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Subtitles for Dancer in the Dark (2001) CD2.

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Dancer in the Dark (2001) CD2

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What are you|doing here?
Is it already 3:00?
Uh, not really.
Hell, I'm always early.
You cut yourself again.
There's some blood|on your blouse.
I couldn't feel it|at all.
We're here now.
By the bus stop?
Yeah, the bus stop.
It's over there.
And the lake|is here?
Promise me|that you won't follow me.
Yeah, I promise.
Dobry Vecer,|Pane Doktore.
Dobry Vecer.
I would like to pay|for the operation now.
and 1 0 cents.
I know it's not quite
what you told me, but...
but it's all|I could get together.
What last name
shall I put|on the receipt?
Oh, I don't need|a receipt.
I really don't.
I have to know|the name of your son.
When he comes in|for his operation.
He will come,
and he will say|that his name is Novy.
And then|you will know...
that he has|been paid for.
Like Oldrich Novy,
the tap dancer?
It is strange,|isn't it?
But he never really|made it over here,
did he?
I saw his films|when I was a kid.
He was in|the first musical
I ever saw.
Same here.
It's Tuesday night.
What about|your rehearsal?
Yeah, I guess.
You want to go?
Then maybe put|your arm around her,
and... a little bit of...
Hi, Selma.
Hi, Samuel.
We weren't sure you'd|show up, actually.
Sure, I'd show up.
Nice to see you.
Be right back.
She's here.
Okay, I think--I|think you could...
try it one more time|for me.
But I should--|I should be going now.
I think Gene may wonder|where I am.
Jeff, he--he hasn't|seen me all day.
I think maybe we|could do your scene.
Let's do|the tapping scene.
Okay? We haven't|done it in weeks,
and we really need|to rehearse it,
and while you're here,|we might as well
take advantage|of the time, please?
Okay, let's do|the tapping scene.
You come offstage--
Let me have|the nuns up there.
Imagi--|you're going to do
Selma's part|for her
for right now,|all right?
You like it?
We haven't done it|for a while.
Remember that part|we did where--
where you, uh...
you come to|the convent gate
to say goodbye|to the--to Maria?
I should leave, Jeff.
Gene--Gene is|probably worried now.
I haven't seen him|all day.
All right.
I'm sorry, Samuel, but...
Betty, come here|for a second, please.
The drummer|that you wanted--
Remember, you asked|me for a drummer?
I found somebody.|She's fantastic.
Her name's Betty.|She's right here
for the first time|tonight.
Please meet her.|Selma, this is Betty.
Hi, Betty.
You play the drums?
Tell her how long|you've been studying.
Two years.
She's wonderful.
You've got to stay|and enjoy this.
You've got to--|I have an idea.
Let's do the finale.
I just remembered,|you hate finales.
No finale!
I've a better idea.
"Climb Every Mountain,"|part one.
The state will show
that the defendant|has not only perpetrated
the most callous...
and well-planned homicide|in recent memory...
but is also|a fundamentally selfish
who cynically hides
behind a handicap,
devoid of sympathy|for anybody
but herself.
This woman found|trust and friendship
when she sought refuge|in our country,
and the evidence will show
that she has repaid|such kindness with betrayal,
robbery, and murder,
inflicted upon|the very people
who opened their homes|and hearts to her.
Ladies and gentlemen|of the jury...
The evidence will prove|that she herself...
did not show that mercy|she will ask of us.
Is this the bag here,|detective?
Yes,|the very same.
Houston's blood|was all over it.
Well, shortly|before the homicide,
I had a checkup|on her vision,
and I found|that she was myopic.
It's nearsighted--
Nearsighted, but...|She could see.
She said communism was...
better for human beings.
She had nothing|but contempt
for our great country|and its principles?
Apart from its musicals.|She said the American one...
the American ones|were better.
the defendant|preferred Hollywood
to Vladivostok.
I suppose that's|an acknowledgement of sorts.
She just asked|many times
about the money.
She wanted to know|where it was?
That's right.
She asked you|about the gun?
Yes, she did.
She wanted to know|where it was kept?
That's right.
Bill was lying on the floor
and... he was wounded.
He was pleading for his life?
