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Subtitles for Dauria 1971 - Part 1 23976fps.

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Dauria 1971 - Part 1 23976fps

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Second Artistic Association
According to the 1913 census, in the village of Mungalovsky,
within the Orlov township
of the Zabaikalsk Cossack Army
there were 21,702.4 acres of land,
87 homesteads,
and 346 Cossack men and women.
Summer of 1914...
Based on the novel by Konstantin SEDYKH
Ataman, tell us, did you have a good time at the governor's?
Yes, too much of a good time...
Though it was not a simple feast, it was a banquet.
What d'you know!
At parting, the governor gave me a 25-ruble bill.
- No kidding? 25 rubles? - Twenty five.
Thank you, Kargin, for your service, he said.
He seems to like our Yelisey very much.
It's not for nothing that we've chosen him as our ataman.
I sentence this bill to cover drinks for the whole crowd.
- Right, Cossacks? - Right!
Let's sing!
Screenplay by Yuri KLEPIKOV, Alexei TREGUBOVICH
Directed by Victor TREGUBOVICH
Director of Photography Yevgheny MEZENTSEV
Production Designer Grachia MEKINIAN
Music by Georgy PORTNOV Sound by Irina CHERNYAKHOVSKAYA
English Subtitles by Tatiana KAMENEVA
A. TROUSOV as Grandfather Andrei P. SHELOKHONOV as Severyan
V. KUZNETSOVA as Avdotya V. SOLOMIN as Roman
V. SHUKSHIN as Vassily Zhenya MALYANTSEV as Ganka
F. ODINOKOV as Epifan Kozulin
L. MALINOVSKAYA as Agraphyona S. GOLOVINA as Dashutka
Ye. KOPELYAN as Yelisey Kargin B. ARAKELOV as Mitka
D. MASANOV as Merchant Chepalov
V. PAVLOV as Nikifor V. LOSEV as Alexei
Yu. SOLOMIN as Semyon Nagorny M. KOKSHENOV as Fedot Muratov
V. KUZNETSOV as Platon Volokitin I. YEFIMOV as Timofey Kosykh
Yu. DUBROVIN as Mostov Peasant
Make way!
Make way!
They must be driving them to Kutomara.
Where else?
Hi there, fellow-villagers!
- Wolves are your fellow-villagers! - Don't meddle in, you idiot!
Didn't you recognize me?
- That's Vassily Ulybin. - Looks like him!
Hello, Vassily!
- You, with your damn big mouth. - Why me?
Ataman, order your men to keep their mouths shut!
- Sorry. It was a man from our village. - It makes it more shameful for you.
Vassily Ulybin was led in shackles.
So it must be true that he messed with politics.
- Shamed our whole village, bastard! - Watch your language!
And you, Guerasim, use your head next time! You and your big mouth!
Run to the store and buy some sugar. You can wash up later.
Fedot, bring the home-brew from the cellar. You got it?
Got it!
- Kirillovna! - What?
Come on, get the vodka. Cossacks are coming for a drinking spree.
What's taking you so long, Cossacks?
Timofey, have you moved the seed grain from the second granary?
- We have, Sergei Ilyich. - Good.
Petya! Stop loafing about! Go and help Fedot.
You break loose one more time, I'll give you a good thrashing!
I can show you something else.
- How you doing, Sergei Ilyich.
Hello. Come over later, my dear women.
Alyosha, get ready the food.
Prepare the herring from the old barrel. With lots of onions.
Don't touch the zalom brand!
Timofey, wipe off the snot before entering the store.
I'll show you the snot!
Welcome your guests, dear host.
- How are you? - Welcome, dear Cossacks.
- Roman, water the horse first. - All right.
- Hi, Roma! - Hi.
You hate everybody. Look at you...
You blast everyone who manages his homestead well. It's not good.
- Will you answer my question? - What question?
Hold on for a moment!
Tell me, Prokhor, how come you're so greedy?
Me, greedy?
