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Dark Wolf

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[Creature Growls]
- [People Chattering] - [Industrial]
[Man] That's a hot babe comin'up.
[Chattering Continues]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Growling Continues]
[No Audible Dialogue]
Oh, yeah, baby. You know what daddy likes, don't you?
- [Crowd Gasps] - [Woman] What the hell is that?
- [People Screaming, Shouting] - He's got a gun! He's got a gun!
- Come here! - [Screaming, Shouting Continue]
[Man] He grabbed some chick!
- Hold it! Let her go! - [Screaming] Help!
Let the girl go.
- Freeze, asshole! You know what we got here. - We'll do it!
- Let's go. - [Continues Screaming]
[Woman] Oh, my God!
Stop, damn it!
[Shouts, Indistinct]
- No! Lance! - [Grunts]
[Woman]Josie... You should let him take some nudes.
- Wayne takes awesome nudes. - Yeah, right. That's gonna happen.
- You have a problem with that? - L've got a huge problem with that.
I don't want my girlfriend's naked body plastered all over the Internet.
Okay. Nudes, idiot. Not girly pictures.
Wayne's an artist. He's not a pornographer.
- Here. You don't believe me? - No.
Yeah, fine. Whatever.
They're ethereal. They're sensual and erotic.
They're naked pictures. Christ! Look at them. Say it how it is.
You're afraid, when everyone sees what a hot piece of ass Josie is, you'll lose her.
It's safer just to keep her as a part-time waitress.
[Laughing] I am not afraid of losing her.
Then what's the big deal? Be supportive. Stop being a prick.
Me? You're the one who started this.
You're the one who talked her into this damn thing.
[Mimicking] You should be a model. You'll make a load of money.
Why not? Chick has it goin' on.
Besides, she ain't gonna pay for medical school by waitressing.
You should stop treating her like a possession.
She's a smart girl. Money won't buy her. So stop trying.
Why does she keep breaking plans with me? That's what I wanna know.
All right, so... why are you askin' me?
'Cause you're her friend?
- That's right, I am her friend. - Yeah.
And I don't talk about her business.
Did you and josie have another fight?
Oh! What, you guys sit around and talk about it?
What happened to not talking about other people's business?
Okay. You did get in another fight.
You know what? Fuck you. Fuck her and fuck...
- Fuck the both of you guys. - Yeah, in your dreams.
- [Continues] - Watch it. Comin' through.
[People Chattering]
[Sirens Wailing In Distance]
- We've got to hurry. l'll go with the truck. - Yeah.
- Hurry. - Why?
We need this guy in lockdown.
What's the hurry? I don't understand.
Trust me.
[Banging, Pounding]
What the hell's going on in there?
[Man Shouting, Indistinct]
Get that out of here!
[Loud Growl]
- Turley! - Lance!
Lance! Get out!
Officer down! Officer down!
- [Police Radio Beeps] - [Dispatcher Over Radio, Indistinct]
Oh, my God!
[Police Radio Chatter Continues, Indistinct]
- [Growling] - [Gunshot]
[Chain Link Fence Rattling]
- [Police Radio Beeping] - He tore right through the back panel...
between the prisoner compartment and the driver's cab...
killed the driver and Detective Hartigan, then got away.
- [Police Radio Chatter] - Broke through the access doors.
l've never seen anything like it.
- [Radio Static] - [Tapping]
[Seat Belt Warning Chiming]
- Hey. Where we going? - [Police Radio Chatter Continues]
Do yourself a favor, McGowan.
Don't ask a lot of questions right now.
[Engine Starts]
This is some secret operation, right?
- You're D.E.A. - [Sighs]
Or maybe working with the D.E.A. or F.B.I.?
Hey. I need a little help understanding here.
We just bailed on a crime scene.
- [Squad Room Chatter] - [Object Thuds]
What's going on around here?
Why the shiny guns?
What happened back there in the truck?
Did you ask all these questions back in school, McGowan?
Just because you're assigned to me for a couple days to learn the ropes...
doesn't give you the right to come in here and start asking.
All right. Look, I understand that at graduation day at the academy,
they make you feel all bright and shiny and on top of the world...
like you know everything, but you don't.
This is the real world. Things go on out here...
things you've never heard of, things you can't explain.
Never seen anything break through steel like that. That's for sure.
I really don't have time to catch you up to speed,
so I suggest you do what I say when I say it.