"I--I beg you,|I beg you,
I beg you."
You showed him|no mercy, Selma!
You shall have|no mercy either!
Would you state your name|for the record, please?
Selma Jezkova.
And Bill and|Linda Houston...
were your friends,|is that right?
In fact, you lived|in a trailer
on their property.
And didn't they also
take care|of your young son
when you were at work?
They bought him a...
birthday present|recently.
Is that right?
Yeah. They|got him a bike.
Your sight|was poor,
you claim,|contrary to
the expert testimony|we have received.
But you saw|well enough
to inflict 34 wounds|on Bill Houston.
So why did you|kill him, actually?
If I may be|so bold to ask?
He asked me to.
He did?
How intriguing.
A man with|a fine career
and some wealth,|a happy marriage,
why would|this Bill Houston
ask you to kill him?
I promised not to say.
Well, that clears|things up immensely.
You promised|you wouldn't say.
In that case, we'll just|have to take your word for it
when you say|that the money you stole
that Bill Houston's savings
also disappeared|so mysteriously
that same day.
Just, uh...
Just where did you|get your money?
I'd been saving up.
Well, I suppose|you could call it that.
What were these savings|to be used for?
You never bought your son
so much as|a single birthday present,
as we've heard.
My--my father.
In Czechoslovakia.
Your father?
And what,|pray tell...
is his name?
My--my father is...
Oldrich Novy.
We're meant to believe...
that you killed|Bill Houston
by inflicting|34 wounds on him
He asked you to.
Just as we're meant|to believe
that you were blind|when you did it...
Are meant to believe|that it was your own savings
that you stole from him...
Just as we're meant|to believe
that you sent all you had
to your father back home,
a man by the name|of Oldrich Novy.
Is that right?
Thank you,|Miss Jezkova.
Ladies and gentlemen|of the jury,
you've now heard from|the defendant's own lips.
You must believe her,
just as you|must believe her
when she claims|her father's name
is Oldrich Novy.
Your Honor...
at this time,|the state calls
to the witness stand...
Oldrich Novy.
Please state|your full name.
The name is|Oldrich Novy.
And you used to live|in Czechoslovakia?
That is right.
I live now in California,|as you know.
That's right, that's|where we found you.
What exactly is|your relationship
with the defendant?
I do not know her.
You don't know her?
You have not received money
from her.
Money that--that...
she says was so dearly earned?
No, I have not.
Perhaps you're|not her father then?
No, I am not.
Well, if|this relationship
was made up|by the defendant,
can you think|of any way
she might've come|to know your name?
I was once well known|in Czechoslovakia
uh... because of my profession.
Yes, Mr. Oldrich Novy,|what is your profession?
Maybe that can give us|a clue to why,
why this somewhat...|romantic,
certainly communistic, woman
who worships Fred Astaire|but not his country,
why she might've lied...
and misused your name...
to make us think|all her money was spent
on a poor father|and not on her own vanity.
What is it that you do?
I was an actor.|I made films.
They were musicals.
Say it again!
Will the court please rise?
The honorable Judge|A.D. Mantle presiding.
Have you reached a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor.
Will the defendant|please rise?
We, the jury,|find the defendant
Selma Jezkova
guilty of murder|in the first degree
and hereby sentence her|to death.
Is this|the verdict of this jury?
You fully understand|that it must be unanimous?
We do, Your Honor.
Selma Jezkova...
You are hereby sentenced
to be taken from this place
and confined in|the state penitentiary
until such time|as you shall be executed
by being hanged|by the neck
until you are dead.
This court is adjourned.
All rise!
I've just heard|about the...
Supreme Court decision.
Yeah, l...
I just want to talk|practical stuff.
On Gene's birthday...
he will receive|a letter.
And it's so important,|Kathy...
that he reads it|really carefully.
I need you to take care|of that for me...
because I'm not|gonna be there
when he gets it.
He should not be afraid,
because there's nothing|to be afraid of, Kathy.
Listen, Gene wants|to see you so badly.
Won't you let him?|Please?
There's nothing|for him to see.
He's got you now,|Kathy.
And there's|one more thing:
He has to|call himself Novy.
That's|very important.
All right,|time's up, Selma.
