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Subtitles for David Copperfield - Illusion CD1.

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David Copperfield - Illusion CD1

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I'm David CopperfieId
and you're about to see a whole lotta of magic
For me, watching this retrospective is like looking thru
a high school yearbook
It's got some of my best illusions
some of the worst haircuts put on film
and clothing choices that kept the '70s alive
At the end, we've added some recent pieces,
created for our Broadway show
So sit back and take a look at 1 5 years of magic
Well, actually, 20 years of magic
I started very young
Okay, go
I dunno where to begin
I've been doing magic all my life
I love magic. I love magic
that's intimate but I also love magic
that's spectacular, like the year
I decided to vanish a train
I had taken a ride with the Orient Express
and I knew I had to do something with it
Well, it took me a year to find a train car
and a year to work out the illusion
A train car from the Orient Express
It weights 70 tons
That's 140,000 pounds
It's 85 feet of steel and iron
A million dollars was spent just to restore it
A train on its tracks
set on a floor of solid concrete
A group of spectators will surround the train
Holding hands forming a circle around it
Our camera this shot will never cut away
No camera edits, no video effects
You'll see it at home just like you'd see it
if you were here with me
Take a good look
'cause in a few seconds the train we're in right now
hopefully won't be here anymore
Everybody, pick up your ropes
Cover cloth
Keep your hands together
There are no camera tricks?
No. All the magic is done live
What you see at home is exactly
what you'd see if you were there with a live audience
And what's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
See these spikes?
For a year
I practiced hanging up side down
bound and strapped from ropes 10 stories in the air
Then we set the ropes on fire
I had two minutes to escape before the ropes burned thru
But on the night of the T.V. special
to make it a bit more interesting,
we added these spikes beneath me
I was up there in the air
and I looked down on the spikes
and that really freaked me out
I didn't wanna just do an escape
I wanna combine it with the ritualistic challenges that took
in the jungles of African and the Amazon
Ceremonially tests of commitment
They'll hoist me 10 stories above the spikes
I remember looking down
and the thought of falling on them
didn't make me very happy
I didn't wanna die that way
Don't try this at home
I hate these spikes
I do 500 show a year
and people think I'm crazy
But I really love it
What I Love the most is interacting with the audience
You never know what to expect
It's different every night
and the weirdest thing can happen
Thank you very, very much
You know, something really weird has been happening to me
I keep getting these premonitions
You know when you think of something and then
it comes true later on?
Well, I've been able to predict graffiti
Yeah, where it's gonna happen
when it's gonna happen
and what it's gonna say
In fact, I brought with me a...
brick wall tonight
I got it from East Berlin
They weren't using it anymore
And I've made a prediction inside
this envelope here
It's on a big piece of paper
It's a big drawing that I made before
the show. Actually it's a painting
It's got some numbers, some colors a picture
I'm not gonna show it to you just yet
I'm gonna leave it sealed inside the envelope
I'm gonna hang it from this lamp right here
And I'm not gonna touch it
I do need to borrow a lady from the audience
and I'm gonna do that by throwing these bricks
Maybe I should just get her myself
What's your name?
Big hand for Tiffany
Have we ever met before?
No. We're gonna try to find some other people
we've never met before We're gonna do that with this brick
It's a rubber brick, so don't worry it's gonna come right at you
Tiffany, you're gonna throw it into the audience
when I tell you to Turn your back to the audience
If it comes close to you, catch it
I need a guy to catch this brick
so show what a man you really are
Tiffany, whip it good. Go for it
Go for it?
Incredible distance there
You, sir
What is your favorite wild animal?
Not your wife
A tiger
A tiger, fine
Shake up these cans of paint
shake them up real good
Sir, what's your favorite color?
What's your favorite color, sir?
Good choice
Come with me, Tiffany
A blue tiger, Tiffany
Above this line
Stand up here
Stand right up here
Here, I'll take that
Stand right up there
and draw a blue tiger
Charles Darwin would be proud
Take that brick and throw it behind you as far as you can
Whip it good
Nearest adult guy
Gentleman with the beard
what are your initials?
D.G. What's your favorite color?
Great. Red D.G.
Hold on to this, Tiffany. Come with me
I do the easy ones
D.G., where are you?
Yes. What's your phone number?
Just the first three digits
661 . OK.
Now the last four digits
Take that brick throw it behind you as far as you can
Whip it good
Nearest adult guy. Who is got it?
You, sir, what's your name?
I'm sorry?
How do you spell that?
Tiffany, how are you?
Richard, the man next to you in the glasses.
What's your name?
Shouldn’t it be...Harvay?
Just a joke, Richard
Who is the lady nearest to you?
He's nodding his head yes
I hope you've got call waiting
Maybe it's because of the spray paint
Put them on that table
and wait for me over there
Tiger man, where are you?
Where is the tiger man?
There you are
Now, we didn't prearrange this, did we?
No, we didn't
Tiffany, have we ever met before? No
D.G., where are you? Raise your hand
Dick, Harvey, Judy, I mean, Richard
Have we met before? In unison
Look up unison
Come over here
Stand right over here
This envelope has been hanging
in full view the entire time
I haven't touched it
If the picture I made before the show
matches the picture we made
That will be a miracle
Tiffany, hold on to this corner right there. Hold it up high
A blue tiger. Check it out
Does this not impress you?
