to take|your bird and leave, freako.
Take your shot, Funboy.|You got me dead bang.
You are seriously fucked up.|Did you look in the mirror?
You need professional help.
- [ Groaning ]|- Bingo!
He shoots! He scores!
- [ Cawing ]|- [ Laughing ]
[ Cheering, Laughing ]
- Jesus Christ!|- Jesus Christ?
Stop me if you heard this one.
Jesus Christ|walks into a hotel.
[ Whimpering ]
He hands the innkeeper|three nails and he asks...
Don't you ever fucking die?
"Can you put me up for the night?"
[ Groaning ]
- Does that hurt?|- Fuck. Does it-- Fuck, does it hurt?
Oh, God.
Look what you've done|to my sheets.
[ Gun Uncocking ]
[ Crying ]
[ Sobbing ]
I've got a gun|in my pocket.
You're happy to see me,|aren't you?
Stay away!|Stay away from me!
[ Screaming ]
Mother is the name for God|on the lips and hearts of all children.
Do you understand?|Morphine is bad for you.
Your daughter is out there|on the streets waiting for you.
If I wanted ice,|I would have asked for ice!
Now fill it up!
Fill it up yourself, macho man.
I really need this.
All right.
You burn yourself|playing with matches?
- Fuck off.|- You have an appointment.
- Well, shit on me.|- Drink up.
This is a first.|Do I bow or do I curtsy?
Get my friend here|a glass of blood.
Oh! Hey, hey, hon!
Hey, good night, Darla.
- You stay put right there.|- [ Groaning ]
Get away, steamhead.
[ Groaning ]
[ Man On Radio ] As you can see, I'm|on the corner of 27th and Washington...
- [ Door Squeaking ]|- the site of last year's biggest|Devil's Night conflagration.
It was exactly one year ago|that the building you see...
across the street from me|was totally demolished by fire.
The fire that was fought|by seven fire companies...
but lost the lives|of two fire fighters.
In fact, if it weren't for the constant|surveillance by the local police--
Jesus. Don't ever do that, man.
[ Whispering ] Fuck.
Good likeness.
I saw your body, man.|You died. You got buried.
You still have your hat on.
I gotta sit down.
[ Albrecht ] Holy Shit.
are you some kind of... ghost?
I don't know what I am. I need you|to tell me what happened to us.
You took a six-story swan dive|out of a window.
She, ah, was beaten and raped.
Died at the hospital.|Hey, you asked, man.
Come on. Read the file.
Shelly Webster held on|for 30 hours in intensive care.
Her body finally just gave it up.
I saw it.|I couldn't do jack for her.
- Hey.|- Don't touch me!
- [ Sobbing ]|- Hey.
You okay?
I saw her.
I saw her|through your eyes.
You stayed with her|the whole time.
Yeah, well, you got to|understand something, all right?
I was hoping|she'd come out of it, you know.
Give me something|I could work with.
Look, I--
Why didn't you do|something about it?
You think any people in that building,|even the ones who signed the petition...
would talk after|what happened to you?
I kept asking|questions and...
finally got busted for sticking|my nose where it wasn't wanted.
This your wife?
Yeah, we, uh-- Well, not anymore,|we're getting a divorce.
It's funny.
Little things used to mean|so much to Shelly.
I used to think|they were kind of trivial.
Believe me,|nothing is trivial.
You shouldn't smoke these.|They'll kill you.
You going to vanish|into thin air again?
I thought I'd use|your front door.
Look, man, I'm sorry as hell for what|happened to you and your girlfriend.
- [ Door Opening, Closing ]|- [ Whispering ] Yeah.
[ Gideon ] I got stabbed!|I shot the son of a bitch!
I watched the bullet hole|close by itself.
And then my business|gets blown up real good.
- Other than that, my day sucked.|- Yeah.
I saw him too.|He had a guitar.
He winked at me before he jumped out|a fourth-floor window like he had wings.
He winked at ya?|Musicians.
- What else did you see?|- So far I haven't heard...
shit about what you're going to do|about all this crap!
