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Subtitles for Damnation de Faust La CD2.

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Damnation de Faust La CD2

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Thank you, blessed eventide.
Welcome, welcome!
Open at long last
the sanctuary I never knew.
My furrowed brow is pacified
by a lovely dream.
Like the fragrant kiss
of a rising morning.
It must be love.
It's love at last, I hope.
Oh, how one feels it here.
Worries drift away.
How I love this silence.
I breathe the fresh, pure air.
Oh, charming maiden fair.
My ideal, beyond compare.
What enchantment I feel now.
In decision's moment.
How I love to contemplate
the virgin bed, my priceless fate.
Oh, how pure the air I breathe!
Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
After all my suffering.
What bliss awaits.
I hear her.
Take cover behind the silk curtains.
God, the joy will break my heart!
Bide yourtime and say farewell.
Take it slow or you will lose her.
That's right. My sprites and l
will sing a pretty wedding lullaby.
Be calm, my soul.
The air is stifling.
I'm as frightened as a child.
My dream of yesternight
has made my thoughts run wild.
l saw him in my sleep.
The man who is made for me.
Love of my life.
Oh, how he wanted me!
How he wanted me!
And how I wanted him!
Will we ever get together on this earthly plane?
I sanity!
Once upon a time in Thule
a faithful king did rule.
I his saddest hour he received
a goblet from his dying queen.
He took it always to his lip.
At every banquet and ball.
He shed a tearwith every sip.
The queen remained his all and all.
When his turn came to pass away
he counted his cities and his gold.
He spread the wealth among his heirs.
But his goblet he saw fit to withhold.
He summoned to his table
his knights and his peers-to-be.
They sat in a worthy setting
in a castle by the sea.
The drinker left the banquet hall
and went out to the balcony.
He cast the treasured goblet
into the waves in agony.
The goblet sank into the deep.
The surf welled up and calmed again.
He dropped his eyes and gravely vowed
not to drink a drop from then.
Once upon a time
in Thule
a faithful king
did rule.
Spirits of the flickering flames!
Hurry here!
l have need of you.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Faithless, fickle fairies! Your seductive glow
is required to charm a damsel
and to acquire her soul.
I Satan's name, pick up your feet!
And you are called to keep the beat,
you fiddlers straight from hell,
or I will snuff you out.
And now we'll sing the belle
a melody of virtue
to thoroughly corrupt her.
What is your bidding here at the door of the one you adore?
Little Margie at crack of dawn, eager as never before?
At desire's knock a maid will be admitted
to his iniquitous den.
No chaste girl will depart.
When he extends his arms into his embrace you'll dash.
Good night, sleep tight, you innocent babe.
At the threshold bold resist as in the days of old.
Don't relent to his advance
unless he offers a wedding ring.
Get out of here!
Let's listen to ourturtle doves coo.
Good God, what do I see?
ls it really he?
Can I believe my eyes?
Angel adored.
Your image divine
illuminated my heart
before I ever met you.
Finally I can see you.
The sombre clouds of jealousy
which hid you from me for so long
are banished by my ardent love.
Margarethe, I love you.
You know my name?
And I have uttered, chanted yours.
That's what they call me.
But you may call me anything that's sweeterto your ears.
l saw you in my dreams.
I our dreams.
You looked the same as now.
You saw me?
l recognize your voice.
Your face.
Your gentle words.
Did you love me?
l ...
longed for you.
Beloved Margarethe!
My passion aroused,
l surrendered to you then.
Margarethe is mine!
My beloved Faust.
Your noble, gracious face.
- Angel divine. - My beloved Faust.
- Your heavenly body ... - Your noble, gracious face ...
illuminated my heart
before I ever met you.
Finally I can see you.
The sombre clouds of jealousy
which hid me from you for so long
are banished by my ardent love.
Margarethe, tender sensation!
What is this intoxication?
lt is a hellish, burning passion.
- What has thrown me into his arms? - The flame that has led me to you.
Margarethe, tender sensation!
