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Day After The 1983 23976fps

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{y:i}...condemned the Soviet|{y:i}action and it imposed sanctions...
{y:i}that not stops the Army|{y:i}presence along the west frontier..
{y:i}NATO lntelligence supported a|{y:i}a massive Army occupation along Elba...
{y:i}River, extending all way to Czech|{y:i}border. The conversations on...
{y:i}jeopardize the cut off the Army.|{y:i}The Soviet Ambassador said that it's...
{y:i}normal training exercises. Ambassador|{y:i}Karajin didn't accept the explanation...
{y:i}and called the attitude|{y:i}provocative. Ambassador Karajin?
{y:i}Provocative? You call us|{y:i}provocative when you...
{y:i}Americans have 260 thousand soldiers...
{y:i}and 7 thousand nuclear weapons|{y:i}on the other side of our border.
Like it is born, we have to|do something about this these days.
The problem is:|the septum don't knit properly.
The aorta is rising|from the right ventricle...
and the Pulmonaria from left.
We'll make a nice little hole between|the two sides of the heart...
to allow the blood to carry enough|oxygen to the rest of the body.
lt's scheduled for Saturday.
l have 36 hours straight at the|Lawrence, starting tomorrow.
Hello, Joe! What did you have for the lunch?
l had turkey with beans.
Nurse said she'd get me some ice cream,|but she didn't come back.
-What flavor do you like best?|-Vanilla. Coffee with vanilla.
You heard the man,|let's find this ice cream.
D"ad, you're schedule is"|{y:i}busier than president's.
-M"aybe l should run for office."|-W"hat?" D"o l have to mar"k "a surge"ry...
{y:i}to get an hour with you?|-"Hey, what's eating you, fruitca"k"e?"
l'm sorry. l'm just jumbly.|Don't say that l sound like mom.
-You saw 60 Minutes last night.|-No!
l'm taking you some place l bet you've|never been inside in 15 years.
Oh, come on.
Sometimes it's hard to know how to|experience the Chinese landscape...
because the artist doesn't tell you|where you're watching from...
like a corral or something.|Do you know why?
Because he wants you to be in the|landscape, when you're looking at it.
You mean, a God's eye point of view.
No. Yes, if by God you mean every|where inside, sort of thing, yes.
-What is that funny in between look?|-ln between what?
ln between knowing if you|should tell me something or not.
Okay, Dad.
l'm moving to Boston.
How come?
See? That's why l didn't want to|tell you right away.
l have to deal with your|feelings and mom's...
All l asked was why.
lt is time for me to leave home.
You haven't been living at|home for two years.
An apartment 26 blocks away|isn't exactly independence.
Of course choosing Boston wouldn't have|anything to do with... what's his name?
-Gary.|-Gary starting medical?
Maybe a little.
But it's not like we're going to be|living together or anything.
At least, not right away.
Growing up is like growing apart.
Maybe it's a natural phenomenon,|like be expanding the Universe.
Did you already tell it|to your mother?
Tomorrow, l decided to start with|you to work my way up.
-l am easy...|-Easier.
lt is not so easy.
-What?|-To -say good-bye.
Any of you, guys,|see anything about an alert?
Not this weekend, buddy.|l'm going to fish.
When he fishes,|he generally falls in love.
We fall in love when we fall in love.
Every weekend you fall in love.|Don't you get self control?
Think of it, l'm used|to a not quite weekend.
A weekend help|but l got 30 days.
Maureen and l'll take a skip|all down to New Orleans.
l wouldn't go making any big|travels at least for while.
-ls that an order?|-Just a feeling.
There's no site checks to do.|And no problems for the personnel.
lt sounds good. Scam indicates:|D-E-F-G-H-V. Okay?
How it's going?|How is the work top side?
-Good morning.|-How are you doing?
-What do we have for today?|-Everything looks to be normal.
We are so late!
-Where is my vest?|-What? Here!
l get on my shoe. They will kick my|butt if we're get late at this thing.
Would you hurry?|My hair is gonna be a mess.
Get up.|-Okay. Let's go!
-Hang on!|-Okay!
Bruce is gonna make a|grand entrance.
We should tell her|to come with us.
They probably just wanted|a little privacy.
-Privacy?|-You know, Dad, privacy.
Jolene, that's disgusting.
What did l tell you?
You old man looks furious.
Where have you two been?
Hi, mom.
-Hey, buddy. Put this on your pocket.|-You bet.
Well, should we all get started?
Sorry, we're late.
-What's the first stop?|-We're going to the low site 37.
-What's the problem?|-None. Just a general maintenance.
The last time we did general|maintenance it took us three days.
Come on you guys....
Come on!|-All right, all right.
Hey, give my bag, will you?
-What is wrong with this thing anyway?|-lt won't fly.
Hey! Willy, we get an assignment here, man.
-Can l make cookies?|-You can't, you're only 4.
