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Very good, very good choice.
The weather's hot enough.
You'd better dry off.
- See you in the car. - I'll meet you in the car, all right?
- Hello, my dear. - General.
Get me the one on the right.
Now, darling, you go on to the airport. I have to stop at the factory, all right?
Round the other side!
- A drink. It's very hot in here. - Sure is.
Look at him.
Ladles and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts.
We are about to land at Havana.
We wlll remlnd you that due to polltlcal unrest In the Interlor...
... you are advlsed to contact the mllltary authorltles...
... before proceedlng on to Santlago...
...or Santa Clara.
Here you go, folks!
Miss Wonderly is from Hollywood, California.
She will be appearing at the Flamingo Casino Nightclub twice nightly.
Here you go! You're welcome.
Now, stand back, fellas!
Give her some air. She's a big breather!
There you go, folks!
No, you wouldn't want one.
Cubana Alr announces the arrlval of Its DC-6 fllght...
... from New York, Washlngton and Mlaml.
Passengers wlll be arrlvlng at gate 2.
It Is regretted that vlsltors wlll not be allowed to come beyond the barrler...
... due to strlct securlty precautlons entertalned here.
Cubana Alrllnes now boardlng fllght number 571.
Cubana Alrllnes, now boardlng.
Passengers for fllght number 205...
Maj. Robert Dapps?
- Absolutely. But it's "Dapes." - Of course. I'm Rafael Ramirez.
Captain and aide to Gen. Bello, Chief of Staff of the Army of Cuba.
- No, thanks. - This way, please.
No! It is not necessary.
- Please. - Thank you.
It's very nice seeing you.
Excuse me, sir. Would you take off your jacket and open your cases, please?
What kind of country is this anyway?
What do you have to do to get that kind of treatment?
Would you like me to smile?
It's simply for your safe conduct.
Was your flight pleasant?
There's somebody who wishes to speak to you.
- I take it. - No. Nothing. No!
- I help you. Suitcases are very heavy! - No. Forget it!
- Taxi. - I don't need a taxi. I'm being met!
Come on, will you!
Maj. Dapes?
How do you do? Roger Maxwell-Lefroy.
Thank you.
Although we have no objections to your being seconded to Gen. Bello...
Seconded? He's hiring me.
We wouldn't want any nosy people to find out about it.
Although the policy of the British government is to support Batista... fact delighted so to do, now that the U.S. has imposed an arms embargo.
Shut up shop, so to speak.
However, flogging them clapped-out old tanks...
...and Leyland buses is one thing.
Hiring out an ex-British Officer, quite another.
You're not hiring me out. I'm hiring myself out.
...South American squares are full of statues to soldiers of fortune.
- Mostly British. - Yes, indeed.
And you may accept the money.
- Well, thank you. - Oh, yes.
But if anyone asks you, you sell tractors, right?
I know nothing about tractors.
Ladies' underwear, if you like.
Most soldiers have a working knowledge of that, so I'm told.
Remember, for all intents and purposes, you are a mercenary.
As such, you could be an embarrassment to us.
So don't think that you can pop round to the Embassy...
...should you get into hot water, because you won't be welcome, chum.
- My name's Larry Gutman. - How do you do?
We've conversed on the phone.
- Do you know who that was? - I know. She is of an old Cuban family.
- She is? - She's a Pulido.
Your photograph, sir. Four for $1.
Do you want to talk money?
Quite right!
A charming lady like you.
Let me know when you want to talk money.
I guess your husband's busy?
Yes, I imagine so.
That's why he sent you, I guess.
Very nice, very nice.
I can always talk money.
The Blshop of Clenfuegos, yesterday, vlslted the soldlers glven the vltal task...
...of keeplng the brldges of the Carretera Central open.
He Is seen here saylng Mass for those about to go Into actlon...
... agalnst the rebels In Las VIIlas Provlnce.
Rltchle Ashburn, former star center flelder wlth the Phlladelphla Phlllles...
... seen here on a vlslt to Gran Stadlum, home of the Havana Sugar Klngs...
... sald he thought the standard of play was as good as he had ever seenl
- Where is Therese? - She must be at work.
Fifty pesos! I can make more than that in the docks.
Showing my pretty black ass to the gringo, eh!
No more, Therese.
I have to clean up.
I love you.
Of course you do.
But I'm in trouble already because of you.
I should've been at the airport to meet a rich Yankee.
"Frult Company boss protests.
"The Company boss protested that water had been cut off from the sugar mlll...
"...because he refused to pay the sugar tax demanded by the rebels...
"...whlch Is sald to be 15 cents on every 200 pounds of sugar.
"Looters rlsk belng shot If they take advantage of strlkes belng called...
"...desplte government edlcts. Elect as your presldent, Rlvero Aguero.
"Rlvero Aguero was orphaned at the age of 10.
"He worked In the flelds, but when he was 15, he went to Santlago...
"...where he studled at nlght, worked by day, untll he quallfled as a lawyer.