What is this intoxication?
lt is a hellish, burning passion.
Fiery enchantment.
- What has thrown me into his arms? - The flame that has led me to you.
Oh, what yearning!
My whole being is overcome!
You will find true joy.
You will be reborn in my vital arms.
- My eyes are full of tears. - Come, come!
- I m fainting. - Come!
Come, come!
Get out! lt's late. - Who is that fellow?
A fool! - A friend!
His keen gaze tears my heart apart.
l hope I m not disturbing.
Who let you in? - We have to save that angel.
By now all the neighbours,
awakened by our songs so loud, expose this home to a growing crowd.
Rebuking Margarethe. Calling her mother. She'll come running.
What shall we do?
Get out of here. - The hell I will!
You'll meet again tomorrow.
Commensurate consolation will follow your frustration.
Yes, tomorrow, dear.
In the room next door
l hear a great commotion.
Farewell, night divine, short-lived dream of mine.
The festival of love that I so anticipated.
Let's go, day is dawning.
Will we ever meet again,
fleeting hour of bliss?
When my soul was blossoming
in belated happiness.
Awake, Mother Oppenheim! See what your girl is doing!
The mob is near!
Take our advice. lt's a den of vice.
We have to hurry.
She soon will be in trouble. You'll have another mouth to feed.
Heavens! Do you hearthe mob?
l swearto God I m lost if they find you here.
A knock! - Insanity!
Escape through the garden!
My angel, till tomorrow. - Tomorrow.
I ve finally learned life's value.
- Happiness revealed itself. - I will capture you.
Take my life.
- Love has snared my soul. - Your desire is still not sated.
Love your downfall. Slyly baited.
Love has filled my soul. New life has flooded me.
it's doubled your insanity.
And the moment is coming when you will belong to me.
- I will still my burning desire. - I m possessed. Losing you means I die.
The moment is coming when you will belong to me.
Love filled my soul. New life has flooded me.
Oh, my darling, my life I would give you.
Love will fast infect you and double your insanity.
Love's burning flame consumes me in my prime.
My soul will know no peace.
My heart no reason nor rhyme.
Flee while there's a little time.
His leaving and his absence
nailed my casket prematurely.
He's lost forever. I miss him sorely.
All my world's in mourning.
My poor head
is spinning and ill at ease.
My fainting heart will surely stop.
l know it is going to freeze.
l admire his gait.
His graceful posture too.
His smile seals my fate.
His eyes heavenly blue.
And his eloquence casts a magic spell.
Words like tender arms that hold me reverently.
His fine hands were fashioned for caressing.
And his
kiss of fire!
Love's burning flame consumes me in my prime.
My soul will know no peace.
My heart no reason nor rhyme.
Flee while there's a little time.
l wait at my window,
or outside, Faust to discern.
To catch a glimpse of him
or hasten his return.
To speed his fancied step
my heart is in a race.
lf only runaway tenderness
could accelerate his pace!
Caresses of fire!
l wish I could once more
let my soul melt away in the heat
of his scorching kisses.
When the bugles sound young soldiers rally round.
Soon everybody in town
will lie down to sleep.
The steeperthe climb, the higherthe reward.
Drums and trumpets I hear again
like the ones I heard that night.
The gleeful songs
of that night of love
when I first set eyes on Faust.
He's not coming!
He's not coming!
Nature, vast, immense.
lmpenetrable, sovereign.
You alone can give me
rest from my boundless sorrow.
Your voluptuous bosom
cushions my misery.
Renewing my strength.
l feel I m alive again.
mighty hurricanes.
forest thickets.
Crumble, boulders.
Come roaring down the hills.
Yourthunderous concerto
invites my voice to join the turbulence.
l worship you.
Oh brightly sparkling worlds,
to you I speed my heart.
A heart that's too expansive
and a soul that thirsts for more.
They search the sky for fugitive happiness.
Can you make out in the blue yonder
the star of eternal love?
My friend, you need its influence
to put you back on course.
