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Darling 1965 CD2

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-ls he really a crook? -Most certainly is.
He's just served five years. l've done an interview with him for Sunday's program.
lt's already in the can.
And Number 24, Man's Head in a Bucket.
The strongest echoes of Grunvald.
He's got a fantastically lean and hungry look.
-ls it true he's so tremendous in bed? -l'm afraid l didn't get around to asking him.
-Alex, darling. -Diana, sweetie.
-How terribly to see you. -Terribly to see you.
l say, isn't this awfully!
Come and meet Ralphie before he disappears.
For another five years.
ln the great tradition of silent screams...
Goya, Gogol, Guernica, that tradition.
Roughly what l said in the interview l did for the program on Sunday.
-Tremendous fire. -l'm with you. Tremendous fire.
And a furious lyricism one so seldom finds in white chaps these days.
Quite so, yes.
A cobbler's all that is, one man responsible--
Ralphie, dear, l've got someone here who's dying to meet you.
-Ralphie Riggs, you must meet Diana Scott. -How do you do?
l do so admire your work. l think it's wonderful.
Thank you very much, l'm sure.
Come and meet the agents. Steps.
You got here. l'm so glad.
-Blasted artists. -Don't say that, he's tremendously talented.
When did you get in?
This afternoon. l'm exhausted.
-This afternoon? -Yes.
-Naturally, of course. -Yes, naturally, of course.
Look at him. Don't you think he's tremendously talented?
-And the job? How did that go? -Tremendous fire.
-What job? -The job you went to Paris to see about.
l had to do a test for Raoul Maxim.
He's a tremendous talent, Raoul.
There's no one in England to beat these French directors.
Tremendous fire.
-Yes, l think so. Tremendous. -And you went down well?
Like a dozen oysters, l think.
-Taxi! -We're not taking a taxi.
-Why not? -l don't take whores in taxis.
What do you mean?
That's what you are, isn't it? A little whore, isn't it?
You've been back from Paris two days already.
lf you don't want me knowing what you're doing...
don't leave your ticket and passport lying all over the place.
l knew you'd get the wrong end of the stick--
Your idea of fidelity is not having more than one man in bed at the same time.
You're a whore, baby, that's all. Just a whore.
And l don't take whores in taxis.
Now what?
-A pound's not enough. -What do you mean?
-Wait a minute-- -Don't you give me, ''Wait a minute.''
A pound's not enough!
-Don't be a-- -Don't you lean on me.
lt was kinky before, and it's kinky now. And a pound's not enough.
Makes a lot of promises. Typical, when he's had his way.
You're not worth more than a bloody quid, anyway.
l'm an honest working girl.
5 in the Walworth Road, that's about your bloody mark!
You crumb!
You greasy crumb!
5 in the Walworth Road?
-What were you doing in Paris? -Working.
-Hope you got more than 5. -l should think l did. l wasn't with you.
-Fine. Help yourself. -QueIIe Iargesse. l'm impressed.
You bitch. You filthy little bitch.
Enjoy yourself. You've got no right to call me anything.
-l have every right to call you everything. -Have you? We're not married!
At least, not to each other.
l can't believe anyone as trivial and shallow as you can cause so much pain.
Blameless Gold.
lf you really want to know, l've stuck it out as long as l can.
-And just about as often as you can. -You're so faithful and loving, aren't you?
Look at this place, this rattrap. l'm not going to be a prisoner any longer.
-So you're the prisoner, are you? -Yes!
Prying in my life, looking in my handbag, spying on me!
Quickest way of getting to know you.
You never intended to stay here! You've done nothing with this place!
Look at it!
-Books. My God, how l hate books! -Stop that.
That gets to you, doesn't it? Anybody touching your books!
They matter to you more than anybody.
What the hell are you doing?
-Don't be so melodramatic. -Excuse me.
You're not going.
It just aII seemed so unnecessary, these dramas.
I couIdn't heIp feeIing Robert had been desperateIy unreasonabIe about it aII.
After aII, we were supposed to be aduIt peopIe.
One just had to take a grip on oneseIf, that was aII.
I just knew the onIy possibIe hope...
was just to fIing oneseIf absoIuteIy madIy into one's work.
It was either that, or the oId gas oven.
One, two. Happy.
Better. The happiest girl in the world, now. That's it. Good.
l want a happy girl. Better. Brighter.
Laugh. Good.
Swing your hair around suddenly. That's it. Good. Lovely. Again.
Good. That's it, darling. Done.
Think lovely thoughts. Brighter. Come on.
Forget it, we've all been through it. For Christ's sakes, smile, love!
All right, that's it.
