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Subtitles for Dark Angel 1x21 And Jesus Bought A Casserole.

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Dark Angel 1x21 And Jesus Bought A Casserole

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Max, are you OK? Can you hear me?
(Logan) Max, are you OK?
Lydecker was tracking X5/452.
Apprehended her inside the facility. We're getting him and his men out now.
Take custody of the X5, and place Colonel Lydecker under arrest.
Say again your orders.
He's charged with the murder of Sandoval. Arrest him and take him back to Manticore.
You're not supposed to be here. This is a secure installation.
l'll have to ask you and your men to vacate immediately.
You heard him, men.
Kalins, O'Neill, hang back.
This way, sir.
l don't know what is going on here, but l'm going to find out.
lf either of you don't have the stomach for it, now's the time to say so.
We're with you, sir.
- Where to, sir? - l don't know yet.
Just keep drivin'.
And keep her sedated.
X5/656 was undergoing experimental treatment for a genetic anomaly
that was diagnosed when we first recaptured her.
Unfortunately, because of Lydecker's interference,
she is now deceased.
l'm sorry for your loss.
l know you were looking forward to having your sister back at Manticore.
l was, ma'am. Thank you for your condolences.
- We lost him. - What?
Colonel Lydecker fled the scene before we could arrest him. He took the X5 with him.
He had a South African tech team looking for the girl. Resume the search.
- Yes, ma'am. - Find him.
- l want you to head up the response team. - What are my orders with regard to X5/452?
- Bring her in alive. - And Colonel Lydecker?
You are authorised to terminate.
What happened? We got in, no problem. Next thing, Lydecker's guys are all over the place.
l gave you heads-up. Why didn't you get her outta there?
l tried. Couldn't get to her.
- We shouldn't have gone in. - We had no choice. They had Tinga.
And now Lydecker has Max.
- We gotta find her. - l contacted Krit and Syl. They're coming.
So if Lydecker's in the wind and he's got Max with him, what's his plan?
You understand my instructions now?
l never had anyone take over the whole place before.
No maid service.
No wake-up call.
No mints on the pillow.
No worries.
We pride ourselves as much on our discretion as we do on our lack of amenities.
My niece has a drinking problem.
Enjoy your stay.
- (phone ringing) - l'll be travelling to Manticore. Arrange it.
- What do you think you're doin'? - Where are you, Deck?
When they find out that you're killing X5s, the committee's gonna have your ass.
Do you really think that the committee's gonna listen to you,
after what you did to Agent Sandoval?
You got a real set of brass ones.
There's a tracking van out there looking for you right now, as we speak.
That X5 is mine.
- You think l'll let you have her? - What are you gonna do?
You're a dead man.
(dialling tone)
(Lydecker) lt's all right.
l'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Do you remember that night l sat with you in the infirmary?
l shouldn't have been there. l shouldn't have shown favouritism.
But... you're special to me, Max. l hope you know that.
lf you knew how much l loved her you'd understand.
Sometimes l wish l could take you away from all this,
where they couldn't do anything to you.
(echoing) There's no other way.
This won't hurt, and l'll be right behind you.
What did you do to Tinga?
lt wasn't me. You think l could do something like that to her?
To any of you? You kids had no idea how much you meant to me.
Had a funny way of showing it.
l was trying to build something.
Think of it.
lnstead of sending 1,000 troops into battle and losing 100...
sending ten perfect soldiers and losing none.
Am l supposed to feel bad we bailed on you? Messed up your whole vision thing?
l'd rather see Manticore die than let her pervert it.
That's all it would take, is a few perfect soldiers
to bring the whole thing crashing down on her.
ls this some kind of new torture thing?
Lock people up in a cheap motel and then babble at them until they crack?
You'll see l'm telling the truth when they bust that door down and blow my head off,
and drag you back to Manticore for reprogramming.
Unless she has other plans for you.
- ''She''? - The bitch that murdered your sister.
lt really wasn't you?
Let me know when you hear 'em coming. You'll know before l do.