You! You'd be ready to lick a snake for a kopeck!
Don't try to dodge it. Tell us, why are you so greedy?
Fedot, carry them out and put in the shade.
Guerasim, let's go home.
He's still on his own feet. He won't even listen to you.
- Hello. - Hello.
- How are you, Cossacks? - Fine. How are you?
- Hello, Yelisey Petrovich. - Hello.
- Who is that, Yelisey? - A blacksmith.
He's from town. Wants to work here in the summer.
- Come on, answer me. - Leave me alone!
Is he good with his hands?
He will fix any machine blindfolded.
He fixed up my reaper as good as new. Did it for free, too.
Alyosha, mother will give you the change for the tea.
Cut out this shit.
I mean it. You want to reap where you haven't sown!
Why are you so mad?
Because I've got nothing but wormwood in my barn!
- Who's to blame for that? - Those who don't give me a chance!
You take it a bit too far. A Cossack who uses his brains...
- Yelisey Petrovich? - Get out of here!
A Cossack who uses his brains will always make it.
Sure, if he has no shame!
You can do anything at someone else's expense.
So, you think only shameless people live well here?
lsn't that so?
Keep on talking this way, and you land up in the clink.
Sure, if you snitch on me,
I might join Vassily Ulybin up there.
Drunk or not, keep your tongue in check. Think before talking.
You can't forget Vassily?
I'm telling you, as your ataman: he disgraced our village!
You will follow him to hard labor, if you keep talking like this.
- Who, me? - Yes, you.
- No, you must answer me... - Fedot, deliver him to his wife.
Come on, Timofey.
Land up in the clink... He's teaching me... the ataman...
Come on. Let's go.
And the train goes off...
- Howdy! - Hi, Roman!
- Hi! Is the granddad home? - Aha.
Tell him we saw Vassily. He was driven to Kutomara.
What did he say? Driven to Kutomara?
Never mind.
Mr. Blacksmith, your change.
Where's your father?
- What do you want? - A head of sugar.
On credit again? Father will kill me for doing that.
Alyosha! Give it to him!
- Fedot! - What?
- Get a head of sugar. - Right away.
If I see you with Dashutka, I'll break your legs.
- Oh yes? - I warned you.
- We'll see. - We'll see.
Coming down, coming down, Our street is wide and big!
No one is walking there, Neither a rooster, nor a pig!
Roman, they're coming.
I took along something, just in case.
All right.
Greetings, folks!
- Howdy! - Hi, Timofey!
- Why? - Get out!
Why did you stop, honeys?
We got scared of you. He's so handsome, isn't he?
Don't get scared. There will be no scuffle today.
- Am I right, guys? - No scuffle if you don't start it.
Who is that so brave there?
Ah, it's you, Roman!
Good for you.
Come on, play your accordion, or I'm going to break this thing!
Girls, I wanna dance!
Vassya, take her!
Oh, you dear pretty gals, Do enjoy your dates with pals!
Once you get your womanhood, You'll never have a time so good!
Let me go!
Just look at her, the princess!
I go out with two sweethearts, Having both is no crime.
I'm in love with one in winter, With the other, in summertime!
Keep off, they're looking.
Let them look!
- Hi, Roman. - Hi!
Leave her alone!
You'd better leave yourself, or you'll get it in your teeth.
Just you dare, convict's seed!
Roman, stop it!
- Fedot, we're being attacked! - Coming!
Do you want some more?
Go away! Fedot!
Hold it!
- Fedot! - I'm here!
You won't get away now!
I've got you, bastard! Where are you going?
Goodbye! Write to us!
Oh you, a bull moose in heat!
Get lost...
- Why? - To teach you a lesson.
- What did I do? - Why have you beaten up Alexei?
- What Alexei? - You don't know, do you?
Stop playing the victim! They told me everything.
- I didn't beat him! - Let go of the belt.
I was seeing a girl to her home, and he caught up with us and punched me.
- You should've stepped aside. - Stop beating me!