What do I get? My livelihood|got flushed and went swirling.
You ain't lost everything.
Yeah, and maybe you're not|such a big shot either! Ow! Jesus!
Fair enough. Catch.
Aah! Jesus.
Say hello to the last fellow|who wouldn't cooperate with me.
What're you telling me,|this thing is real?
All the power in the world|resides in the eyes, fella.
Sometimes they're more useful|than the people who bear them.
You're directly out of|your fucking mind! You know that!
Eyes see. It's one of the most important|things I learned from my sister.
Sister? She's supposed to be|your sister? [ Laughing ]
My father's daughter.|That's right.
What's the matter,|you don't see the resemblance?
Now, let's take it|from the top, friend.
With a lot of detail.|What do you say?
He had a bird with him.|Nearly pecked my face off.
He told me to tell T-bird|that death was on its way.
Whatever the fuck that means.
Draven. He said his name|was Eric Draven.
Want to relax|that thing now?
This bird man, he just happened|to let you live, huh?
You sure you ain't making all this up|just to save your own ass?
I ain't making all this up.
I ain't twisted|like you two fucks.
All right.
A boy and his bird.|Awful touching.
Yeah. [ Laughing ]
For fuck's sake, die, will ya?|Give me that thing.
Funboy said he saw|a black bird too.
A big one.
Then he choked to death|on his own blood.
I'll have the janitor|come on up.
[ Purring ]
** [ Electric Guitar ]
[ Siren Wailing ]
- ** [ Rock Playing ]|- [ Crow Caws ]
You again.
You lost or hungry?
- Hi.|- [ Caws ]
* It can't rain all the time *
[ Skipping ]|* Can't rain all the time *
[ T-bird ] I don't know how many times I|gotta tell you. We're in this together!
One part falls, it all falls!
- You know how long it took us|to put this together?|- Yeah, a long time.
That piece of ratshit made Tin Tin|into a fucking voodoo doll!
Tin Tin was a dick.
Tin Tin.|Sheesh.
Fire it up! Fire it up!|Fire it up! Fire it up!
Fire it up!
No Funboy.
Probably still...|banging away on Darla.
- [ Grunting ]|- [ Whistles ]
Smokes and road beers.|Be quick.
I'm on it.
[ Man Talking On Phone ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Cawing ]
What the fuck are|you supposed to be, man?
- [ Cawing ]|- I'm your passenger.
[ Motor Starts ]
What's all this|happy horseshit?
- [ Tires Screeching ]|- Hey, T-bird! T-bird!
- [ Horn Honking ]|- [ Screams ]
[ Brakes Screeching ]
- Oh, shit!|- What the fuck's the matter with you?
Stupid asshair!|You hit my car!
[ Groaning ]
What do you want, man?|Money? Drugs? I got it.
We could use you.|You did Tin Tin.
- This is business, right?|- [ Gun Cocks ] Faster.
You got that cream stuff?
I hate this.|They can't even call it cream legally.
- What in the crap--|- [ Tires Screech, Siren Wails ]
[ Screaming ]
Oh, look. Making us popular.
When they flash us like that,|they ain't friends.
[ Siren Wailing ]
This is Vehicle 48. We got us|a big, old, red hot rod.
You got something personal, amigo,|we can work it out.
- Right? Huh?|- [ Crow Cawing ]
[ Groans ]|Damn! Dead end!
[ Cawing ]
- [ Man ] Look out!|- [ Woman Screams ]
Oh, my God!|Get outta the way!
- [ Engine Rattling ]|- Holy shit! Goddamn foreign cars!
[ Siren Wailing ]
Shit! Shit!
Oh, I hate this.|This ain't good.
T-bird!|I got you, man!
- Shit!|- [ Screaming ]
[ Groaning, Car Door Chiming ]
[ T-bird ] Remember?|Yeah, I remember everything.
But I don't know what--|What? Huh? What?
What are you talking about?|No, no, no, no, no.
You mean that place downtown?|Yeah, I remember her.
We needed to put some fear|into that little lady.