It's even new
Hold on that corner there. Hold it up
Hold it up nice and high. D.G. 661 -9737
You chose the color red. Check it out
And Dick Loves Judy
Sorry, Harvey
This place is amazing
It's filled with magical mystery
What do you mean?
Look inside that trunk
That's Houdini's trunk
When I got it I looked inside
and I found a piece of paper
with Houdini's own instructions
on how he was gonna do the illusion that night
It's a classic
of magic called Metamorphosis
Houdini would tie up his wife, Bess
Lock her inside the trunk
and very quickly they changed places
I've always wanna do an illusion like that
It's taken me 1 4 years to find a way
to make my own
When I look back over the past 15 years
I realize I spent most of that time creating new illusions
I grew up in New Jersey
My mom was in insurance
My dad owned a men's clothing store
Before I was in my teens
I thought it would be cool to become a ventriloquist
It turned out this place that sold props for ventriloquist
is also a magic shop
So instead walking out with a new dummy
I ended up with a bag of tricks
I started doing little shows in my home town
When I was 1 8, I got this part
in a musical called ''The Magic Man''
I got to do my own illusions and sing
And the longer the play ran the more illusions I performed
and the less songs they wanted me to do
So I guess I wasn't cut out to be a singer
When the show closed
I starved in New York for a year
and my dad would slip me a few bucks to pay the heating bill
I sat in my apartment, inventing magic finding the right music
and staging the routines
I knocked on a lotta doors
and sent out a lotta videotapes
One day I got a phone call to host a T.V. show
I was 19 and I couldn’t believe it
My first few specials were to music by Gershwin
My inspirations were Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire
I thought I was really cool
I wore big collars, shiny jackets and a bad haircut
On my fourth special, I wanna go beyond
what had been done before
So I took that shiny jacket
and that bad haircut
and made an airplane disappear
A seven ton jet aircraft
surrounded by scaffolding 12 feet high
This runway is a solid karmlock base
The plane can't go down, can't go up
This switch controls the lights at the back of the enclosure
When the translucent front wall is up
the lights will back up the plane,
casting its silhouette on the wall
So you can see the plane
right up to the moment it vanishes
The plane is locked into place
It will be surrounded by a human chain
50 spectators linked together
The spectators are being blindfolded
to protect the secret of the illusion
Hold hands till I say let go
Let's do it
This shot won't cut away
You'll see it as if you were there
with absolutely no camera tricks
If you can hear me, raise your hand
Take your blinds off. We did it
I couldn’t believe it If I had been sitting at home
I could think of some way to get outta it
But I was right here, and there was
no way that plane could’ve left
It's just amazing
What happened to the airplane?
I dunno. It went
It went
Thrilling, it was shocking
You had chills
What did you think when you when they...they drop it
and you took down your blindfold and it was gone?
It's emphatical
We put together a brand new illusion
We're auctioning off a brand new illusion
The pieces I'm most proud of
The Airplane. The Train
The Flying. The Great Wall
The Burning Rope Escape
and one other is the Death Saw
Give me an example of how you try to make your magic different
Well, there's a sensual side to magic
that hadn't really been touched
To me, it wasn't just about doing tricks
It was about taking the audience to another place
A special place so they could really suspend their disbelief
It was about relationships
Moving the audience as well as amazing them
It was about sharing a feeling
Sometimes romantic, sometimes funny
Sometimes grand and spectacular
Sometimes daring
And sometimes sensual
when the audience applauds like that
you have to say something, like...
Very endearing back to them. OK
Repeat after me. I have never felt...
Never felt
OK, a little softer now
I have never felt...
I have never felt...
So, so much Love
So much Love
In one room before
You're a regular Wayne Newton... Dave
It's very good
You Love your audience. I like that
The Statue Of Liberty
Standing 305 feet high
and weighing 450,000 pounds
I was gonna make her disappear
We constructed two scaffolding towers on Liberty Island
in front of the statue
And had a helicopter to give an aerial view of the illusion
The audience on Liberty Island was seated here
200 feet in front of the statue
A circle of lights surrounds the statue and shines upon it
A curtain would be raised between the towers
to hide the statue from view
If I successfully vanish the statue
Searchlights would pass thru the empty space
that was occupied just moments before
We even had radar to show the statue's position
In front of a live audience on Liberty Island
the disappearance of The Statue Of Liberty
There's that jacket again
Right about now I'm thinking
I hope this works
Entire thing. It just disappeared
What happened, where it was gone I have no idea
No idea where it went to
It was fascinating to watch it
I tell you. If I was home watching T.V
I'd be a little skeptical
But I was here. I knew it was there
now it's not there
I dunno what happened to it
When that curtain went down
and there was nothing there I just couldn’t believe it
Your reaction?
I was amazed
I don't see it
It was there and it's not there anymore
I've never seen a Statue
Of Liberty disappear the way this one did
And as the audience watched
I brought her back
So David, what surprises you?
Well, I spend months of time
and energy working on these huge illusions,
but sometimes it's the small stuff,
the pure slight of hand the audience really relates to
I need to borrow a gentleman from the audience
Let me see what I can find here
Yeah, really
Oh, boy!
He can make the Statue of Liberty disappear
but he can't walk down a set of steps
What about the people you work with?
It's weird, but the culture of my craft is sometimes strange
For centuries, magicians have been taking their assistants
and sticking swords thru them or cutting them in half
It's as much a part of magic history
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