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Subtitles for Dauria 1971 - Part 2 23976fps.

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Dauria 1971 - Part 2 23976fps

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Second Artistic Association 1971
In Summer 1918, the counter-revolution took the offensive in Siberia.
Krasnoyarsk fell on June 18,
Irkutsk - on July 11, Nizhneudinsk - on August 20.
Ataman Semyonov's bands were straining to take Chita...
Screenplay by Yuri KLEPIKOV, Victor TREGUBOVICH
Directed by Victor TREGUBOVICH
Director of Photography Yevgheny MEZENTSEV
Production Designer Grachia MEKINIAN
Music by Georgy PORTNOV Sound by Irina CHERNYAKHOVSKAYA
English Subtitles by Tatiana KAMENEVA
Chita Train Station
- Did you see the doctor? - He's somewhere around.
Be careful.
Don't take the bandage off. Wear it till your next dressing.
- Hello, pop! - Hello!
Where can I find Comrade Ulybin?
- And who are you? - I've brought him a message!
- His HQ's in that green wagon. - Thanks.
Yes! Ulybin! Yes! No!
First of all, put aboard the wounded and the documents!
Because there's no room! I'll take the responsibility!
What's up, Fedot?
Comrade Commander, I'm ordered to report to you personally:
Semyonov's two armored trains arrived at Chernovskaya Station.
Our scouts have spotted them.
What a tall boy you've grown!
- How are you? Sit down. - How you doing, Vassily Andreyich!
- Why a sailor's shirt? - I traded it for home-brewed vodka.
Maxim, tell Nagorny to come in.
How are you doing over there?
Pretty lousy. Semyonov's pressing so hard that we're sweating blood.
Can you hold on one more day?
We could, if it were not for those armored trains.
If they hit us, we'll be caught in a bind.
The archives are all aboard, Vassily.
Sit down!
The intelligence data have been confirmed.
Vassily, I have an idea.
What idea?
The railway goes downward to Chernovskaya Station.
If we set a platform with dynamite rolling, it will...
- How can we set it rolling? - With a locomotive.
What d'you know!
Interesting! To set it rolling and... What about people on the locomotive?
They'll jump off!
A daring idea! Where will we find those people?
I know one such man.
- Who is it? - I am!
- Why? You... - I happen to be a train locksmith.
- What about the treasury, the gold? - Someone else will do it.
That seems to be our only choice. Let's try, maybe we'll make it.
Sure, we'll make it! But I need an assistant.
- Take anyone. - Semyon, take me!
I recognized you right away. You were our blacksmith.
- Right, take him. He's a good boy! - Well, if you're good, let's go!
Hello, is it Yuzhnaya? Where are you, for God's sake?
Report the situation!
Send an orderly immediately!
Tell him to bring Roman Ulybin with his detachment! Right away!
- Any news from Nagorny? - It's too early yet.
- When are we going to jump? - Now!
- See what a reception we've got? - If they hit us, we're dead.
Let's check it for the last time!
- Shall we jump? - The wire's been broken!
- Let's stop the locomotive! - It's too late!
- Fedot, jump! - What about you?
- Come on, jump! - Semyon!
Don't load the paintings of world significance together with junk!
- Hi, guys! - Hello, Georgy Antonovich!
With all questions, go to my deputy!
- Georgy! - Hi there, Cockroach!
- How is the loading going? - Everything's hunky-dory!
- Look at this brave eagle! - That's a fine boy!
- Round off! - Right!
- My residence. - I need to go back to my squadron.
What squadron? They had fled long ago.
We should cut and run too, pal.
- Wow! - Like it?
Anarchists know how to live.
- Sonya? - It's not Sonya, it's me.
Sit down, let's have something to eat.
- Where do you get the drinks? - Expropriation of the expropriators.
What is that stuff?
Shustovsky cognac.
No kidding...
Did you call me?
Prepare a bath.
- Do we have enough grub? - Don't you worry!
Throw away those rags! Have the mirror packed instead.
And get this hero dressed, even if you have to give him your clothes.
Georgy Antonovich, a call from HQ for you to report immediately.
I haven't arrived yet, but they already know that. They can wait!
It feels as though God has gone barefoot through my veins.
How did they die?
They died, that's all.
Though some people say that Fedot managed to jump off.