He called me a convict's seed, I couldn't take it.
A convict's seed? Scoundrel!
That boy seems to be bad news.
A convict's seed. What a thing to say.
Oh, Vassily, you're making a mess of our lives.
We're not responsible for Vassily. He's chosen his own life.
That's what you and I think, but they look at it differently.
They're legitimate sons, we're bastards.
You got it harnessed? Put it in the cart.
Enough idling. We got to go to the fields.
You had it coming.
Shame on you, old fool, brandishing your belt around like that.
I must teach him, or he'll grow up a good-for-nothing.
- My children are as good as others. - Sure, they're even better.
Well, Roman, did you whack him aright for your uncle?
He'll be squirming for a month, trying all kinds of remedies.
No kidding?
Ganka, put the milk in the stream as soon as you're there.
Give it to me. It's not a toy.
- And don't crush the eggs. - Your eggs will be alright.
Uncle Parfyon, tomorrow's a battue. We meet at the pasture.
Zakhar! Tomorrow we go hunting the wolves.
Aunt Agraphyona, where's Epifan?
What d'you want?
Tomorrow we're going to hunt the wolves. Meeting at the pasture.
All right.
What a stinker! He's got away.
We may never run into a wolf, and we've lost a hare...
Damn you, Petka, you cross-eyed shooter...
- Lie down under the bank. - Right.
Oh greetings, Oh greetings, my mother...
Some shooter around women's skirts!
We felled a mature one. They're all alone, like Cossacks with no ataman.
It was me who first fired at the mature one.
You sure did. Right under his tail!
He turned around, the sneak. But he's a fine animal, isn't he?
- So he got two bullets? - I fired at him, too.
- Me too! - I remember, last year...
Look, Yelisey, the Mostov guys are mowing our meadow again!
Parasites! Acting as if it's their own.
We won't let them get away with it! Let's catch them.
Dad, the Cossacks!
Run to the village!
Damn it!
Don't come close! I'll cut you!
Roman, stay away from it!
- Drop the scythe! - I'll shoot you, damn thief!
Go ahead, kill me, bastard, but you'll never get me alive!
I told you, clumsy oaf, drop the scythe!
Where are you going, stupid?
- What are you doing, you skunk? - I'm going to chop your head off!
Come on, turn yourself in! You'll have to pay the fine, anyway.
I don't give a damn about you!
Yelisey, we should be making off! They are coming here.
They'll bleed us white.
Just you wait, I'll get you!
I'll explain when we get home.
Try to catch up with us, toed-in oafs!
- How are you? All right? - All right. Hardly beaten them off.
We'll teach you a lesson yet!
What is it, Roman?
Go ahead. I'll be home right away.
- You'll be late for the steam bath. - Go ahead, I said.
- How you doing! - Hi!
Why are you such a chickenheart?
You scared me out of my wits!
- How do you do, Daria Epifanovna. - Howdy!
Oh, my goodness!
Get out of here! Go!
Down, Karai! To your place!
- I'll kill him one day! - Someone may kill you first.
Who? Calm him down!
- Karai, down! - Down, Karai!
You know who.
- You mean Fedot, don't you? - Maybe, Fedot.
Yes, I'd better not get in his way.
Help me, don't just stand there.
Please, Roman, don't.
- Karai, get down! - Get out of here!
So, you now go with a convoy?
This way you'll keep your hands off. There're too many girl-chasers.
Is Alexei one of them?
I'll beat the hell out of him.
Well, he was treating me to sweets.
Big deal!
Timofey and I are going to the gold-fields for the summer.
I'll buy up the whole Chekalov store.
All the sweets will be yours.
- Roman, what is that? - Nothing. My father's whip.
- Does it hurt? - No...
He's lying there with his mug in the dung...
- And what did you do? - I said, get up...
Stop it! Someone's coming.
I got to run. The steam bath's ready. See you tonight.
Keep the distance! Don't ride into each other!
A distance of two horses. Form up in file.
Following the leader, to surmount obstacles, go!