And maybe, just maybe, we'll make it through the night in one piece.
- That's not good enough for me, Detective. - I lost my partner tonight!
He is dead.
There are a bunch of people out there that are gonna die tonight that have no idea.
That thing that killed him is still running around.
I suggest we focus.
All right. All right, McGowan.
l'm gonna give you the 99-cent answer to all your questions,
but I suggest you take very good notes 'cause l'm only going through this once.
Do you remember the Moonlight Slasher murders?
Yes, of course.
The Moonlight Slasher is a werewolf.
- A werewolf. - Yes, a werewolf... half man, half wolf.
- Try to keep up, McGowan. - [Laughing] I don't understand.
Stop trying to understand. Listen.
- But werewolves? - Yes, I know. Werewolves.
They exist. They are very real.
- Get over it. - [Laughs]
l'm just gonna tell you exactly what Hartigan told me two years ago...
when I first came onto this detail.
There's werewolves, and there's hybrid werewolves.
Now, werewolves are normal... normal werewolves.
You're shittin' me. You must have gotten cracked in the head back there.
You saw what that thing did back there. You saw what happened to Hartigan.
Tell you somethin'?
All right. Nine hundred years ago,
a human Saxon knight made it with a werewolf. Boom.
We got hybrid werewolves. And the biker guy back there... the one that got away,
the one that killed Detective Hartigan and the other officer,
ripped through solid steel and made you shit your pants... he's a hybrid werewolf.
That hybrid werewolf is out there right now searching out...
the next matriarch pure-blood.
He needs to mate with her, breed out the next generation of pure-blood werewolves.
That's the end of the history lesson.
This is where we come in.
First of all, I don't give a shit how or why these hybrids exist, but they do.
Fact is, they're enough of a problem that there's a quiet little office...
in the back of the Detectives' Bureau dedicated to dealing with them.
That, before tonight, was Detective Hartigan and me. Now it's just me.
Slow down. Just slow the fuck down.
- You expect me to believe all this crap? - I don't care what you believe.
All right? A partner's dead tonight.
A very good cop was killed, a good friend of mine.
And I sure as hell don't plan on letting that thing get away with it.
Now, you're either with me or not.
- You have exactly zero seconds to decide. - Give me a second.
[Sighs] Fine.
Fine, okay? Fine.
Welcome to the party.
[Sighs] The day started out so... normal.
- [People Chattering] - [Country Western]
[No Audible Dialogue]
Soup and salad. And grilled cheese.
[Plates Clattering]
Hey, l'll take Mary's dinner.
There you go.
Hey, Mary. Got your favorite.
Oh, bless you, child.
Oh, you shouldn't have gone to all the trouble.
I... I do just fine.
Oh, it's such a relief to sit down.
It's beautiful, huh?
Oh, I could sit and stare at that for hours.
Are you feeling all right?
Yeah. I feel fine. Why?
Well, maybe you should just take it easy tonight.
Go home early. Curl up with a good book, you know?
Tonight is not a good night to be out.
What are you, a fortune-teller or something?
No. I just, um... know things.
Then tell me my future.
Tell me that l'm going to be rich and famous...
and that l'm going to be accepted to medical school...
and do something really important, really special.
I don't know. Sometimes...
I feel like there's something...
that l'm supposed to do.
Like-Like a calling or something.
I don't know.
How long have you felt like this?
My whole life.
More so lately.
Why are you always so concerned about me?
You're always looking after me.
How come?
I suppose you could just say it's in my blood.
[Laughing] Well, go on. It's your favorite.
l'm sorry. I... I didn't mean to touch you.
It's all right.
l'd better get back to work.
Good night.
Good night, josie.
[Dispatcher Over Police Radio] Nineteen-Adam-four, please respond.
Two-Adam-seven, please respond.
That's us.
No. No more radio. Not tonight.
But how are we... Never mind.
These look like silver.
Boy, you don't miss much, do you, McGowan?
- You can't be hungry? - I gotta talk to somebody.
- Oh. - Lance is gone, Mary.
We had him.
He tore through solid steel.
Killed Lance, got away.
It was unlike anything l'd ever seen before.
He was stronger than all the others combined.
Detective McGowan. She's all right.
- What did he look like? - Biker, low-rider type.
Leather, denim, tattoos.
- DarkWolf. - Who's the DarkWolf?
Uh, it's not 'who.' It's 'what.'
