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Subtitles for Dawns Here Are Quiet The CD1.

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Dawns Here Are Quiet The CD1

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M. Gorky Central Film Studio for Youth and Children
In two parts
Written by Boris VASSILYEV Stanislav ROSTOTSKY
Directed by Stanislav ROSTOTSKY
Director of Photography Vyacheslav SHUMSKY
Production Designer Sergey SEREBRENNIKOV
Music by Kirill MOLCHANOV
Yekaterina MARKOVA
Part One
What kind of a commander is he if he cannot find his army boots?
It's right here! I threw it under the bed.
Oh, you did, didn't you?
When fighting men return from the front line, they like to live it up.
Only I won't stand for any breach of the regulations.
Comrade Major!
Five days extra guard duty!
She won't let me milk her without a kerchief.
You make a report, I'll reprimand you and send you new soldiers.
And then it will be the same again, right?
Try to send me non-drinking guys who can keep their hands off the girls...
You mean eunuchs?
As you see fit.
You can't even maintain order. Women!
The civilians aren't under my command, and they are who make trouble.
Comrade Major, come in the house. The samovar is still hot.
No, thanks, I must be going.
All right, Vaskov.
And you, section commander, place yourself at the disposal of HQ.
Yes, sir!
I'll be sending you soldiers, Vaskov,
who'll keep their noses out of the booze and their hands off the women.
- Why can't we stay for a while? - Let's go!
Good luck and give them hell!
Calm down...
- They were such good guys. - We have only ourselves to blame.
Our respects to the Commandant!
Remember us well!
This is no way for Command HQ to run things. No way at all.
Three days now the depot's got no protection.
The Major acted too hot. He got himself a problem.
Can't find good soldiers for our section.
It's quiet here, isn't it?
It's all on account of you women.
I think we should ship all the females from the front.
To Siberia!
If you did that, who would wash for you?
This is it. Out you get!
You're here, fighters.
The anti-aircraft crew is here.
With their own commander?
It doesn't look like it, Fedot Yefgrafovich.
Thank goodness. When there're two in charge it's awful.
Hey, boys, the anti-aircraft gunners are here!
Let's go and see!
Fall in!
- So you're here. - That's right.
Comrade Senior Sergeant,
1st and 2nd squads of the 3rd section of the 5th Anti-Aircraft Battalion
are here at your disposal to defend the depot!
Reporting Section Leader Kiryanova!
Well... So they've found non-drinking soldiers.
- Hey, grab this! - Hurry it up there.
- Move, girls! - Over here.
Couldn't you find something lighter?
Set up the kitchen on the bank.
You won't overstrain yourself.
Can't stand on your feet?
Step on it, girls, get settled in.
The last anti-aircraft team was housed in billets.
Sure, only they were men and not girls.
- What's your name? - Lisaveta Brichkina.
- Where are you from? - From Vologda.
You worked on a state farm?
I did. But mostly helped my father.
You're a smart girl.
Let's get that table in place.
All right now. No one leaves camp without my permission.
- Even to go gathering berries? - Wrong time of the year.
Can't we even get watercress?
We'll get skinny without extra food.
Only don't go beyond the river. There's a lot of it here.
Lyuda, Vera, Katya, guard duty!
Now just wait a minute!
Anything wrong, Sergeant?
- Katya will be guard commander. - Well, thanks for nothing.
Posting of sentries should be done strictly according to the regulations.
And this is just a travesty.
The regulations... The regulations to a soldier are his...
The Commander personally authorized us to do so, Comrade Sergeant.
For military secrecy.
You mind going now? We've got to get organized.
You'd better think of the amenities.
What amenities?
Something better than the bushes outside.
Hard at work, Fedot Yefgrafovich?
Take care and do the right size.
And don't overdo it either.
You're the only man left here. You know, for breeding.
You'll be changing the roof over your head every night.
You should be ashamed, Pauline! You are the wife of a soldier.
- So behave accordingly. - Come on, Fedot...
A woman lives on caresses, that's a well-known fact.
So please accept the thanks...
...of all us women here.
Maria, you got any moonshine?
How about tea, Rita?
Time to go to bed, girls. Lights out!
Try knocking before you enter. This is a barracks, not a stable.
- What is that? - You mean you don't know?
- It attracts attention. Remove it! - There's a regulation.