I know that sounds|a bit foolish.
I'm sorry I didn't|tell you before
about all this.|I just didn't dare to
because they would|ruin everything.
But what--|Why does he
have to call himself Novy?
Stop asking questions|like that, Cvalda.
Please... Iet me|tell Gene hello...
from you to him.
I know you love|your son very much.
I love him very much.
Got a boy of my own|back home.
You never told me that.
Good night, Brenda.
Good night.
Say hi to your son|from me.
Thank you, Selma.
Can I help you?
Did you once have|a patient called...
Selma Jezkova?
Well, if it wasn't|too long ago,
I can check|my records for you.
Jes... Jez... Jess...
Sorry, there's no one|here by that name.
What about Novy?
I have good news for you.
What's that?
We found a new lawyer...
and he's going to get|your case re-opened.
He says your lawyer|was incompetent.
What do you mean?
Well, the case is|going to be re-opened.
You won't get|the death sentence.
Is that true?
Yes. New information|has turned up.
Wh-what information?
Well, we know|the whole story, Selma.
Why didn't you tell us|anything?
You know, about...
about the money|for Gene's operation.
How did you find out?
Well, Jeff talked|to the doctor.
Does--does Gene know?
I mean,|have you told Gene?
No.|No, I didn't.
But you've got|a much better case now.
That's very important,|Kathy.
His eyes might get|worse from worrying,
and then the operation|won't work.
Yes, but, Selma...
Don't you see|that it would help you
if they knew that you|were trying to save your son
from going blind?
The lawyer,|he'll come and see you
in two weeks' time.
Kathy, but, uh...
You know|they're hanging me
in one week.
We know that,|but he says
you can apply for a stay.
You know, most cases|get one the first time.
Well, you can smile.
Yeah... it's just|too much for me.
I thought|I was strong.
I just can't|take it, Kathy.
Apply for a stay.
What if they|don't phone?
Uh, well, you'll be|transferred to the other...
cell block|at some point tomorrow.
That's the cell block|where they hang people.
Yeah,|that's where they...
spend the last day.
And then they do|their 1 07 steps.
It's from that room...
to the gallows,|isn't it?
That's what they say,|Selma, but...
Look at...
You're gonna get|your stay.
Why don't you try to|think of something nice,
all right?
It's just|so quiet here.
What's that got|to do with it, Selma?
You know, when I used|to work in the factory...
I used to dream|that I was in a musical,
because, in a musical,
nothing dreadful|ever happens.
But it's so quiet here.
Don't the prisoners|march or something?
No, they don't.|They don't...
There's not...
There's not much noise|around here, Selma,
I know.
But later they|turn on the radio.
No, no, no.|There's no...
They don't allow radio|in the isolation block.
But I've been listening|to the ventilation...
I hear sometimes|people singing there,
hymns or...
That's not|against the rules,
to listen, is it?
I wonder if...
if maybe you're|hearing the singing
coming from the chapel.
Maybe you'll|even get a sermon.
You got your stay.
You got the stay.
I'm so happy for you.
I'm your new legal counsel.
My name is Luke, okay?
Oh, hi, Luke.
I'm, uh, quite sure...
I can get your sentence|commuted.
All I need is a signature
stating you want|the case re-opened...
and then I can get|all the paperwork ready
by tomorrow.
There's a lot of things|your other lawyer didn't do
that I'm going to do.
A lot of ground|that wasn't covered
that I am going|to cover.
The fact that you were|fighting for your boy
is something|we can really milk.
I have some experience|in cases like this, so...
That's what|the attorney before said.
Uh... yeah.
You see, he was|appointed by the court,
and you don't get|the best legal counsel
that way.
Y-You were not|appointed by the court?
I'm not appointed|by the court, no.
You're gonna have|to pay me.
But... not to worry.
That's been|taken care of.
I made a deal with|your... Iady friend?
Yeah, in regard|to my fee.
I've agreed to|accept the amount
that she said|she could raise.
How much...
How much was it?
Well, I can tell you|precisely,
because I received|an envelope.
It's, uh,|two thousand dollars--
$2,056.1 0?
That's it precisely.
There's something here.
I'd like to just sort of|go over our tactics.