And remember, that offer still stands.
We got a hit. Grid 98-02.
Command, this is Search Unit Alpha. Target located. Mobilise response team.
(man) Roger, Alpha Team.
- You could let me go. - What's the point?
They've got a bead on that implant in your head.
(vehicles approaching)
There's no use runnin'.
l'm light on my feet. What do you say? Give me a chance.
- Where are they? - Number 12.
(Zack) Syl, Krit, what have you got?
- Packs a punch, but l've only got 40 rounds. - We'll track some more down.
- What about you, little sister? - Russian-made RGN-3s.
Fragmentation-pattern explosion.
Thanks. That was a contact. Military convoy just swooped in on a motel in Sector Eight.
lt's gotta be them.
Hey, Max.
Hey, yourself. How'd you know where to find us?
Bling told me there was a party.
- Look what the cat dragged in. - You needed perfect soldiers. Here we are.
- What are you talkin' about? - He'll help us.
- Help us what? - Take down Manticore.
(Zack) This is crazy, Max. We've made it this far by staying under the radar, blendin' in.
Constantly looking over your shoulder.
You said it yourself. They'll never stop looking for us.
They'll hunt us down one by one until we're either dead or in a cage.
lt's time to bring this war home.
Maybe you're right. But what about him?
You expect us to believe he had an epiphany because of what happened to Tinga?
Maybe. Or one of his bosses want him dead in a big way.
- Take a number. - Either way, he'll help us.
Or double-cross you. Again.
l don't expect you to trust me. But remember what l taught you.
- The enemy of my enemy is my friend. - Shut up.
l know that facility and its defensive capabilities like the back of my hand.
- l can get us inside. - Then what?
There are only four of us. What kind of damage can we do?
You can take out the DNA lab,
destroy their ability to develop a new generation of soldiers.
What's to keep our enemy, or the enemy of our enemy, from starting over?
Do you remember when you kids escaped?
They almost shut the place down.
That's nothing compared to what will happen if we can take out the lab.
There'll be a war of finger-pointing, funding will disappear,
and Manticore will cease to exist.
lt's worth a shot.
l'm getting tired of running.
- l don't like it. - There is no ''l'' in ''team'', Zack.
l don't like it either, but we don't have a choice.
You so much as breathe wrong, there'll be four of us to take you out.
Make that five.
Got it.
You can draw us a map of the facility.
lnitiating sweep of Sector Four.
Whatever. She's probably halfway to Canada by now.
We just got a hit. She's close.
Real close.
(van door opens)
Hey, boys, lookin' for me?
Well, with a few modifications, we can run our operation from in here.
- l'll get on it. - What kind of resistance will we meet?
Fortunately for us, most of the X-series has been deployed throughout the world.
There is a contingent of conventional soldiers
and a small security detail of X5s, about a dozen.
Not the kind of family reunion l hoped for.
We'll be in and out before they know we're there.
Say we can breach the perimeter and get inside the building,
how are we gonna get in the lab and lay the charges? This thing's a locked box.
And l gotta figure, when they put out the hit on you, they probably yanked your clearance.
Which is why l need to see a friend of mine before we go.
Like we're gonnajust let you walk outta here?
- lf you don't trust me... - That's a given.
Then one of you should come with me.
You sure this is the place?
He's a creature of habit... a slave to his Tuesday night lap dance.
- About last night. - Don't remind me.
- l still feel sick. - Me, too.
Got a bad feeling you were gonna tell me...
you were my...
l would never presume to pollute the gene pool.
l can't tell you what a relief that is for me.
l mean, what a cliché that'd be, huh?
l did love somebody once.
ln my eyes,
she approached perfection.
When she was murdered,
l kept a small part of her alive...
in you.
You're tellin' me l'm some kind of clone of an old girlfriend?
No. Not a copy.
More... inspired by.
She was my wife.
You have her eyes.
Don't you ever look at me like that again. Ever!
There he is.
l'm gonna watch every move you make.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. Look, l'm unarmed, Deck.
