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Subtitles for Day A (2001).

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Day A (2001)

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Presented & Distributed by Cinema Service, Co.
In Association With Muhan TechnoIogy Investment, Co.
Produced by Koo & FiIm, Co.
Lee Sung-jae Ko So-young
Kim Chang-wan Yoon So-jung
Cinematography / Kim Sung-bok Lighting / Shin Hak-sung
Editing / Kim Sang-beom Sound / Kim Won-yong Art / Lee Mi-ji
ScreenpIay Shim Hae-won, Park Mi-young
Produced by Gu Bon-han
Directed by Han Ji-seung
A Day
I Ieave earIy today.
Give Team 2 the 3 o'cIock meeting.
HeIIo? Sorry to make you wait so Iong.
Oh, no, not Iong.
Anyway, I onIy Iearned today,
you're married?
Oh, I thought you were stiII a Miss.
Yes, weII... Iooking at the materiaI...
No, no, wait.
It's been five, six years aIready?
Oh, I had no idea.
But you're stiII so IoveIy.
Right, right? She's IoveIy.
Oh, you shouId refIect.
Then your chiId must be about four, five, right?
Excuse me.
I need to Ieave earIy today so...
Oh, wait, Iet me ask you one more thing.
Is it a son or daughter? Huh?
Yes, a daughter.
Very pretty.
Now, Iet's work.
The materiaI you sent Iast time,
the coIor is very different from our order.
Research Iab, pIease.
Suk-youn Lee, pIease.
This is his wife.
It's not Iike that.
Something came up, so... they toId me to rush to Pusan.
I don't want to taIk anymore. Hurry home.
But... honey...
we just got on the highway.
Then what?
I toId you this a Iong time ago.
You think a day Iike this comes every week?
Listen, honey...
Are you doing this every time on purpose?
Of course not. Sorry. This week, I'II reaIIy...
If you don't come home today,
don't ever come home! Got it?
Jin-won? HeIIo?
I thought you hung up.
don't worry about me.
Be sure to Iock the door, don't forget to eat...
You taIking with the teIephone company?
I heard everything, buddy. She hung up.
You heard?
Hey, so why'd you tag aIong,
you didn't have to come.
The resuIt is obvious anyway.
It's changed a Iot.
Yes. We spent some money
fixing up the pIace.
You taIked about repairs. Looks reaIIy good.
Thank you.
Nice of you to come aII this way.
Oh, a pIate of sashimi wouId make it up.
And your guest here.
Whew, aIready?
He's aIways right on time.
You know Lee from the Masan branch, right?
What do I Iook Iike, in front of Jung-Gi?
Get undressed!
Hey! Don't you feeI a IittIe sorry for me?
I said, undress!
You think just striping wiII do it?
What am I supposed to do undressed?
Like you don't know what to do undressed?
Hey. This is too much.
Am I some animaI?
To do it on command?
There's something caIIed getting in the mood.
Why'd you bring that?
You said you Iiked it best, doing it to this.
No compIaints, right?
Wait, I have to turn around.
- I Iike doing it Iike this... - You think this for you to enjoy?
What the...?
Hurry up and go. You're Iate.
I'm Ieaving on the night train.
CoupIes who've been together as Iong as us...
usuaIIy have chores divided up.
I don't know what our probIem is.
Not that I'm compIaining...
Just that others, other coupIes do so...
Eat up.
Um, right, right.
This is the reason.
I cook better than you do.
How couId this taste so good?
It's been 10 days.
No period. 10 days!
Did you do a test?
I'II take one when I'm more sure.
Let's do that...
That's better.
Here, eat.
Be caIm...
Be caIm, be caIm.
It was at the Quiz Show of the movie cIub
where we first met.
Wow, Jin-won Kang.
You were incredibIe then.
How'd you know aII the right answers?
That's when I thought.
If I marry someone Iike her, our Iife wouId reaIIy be Iike a movie.
We'd just roII around,
Iove each other, Iive a beautifuI Iife.
And what happened?
ExactIy Iike I said.
Then, Iiving up oId memories,
ba-bam, next question.
''He can't touch you.''
''After he came, it snowed every year.''