I have a couple of|questions to ask you.
If he doesn't have|the operation next month,
it's gonna be too late!
And he will never|be able to see!
This is what|it's all about,
so he can see|his grandchildren!
Well, let me|tell you something.
The only thing|that's important to me
in my whole life,
and you don't|understand, Kathy!
- Listen to me!|- It's just plain stupidity!
- Listen to me!|- Waste that kind of money...
on a blind woman|who's gonna spend
the rest of her life|in jail!
But he needs his mother,|you know,
alive,|no matter where!
You don't understand!
He needs his eyes!
- He needs his mother!|- No!
- Yes! Alive!|- No!
Listen to reason|for once!
I listen to my heart.
I will go to the police.|I will tell them that...
you stole the money|from... from Bill.
Oh, yes,|I will tell that.
I will|tell them that,
that you stole it|from Bill,
and you will never see|the money again!
That will be gone|for good.
No operation! Nothing!|No mother! Nothing!
You can have|your money back.
I just want|to make sure
that you fully comprehend
what this means,|this decision.
You fully realize|what will happen?
I already asked|for no more stays.
Once this starts,|there's no stopping it.
You understand me?
I'm prepared.
Gene says thank you.
Thanks for what?
Oh, some comic books|on his birthday.
You can't buy him...|presents
and say it's from me.
You have to stop|doing that, Jeff.
Uh, maybe|you can just...
phone him.
Just say,|you know...
something to him.
No, that's--that's|not a good idea.
He wants to be the one...
who's allowed to be there|when it happens.
But l-- And then|they told him
he's too young.
Who put that crazy idea|into his head anyway?
I don't want him|to be there.
I'll be there|if you would.
And Kathy?
You know Kathy.|She's...
She's still angry.
If you think|you can take it...
I would love you|to be there.
Don't cry, Jeff.
Jeff, don't cry.|It's gonna be fine.
Why did you have him?
You knew he would have|the same disease as you.
I just wanted to hold|a little baby...
just in my arms.
I love you.
It's time, Selma.
Your meal, Jezkova.
Selma Jezkova...
It's time.
Please stand.
She can walk on her own.
I'm afraid my legs|aren't working very well.
You can do it, Selma.
I have a plan, okay?
You're gonna|stand up with me.
I may make some noise.
It will give you|something to listen to.
There's 1 07 steps.
Selma, listen|to the mark.
I couldn't even do one.
You can do it.
I can't do it!
Now listen, Selma.
I want you to do|one--there, one.
Come on.
five... six...
seven... eight...
nine... ten...
1 1 ... 1 2... 1 3...
1 4... 1 5...
1 6... 1 7... 1 8...
1 9... 20...
21 ... 22... 23...
24... 25...
26... 27... 28...
29... 30...
39... 40...
43... 44... 45...
55... 56...
60... 61 ... 62...
70... 71 ... 72...
75... 76... 77...
93... 94... 95...
1 04... 1 05...
1 06...
1 07.
Selma Jezkova,
do you have|any last words?
Very well.|Proceed.
Selma, you okay?
It's okay.|It's okay.
Come on now.
Use the board.
Oh, no, no. No, wait.|Give her a chance.
She can stand up.|She can stand.
In here.
It's okay.|It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
The straps|on her hands.
I'm scared.
It's okay.
- I'm so scared!|- I know.
On the mark.
I can't do the hood!
It's okay.|Selma.
I have to breathe!
Nobody told me|about the hood!
It's just so|you can't see, Selma.
- I can't breathe!|- I know.
I can't breathe!
- Look, look--|- I can't breathe!
I have to breathe!
Look,|she can't breathe.
She can't breathe!|She can't--
I'm taking it.|I'm taking it.
This is irregular.
I don't care|if it's irregular.
- We have regulations.|- She's blind--
I don't care about|the regulations!
The girl is blind,|for Christ's sake.
I'm gonna make a call.
Yeah, make the call--
Yeah, we|have a situation here.
I'll hold for him.
The woman's blind...|I'll wait.
Waiting for a call.
He--he's just outside.
He gave me these|for you.
So he had the operation?
He will see|his grandchildren!
He is just outside.
You were right, Selma!
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