She wasn't going along|with our tenant relocation program.
And her idiot boyfriend shows up|and turns a simple sweep-and-clear...
into a total cluster fuck!|Who gives a shit?
It's ancient history!|Why? What do you want?
What is it? What?|Speak to me. Speak!
Did you send us|these complaints?
Come here!|"Abashed the devil stood."
Does it get you sweaty?
I know you. I know you.|I knew I knew you.
I knew I knew you.|But you ain't you.
You can't be you. We put you through|the window. There ain't no coming back.
This is the really real world.|There ain't no coming back.
We killed you dead.|There ain't no coming back.
[ Grunting, Muttering ]|T-bird--
There ain't no coming back!|There ain't no coming back!
- T-bird.|- [ T-bird Panting ]
- [ Engine Revs ]|- "Abashed the devil stood...
and felt how awful goodness is."
"And felt how awful goodness is."
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Gasping ]|T-bird. T-bird.
[ Crow Caws ]
[ Woman ] This is the 7:00 a.m. edition|of Action News.
For over a decade,|the night before Halloween...
has had a darker and deadlier nickname|in the inner city, "Devil's Night"...
the name given to what has become|an annual plague of arson.
Last year over 200 blazes were reported,|and 11 people lost their lives.
Tonight may become the biggest|and deadliest Devil's Night ever.
The mayor has fire fighters|from all surrounding counties--
Do you like them up or over?|I can't remember.
What are you doing?|I don't even like eggs.
- Wait, you loved eggs.|- Yeah, when I was five.
So what do you want now?|Black coffee and cigarettes?
So what did you take|to become mother of the year?
Oh, it wasn't drugs.|Someone kind of woke me up.
- Who?|- Oh, it was nuts.
You're acting weird. Did you win|the lottery or something, Darla?
Oh, forget it. I never was|too good at this mommy shit.
Over easy.
I like 'em|over easy... Mom.
Hey, Albrecht.
[ Sighs ]
This is the third hit|in your hood in 24 hours.
We just fished this out of the river.|He's fused to his own car.
- We're gonna have to l.D. his teeth.|- His name is T-bird.
Arson was his specialty.
Looks like he zigged|when he should have zagged.
- Case closed.|- Bull-fuckin'-shit.
Come here.
You're holding out on me.
I got a goddamn vigilante killer|knocking off scumbags left and right...
and you're covering up|for somebody.
Who's the cartoon character|in the painted face?
- You're the detective. You tell me.|- Okay.
Gideon's blows all to hell and you're|having a chitchat with some weirdo...
who winds up in T-bird's car|when it zigs instead of zags.
Then you steal one of|my case files from homicide...
and you're saying this is|just a fucking automobile accident?
- Come on!|- Yeah. Good speech though.
I didn't want to interrupt you.|It sounded good.
You gotta write that shit down.
All right, smart-ass.
The captain's got a little|love note waiting for you.
- Welcome to the first day|of the rest of your suspension.|- Suspension?
- For what?|- Misconduct.
[ Dials Phone ]|Yeah, give me the lab.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
[ Grunting ]
** [ Electric Guitar ]
[ Shelly ] One for sorrow,|two for joy...
- Come here.|- ...three for a girl, four for a boy.
[ Paper Ripping ]
[ Rain Falling ]
[ Sighs ] Man, Sarah,|you're going crazy.
- Gabriel.|- [ Meows ]
I thought you were dead.
You're not dead, are you?
I knew it was you.
Even with the makeup.
I remembered your song.
You said,|"Can't rain all the time."
That is from your song, right?
- [ Cawing ]|- Come on, Eric. I know you're here.
I miss you...|and Shelly.
Get so lonely|all by myself.
The hell with you.|I thought you cared.
Sarah, I do care.
That's him.|That's him!
But he looked different. He was painted|up white like some kind of dead whore.
I seen him. T-bird sent me in|for some road beers, right?
Then he took him away.|But I chased him down.
And he flash fried T-bird|to his fucking car!
Aw, T-bird!|Here's to you, buddy.