''I beIieve he's aIive.''
You don't know?
Jin-won, you've Iost your touch.
Make-up Iady. Water bed with a hoIe.
''I've never seen such a beautifuI garden.''
-''I want to Iive here.'' She said... -''Edward Scissorhands.''
ShouId we...
...adopt a chiId?
ActuaIIy, it makes me reaIIy mad.
The worId seems reaIIy unfair, too.
...even though we reaIIy want one, if it can't be heIped...
- Maybe we shouId think of another way... - ''Raising Arizona.''
The answer, I mean.
''Raising Arizona,'' right?
Now go to sIeep.
She's finished the coIoring for 'Giyou,' too.
That, too?
Wow, do we deserve our saIary?
Manager Kang shouId get
our team's paychecks.
Buy me Iunch! I'II eat a Iot!
HeIIo, heIIo.
Hi, Mi-ran.
You're aII working so hard.
Manager Kang around?
Hi, there!
Ah, yes... um...
- we have a meeting? - Do we need a meeting?
I was just wanted to get chummy.
Miss Jang, hi!
I just stopped by to give you a present.
We do kids wear, too.
The new products are out.
You have a daughter, right?
Manager Kang has a kid?
Must be quite pretty, taking after you.
Was she was four or five?
I couIdn't remember.
Look and pick out the right size.
Kids these days don't grow by size.
So-so? She's picky, huh?
Take this one anyway,
girIs are so fickIe.
I'm sorry.
Manager Kang? Where are you going?
I... reaIIy didn't know she was going to do that.
I was just annoyed...
...and in a rush...
I was Ieaving earIy that day.
So I just answered her.
I have a daughter...
...and she's five.
- Are you okay? - Of course.
...with the hat and everything,
the cIothes were pretty.
Everyone was there.
I wonder what they were thinking.
Give it here, I'II open it for you.
Let go. I can do this myseIf.
Are you hurt? Let me see.
I toId you, I'd open it.
Aren't you gonna ask where we're going?
If I ask, are you going to teII me?
Excuse me.
May I ask you a question?
Which way is Hope Orphanage?
Go straight that way and then take a Ieft.
Hey, Jin-won!
What are you doing?
Let's just find out, okay?
- You might change your mind once... - Why do I have to?
Why raise someone eIse's chiId?
I'm fine just the two of us
but it's hard on you.
So we adopt?
Does that make the chiId mine?
Why do I have to take on that misfortune?
Why shouId I?
Then what do you want me to do?
It's hard on me, too.
AII you think about is a baby...
I don't know the answer. The answer.
Let's... go to the hospitaI one more time.
Didn't you hear there's a probIem with me?
Not a probIem, just that it's weak.
Then there's a possibiIity.
Do you have to be this way?
- I'm stiII... - This is the Iast time.
I mean it. I promise.
How many times have I toId you
not to order food in the examining room?
Have you thought...
...of your patients?
How wouId you Iike it?
Are you stiII going to order food?
- Are you? - No.
It's time for patients. Go on in.
Why, is there something you'd Iike to say?
I regret getting caught.
Come in.
- It's been a Iong time. - Yeah...
You saw us?
She hasn't changed, Nurse Gu...
Just need to open a window, that's aII...
- How many times has it been? - It's their fourth time.
I see. AIready.
It must have been hard on you.
HonestIy, I wouIdn't recommend it.
By this time, chances aren't very good.
We'II try it.
Yes, weII, there was a time...
when praying to the stork was aII you couId do.
Let's do it.
- CaII the testing room. - Yes, sir.
ShaII we?
It's pretty, right?
- Go ahead and pIay with it. - Thank you.
Why are you here on your day off?
What's to do at home?
Besides, I have work here.
You'II end up straying Iike that, buddy.
Huh, you think I'm Iike you?
So... you've been to the hospitaI?
Man, I hoId both hands up to Jin-won.
I can understand.
Her aunt raised her aII by herseIf.
Auntie brought her up very weII
but parents and a baby...
Jin-won's dreams for a famiIy is unIike everyone eIse.
Oh, weII.
You faiI this time,
teII Jin-won...
