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David Copperfield - Illusion CD2

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as pulling a rabbit outta hat
But I always try to remember my partner on stage
could also be a romantic partner
Right now we're gonna do something really cool
You and I are gonna do it together
So far you've been watching David do magic before a live audience
Now it's your turn to participate
In a moment, all you have to do is simply touch your T.V. screen
As unbelievable as it sounds
David will try to make the magic happen
right in your own home
That's right.
Tonight you've seen me choose people from the audience.
Now I'm choosing you
It's important because if you don't play along
in the next few minutes, it'll be totally meaningless
Here's the plan
If there are several of you in the room
choose one person to participate
Right now stand up and come close to your T.V.
Close enough to actually touch your screen
Do it now and touch my finger
That wasn't the cool part
you can let go off the screen now
But don't move away because in a moment by touching the screen
You and I are gonna do something really amazing
Now take a good look at these destinations of flight
and listen carefully
Here's the idea.
Tonight you're gonna put your finger here
and fly from place to place around the circle
and I'm gonna find you
The amazing thing is even though you're at home and I'm here
I'll know exactly where you are
There are many places to fly to
A star, the clouds, a moon and so on
I want you to think a secret number
between 5 and 15
Any number between 5 and 15
It's your choice
I have no idea what number you're thinking of
In a moment you're gonna move your finger the same number
of times as your secret number
For example, if your secret number was nine,
you'd move nine times
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9,
Bringing you to the island. If it were 6
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
There are a lotta possibilities
This is your last chance to participate
so come real close to your T.V. so you can touch it
Stand over here so everyone can see
Right now put your finger here
and get ready to move the amount equal to your secret number
Move as I count. Ready?
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5,
and so on
When you reach your secret number
stop and keep your finger there
Now get ready to move in the other direction
The same number you just moved
The amount equivalent to your secret number
Move in this direction as I count
1 , 2, 3, 4,
5, so on
When you finish leave your finger on the final place
you've touched
Now I know you're not on the rainbow
so we'll take it away
And I know you're not in the castle
so I remove it
I know you're not in the mountains
so I take that away
And I know you're not in the pyramids either,
so I move them, too
In a moment I'll ask you to move four times
Either in this direction or that direction
Whichever direction you want
Move four times. Ready?
1 , 2, 3, 4,
And keep your finger there
I know you're not
in the Eiffel Tower
Now I know you're not
in the clouds
and I know you're not
in the city either
Keep your finger touching the screen
I'm gonna take this arrow and put it right
Remember you chose your own secret number
and you flew at random around the screen
But believe it or not even though you're at home and I'm here
I'm gonna find you
Keep touching and watch
You're on the moon
Now comes the part of the show
where I get somebody outta the audience
and make them into a magician
Sit back
Shut that kid up
I'm just kidding
Shut him up
You've done so many different things
where do you get your ideas?
My library when I look thru magical history
The recurring theme is for people to pass thru objects
or walk thru walls
A friend of mine suggested that
if you're gonna walk thru a wall
why not
walk thru The Great Wall of China
I think she was joking but...
I took her seriously
The Great Wall of China
3,000 miles long
The only man made object visible from the moon
Built to keep armies from getting thru
Well, I was determined to walk thru it
This remote control camera will never cut away
It'll start on one side of the wall
see me enter the wall
Without cutting away
the camera will travel over the wall and hopefully
see me emerge from the other side
Walking thru The Great Wall of China
They even monitored my heart
I've read somewhere that magic sometimes is based on misdirection
What does that mean?
I'll give you an example
One year I told the powers that
I wanna do a version of... buried alive
Where I'd be locked into a container
Covered with tons of earth
and I have to make my escape
Well, they hated the idea
They thought it was morbid
They wanna have nothing to do with it
So I took the same idea and put it into a bulling
that was about to implode
You know explode?
And they loved it
I don't think they ever realized that
It was the same idea
that they said no to in the first place
That's misdirection
In a few hours
the same thing will be happening
to that bulling behind me
The only difference is I'll be inside
locked in a safe, trying to escape
This is a sheet of polished stainless steel
It's one inch thick
It'll play a very important part in what we're about to do
I'll have 2 minutes and 30 seconds
to free myself from the safe
inside the building
and get to this X
that we're placing on the steel plate
From inside the building to this X
Before the building blows up
We're inside the building
which is competed wired with explosives
This safe was provided by The First Security Safe
The walls are 4 inches thick
We've installed a remote control camera
so that you at home
and the people outside
can keep an eye on the safe at all times
How you doing?
The committee outside is checking once again to make sure
that the steel plate is solid
and that the X is in place
This timer controls the detonation of the explosives
It'll count down to 2 minutes and 30 seconds
and then you know what
These officers are here
to ensure everything is on the up and up
Gentlemen, you examined the safe?
Yes, we have
And you searched me thoroughly?
