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Subtitles for Dancer in the Dark (2001) CD1.

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Dancer in the Dark (2001) CD1

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You're sweating.
I know. I'm excited though.|I can see it all happening.
A little turn...
Now side to side.
Other people can sing.
Can we talk out here|for a minute?
She's fantastic.
What are you|talking about?
I think she sings funny.
And her dancing's not|all that great either.
That's the first time|she did it, okay?
Yeah, but I had|all the kits by then.
Because she didn't|take the kettle,
so I was stuck.
Do you want me to|take the kettle, Samuel?
No, I don't.|I just want Kathy
to put it over here.|This is, you know...
If you say these words,|and then, boom,
you just put|your hands out,
and there they are.|They're there.
Please don't|drop the props, Kathy.
Wait, wait.
Why are you putting it|on her head, though?
I'm a little confused.
I don't know.|It was, uh...
Because she's not|going to pick it up.
It looks like|you're trying to...
put a hat on her head|or something.
You're fantastic.
You just have to listen|to your heart, Cvalda.
I don't want you|to call me Cvalda.
Okay, Paul, please.
You're Cvalda|to me.
Let's do some sound effects.
I told you|no tapping
in "The Sound|of Music."
It really needs rhythm.
Like drums or something.
Everybody's|doing a great job.
Oh, hello, Selma.|Come here.
- Are you ready?|- Yeah, I'm ready.
Okay, you know|where to stand.
So let's try|this one.
Maybe|even this one.
I think you can work|that machine safely.
I'll write a note|to the plant
and let them know.
Thank you.
We lost five hours|'cause some idiot
broke the machine.
Bill's here.
Well, he's here|with Gene.
Oh, that sounds|like bad news.
What are you|going to do?
Well, I guess I got|to tell her, don't i?
You can't bring|the script to work, Selma.
Keep your eyes|on the machine, okay?
Bill's here.
He's here with Gene.
Not again!
You got to come|right back, okay?
Don't be too worried.
We're gonna work this out.
Here she comes.
Why are you|not in school?!
When I say so,|you go to school!
Do you think I joke?
You have to study!
Come on, Selma, stop.
We talked about this.|Didn't we talk about it?
Hanging out with those|automobile thieves.
So what?
He's learning.
Selma,|he's learning.
Aw, come on.
Gene, this is the most|important thing.
You have to go to school.
Selma, l--I can...
drive him back to school|if you like.
Since when was that|your business?
What you doing here?
If you need|a ride home--
I don't|even punch out
until after|another two hours.
Sometimes you punch out|around this time.
I never punch out early!
Don't need a dumb...
Don't need a ride!
In your little head.
All right.
Come on, Mr. G.|Let's get you to school.
Thank you, but l...
I'll just...|I'll just ride my bike.
Bye, Jeff.
She likes you.
I'm sure of it.
You're sure?
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
This is my punishment,
that you help me with this.
And you've got...
You've got to make|your bed as well.
And you forgot|to wrap up the bread.
Two times.
There's no more of that.
You keep reading.
"So long, farewell,
auf... wiedersehen...
adieu, adieu, adieu,
to yieu and yieu and yieu."
"To yieu...
and yieu..."
What does that mean,
It's your dumb musical.
"And yieu..."
It's German.
- You think?|- Mm.
You want|some more ketchup?
Are you tired?
Why--why should you...
always ask me so...
so stupid questions?
Shall I show you|my step?
Oh, hi.|Hi, Gene.
How's the dancing?
Oh... good.
- Yeah?|- Yeah, Yeah.
You want to come over|to me and Bill's place
and listen|to some music?
That--that|would be lovely.
But... we couldn't.
Come on.|Come on.
Yeah... uh...
Let's go.|Come on.
You should ask Bill|about his money.
Linda likes it when|we talk about that.
You're doing|a very nice job with these.
How about that?
You have to be|very careful
not to bend|the card.
Otherwise I don't|get paid for it.
That's fair,|because...
the people in the shops|would never want to buy it
if it's bent.
You wouldn't buy it|if it was bent.
That's true,|I wouldn't.
Wouldn't buy anything|if it was bent.
In Czechoslovakia,
I saw a film,
and they were eating candy|from a tin
just like this.
I thought to myself...
how wonderful it must be
in the United States.
You think my house|looks like a movie?
Oh, our house|looks like a movie.
And you look|like a movie star.
Bill gives me|a lot of money.
You know?
I know.
Of course, it's all|that money you inherited,
isn't it, Bill?
That's right.
Hey, Selma...
Take the rest|with you.
Are you sure?
Go on.
Good morning.
I've got the rent.
You always pay|right on time.