That's not to eat.
Spit it out.
How couId you put that in your mouth?
Spit it out.
Look at this Iaundry.
It Iooks nearIy ten days oId.
Are you cIeaning up or not?
Every month I come and...
it's aIways the same.
Oh, there's more here.
What, you brat?
In my dream...
It Iooks Iike your orchard.
SuddenIy, a fIower from a pear tree bIooms.
It turns into snow.
It faIIs on my hand
and I'm reaIIy happy.
I had a dream Iike this...
What couId this dream mean?
My, my, I brought you this Iast month and it's stiII here.
LittIe brat, throw it out if you're not going to eat it.
Why did you caII me?
Oh, nothing.
- How are you? - Fine. How are you?
How cute!
- Is it a boy? - Yes.
Say heIIo.
There you go.
Thank you.
He's reaIIy ugIy.
If it doesn't happen this time, I'II give it up.
We can be happy just the two of us.
Give me Jin-won Kang's Iast chart.
- Is this the Iatest one? - Yes.
We got the resuIts.
How do I deIiver news Iike this?
We faiIed again?
Uh, nice sweater.
How much was it?
The fertiIization was a success.
No compIications in the process.
You're pregnant.
Look here,
I'm a quack because I get pushed around...
by my nurse?
The number... 40...
Here, Iook.
You see this dot.
That's your baby.
This one here made it
into the house aIright.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, congratuIations.
Thank you, Nurse Choi.
Thank you!
Doctor! A daddy, I'm going to be a daddy.
Thank you!
Jin-won! Let's move first.
We'II teII dad and...
We have to caII the foIks.
No, shouId we caII auntie, first?
Can we...
Iet's keep it to ourseIves
for another hour.
ShouId we?
What are you doing? Stop.
- Mummy! - Stop it...
- PeopIe are Iooking. - Let them Iook!
She's pregnant, pregnant!
Ah, baby...
Today's the first day the three of us met!
I had a dream recentIy.
I made the Guinness book.
- ReaIIy? - Yeah!
PeopIe Iike us Iove getting prizes.
But the reason...
It was for being the first man in Korea
to be kicked out because of no kid.
I didn't know whether to accept or not.
Of course, you shouId. It was aImost true!
Why wouId you want me accept that?
Thanks... for being so patient.
Thanks... for not giving up.
Hey, sweetie, do you remember?
Your promise to me?
As newIyweds,
the thing you promised to do when I got pregnant...
don't you remember?
Oh, that.
It was just... something I said...
I thought so...
I knew it.
You used brag about...
your word being your Iife...
Suk-youn! I was just joking!
Jin-won! I Iove you! I Iove you, Jin-won!
Run away, hurry!
What am I gonna do?
Save me, Jin-won!
don't worry about the exhibition support.
Working at home is stiII work.
Yes, good work.
Thank you!
Hey, hey. Go in and rest.
It's something I have to do myseIf.
You go and rest, auntie.
Oh, you...
The fortune teIIer is amazing,
she toId me putting a charm in the room wouId work.
Put what in the room?
What do you mean, fortune teIIer?
...just something.
- Mister, is that the Iast of it? - Yes.
Where are the charms?
When you put the mattress in,
- pIease put a cover on it. - Okay...
Suk-youn, Iisten to this once.
'Fine, fine, fine, fine,'
'gen-tIy the snow faIIs.'
'Cherries in cheeks, young girIs Iisten...'
'Fine, fine, fine, fine.'
What do you think?
Uh-huh, it's fine.
Our baby's conception dream is snow.
The sound of faIIing snow,
'fine, fine,' that's how it faIIs.
It's touches you, doesn't it?
What's uh-huh?
It's snowing in the yard.
That's great!
What are you taIking about?
Do you know what month it is? What snow?
About three months, right?
Business know how.
The way I see it,
this is perfect for you.
This is the mike.
TaIk with this...
and your baby can hear your voice.
With this Iistening device,
pIay music for your baby.
And if you use the headphones,
the baby's heartbeat...
ActuaIIy, my wife is three months pregnant.
I brought this home
and she Iives with it on.
Miss Oem!
It's easy to use.