Yes, we did
Thank you very much
Just keep in mind that
our T.V. audience and our live audience
are seeing the exact same thing
You at home will see what the people are seeing right here
We'll simultaneously show our remote
controlled camera outside the safe
and our handheld camera
so you'll see everything
Guys, just one minute
I always wanna fly on stage
Not just float but really fly live
Right in front of people
Without wings, strings, or camera tricks
Well, it took 7 years to finally live that dream
And to make it really believable
I wanted people from the audience on stage with me
Hello, you come with me, please
Stand over here
This gentleman right here, come with me
stand right over here
You can keep going back stage
What, what's your name?
I'm sorry?
Your name is Bambi?
Are you serious?
I'm serious
And you must be thumper
Yes. fine
Bambi, your name is really Bambi?
I like that. It's fun to say
See, I'm in this big Plexiglas box
Picture it solid gold on the back you can examine the backside
Mitch, you examine the front
I do wanna go home with some of these props
Examine this side, go for it
You sure you're not thumper?
Come over here
I want you to examine the lid
Yeah, me, too
This is the lid of the box
Make sure it's solid
Nice, nice and strong. Lift it up
Over your head
I'm just kidding come over here
Have a seat right here
Bambi, you too
Before you do I'm just curious
Have you ever had any dreams
where you fly?
Perfect. Good
Have a seat right here, Bambi
Even when you were a kid you never dreamed you could fly?
When you were a little kid. Good
Mitch, your job
is to keep an eye on this Plexiglas box
Make sure nobody tampers with it, OK?
your job is to keep an eye on Mitch
Make sure he doesn't break the box
Our committee from the audience is sitting behind the curtain? Good
Did you ever just sit around and dream?
I do all the time
When I was a kid I didn't think I fit in at all
I was an only child and I lived in these apartments where
there weren't any other kids my own age
So I'd sit outside by myself
and I'd dream
so I wouldn’t feel so alone
You know my best dream?
My best dream was to fly
Not in a balloon or an airplane
But to push against the air
Ride the wind and fly
You ever fly in your dreams?
Even today when I feel lonely
or insecure, I go back to that dream
And it helps me leave my problems and insecurities behind
All the answers were up there
Well, a lotta people have dreams and
they don't do anything about them
Sometimes I'm afraid that's gonna happen to me
I've been trying to fly for a long time
I guess if like I was trying
I haven't lost
That was great. I was gonna...
This way
A lotta people think of me in terms of grand illusion
But in my opinion the most powerful magic happens
in the performer's hands
It's the purest form of the art
So now take a look at a light of hand sequence
That features a little tribute to my first magical influence
I want to...
show you a home movie
That's me
and that's my grandfather
He's the first person to ever teach me magic
I was about 10 years old and
he taught me a card trick with 4 aces
And the aces would appear and disappear it was really cool
And since I was 10 years old
it took me many months to master it
After I did
I showed it to everybody and I decided to make magic my life
Everybody thought I was crazy
except my grandfather
who always gave me encouragement
I promised him if I ever had any success
that I'd do his card trick in my show
Well, my grandfather passed away
before I ever did a big show
But grandpa...
if you're listening
tonight I'm gonna keep my promise
Ghosts used to be a standard theme in magic theater
illusionists loved the idea of invoking the other side
Personally I was never big on it
I never got into ghost stories as a kid
I thought it was weird
and caspers really creeped me out
Way too friendly
Then I heard about an old house of ill repute
Said to be haunted by the ghosts of the ladies
who made it infamous
I need some people from the audience to verify
what we're about to do
Two guys and a girl
One of the guys needs to be wearing a jacket that I can borrow
and the girl needs to be wearing...
I'm gonna show you an old newsreel
Back in 1927, the old Barkley House
was sold at auction to a stranger
a lady from out of state
Soon the whole town realized the house became home to a number
of working girls who were
entertaining gentlemen callers in the evening
Barkley House became the local scandal
and none of the townsfolk ever spoke it
except to curse it
As if their dreams came true
a storm swept thru the state
and lightening struck the Barkley House
And the house
and all the ladies of the night
perished in the fire
All that was left was one piece of the structure
The upper room somehow escaped the destruction
I was able to get the remains of that room
and reconstruct it here on stage with us tonight
Just so we could see if anything else...
We took the actual wood from the Barkley House and built a room
that couId be opened and closed for examination
And that's just what we're about to do
Our folks in the audience step right over here
What's your name?
I'm sorry Daniele
Daniele, come with me
I want you to examine the inside
In New York, this would be a one bedroom
Right this way. I want you
to check out the inside make sure
there's nothing tricky about it
Just a bunch of walls that open and close and nothing more. OK?
All right gentlemen step right over here
This gentleman would you mind standing over here?
The other gentleman can I borrow your jacket please
If you could examine these ropes
If there's anything in this jacket
you'd like to keep
Now is the time to take it out
You see, there are no material object
in the spirit world
So we have to provide the spirits with objects
so they can show their presence
The jacket, these newspapers
A bell, some personal items
Some very personal items
All these things get placed inside our empty room
Are the ropes OK?