- Help me stop it. - I have been protecting this bloodline for 900 years.
l'm sorry. Can someone clue me in here?
For nine centuries, this has been handed down...
from protector to matriarch, on the eve of her first transformation.
The beast that you encountered tonight is like no others.
He's much stronger and much more dangerous.
He's a dark prince, a king in waiting... a DarkWolf.
What's he waiting for?
He's not 'waiting for.' He's 'searching for.'
He seeks the girl. He desires to mate with her.
Wait. You're saying this 'dark prince' is Prince Charming...
and this girl's some sort of Cinderella?
Ah, you're catching on, Snow White.
Mary... how do I stop this thing before anyone else dies?
DarkWolf is not going to be easily defeated.
He can only be killed with silver through the eye.
The man that you met... the biker... he is the human form of DarkWolf.
You know, if this thing is looking for this girl,
it seems to me... you've got the girl, you get the bad guy.
Mmm. You're just smart as a dull tack, aren't you?
Hey, l've had just about as much as l'm gonna take from you...
McGowan. Mary, she's right.
If this girl's in danger, she should know about it so she can be protected.
No. There can be absolutely no interference.
The girl must see the signs for herself.
She must feel the burning of the first transformation.
Without that, she will never know her destiny.
If he tracks her down and mates with her,
my race will perish,
and there will be more soldiers of darkness coming.
And without us, they will conquer your race as well.
Humans will be no more.
[Water Running]
- [Gasps] - Oh.
- Where's the fire? - Sorry.
- Let me help you. - Thank you. I... Thanks.
- [Jazz] - [People Chattering]
No turkey sandwich tonight, Turley?
No. Not-Not tonight. L'm just waiting for a couple coffees to go.
Oh, here. L'll get that.
- Nice. - What's that?
Who's that in the bathroom? Where's Hartigan tonight?
He, uh...
He died earlier tonight.
Oh, my God.
- L'm so sorry. I... - Yeah. It's all right.
What happened?
A, uh... arrest went bad.
God, you guys come here all the time.
l'm really, really sorry.
Hey, girl. You're lookin' hot. Are you ready?
- Yeah. Hey. - Hey, babe. What's up?
I just... I gotta go clock out,
and you guys go sit in a booth over there, and l'll be there in a minute.
[Stacey] Move it, chick.
Tom. Oh...
Right. We'll, uh, be in this booth right here.
What is the matter with you? Are you trying to mess things up between the two of you?
- Who does this guy think he is? - Who?
- This guy right here. - [Loudly] You mean that guy there?
- Yes. - [Laughing] Yeah.
Yeah, you know something? You're right.
The nerve of that asshole. He's just sitting there, saying nothing...
paying no attention to us, totally minding his own business.
I say we kick his ass. Come on.
[Low Growl]
[Growling Continues]
Oh. Uh, thanks for the coffees.
- L'm sorry about your partner. - Yeah.
[McGowan Screams]
- [People Gasping] - Somebody call an ambulance!
- McGowan! - [Gasping] I saw it.
- Shh! Don't talk. Don't talk. Mary. - [Crying]
[Man] I think she may be with that guy.
Mary. Hang on. Help's on the way.
- [Moaning] - Mary?
Stay back. Mary?
Take her, quickly... be-before it returns.
Who? Take who?
The girl. Take... the girl.
Who's the girl, Mary? I don't know who the girl is.
- Her? - You have to-to protect her now.
I can't any longer.
What about the other protectors like you?
l-I am the last.
l'm not a protector, Mary. I can't baby-sit some girl.
If you have the girl, it-it will come to you.
Don't let her touch anyone.
What? Why?
If she touches the skin,
DarkWolf will follow that scent,
and-and it will kill them.
She's a waitress, Mary. She could've touched hundreds of people.
We're all-all she has now.
- [Sirens Approaching] - The-The silver...
silver bullet will... will protect you.
- [Crying] - What's goin' on?
- What happened? - Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- [Siren Stops] - [Vehicle Door Opens, Closes]
- [Police Radio Chatter] - Come on.
Wait. Where are we going? Are you just gonna leave her here?
Detective McGowan's inside.
- Come on. - Wait a fuckin' minute!
- Hey, back off! - Who are you?
Police. Back off.
l'm her boyfriend. She's coming with me.
We-We'll wait for you in Wayne's apartment.
Oh, this is so not cool.