Guide it to the center of the cross-piece.
The body up, when jumping!
Next! Good! Go on!
A bit to the right. Good. Come on! Your body!
Why did you come loose? Fall in!
Forward march! One-two!
Platoon, halt!
What is that?
Turn left! Forward march!
One-two, one-two!..
Two-three! One-two-three!
Batalov can't even keep up step!
They're all like that.
No, Petka could make the Guards right away.
Feet up! Platoon, halt!
Turn left!
Stop shuffling like a cow on the ice!
- Shut up! - Why are you picking on me?
Don't dare talking to me while in formation!
Three steps forward march!
Turn right!
Under the saber, forward march!
Serves him right! It'll knock all the nonsense out of his head!
But why?
He's got no right!
- What for? - You've got no right, Nikifor!
What for, folks?
Want to show off? Who do you think you are?
You were not as brave during the war.
Don't interfere in our drill.
Platoon, halt!
About face!
Forward march!
One-two, align!
- Gotcha? - Get lost.
Just look at this prince!
Platoon! Right wheel forward march!
Dasha, are you going to the store?
- Hi! - Hi!
How you doing, old men? What's up?
Nikifor is making a circus out of Roman Ulybin.
- There's no circus! - You just tell me, why?
- What happened, granddad? - I don't understand, why?
Come on, folks, let's see what this is all about.
- It's not fair... - He has only himself to blame...
Platoon, halt!
Cossack Ulybin, at ease!
Go tell Yashka that I'm transferring you to his platoon.
Yes, sir!
Sergeant Chepalov, come here!
- The ataman did the right thing. - Right!
Yelisey, you shouldn't have made Nikifor look like a fool.
He is a fool!
What did you punish the boy for?
He doesn't think right.
Roman can go make the Guards right this minute!
Shut up! No one's speaking to you.
You're marching to someone else's tune.
I'm a senior sergeant and holder of the St. George Cross,
and you humiliate me in front of some milksop.
- Sergeant Chepalov! - I know my name.
You take too much on yourself, sergeant.
You're talking to your ataman, not your buddy!
Stand to attention!
You violated the law, Mr. Holder of the St. George Cross!
Before a Cossack takes his oath,
no one, not even a general, can put him under the saber.
Do you know what you deserve, according to the law?
I don't know no laws.
In that case, don't say I'm marching to someone else's tune.
You can go.
As you were!
- You can go! - Yes, sir!
Platoon, right dress! Attention! About face!
Forward march! One-two!..
- Have you bought your son a horse? - Not yet, Yelisey.
Do whatever you want, but get him a horse!
I'm not going to take the blame for you.
I can't afford it. Otherwise, I would have done it long ago.
Others do no better than you, but they got horses.
What am I going to do? The only way is to sell the bulls.
Let's do it! What kind of a Cossack will Roman be without a horse?
When I was young, I was ready to sell everything for a horse...
Wait a minute!
There are fugitives at Matryona Gully!
- I was coming back from... - Convicts? How many?
I saw one. He's waiting for me. I promised to bring him some bread.
We'll take him!
We meet at the pasture with arms!
Stop the drill! All go to the pasture!
- Turn to the gully. - Got it.
Stop running so fast! I'm out of breath.
- What's up? - There's a fugitive over there!
- We're in trouble! The Cossacks! - Here comes your bread, bastard!
Taras, wait!
- Hold on! - Shut up, S.O.B., or I'll kill you!
There they are, ataman!
Halt, I'm telling you!
Let's go over to the marshes. We'll get them up there.
No shooting, I told you!
Hey, you, in the marshes! I suggest that you give yourselves up.
You have nowhere to go, anyway.
He's done.
We should charge all at once, and that will be the end of it.
Ataman, why should we risk our lives?
- That's the guards' job. - Where are they, your guards?
- It's none of our business, ataman. - Shut your mouth.
With guns, they will give us no peace.
And I'll be made responsible for not having used my authority.
He missed!