Excellent. Good
I want you to hold on to these two
You take these two and
you're gonna tie them around my wrists
The ends go around my wrists
Very tight with a double knot
Very, very good
Yes, yes, yes
You take this
And you take this and cross behind me, please
Tie them in double knot very tight on my back
Yes, that's tight
Tonight, I'm gonna be the medium
The go-between between the spirit world and our world
So if anything should take place inside our room,
I want you to be sure it's the spirits
and not me using any trickery
It's important that I can't move
The ropes go around my neck
I want you to tie them very tight around my neck, in a double knot
Not quite as tight as you tied around my wrists
This is the Madonna starter kit
You examined the room?
Is it free of any trickery? Fine
Why don't you stand over there
And gentlemen join me inside the room
I want you to step up here
They're gonna hang you some ropes
Take those ropes and tie my ankles to the bottom of the chair
The ropes go around my ankles and the chair
with a double knot at the bottom
As quickly as you can, two knots
And after you've done that
check the knots in my back and my neck
Make sure they're still secure
and once you're satisfied stand outside the room
so you can see around the sides and behind
making it impossible for anyone to enter or leave the room
No self-respecting spirit would show themselves in the light
so we're gonna create a little darkness with this curtain
and see if we can make the spirits
manifest themselves inside the room
Our next demonstration we're gonna use a gentleman’s jacket
and show you something
you will not believe
Spirits, spirits
Take the coat
Gentlemen, step inside. Check my arms
are actually thru the sleeves
Ropes tied tightly at the wrists
ropes extending out the back
tied in a double knot
Thank you very much
Ladies, it's time
Spirits. spirits
Remove the coat
Now is the time we invite someone to join me inside the room
What's your name?
Come over here Jonathan and have a seat
We’ don’t want you to be scared so we're gonna blindfold you
Take your left hand and put it on my shoulder
and your right hand on my arm
That's not my arm
May be I should be the one that's scared
Once again we'll try to make the spirits manifest themselves
Inside the room
What happened to your pants?
What happened to your shoes?
Nice pumps, John
Give Jonathan a big round of applause
Cut me loose
Everybody step down here
Check the ropes in my back
Make sure they're nice and tight
Make sure the knots are still firmly in place
Then cut me free, please
Take the scissors and cut the ropes
Right thru, please
Gentlemen, I need you to check the knots around my wrists
You're enjoying this too much
I'm just kidding
Everybody give our gentlemen
A big
round of applause
I need you to stand over there
and both of you to step over there
Make sure nothing enters or leaves that room
Our next experiment is very strange
We found that if you close the doors to the empty room
and listen carefully
you can hear sounds from inside
Very strange sounds
it's as if the ladies of the house aren't aware that they're dead
Their spirits have been trapped inside all these years
Now they're crying to be free
Let me show you what I mean
Shall we?
Everyone be still
Open it
Open it now
Open the back
Need all of you to come down, please
Step down here. Exactly
Because now's the time I invite all of you to join me
inside the room
You look really thrilled about this whole thing
This is for you. Step right inside
This is a blindfold for you. Step inside
And this is a parting gift for you
Step right inside
Once you're inside put on your blindfolds, please
Because we're gonna add one more element
These curtains were taken from the house before the fire
They're an item the spirits are familiar with
We're gonna use them to enclose ourselves inside the room
Hold up your hands. We're gonna hand you the curtains.
Very good
We're gonna lift the curtains and try to arouse the spirits
Lift the curtains
A few years ago
I realized a lifelong dream
I got to appear on Broadway in my own show,
''Dreams and Nightmares''
Francis Ford Coppola was our collaborator
Working with him was another dream come true
Although he wanted me to stuff my cheeks with cotton
and speak with a Sicilian accent
The illusions were based on my own dreams and nightmares
We decided to end it with a sequence that involved
a strong childhood memory
And so from the ending of the Broadway show
Take a look at a dream within a dream
You've been terrific
I got one last thing I'd like to show you
I hope you like it
I hope it works
It's kinda cool
That's it
Maybe this side of the audience will like it better
Thank you
You see I never saw snow when I was a kid
I mean I saw it on T.V. and in the movies
But I never saw snow for myself
when I was a little kid
I grew up in New Jersey but every winter, my parents and
I would drive to Florida to visit my aunt
I never got a chance to really experience winter
or snow for myself when I was growing up
When I was about 8 years old
I begged my mom and dad to stay in New Jersey for the winter
Just so I could see snow for the first time
And they agreed
And that was the year there was no snow
Everyday I'd pray for it to snow
No snow
I'd sit outside waiting for it to snow
It got closer and closer to Christmas
Still no snow
On Christmas Eve I was up in my window still in my room
praying for it to snow
and I fell asleep at the window
My father came and carried me to bed
A few hours later in the middle of the night
there was a knock on my bedroom door
It was my mother
She said, David wake up
and I woke up
She said, David look out the window
I looked out the window
and it was snowing
I couldn’t believe it
and I ran outside
and I laughed
and I cried
as the snow hit my face and my hands
That was the first magic I ever saw
When spring came and the snow stopped
I cut up little pieces of paper
and threw them in the air to try to...
recreate the feeling I felt
when I saw snow for the first time
There was paper all over my house
But it was my way
of keeping the magic alive
all year long
Even today I realize
how important it is to keep that sense of wonder
That childlike hope
knowing if you believe
and you want it enough
nothing is impossible
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