All right. Sorry.
lt's all over now. You're doing good. Marvelous.
Listen, darling. Drink your booze.
Drink this, love. Come on.
-Malcolm! -Gonna be a happy girl?
You're gonna be happy. 'Cause you really are a very pretty girl.
Very good.
Could we have a look at that again? Thank you so much.
The question is, is she overexposed?
Sorry. Have the public seen too much of her face?
How can they see too much of this face?
-We do get continuity of image. -Good thinking.
-Buy her then, do you, Kurt? -Definitely.
She's got a sort of Aryan quality. She'd go down extremely well in Germany.
How about this for the Happiness Girl?
Kurt, you must have a look at this.
-For the German territory, l'm happy. -There it is.
We want you to be the Happiness Boy, Kurt.
Gentlemen, please.
Very well, then. We're all agreed. Diana Scott...
hereinafter known as the Happiness Girl.
For you. The man who turned the tide at Monte Carlo.
Darling, bless you.
Can l help you, madam?
Yes. Do you think l could see some peaches in brandy, please?
Certainly, madam, if you'd just come this way.
-Have you got a larger size l could see? -Yes, madam. Just wait one moment.
Brandy. Expensive, but l think they look far too expensive.
lt looks delicious to me....
l am not with you. l have never seen you before.
You're in this up to your navel.
We can't stay here all day, you know.
Thank you, madam.
No, l did want them in a bottle. No, thank you very much. We'll forget it.
Thank you, madam.
These look very nice.
What about these prawns? They look delicious.
Did you see that?
l could have sworn that man was following us.
He was!
-Outrageous! -Oh, dear. Robert!
RuIe Britannia! Britannia
Oh, my dear!
-Ting-a-ling, shop's open. -Ting-a-ling, shop's denuded.
Honestly, you are outrageous, and l would like you to know...
that we have only paid for Smoggin's Shrimps.
What's that? The Happiness Girl contract, already?
Oh, dear, my husband wants a divorce.
My husband, Tony. He wants a divorce.
Granted soon as asked, l'm sure.
l hate this flat.
You've got your escargot, then.
Have an avocado strangled with prawns.
Have a bit of smoked salmon, stuffed with caviar...
matured in fine English gin.
For what you are about to receive, may the Lord make you truly thankful.
-Cheers. -Cheers.
Why is life such a piss pot?
-l have the answer to that. -Have you?
lt's the bomb, lovey. lt must be.
That's right, it's the great, big--
The great, big, nasty bomb!
Let's face it, dear.
Darling's life is a great big steaming mess.
l love you. No one else does.
-No one else does. -Poor you.
l'll tell you what l'm going to do with you.
l may be filming in ltaly next month.
ltaly? Fabulous, darling. l'm very glad for you.
And if l do...
l'm going afterwards on the most wonderful holiday of my life.
And you're coming with me.
-l am? -You are.
To hell with them all! We're going to have a ball!
Have a ball.
To hell with them all!
''Ashes to ashes.
''Dust to dust.''
Yes, there's nothing dreamier than Cupid ChocoIates.
Those fairy-taIe centers take you out of this worId...
into a Iand of make-beIieve come true.
-Cut it. -Cut it.
-How was the view? -Not bad, could be better.
-Listen, l-- -l'm a bit worried about the caress.
Could he caress her this time? The jingle does say:
''The one you love to caress.'' lt's talking about the girl.
We'll try that.
Darling, this time would you let him caress you?
Would you let him touch your cheek?
-l caress-- -No, he caresses you.
-All right? Please don't break it up. -Come on, boys.
Let's try a take for the Prince. Good afternoon, sir.
Hello. How do you do? Excuse me...
don't you think the house would be much better seen from this angle, here?
Yes, sir, but you see, it's a question of the lights.
The lights.
Scene 2, take 3.
''Yes, there's nothing dreamier than Cupid Chocolates.
''Those fairy-tale centers take you out of this world...
''into a land of make-believe come true.
''As those fairy-tale centers melt in the mouth...
''they'll melt the heart of the one you love to caress.
''Fairy-tale chocolates--''
He is the Pope Urban.
One of my father's many ancestors.
Should popes be ancestors?
The call came late in life. He was an ancestor before becoming a pope.
l don't see much resemblance.
He was better-looking when he was younger.
-Who is she? -My mother.
She was very beautiful.
She died two years ago in a car crash.
How awful.
-Very awful. -Here you are.
-l've ordered some tea. -How marvelous.
Curzio's been giving me some of the family history.
Oh, yes.
Excuse me, l must go. l have a long way to drive.
But l hope we will meet again.
-l hope so. -Goodbye.