- What regulation? - Army regulation.
Personnel of the feminine sex
are specially authorized to dry washing on all fronts for camouflage.
I'll check on that. If it doesn't exist, I'll take if off and burn it.
Who is going to let you destroy property of the state?
Property of the state!
He's cute, but so old-fashioned.
Cut it out!
Air raid! Action stations!
Move it!
Don't forget your weapons!
Brichkina! Chetvertak!
Move it, girls! Move it!
- First group - right sector! - Second group - left sector!
Civilians to the dugouts!
Twelve o'clock high!
Ready, right!
Ready, left!
- Speed one forty! - Speed one forty!
- Eighteen! - Eighteen it is!
Short bursts!
- On target! - Fire!
Speed one fifty!
Messerschmitts on the right! Take leader!
Speed one eighty! Long shots!
- Range sixteen! - Range sixteen it is!
Why are they shooting at both planes? They should only go for one!
You know it all? The girls are fighting, and you're hiding in a hole!
Go out and help! Instead of hiding behind women's skirts!
Everyone stays at his post in a war!
What, Lisaveta? How is she?
- A flesh wound. - It will heal.
The Messerschmitts are leaving!
At the chassis! At three o'clock!
Speed one forty!
Correct your sights!
Short bursts!
Hit it, Rita!
- On target. - Fire!
A bull's-eye! Hit 'em!
- Hit 'em, girls! - Kill 'em!
This is where my job begins.
- Where're you going? - I must take him alive!
Come back!
Well done, Ossyanina!
- His parachute hasn't opened. - Maybe he's wounded.
He is not going to like it in that lake anyway.
Don't waste ammunition, you'll miss anyway.
The other's still holding.
Look, Vaskov's going to swim to him.
He'll bring him in.
I wonder if he'll fall in the lake or in the forest.
She got him!
That makes both of them.
- Bring a stretcher, girls. - We can carry her ourselves.
No, it's safer on a stretcher.
How she hit him!
We did everything right.
No, not right! They should've been taken alive!
Why don't you just...
You know what, or do you need details?
- Comrade Major! - At ease.
Good work. Who did this?
Junior Sergeant Ossyanina.
Ossyanina and her group.
Very good. You'll get a medal for this.
No, no medals!
- You took the flyers? - They fell in the lake.
The first's parachute failed to open.
We were just about to take the other when she...
- A shame. - That's what I say, a shame.
Why did they want to make a reconnaissance over your region?
We have two casualties.
I'll ship them out. I brought you reinforcements. Get acquainted.
May I talk to you a second, Margarita?
Hello there, new girls.
- How long for? - As long as we like it here.
Fancy boots.
A high-ranking officer, and a married man,
gotten pretty entangled... Well, you know how it is.
What do I have to do with it?
Don't take offence, let me finish.
A member of the War Council heard about it.
That colonel got transferred, and I was ordered to take care...
of the said "girl friend".
I see.
- Can I be dismissed? - You're dismissed.
Hey, girls, here's Rita.
I'm section leader Ossyanina.
Gunner Komelkova.
Gunner Gourvitch.
Why did you turn down that decoration?
I've got an account of my own to settle.
Well, real independent, aren't we?
There're some girls I can't understand.
- You mean me? - Yes, that's right.
They already told you? All right, give me a lecture.
You prefer to do it now or keep till later?
- I had a husband, Zhenya. - Another girl stole him?
Don't try to cry on my shoulder.
No, he was killed on the third day of the war.
While he was freezing in the snow on the Finland front,
his wife was making it with the regiment horse doctor.
He got the custody of his son through the court.
And he put him at his mother's.
The garrison under my command has the right to a bath tomorrow.
Report to me for a soap issue.
That's why I volunteered to come on this post. To be near my son and mama.
I'm not alone now.
I'll go again tomorrow.
You're a lucky girl.
I've got no one in the whole world.
My brother and sister and mother - all of them were massacred.
- There was an air-raid? - No, they shot them.
The high-ranking officers' families were all executed.
An Estonian woman hid me at her place.
I've seen everything.
How about that colonel, Zhenya?
How could you do it, Zhenya?
Well, I did it...
Major Luzhin reporting for duty.
This is my daughter, Zhenya.
I did it.
Give me two rations, for me and Tatiana.
- Who's going to scrub my back? - The Senior Sergeant.
