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Damnation de Faust La CD1

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Dramatic Legend by Hector Berlioz
The fading winter
is yielding to the spring.
Nature is young once more.
From heaven ...
From heaven's endless canopy
heavy torrents
of glittering light pour down.
I feel the morning breeze.
The stirring of the air.
From my burning breast
the purest breath expires.
I hear around me everywhere
the awakening of birds.
The steady, bold resurgence
of plant life and rushing streams.
Oh, how sweet it is to live
at the font of solitude.
Far away from human strife
and the teeming multitude.
The shepherds abandon grazing flocks
and garb themselves in dancing frocks.
Wild flowers adorn them all.
They're off to the maypole for a ball.
Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Hey! To the fiddle's agile strings.
What are these shouts and cries?
What's the distant clamour?
It's the villagers
who rose at break of day.
They dance and sing for joy
on the verdant green.
My misery is jealous of their merriment.
Round and round they go.
Right, then left, then dos--dos.
Dresses whirl en masse.
Foreheads are becoming red.
Bodies warm and wed.
Soon couples are entwined.
Elbows and arms inclined.
Don't touch me there so tenderly.
My wife is sober
and might happen to see.
He coaxed her from the maypole
to where the music was faint and far.
Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Hey! The music and the dancing.
But suddenly the pastures become a battlefield.
As the Danube's sons prepare to fight a war.
Behold the pride and joy
with which they beartheir arms.
What fire in their eyes!
Every heart rejoices to their victory cry.
Only mine stays cold.
Unmoved by glory's lure.
With no regret I left
the laughing meadowland.
But monotony followed me.
Pleasureless I revisit
our haughty mountain peaks.
I return to my urbanity
with boredom in my bags.
How I suffer!
And the starless night,
which has enveloped all the earth
in silence of uncertain worth,
adds darkness to my sorrows, deprives my soul of mirth.
Good Earth!
Am I the only one you have no blooms to offer?
Where in the world
will I ever find that which my life is lacking?
I searched in vain.
Joy escapes my yearning gaze.
It's time to end it all.
But I tremble.
I tremble before the brink that opens wide before me.
Oh, cup that has evaded my desire so long!
Come, noble crystal!
Give me the poison
which will enlighten me
or snuff my candle out.
Christ is risen.
What do I hear?
Up from the grave's
dark, dank abode,
He goes to his Father's mansion
with transfigured mien.
While He hastens
with unswerving strides
to greater glory on high,
His loyal disciples languish below
and suffer utter despair and gloom.
He's leaving us behind
under stinging darts of misery.
Oh, divine Master,
your happiness is
the cause of all our sadness.
Oh, divine Master,
you are leaving us behind
under stinging darts of misery.
Oh, memories!
Christ is risen today!
Oh, my trembling soul!
On the wings of song you soar into the skies.
My vacillating faith reinforced returns.
Restoring the blessed peace of my more pious days.
A happy childhood. My sweet hours of prayer.
Pure, untarnished bliss
of wandering dreamily among the grassy glens.
In the never ending light
of the springtime sun.
Oh, kiss of love divine!
You fill my aching heart with premonitions fine.
You chase my morbid wants
and dismal drives away.
Oh, hymns of reverence!
Why dust off old desires, awaken thoughts banned long ago?
Songs of piety!
Why come out of the past to block my chosen path?
Your soft voice and tender call
my heart anew enthral.
Songs sweeterthan radiant dawns
resound again so clear.
I have shed those tears again.
Heaven has conquered me.
Oh, pure emotion!
Child of paradise!
I admire you, doctor!
The pious tolling of these silver bells
has completely charmed your ravaged ears.
Who are you, whose ardent scrutiny
pierces like a dagger point?
Which burns like a flame and consumes the soul?
Really, for a doctor your question is quite trite.
I am the spirit of life.
The source of consolation.
I will give you everything.
Great pleasure.
All you ever fancied in yourwildest dreams.
Come on, pitiful devil.
Show me your miracles!
It's a deal. I'll treat your eyes and ears.
Instead of locking yourself in like a sullen bookworm,
come, follow me.
Get some fresh air.
I agree.
Let us set out to get a taste of life.
Leave your stuffy philosophy behind.
More wine! More nectar of the Rhine!
Here, Faust, a place of jolly fellowship!
Here the drinking and singing make life well worth living.
Oh, how it cheers you, when the heaven thunders,
to sit and sip hot punch from a heated bowl.
To get as full as a barrel
in a smoke-filled tavern.
I love my wine
and the amberwater
that float all my cares away.
When my dear mother put me in this world
she chose a heavy drinker for my patron saint.
Who of you knows an entertaining story?
Laughter adds vintage to the wine.
Yourturn, Brander!
He can't remember a thing.
I know one.
I thought it up myself.
Good, spit it out!
If you all insist, I'll sing you
something new.
A rat once lived in a kitchen
like a fatted friar.