He might show up yet. How many people do you have left?
- Fifteen. - Fifteen.
Maxim, fix us something to eat.
Look, Roman...
The Revolutionary Army Staff entrusts you with
taking gold out of the treasury and getting it ready for transportation.
That's why you removed me from the position?
Wait. First, you'll have to make an inventory. Is it clear?
It's clear! You want to save your nephew's life.
Stop being stupid, Roman!
- I'm not Roman for you! - Stupid, anyway!
I'm a Red Army commander, not a clerk, and not a treasurer.
People are dying on the front line, and you want me to sit in the rear!
There's no rear now, Roman.
I can't guarantee that in an hour there will be no firing right here.
Take your people and go.
I'm not going!
- Stand up! - Well, I'm standing.
Go and carry out the order!
I said I'm not going!
Come over here.
Take off the helmet. It's pure gold.
I've got 4,025. What have you got?
- What would be the balance? - What do you mean?
How much will remain?
There will be no balance. We'll take it all.
Got it!
Don't try to make me feel better. They'll make me answer for it.
Bring in the wounded, quick!
You'll get your medicines. Just stop yelling.
- Mitka, what are you doing here? - Hi, man!
Wait for me here.
You called me, didn't you?
- What time did you have to report? - I don't remember!
I'm tired! When are we going to run?
- Stand up! - What?
Stand up!
You're talking to a senior officer!
If you were much older, then you'd be senior.
I don't give a damn about you, but I've got the Siberian Center's order!
- Report the situation. - We're holding the defense...
You're not holding anything! Your defense has cracked!
I flung my last reserves in there!
A straw must break in a strong hand.
Why are you here, in Chita, instead of the battlefield?
- I have my deputy there. - You have your deputy there?
Keep your hands off me!
Your deputy's been killed! And you, why are you alive? Answer me!
All right, I'll answer you!
You sent my men to the hell itself!
Why? To collect some red tape papers?
To wait here for your buddy, Lazo?
To take the gold out of Chita?
We should have retreated right away! To save our men!
We should have gone to the forest! Do you get it, senior officer?
Trying to save your own skin, bastard?
- What did you say? Repeat it! - You're a deserter!
I'll kill you!
Arrest him!
All right.
Move it!
Dmitry, to the doctor!
Go on.
Get up!
- Take the cards away! - Wait a minute...
Listen to me, guys! Semyonov will be in the city any minute.
What did I tell you?
There's going to be a mutiny. Semyonov will spare nobody.
- So, let's get out of here! - Right! It's about time!
The only choice for us is to go to Manchuria.
Manchuria is fine!
Why? Who needs Manchuria?
You already flirted with death today. Want to do it once more?
We have nowhere to go but to Manchuria.
But empty-handed, we'll have no luck there.
I suggest that we pay a visit to the Chita Treasury.
We must take the gold before the White Guards take it.
Or the Reds.
Roman Severyanovich! Comrade Commander!
Bondarenko, occupy the gallery!
Get the filthy lucre!
- Fedot! - Roman?
Don't kill him. I'll settle with him myself.
Roman, send for a back-up! There're a hell of a lot of them here!
Take the crates with scrap to the car!
A grenade! Get down!
You, bull moose in heat!
Don't go back to the basement. We're not going to wait for you.
We're leaving!
Everybody, get in the cars!
Roman, get over here!
No! Part of the gold has been taken away.
How? It's been taken!
To chase them? The city's in revolt! The station is being attacked!
Can't you hear what's going on?..
Onward, gentlemen!
Mount your horses and gallop to the water-tower.
Take them on the right flank!
Fire along the street, Guerasim!
Are you deaf or what?
- Fire along the street! - I'm running out of cartridges!
Hold on! It'll be over soon!
Roman, we're leaving. You leave too, after the train takes off.
Lead your people to Kurunzulai. We'll set up a partisan base there.
All right!
Vassily Andreyevich, hurry up!
Well, Roman! If we're lucky, we'll see each other.
Grab the machine-gun and leave!
On your horses!
Come on!
- Shall we unsaddle the horses? - No!
Roman, let's make it to home. We can rest there.
It will be quite a detour!
- We could take a steam bath. - And have a good time!
- What if Semyonov's there? - Not likely. It's too early.
We're risking our necks, Fedot.