"Thls Is the man Fulgenclo Batlsta would urge you to vote for...
"...In the forthcomlng electlon.
"A man of the people, a man of the flelds and factorles, Ilke yourselves.
"Quallfled englneers at present wlthout satlsfactory employment.
"Your englneerlng talents may ensure you new asslgnments...
"...offerlng tremendous posts, such as DC-6 alrcraft constructlon...
"...or for top prlorltles In Intermedlate-range balllstlc mlsslles...
"...and many more commerclal and mllltary products...
"...that ensure englneers great promotlonal opportunltles.
"Douglas needs you.
"Maybe your englneerlng talents won't wln her heart, but why not try them out on us?
"...elegant and you can swlm wlth It, too.
"Dlnner clothes or dlvlng gear, It makes no dlfference to the Mldo Ocean Star.
"It takes to water Ilke a marlln.
"Home cooklng. Eddle Flscher's Ilma-bean soup.
"The popular slnglng star..."
- Yes, Juan? - Is Gutman here?
Yes, he is.
Leave us alone, Ramon, for just a moment.
Shouldn't he be shown the factory?
- Juan, I am still... - Of course you are.
- And I'm still very much in love with you. - Are you?
Head over heels.
A most uncomfortable position to be in, no?
Yes, I remember.
What is it this time?
It is very much the same thing that it usually is.
I shall stop drinking.
In stages.
- I shall deal with the rest myself. - Thank goodness for that.
Everything is so much better when dealt with by you.
- Can I have some money? - Of course.
- For what? - For entertaining the Yankee.
- All right. - Thank you.
Juan, I know you hate it, I'm sorry.
No, no, no. I want you to do all this, I really do.
I'm not going to manage unless you manage me.
I need you to do it all.
- Juan, I do want you... - Good.
Good. It's settled.
Ramon! You can come in now.
-"Page three." - Mr. Gutman. Did you have a good trip?
Not somebody from the factory or the house.
I do promise. I do!
Dapes, Robert Dapes.
Until recently, a major in the British Army.
Served in the war.
Long-Range Desert Group in North Africa, Kenya and Malaya...
...where he commanded the Jungle Warfare School.
He's an expert in counter-insurgency and has no political Ioyalties.
He has not been employed since resigning from the army. Where is he?
- What's he doing here? - I don't know.
He was met by Gen. Bello's aide at the airport.
Yes, I know.
Do you want something to happen to him?
Yeah, something.
After the election. I'll tell Castro about him.
The ability to read is a revolutionary struggle.
Remember, that to be literate is to be liberated...
...for nobody can ever fool you again.
Two words a day. Start with "Freedom." Start with "Hope."
H-o-p-e spells "Hope."
This is Rebel Radio, Radlo Rebelde. Radlo Rebelde.
Can I try?
Next time.
Excuse me, General.
Nice to see you.
- Thank you. - Would you be so kind?
-Just remember... - Please wait here.
... you stole the Idea from mel
Excuse me.
Meet Mr. Clean.
Procter & Gamble's new all-purpose Ilquld cleaner.
"Mr. Clean gets rld of dlrt, grlme and grease In just a mlnute
"Mr. Clean wlll clean your whole house and everythlng that's In It
"Floors, doors, walls, halls Ilke whltewall tlres and old golf balls
"Slnks, stoves, bath tubs, he'll do, he'll even help clean laundry, too
"Mr. Clean gets rld of dlrt, grlme and grease In just a mlnute."
- Skinner, Don Skinner. Fellow exile? - Dapes, Bob Dapes.
Yes, I thought so. In?
- In? - Your line of business?
I fly airplanes, put out fires, spray crops, that sort of nonsense.
Crop spraying can really take off here, you know...
...when Bello puts the unions in their places.
He's in the police.
You see he's all right, and you'll survive.
I mean, one of the first things you do here is to grease a palm or two.
How much does one tip the captain of police in Cuba?
I usually give them all I've got.
I see.
- Slightly less than New York. - Yes, it is!
Excuse me.
Maj. Dapes, Gen. Bello. Gen. Bello, Maj. Dapes.
Glad to meet you. Sit down, please.
- Thank you. - Sit down.
- You want to know something? - Yes?
I guess I couldn't wait until you got around to calling me.
I did call, I told them where I was.
That was very thoughtful of you, but it was unnecessary.
We would've found you.
I wasn't hiding. I'd decided to make my own arrangements.
- Beretta. - Yes.
- Buying or selling? - Bought.
No, thank you.
How long were you in Malaya?
- An awfully long time. - Yes, I know.
I imagine you do.
You want to know something?
I met a man, an American friend.
I told him that I wanted the best counter-terrorist I could find.
He told me that I have to buy British.
So here you are.
You don't like money?
I don't like being without it.
But you do like fighting, don't you?
No, I don't like fighting at all.
I try not to do too much of it.
I do.
Have you done much?
Tell me what your favorite weapon is, and I'll get it for you, whatever you want.
Brains, yes.