- Okay, everyone, we need everyone to step back, please. - Come on. Let's just go.
- Does anybody know this woman? - What... What is this?
- [Crying] - You okay?
No! No, l'm not okay.
- You were friends with Mary. - Mm-hmm.
[Sniffling] She was a nice old lady.
She never caused any problems for anyone.
I used to bring her food when she'd show up.
Mary ever talk to you about anything?
Sometimes. Why?
Anything in particular?
Where are we going?
- Am I under arrest or something? - No, you're not under arrest.
Look, if l'm not under arrest, then l-I want you to take me back to my friends now.
- I can't do that. - What?
I know my rights, okay? I didn't do anything.
You're in protective custody, all right? A material witness.
A witness to what? I didn't witness anything.
In fact, I was busy talking with you...
when either of those things happened, if I recall.
A lot of this probably isn't making much sense.
It's making no sense!
l'm just a cop caught up in the middle of this.
l'm not Mary. I can't do her job.
What does Mary have to do with any of this?
She was protecting you.
The homeless lady?
- From what? - All I can do is tell you what she told me, okay?
You're goin' through a change, a kind of a transformation right now.
- [Growling] - And because of that, someone's...
something is trying to track you down.
To mate with you.
You're saying...
that there's something out there...
who wants to hook up with me?
- Let me go! - Josie! Don't!
Let me go, damn it! What do you want from me?
I understand this is a lot to deal with right now. I understand.
Just... l've seen what that thing can do.
Every full moon, this thing goes on a rampage...
- [DarkWolf Howling] - Looking for you.
It's not gonna stop... till it finds you.
[Whimpering] What am I supposed to do?
[Crying] I didn't ask for any of this.
It's not your fault, all right? It's not your fault.
Look, I can do my best to protect you, okay?
But protecting you isn't gonna solve the problem.
- I gotta find this thing. - [Whimpers]
I gotta stop it.
- Do you understand? - [Crying] No!
Josie? I need you to understand. Okay?
- Shit. - What?
There's a... a book.
A book Mary gave me... I lost it.
- She gave me a book to give you. - To give to me?
Yeah. She said it would explain everything you were going through tonight...
the transformation, the...
[Sighs] I must've left it back there when I was running around.
Obviously, it would've explained everything a hell of lot better than I can.
Where are we going?
- [Camera Shutter Clicking] - [Techno]
[Man] Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. [Chattering]
Yeah. Yeah.
All right. [Continues Chattering]
Yeah. Oh, wow. That's good.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, babe. Hey.
- Mm! - Mmm!
- Where you been? - A whole bunch of shit went down at the diner.
A cop was attacked, and some bag lady got killed.
- Seriously? - No, l'm kidding. Yeah, seriously.
It's probably gonna be on the news.
- Where's josie? - Some cop took her away in a car.
Apparently, she's some sort of witness or something.
- So we're not shooting. - You pick up on things real fast, huh?
Well, shit! I mean, I rescheduled because of her.
Sorry. What do you want me to do?
- [Line Ringing] - [Camera Motor Winding]
[Message Machine] Hey, it's josie.
Yeah. Anna, Stacey.
- Hey. - [Scoffs]
[Sighs] Shit. Miguel!
The film's cold, man.
It was in the refrigerator. What do you expect?
You were supposed to take it out of the refrigerator.
l'm a fucking makeup artist, okay?
l'm not a fucking cook, okay?
What is this? She looks like a slut.
I didn't do her makeup. She did.
You look like a slut.
Well, ain't that a bitch.
- [Mumbling, Indistinct] - So what are we doing here?
[Stacey] Waiting to see, I guess. Cop didn't say how long they'd be.
Fuckin' assholes. Nobody can tell me where she is.
You tried calling her cell phone?
Oh. Yeah, I called her cell phone. I got her voice mail.
She never turns it on. So what are we gonna do, sit around?
[Scoffs] Tell me about it.
- She'll call when she's done. - No.
This is bullshit. L'm not waiting for her to call. L'm gonna go find out where she is.
Where are you going? You don't even know where they took her.
I don't know. L'll start at the nearest police station.
Oh, geez. Hey, you.
[Loud Growl]
[DarkWolf Howling]
[Metal Clanks]
Oh, right. [Grunts]
Son of a bitch.
Don't be reading someone's private shit.
- What's wrong with you? - I thought this was yours.
You're saying, if it was mine, it's okay to go reading it?