No risking one's neck, no getting in jail.
Come on, Roman! - Ah, what the heck! Mount!
Ataman! Semyonov is in Chulbutinskaya!
Thank God! At long last!
How do you know it?
The Red Guards told me. Roman Ulybin's plundering the armory.
Get the Cossacks on horses! We'll take them there!
I won't let anyone spill our own Cossacks' blood!
Platon, Mikhail, follow me!
Guerasim, get the cart.
The ataman is coming!
Mitka, go home!
Back up!
Out of my way! You're looking at the village ataman!
And you're looking at the Red Guards commander!
You trash...
Uncle Yelisey, go away.
- Can't you stay, Roman? - No, I can't, dad.
Well, mother...
Take care of yourself, son.
- Where to, now? - To the forest.
Should you meet Vassily, give him my regards.
All right!
The Cossacks are here!
Don't even try to do anything!
- Maxim, bring the firewood! - All right!
- Nikifor, give me a smoke. - No!
- Just one smoke. - I said, no!
Stop knocking, you jerk!
- Give me some water! - Forget it, Red trash!
Stop it, Roman. All you can get from them is a bullet, nothing else.
It smells like funeral.
It's too early for us to die yet.
I didn't mean it. It smells of besoms.
No! Let go of me!
But why?
- Get in and shut up! - Let me go!
I haven't done anything! No!
- Mitka! - Right.
- Hi! - Hi!
What are you doing here?
- How long have you been here? - Three days.
That's it! I'm finished!
Were you with the Reds?
The hell do I care for your Reds! I was in the taiga!
Those bastards caught me. They thought I was a partisan.
I told them: " I'm the son of the Mungalovsky ataman!"
But they won't believe me! I have nothing to do with all this.
Sure! You wanted to sit it out in the taiga!
What are they going to do to me?
Please, tell them about my father, will you?
Stop it. You'll have plenty of time to bemoan your fate!
- When were you at Mungalovsky? - Last summer!
How are my folks? Are they being harassed?
They made your old man join the armed detachment.
- Did the ataman organize it? - He was ordered to do it.
How about my masters, the Chepalovs?
They're in the detachment, too. All of them, except for Alyoshka.
- Why not him? - He's been killed.
No kidding!
He joined the Semyonov Army after you split from the village.
People say it was you who did him in to make even.
- How's Dashutka? - She lives with her folks now.
What am I going to do, guys?
I found gold in the taiga.
- What? - Never mind!
- Where? - Forget it!
You'll be knocked off anyway for being a partisan.
No! They have no right!
- But why? Why? - It's serious, man.
I'll get out of here anyway!
I'll get away from here, I promise!
We've already checked it out. The Cossacks made it to last.
Why me?
I didn't touch anybody!
Those who wish to repent
of the crimes committed in the ranks of Red bands,
get down on your knees.
We committed no crimes.
I see! Everyone is sentenced to be shot.
- What do you think? - Yes.
- And you? - Yes.
I'm the son! The son of Yelisey Kargin, the ataman of Mungalovsky!
Spare me! I didn't do anything! I'll tell you everything!
- Later. - I was in the taiga!
Anyone else is going to change his mind?
Take all of them to the armory pending the verdict confirmation.
About face march! Come on, move!
Where are you going, fool? Bring him back.
Hey, you, come back!
- Shall we begin, sir? - Why wait?
Get down!
Rank up!
Masseyev, bring the first two.
Firing by the whole rank.
Rank! Fire!
What are you firing at, asshole? Got your hands shaking?
- Sorry. - You'd better watch out!
Firing by the rank. Rank! Fire!
- Roman, listen to my command. - Right.
Firing by the rank. Rank!..
Rank, forward! Fire bursts!
Fire at the bushes!
Stop firing! They'll come out.
- Who's there? - It's me.
You're alive!
Come on, you must be hungry, poor devils.
It's freezing. Hi!..
- Where did he come from? - I don't know.
So you've been living here since the cold season started?
All alone?
Why don't you say something?
There's nothing to say.
You know all my news.
As for the past, there's no good stirring it up.
You better tell me how my Alexei was killed.
I don't know. I was not there.
People say you killed him, because you bore a grudge against him.
- It's not true, Dashutka. - Really, Roman?
But if I had met him, my hand would have been steady.
And not because of you.