You, you've got brains, right?
You see Ramirez here?
Ramirez is a junior officer.
He got brains.
Went to a military college, they gave him brains.
And with brains, very easy to get a promotion.
We can make you a colonel.
Thank you.
My friend Batista was a sergeant, until he got brains.
I was a corporal.
Then we had the revolution. The next day, I became a general with brains.
That's wonderful. Some people stay corporals all their lives.
- Look at Hitler. - Hitler, God rest his soul.
He was foolish enough to take on Uncle Sam as well as the Communists, right?
Yes, right.
That's the Second World War in a nutshell.
So how are you going to do it?
- Do what? - Beat Castro.
Minor tactics can be taught in a month.
It's quite simple:
Deny the enemy food, harry and kill him.
Do what?
Harry and kill him.
Ambush him, rather than wait for him to ambush you.
Okay, all right, now. What do you want?
I don't know until I see what you've got.
- Excuse me. - General, excuse me.
The parking meter detail.
- Did you get the money in England? - Yes, thank you.
I shall keep a strict record of my expenses.
Spend it. I want you to owe me.
Ramirez is going to take care of you. He's going to show you a good time.
I want to hear you got to do everything. If he slips up again, you tell me.
I'll take care of Ramirez in my own way.
You play golf? What's your handicap? Have a cigar.
I'm going to give you a pass...
...that will let you go any place and see anything.
Only, don't take too long.
After all, we're fighting a war.
Yes, and rather badly, I suspect, too.
See that Maj. Dapes gets to harry and kill.
There is something one ought to say.
Say it.
You'll only defeat someone like Castro if you're right.
Is Castro right?
It's not the point.
Does Cuba think he's right?
When you're ready, Mr. Dapes...
...I expect to be called "General."
It's important to call people what they are, sir.
Maj. Dapes...
How do you work this thing?
- Ready to be beaten? - You'll be lucky.
- It's your day! - It's straight set day!
She's been practicing.
Might as well tell them. Might put them off.
She's really been working on her serve.
She should've been working on her legs.
The boots are good.
Yes, Batista promised the army good boots... 1934, when he was a revolutionary.
They wanted very little else then.
What do you say about my front court play now?
Why don't you tell me when you're going to do that? You know I can't get to it!
You think I can mind read?
Stay up at the net.
And don't poach.
- I knew it was you. - Did you?
I am Alexandra Lopez de Pulido.
Excuse me.
If you don't mind, we're trying to play tennis.
I'd like to...
No, better still.
Muster a patrol. Ten good men.
Ten? It'll be almost impossible to find two.
Does that include you and me?
It simply isn't usual to go off the road.
Isn't it? No wonder you never get to know anything.
It's the only way. Get out, move amongst them.
Put your men on the paths at five-yard intervals.
Tell that idiot to shut up, leave his nag behind and walk quietly.
You may tell my mother that I am well.
And give these to her.
Yes, you are well. Better anyway.
We now eat more than one meal a day.
I'm getting quite fat.
Bring Capt. Ramirez.
- Jefel - Shut up!
It's well-used. How big is this plantation?
Some five miles.
If you're patient, keep your sense of smell...
...sooner or later you'll pick up somebody, and they'll talk.
It's remarkable how you can often smell men before you see or hear them.
Especially if they're smokers.
Worried about being late for dinner with Gen. Bello?
He likes to show you off to his friends.
What happens if I'm...
If I don't show up?
Hold your fire!
Stop or I'll shoot! Do you understand English?
I teach it.
It's a girl.
I want to question her.
Yes. First you.
Then she is questioned by the sergeant...
...and each of the men as many times as possible...
...and two or three days later she is taken to the moat of La Cabana and shot.
It'd be much kinder to shoot her now.
Look, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to ask you...
Get down!
Who is he?
Mr. Gutman is in room 214.
What do you mean, I'm not offering enough?
We are prepared to pay $10,000 for the whole goddamn operation...
...take it or leave it.
Right, next... Skinner Air.
What about some money?
Money, money.
- Do the bullets fit? - What?
Our guns.
Of course they fit.
They're 9mm, it's what you asked for.
When we know they fit, you'll be told and paid.
It's a pleasure to do business with you.
Hello, Mlster, no, Sklnner Alrllne Is no answer and...
- Please take your shoes off. -Hello, Sklnner Is no answerlng...
Listen, will you ring Skinner Air again for me?
Are you on the house, or do I have to chip in?
Everything is taken care of by Senor Pulido.
I just have to show you a good time.
Okay, we'll see what we can do.
Don't you Cubans realize that time is money?
I do.
Stored in the premises of Alexandra Pulido.
Is she involved?
Perhaps. Whether she is or not, she still has to be questioned.
I used to know her in North Africa.
If she is involved, I can find out very quickly.
Don't worry, I don't like terrorists.
Especially ones I know.
Come on, come on.
- Get me a cab! - Cab? SI, Senor.
Come on, come on!
I've been promoted!
Batista has promoted everyone in the army.