Maybe we oughta just videotape this.|Play it back in slow motion.
- Fire it up! Fire it up!|- You see the grave?
- Empty.|- Fire it--
Grave?|What grave?
What about|my fucking grave?
- [ Screams ]|- Three out of four.
He's working his way back|to this speed freak right here.
It's not fair.|It's Funboy's fault.
That boy was out of control.|T-bird, he came in, he says...|[ Whistles ]
..."Waste them both." And now|this ghost gonna kill my ass next!
[ Groaning ]
This ghost gonna|kill my ass next.
- This ghost gonna kill--|- Hey.
That ain't no ghost.
- They have all arrived.|- Watch him.
We might need him.
Ghost gonna kill my--
He like his plain|or with onions?
Fine.|Don't talk to me.
When someone's dead,|they can't come back, can they?
That's what I thought.
Are you referring|to anyone in particular?
You'll just think|I'm nuts.
Yeah, well, then maybe|they'll have to lock us both up.
- You see him too?|- I saw somebody.
Maybe it was|your fairy godfather.
Eric didn't come back for me.
He can't be my friend anymore|because I'm alive.
You want a friend|to walk you home?
** [ Electric Guitar ]
- [ Screaming ]|- * I am the wicked|I am the wave of the future *
[ Woman ] * Being crucified *
* You things, things|things of the flesh *
* Do it slow *
* Down avenues "cut me" *
* Lust my eyes *
* Licking lips encouraging|Mr. Careworn *
* To gaze upon the screen bask on *
* After the flesh **
[ Whimpering ]
It seems our friend T-bird won't be|joining us this evening...
on account of|a slight case of death.
- [ Men Chuckling ]|- You wanna sit down?
- [ Groaning ]|- Well, well, well.
Devil's Night is|upon us again.
I thought we'd throw|a little party...
start a bunch of fires,|make a little profit.
I like the pretty lights.
[ Laughing ]
Problem is, it's all been done before.|You see what I'm saying?
- That's no reason to quit.|- Wrong. Best reason to quit.
Only reason to quit.
A man has an idea.
The idea attracts others...
The idea expands.
The idea becomes|an institution.
What was the idea?
See, that's what's|been bothering me, boys.
But I'll tell ya, when I used|to think about the idea itself...
it'd put a big old smile on my face.
You see, gentlemen...
greed is for amateurs.
Disorder, chaos, anarchy...
now that's fun!
- What about Devil's Night?|- What about it?
I started the first fires|in this goddamn city.
Before I knew it, every charlatan|and shitheel was imitating me.
Do you know|what they got now?
Devil's Night greeting cards.
Isn't that precious?
The idea has become|the institution, boys.
Time to move along.
You don't want us to do|"Light My Fire" time for the whole city?
No, I want you to set|a fire so goddamn big...
the gods will notice us again.|That's what I'm saying.
I want all of you boys to be able|to look me straight in the eye...
one more time and say,|"Are we having fun or what?"
- Hey, you! What's your name?|- Huh?
Skank!|You don't feel that?
- I feel like a little worm|on a big fucking hook.|- [ All Laughing ]
"I feel like a little worm|on a big fucking hook."
Well, boy, your mama|must be damn proud of you!
- [ Crow Caws ]|- [ Gasps ]
How the hell did|that thing get in here?
- Gentlemen.|- [ Skank Screams ]
[ Skank Whimpering ] Let me go!|Let me go! I gotta go!
You're him, huh?|The avenger.
The killer of killers.
- Nice outfit.|- [ Whimpering ]
I'm not sure|about the face though.
I just want him.
- [ Whimpering ]|- Well, you can't have him.
I see you have|made your decision.
Now let's see you enforce it.
Aw, this is already boring the shit|out of me. Kill him!
Ooh, that had to hurt.
- [ All Laughing ]|- Well, that's that.
- [ Laughing Continues ]|- That guy was crazy.
[ Caws ]
He's gone.|[ Screams ]
[ Screaming, Gunfire ]
Get him!
- [ Whimpering ]|- [ Gunfire ]
Right here! Here, help me!|He's gonna kill me!