-Till soon, then. -Till soon.
He's a nice boy, Curzio.
Yes, very.
-lt's so beautiful. -l'm glad you like it.
-There's nothing like this in England. -Thank you.
But England has the most beautiful country houses in the world.
Have a chocolate.
No, it's different here. There's a sense of...
A sort of peacefulness.
lt's almost religious, if you know what l mean.
lt seems to make life easier to bear.
But you don't have any problem in bearing the weight of life, do you?
l don't know about that.
On you, it must weigh very lightly. For me, it's different.
l recently lost someone, too. Not like you did, but....
l don't much care to go back to England just now.
-You have a family? -Not like yours.
Not that supports one, gives one strength.
You have God practically in the family.
Every man is alone, in the last resolve. And l more than most men.
Perhaps not, in some ways.
-They're beautiful. -Yes. Like their mother.
They are. They really are lovely.
Now you must excuse me. l swim with them every day.
lt's a duty which is also a pleasure.
-Excuse me, will you? -Of course. Thank you so much.
I don't think I'd ever in my Iife needed a hoIiday quite so much as I did then.
And Capri was ideaI.
I just wanted peace and quiet, and just to get away from everything.
We are not complicating our holiday with any disgusting sexcapades.
-Brother and sister, till death us do part? -Done. Share and share alike.
-Everything split down the middle. -Absolutely.
-Now, tell us what's new in London. -Nothing much.
l'll tell you who l did bump into the other day. Robert.
-My Robert? -The same.
-And? -Seemed okay.
-Alone? -Me or him?
-You think l care who you were with? -Charming.
-Do you care who he was with? -Not particularly.
-What was she like? -Blonde, 21...
and extremely well-appointed, as they say.
lt's okay. He was alone.
-He wasn't. -Swear.
-You rotten.... -Thing, you. l know.
-Happy holiday. -And you, principe. And you.
Look! What a dream!
l was just thinking how nice it'd be if we could live here.
l could do without sex.
Don't really like it that much.
l could just feel...
Mal, let's buy this place. lt can't cost much.
lt'd be marvelous.
l want it more than anything in the whole world.
Happy, girl?
-Morning. -Morning.
Why the harsh words?
Harsh word. One is sufficient.
Darling, really.
''Brother and sister, till death us do part.''
I happened to be passing, so I thought, ''Why not drop in?''
Why not, indeed?
-l've been thinking about you a lot. -That's nice.
-And what you said. -Did l say something?
Yes, about ltaly.
-How much you like it. -l simply adore it.
Curzio is very taken with you, you know.
He's very young.
He recognizes a certain quality in you.
-l expect he'll get over it. -l don't think so.
He was very much in favor of my coming here.
As a matter of fact, he persuaded me to come.
-Why? l'm afraid l don't understand. -To propose to you.
But why couldn't he have proposed himself?
l mean, it's all ridiculously childish, but--
Curzio approved that l should propose to you, since...
it is l who wishes to marry you.
l see.
There is no point in not saying what is in one's heart.
No, really, Principe.
l'm staying here until tomorrow. Will you think it over?
l thought about it all last night.
l hardly slept at all, Cesare, thinking.
l know l can't give up my life.
You understand?
lf you ever change your mind, l shall not have changed mine.
l am very sorry l gave you a sleepless night.
l too had one. Goodbye.
Goodbye, Cesare.
Bye-bye, Principe.
When they bury WaIter Southgate tomorrow...
there wiII be buried with him something of the regionaI tradition of EngIish Iiterature.
Nowadays it is London which more and more devours the taIents.
''London. That damn jam factory...
''boiling out the goodness from writers.''
As Southgate once said to me.
A certain flinty integrity has gone.
Perhaps forever.
Good night.
And that's aII from us for this week.
We'II be back with you again with another program in a fortnight's time.
TiII then, good night.
Where did all the young flowers go?
Proceed. Amuse me.
l wondered if you knew Southgate had died.
Could l....
What's going on?
l think you'd better go.
Get out of here, will you! Just get out of here!
l thought you'd gone, too.
You bastard. You really are, aren't you? A bastard?
-Would you like some tea? -Tea?
To calm you down. You seem a bit hysterical.
l asked you to go. Why haven't you?
Because l've stayed.
-What is it? -Nothing.
You're afraid of something? l get the feeling you're afraid of something.
What's wrong?
l didn't ask you to leave Robert, you know.
You never asked me to do anything.
As long as you realize.
As long as you realize l just hate your guts.
As long as you realize Robert's the only one l ever loved! As long as you realize that.
When you've finished...
as long as you're convinced, you don't have to persuade me, my darling.