Maybe there's a name somewhere,
a phone number, and we can get it back to them.
Don't go looking through everyone's private shit.
[Snaps Fingers] ¡Mira! ¡Venga!
¡Mira aquí!
What the hell is this?
This is some weird shit.
Will you guys stop being so goddamn nosy? This is someone's private thoughts.
No, it's not, babe. I mean, look.
It's some kind of, like, notebook or something.
It-It... It's got pictures and drawings and maps and shit.
Are you thinking what l'm thinking?
I don't know. What am I thinking?
[Snaps Fingers] ¡Mira!
Hmm? No?
[Howling Playfully]
- Dude, I like it. - And then we go to the roof?
Shoot against the moon. Rockin'!
You guys are seriously weird.
[Techno, Loud]
[Wayne's Voice] No. Leave a message.
- [Beep] - [Tom] Pick up, somebody. Hello.
It's Tom. I went out the wrong door and locked myself in the alley.
- Someone come down and let me in. - [Beep, Click]
¶Snatch a piece of the sky ¶
¶l'm all on fire ¶
¶ Watch his motion ¶
¶Fuel desires ¶
¶Fan the fire ¶
¶ To incredible size ¶
¶ Where is time ¶
¶l'll be waiting ¶
¶ When the lights don't light up anymore ¶
¶ Time will take him ¶
¶ When the nights have washed his dreams ashore ¶
¶l'll be waiting ¶
¶l'll be waiting ¶
¶How he sparkles ¶
¶ O'er the dreamers ¶
¶ Though the years slice his youth ¶
¶Like a razor ¶¶
¶¶[Woman Vocalizing]
[Monitor Beeping]
How's L.A.P.D.'s finest doing? Any better?
Looks like we need to change this for you.
l'll be right back.
[Door Opens, Closes]
Just, uh...
This is your girlfriend?
Is this your girlfriend?
No. It's my sister. She died a couple of years ago.
- L'm sorry. - [Television Clicks On]
It's got to have made the news.
[Announcer On TV, Indistinct]
[TVAnnouncer] It's currently 79 degrees.
[Announcer Continues, Indistinct]
[Metal Clicking]
You expecting to go to war?
Downtown Los Angeles where a homeless woman...
was found dead outside this local diner,
ironically, just moments after a police officer...
was unexplainably attacked inside the diner's restroom.
Now, police sources, as of yet, are making no comment,
uh, but the rumors are starting to fly...
that both the homeless woman and the police offiicer...
were possibly victims of a wild dog attack.
Again, this is pure speculation. There is no need for panic.
- That's the guy. - We'll give you all the details...
as well as an update on News Five next.
- Reporting from downtown Los Angeles, - Who?
l'm Nick Kazinzakis.
The guy l'm looking for.
Do you have a bathroom?
Right there.
- Hey. Maybe I should... - No. You're not coming in the bathroom.
[Groaning Continues]
You okay?
[Distorted Voice] Help me!
Shh. All right. You're gonna be all right.
It's all right. It's all right. It's okay.
- [Muffled Sobbing] - It's okay. It's okay.
Here. It's okay.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
[Sobbing Qiets]
It's okay. Hey.
It's okay.
[Whimpering] l'm so scared.
Mary was right.
It's happening.
It reversed itself.
It may not reverse next time.
That guy... on TV.
He's the one who's after me?
- Yeah. - [Crying Softly]
He's a lycanthrope in human form...
but he has to mate as a wolf.
[Takes Deep Breath]
Thank you.
For what?
I don't know. For being here...
helping me.
How'd you get involved with all this anyways?
- Uh... - Do they have a sign at your office...
down at the police station that says 'Werewolf Hunter' or something?
[Both Laugh]
No, not exactly.
l-I just sort of backed into it.
A couple of years ago, I was assigned to my partner...
my former partner.
A lot of the larger metropolitan areas...
Chicago, New York, L. A...
they have special divisions,
and they're assigned to deal with... special issues.
- Like werewolves. - Yeah.
Do they got one for vampires too?
- [Chuckles] Funny you should ask. No. - [Chuckles]
Oh, there... There is one good benefit though.
What's that?
We get to hear all the great werewolf jokes.
- Ooh. Great werewolf jokes? - Yeah. Like, uh-uh...
- What happened to the werewolf that ate too much garlic? - What?
- His bark was worse than his bite. - Oh, that's bad.