-You could show me.|-Sure, go ahead. But clean it up.
{y:i}...assistance on positioning|{y:i}medium range...
{y:i}perching two hands|{y:i}crossing the south Europe...
{y:i}has caused Britain to revaluated|{y:i}his own nuclear commitment.
{y:i}Scrap it all together, the Labor|{y:i}Party said, it's the way.
{y:i}The real fear is: when the chips are|"down and the red line is blin"k"ing...."
{y:i}The USA won't really want|{y:i}sacrifice Chicago for Hamburg.
"The three Soviets tan"k"s divisions"|{y:i}poisoned the Fulda Gap..
{y:i}The USA protested against the Soviet|{y:i}presence in a session of the...
{y:i}Security Council this morning. A protest|{y:i}responded indirectly this afternoon...
{y:i}by Soviet foreign minister meeting for|"trade tal"k "with the common mar"k"et."
"Spea"k"ing with the ABC News, the Soviet"|M"inister clames that..."
{y:i}the USA have the car|{y:i}before the horses.
{y:i}The coordinate movement of launchers|"that had provo"k"ed the original..."
-Where is Alan?|-He is at Jacksons having supper.
They have a barbecue at 7:00.
He doesn't spend much|time here, does he?
Who does?
l am here.
Yes, that's good!
Thank you.
l thought you told him you'd|teach in Lawrence tonight.
Sam will teach for me.
l'm going out tomorrow afternoon.
Do you want to go|to the movies tonight?
We could date in the drive-in.
Well, if we just stay here?
Yes, it'll be fine. We light a few|candles and hear some music.
What is getting with you?
-What? You don't like my ideas?|-l love you. lt's just that you...
You've been talking|to Marilyn, don't you?
She told me about this scholarship|and Boston.
She said you're just a|marvelous father.
l can handle myself pretty well.
lt is good to see her so excitedly|about to move.
ls that what is important?|How excited she is?
She would follow Gary in that old|rabbit trap... Rome, Mexico...
She'd only apply to Boston because...|-Wait a minute, let me turn this...
"The bloc"k"ade of"|W"est Berlin continues.."
{y:i}The action follows reports earlier|{y:i}have wide spread rebellions among...
{y:i}divisions of the East Germany Army.|{y:i}East Germany sealed off the borders...
{y:i}closing the 4 accesses in Leuenberg,|{y:i}Helmstad, Herleshausen, Rudolphstein.
l can't believe that it's happening.
Do you want to go to living room|and watch?
l just want to go upstairs arise|and get in the bed...
with you.
You told me nothing like|this was ever gonna happen.
Maureen, lt is just an alert...
we're going around and check twice|instead once. That's it.
What'll l tell my mother? She' got the|house all set, a room for Skip...
Why don't you go down?
l'm serious. Take Skip and go down. And|l'll join you when this thing is over.
That's just great...
Billy, l'm sorry.
l know that l am not making|any easier on you.
l love you...
You know that.
l love you too, Maureen.
Just 5 and a half months and|l'll be out of the service.
l'll be working 40 hours a week,|making U$ 17,50 for hour.
Are you taking everything you got?
Maureen, it is an alert!
lt's 4 sets of everything, it's just|strip clear by the book.
l am scared.
There is nothing to worry about.|l'll be right next door...
l'll be on the base the whole time.|l'll call you every night.
{y:i}No one will be at Arthur's tonight.|{y:i}The all town are at the game.
lt's not like we haven't ever|made love before, Bruce.
What now?|You're getting sick on the pill?
They are right over there.
Can't you wait two more days?
You're crazy, do you know that?
Where is it?
Upstairs, in my dressing table drawer.
What a good is it doing up there?
Go get it.
Go on.
Come on. Go get it.
Jolene... You give that back to me!
W"e're interrupting this program"|{y:i}to bring you a special report..
{y:i}East Germany tonight tightened the|"string all around the" W"est Berlin."
{y:i}They're holdin'all air traffic severing|"the right flan"k "cities to the" W"est."
{y:i}This action has been condemned|{y:i}by NATO foreign ministers....
{y:i}as a violation|{y:i}of the international laws...
Open this door right now,|or l'll never talk to you again.
{y:i}...tomorrow, earlier in time at 6 a.m|{y:i}Eastern day light time...
{y:i}''will be regarded as|{y:i}an act of war.
{y:i}After an emergency meeting with his|{y:i}Cabinet and Congressional leaders...
"the president declared all US" M"ilita"ry|{y:i}personnel on world wild...
{y:i}stage two alert...
{y:i}Soviet Ambassador was summoned to the|W"hite House 45 minutes ago."
Would you, girls, be kind enough to|tell me what is happening up here?
-Mom...|-She was in mine...
All right, you don't have to tell me.
But l expect the two of you|to settle it among yourselves...
otherwise l'll see that|your father settles it for you.