Well, he's one who wears pants.
Let's draw lots for him.
Oh, he's just an old boor
with a 20-word vocabulary, and all of it Regulations.
In any case his housekeeper's not complaining.
That's not true!
Did you hear that? She's fallen for him!
Our Brichkina got a case for that Chocolate Soldier!
When's the wedding?
Shame on you!
Keep to yourself everything those women tell you.
Sure, you know best, a hero's widow!
You'd better shut up. You yourself...
I think I ought to warn you, Comrade Senior Sergeant,
you're getting on my nerves and I have nothing to lose.
What did you say?
Let's not start quarreling, girls.
Let me read a poem for you. All right?
What's the matter, you silly one?
I don't know, Rita. I don't know anything...
We lived all alone on the edge of the forest.
My father was a ranger.
My mother always said to me,
"Just have faith, daughter.
Maybe your happiness is just around the corner.
Anyway, it won't pass you by."
So you are leaving?
Yes, tomorrow.
- Who's there? - It's me.
Feeling lonely?
That's right.
You mustn't do silly things, even if you're lonely.
In the spring he sent me a postcard.
You should study, Lisa.
Come to the city in August. I'll get you into a technical school.
That was last year, in 1941.
Have faith, Lisa. Don't give up hoping.
Maybe you will find happiness around the corner.
And maybe it will be tomorrow.
Only I have already turned my corner.
Sonya, read another poem.
I loved you once: Of love, perhaps, an ember
Within my soul is not extinguished yet;
But let that be no prompting to remember,
Or be a cause of sadness or regret.
I loved you once, quite hopeless, dumbly tender,
By jealousy and diffidence oppressed;
I loved you once with such complete surrender
As may God grant you may again be blessed.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Ossyanina's so lucky.
She had the time to get married and to have a child.
And I've been a prisoner of this uniform since I was 18!
Don't say that.
You'll have everything one day.
Zhenya, he's a married man.
But I love him, Dad.
Stop it!
- Comrade Colonel! - What do you want?
Here, sir!
Zhenya! What are you doing here, Zhenya?
What are you doing?!
Stop it!
What's wrong, Zhenya?
You're not the only one with an account to be settled.
- Who's next? - Komelkova.
- And next? - Chetvertak.
- Take this, Rita. - No, you shouldn't.
Take it.
- Next one. - Yolkina.
Thank you.
Don't be mad at me, girls, I...
I overheard everything you said yesterday.
I promise I'll keep it a secret forever.
I've got some sugar, concentrated milk. I always get some left.
Get ready for the bath.
Take it, Rita.
Section, halt!
At ease. Break ranks.
- Going fishing, Comrade Sergeant? - No, swimming.
The water's so cold you'll freeze to death.
It's much better in the bathhouse.
What if a crab grabs you?
Come with us. We'll scrub your back!
- Lisa, stop it. - Wait!
Go to hell, all of you!
Hi, girls!
Oh, Zhenya, you look like a mermaid!
Your skin is shining through!
They should make statues of you.
You're so beautiful...
Putting a shape like that in an army uniform...
Let's get some steam up in here!
Hey, you kids! Don't touch anything!
Well, this is great!
A good hot steam bath is a soldier's greatest friend.
When we'll be all old and play with our grandchildren,
I guess we'll remember this steam bath.
First we have to get our own children.
Hey, girls, look at this!
Lingerie is my weak spot.
If you dare to wear that weak spot, I'll see you get an extra guard duty.
I already did so much extra duty for that I won't know the difference.
- And you wore it anyway? - What would I wear it for?
Oh, girls, I look so homely.
Oh, cut it out, Galka.
Come here.
Look how slim she is.
We'll make a beauty out of you!
- How about having a ball? - Great idea!
- What's the occasion? - No occasion, just to spite!
This is our village. This is Lake Legonte.
Murmansk Railroad's along here. And the White Sea Canal.
And arrows and circles all around. I wonder why.
All the routes are marked, too.
They know everything.
Not everything. They know the route around the lake.
And the marshes are indicated as though they can't be crossed.
The girls have borrowed Pauline's phonograph. They're having a party.
So watch out. All the steam could make them thirsty.
I'll give them a party!
Come on.
Oh, Zhenya, you're a sorceress!
I only wish there were men to dance with.
Okay, I'm willing to stand in.