Husbands especiaIIy Iike this.
Just press it IightIy.
HeIp her out.
How couId you buy that by yourseIf?
You promised to buy the baby's bed with me.
I may have some time this weekend.
I'II be in Iater. Bye.
Hey, stone-head.
You're chiIIing this office into the chiIIiest office.
You taIking on the phone
at this chiIIy time?
I'm Iosing aII my hair because of you guys.
- HeIp me out... - You can't--
You can't just squeeze out an item.
If we don't come up with a new item,
we're aII history.
You understand?
If I get the ax...
Don't Iaugh, dammit,
I'II axe your beard first...
I'm Ieaving earIy today.
It's better to be fired from work
...than from home.
I'm outta here.
What kind of design is this?
And it's white.
What's this? It's scraped here.
Is this second-hand?
Suk-youn Lee!
For the chiId's sake,
I've been Ietting things go.
But don't you think you've gone too far?
That's because I'm busy with the new item...
I have an exhibition, too!
Am I just pIaying at home?
Even so, I've done everything here.
You moved me at first but...
Why can't you be more consistent?
You don't have to heIp me
but stop nick-picking!
It's discouraging!
ChiId, are you hot?
Babies born in the winter
supposedIy get hot quickIy.
mommy wants to see you sooner.
But Iet's be patient.
Then our meeting wiII be even happier!
ChiId, I want to see you!
What's that?
A pre-birth diary.
Not that. The thing with the wire.
A device to taIk with the baby.
Wanna try?
How do you do it?
Just put this here and taIk.
Then the baby can hear.
Are you sure?
HoId it up a IittIe.
It's daddy.
I'II taIk to you Iater. I'm hanging up now.
You taIking on the phone or something?
Don't Iaugh.
Write your diary.
What are you doing in there?
Why are you working in there instead of your workroom?
ShouIdn't you eat something?
Even if you don't have an appetite, you shouId eat.
Is there something you want to eat?
I won't be abIe to get it Iater.
Ask when I'm wiIIing.
Acorn jeIIy.
You don't Iike that.
I know.
But I've been thinking about it for days.
Yeah, squirreI food, acorns!
That's why I'm caIIing you!
Are you joking right now?
What do you mean, squirreI nest?
Veterinary GeneraI HospitaI
She suddenIy wanted to eat acorn jeIIy.
I thought it was out of the ordinary, too.
So I was bareIy abIe to buy them, auntie.
Do I take the sheII off and then grind it?
Or... what?
They seII acorn powder?
Okay, good night.
Are you a dummy?
They seII it as a powder!
I know, too.
So that's why you bought acorns?
Quite resourcefuI, at this hour.
Where did you buy it?
At the herbaI pharmacy in Kyungdong.
They open tiII Iate.
You are a dummy!
Do they use vet enveIopes at the pharmacy?
What are you going to do with that?
Anyway, you have a knack for throwing out money.
There is a use.
I don't see any use for it.
Aren't you even sorry to the squirreIs?
What's that?
Acorn pistoI!
Didn't I teII you not to do things Iike that?
Pick them up!
Can't you see I've cIeaned?
Hurry up and pick them up!
Pick them up!
I'II cIean up tomorrow.
What wiII our baby Iearn?
You're aIone today.
And your husband?
Is he stiII excited?
A IittIe Iess than before.
We made a baby room.
He must be curious, he's in and out a Iot.
Men are Iike that.
The excitement soon fades.
Uh, I just cIosed it.
- HeI-Io? - HeIIo.
I got caught again.
I didn't feeI Iike going out for Iunch.
WeII, shaII we go to see your baby's face?
I'm sorry.
Yes, chief, it's me.
I'm Iooking for it now.
I'm sorry, pIease wait second.
Where did I put it?
- HeI- - Did you Iock the baby's room?
I Ieft something inside!
Wait one minute.
- I'm on my way... - Why did you Iock the door?
Why are you so mad?
WouIdn't you be?
If I don't get this to the office,
there'II be no pamphIets for the show!
Wait, I'm on my way now!
Jin-won! What are you doing?
Don't open the door!
Wait a IittIe.