Are you afraid l'll kill myself?
Has that ever happened to you?
Who was she, Miles?
Put away your Penguin Freud, Diana.
-Who was she? -And your crystal ball.
lt's late.
Poor Miles. You can't risk feeling anything, can you?
-l shall survive. -Of course. As long as you remain impotent.
My impotence, my darling, makes a pair with your virginity.
lmpotent in every way, except in bed.
Don't underestimate me, my dear. l can also be very effective on the phone.
l'll say good night.
Life's fuII of ''if onIys, '' isn't it?
You know, if onIy, if onIy.
If onIy Robert had come haIf an hour Iater, the whoIe thing might've been different.
I sort of feIt it wasn't any good...
but I just had to go and try and find him again.
I remember thinking, ''I bet he'II be at that funeraI.''
''The days of man are but as grass...
''for he flourishes as a flower of the field.
''For as soon as the wind goeth over it, it is gone...
''and the place thereof shall know it no more.
''We commend unto thine hands of mercy, most merciful Father...
''the soul of this, our brother, Walter Southgate departed.
''And we commit his body to the ground...
''earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust...
''in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life...
''through our Lord Jesus Christ...
''who shall change the body of our low estate...
''that it be like unto his glorious....''
-Miss Scott? -Yes.
-Lesley Page, Union Standard. -Yes.
-l didn't know you knew Walter Southgate. -Yes.
-We were considerable friends, actually. -When was this?
About two years ago.
He found out how much l admired his work...
and, sweet man, he invited me round to see him.
Which was your favorite book?
All of them.
As a matter of fact, l may be filming one of his books in Paris.
Yes, l was talking to Raoul Maxim, French film director.
Yes, Robert.
Who's Robert?
Who is that? Malcolm, is that you?
I rang to congratuIate you. I just read the paper about the fiIm.
Who is that?
That is Diana Scott, isn't it?
Yes, it is. Will you tell me who is speaking, please?
Please, who is that speaking?
Come on, now. We met at a party.
For God's sake! Who is it?
For Christ's sake, stop mucking around. Tell me who's speaking.
I just feIt I had absoIuteIy no one to turn to.
No one to turn to. Nothing to faII back on, you know.
SuddenIy, there was someone who understood, who reaIIy cared about me.
Didn't want anything out of me.
He was so terribIy understanding, Father Chapman.
Do you know him? He's Monsignor Chapman now.
He's a terribIe sweetie. TerribIy human.
I suppose I've aIways beIieved in God.
There just has to be a God, doesn't there?
You know, somebody who understands. Just has to be.
I reaIIy took it very seriousIy, you know.
I knew I couIdn't go ahead with my marriage...
unIess I was reaIIy serious about it.
It isn't every day that we have a new EngIish princess.
But it happened Iast week at the ancient home...
of the Prince Cesare de Ia Romita...
when our own Diana Scott became the bride...
of this famous ItaIian prince and bobsIeigh enthusiast.
Everyone was there. OId famiIy friends, the peopIe from the estate.
My goodness, how happy they were to find themseIves with a mistress again.
The Prince, who stems from one of ItaIy's oIdest famiIies...
has been married before and has seven chiIdren.
It isn't every princess who finds herseIf the mother of seven on her wedding day.
SimpIe famiIy meaIs are something the Princess is determined to maintain.
She intends to supervise aII the famiIy cooking...
and she is a reguIar and weIcome visitor to the kitchens.
The Princess has aIways Ioved country Iife. She herseIf comes from Sussex.
And she and the Prince aim to spend pIenty of time in the open air.
The Princess hopes to be a friend to aII sorts and conditions of men...
not Ieast, those Iess fortunate and Iess gifted than herseIf.
Princess Diana is radiantIy confident...
that she can make a reaI and meaningfuI contribution...
to her new famiIy and to her new country.
We wish auguri, good wishes in her new Ianguage...
to a new ItaIian princess, who wiII, to us...
aIways remain a British one as weII.
-Are you all right, my darling? -l'm fine.
-Did you understand what l said to Palucci? -Enough.
l'm sorry, but l must go to Rome. My meeting is tomorrow morning.
And tonight?
l'll go and see my mother. You know l must go and see my mother.
Next time you must come with me, but just now Rome is not amusing.
Yes, l know.
-lf you need anything-- -lt's all right. l have plenty to do.
l'll be back on Thursday, probably Friday. So take care of yourself.
-Bye, darling. -Bye-bye.
Say good night to your mother. Quickly, now.
Good night.
l'll send the car for you at 12:00. Enjoy yourselves.
Thank you.
-My husband's mother? -Yes, Principessa.
Have you her phone number?