Now, Jolene, come to|help me.
Give me back that thing.
"Press Secreta"ry D"avid reports..."
{y:i}that both sides are engaged in|"fran"k"ly and honest tal"k"s..."
{y:i}in the finding ways to defuse|{y:i}the raising crisis in Berlin.
My God, it's 1962 over again.
Cuba missiles crisis.
Do you remember Kennedy in television|telling Kruschev to return?
''Full retailing response.''|He didn't blink an eye.
We were in New York, in bed,|just like this, remember?
-On the 98 Street...|-Meatball-sandwiches for sharks.
Your last year of residence.
We made Marilyn that night.
We got up, went to the window|look for the bombs.
lt didn't happen.
lt's not gonna happen now.
People are crazy, but not that crazy.
Do you want to know for crazy?
The Donnellys left today|for Guadalajara.
-Guadalajara?|-l spoke to Herb when he left.
He said they're dovetailing their|vacations with the ''rising tensions''.
-Cut it out.|-l am not kidding.
They took the Vietnamese maid...
and that little barking dog.
And that little combination of...
tractor, lawn mower|and golf pushcart?
What if it does...
what will we do?
The cows are out.
What do you think, you and|me take some breakfast?
"The" W"hite House today denied that USA"|"concentrated any unit milita"ry...
{y:i}action in response to the deteriorated|{y:i}situation in East Germany.
"Press Secreta"ry D"avid"|"spea"k"ing for the president..."
{y:i}confirmed the administration support|{y:i}for the NATO alliance...
Where in hell have you been?
Don't you just walk by me when|you hear l'm asking you a question.
What are you doing sneaking in here?
l'm not sneaking. l never sneak.
Then why did you come in|the back door?
l didn't even know|the door was unlocked, dad.
-l'm out with Bruce riding around.|-Riding around?
All night?
Frankly, dad,|that is not your business.
As long as you live under...
Dad, please, don't say that, because|l'm getting married tomorrow.
You keep back and stop easy droping.
l'm just waiting you finish up so l|can get by to the bathroom.
Use the one outside the kitchen.
The water is freezing out there.
Well, hurry it up for pity sake.
-Can't you see that we were talking?|-The whole world is holding its breathing.
W"hat is all the commotion up there?"
Let's forget what l said.
You're no sneaking.
The trainer is doing a good job.|He's teaching kids defense.
Yeah, they sure look good.
Do you get a boy up there?|-Number 80. Alan Oakes.
l've been watching him,|he's good.
Good moves to the outside,|he's not afraid to take hit.
Do you have a son playing?|-Doug Holland, number 68.
He is an earlier soccer.
Stocky, all heart.
l try not to miss a practice|when l'm not on the road.
l'm right embarrassing him|being around the bench.
By the way, l'm Doug Senior.
-Russ Oakes, nice to meet you.|-Same here.
-Well, see you, Doug.|-Okay, good-bye.
"...NATO Army that's bro"k"en in"|{y:i}Helmsted, East Germany.
{y:i}And after a after hit fighting, they|{y:i}are avancing under air support...
{y:i}two miles along, they're passing|"for" M"arienborn towards Berlin."
{y:i}French News Agency has received a|{y:i}complete report of this resistance.
{y:i}The Ground Service confirmed: 2 Soviet|M"lGs 25 invaded" W"est Germany airspace,"
firing several missiles at a NATO|Ammunition Store Facility.
General's on aboard.
Thank you very much.
Good morning. Stand easy, please.
How is the board today?
l hit 4 missiles, they're encounter in point|5, in Sedalia - force 1 4-01-35...
for secondary ground in 4-15 -|0-4-15 this morning.
The president is located at Cam David,|the commander chief of Europe is...
out of position until the 21th advice.|He'll be back this evening.
This is the situation and there is a|submarine nuclear in the coast west.
While we save a single|blue baby...
they're forming hospitals|in Wurzburg.
l am afraid of listening the radio.
Did you hear the later?
There's a rumor that they are|evacuating Moscow.
There are even people leaving Kansas|City because of the missile fields.
l'll ask you. Where are|those go from of Kansas City?
To Yukon, to Tahiti?
We are not talking about|Hiroshima anymore.
Hiroshima was peanuts.
Do you understand...
what's going on in this world?
Stupidity has a habit|of getting its way.
lf that were true we would be|manding people back in caves.
lf that were true...
why are nobody doing anything?
D"r. Oa"k"es..." D"r. Oa"k"es..."
-Yes?|-Sr. Oakes, your wife called.
Thank you.
"...regarding the situation in" M"oscow."
{y:i}According the|{y:i}administration sources...
"the city of" M"oscow"|{y:i}is being evacuated.
"lt is not generally" k"nown if"|W"ashington in the present time..."
{y:i}if the evacuation order indicates the|"entire population of" M"oscow..."