I'm glad there's no Alyoshka's blood on you.
Aren't you scared to live all alone in the woods?
I am. They say the Red partisans are wintering here.
And there're men from Mungalovsky among them.
- Really? - Yes.
Timofey Kosykh dropped by his folks the other day.
The Cossacks came to arrest him, but he had already left.
I should go to the village, too.
It's dangerous, Roman! You'd better stay here.
It won't be for long. Just to see my folks.
I need to get a horse...
Petka, son of a gun!
Don't put Voronoy to work today. And give him more oats.
You and Nikifor will go to the mines tonight.
- Kirillovna! - What now?
Get the vodka ready. The Cossacks are coming for drinks.
What's taking you so long, Cossacks?
Have you moved the grain from the second barn?
- We have, don't worry. - That's good.
Petka, bring the homebrew from the cellar.
Hurry up!
It seems like a blizzard is coming. Hurry up, Cossacks.
- Very nice. - Let me show you something else.
- Hello, Sergei Ilyich. - How you doing?
Come later, my dear women. We've got no time for you now.
Get ready the food. Take some herring from the old barrel.
- Don't touch the zalom brand! - Yes, sir!
Nikifor, wipe off the snot before entering the house!
I'll wipe off yours with this saber!
Hold the horse.
Aren't we lucky with our ataman? He gets 25 rubles, we get drunk.
- Welcome your guests! - Please, come in.
Father, is everything ready?
Hi, Luckich!
That's the way to welcome guests!
- Hello, dad! - Roman, my son!
- You're alive! - I'm all right, mother.
- My darling! - Come in the house.
My heart was telling me you were alive.
- Hi, Roman! - Hi, Ganka!
Have you been with the partisans?
- Did you come back for good? - For good...
No, mother, just to see you.
So, you're not giving yourself up. Ganka, close up the shutters.
Sit down, sonny. I'll bring you warm socks from the stove.
- Well, what do you say, old girl? - I can't believe my eyes.
You seem to have buried me alive. Where did you get that information?
Your friend, Mitka, told us that you'd been sentenced.
Some friend...
I heard that Vassily was a big shot with them Reds.
- Where's he now? - He's with Lazo, in the Far East.
- With Lazo? - They went underground there.
Help him God.
We've already written off both of you.
Your mother cried her heart out.
How do you think we felt when we heard of your death?
Come on, I'm alive, ain't I? Why talk about it now?
Why? So that you think about your parents for a change.
You are not going anywhere anymore!
Tomorrow you'll give yourself up to the ataman.
That's right! You better stay home. Look at you, you're so thin!
I'm not going to give myself up to anyone.
I'll put down my saber only after we win the Soviet power back!
Look at him, the hero! You've been already driven to the woods.
Wait and see where Semyonov'll run from the Soviet power in the spring.
What do you need this power for?
There's nothing good in it for Cossacks.
There are Cossacks and Cossacks. You, for one, don't have to fear it.
Only under Soviet power, the poor people are going to see the light.
Look at this defender of the poor people!
You'd better be thinking of yourself.
I don't think you liked the old regime very much.
Didn't you feel insulted when they called us the convict's seed?
You were looking for justice. And now you're in the armed detachment.
You're so smart, aren't you?
What would happen to them, if I didn't join?
Because of you and Vassily, we would have...All right, you live as you like!
- Fine, let's leave it at that. - Eat. Severyan, fill the glasses.
Roman, take me with you.
Hush, you wretch!
They're coming here!
Oh, Lord God!
My boots! Where're the mittens?
Oh, Holy Mother! Have mercy and save us!
Stop squealing!
Roman, give yourself up, will you?
I'll hide behind the door. Then you'll open.
Ganka, lie down on the bed! As if I'm there!
- Come on, father! - Don't do it, Roman!
- Who is there? - The ataman with witnesses!
- It's Nikifor. - Come on.
Nikifor, stay here.
Show me in the house.
He's gone!
- Why are you yelling? - He's got away!
- Where did he go? - Over there!
- He's got away, bastard! - He's got away!
On the horses! We'll catch him!
No way! We'll sooner get the bullet!
Roman is not some dunderhead, like Nikifor.
I'll kill all their breed!
Back up! Don't even think of it, you gawk! You've let him slip away!