All right. Why-Why... Why was the werewolf running so fast?
- Why? - He was in a hairy.
- [Laughing] - Or, uh...
Why-Why... Why was the werewolf arrested in the butcher shop?
- Why? Why? - Because he was chop-lifting.
[Laughing] That's awful.
- Or, uh... - No more! No more! That's bad.
You're okay, Steve Turley.
You're-You're okay too... josie.
I don't even know your last name.
Pagano. Italian.
[Cell Phone Rings]
Turley. What?
l'm on my way.
[DarkWolf Howling]
You guys ready?
- Let's do it. - Mm-hmm.
[Hushed Murmuring]
¶¶[Woman Vocalizing]
¶¶[Vocalizing Continues]
¶¶[Techno Continues]
[Shutter Clicking]
Oh, fuck.
- [Growling] - [Screams]
- [Motor Winding] - I gotta develop this shit right away.
[Sirens Wailing In Distance]
[Police Radio Chatter]
You don't need to see that.
What made it attack her again? Doesn't make sense.
- [Josie] What are you talking about? - Doesn't make sense.
- What? - Who have you touched tonight?
Touched? What are... What are you talking about?
Have you touched anyone? Detective McGowan.
In the diner, you said you ran into her, right?
- What are you talking about? - In the diner, in the bathroom.
You said you saw Detective McGowan, remember?
- Yes. - Did you touch her?
- L-I don't know. - Did you touch her?
I don't know! [Stammering]
I bumped into her. She-She...
I dropped my purse, and she helped me pick it up.
Yes. She helped me. I did. Why? Why?
Mary said anybody you touched tonight would be imprinted.
What does that mean?
Your touch. Your touch, your scent.
Anybody that you touch... physically that you have contact with...
your scent will be imprinted on them.
He'll seek them out looking for you.
This is my fault?
Mar-Mary's dead because of me?
Anyone I touched is gonna die?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Tom. Tom. He touched me. He held me.
When we were watching you and Mary, he-he held me.
He touched me!
- Where is he? - Uh...
- Where is he? Where is he? - I don't know!
He's over at my friend Wayne's apartment.
Come on.
- Hey. - Wayne in the darkroom?
- Yeah. - Who called?
Mm, I didn't check the machine.
[Woman, French Accent] Hi, Wayne. This is Caroline.
- You got my pictures yet? - Bitch.
Pick up somebody. Hello. Yeah. It's Tom.
I went out the wrong door and locked myself in the alley.
Someone come down and let me in.
Oh, my God. He's been down there this whole time.
Come on. We gotta go down and let Tom in.
Tom! Hey, you out here?
I wonder how long ago it was he called.
¶¶ [Headphones: Heavy Metal, Loud, Indistinct]
Maybe he already got in.
Yeah. Somebody let him in.
There's no other way out of here that I know of.
Somebody must have let him in.
Let's just check up here a little bit further.
- You coming? - What the hell else am I gonna do?
- [Water Running] - [Pounding]
- [Pounding Continues] - Somebody answer the fucking door!
Everybody go and don't tell me nothin'.
[Pounding Continues]
[Breathing Heavily]
Oh, please. What do you want?
- Where is she? [Grunts] - Who?
The girl! Where's the fucking girl?
Who? L-I... I haven't touched her, whoever she is.
- The girl from the diner! - What diner? Josie?
- [Distorted Voice] Where is she? - I swear! She didn't show up!
¶¶ [Continues, Indistinct]
¶ On the seventh day our love began again ¶
¶ On the seventh day our sins were washed away ¶
¶ Yeah ¶¶
No more. Please.
[Growling Continues]
Oh, fuck me.
Wayne, Stacey, this is josie. Get out of there now. I don't have time to explain.
There's something in there. You gotta get out of there.
Somebody pick up!
Shit! They're not answering.
Where does this go? You know?
I have no idea. Wayne would know.
God, it looks like somebody pulled it open recently.
Maybe it leads out.
Oh, God, my phone. l'll just call him. Geez.
¶¶ [Continues]
¶¶ [Man Singing, Indistinct]
What the hell?
[Phone Ringing]
- You're going in there? - Yeah. Come on.
[Ringing Continues]
That ringing... that's his phone.
Tom, where the hell are you?
Watch out.
- Shit. - [Ringing Continues]
I hear it. Where is it?
Be careful.
- [Screaming] - Oh, my God!