{y:i}or whether other major Soviet cities|{y:i}have been affected by the order.
-Where is the Dr. Oakes?|-He's probably stopped in the traffic.
Hey, didn't you hear?|He was gone fishing.
-Who is in charge?|-Montoya is in Kansas City.
Julian wants information to emergency|procedures in the case of...
a general evacuation.|So he needs a doctor...
Not me. l am just a resident|with a 120 buddys to exam...
unfortunately most of them, males.
Nice try.
-Where will we be next week?|-Somewhere in the atmosphere.
-Name?|-Stephen Klein.
-No, l mean at the Campus.|-Davidson 4.
-What are you making?|-Medicine.
He shoot the baskets. This is|my second alarm false...
in 10 days early.|Tension grabber, he says.
-Where is yours?|-My what?
-Your husband.|-He's trying to catch an airplane.
He's not the one|who is going to have a baby.
-What is it like?|-What?
-To have a baby. What's you feel like?|-l never had one.
-You said, ''l know''.|-l know what?
At the Emergency, l was talking about|the pains, you said, ''l know''.
l know about the pains because l'm a|nurse. So l saw a lot like you.
Do you want to know what it feels like?|lt's like l have a basket ball.
-Where is everybody?|-They are watching the News.
l saw Ticker and Judy taking off,|with their bags and all.
-What are you doing here?|-l'm holding my place on line.
lf l don't get the metallurgy classes,|l can not graduate in January.
What is going on?
They say the Russians had just|invaded West Germany.
"Soviet tan"k"s move into the"|{y:i}Fulda Gap.
"They've" k"ept NATO advanced positions"|"along the" W"est Germany border."
"The question is" - "how far the"|W"arsaw pact forces will go?"
W"ill the Russians advance straight for"|{y:i}the Rhine, and defy NATO defense...
{y:i}by all of the means, including the|{y:i}use of tactical nuclear weapons?
Fantasy Land.
Do you think they are making this up?
Look, did we help the Czechs, Hungarians,|Afghans or Polish?
We won't use nuclear weapons|to save the Germans.
lf you are talking about oil in Saudi|Arabia the l'll be real worried.
What do you think?
l will get my hair cut.
l think l'm gonna hitchhike home|see my folks.
And l'll see what's happening|on Monday.
Are you going to Joplin?
Hey, son. l'll give you a ride.
l take you far in Missouri.
Make it pretty. This is my last|cut as a free man.
l'm getting married tomorrow.
ls that right? Congratulations.
The president is speaking on television|tonight, maybe he'll tell us some new.
They tell us what they want us to hear.|Keep the panic at the lowest stage.
l really don't think he's decided to be|the first one to use nuclear devices.
lt's not a question of who, but where.
Say we explode a nuclear bomb|over their troops on our side...
the radiation won't be drift over their side.
They are crazy! How do they expect|it's gonna stop with just one bomb?
Crazy is not standing out|of peoples business.
We should not be over there|in the first place.
Maybe it don't happen.
After all, l have symphonic|tickets for tonight.
-The thing is the launcher on morning.|-What is that?
They gonna fire thinking that the other|guys missiles are on the way.
You know, use them or lose them.
What do you think the chances of that|happens in the middle of nowhere?
There's nowhere anymore.
You're sitting next the Whiteman|Air Force Base right now.
That's about 150 missiles silos spread|out the state of Missouri.
a lot of bulls eyes.
{y:i}Here the Emergency|{y:i}Broadcast System.
{y:i}All person in traveling in|{y:i}the Kansas City area...
"must go to the" M"unicipal shelter..."
{y:i}in the community or to the|{y:i}closer location.
{y:i}There's no immediate danger|{y:i}in the Kansas City area...
Sarah, can you wash up for lunch?
The clouds are opening up.|l'd use more rain for the cattle.
Did you kids hear me?
-Tell them to wait a few minutes...|-But the food...
{y:i}...three nuclear weapons...
{y:i}were air busty...
{y:i}this morning over|{y:i}advancing soviet troops...
{y:i}Hey, Kenny, come on.
{y:i}Come on.
{y:i}...nuclear bomb exploded|"on NATO milita"ry "headquarters..."
-Hey, Jim, l'm want you go home now.|-But there're a lot more...
l know. But you have a plenty to do at home.
What did that dirt build?
Get on in the truck, son.
Good luck to you.
As soon as we get home,|you run up some milk jars.
We're gonna fill them with water|and take them to the cellar.
-Anymore news?|-They just hit one of our ships.
-Who is ''they''?|-The Russians! What do you think?
We got them back, one of their ships.
Where are the girls?
Jolene is making the beds,|Denise is taking a shower.
Well, get them downstairs.
Jim, can't you see all l gotta do?
Don't you know that it is pretty much|a national emergency going on?
lt's just gonna have to go on|without me becasue...
your daughter is getting married|tomorrow and l've 67 mouths to feed.
l hope so, but first we have get|to take things into the cellar.