How about rounding them up?
- Rounding up? - Yes!
Forget it...
Hey, you, in the marshes! That's our last offer!
Beat it from here if you want to stay alive!
We're taking them alive!
Why, Roman?
Give up!
They ran out of bullets.
Ah, you only live once... Come on!
Take it to your right.
Stepan, to your right.
Are you crazy, man?
Give up, you've lost your game.
Come on, shoot, son of a bitch!
Hands up!
You'll take me only after I hack you down, the wolves' feed.
Drop the saber.
- Who fired? - I did.
What for? He wouldn't get away.
Just to be sure.
I see that killing a man for you is the same as to cut a chick's head!
Where did he get a gun and the guard's uniform?
If we took him alive, we would have found out.
Listen, Mitka, that's the one I met while hunting.
I told you, remember?
With such a trifle, you could go to Platon.
I'm stealing his bread as it is.
He did fix it once. The next day it fell apart.
- We'll fix it for good. - How much will you sting me?
You're a prickly character, aren't you? Sting you, hah...
For friends, I can do it for nothing.
What friends?
As for your rudeness, I'll forgive you this time.
Sorry if I did something wrong. You're a man of the town.
I'm of the same dust as you are.
Come on! You've been here for a while, and never went to church.
You've got books.
- Take some to read. - We don't need that.
Of course, it's much more fun to go chasing girls.
- All right, what's your price? - We'll come to an agreement.
Hey, boy, pump it, will you?
I want to tell you something about your Vassily.
Can you keep your mouth shut?
What's there to tell? Everyone knows he's in the mines.
He was!
But not anymore!
- Where is he? - You shouldn't ask such things.
Tell your grandfather not to worry. He's alright, and in a safe place.
Vassily is a lone wolf now.
- You're still a stupid boy. - Well, that's what I am.
- When can I come for my scythe? - Tomorrow.
It's enough!
So, don't forget to tell your grandfather!
Only yesterday you called me
Your sweetheart, in front of all.
And today, my dear betrayer,
You forgot me, once and for all.
You're enamored with another
For her riches, my treacherous friend.
Why am I not as rich as she is,
Who separated us, the fiend?
The precious ring that you had given,
A gold ring with turquoise stone,
I will hold to my heart, dear,
Over it I'll cry, when I'm alone.
Aunt Akulina cures all the lassies,
Cures all kinds of sickness,
Except for lovesickness.
Except for lovesickness...
Why is the light on in the smithy?
Wait a minute!
The escape's been postponed for a few days.
They expect an inspector from St. Petersburg at the can tomorrow.
- Has the guard been paid? - Yes.
Are there any guarantees?
There are, but he demands more money.
- Petrovsky's escape's to his credit. - Yes, I know.
Are the passports good?
They'll be valid until the emigration.
The most important thing is to get them out of the Zerentuy District.
- Want to stay overnight? - No, Semyon.
The night is dark, and the road is long. We'd better go.
- All right. - Take care.
Let's go.
Go on!
Watch out, Platon, if you're saying it for spite!
What are you talking about? I'm a Christian, am I not?
Mitka, go to Chepalov's! Tell Nikifor to come with his gun.
The passports are ready. And they said something about...
- About what? - I didn't understand. A bad word.
All right. Let's go to Guerasim's.
- He's here! - Let's go!
Come on!
Hold him! Tie him up!
It's done!
Nikifor, rake away the coals.
Platon, look up there.
- Yelisey! - Open it!
Some uniforms.
Wanted to play-act at being mining engineers?
- And what is that? - Look here.
Where are the passports, Mr. Blacksmith?
Have you swallowed your tongue?
Want me to give you a punch to make you talk?
I found it!
Keep quiet, blacksmith, or you'll lose your teeth.
Count it. I want everything to be according to law.
Here are the passports.
"To whom it may concern.
The bearer of this, N.P. Fiveysky, head of a prospecting party,
accompanied by three employees of the Mining Department,
is allowed free travel
within the East-Siberian Guberniya.