[Both Screaming, Shouting]
[DarkWolf Breathing Heavily]
- Damn it! Knock! - Wayne...
- What if l'd been in the middle of something? - Tom's dead.
He's been stabbed or cut up... something.
- Whoa. What the hell are you talking about? - Come on!
- Look. - Oh, dude.
Oh, my God. This is... Oh, this is harsh.
[DarkWolf Howling]
Oh, my God. What...
You saw this, and you didn't say anything?
We didn't come up this way. We came up the back stairs.
We should call the police.
[Stacey Gasps]
Shit! Over there, you guys.
No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, my God! What the hell is going on?
- [Growling] - [Screaming]
[Growling Continues]
Wayne! Wayne!
Help me!
Wayne, let's go to the fire escape!
Shit! Come on. Shit!
Go, go, go!
- Damn! - In there.
Where the hell are we?
In here! Go!
No! Oh, my God!
- No! - [Growling Continues]
- Come on, come on, come on. - No! Wayne!
[Stacey Whimpering]
[Elevator Stops]
What the fuck is that thing?
I have never seen anything like that before.
Is it a fucking wild animal that escaped from the zoo?
- That's the thing that killed Tom. - Dude, I don't know.
It looks like...
It looks like what I saw when I was developing the film that we shot.
What are you talking about?
In every shot, there was something in the background.
I mean, first I was pissed because I thought my lens messed up.
You know? But then when I looked at the negative really close, there it was.
It was in every shot.
That... That thing was up there all that time?
What the hell is it?
A fucking rabid dog?
It sounds like a massive wolf or something.
I think you just nailed it right there, babe.
- Nailed what? - Werewolf.
- Are you sure it wasn't Dracula? - L'm serious, Stace.
I mean, that book you found... the one that we used?
What the hell was that shit all about?
What are you saying? I brought that thing because of that damn book?
No. I don't know.
But I know one thing... I mean, I saw what it did to Miguel, Annie and Tom.
I mean, this thing has got some serious issues.
We gotta get out of here.
Oh, God!
That's Wayne's assistant.
Oh, God.
Wayne, Stacey, this is josie. Get out of there now.
- I don't have time to explain. There's something in there. - Oh, fuck!
You've gotta get out of there. Somebody pick up!
- [Groaning] - What is it?
Oh, it... [Continues Groaning]
- You all right? - [Crying]
[Continues Groaning]
- [Snarling] - Josie.
- Josie. - [Labored Breathing]
[Continues Sniffiing]
Josie, it's okay.
Josie, it's okay.
- [Growls] - I don't wanna hurt you.
Josie, no! No!
Transformation. Transformation. Transformation.
'First transformation.'
'On the night of the first transformation, she must be led...
into the light of the full moon...
or else she will be locked forever...
in a limbo between human and werewolf form.'
- [Growling, Screaming] - Josie!
[Groaning Intensifies]
[Continues Howling]
[Growling, Screaming]
[Josie Crying]
There. It's okay.
It's okay.
You think that thing's still down there?
- I don't know. - [DarkWolf Howling]
That's a definite, resounding yes.
There's a loading dock on the basement floor.
- If we could somehow get to that... - No.
That thing's on the ground floor. That's the way we came in.
You don't wanna go back down there.
I wanna calljosie again.
God, I hope she didn't go to the apartment.
- We should get going. - I know.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - Josie.
- Stacey, where are you? - Get out of there.
Josie, get the hell out of there.
There's this thing, and it's chasing us.
I know. I know about it already. I know it's here. Where are you?
Wayne and I are stuck in a freight elevator in the old warehouse building.
Josie, Tom's dead.
That thing got him.
Are you there?
l'm sorry, jo-jo.
I really am.
You okay?
Tom is dead.
My boyfriend.
l'm sorry.
Stacey said the wolf s got her and her boyfriend trapped...
in some freight elevator at the warehouse on 7 th Street.
This is Turley. Where exactly are you?
Hold on. Tell him where we are.
Hey. We're in that old warehouse across from my apartment.
Yeah, I know where it is.
There's a loading dock in the front of my building.
All right. We can be there in a couple minutes.
- Can you guys make a break for the dock? - Like we have a choice?
[Beeps Off]
How you doing?
[DarkWolf Panting]
[Tires Screeching]
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We're at the loading dock.
They're here.
[Whispering] One,
- Come on! Get in! - Close the...