Do you think there's a tornado coming?
The Man on the radio said|that there will be war.
He said we should turn off all|the radios and TVs.
Won't there be a war?
We need access to the keys and|authentication documents.
-Do you have your key?|-Yes, sir.
Sorry, but l can't take you any farther.
That's okay, thanks a lot.
-Good luck.|-Yeah, you too.
{y:i}l want to confirm.|{y:i}ls this an exercise?
Roger. Copy.|This is not an exercise!
You kids come here right now.
-Where is mom, darling?|-Upstairs.
l want you to take those cans down to|the basement, like l told you...
and stay there with Jolene.|Do you understand?
Yes, dad.
Go on.
Eve, leave the beds now!|We have to go down below.
Listen, those missiles|are all gone on.
Are you in communication?
lt was cut in the launcher.|Even the radio went out.
They destroyed 2 radar stations.
-Where?|-California and in England.
Can you believe it?|They've really done!
lf we started first, they will try|to hit what's left...
but if they started first, we just got|missiles out of the ground in time.
Either way, we're gonna get hit.
-Why are we standing around here for?|-Where do you want to go?
Get out of here. l got|get my wife and my kid.
We are still in alert. No one leaves|this facility. Not until the chopper...
You're kidding, man. The bombs will|be here before the choppers.
The war is over, is over.|We're done our job.
So what are you still guarding? Some|kind of a hole in the ground?
What about Starr and Boyle?|What are they doing?
They are 60 feets down|drinking cold beer.
-l will go down.|-The elevator is secured.
l heard you sending: we got|direct orders to be sitting down.
-l'm sick of that shit.|-So what?
They have a steel door, food, water.|They won't let you go in there.
There is still a little|room at the elevator.
A direct impact will destroy|everything, including Boyle and Starr.
l'd rather to take my chances|down there.
Come on, Billy.|This was your idea.
No, not in a hole in the|ground was my idea.
Come on, make up your mind.
Because if l don't go down in that|hole, you will shoot me in the back.
So what the book says, Bozo?
What is going on?
Those are Minuteman missiles.
Like a test, like a warning?
They are on their way to Russia.
They take about 30 minutes|to reach their target.
So do theirs, right?
{y:i}This is a warning...
{y:i}the combat is hight.
W"e got 32 targets and trac"k|{y:i}and 10 impacting points.
We have a massive attack of the|USSR this time.
Over 300 missiles in bound now.
Do we have to go down?
Well, l guess we can stand up|here for a while.
lt is better go downstairs, folks.
Come on, baby. Don't die on me now.
Dad, it is Rusty.
Dad, we left Rusty.
We may be down here|a long time.
There's not gonna be enough|food and water for Rusty.
You mean it's just going to die out there?
We're going to get used to|things been a lot different.
What matters is...
we're alive and we're together.
lt smells awful. How long will|we have to stay down here?
l don't know.
l don't know anything|about radiation.
What is radiation?
Where is Dr. Montoya?
Get the beds in the halls,|away from the windows.
Have you seen the number of people|in here? They think it's a shelter.
Where is Dr. Wallenberg? She has|radiological equipment.
-What did you see?|-Why don't we have emergency power?
There is no electricity.
What did you see?
You came from Kansas City.|What did you see?
l was on the freeway...
about 30 miles away.
l am not sure...
lt was high in the air...
directly above downtown.
Like the sun had exploded.|Two suns...
lt was like...
You don't what l mean...
Not even l know what l mean...
l'm taking you to the hall,|you'll be safe there.
To protect you from the radiation, it|comes right through the windows.
Julien... Julien.
Thanks God you're here.|We have few doctors.
You better get the non injured to the|shelter and the campus buildings.
-ls it over?|-l don't know. lt seems to be.
How many were them?
Two in Kansas City.
-Only in Kansas or the whole country?|-l don't know.
My husband is in Sedalia.
-What about Sedalia?|-When will you do?
We'll do everything we can|to protect ourselves.
What's for?
Can l have your attention, please?
This is only a campus hospital,|we don't have many supplies.
Unless you're seriously wounded, can|you go to other campus buildings?
We have to clear the area for|those people that are...
Where did you get that?
ln the broadcasting center,|there is a museum in the basement.
Does it still work?
These are getting scaring.
-lt shouldn't stay out so long.|-All we need is for short wave.
l hope l don't blow myself up.
ls this thing connected or|Connie is still up on the roof?
There it comes...
Please, listen to me.
Listen to me!
We need your help.
This is a hospital. Those of you that|are not seriously ill or injured...
have to work|Work with our staff.
This work will be dangerous,|but we have to do it...
in order to survive.
We tried hooking up an auxiliary bomb|to a generator and we get nothing.
l don't understand.|Did they burn out?
lt can be P.E.M. effects.