There are no privates anymore. Now, I'm a major, too.
I'll buy you a drink.
You know that the situation here is not so good.
I think you've come too late.
I was afraid of that.
You know, soldiering has changed.
It's not as...
...clean as it was.
I'm still proud to be a soldier.
Why not? It's an honorable profession.
It was...
We'll be back by 11:00, if that's not too early for you.
Ready for another boring evening?
It'll be a lot of fun, they always serve peas.
Sorry we're leaving, General, but Mr. Dulles is sending us home.
I know...
We're not going far, but we may not be able...
It's all right, I don't need you now, I have an Englishman coming tonight.
Enjoy yourself.
Don Pulido! Hello, my friend.
- Here, sit down. - Thank you.
Sit down next to me.
All right, everybody, please sit down!
You can start now.
Pick your own seats.
Do you have enough room? There you are.
- Yes, thank you, General. - That's all right.
It's pea soup.
Look out!
John, I swear I don't know when I had such a good time!
- I do, honey, but let's not talk. - Is that to your liking? Very good.
This wine's really tasty, eh?
Rafael, get some ambulances here.
All right, my love.
We'll do something for you.
All right?
Let me have that cloak.
You unfeeling bastard!
Flre number onel
Number one, flrel
-Flre number twol -Number two, flrel
- I love him. - Love!
- You lose your job! - I don't care.
Your father would kill you!
- My father is dead. - No, your father is not dead.
I go every day to the prison to find out.
He is not dead!
Your brother should kill you.
You're going to kill me, Julio?
No, I'm going to kill him, maybe...
No, Julio, no!
Don Pulido loves me!
Where did you get the gun?
Go and sell yourself to the Yankees! Make some money for us!
I'm going to kill your pimp.
I don't have no pimp. I just got a man.
You got a girl?
I got a gun.
You couldn't shoot anybody. Little Julio!
I hate him!
I'll give you some candy and then you won't shoot my man.
I hate him, I'll kill him.
You let me know when, so I can tire him out so you can catch him!
Putal Let everyone buy you!
Shut up!
I'm no puta!
And now from Hollywood Callfornla...
... the Chrlstmas Show at the Flamlngo proudly present...
...twlce nlghtly, the wonderful... - I'm sorry about this.
... MIss Wonderlyl
They just got here. They were held up in customs.
I guess they must be pretty hot stuff, eh?
Let's have a drink.
Let's have a drink.
Look at this place! Where is everybody?
There's somebody rather delicious.
We get drinks.
We get free drinks, it's in the contract.
Juan, my dear chap, should you be leaving Alexandra alone?
Here, look at that...
I don't understand.
In Miami, we'd have packed the joint. What's the matter with Cubans?
- Has a Mr. Gutman called for me? - No.
You sir, you're a Cuban. What's the matter? You don't like broads?
- I'm glad to hear it. - When Mr. Gutman arrives, send him over.
Excuse me.
We get 2/ of every table and don't think we don't need it.
You know, everybody, but everybody in this town is on the take.
The ammunition does fit.
...does fit.
Pay Skinner... something.
Well, what?
Have we nothing to say to each other?
Yes, of course.
I'd rather he didn't come at all.
I've arranged this so...
Where did you take him this afternoon?
To father's mill, the rum factory.
To impress him.
You can't be satisfied with what you have, can you?
The cigar factory is impressive enough. It only needs investment to be better.
Yes, I am arranging that.
Gutman was impressed.
You are trying. I do love you for that.
Don't laugh at me.
Thank you.
Hello there!
I guess we got delayed.
Dolores is very lucky. I got lucky.
My God, is Havana wide open. We shot a little craps.
- Did you eat? - I am lucky for him.
How nice. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Champagne, right?
I will not sit with that woman, a common whore!
- How dare you! - It's the way it's done!
Did you arrange her?
- Yes! I arranged it! - Did you?
Let me go! Gutman means nothing to me! I can do without his money!
There's champagne here!
For Skinner.
Faltes vos jeux.
Number nine. Rouge. Impalr.
Hello, Mr. Dapes! You are early.
I am very lucky.
Are you? It appears I'm not.
I like your photo very much.
- Lipstick, huh? - No, actually it's blood.
I like a man who shaves smoothly.
I find the role of procurer very distasteful to me... if you don't like her, then perhaps...
You don't like me?
But I am beautiful.
Yes, you are. It's just that...
...I try to avoid that which I cannot afford.
It's okay. You can afford.
Come, I take you to another casino where I am very lucky for you...
...and I win you maybe two-and-a-half thousand grand of dollars in...
We just bought some champagne!
Yes, Mr. Gutman, but you have not bought me.
I must talk with you.
I don't want to talk to you. You were a long time ago.
Will you leave the soldiers alone, please?
Mr. Gutman, shall we?
Come here. Let's go.
Take me back.
For a second tlme thls evenlng...
... a blg hand, for a blg lady...
... MIss Wonderly.
Faltes vos jeux, Mesdames et Messleurs.