N.K. Krupskaya State Orphanage
As he was saying:
Will you belong to me?
So my life be
Passion and fire.
A smile so charming,
Eyes' fascination
Promised forever
A bliss of desire.
To me, poor heart, So he was saying,
To me, poor heart, So he was saying,
Though he didn't,
No, he did not love.
No, he never, oh never loved me.
We're leaving today.
This is for you.
Thank you.
I know you love it.
The Germans have taken Minsk.
I don't know how.
Yes, sir.
Here comes that man about town.
- The Commandant. - Vaskov is coming.
Why are you so scared? Attention!
Comrade Garrison Commander!
The section under my command is in recreation.
Four guards have been posted. No casualties.
Many thanks for the bath.
Senior Sergeant Kiryanova reporting.
Go on, dance. I'll watch a little.
- Will you make it back in time? - I'm afraid I won't.
- A Russian dance. - I'll ask him.
What dance do you like best?
Time to hit the sack. Reveille is at 6.
Wait, Rita.
Zhenya, sing for us again. The Senior Sergeant will like that.
No, girls, the show is over. Regulations.
Yes, we could use some sleep.
Well, I guess I'd better be going.
Stay a little, Pauline. You'll get soaked through in the rain.
Well then, in that case...
I don't feel like sleeping. It's still light outside.
That's enough. Hit the sack, girls. On the double!
Comrade Commandant! Comrade Commandant!
Comrade Commandant!
What is it?
Germans in the forest.
- How do you know? - I saw them. Paratroopers!
Two of them, with machine guns.
Give the alert! Send Kiryanova to me! Move!
Yes, sir!
Prepare for action!
Kiryanova, Vaskov wants you!
Two Germans!
Seen by Sergeant Ossyanina.
I've put the troops on general alert. I think we should comb the area.
May I have your permission to do it?
There're only two of them. I could handle both of them myself.
While the trail's still hot.
Yes, Comrade Major!
What were you doing in the forest at 4 in the morning?
Nature's call.
I myself constructed that latrine for you.
Or is it too small?
There are some things a nice girl doesn't have to explain.
There're no girls here!
Only soldiers and their commanders. We're at war.
And until the war is over we're all going to be neuter.
Is that why your bed still unmade, Comrade Neuter Senior Sergeant?
At ease.
Ossyanina, pick out the volunteers.
- Galka! - Wait a second, Ossyanina.
This is a manhunt for Germans, not a dancing party.
And Germans armed with automatic weapons.
- They must know how to shoot. - They'll manage.
May I come too?
I have nothing against it.
Now one more thing. Anyone here speak German?
I can.
Haven't you read the regulations? How do you answer?
Gunner Gourvitch!
Where are your caps?
Say in German, "hands up".
Hande hoch!
That's right.
All right, I'll take Gourvitch. We'll be leaving for two days.
Are you alone, Maria?
Yes, alone.
If we happen to run into the enemy, or into some strange thing,
is there anybody who knows how to make birdcalls or animal noises?
I asked a serious question!
Out in the forest we can't use speech. The Germans have ears also.
I know one.
- One what? - A donkey bray.
Sounds real.
There aren't any donkeys here.
All right, we'd better try quacking like the ducks. I'll show you.
That's how the drake calls to the duck.
Two quacks will mean the enemy's in sight.
Three quacks means get back to me. Is that clear, comrade gunners?
Form a rank! Move it, move it! Brichkina!
My second in command during the course of this operation
is now officially Junior Sergeant Ossyanina.
Don't forget about the ducks.
Left turn, forward march!
Come back soon, girls!
In double column, march!
Galka! Don't do anything stupid!
Your mother and father living? Or are you an orphan?
An orphan? For all I know I could be an orphan.
You mean you're not sure?
Who can be sure of anything these days, Sergeant?
You're right.
My folks live in Minsk. I studied in Moscow, and then...
- You haven't heard from them? - No, nothing.
- Your folks are Jewish? - Naturally.
Naturally. If they were in Moscow, they'd be all right.
Maybe they managed to escape?
Those dirty sons of...
If you want to swear, go right ahead. I'm getting used to it.
- Are you hurt? - No.
All right, Gunner Gourvitch, quack three times.
- What for? - To be sure everyone's on their toes.
You forgot my lessons?
What's wrong?
If anything were wrong, you all would be dead by now.