Don't worry about Gene.|I'll get him off to school,
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
Remember your bag.
I think you're always|so serious, Kathy.
Aw... again we start.
I don't think inside|you're serious at all.
I don't know.
Not always.
Why do you|call me that?
It's like...|someone who's...
I don't know,|just big and happy.
I am not that big.
Happy?|I don't know.
Just need someone|to pull it out.
Beautiful eyes.
But he's not|real happy, is he?
How is she doing?
It's when she|cannot keep up,
and she's going to faint.
Ah, she fainted.
Please be quiet.
Oh, give us a break.
She doesn't see|that well.
I paid good money|to see this film.
Well, so did she.
I love it|when they dance.
For Pete's sake,|it's a musical.
Of course they're dancing!
We know that!
Oh, you're so smart.
- Yes.|- Oh.
I think you made|friends, Kathy.
So, what'd she say?
What did she say?
She didn't say|anything.
Are you trying to|tell me something?
It's about the bike.
The bike?
Mm, the bike.
Oh, um, l--I--
I cannot|give Gene a bike.
Is this his idea?
No, it's not his idea.
Did you ask them|to come over?
No, he didn't.|It doesn't...
He doesn't know anything,|Selma. Frankly.
Why, have I|done something?
I haven't got|the money.
But... I'm almost|the only kid in class
who doesn't have|a bike.
I even know a boy|who's got a scooter.
You know I haven't got|any money.
The only extra money I got
the times I managed|to save up,
I send it...
to Grandpa.
- Come have a look.|- I'm not gonna get you
expensive things.
Your mother|is only teasing.
Look what she's|brought for you!
It's a bike!
We cannot|accept that.
Selma, it was second-hand.
I can't give him|any expensive things.
- Yeah, but--|- I can't even give it
for his birthday.
- Yeah, but, well--|- He's just gonna accept that.
I'm not that sort of mom.
I'm just not that kind|of mother, Gene. I...
Can't you be
that kind|of a mother?
It's not exactly a scooter.
Hmm... We'll see.
We'll see.
Don't ride|too fast.
Hey, gene,|bring it over here.
He looks very happy,|doesn't he?
He does look happy.
Here he comes again.
Bring it over here.
Did you hear|what she said?
- She say okay?|- Yeah!
Did you say okay?
Promise to go to school.
Yes, yes.
Every day.|On time.
I didn't know you|were such a good biker.
Rust and women|are the same.
"Rust and women|are the same"?
They are the same.
What is it?
Your fat Yeah. id that?
Some joke...
I don't know|what it meant.
Look at that.|Oh, ho...
You're so kind.|Look at me.
He did all the work,|you know that.
He's really good.
Thank you, Jeff!
You're welcome.
Come in.
Something up, Bill?
No, no, I just couldn't|sleep, that's all.
I have no money.
All the money|that I inherited is...
It's gone.
And Linda...
She spends and spends.
And my salary's|nowhere near enough.
I can't say no to her.
The bank's gonna|repossess the house...
because I'm so far behind|on the payments.
And I'm gonna lose Linda.
I know it.
I know I am.
She loves you, Bill.
Oh, don't cry.
I shouldn't|have told you.
Don't worry.
- Shouldn't have told you.|- It's okay.
Don't worry.
No, I think you've|got enough... stuff.
Would it make you|feel better
if I told you|a secret?
What secret|could you tell me?
I'm going blind.
Not yet, but...
Maybe sometime|this year.
It's not as bad|as it sounds.
It's, uh...
It's a family thing.
But, blind?
I've always known it.
From... when I was|a little girl,
I knew.
And you're okay?
Well, I came to America
because in America,
they can give Gene|an operation.
You know?
He doesn't know|about it.
You... you|mustn't tell him,
because then|it could get worse.
I just have to save up|money, you know,
enough money to...
Oh, I almost got it.
To, uh...
For the operation.
They can operate on Gene|when he turns 1 3.
And you made up that story|about your father?
I never had a father.
I made up|his name, too.
And that's why you|put in all these hours
and do all these pins|and do everything you do.
For him.
For his operation.
Well, it is my fault.
I guess...
How is it your fault?
Because l...|I knew he would...
he would have|bad eyes like me.
But I had him...
all the same.
You're very strong.
I'm not strong.
I've got|little games I play
when it goes really hard.
When I'm working|in the factory...
and the machines,|they make these...
And I just start dreaming,
and it all becomes music.
But you like movies,|don't you?
- I love the movies.|- Yeah?
I just love|the musicals.
Oh, when they're|all tap dancing?
All of them|tap dancing,
all of them, this|huge, long line.