All right, he won't go far. He will come back, and we'll be waiting.
Let's go!
- Hello, Mefody! - Hi!
Long time, no see. What's up?
I've brought you a new Communard.
- Who is he? Where from? - Roman Ulybin from Mungalovsky.
Don't strain your brain. You will remember only my uncle, not me.
Why don't you post guards?
What is there to guard? We're not at war, we're just hiding.
This hiding of yours will end up in your being seized one by one.
Don't butt in.
- Don't unsaddle the horses. - I know.
- Who is the chief here? - I guess I am.
I was elected temporarily, but then it stuck.
- How many sabers? - 200... Used to be. Now it's less.
- Running away, aren't they? - In every direction.
- Why? It looks like life's fun here. - The Cossacks are partying.
- Come on, let's have a look. - No, not me!
- Why? - You can easily get a wallop there.
Red Communards!..
Hello, comrades!
Roman? My dear friend!
- Fedot? Hi, man! - You're alive!
Oh, my dear! I've found you!
We have survived both fire and water!
It means we'll live a hundred years.
Come over here, Roman! This happens once in a lifetime.
- Only two left. - Get lost!
Please, Roman Severyanovich, be our guest.
- Move over, make room. - All right...
Is he from your village, Fedot?
My old friend. We've been through fire and water together. A Bolshevik!
Welcome, Roman Severyanovich.
- A nice place you've got here. - We ain't complaining.
- All we miss here are broads. - Yes, all you need are broads.
All right, comrades, enough of this wolf-hole living,
cards playing and home-brew drinking.
Let's forget all that.
I'm afraid you no longer remember how to hold a rifle.
It's too early for us to put down our sabers!
First we must get the Soviet power back here, in the Zabaikalsk Region.
So, we're going to change our way of life.
- Can I ask a question? - All questions later!
And what if I'm dying to ask something?
- Shut up, bull moose, or... - Wait!
What if I don't want to change my way of life?
Then go home to your woman and to your kids.
- I'd love to, only they'll kill me. - Who will kill you?
The new authorities! Semyonov!
You see? You're smart, aren't you?
That's the reason we're lying low here.
You can't spend your life lying low in the taiga.
Well, we're not going to. The Soviets are behind the Urals.
They won't forget us.
So they must shed their blood for you, while you're lying on your side?
They also have wives and kids. They want to live, too.
Don't you have any shame, or all you've got is your big ass?
What you're saying is right, Roman Severyanovich,
but you shouldn't yell at people.
We must rise up here and help the Red Army from within.
Then this...
The red sun of freedom will rise over us much sooner.
Be quiet, please. Hands up, if you want to live.
I said, hands up!
- Kolia, collect the guns. - Yes.
Move it!
Come on, old man. Your war is over.
Stepan, stand by the window.
Go on!
- Who's there? - A messenger.
Oh, my God, Jesus Christ... What do you want?
- Are the officers sleeping? - Sleeping... Hello, comrades.
Stay in the kitchen, and keep mum.
Wake up!
Collect the guns.
It smells like Shustovsky cognac.
Go ahead!
Why are you just sitting? Get up!
What kind of a masquerade is this?
Gotcha, the curly head!
Get out of here!
You bastard!
I surrender, gentlemen!
Kolyshkin, go to the right.
- Semyon, give me a smoke. - You're doing fine without it.
- Any complaints from the prisoners? - They don't say anything.
Spare your breath. The Cossacks make everything to last.
Maxim, get the firewood!
Still humming and hawing? Either you're going or not!
I don't want to hoof it, but I don't have a horse.
We'll give you a horse. We'll take it from some moneybag.
- Are you signing up? - Yes, sign me up.
Roman Severyanovich?
Go get a gun. Next!
What are we going to do with the prisoners?
We'll decide it later. The officers will stand trial!
- Your name? - Nickolay Sytin.
- What's wrong with your arm? - I've been wounded.
- By whom? - It makes no difference.
- Did you fight for Semyonov? - I was in the armed detachment.
Put it down.
- Your name! Do you hear me? - Babkin.
How old are you?
You'd better go home, granddad. Next.
- What did you say? - I said, go home.
Next. Don't be in the way, granddad.
- What's your name? - Zadorov.
- Have you got a horse? - Yes. A saber and a rifle, too.
Go on! Over here!