Administration of Zerentuy Mountain District."
Clean job.
Three hundred exactly.
Nikifor, take him out.
Platon, Timofey, you stay here and guard the place.
Don't let anyone in. Kick everybody out!
Thank God, we made it in time.
Look at that cloud. It will surely hail.
- Ganka, take the coat into the shed. - All right.
Gimme the wind branch!
Here, dad.
- Take the rake. - Yes.
Catch it!
Hold it fast, I'm coming down.
- How you doing, granddad? - Howdy.
Hi! Are you crazy? Charging like that!
Drop the pitchfork. I've got to tell you something.
- What do you want? - Drop the pitchfork!
Why did you bristle up like that? Let's have a smoke.
It's freezing cold, isn't it, Roman?
It seems like it's going to hail.
- Did you hear the news? - What news?
- The ataman arrested Nagorny. - Why?
For politics. Now they'll send him to jail, like they did your Vassily.
Stop chastising us for Vassily!
- I don't. I just mentioned it. - Vassily and Vassily!..
You've got a fine stack here.
I don't feel like going to the squatters' land.
Do you know they're going to propose to Dashutka tomorrow?
- Who? - My masters. For her to marry Alexei.
- You're lying! - I swear.
- You're lying, I know! - Why? I swear to God!
Darn! It's going to rain like hell!
- Roman! - Stop squealing!
I'll kill that bitch!
Stand still!
Oh God!..
Oh God!..
Oh, my God!
- Agraphyona! - Coming.
- You sleeping? Enjoying yourselves? - What's up?
You don't know nothing, old fool? Look what they've done to the gate.
- Where's Dashka? - Sleeping.
- I'll whip the slut to death! - Don't you touch her!
- Why, father? - See what you've done, hussy?
You've put your father to shame, you cow!
To whom did you give yourself? Who smeared our gate with tar?
- To no one, father! - You dirty liar!
Epifan, please, don't beat her!
I'll teach you a lesson for disgracing your father!
Don't interfere, you indulger!
Oh God! What a shame!
Hush, you two!
You just wait, I'll talk to you yet!
Oh, mommy!
Get out of here!
Hello, Agraphyona!
- Agraphyona! - How you doing?
- Hi, Epifan! - Hi!
- How are you doing? - We're doing fine.
I've heard you got related to the convict's seed.
That's all people were talking about at my smithy this morning.
About what?
They say it was the Ulybin boy who tarred your gate all over.
- You mean, Roman? - Who else?
I'll show you the gates, son of a bitch!
You'll forget once and for all how to shame your father!
- Severyan, stop it! - Get out of my way!
I'll teach you, scoundrel!
- Dad! - Give it to him, Severyan!
Go on, beat me! But send the matchmakers to Epifan right away!
- I'll teach you, you stinker! - I'm ready to die for Dashutka!
- I'll show you matchmakers! - They'll steal the girl from me!
I'll lash you in front of people!
- I'll teach you a lesson, bandit! - That's enough, dad!
- Hello, Yelisey Petrovich. - Hello.
- Bad timing! Where's my shirt? - On the chest.
Don't give your consent! I'm not going to marry him!
- Hello, Epifan Lukich. - Hello, Agraphyona.
How are you? Come in, be seated.
Come on in.
We're here on a good mission, to propose a marriage.
You've got goods, we've got a buyer.
You've got a fair gal. We've got a fine lad.
Sergei Ilyich is sending his regards and asking
if you agree to give Darya to marry Alexei.
That's right!
Thank you very much for the honor!
But it's too early for our daughter to think of marriage.
Come on, Epifan!
It's just the right time. She's going to be 18 soon.
- That's right! - Eighteen is not yet the age.
What do you know! And how old was Agraphyona when you married her?
Besides, the suitor is not for us.
We need someone simpler, not to reproach us for a poor dowry.
Such a beautiful girl would marry a poor boy? It's not right, Epifan.
- Her beauty is her dowry. - That's right!