The Principessa had the instrument removed some years ago, Principessa.
So my husband is not obtainable at all tonight?
One could send a telegram, Principessa.
That's the only means whereby you can get in contact?
That is so, Principessa.
Thank you, Signor Palucci.
-Are you a resident in this country? -No, in ltaly.
-Did you buy presents while abroad? -No, just personal luggage.
-No perfume? -Nothing at all.
-You realize that perfume is dutiable? -Yes, l haven't got any with me.
No, it's just all personal.
You've bought nothing at all, no cigarettes or spirits?
l've got nothing to declare.
l didn't know whether you'd come.
l was always easily seduced...
especially by telegrams.
l hoped you would be.
-You look older. -You don't.
Come on, l hate to stand here.
This is a miracle.
We're still a couple.
l thought maybe, after all this time, something would have changed.
lt hasn't.
We are?
Aren't we?
Thank God, it's never too late.
Two people really belong to each other.
Doesn't matter what happens.
This time, darling, let's get somewhere in the country.
Away from all this London racket.
Somewhere quiet, where you can write.
We've both learned our lesson and won't make any more mistakes.
l know we can be so happy.
We're not going back to anything, you know.
This was just for old times' sake.
Porter, please.
-What are you doing? -Porter, will you get London airport...
and reserve me one seat on any flight this afternoon to Rome?
-That's right. -What the hell are you doing?
-Princess de la Romita. -WouId you speII that?
-R-O-M-- -Robert, put down that phone!
Give me that phone! What are doing? Stop it!
You are going back to Rome.
l'm not going back to Rome. l'll cancel that. Give me that phone!
Get up, and get dressed.
You bastard!
You just used me.
You used me. lt's a moot point. Get dressed.
My God, l hate you.
lt's not true, Robert. l love you. You know l love you.
What are you doing? Please, l've come all this way--
Get dressed, and l'll take you to the airport.
l've come all this way because l love you. Don't throw it away. l need you.
-Please, it was such a-- -Will you get dressed?
Just give us one more chance, l beg of you.
Let's spend a week together.
-lt won't hurt to try a week. -l don't have a week.
l don't see how you can throw away something that meant so much to us.
lt doesn't put me off, you know.
Being vile to me doesn't put me off.
lt puts me off.
-lt disgusts me. -What does?
To hear myself.
To hear the way l want to treat you.
l don't want to feel like this a moment longer than l have to.
We can't just go like this.
You'd be surprised.
You're in love with someone else, is that it?
-Going back with your wife? -On the contrary.
She wants to divorce me to marry someone else.
-Well? -lsn't that good news?
lf there isn't anyone else, what are you going to do?
l'm going to a small American university...
to read, to lecture....
You'll hate it.
l shall like it. lt's what l want to do.
-l shall write. -What will you write about?
l'll write about you...
about myself, about my wife and my children.
They played quite large parts, you know.
l played the largest part.
Certainly the most dramatic.
-Robert, stop the car. -No.
-l won't go to Rome. -You're going to Rome.
-l'll kill myself. -All right, kill yourself.
-l will, l swear l will. -So, do.
l didn't say l wanted to go with you.
lf l can't be with you, l don't want to be alive!
Like hell.
lt's true!
All lies are true at the time.
Yes, madam?
Get my suitcases in the back.
Announcing the arrivaI of British Overseas Airways...
FIight 262 from Lagos and Frankfurt.
What actually is the purpose of your visit here?
Don't know how you even found out l was in England.
Any special reason?
My mother hasn't been very well. l came over to see her.
And no other reason?
lsn't one's mother enough reason?
Are you happy in ltaly, Principessa?
l'm as happy as anyone could possibly be.
Are you likely to resume your career soon, Principessa?
l have a family now. That gives me all l could possibly want.
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Dead again (1991) Commentary
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Debut The
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Decalogue 06 1988
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Deep Space 9 1x01 and 1x02 Emissary
Deep Space 9 1x03 Past Prologue
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Deep Space 9 1x05 Babel
Deep Space 9 1x06 Captive Pursuit
Deep Space 9 1x07 Q-Less
Deep Space 9 1x08 Dax
Deep Space 9 1x09 The Passenger
Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home
Deep Space 9 1x11 The Nagus
Deep Space 9 1x12 Vortex
Deep Space 9 1x13 Battle Lines
Deep Space 9 1x14 The Storyteller
Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress
Deep Space 9 1x16 If Wishes Were Horses
Deep Space 9 1x17 The Forsaken
Deep Space 9 1x18 Dramatis Personae
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Deep Space 9 1x20 In The Hands Of The Prophets
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Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Double Team
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