I... wouldn't you|like to be
in that big,|long line?
Kicking your feet|up there?
When they're,|like, spiraling up
the huge,|enormous wedding cakes
to the top?
But isn't that annoying
when they do the last song|in the films, though?
Because you just know|when it goes really big,
and the camera goes,|like, out of the roof,
and you just know|it's gonna end.
I hate that.
I really hate that.
I used to cheat on that|when I was a little girl
back in Czechoslovakia.
I would leave the cinema
just after|the next to last song,
and the film would|just go on forever.
It's lovely, isn't it?
That is lovely.
Thank you for|telling me your secret.
Thanks for|telling me yours.
Mum's the word, right?
We don't tell anybody?
Oh, yes.
I won't tell|anyone.
Oh, thank you.
So, can I get you|another?
Yeah, sure.
How about a big one?
How many is there|in a big one?
1 0,000.
I'll have a big one.
What's this|guy's name again?
The old man,|your old man,
the guy we're carding|these pins for.
Her father?
I know.|Oldrich.
Oldrich Novy.
He used to dance|in Prague.
You commies|make a big deal
out of sharing|everything.
It's--It's|a good thing.
What are you doing|here if, uh...
Czechoslovakia's|so much better
than the U.S. of A?
No, Selma, no!
There are|two plates.
It's all right.
You know what happens
when you put two plates|in, don't you?
Well, she didn't do it.|I mean, it didn't happen--
You destroy|the tool.
It takes|a whole day
to mend.
Never two plates,|Selma, never!
You cheated the doctor.
You shouldn't be working|at the press at all.
I mean, how dare you!|Just how much can you see?
I could do my job|with my eyes closed.
So could you.
It's just because|I was daydreaming.
Dreaming about what?
Oh, I just|hear music.
Come on. I mean,|Selma, music?
You could also|cut off your hand
just like that.|You have to watch out
every second.
Promise me|you'll stay awake.
I--I promise I will|stop daydreaming.
Aw, you're not--|you repeat,
but you don't|even listen to me.
I don't know why|I bother that much.
Hi, Selma.
If you're not|going with Kathy,
can I give you|a lift?
I don't want|a boyfriend.
I--I told you.
You're a really|nice guy, Jeff,
I just don't have time|for a boyfriend.
Not right now.
I know.
If I wanted a boyfriend,|it would be you, Jeff.
I just don't want one|right now.
All right.
No problem, you know,
on the back,|to have the bike there.
Bye, Jeff.
I don't think it's|very safe, you know,
to ride a bike|wearing glasses and all.
- Selma?|- Bye, jeff.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hello, Selm.
Hi, Bill.
Headed home?
Uh, yes.
Want to put it|in the back?
Oh, that would be|lovely. Yes, please.
Hi, Jeff.
Hey. Did you|see the truck?
They're blind,
driving|like crazy.
He's what?
He's driving|like crazy.
Getting dirty.
That's all right.
Thank you.
Bye, Jeff.
Thank you, Bill.
- Okay?|- Okay, yeah.
If I could just make|the next payment,
I'd have|a bit more time.
All I need is a loan.
It'd just be a month.
This money is Gene's.
I'm sorry, Bill.
That's all right.|I shouldn't have asked.
Oh, you had to.|Don't worry,
there's no harm|in asking.
No, no, I|shouldn't have asked.
Linda wants new couches.
I could always|shoot myself.
You mustn't say|things like that.
It's--|Make things easier.
- You know that, Bill.|- Aw, Selma.
You mustn't say|things like that.
Selma, I'm kidding.
Hi, Selma.|Come on in.
Hi, Gene.
Good morning.
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Can I see the gun?
Yeah, go on, sure.
- He's got a gun?|- Sure.
He's a police officer.
I just didn't know|he would keep it here,
in the house.
Oh, yeah.|Yeah, yeah.
He keeps it|in his desk.
Maybe I should|pay more rent.
It's been the same
for the whole period|I've been here.
No, Selma,|I won't hear it.
You keep your money.|You need it more
than we do.
Two boxes?
Did you decide|you are going to do
two boxes at|the same time now?
Selma...|1 0:00 then?
1 0:00.
What happens|at 1 0:00?
I'm--I'm gonna do|the night shift.
The night shift?
You can hardly see|well enough
to do your own shift.
It suits me fine.
It's just after|drama class.
You are going|to do that, too?
I've had my fill|of you, Selma.
You do|what you want.
Go ahead,|break your neck.
Do your night shift,
but don't think|for one second
I'm going to come|and rescue you.
Kathy split already.
I'm not looking|for Kathy.
I was looking|for you.
I just have to go to|drama rehearsal.