I must tell you. You could be in very serious trouble.
We must have a talk.
Yes, we must have many talks.
It is lovely to see you again, how are you?
I'm well. And you?
What sort of friends do you have here?
- Can't you do better than that? - Apart from your Wimbledon set.
Yes, I know. I'm sorry.
You frightened me.
But not now.
I see.
What do you expect me to do now, kiss you?
I can see no reason why you shouldn't.
It's been, as they say, such a long time.
Stop it.
It seems like yesterday to me.
Would you excuse me a minute?
- About three hours ago, we went to a... - Robert.
Did I ever know your second name?
Of course you did!
I did?
You wrote to me, it got to me.
I can't believe that I was the only Robert in the British Army.
I should introduce you to my husband, for that I need your second name.
Juan, this is...
For the life of me, I can't remember your second name.
My name is Robert Dapes.
You must come and visit us. Do you play polo?
Would you like to meet anyone in the government?
Of course, if enough money is involved, you can meet Batista himself.
What line of business?
Yes! Go get him!
Get out of here.
What's going on? Come on, get out.
- Aimed at you? - Yes. At me.
Do you know that young man?
Good heavens, no. I wouldn't even recognize him again.
- Did you get a good look at him? - Good enough.
Then you are in for a very long night.
Jorge Ortiz Ruiz.
- What's all this about? - They're waiting to hear.
- To hear? - About those that have been arrested.
Hear what?
Major, please.
Thank you.
They just can't account for $300,000 for the month of June, Spence.
I have some very suspicious cross entries here, Gary.
We're going to be here for months.
These accounts are in a mess.
They are experiencing a revolution.
I guess accounts do get out of hand.
No luck.
Thank you.
Therese, why are you here?
I've come to warn you that my brother could kill you.
He's already tried.
Wait here, just wait.
Where's your wife?
Your husband was released some hours ago.
Yes, I know.
Come on.
Do you want to say something? Or would your rather not?
Yes, I would rather not.
Why were you so upset at the tennis?
Yes, I was. You frighten me.
Because you threaten to change the life I have.
How would I do that?
You already have.
I knew you would.
Where are we going?
Can't we just drive around for a little while?
What have you been doing?
Living in Cuba. You?
Modern warfare.
Fighting people who hide grenades in shopping baskets...
...shoot up crowded hotels...
...hack the legs off cattle, and leave them dying on their stumps. That sort of thing.
- Your friends... - I have very few friends.
Do they toss bombs around? Shoot off guns?
No, you do that.
Take the posters down. Put them on the truck at the back.
Are you married?
But you are. That should be enough for both of us.
We're very happy.
I remember, when I was once deeply and ridiculously in love...
...I was at the same time profoundly unhappy.
That was me.
I did that to you, I made you unhappy.
- I adored it. - I didn't.
Am I still beautiful? You used to think so.
I seem to remember you were very taken with me.
As a matter of fact, you were terrified that I was.
You got out of North Africa faster than Rommel.
Actually, he took his time.
Admit it, I terrified you.
Yes, I admit it.
I didn't know that so much passion could exist in one so young.
You were, in fact, the most exotic, breath-stopping creature I'd ever known.
Quite a danger to my health.
With you and my colonel...
...and being shot at four times a day, I'm astonished I survived.
Perhaps you didn't.
Yes, I did.
By forgetting all about you.
Then how did you recognize me?
You didn't forget me. You knew me at once.
Yes, I did and you haven't changed at all.
I hate coming to these filthy places.
I like these places.
I like you...
...and I like places like this.
- I used to bring someone else here. - Who?
- You don't still bring her, do you? - Good heavens, no.
She's my wife.
- When did you marry Juan Pulido? - Five years ago.
- Any children? - No.
He doesn't beat you or anything dreadful like that, does he?
- What would you do if he did? - Break his bloody neck.
- Would you? - Of course.
- Want a drink? - Yeah.
There might be something wrong with me.
Apart from your memory?
I might be too ambitious, too demanding.
In fact, I am.
Tell me this...
The only question you haven't asked me is why I came here to meet you.
Why did you come?
Look out!
Why did you?
Wlth an overwhelmlng majorlty, the people of Cuba...
... have elected Rlvero Aguero to hold the offlce of presldent.
Gen. Batlsta has stated that thls wlll show the world that Cuba...
... Is In the forefront of democracy.
Free electlons In a free country of the free world.
Presldent-elect Aguero has a hard task ahead of hlm...
... but the people of Cuba are behlnd hlm agalnst Communlsm...
... and the terror of revolutlon.
He wlll take offlce as Cuba's presldent at once...
... and wlll meet wlth the Ambassador to the Unlted States...
- It jammed again last night. - You want a Coke?
- I don't have any money. - That's okay.
We want some kind of an explanation.
What's to explain? My sister's honor is important to me.
It was the work of a Yankee gangster.
My father, who is in prison, if he is still alive...
...he'd cut the balls from the cabron Pulido. He'd punish the betrayer of my sister.