We've known each other for years, Jim. Tell me the truth. Why is she killin' my kids?
l don't know what you're talkin' about. lt's not your kids you need to be concerned with.
She's lookin' to put you in the cell.
l should be so lucky.
She got a target slapped on my back.
Look, look, just give us back the X5.
Or turn yourself in to me. l'll protect you the best l can.
- That's not good enough. - l wanna help you, Deck.
You may get your wish.
Chow down, my grunts. Mess is on.
l don't know how they can eat at a time like this.
An army marches on its stomach.
You must be pumped about tonight. Cos this is what they were made to do, right?
lt's very gratifying, watching kids realise their purpose in life.
You have any idea how twisted that is?
And why exactly are you here?
lt's not your fight.
But neither was the terrorist attack on the genetics conference.
l remember you.
lt's all about her... isn't it?
You're in love with her.
May l have a screwdriver, please?
lt's all right, son.
l understand.
All right, people, listen up.
We got a lotta work to do before we move out.
- There's something we need to know. - Who murdered our sister?
The new director. Name's Renfro. She's a real piece of work.
- Why'd she do it? - l don't know.
(crow cawing)
l need some fresh air.
You OK?
Sure. This is fun.
l look down at the people and think about how everybody's got problems.
Maybe not a secret government agency on their ass, but, you know, problems.
And if l sit up here long enough, l start to feel like l'm just one of those people.
A regular girl.
Well, l hate to break it to you, Max, but you're never gonna be a regular anything.
l know you're not too chill with what's going on today,
but thank you for keeping your concerns to yourself.
lt's a bitch psyching yourself up for battle when people use words like ''deathwatch''.
Well, l think l know you well enough by now.
There's no stopping you if there's something you need to do,
especially when it comes to your family.
You're my family as much as anyone.
Only we're never gonna be any kind of anything if it keeps on like this.
l know.
One way or another, after tomorrow the world's gonna be a different place for me.
For both of us.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Anyway, it was just a bird.
Syl and Krit will proceed via service corridor 4-Alpha to the main and auxiliary generators
and set charges.
Max and l will take the basement to the east air shaft to proceed to the DNA lab.
At 04.30 we set charges. By 04.40 the firing sequence will commence.
- We'll detonate the charges from here. - (Logan) l'm in!
l've accessed the surveillance system.
l'm copying loops into each camera feed, so they won't be able to see you, but we will.
So we can monitor you, steer you around any obstacles.
We rendezvous here by 04.48. Questions?
What happens if we run into Brin in there?
She'll kill you without a second thought.
The sister that you knew doesn't exist any more. She's dead.
No, she isn't. She's alive. And that means we still have a chance to get her back.
Here's your clearance to the lab.
You know what you have to do. Move out.
l'd kiss you, but l have to keep my head in the game.
Just come back.
This is for Tinga.
You OK, Max?
(Krit) Proceeding south to corridor 4-Alpha.
- (Logan) You're clear to the generator. - Copy that.
- Logan? - l got you.
- Good to go? - You're clear.
Guess there is an eye in ''team''.
(Max) lt worked. We're in.
Max, it's you.
And me.
- Tinga. - No.
Tinga's dead.
May l please have something for the pain?
As soon as you tell me, just one more time, exactly what Colonel Lydecker said to you.
He said something crazy about you killing his kids.
- And what did you say? - l don't remember.
- l lost an eye tonight. - (phone rings)
You know, maybe all this is just a bad dream. You were just scanned into the DNA lab.
Go to full alert. We have intruders. Stand by to mobilise the X7s.
- Target is primed. - OK. Get outta there.
We're on the move.
- (alarm) - (Lydecker) We've got an alarm.
Withdraw to the perimeter. You've been made. All units, withdraw.
- (Krit) Roger that. - (Max) Moving out.
Hack into the control panel at corridor 7-Alpha. We've gotta lock down ward C16.
- Why? What's wrong? - A change in deployment.
- There's still a contingent of X7s. - They're just kids.