So what do you say?
You can always|ride your bike.
You have it over there.
I left it at home.
I thought it'd be|quicker if I walked.
How do you reckon that?
I just walk along|the railroad tracks.
It's a...
Look, I don't understand.|In musicals...
why do they start to sing|and dance all of a sudden?
I mean, I don't suddenly|start... to sing and dance.
You're right, Jeff.|You don't.
The last thing on the list|is the bake sale.
Two sundays away.
Hi, Selma.|Come on in, come on in.
I'm gonna introduce you|to your understudy.
My understudy?
This girl Suzan,|who boris knows,
is a good singer.|She's a good dancer.
She'll learn|your part, too,
because, say,|you get a cold,
you can't do it,
then the show|doesn't have to stop.
Suzan, Selma.|Selma, Suzan.
Could you take off|your glasses?
I think|we'll do the part
without glasses.
Next sunday,|you will see
both Marias.
I mean, Selma will|do the role, really,
but... i'll have you|read part of it too.
All right?
It's your first time|on the night shift,
While this|is being pressed,
you'll be cutting|on the other machine.
That means|you'll be in charge
of two machines.
You have to beat Sarah|over there, right?
This pallet must|never be empty.
Is it always|so dark in here?
Is it always|so dark in here?
It's exactly the same|as the daytime.
The only thing is you have|to work a little faster.
That's what|you're paid for, right?
- Okay.|- Okay?
Thank you.
- Excuse me.|- Yeah?
You have to work|a little, you know,
a little faster|than this.
What are you|doing here?
What do you think?
I didn't put you down for|the night shift, Kathy.
Run along, Norman.
I'm on my own time now.
How I spend it|is my own business.
'Night, ladies!
Good night!
A little faster.
I like it better|when you dance.
You should dance|more... Cvalda.
I will dance|when there is music.
It's music.
Now dance.
Stop that,|you've cut yourself!
Get away from|the machine!
Oh, Jeff is here.
Hello, Jeff.
Hi, Kathy.
Do you live here?
Thought she might|say yes to a ride
when it's|this late.
M-maybe Kathy...
wants a ride.
No, it's all right.
What's that,|with your hand?
She cut her...
Cut my finger.
Yeah. It's going|to be all right.
The plates are sharp.
I think I found|a solution to our problem.
That makes me|really happy.
It's nothing special...
But I've made up my mind.|I'm gonna tell Linda,
and, uh...
I mean, after all,|she loves me, and...
We'll just|work it out together.
That sounds like|a really good idea, Bill.
I'm sorry, I'll|let you get to bed.
I guess I'm kinda tired.
Thanks, Bill.
Good night, Selma.
Good night, Bill.
What's happening now?
Here we go.|Selma, are you ready?
You're on.
Cut. Cut, stop.
Stop, please.
This is Selma's entrance, okay?
Okay, Paul, please.
How far|do you think it is?
I don't know.
Kathy, what|are you doing?
This is|Maria's entrance.
Yes.|I'm sorry.
My mistake.
Please, please!
I don't have|all night!
Six steps.
Let's take this|a little more seriously.
Okay, I'm thinking|maybe, Selma...
You could take a little|sort of circle around Boris
on this next part,
unless you have something else|you wanna suggest.
I'm open.
I need to|talk to you.
Oh, Selma, please, if|it's about the drummer,
I have been looking|everywhere for a drummer--
It's not|about the drummer.
It's not|about the drummer.
Um... just a quick word.
Do you wanna|go outside?
I--I'm not|gonna play Maria.
My heart just|isn't in this...
Like, I shouldn't|be wasting my time
on something...
that isn't...|that important really.
I've been watching Suzan,|and she's...
She's great.
She's... She's very--
She's a much better dancer|than I am.
Suzan's terrific.|I'm not denying that,
but you--I thought|you lived for musicals.
So you've been pretending|the whole time?
I've just been pretending.
I don't know what else|I could do with you.
I've got everything|cast right now.
The only part that's left|is the old nun
who lets maria out|of the convent gate.
I don't think|you'd want that part.
There's no dancing|in that.
She's|quite serious then?
She's serious.
It's important|for the part.
Okay. I'm not|dancing really.
I could put a little bit|of dancing in there.
You think so?
It--I didn't|have it in mind.
You can have|your tapping.
She could be just|a little... humorous
once in a while...
even though|she's a nun.
You'll always be|my perfect Maria.
Where are all|the hairpins today?
I left them at home.
And she won't be|playing Maria.
What do you reckon|I'm gonna do
if I can't bawl you out|for learning your lines
on company time?
What kind of a joke|is that?
Well, she's beating me.