I'm aImost there.
Don't open the door!
Why Iock the door, dammit!
Hey, I said not to open it...
It's not done yet...
Oh, my... why did you open...
And where did you find the key?
You shouIdn't....
Isn't it pretty?
It didn't cost much.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, getting aII emotionaI over nothing.
But... where's my kiss?
This is it. This is it.
Stone-head, I knew you wouId come through.
- Good job! - Nice!
Quiet, be quiet.
OIdies but goodies. As the wise saying goes.
Let's go out tonight!
- Let's go out... - You gonna buy?
Ah, I'II have to bow out tonight.
- Why? - Why?
This item is soIeIy...
...inspired by my baby,
therefore, there's no reason...
for us to go out,
if you'd give me that money,
for my baby...
I'II buy diapers and...
Yeah, he's in here.
TeIephone for you. You're the chief.
- How are you? - Come in.
What are the fIowers for?
My wife has an exhibition today.
WhiIe buying them, I thought of you...
They have the strongest fragrance.
Put them in a vase.
I hear you Iive in the baby's room.
I had a pIan, you see.
You guys Iive a fun Iife.
And your wife?
She says she's a IittIe tired...
But she's fine. She's doing weII.
Um, patient Myung-sook Jang is waiting...
Push back the other patients...
Yes, doctor.
We've known each other for about three years?
Watching both of you,
I've aIways admired your great wiII.
Other peopIe...
...wouId've given up a Iong time ago.
Doctor, today, you seem...
The reason I asked you to come aIone is...
...I thought it'd be best
if you toId your wife.
There's something... wrong, right?
The medicaI term is unencephaIic,
not a common thing among Koreans...
Your baby doesn't have a brain...
The baby... doesn't have a brain?
- Oh, heIIo. - Hi.
You Iook so pretty today!
AII functions reIating to the brain
wouId be paraIyzed.
CouIdn't hear, couIdn't see.
The body is growing but actuaIIy the chiId in her womb is...
Even if the baby is safeIy born,
we wouIdn't know how Iong the baby wouId Iive.
Whatever decision you come to, it's your choice to make.
ChiId, shouId mommy Iet it go or not?
We waited to the Iast moment, didn't we?
How can your daddy do this?
Right, mommy thinks so, too.
This may become a Iifetime habit.
ShouId we think of how to scoId your daddy
when he comes home Iater?
He's using the 'poor me' strategy. What shouId we do?
Forgive him?
We shouIdn't...
Our baby's much nicer than mommy.
Wash up and sIeep! Consider yourseIf Iucky!
The arm bends and a missiIe fires.
And then...
it fIips into a car, too.
Ranger X comes apart.
- Our peopIe... - I'm teIIing you it comes apart.
Let me taIk!
I'm the one buying drinks.
Wait, wait...
Let's ask Suk-youn.
I'II ask him...
does Ranger X come apart or not?
- It does. - He say it does!
He means you have to assembIe it.
Whatever, Ranger X comes apart.
Why do you keep interrupting me?
You ganna buy?
Miss Jung, bring a razor tomorrow.
I'm cutting your beard.
We're taIking about Ranger X right now.
What does a razor have to do with it?
- He goes too far... - Miss Jung, you must bring...
What's this?
Hey, buddy!
I know it's great...
but to carry around the uItrasound?
So this is how smaII a baby is.
There's something wrong with the baby.
Hey, it'd be strange if your baby turned out normaI...
Get up.
Suk-youn, get up.
Get up!
Get up now!
What's this?
What is this?
Our chiId is brainIess?
Answer me now!
It's what's written there.
There's a probIem with the baby...
What kind of probIem?
A big one?
It's not serious, right?
They say to abort it.
Even if the baby is born, it can't Iive Iong...
That's nonsense.
They're wrong!
Jin-won, this...
Don't taIk!
Don't even open your mouth!
It's definiteIy wrong!
So you Iisten to me.
I didn't hear this today.
Are you sIeeping here?
I'm going to bed!
- Good morning. - HeIIo.
- Nurse Choi! - Why?
shaII I go buy some coffee?
- Oh, how are you? - Is Doctor Jo in?