You had no right to do it. You were given a task.
Which I did first. The money for the gringo Skinner.
You were seen. You can't stay on campus.
I've got to. I can't risk flunking my courses.
It doesn't matter. They'll be no more courses.
Now Aguero is elected, there is going to be a general strike. Here.
If you want to kill someone...
The trigger mechanism jammed. Take the.38.
Did you vote for him?
No. Nobody did.
Somebody must have.
Batista, who pays you.
No, I'm paid by Gen. Bello.
Just as good. You can be sure of your money.
Bello works the parking meters, Batista pockets the lottery.
Don't you worry about where your money comes from?
If what you say is true, it appears I come under "traffic offences."
It's true.
You don't get involved in any of this?
No, I don't look too closely at anything that doesn't concern me.
Like having your factory used.
In Cuba, every building, every factory, every hotel... being used, in some way, by someone.
There are things I know nothing about. I don't turn stones over...
...and so far my workers have not had a strike, and I am grateful.
Even a blind eye can be poked out.
I want you to come with me.
- You haven't thought about it? - It's only just being suggested to me.
- Where? - With me.
- Don't play games. - It's very short notice.
I don't see you for 15 years, you turn up as if yesterday and say...
I can't go anywhere, with anyone, on short notice.
I own a factory. And I do have a husband.
He would have to be told if I was going anywhere, short notice or not.
I'm not asking you to go on a holiday.
Don't shout.
It's very nice of you and I know what you're saying.
But, I don't really know you, do I?
You knew me when I was a silly girl of fifteen.
I fell in love with a handsome British soldier.
Do you know what I remember most about you? Your knees.
You're being ridiculous.
I am not being ridiculous, I'm trying to prevent you from being ridiculous.
You're obviously not happy with your husband.
How do you know?
- Lf you loved him, you wouldn't allow me... - I didn't allow you to anything.
I made love to you.
- And very nice it was, too. - Yes, wasn't it.
- So? - So nothing.
Nothing. Robert, please try to understand.
I have a house. I enjoy having it.
I enjoy, yes, I enjoy having a husband...
...who is a member of a very important Cuban family.
It's important to me, to somebody like me...
Don't shout and don't speak to me like that...
Things. You're talking about things. Factories, houses...
- Husbands. - He means nothing to you!
How do you know?
How do you know what Juan means to me, or has meant to me? You don't.
If he means something to you then you shouldn't be here.
- Don't pick that up! - Don't shout!
Then pick this up as well!
I don't know what the hell you're playing at.
I know you're unhappy. You'll let me do nothing...
Don't you have a job to do?
I'm going to do my job.
Then I'll see you sometimes.
No, you won't.
I see.
- What did you say? - I said: "I see!"
I'm buggered if I do.
Wait! Stop!
- Good morning. - Get out. I'm not hungry.
I'm starving.
Had a good night?
Like to buy an airplane?
No, not there, old man.
It's outside. The whole of Havana is on strike.
Not the whole, not yet. But it won't be long.
I had to walk up. The elevator's out of action.
There you are, you see. Power cut.
Now, then...
...let's talk about my airplanes.
- How much? - How much can you offer?
They ain't worth nothing.
They're going to be worth a very great deal.
People are going to want to get out.
They'll want to take out their goods and chattels.
- Have you got a car? - Yes, a pick-up.
Even better. Here's what I'll do:
I'll buy your aircraft, I'll buy the cigars.
We'll get the cigars out right away. I'll buy the Pulido place.
We'll make the first delivery today.
What is the world going to need? Havana cigars, right?
Radlo Rebelde, Rebel Rad... Why?
Why has Rlvero Aguero been elected? You dld not cast a vote.
You stayed at home, but Aguero was elected...
... because the electlon was rlgged by Batlstal
What can you do? You can strlkel A general strlke Is called.
Thls Is the volce of revolutlon comlng from the men and women...
... flghtlng for a new and free Cuba. The end Is near, very near.
3,000 Batlsta soldlers are movlng agalnst us but they cannot wln.
They wlll be defeated by us and by youl
Strlkel No telephonesl No transportl No work In the factorlesl
Support the revolutlonl Tell us, Batlsta, are you leavlng now or later?
We know you have flve alrcraft standlng by for you...
... and those plmps, pushers, prostltutes who have been falthful to youl
Tell us, Sgt. Batlsta...
Jesus promised me there'd be no strike.
Where is Jesus?
Get the guns out.
I think we've got a...
Very well, I will go to the rum factory first...
...and then I will come to you.
And, Ramon, lock up everything and remove the money.
Everybody throughout Cuba has stopped work.
That is, apart from servants, of course.
I've phoned Senor Pulido and...
You had no right to do that, Ramon. I can handle this.
Your husband was shot this morning.
He lasted a long time.
Yes, he did.
I must tell Julio.
Get out!
Go on!
Go on!
Go on.
Keep your stupid old mouth shut, woman! Shut, do you hear?
We're fighting for you!