And you yourself is not just nobody in our village.
I'm counting my blessings...
Not that I'm rich, but I'm quite comfortably off.
So, what would be your answer?
I got only this to answer, my dear matchmaker!
Tell Sergei Ilyich to look for a bride elsewhere.
- I'm not eager to get related to him. - You shouldn't say that.
A dry spoon scratches the mouth. Let's have a drink and then talk.
Didn't you hear what people say about our Darya?
I didn't, and I won't listen to it!
And if I hear anything, I'll use my authority!
Agraphyona, lay the table.
That's a real talk.
- Hi, bride! - The newlyweds!
If it wasn't you who came to ask for her, I'd never given Darya away.
I'm so fond of you!
Fly up, falcons, like eagles proud! To your sorrow, never yield!
Let's set up a tent as shroud
And camp out in a green field!..
Let's go to Chepalov's store!
Agraphyona, leave us alone!
Start up! Let's go!
I'm so fond of you, you know!
That's where you are, my dear.
- I tended the lambs. - Cut it out!
Your mother and myself had to blush on account of you.
Listen, gal, we've given you away to marry.
- I'm not going to marry Alexei! - Why not?
I'll have to live not with riches, but with a man.
You mean, Alexei's not a man?
The most eligible suitor sent you his matchmakers, and you're kicking?
What do you find wrong with Alexei?
I'm in love with another one.
Who? Roman? Forget him!
It's been decided.
I'd rather kill myself than get married to Alexei!
You'll marry him alright!
As long as you're my daughter, you'll live as I say!
- We'll have a wedding after threshing. - I'll go and drown myself!
No, you won't!
Daddy, I don't love him! I told Alexei so...
I never go back on my word!
The last one?
Come here.
Try it.
Is it good?
You'll have to stay here and be a miller.
Our granddad is very sick. I'll go get the doctor.
You are not afraid to be left alone overnight, are you?
Well, so be it...
You might as well utter a word.
Are you going to pout for the rest of your life?
- Who is there? - It's me.
I've come to you, Roman.
I came myself.
Roman, my darling! My pretty flower! We'll never be happy.
Why is God punishing me?
Stop crying, Dashutka! We'll run away to the squatters' land!
They'll find us, Roman, and they'll kill us. Nikifor will!
He won't, don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid for myself. I'm afraid for you.
They're going to kill you!
- Refuse Alexei. - It's too late, Roman.
- Give him up! - Too late.
I can't live without you!
Oh, my God!
I've come to you, Roman! I'm yours, all of me!
They're coming!
Not a berry over the saucer is a-rolling,
Not a pearl after the berry is a-going.
It's Alexei for his wedding getting ready,
As his mother for the road him preparing.
She's preparing him and instructing:
You will go, my dear son, to get married.
Fair girls will be singing to you pretty songs.
So be to them, my dear son, kind and generous:
Give them not a kopeck, and not a half-ruble,
Give to them, my dear son, a whole ruble.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, be happy!
- That's the end of a Cossack! - Just pecked on it!
Let's see what the bride will do.
That's quite a piece! She'll be the mistress of the house.
Dear guests, please, come to the table.
It's not a forest dense, nor a grassy growth,
That's our unruly heads bowing very low.
Let's drink and feast, and make merry
To the health of our host and his sweet cherry!
And in our merriment, we shall cry "hurrah"!
Make it sweet!
Not enough! Make it sweeter!
- Make it sweet! - Alexei, give her a long kiss!
For good luck!
From my twenty-seven girls I went to plunge into water falls.
I got there - the place was crammed With all the twenty-seven of them!
Ataman! Yelisey Petrovich!
A messenger arrived from the town.
- Did he say anything? - To report immediately.
Where are our newlyweds? I wonder how they're doing.
Leave them alone.
- What happened? - Must be a fire.
Cossacks! We're at war with Germany!
Oh, my goodness!..
Today, dear friends, I'm enjoying the very last of my carefree days...
End of Part One
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