-What is that?|-Electro-magnetic pulse.
When a large nuclear device air burst|at high altitude...
a lot of electrical disruption|can be created...
principally with radios,|communication systems...
electrical wires, computers,|cars, transistors.
l read somewhere the batteries and|fiber optics are supposed to work.
lt's all theory.
lt's never happened before.|ln short, very little electricity.
We have to find|manual pump to get water.
What about the fuel to boil the water,|sterilize surgical instruments?
What about bringing in wood?
You can't burn contaminated wood.|lt'd put radiation back in the air.
-What about bottled gas?|-There is butane for three days.
-Bruce!|-Be quiet.
What are you gonna do with that?
Jim, that's not a dog, that's a person.
-Get the hell out of here!|-Please, don't shoot!
l was only looking for some water.
Do you have another cellar on the barn?|l can die out here.
Let to him stay, Jim.
Sure! At night there will be|20 people in the door.
They won't. They are all dead.|l am the last one.
l will help anyway you want.
l won't be any trouble.|l even brought food.
Well, get on down here.|Shut that door first.
Jolene, cut that light off.|Save it for when we need it.
l just wanted to see who was.
My name is Stephen.
We are Dahlbergs.|l am Eve, that is Jim.
Denise, Jolene and Danny.
He looked when it exploded.
The flash blinded him.
-lt burned his retinas.|-What do you know about it?
Not a lot.
l study medicine in K.U.
-Do you know Bruce Gallatin?|-No.
But you from Lawrence, maybe|Bruce is all right.
l don't know what happened|in Lawrence.
l was close to Harrisonville|when it started.
They were five or|six to the north...
and several to the south.
They must hit every silo from Sedalia|to the El Dorado Springs.
Have you been in the shelter|the past few days?
Last night we stopped in a chicken roost.
But otherwise you've|been outside since...
Hold still.
lt seems you making|a martyr of yourself.
You know what's gonna happen|next around here, don't you?
l've been trying not|to think about it.
We may be the only hospital|in a 100 miles.
Everyone half alive or dying|will find the way here.
lt is late to become a dentist.
What are you thinking?
l wonder who was spared.
l wonder New York...
Paris, Moscow...
they are just like Kansas City now.
Hello... ls anybody there?
ls anybody there?
This is Lawrence.
This is Lawrence, Kansas.|ls anybody there?
Joe Huxley, at the building of Sciences|of the University of Kansas.
ls anybody there?
l have an atmosphere report|for anybody who is listening.
Dr. Oakes, are you hearing?
Come in, Dr. Oakes.|Do you hear me?
We're holding fast. We're just here|under 50 RADs per hour.
l thought it would be diminished by now.
l guess that we received radiation|from Titan missile bases...
... W"ichita and eve"ry "else out west."
{y:i}That's the way the wind blows...
straight toward St. Louis.
W"hen it'll be safe, we're going to"|{y:i}move people to other building.
{y:i}lt will never be safe.
Come on, Joe.
We'll get down under|2 RADs in one hour.
lf and when...
You picked up anybody|else on your...
your end?
This is Lawrence.
This is Lawrence, Kansas.|ls anybody there?
Anybody at all?
That's the first time|you close your eyes in 3 days.
l do it when you are not looking.
-You look terrible.|-You say that just like my wife.
You should eat a piece of this orange.
lt's maybe the last orange|that you'll see for...
a week and a half.
When you close your eyes...
you start remembering.
Remembering what?
My son.
Catching the pass. My daughter|staring at a painting...
l... lt's an accident...
l've been here.
l had to come back here teach|my Hematology class...
l'd be in Kansas City...
l'm sorry...
Oh, rave on, please...
l never imagined you...
Look at that.
-lmpervious... to radiation.|-What?
You're looking at the man's legacy...
the only guarantee survivor|of the nuclear war.
-Come on, Danny. l want you to eat.|-l am not hungry.
Denise, eat it, otherwise it'll go bad.
The battery went dead.
-Where are the matches?|-l got it.
What is it? Day or night?
Day, l think.
What day?
lt's Thursday.
When will it be sunny out?
l can't remember.
You can't remember what?
lt's only been 5 days and l can't|remember what Bruce looks like.
And we're all been through a lot,|sitting here in the dark
What are we doing down here anyway?
lt's all over, isn't it?
lt smells so bad. l can't even breathe!
You get hold of yourself. You know|that we can not get out of here.
Why did l to use that thing?|We can't marry by now anyway.
-Why didn't l at least get pregnant?|-Just pipe down, Denise.
And now l can't even see his face.
l can't see anything!
l can't see anything!
-l can't see anything!|-Denise, just calm down.
l won't wait a week
Don't go there!
l'll get her.
l owe you.
There's nothing wrong out here.|lt's a beautiful day!
lt looks that way.
You can't see it...
You can't feel it...