They're stronger, faster and designed with hive minds.
We don't want our people tangling with them.
Teams are sweeping the compound, but Control says there's no one there.
That's because they hacked a fake feed into the damn surveillance system!
- Primed. - God, no.
Get down there and disable those charges.
Syl, Krit, unfriendlies behind you. 25 metres and closing.
Take 'em out.
lt's Brin. She's heading for the lab.
- Which way is she coming? - There's no time.
l'm not gonna let her take one for good old Manticore. Which way?
Back the way you came. First corridor on your left.
- Some day you'll thank me for this. - You have no idea. That's us back there.
No! That's us out there.
Come with me.
She's clear. Detonate.
l said ''She's clear.''
Do it, now!
- Max, where are you? - Almost home.
- Zack, talk to me. - On my way.
Do you know who l am?
Do you know who l am?
You know what really pisses me off? When a poser bites my stilo.
Come on.
- Everyone all right? - We did it!
- We did it. l can't believe we actually did it. - Go!
Damn! That's some sibling rivalry.
And l kicked her ass, too.
- You know what you need? - A pitcher of beer.
Read my mind.
So you broke into his house? And you liked that?
She went for the good stuff. l could tell she had taste.
Black catsuit didn't hurt either.
- Hello, my sister. - Where do you guys know each other from?
- We go way back. - Like high school?
- More like boarding school. - All girl?
- Hey, Harold. - 'Tis the will of the Almighty. That's it.
People get killed. There are homeless everywhere. lt is not all good.
His plan is all good, all the time.
- l guess. - One love, my brother.
- lnteresting friends. - The best.
Can l get another pitcher, and another glass of ice water for my friend?
(Harold) You got it.
So... it's all over.
- No more running. - You don't have to be big brother any more,
- always lookin' out for everybody. - l'll always be your big brother, Max.
For what it's worth...
Logan's OK by me.
Let's get outta here.
(crow cawing)
- Max... - What's happening?
(crow caws)
Max, answer me.
Something's wrong.
Oh, God!
OK. lt's OK. You're gonna be OK.
- This isn't bad. - Logan.
lt's OK. You're gonna be all right.
l'm sorry.
No, no, no, no. No, we're gonna get you outta here.
OK? lt's gonna be all right.
There's something l gotta tell you.
l should have said something a long time ago.
lt can wait.
Max? Max?
No. Max?
- She's gone. - l'm gonna get her back inside.
- No. - l can fix her up in there.
Listen, l know how you feel, but you've gotta let her go.
- They got Zack. - Max?
KlA. Let's move out.
She's got a gunshot wound to the left upper chest. No pulse.
Been doing CPR for six minutes. We're gonna intubate.
..on the lV. l gotta crack her chest.
Rib spreaders.
- Max! - lnternal paddles.
Charge at 30. Clear.
(flatline signal)
(doctor) 30 again. Clear.
(flatline signal)
- What's her condition? - The bullet went clean through. She's gone.
Was there damage to any other organs?
- Prep her for harvest. - (Zack) No!
- Bring her back! - Her heart's too damaged.
- Transplant her. - There's nothing in the donor bank.
Then you need a donor.
l won't do her any good.
She's an X5. She needs an X5 heart.
Fight them, Maxie.
Promise me you'll fight them.
X5/599, l've got a heart for you.
Careful, you'll pull a stitch.
Where am l?
l think you know.
You won't win. l'll never be one of them again.
(amplifiied heartbeat)
Listen to that.
That's strong, isn't it?
That is the heart of a soldier...
a leader,
a martyr.
Turn it off.
- (heartbeat gets louder) - He was quite a man, your brother Zack.
He must have loved you very much...
- to make this sacrifice. - Turn it off!
But isn't it comforting to know that a part of him lives on in you,
and that you've both come home to us?
To me.
Sometimes, it seems like it happened to someone else,
like maybe it was a story l heard.
Even though l know it happened, sometimes l can't help feeling that she's not really gone,
that she's still out there.
And l just hope she's OK.
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