You came running through the under- growth like a herd of heifers.
- Are you tired? - Not a bit.
That's good. Did you notice anything on the way here?
Not much. A tree branch broken back there.
Very good. Absolutely right. And you?
Everything seemed normal to me.
- The dew was knocked off the bushes. - Good eyesight!
Very good, Gunner Brichkina.
There were also two tracks made by the boots of paratroopers.
Judging by the toes, they're heading around the marshes.
That's going to take them a twenty mile hike at least.
So much the better. And we're going straight across.
Not here, of course. I know a trail.
Now take ten minutes for a smoke and wash your hands.
Cut that out!
On your way!
Stay close together!
Is it very deep?
In some places... It can come up to...
It can come up to your belt. Keep your weapons dry.
Follow me! Step where I do.
Of all the filthy...
- Komelkova, keep going! - I am!
Come on...
Don't come near her, Chetvertak! Ossyanina, get out by yourself!
Go on, Galka.
- Comrade Sergeant! - What do you want?
Keep going! Or we'll all sink!
One of my boots has come off!
- Can you see it? - No.
- Where are you going?! - I'm trying to help her!
Hold it! There's no turning back!
Brichkina, stretch out your pole.
Come on out of there, Komelkova!
Follow me! Forward!
How about my boot?
You can't find it now.
Come on, Komelkova. You'll make it.
Hold on, Zhenya!
Keep going, keep going. The island's not far now.
Keep going. Forward!
Follow me, in my tracks.
It's nothing.
Are there leeches here?
There's nothing here. It's a dead place.
Don't be scared. That's just marsh gas.
The local folks say the old man of the woods lives here.
- Who? - A kind of devil.
Just old wives' tales, that's all.
They're sometimes right.
Don't hurry, walk slowly. Now we can take a rest.
Oh, that feels good.
Hard work, huh?
- You can say that again. - Rest for a while.
What a bungler you are, Galka. You should've squeezed your toes.
I did.
Don't worry. We'll make her a special swamp boot.
I see.
- Only after the marsh. Can you wait? - I can make it.
After the bath, this is all I needed.
I'm wet through, right to my... I mean to my army belt.
Why haven't I put on my lingerie?
On your feet!
Take your poles and follow me in the same order.
We'll get dry and warm up on the other side.
Zhenya, you got a mirror?
Zhenya, will you comb my hair?
You're cute enough as it is. Comb it yourself!
- Zhenya, no time for that nonsense! - I'm coming.
Everyone ready? You can come now.
Well, Comrades of the Red Army, everybody okay?
All in order, Comrade Senior Sergeant.
- Not too cold? - There's nobody to warm us anyway.
- You'll be steaming soon. - Why?
Here, put this on.
So that's a swamp boot.
- Comfortable? - Fine. Even better than the boot.
Let's get going. We've about an hour and a half foot-slogging to do.
All right, on the double!
Move it, girls!
- Warmer now, Komelkova? - No steam yet!
Here the Sinyukhina Crest starts to rise.
On the other side of the crest there's another lake.
It's called Legonte.
A monk by that name used to live here.
He was looking for wordless peace.
There's enough wordless peace here.
The Germans have only one way through: By the crest between the two lakes.
And endless strife, Peace only a dream-like yearning.
Through blood and dust, A horse of the steppe is running,
And tramples grass...
Comrade Gunners!
The enemy in the form of two Germans, is moving to the Lake Vop sector,
intending to secretly approach the Kirov Railroad
and the White Sea Canal named after Comrade Stalin.
I intend to engage the enemy in this position
and force him to surrender.
Should the enemy offer resistance, I'll kill one and take the other alive.
- Everything's clear. - So keep well out of sight.
- Let me do all the talking. - In German?
In Russian! And you'll translate if they don't understand. Is it clear?
If you stick your head out like that in combat,
there's no field hospital nearby, and no mamas either.
You should engage the Germans at a distance.
Before you get to pull the trigger, you'll be riddled all through.
So I order you to stay on the ground.
Stay on the ground until I order you to open fire.
Or I'll forget that you're women and...
And no sleeping on guard duty!
- Germans? - Where?
Damn it... I thought that...
Get some rest, Fedot Yefgrafovich.
It's all right, Ossyanina. I just dozed off, I guess.
It'll be the everlasting rest for me if I miss those Germans.