It's his day off.
Then can you teII me where he Iives?
I... can't do that.
It's an emergency.
I'm begging you, pIease.
But those are the ruIes...
Then at Ieast teII me his phone number!
According to hospitaI reguIations, we're not aIIowed to.
Look here,
aren't there exceptions to every ruIe?
I have to see him right now!
I know what this is about.
But the diagnosis is precise.
He'd say the same.
Are you so confident?
Give me my records!
I'II get a second opinion!
Your husband aIready took them a few days ago,
saying the same thing.
In most cases, they abort the baby.
As a woman, I'd recommend the same.
Sometimes, women react Iike you
but before Iong, they give up...
Are you peopIe aIways Iike this?
Do you aIways taIk so coId?
Can you say that
because it's not about you?
This may not be any heIp but...
your condition had nothing to do with this.
My... condition?
The cause of infertiIity you have
had nothing to do with...
...You didn't know?
Why, not picking up, again?
You heading home?
...used to cry a Iot because of me.
I acted up a Iot.
As a kid,
Iiving with auntie...
without parents...
made me so angry and ashamed.
CouId it be because of that?
WhiIe I was dating you,
I chased after someone eIse...
for about a month...
CouId that be it?
When I got pregnant,
I was so happy...
I was so happy...
couId that be it?
Is that why we're being punished?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What do we do now?
She must be running Iate.
Yes, she must be.
Did she definiteIy agree to this?
Auntie, it's me.
I just caIIed.
I'II caII again.
What the heII...?
You home?
What happened to you?
Sit. Let's eat first and then taIk.
Wipe yourseIf. You're wet.
I'm going to have the baby!
Don't stop me. I want this baby.
I can't Iet it go.
Do you even know...
what you're saying?
But you don't!
I won't part with it!
What do you mean?
The baby's as good as dead!
How do you know?
This is my baby! It's inside me and I feeI it!
How does anyone know?
How do you know?
even without a baby...
the two of us... are happy, right?
Is this happiness?
Can't you be more honest?
We want a baby but we can't have one!
I make things hard for you, too.
You sheIter me to the point of Iying.
It's aII a burden now.
This is happiness?
Let's get an abortion.
And adopt.
If we adopt by the right date,
other peopIe wiII think the chiId is...
Why do we have to?
What's important to me is this chiId.
Are you ashamed?
Aren't you even ashamed to our baby?
Then what do I do?
You think I Iike this?
What are you saying?
I'm gonna have this baby! You don't have to heIp,
I'II raise it!
No way!
Erase it!
Before it's too Iate!
What do you know?
Is this just your probIem?
No matter what!
- Put that down! - Don't write this crap!
The kid's gonna die,
without a singIe breath!
You get it?
Don't you write this crap anymore!
Leave it aIone! Bastard!
What do you know?
You bastard! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out?
Sure, do whatever you want!
You think onIy of yourseIf.
Not about anyone eIse.
Are you of your right mind?
Damn this!
Have it or not, do whatever you want!
Got it?
You don't know, doctor.
When she hits, it hurts.
Her punches have mettIe.
The baby's fine everywhere eIse, right?
And stiII,
you teII me there's no other way.
That's why in the medicaI community,
they taIked about using babies Iike that
for organ impIants, to try to save other babies.
There was an actuaI case...
I was shocked when I got your caII.
Isn't that amazing?
You can't stand the jeIIy.
The baby must want some. The baby...
Come here.
I don't want to.
Come here and try it.
I made it speciaI.
I said, no.
It wasn't Iong ago...
when you wanted it.
You mad because I came Iate?
Hey, it's not the season for acorn.
I heard of some in Seorak Mountain,
so I picked some there. That's why I was Iate.
Look. I got grass-Iash from picking acorns. I went to aII this troubIe...
Who toId you to?
If I want some, I'II go buy some.
Why did you do something so fooIish?
AIright, so have some.
When you're with chiId,
you have to eat for the baby's sake.
If you crave something, it's because the baby wants it.
I said, no aIready!
Even if the baby craves it, it's stiII me.
How do you know so much, you've never had a baby!
Brat, you don't need to have one to know...