You can't taste it...
but it is here...
right now, all around us...
it's going through you like an X-ray...
right into your cells...
What do you think that|killed those animals?
-Where are you going?|-Holden.
Oh yeah? How come?
There are people there.
How do you know?
A man with a CB in Leeton.
Are you from Leeton?|How is Sedalia?
l said, how is Sedalia?
There is no Sedalia.
And no Green Ridge,|no Windsor, no nothing.
17 people died this morning.
l would say that we are running|a serious cholera risk.
The morgue is full.
Should we start using the garage?
Move the terminal radiation patients|back to the rooms.
l will talk to Joe Huxley|about the RAD situation.
We are very low on morphine,|they have been stealing.
They're stealing food. Dr. Strayhorn|had his wrist broken stopping a fight.
Close the doors! Don't let anyone in.|Put on guards if you have to.
How can we care for people if we've no|control? ls that what you mean?
Have you heard about firing squads?|Anything about firing squads?
l've been hearing them talk.|They are shooting people.
Shooting? What's for?
Looting, hijacking, rip, murder.
lt is nonsense. Do you hear me?|That's crazy! Now go back to work.
Can't you wait?
Hey, wait your turn.
Hey, don't do that.
Go on.
lt's okay, baby. lt's all right.|lt's all right.
Do you want the tip?
Do you see this people? That's us,|man, if we don't get to Lawrence.
Did you hear me?|We had that tend by the way.
They got a hospital in Lawrence.
Does Dr. Montoya discuss|the Caesarian with you?
Why? There's nothing in the way.
l'm just waiting now here like|everybody else. Who knows what for?
Maybe that's why you chose overdo.
lf you were new and had any|choice about the matter...
would you be dying to be born|into a world like this?
Do you think that your baby is|deciding whether or not to be born?
Do you think l am holding|him back by force of will?
Bad toilette training.
l think you've got to be willing to let|your baby come, you're liking or not.
You're holding back hope.
Hope for what?
What do you think is gonna|happen out there?
Do you think we're gonna sweep up the|dead and rebuild supermarkets?
Do you think all those people left|alive out there are going to say...
''l'm sorry, it wasn't my fault.''?|Let's kiss and make up.
We knew the score, we know all about|bombs, we know all about radiation.
We knew this could happen for 40 years.
Nobody was interested.
-l can't argue with you.|-Argue with me.
Give me a reason,|tell me about hope.
Tell me why you're|working so hard here.
l don't know.
Corn and band are dead, lost.
We should harvest 10 days ago.|The cows cannot graze.
They'd contaminate the milk,|wells and themselves.
We're luck to be alive.
We will see how luck that is.
-Name?|-McCoy, William. Air Force.
-Home?|-Whiteman Air Force Base, Sedalia.
-This is my friend...|-One at a time.
-He can't talk.|-What is your injury?
l can't keep nothing l ate.
Not even my own hair.
l got the bruises like...|all on my arms. See?
And it's real bad.
Look at him, he got all his arm.
Look, l know we got radiation sickness.|ls there anything we can do about it?
The radiation counting is now|4,4 RADs an hour...
lt's considered safe for limited|exposition out doors.
We ask all you're not suffering|from specific physical injury...
to seek fresh sheltering in|campus buildings.
"There was a great earthqua"k"e..."
"and the sun became blac"k "as sac"k"cloth."
And the third of the earth was burned...
the third of the trees and|all the green grass.
And then from the smoke came locusts|with the power of scorpions.
And then were told them...
They're told not to harm...
the grass of the earth or|the any green tree...
but only those who have not the|seal of God upon their foreheads...
We are here today...
counted among|God servants...?
We give thanks to be...
Oh Lord, God, All Might for|rewarding servants...
and those who fear Your name,|both great and small...
and for destroying the|destroyers of the earth.
-Petti hospital is closed down.|-The university hospital, in Lawrence.
l don't know. lt's awful far.
lt is her only chance|and Danny's too.
-Look, stay here...|-She's my daughter.
l'm going to bring her back.
What is going on?
Eve, we've gonna have to try to get her|her up here, it's more secure.
l'm going to try to put her feet here.|Help me with her head.
Denise? lt's your dad.
Dad loves you.
What do you see?
Cows, telephone post.
Usual stuff.
-Do you see what's going on out there?|-Yes.
What are we going to do?
We gonna let them in.|Many as we can.
{y:i}...president of the USA.
{y:i}Americans. All the extended damage|"to our count"ry "is still uncertain..."
{y:i}and should probably remain|{y:i}so for some time.
"Prelimina"ry "reports indicate the"|{y:i}principal weapons impact points...
"included milita"ry "and industrial"|{y:i}targets in most sectors of the USA.
{y:i}There is at the present time a|{y:i}cease-fire with the Soviet Union...
{y:i}which has sustained damage|{y:i}equally catastrophic.