His countenance would be
the envy of Martin Luther.
But one day the poor devil was poisoned and fled his home.
He was as utterly miserable as if he were smitten by love.
He ran in turmoil to and fro and drank the brew of puddles.
Gnawed, scratched all overthe house. The rabid rat was on fire.
At the border of delirium when push had come to shove,
mocking watchers were convinced the rat was a victim of love.
He sought the oven as a refuge from his plight and others' pun.
But the hothead was mistaken. They roasted him well done.
The fervent servant laughed to see the browning rat in his own fat.
Ah, he's stuffed and nicely grilled, seasoned by the spice of love.
Requiescat in pace!
This amen deserves a fugue.
A fugue and a chorale.
Let's use our skill and improvise dainty tarts and pies.
Listen to this!
Doctor, we're about to experience bestiality in the raw.
By God, gentlemen,
your fugue is very good.
When you hear it you would think you were visiting a sacred shrine.
If I may say so
your style is savvy.
Truly religious.
You couldn't find a betterway
to express the pious sentiments
which at the end of every prayer
churches sum up in a single word.
I'll outdo that, outsinging a lark
on a subject that's never off the mark.
What's that? Is he making fun of us?
Who is this man with skin so pale?
With hair as red as a sunset's trail?
Another song!
Once there was a friendly flea who lodged with a brave prince.
The man loved his lodger as if she were his daughter.
It's true, I tell you, the prince called his taillor
and had him measure the flea for a set of courtly garments.
The insect was delighted to be dressed in silk and velvet.
The humble bug was fitted out and adorned with golden rings.
She summoned her country cousins to gape at her in awe.
Noble statesmen they became by order of the sovereign.
But the vested lords and ladies considered them a plague.
All the royal highnesses, plain to see, not vague,
scratched away the livelong day in silence to obey.
We itched and bitched, and took a fright at each lowly bite.
Bravo! Bravo!
We itched and bitched and swatted till they all took flight.
Let us leave this place, where language is so vile.
Where the joy is vulgar and the gestures crude.
Have you no other pleasures?
No spot more blissful than this?
Lead, infernal guide!
What? That's not your style?
Follow me.
Look at the gorgeous roses
that this night discloses
on this perfumed bed.
Rest, beloved Faust.
In a lustful sleep.
Let yourself be swept away in bouquets of scarlet kisses.
While flowers on your sheets
open their buds for you.
Your ears will thrill to sentences sublime.
The spirits of the earth and air
are tuning up to evoke your dream
with a lovely overture.
You happy
Very soon under a veil
uniting gold and azure,
oh, happy Faust,
your eyes will slowly close.
On the firmament above
your rising starwill shine.
Reveries of love
will at last engulf you.
You happy Faust!
Very soon under a veil
uniting gold and azure
your eyes will slowly close.
- Above my eyes ... - On the firmament ...
- ... a veil already falls. - ... your rising starwill shine.
Watch the young lovers
strolling through the valley.
They forget their cares
in the sumptuous vegetation.
A beauty rare
follows them.
She will love you.
The lake extends its waves
and surrounds the rolling hills.
Through the verdant landscape
the brooks meander blithely.
Idyllic songs of glee echo from the distant shore.
Other choirs never cease.
Their dancing is pure delight.
Some of them are striding around the countryside.
The daring hurI themselves
into the icy stream.
The waves of the lake
surround the rolling hills.
Through the verdant landscape
the brooks meander blithely.
timid birds are seeking
and cool air.
The magic's working.
We've got him now.
Everyone goes to the marshes
to taste what life has to offer.
Everyone seeks an ideal on high.
Searches there forthe light of his life.
The cherished star
which shines for him alone,
which Amour has chosen.
Well done, my little sprites.
I'm satisfied with you.
Rock him, rock him
into enchanted sleep.
What have I seen?
A celestial image, an angel with a human countenance!
Where to find her?
At what sacred altar should I pay her homage?
All right.
You must follow me again.
To the perfumed boudoir
where your beloved lies.
The heavenly treasure is reserved for you alone.
A very merry student throng will pass her door before too Iong.
Among these juvenile revellers, borne by their joyful songs,
we'll take you to your maiden fair.
But keep your eagerness in bounds.
And follow my directions.
Citadels with walls and ramparts.
Sugar-sweet girls with haughty airs.
Victory's mine in your company.
The steeperthe climb, the higherthe reward.
When the bugles sound young soldiers rally round.
They charge into romance and engage the foe.
Citadels and lovely belles surrenderto their storm.
Jam nox stellata velamina pandit.
Nunc, nunc bibendum et amandum est.
Vita brevis fugaxque voluptas.
Gaudeamus igitur, gaudeamus!
Nobis sub ridente luna,
per urbem quaerentes puellas eamus!
Nobis sub ridente luna,
per urbem quaerentes puellas eamus!
Ut cras fortunati Caesares, dicamus:
Veni, vidi, vici!
Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus igitur!
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