Jesus Christ!
You're all going to die.
[ Screaming ]
[ Man ] Get the fuck outta here!
[ Crowd Screaming ]
[ Whimpering, Gasping ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Screams ]
Guess it's not a good day|to be a bad guy, huh, Skank?
I'm not Skank.|There's Skank right there.
- Skank's dead.|- That's right.
[ Screaming ] No!
[ Whimpering ]
- [ Body Crashing ]|- What in the crap--
- Don't move!|- Hold it!
That's all she wrote!|Move and we shoot!
[ Siren Blaring ]
You are surrounded by police units.|Do not attempt to escape.
[ Gunfire Continues ]
- Stop running immediately.|- Holy shit!
...arms and legs--
Stop immediately.|Lie down, spread your arms and legs--
- [ Tires Screeching ]|- Come on! Move it!
My advice:|Next time duck.
So many cops, you'd think|they were giving away donuts.
- [ Sirens Wailing ]|- [ Brakes Screeching ]
- Shit!|- [ Door Opening ]
Oh. I knew you|were gonna do that.
Look at that out there.
The whole city oughta be|in flames by now.
Sky oughta be red.
So that, I take it,|is the late, great Eric Draven.
He has power, but it is power|you can take from him.
- I like him already.|- The crow...
is his link between|the land of the living...
and the realm of the dead.
So, kill the crow|and destroy the man.
I'm coming home, Shelly.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing Continues ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Children Laughing, Hooting ]
[ Laughing ]
You're gonna say|I shouldn't be in the cemetery...
in the middle|of the night, right?
Safest place in the world to be.
It's 'cause everybody's dead.|I knew you'd come here.
It's really late, Sarah.
You didn't say good-bye.
You're just gonna have|to forgive me for that.
And you're never coming back.
I gave this to Shelly once.
I think she'd like you|to have it.
This way you'll|always remember her.
I'll never take it off.
I better go sneak|back in the house.
- [ Muffled Screaming ]|- Shh! Shh!
Shh. Take it easy, sweetheart.
[ Muffled Screaming Continues ]
Come on.|Come on.
What is that? Some sort of souvenir|there from your pal?
I'll just keep it for good luck.|What do you say, hmm?
Her eyes are so innocent.
- [ Sarah ] Eric!|- [ Caws ]
Eric, help! Eric!
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Crow Caws ]
[ Crow Flapping, Caws ]
Quick impression for ya.
Caw! Caw! Bang!|Fuck, I'm dead!
Give me the girl|and I'll let you walk out of here.
[ Inhales ]|Well, well.
Why don't you just give me a minute|to think about that, huh?
[ Cawing ]
Nah. Fuck it.
[ Chuckles ]
Aw, fuck.
[ Muffled Screaming ]
Well, well, well. It does seem to me|that our little life has undergone...
a rather significant change in the past|few minutes now. Wouldn't you agree?
[ Groaning ]
Well, for a ghost,|you bleed just fine.
- It's still alive.|- Well, then kill it!
Bye-bye, birdie.
Ah, shit.
Well, just came by|to pay my respects...
and here you are|getting all shot up again.
- They've taken Sarah.|- How many?
Two more.|[ Groans ]
I can handle it.|Don't worry.
I'm not worried.|Look, here's the plan.
You stay in front, and when they|run out of ammo, I'll arrest 'em.
That sounds like a great plan.|There's just one problem.
Oh, shit.|You're bleeding all over the place.
I thought, you know,|you were invincible.
I was.|I'm not anymore.
[ Sighs ] Well, I guess you really will|need my help, won't you?
- Come on.|- [ Groaning ]
You take that.
- You were supposed to stay behind me.|- I think I messed up.
[ Crow Caws ]
This is all the power|you ever had.
Now it is mine.
Pity there's not more time...
- [ Gun Cocks ]|- ...for us.
[ Woman Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Sarah ] Help, Eric!|I'm scared!
Let me go!
Let her go!
You can have me.|I won't fight you.
You can have me.|I won't fight you.