Come back!
Of one thing I'm certain, she's not involved.
So what's the drill?
Try to get her as far away from the factory as possible before anything happens.
Old man Pulido should be told. He'll be able to help.
Follow me!
Line them up!
Nothing, eh?
Shoot him!
Over there!
- Why were they shot? - Perhaps they tried to escape.
- From what? - From being shot.
- But how did they know they were rebels? - Because they tried to escape.
- Wouldn't you? - Of course.
- Are you a rebel? - Lf I try to escape, I am.
Wasn't it the same in Malaya? You didn't know until they ran.
- No, it wasn't. - Very well, you're here to teach us!
- It's over. - You're meant to be in charge!
Who do you think you are?
- Down with him! - Did you see how he grabbed me?
- Who dared to allow this? - They dared to!
- What will you do? - Me? Nothing.
I'm here merely to take your leavings, father.
Your houses, your old factories, your old mistresses.
How dare you talk about your wife in that way.
You would think he'd be the last drunkard to leave Cuba.
Look at him! The last drunkard!
You load the truck, I'll go and do the deal.
What is this, Labor Day?
Go on.
Senora Pulido!
All you've got to do is name the price, I'll buy the works.
The factory, every goddamn cigar you've got. It's no problem.
This very day, I intend to fill a plane full of your cigars...
...and fly with them to Miami.
All you've got to do is tell me how much.
You can stay here and run the factory for me until the whole shoot collapses.
All I want is two planeloads a day.
I bought the trucks, I bought the planes.
There's a man behind you with a gun.
Oh, dear!
I will shoot this woman.
I don't doubt that you will.
Search him!
Search him!
- With this you can go anywhere. - Can you read?
I read law at the University of Havana.
I'm not in the least surprised.
But you can't use it without me. There's a rather bad likeness stuck to it.
- You'll come! - Where?
- Load the guns. - Where are you taking them?
- To Santa Clara, to Fidel. - They are for the city.
We were told to wait here.
I'm taking them to Castro and you come with me!
So you can say: "I was a Fldellsta " before it is too late for Fidel to notice you.
I shoot her first if any of you try anything.
Put the guns in the truck and cover them with cigars.
Come on, get up!
Is there enough fuel in the old banana to get me to Miami?
- SI, Senor. - Right.
The water dump tanks are full.
It doesn't matter, I'll drop it out on the way.
Have a... whatever you drink.
You are driving this car very badly!
Perhaps you're not used to driving such an expensive car.
What are you doing here? Fighting for a country that's not even yours.
I will fight for any elected government that cares to make me an offer for my services.
Would you fight for someone who paid you more?
No, I would never fight with a gun to overthrow a legitimate government.
So you travel around the world deciding which governments are legitimate.
Oh God, guerrillas!
No, but...
Now, here. They will come out at us from the cane fields.
I spoke to Batista. I said our soldiers were tired and did not want to fight.
That is a fair assumption.
We'll see.
Anyway, we must hold onto the gasoline depot.
We must not lose that. Have you any interests in oil?
- Yes, my family... - I am going to speak to Castro.
I am going to say to him:
"Get rid of the Communists, every goddamn Red in your army!
"If you don't make a deal, I'm going to harry and kill."
- Harry and kill, you know? - I know what you mean.
Okay, we're full here! Switch the flow on to six!
Switch the flow on to six!
Take this!
Juan, take a look at this. Come here.
Get up! Come on.
Here you go.
If the soldlers of the gangster Batlsta wlsh to surrender...
... they wlll be well treated. I repeat:
If the soldlers of the gangster Batlsta wlsh to surrender...
... they wlll be well treated.
It Is not a dlsgrace to surrender to your own revolutlon.
There Is no honor In Ilvlng a Ile.
If you dle now you wlll at least dle a free man.
Come homel Come to usl
We are you, you are us.
Stand still where you are and listen.
When you soldiers take prisoners who have fought for the revolution, you shoot them.
We, however, do not intend to shoot you.
You will be released, handed over to the Cuban Red Cross...
...and eventually returned to your homes.
Those of you who are criminals...
...who have been guilty of crimes of torture, murder... know who you are.
You may hide, but you'll be found.
The depot! Tell the tanks that the gasoline depot... swarming with Fldellstas!
Chambelona Red? Over.
Chambelona Red, I hear you, over.
Maj. Dapes.
That's right.
- You said he was to be killed. - Be quiet, boy!
Chambelona Red, thls Is Col. Leyva. You are to attack the gas depot, over.
Major, you're a paid soldier.
- Of course I'm bloody well paid! - We're not paid.
- You're not soldiers. - Okay.
But though we aren't soldiers, we're fighters.
And we are winning.
We'll say no to the Yankees...
...we'll send them home... - I can't wait...
Then we'll fight the parasites that feed on the people:
The church, gangsters, soldiers.
You know soldiers are the worst parasites.
Don't talk to him, kill him!
Keep quiet. We're not going to kill anyone.