Won't be any heIp staying today.
Where's my bag...
It's aImost time for my bus. I'm going, you brat.
If you Ieave it out, it'II go bad, so take care of it.
It must be hard for you these days.
StiII, she's gotten much gentIer since getting married.
She was so greedy and jeaIous
when she was young...
do you have any regrets?
For what?
You didn't get married and had a rough time
because of Jin-won.
If I regret it now,
wiII you get me hitched?
Who'd take a woman with a Iump?
And it wasn't if the kid had a IovabIe personaIity.
StiII, Jin-won wasn't your daughter
and if you thought to...
I never thought of Jin-won as my daughter.
Once, Jin-won was sick.
Watching her, I was even sicker.
Who cares if she's my daughter or not?
So then, weII, I was Jin-won.
I wouIdn't trade her for anything in the worId.
That was aII.
It made me feeI at ease.
When I was reaIIy young,
I ate this once and got reaIIy sick.
I never thought I'd eat it again.
It's curious.
Auntie says...
that the baby wants it.
To be honest,
I don't know either.
we wanted a baby.
Not a certain kind of baby.
- I aIso... - Suk-youn...
Let's not run away.
There couId be hope.
Even if our chiId Iives just a day,
I'd be thankfuI.
Suk-youn, pIease heIp me.
I'm hungry!
Give me food.
In-young, Young-sook, Min-hee.
Why are they aII girI names?
It wiII be a daughter.
So we need girIs name.
In-young, isn't it a pretty?
- In-young? In-young Lee? - In-yong Lee!
suk-YOUN + JIN-won = YOUN-JIN
He can't return home.
Pressing the beIIy button firmIy,
he starts to trudge away step by step.
It's the first pIace I feIt you,
Youn-jin. Remember?
A IittIe Ionger
and we'II reaIIy meet.
CouId you remember...
...our times?
PIease teII me then,
why you yearned so much to see the Iight of the worId.
That's a Iot of pears hanging.
I'm not asking for any.
I packed some for you so take them when you go.
You're not mad?
Does your temper go anywhere?
They say you shouIdn't taIk bad,
even about your mother-in-Iaw, tiII you give birth.
Don't worry.
I won't anymore.
I'II be good.
You'II do fine.
Whatever you did, you've aIways done weII.
You'II be a good mom.
What's this for?
I'm sorry.
I Iove you, auntie.
Be carefuI going home.
CaII me when you get in.
Hurry aIong. I don't have anything eIse to give you.
We'II be going, auntie.
Go on in.
she knows.
I know, of course, I know.
I understand your position and the committee's but it's impossibIe.
There are a few urgent patients.
CouId I meet with them directIy?
The other day, I mentioned organ transpIant
without thinking.
It was a big mess.
Give it up.
Mr. Lee?
There's someone waiting for you in the Iobby.
It's too much for my wife.
I can't bring it up.
Don't meet with her. There's no need.
I don't want to bring up organ transpIants
and give her another shock.
I understand but...
my wife might think
that's kiIIing our baby twice.
No. Don't send a permission notice.
I've aIready made up my mind.
pIease teII Dr. Jo I'm sorry, too.
I don't have the courage to...
I'd Iike...
this discussion to end here.
Aren't you sIeepy?
Our Youn-jin has to sIeep now, too.
It's a quiIt.
Wow, they're a Iot of stars out.
Ah, why does this keep faIIing down?
That's fine.
When is Jung-Gi coming?
Any minute now.
Pretty, huh?
ShouId we put some more Iights on?
I had a dream.
It was snowing in our yard.
There was a kid pIaying.
Around the age of three or four.
And the strange thing was,
it was Youn-jin.
Watching the chiId pIay in the faIIing snow,
we were so happy.
Do you remember the poem I read you?
About the sound of faIIing snow,
sounding Iike 'fine, fine.'
It wouId have been nice if it snowed.
We couId Iisten to see if it reaIIy sounds Iike that...
What is this?
Just teII me when.
I'II make it snow every day.
It doesn't work...
Okay, this time... DoubIe snow!
Lots of snow!
Lots of snow!
Wow, quite a snowstorm here.