Because you're dreaming while this poor child,
Margarethe ... - Shut up!
l guess I should shut up.
You stopped loving her.
She's been thrown into a dungeon.
Condemned to die forthe murder of her mother.
l hear hunters prowling in the woods.
Go on! What are you saying?
Margarethe in prison?
A brownish sleeping potion.
A harmless-looking poison,
which you had given her to lull her mother into oblivion
while you two were making love,
was too much forthe frail soul.
Fantasizing about her Faust
she waited every night for you.
Regularly her mother got
a potent sleep inducer.
The old lady died of her girl's devotion.
Understand it now?
Look what her love for you has done to the poor child.
Save her, you debaucher!
Now you're blaming me!
So is the lot and folly of the silly human race.
So what!
l still have the power
to open this door.
But what have you done for me since I ve been your servant?
What are yourterms?
My terms?
Nothing but a signature
on this scrap of antique parchment.
I ll save Margarethe at once.
lf you swear
a solemn oath to serve me starting from tomorrow.
Who cares about tomorrow?
I m suffering tonight.
All right.
That's my name.
Let us swiftly fly to her sombre dwelling place.
Oh what anguish I suffer!
Margarethe, I m coming!
Come here, Vortex, Giaour!
Onto the pitch black stallions, no soonerthought than done.
Mount them, giddy up!
Justice knows no pardon.
My heart reverberates with her despairing call.
You poor, abandoned child!
Sancta Maria,
ora pro nobis.
Sancta Magdalena,
ora pro nobis.
Watch out forthe praying children and women at the foot of the cross.
Who cares? Forward!
Sancta Margarita ...
God! A hideous, howling demon's on ourtail.
You're dreaming.
A giant flock of nighthawks.
What awful shrieks!
They thrash me with theirwings.
Her death bell tolls already. lf you're afraid we'll turn around.
No, I hear it. Faster!
Look around us now.
At the endless row
of dancing skeletons.
Hearthe horrible laughter our riding by provokes!
Save her! Bury thoughts of the dead!
The horses shudder.
They tearthe reins apart.
Under us I see the earth collapse.
Thunder roars. it's raining blood.
Regiments of hell,
sound the march of victory.
He's ours now!
I m the victor.
lrimiru Karabrao!
This soul once so stubborn
will do your bidding now
and always, Mephisto!
I m his master from now on.
Faust signed of his own accord?
The document that dooms him
to roast forever in our blaze?
Of his own accord.
Tradioun marexil firtru dincxe burrudixe.
Fory my dinkorlitz.
O merikariu! O mevixe! Merikariba!
O merikariu!
O mi dara caraibo lakinda, merondor dinkorlitz.
Merondor dinkorlitz, merondor.
Tradioun marexil,
Tradioun burrudixé, Trudinxe caraibo.
Fir ome vixe merondor.
Mit aysko, merondor.
Mit aysko ...
Diff! Diff! Merondor. Merondor aysko!
Has! Has! Satan! Has! Has! Belphegor!
Has! Has! Mephisto! Has! Has! Kroix!
Diff! Diff! Astaroth! Diff! Diff! Belzebuth!
Belphegor! Astaroth! Mephisto!
Sat, sat rayk ir kimour.
Has, has, Mephisto!
lrimiru karabrao.
Hell has closed its trap.
Only the boiling bubbling
of its wide lakes of fire
and the gnashing of the teeth
of the torturers of souls
were still audible.
Terror and woe went on.
Agony could still be heard in the place below.
Woe and terror!
Lord, her love overflowed.
Ascend to heaven,
naive soul,
misguided by your love.
Come, attire yourself anew
in the beauty you possessed
before an error blemished it.
The heavenly virgins.
The heavenly virgins,
your sisters,
the seraphim,
will wipe away the tears
that your recent earthly sorrows
make you shed today.
Be sure to keep your hope alive
and smile to greet your joy.
Come, Margarethe.
Copyright (c) 2000 TITELBILD Berlin Subtitler: Alan Wildblood et al.
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