Let me then, I'll kill him.
Would you care to try without a gun?
- Give me that! - No!
I brought guns to you!
There was a time when we needed guns, now we need brains.
You go away and rediscover yours.
It isn't easy to be given a gun.
We make it a privilege.
What do you intend doing about thugs like him?
It might be more to the point to ask what they intend to do about us.
Get down!
You can drive a car? Then you can drive a tank! Come on!
No. What are you doing?
- Want to go home? - Yeah!
Then come on!
Move it back!
Come on. Get out!
Look out!
Come on!
It's just the same as a car.
Yeah, but mine's automatic.
Where's the goddamn wheel?
What are you doing?
- Pull on the sticks! - What?
Chambelona Red, thls Is Col. Leyva. Do you hear me? Over.
- Got him! - Who?
- Get us off the road! - What?
Another one's coming!
- Stick! - Pull the left stick!
- Stick! - Yes!
I can't see anything!
Keep it going!
You're over-revving!
Change gear!
You're flooding it!
Can I help?
Make bandages out of this.
That way you won't ruin your nails, sweetheart.
Come on, move! Get us going!
Get her! Soldier! Someone!
Get them! Shoot straight!
Come on! Shoot the guns!
Shoot them!
Come here, come on! Come on, move!
Quickly! Come on, hurry up!
- You'll roast in there! Come on! - I can't!
Back! Go back! What are you doing?
- Come on! - They're going to bomb us!
Must've been one of ours!
We've done it, Spence. I never thought we would.
- We've got them to balance. - Sure have.
Do you want to go out and see something of Havana now?
Take the other one, this one's mine!
Okay. But be quick, Bello might come back!
Quick, let's go.
Pack your things just as quickly as you can.
It'll take time to clear you with the British Consulate and arrange your ticket.
I'll send the car back straightaway from the airport.
Where has she been? My wife?
With you?
Yes, she's been with me.
Am I expected to take her back?
No, you're not expected to take her back.
- Where are you going to take her? - Out of Cuba.
Cuba won't change.
A few people will leave. My father will go away for a while.
Batista will go away for a little longer and then they will both come back.
Once again, Batista will get his face on the front of Tlme magazine.
Whatever you say. I want her out of here.
Stop talking about me as if I'm not here!
Robert, you don't understand.
I don't want to leave Cuba...
...ever again.
I regard those years spent away as lost time.
There was nothing, and I include you, Robert...
...nothing that made them memorable.
No, I cannot go with you. Stay here with me.
I know what I've done to you and me.
But if you take me away from here, I wouldn't seem the same to you.
You don't understand, do you?
You're right, I don't understand.
I don't understand you or him or his father or even myself...
...sitting here bloody well discussing!
Get in.
I'll send the car back. It's up to you.
What do you think will happen to you, come the revolution?
Mind your own business, Senor.
Thank you. That seems a perfectly reasonable reply, chum.
It's not like you to be so unselfish.
It's not like you to notice.
Where are the keys to the sports car?
In the car. Where are you going?
For a drive.
You will be back?
Pan Amerlcan regrets to announce that all scheduled fllghts are cancelled.
You wlll be Informed when alrcraft are avallable.
Please hold onto your tlcket and awalt further Informatlon.
Here, sweetie, come here.
Thank you.
There are no prospects of any further fllghts In the foreseeable future.
Passengers should not leave the alrport...
... as seats wlll be allocated on a flrst-come, flrst-served basls.
It's Batista!
- Running away! - It is Batista!
He is going again, look!
The ship must be sinking.
Cubana Alr:
The excess baggage regulatlons wlll not be walved.
Please make sure that you are only carrylng that whlch Is absolutely essentlal.
No, leave it. Come on!
The forces of the revolutlon are on thelr way to Havana...
... and at thelr head Is the man they call "El Caballo": Fldel Castro, thelr leader.
They arrlve In buses, carts, anythlng that has wheels.
It has taken seven days for thls march, seven days up the Carretera Central...
Mommy! Soldiers!
Keep quiet and come with me. Just stay with me.
... for "El Caballo" Fldel.
Everywhere the people of Cuba welcome hlm.
Oh, my God!
- What's he doing? - He must be a rebel leader.
Everybody make a line! Make a line here, please!
Those who want to go, you go.
Please take your cases and pass through customs.
Ticket? You go.
This way, please!
Alr Cubana passengers...
What do you have in here?
WIII all tlcket holders please move In an orderly manner...
... towards the departure gate.
Give this to Alex Pulido if she shows up. I can't wait.
To Mlaml only.
We talked to hls comrades...
... the men who have fought wlth hlm these long years...
... slnce 12 men only came to Cuba and took to the Slerra to start the flght.
At the palace, Fldel Is reported to have sald that he does not need such a place.
He hopes the people of Cuba wlll keep an affectlon for the Presldentlal Palace.
Tickets ready, please. Tickets!
Have your tickets ready, please! Tickets!
Fidel! Fidel! Fidel! Fidel! Fidel!
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