All right.
- [ Sarah Screams ]|- No!
[ Gasping, Groaning ]
[ Crow Caws ]
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Gasping ]
- [ Thunderclap ]|- [ Screams ]
[ Swords Clanking ]
- [ Whimpering ]|- [ Roof Collapsing ]
- [ Groaning ]|- [ Laughing ]
- Sarah?|- Look out!
- [ Panting ]|- Eric!
You know,|my daddy used to say...
"Every man's got a devil...
and you can't rest|till you find him."
What happened back there|with you and your girlfriend--
I cleared that building.
Hell, nothing in this town|happens without my say-so.
So I'm sorry if I spoiled|your wedding plans, friend.
But if it's any consolation|to you...
you have put|a smile on my face.
You got a lot|of spirit, son.
[ Unsheathes Knife ]|I am going to miss you.
I have something|to give you.
I don't want it anymore.
Thirty hours of pain!
- All at once!|- [ Groaning ]
- [ Steady Tone ]|- All for you.
[ Gasping ]
Go help him.
Are you alive?
[ Groans ]|God, I need a cigarette.
Everybody else dead?
You helped me.
What you kept in here|saved me.
- Thanks.|- Don't mention it.
I've been meaning|to come to church anyway.
Oh, yuck.|[ Spits ]
I'm quitting as of now...|if I live.
Stay with him|until help comes.
He'll be okay, right?
[ Sighs ]|He does that a lot.
[ Distant Sirens Approaching ]
[ Gasping, Groaning ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
- All right, what's going on in there?|- Multiple homicides.
At least it stopped raining, huh?
- It can't rain all the time.|- No, I don't believe it.
- This nightmare your fault, Albrecht?|- Look, you go on home.
- I'm okay.|- Okay.
- Want to tell me what's going on?|- Your vigilante's up on the roof.
You missed it.
Get him outta here!
[ Chuckling ]
[ Sarah ] If the people we love|are stolen from us...
the way to have them live on|is to never stop loving them.
Buildings burn, people die,|but real love is forever.
* We walk the narrow path *
* Beneath the smoking skies *
* Sometimes barely|tell the difference *
* Between darkness and light *
* Do we have faith *
* In what we believe *
* The truest test *
* Is when we cannot *
* When we cannot see *
* I hear pounding feet in the *
* In the streets below and the *
* And the women cried and the *
* And the children know that there's *
* There's something wrong *
* It's hard to believe that love *
* Will prevail *
* Oh, it won't rain all the time *
* The sky won't fall forever *
* And though the night seems long *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Forever *
* Oh *
* When I'm lonely *
* I lie awake at night *
* And I wish you were here *
* I miss you *
* Can you tell me *
* Is there something more|to believe in *
* Or is this all there is *
* And the pounding feet in the *
* In the streets below and a *
* And a window breaks and a *
* And a woman falls and there's *
* There's something wrong it's *
* It's hard to believe that love *
* Will prevail *
* It won't rain all the time *
* The sky won't fall forever *
* And though the night seems long *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Forever *
* Last night I had a dream *
* You came into my room *
* You took me *
* Into your arms *
* Whispering and kissing me *
* And telling me to still believe *
* Within the emptiness|of the burning cities *
* Against which we save|our darkest selves *
* Until I felt safe *
* And warm *
* I fell asleep in your arms *
* And when I awoke *
* I cried again *
* For you were gone *
* Oh, can you hear me *
* It won't rain all the time *
* The sky won't fall forever *
* And though the night seems long *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Forever *
* It won't rain all the time *
* The sky won't fall forever *
* And though the night seems long *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Your tears won't fall *
* Forever **
* Driving faster in my car *
* Falling farther|from just what we are *
* Smoke a cigarette|and lie some more *
* These conversations kill *
* Falling faster in my car *
* Time to take her home *
* Her dizzy head|is conscience laden *
* Time to take a ride *
* It leaves today|no conversation *
* Time to take her home *
* Her dizzy head|is conscience laden *
* Time to wait too long|to wait too long *
* Way too long **
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