- Behind us! Move! - [Shouting]
What are you waiting for? Get the hell out of here!
Go, go, go!
- No! - [DarkWolf Snarling]
- [Shouting] - [Brakes Screeching]
l'm sorry about Tom, jos.
No, regular bullets won't affect this thing.
Get back to me as soon as you can.
All right. Here's the plan.
We're gonna move you guys down to the basement into a secured structure.
It's an old fallout bomb shelter. It has heavy steel doors. They should hold.
l'm not going down to hide in some bomb shelter.
You have to, josie. This thing's coming for you.
You've got maybe an hour if we're lucky.
With you down there safe, I can do what I have to do.
And probably be killed in the process, just like your partner.
No! Nobody else is gonna die tonight because of me,
especially you!
You're going down into the shelter.
You said it yourself, Steve.
This thing won't stop. It won't give up. It won't stop, ever.
- I want to help. - Out of the question.
- I can maybe distract it... long enough for you to get to it! - No!
Look, I don't wanna run anymore.
I don't want any more people dying because of me!
This thing ends tonight.
Whatever it takes, it ends tonight.
And l'm helping.
Then you understand what you're risking.
I gotta agree with the cute cop here, jos.
I don't like the idea...
you putting yourself out there like some kind of bait for this thing.
It's my decision.
I need to help.
All right.
But you two are down in the shelter.
No way. If she's not going, we're not going either.
- Right, Wayne? - Stacey, this isn't your problem.
- You have to go down there. - No way.
[Steve] Look, I can protect her, maybe.
That's gonna be hard enough. But all three of you... impossible.
- Deal with it, dude. - I can just order you down into the shelter.
And we'd resist,
and then you'd have to arrest us and put us in jail, and we'd still be here.
All right. We don't have a lot of time.
Maybe 30 minutes left to full moon.
This thing's gonna step up the chase. That means we gotta be ready.
Let me introduce you to a very good friend of mine.
Thank you, madame.
Ah! Goddamn it.
Man, that was smart.
Hey, slick, you forgot to sign in.
Oh, shit.
[Guttural Groaning]
- [Man Screaming] - [DarkWolf Growling]
- [Clamoring] - What the hell?
- [Gunshots] - Stay here.
- But I... - Stay here!
He's in the building! He's in the building!
- [Clamoring, Gunshots Continue] - What do you see?
There's a whole bunch of shit going down.
[Man] Get on the radio right now!
- [Gunshots Continue] - [DarkWolf Growling]
It's here.
- [Gunshots] - [Screaming]
- [Screaming Continues] - [Gunshots Continue]
[Man On Radio] Harper! Harper, are you there?
What's going on? What's happening?
Harper, talk to me!
- [Screaming] - [Gunshots]
[Gunshots Continue]
[DarkWolf Panting]
- [Gunshot] - [Growling]
[DarkWolf Breathing Heavily]
- [Growling Continues] - [Gunshots]
What the hell is going on out there?
[Women Gasp, Squeal]
We've gotta get you guys out of here. Now.
Come on.
Oh, my God! [Breathing Heavily]
Shh, shh, shh.
- [Growling] - [Screaming]
Well, if it isn't the big bad wolf!
Let's say you and I go for a little walk.
It's a full moon tonight, fucker!
It'll be...
[Continues Growling]
[DarkWolf Running]
Come on!
I hate to end all this fun, but this date is over!
[Screams] No!
- [Screaming] - [Growling]
- [Continues Screaming] - [Growling]
Shoot him in the eye!
Shoot him in the eye!
[Josie Shouting]
Looks like some fleas are gonna be looking for a new home tonight.
We're done. It's over.
So what do you think you'll do now?
I don't know.
I don't think l'll stay here after all this.
Maybe l'll go home and spend some time with my family.
- Sounds good. - Yeah.
Think you'll tell them about all this?
[Sighs] When they're ready.
- Yeah. - Maybe.
I guess no one's really ready for something like this, huh?
- No, not really. - Yeah.
Mary would've been proud.
You were a great protector.
- You need a lift? - No, l'm okay.
Stacey and Wayne are gonna pick me up.
Okay. All right. Take care of yourself, all right?
Yeah, you too.
Hey, Pagano.
Why'd the werewolf cross the road?
He saw you coming.
No more stupid jokes, Turley.
- ¶¶[Techno] - ¶¶[Men Chanting, Indistinct]
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