What if they kill our officer or blow up an important object?
How would I explain to the Army Tribunal
that, instead of combing the forest and catching those Germans,
I was sleeping somewhere.
Felt sorry for the girls?
Was afraid to lead them into an attack? That's not an excuse.
No, it's no excuse if I haven't carried out my mission.
Maybe they're asleep too, now?
- You bet. - They're humans, too.
You said that the crest is the only way for them to approach the railroad.
- And it is about... - Forty miles.
In unknown country, and seeing death behind every bush.
Margarita... what's your patronymic?
Just call me Rita.
Do you mind?
To a valiant defender of his country.
A present.
- Want a cigarette, Rita? - I don't smoke.
And that Germans are humans too, somehow I'd never realized that.
I'm glad you said it.
- Is it dyed? - No, it's real.
Can't a girl comb her hair here?
Go on, put yourself in order.
Sergeant, can I ask you a question?
You can.
Are you married, Sergeant?
Yes, I am, Gunner Komelkova.
And where is she?
She's home, where should she be?
Any children?
There was a boy.
What do you mean, there was?
Just that. My mother couldn't save him.
My wife had walked out on us.
Rita, you should tell him everything.
I will when we get back.
I can see you're a well-trained soldier, Gunner Brichkina.
You're well organized. And your quacking is just great.
- Did you notice anything? - Nothing much.
Keep your eyes open, Lisaveta.
If there's any movement in the bushes, if the birds seem upset.
You're a forest girl, you see everything.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
As if there's no war.
Lisa, Lisa, Lisaveta, Sweeter than a baked potato.
Choose the husband here before you, Or I'll go and choose him for you.
That's a little song we used to sing back home.
Are you from these parts, Sergeant?
I've been stationed here a while.
And back home we used to sing...
We'll sing together later, Lisaveta.
When we've accomplished our mission, then we'll sing.
- You promise? - I said so, didn't I?
Don't forget, Comrade Sergeant!
Those born in the years of bane,
Don't remember the path they tread.
We, the children of Russia's pain,
Haven't the strength yet to forget.
Those burning years of destruction!
The harbinger of madness, or of hope?
The days of war, the days of insurrection
Have stamped our faces with a bloody glow...
Have stamped our faces with a bloody glow.
Who are you reading to?
- I asked who are you reading to? - No one. To myself.
Then why read aloud?
It's poetry.
You're straining your eyes.
But it's daylight, Comrade Sergeant.
I was just talking, that's all. Don't sit too long on those rocks.
When they cool, they'll draw the heat from your body. Put your coat under.
All right, Comrade Sergeant. Thanks for the advice.
And don't do any reading aloud.
The evening air is thick and humid, and dawn is quiet around here.
A voice can be heard nearly five miles away.
To Sonya. Ever yours, Misha.
What are you huddled there for?
I'm cold.
Let me feel your head.
You have a fever, Comrade Gunner.
Touch of the marsh shakes. On account of that lost boot.
You'll take it straight, or shall I cut it?
- What's that? - Medicine.
- Medicine? It's alcohol! - Yes, alcohol.
No, I won't!
Drink it. That's an order.
Drink up!
Oh, mama...
Hold your breath!
You'll see your mama only if you survive.
Oh, I've gone all bubbly inside.
That's nothing. You'll simmer down in a while.
- You'll get cold without your coat. - Don't worry, I'm strong.
I want that fever gone by tomorrow. So do your best. Make an effort.
I'll make an effort.
After the war, there'll be mother for each survivor.
What? The Germans?
- Lie down. Orders are to sleep. - How is Galka?
- Where's Rita? - She's up there with Vaskov.
You hear that?
That's birds.
Yes, magpies. The magpies are all upset there.
It means someone's coming and upsetting them.
Quick, go wake up the troops. Get moving. Send Gourvitch over.
Keep under cover! Hush!
Good morning, Comrade Sergeant.
Morning. How's Chetvertak?
Sleeping. We didn't wake her.
Right. Stay beside me. And keep your head down.
I will.
There they are!
See them? There they are. The two of them.
Six. Seven.
Eight. Nine.
Nine. Ten.
Twelve. Thirteen.
Fourteen. Fifteen.
Fifteen. Sixteen.
Cuckoo, cuckoo in the sky, how many years before I die?
End of Part One
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