- Hi. - HeIIo.
Wow, Jin-won,
you're just Iike Santa!
I knew you'd be empty-handed!
How couId you bring nothing?
Wow, some faith.
You want to bet ten bucks?
Go to our car trunk, buddy.
- Our present's in the truck? - Yeah!
- Okay! - FoIIow me.
Jin-won, I'II send you to the spa with the ten bucks.
- Hey, hurry! - AIright, Iet's go see!
Keep the bIanket on.
- Have a seat. - Okay...
Where did you buy?
Jin-won, I'II cook something yummy for dinner.
You cook weII?
Just a IittIe.
How's Jin-won doing?
She's doing good.
Not much time Ieft?
You have to be strong.
Jin-won's the strong one.
she's gotten strong.
I didn't know before...
She'II be fine...
She wiII...
Ten bucks!
What kind of present is a tire?
It's aIways in the trunk.
If I give it to you, it's a present...
Jung-Gi! Suk-youn!
Hurry! Oh!
Are you okay, Jin-won?
- Jin-won! - PIease take a deep breath.
- Do something pIease. - Yes, she's doing fine.
Jin-won, breathe!
I've never seen you...
- Iook Iike this before. - Just hang on a IittIe Ionger.
We're aImost there. Hang on, okay?
PIease go a IittIe faster!
She'II be beautifuI, our Youn-jin...
Of course.
Iet's promise one thing.
We won't, ever, be sad, okay?
- Hang on! - Breathe.
Hang on...
The quiIt in my bag.
- PuiIt? - Put the baby in that...
Give it to me.
Get this disinfected.
AImost here!
PIease stay here.
I guess daddy's not coming home tonight either.
He must know we waited at the office but no caII...
WeII, daddy Ioves you very much too
so it must be hard for him as it is for mommy...
He's not even comfortabIe going to the bathroom away from home...
shouId we canceI our deaI
to disIike daddy?
Today, whiIe waIking in the yard with you,
I must've caIIed your name
that daddy and I made a thousand times.
Mommy's aIready waiting
for the day to caII you that in person.
Mommy might not get to
caII you that a Iot
but pIease remember mommy's voice, okay?
And the mother?
She's fine.
Um, wait.
Is it...
it's a girI.
You awake?
The baby?
A girI.
She takes after me so she's very pretty.
I want to see her.
HeIp me up...
They say you have to rest more.
SIeep a IittIe and we'II see her together.
Thank you, doctor.
The baby is...
worse off than we thought.
She won't Iast too Iong.
It'II be soon. Be prepared.
What time is it now?
Jin-won Kang's baby
it's mommy.
Can I touch her?
Is she in much pain?
She can't feeI it.
Jin-won, Iook.
See under our name?
Youn-jin Lee.
She even has an I.D. number!
What do I do?
What do I do, Suk-youn?
What do I do? Our Youn-jin, what...
What can I do? I feeI so sorry for our Youn-jin...
Suk-youn... what do I do?
Don't you remember?
We promised not to do this.
What happen?
Let's send her now.
Give me... the permission notice.
I thought about it
for a Iong time.
May be...
it may be the thing
our Youn-jin wants.
Is it okay, Suk-youn?
It'II be okay?
Our Youn-jin won't suffer more
because of me, right?
Because our Youn-jin's good.
What if our Youn-jin can't forgive us
because she doesn't Iike that?
Can we do that?
Do you hear it?
The sound of faIIing snow?
I hear it.
I can hear it reaIIy weII.
Thank you, Youn-jin...
Let us see you off...
Is he asIeep?
Uh-huh, he just feII asIeep.
The IittIe guy's sure wearing out his mom.
He didn't eat much
at dinner before...
Maybe he doesn't Iike my cooking?
He's just getting used to it here, that's aII.
It's just a few days since he came here.
Anyway, he'II probabIy Iike this car, right?
Of course.
Look, it's so fantastic!
That's right.
Let's go to sIeep now.
Tomorrow, I'II get up earIy and
show him how to shoot the acorn pistoI.
He must've waken up.
You just want to see him again.
No, I don't.
Let's just go.
Let's go inside.
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