Please, talk to my wife! She won't let me go!
We've caught him. Didn't manage to flee, I guess. He's asking for you.
- Who are you? - Merchant Kandaurov.
And you, Roman Severyanovich Ulybin?
I've come to you from the Partisan Army Staff.
The doctor wouldn't do it for anything.
The doctor must be with the wounded if you have to tie him with a chain!
- Got it! - Right!
I'm telling you, forget your lackey ways!
- Got this habit with your officers!.. - Yes!
And stop yelling. I'm not deaf.
Don't fall back! Move up!
- The Reds! Turn back! - Oh, my God!..
Turn back, damn you! Go, fast!
Please, save us, dear creatures!
Have mercy, comrades!
Ah, you're talking comrades? We're no comrades to you!
Oh, my goodness! They're ours! Yefim, where are you?
- I took you for the Reds. - What Reds?
- They've chased us for 15 versts. - Are you sure?
They closed in on the mine at night. No one managed to escape!
- How many of them? - Swarms of them!
- Yefim, unharness the horses. - All right.
What are we going to do?
We'll go to Mostovka and see what's going on there.
If anything, our horses will carry us away.
- Uncle Severyan, the Reds! - The Reds!
Hold it!
Nikifor, we're leaving!
Cut them off the ravine!
Back to the ravine! Follow me!
Go on, Orlik! Come on, my pet!
Uncle Nikifor!
Drop the guns! Surrender!
Turn back, guys! Follow me!
Where are you going, Severyan?
Go on, Gnidko!
Come on, Gnidko, don't let me down!
Hold on, Gnidko! We'll get away!
Oh, shit... you antichrists!
Let me go, for Christ's sake!
Give me your rifle!
Everybody, dismount! Collect the arms!
We've met at last, Mr. Chepalov. lsn't it a surprise?
- Who is he, father? - I don't know.
- Are you the village ataman? - Yes, Captain.
Any Bolsheviks here?
No, sir. Whichever we had, they left the village long ago.
Why haven't you arrested them?
My arm wasn't long enough then.
- Where can we stay here? - I think, at merchant Chepalov's.
Try to remember everyone who sympathized with the Bolsheviks.
Make a list and bring it to me. And hurry up.
Bon appetit!
- Is the list ready? - Yes, sir.
Check it out. Lest the ataman overlooked someone.
There're only those here who have been long gone.
Yet, even without them, we've got Bolshevik sympathizers galore.
How do you explain it, ataman?
The Bolsheviks I know have been all gone.
- What about Ivan Volkov? - He's dying from the wounds.
And Dashka Kozulina?
Are you crazy? Dashutka is your daughter-in-law.
Are you covering her up, ataman?
Yes, Captain?
Thirty five lashes! He has a short memory on Bolsheviks.
Thirty five?
You have no right, Captain!
Take him!
Don't dare touch me, I said!
Take it easy, uncle. Let's do it quietly.
It's not right. You should not lash the ataman.
Don't criticize my actions, will you?
Take his tunic off!
All right, that's enough.
Hurry up!
Have a drink, Yelisey, it'll make you feel better.
Get out of here, bastard!
- She's innocent! - Go away.
No one should come near the arrested!
Yes, Captain. Back up, everybody!
Go and see what's taking them so long.
- Ivan! - Get out of here!
Why are you doing it to her, dear? She's innocent!
Get lost!
- Who are you? - May I report that in two...
- Your name? - Village constable Ulybin.
How dare you, scoundrel, to wear these crosses and shoulder-straps?
Keep off! I've shed my blood for those crosses. I'm a soldier too!
I'm having such soldiers hanged on the trees!
Where are your son and brother, bastard?
Give it back, you dog! I'm not responsible for them!
She's innocent!
Get the arrested in line!
- Captain! - What is it?
Sir, the Reds are coming!
- What are you babbling about? - The Reds, your honor!
- Off we go! - Follow me!
First squadron, follow me at a gallop!
- Hello, villagers! - Hello, Cossacks!
- Hello, fellow villagers!
- Hello, Ivan! - Hello!
- Hello, Darya Epifanovna. - Hello.
What's the occasion for this gathering?
- Who killed him? - The punitive squad.
- When did they leave? - Just now.
I'll be back soon, mother.
On your horses!
Follow me!
The End
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