I need a word with you.
We're talking|right now.
All right...
Come on.
Please sit down.
We were off|for the whole day.
Everything stops when|the machine breaks.
You know that.
I--I can do my job|just fine...
if I stick|to the day shift.
This won't happen again.
Look, I daydream|too much.
I--I decided to quit.
And I guess,|then l--I forgot.
I've been ordered|to let you go, Selma.
You're not|gonna have to pay
for the machine|you broke.
I got them|to agree to that.
Uh, thanks, Norman.
This is your salary.
And you know, um...
Maybe we can find you|something
away from the machines
where your eyesight|wouldn't matter so much.
Not right away.
That's very kind|of you.
I better go.
I'll be okay.|I really will.
Thanks, Norman.
Thank you, Selma.
Thank you.
What is she|going to do now?
Did you ever think|about that?
Don't worry, Kathy.|Really.
I'm gonna be fine.
Has anybody|seen Jeff today?
He's usually here|early, Selma,
but not this early.
It's a shame.
I could give you|a lift if you want.
I--I will need a lift...
I need to do|something important 3:00.
Well, you need to get|your truck then, don't you?
Train's coming.|Get off the track, Jeff.
You have to be careful.
Stay to the side.
You can't see,|can you?
What is there to see?
You can't see,|can you?
See you at 3:00.
I can see.
Gene hasn't|come back yet.
I need to talk to Bill.
He decided to|take the day off
to go to the bank|for his box.
Is he--is he upstairs?
I know everything, Selma.
Bill told me.
I want you to move out!
I--I don't understand.
Wh-what would you know?
That you came on|to him.
That you asked him|into the trailer,
but he|turned you down!
You've got nothing|to say for yourself?
I want to talk to Bill.
Hi, Bill.
Linda saw me go up|to the, um...
Up to the trailer.
I told her it was you|who wanted to, uh...
That you'd...
That you'd fallen|in love with me.
I know.|She told me.
And what did|you tell her?
You didn't tell her|I was lying?
Mum's the word, right?
Linda told me|you went to the bank.
I went to the bank|to ask for more time.
But I couldn't do it.
And I brought the box|home instead.
Linda always|gets so proud
when she sees me|sitting in here with it.
But you have put|my money in it,
haven't you?
To make it look|like it's yours.
I tried to shoot|myself, but...
I couldn't|do that either.
But it's my money, Bill.
I'm gonna have to take it.
Well, you|can have it back.
No, you can have it.
You can have it back|in a month.
But--but I can't|do that, Bill.
I--I've decided to...
to pay the doctor
this afternoon.
I can't save up more money.
That's over now.
Gene doesn't|even turn 1 3
until after christmas.
It was $2,026
and 1 0 cents
in the tin.
I can't count it now,|but I trust you.
And it's...
$30 I got today...
which makes it
and 1 0 cents.
It's not enough.
But it'll have to do.
- Bye, Bill.|- Selma...
Selma, stop.
I'm pointing my gun|at you, Selma.
I don't believe you.
You're just trying|to scare me.
I can't see a gun.
Just... feel this.|Feel this.
Just feel it!|Feel it!
Do you believe|I have the gun?
I believe you.
But it's my money.
No, it's my money.
It's the money|I had in my box.
And you're trying|to steal it from me.
Selma!|Selma, stop!
Selma, stop!|Linda!
- No!|- Linda! Linda!
What's the matter,|Bill?
She tried to|steal the money.
She knew I had|the gun in my...
in my drawer|and she--
Is that why|you wanted him,
for the money?
Go out to the car|and get my handcuffs.
Go get the handcuffs.
Give me the money.
Give me the money.
Give me the money|and i'll let you go.
Where should I go?
Just give me|the money.
Just give me|the money!
The money.
Give me the money!
- Get--|- No!
Bill!|Oh, Bill!
You shot me.
No, no, Selma.
You did the right thing.
I should've done it|myself.
Kill me.
Just kill me.
Will you just be|my friend...
and show some mercy,|please, and just...
kill me?
Your handcuffs aren't|in the car, Bill.
Just show|some mercy, Selma,
and just...
Linda, run.
Run up to Miller's farm.|Just run up to Miller's farm
and call the station.|Tell them to hurry.
Run! Get up there!|Go on to Miller's farm!
If you want|the money...
you're gonna have|to kill me.
Don't do this to me.
Don't do this|to me.
I'm not letting go.
Selma, shoot me!
Just shoot me!|Shoot me! Shoot me!
Shoot me!!
Cant't you|just stand up
and pull|the goddamn trigger!
I'll have to|take the money.
DC Sniper 23 Days of Fear
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