M"any of you listening"|{y:i}to me today...
"have suffered personal inju"ry", sudden"|{y:i}separation from the loved ones...
{y:i}and the tragic loss|{y:i}of your families.
{y:i}l share your grief. l too have|{y:i}suffered personal loss.
{y:i}You're in this hour of sorrow|{y:i}l wish to assure you...
{y:i}that America has survived|{y:i}this terrible tribulation.
{y:i}There has been no surrender|{y:i}no retreat...
{y:i}from the principals of liberty|{y:i}and democracy...
{y:i}for which the free world|"loo"k"s to us for leadership."
W"e remain undoubted before all,"|"All" M"ight God..."
{y:i}Functioning under certainly|"extraordina"ry "emergency options..."
"we are prepared to ma"k"e eve"ry "effort"|{y:i}to coordinate relief...
{y:i}recovering programs at the state|{y:i}and local levels.
D"uring the next two wee"k"s,"|{y:i}my staff and cabinet...
{y:i}will attempt to relocate to National|{y:i}Emergency Reconstruction HQ.
{y:i}At the present time and until the|{y:i}radiation pattern reports are made...
{y:i}available over the emergency broadcast|{y:i}band or through your local authorities.
{y:i}l urge you to remain|{y:i}in areas offering...
{y:i}maximum shelter protection from|{y:i}Radioactive fall out...
{y:i}and to obey all local retreats.
W"e are counting on you, on"|{y:i}your strength, your patience...
{y:i}your will and your courage to|{y:i}help rebuild this great nation of ours.
{y:i}God bless you all.
ls it? That's all he's gonna say?
Hey, maybe we're gonna be okay.|-What do you wanna hear?
l want to know who started it,|who fired first.
-You're never gonna know that.|-What difference does it make?
He should had told us|who fired first.
-You want us to think we lost the war?|-You believe everything they tell you?
Do you what Einstein said|about World War Three?
He said he didn't know how they're|gonna fightWorld War Three...
but he knew how they would fight|World War Four.
With sticks and stones...
We have to count the number of bodies,|the time required to individual burial.
The danger of infection now is great.|The only solution is the public graves.
They're waiting you in the surgery.|You're five minutes late.
Are you all right?
-D"o you have a boy there?"|-"Number 80, Alan Oa"k"es."
{y:i}l swear that we made...
M"arilyn that night."
W"e are all changing, dad."|D"on't you see?"
{y:i}Stupidity has the habit|{y:i}of getting its way.
{y:i}lt's not going to happen.|W"hat it does happen?"
{y:i}Hiroshima was peanuts.
You are not Helen.
This must be the hopeless.
They think that l am dying.
Maybe l am.
We all are dying.
l can't find my shirt.
l can't find my shirt.
l can't find my shirt.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Do you give me your hand?
We're running out of packs.|Can l use old cloths?
That's it. No more.
What do you mean ''no more''?
l got 3 tickets of milk and|two kids at home.
l'm sorry. Do you want to come in and|look at all the stuff we're hiding?
-There must be food in there.|That's for the other camp.
Are you really a doctor?|You sure don't talk like one.
l actually am the pizza man.
-What's your name?|888 02:44:05:03 02:44:07:02 Sam Hachiya.
-What kind of name is that?|-What is the sound like?
l don't know. ltalian?
There you go. What do you know?|Sam Hachiya Pizzaria.
When can l see my sister?
That depends, kiddo...
You stay here, l'll be back.
l am not going any place.
So what we want you to do now is|to burn out your current crops...
start decontaminating the soil and|plan the next spring planting.
Crop selection must consider plants|least susceptible to ultraviolet...
radiation and use for human rather|than animal consumption.
Excuse, but how do you go about|decontaminating the soil?
You wait for the fall out to decay|to safe enough levels...
and scrape off the top layers.
How do you know what safe is?
We'll have a task-force advising each
all will advise|agriculture local cooperative.
Task-force? Where the hells|are they coming from?
l talked about crops for human|consumption. How do l feed my cows?
We're just going to have to channel|animal feed to human needs.
Except for dairy cows and certain poultry.
What you mean by scraping off|the top layers is my top soil?
lt is exactly that, you just take the|top, 4 or 5 inches if your top soil.
And l do what with it?
We're talking 150 to 200 acres a man.
Being big is one thing,|being realistic is another.
Suppose you find a hole where you|can drop out all dead dirty...
what kind of top soil that's gonna|leave for we're growing anything?
Where did you find this information?|On some government pamphlet?
Fellows we are talking about a|catastrophe here, not life as usual.
Now, the National Emergency|Reconstruction and...
administration primarily goal is|to reestablish the order.
And aid you and salve your|resources for the country.
What is going on down there?
What do you think|you're doing down there?
Who are you, folks?
This is my home.
Where is nurse Bauer?
Tell me, Sam.
What was?
You shouldn't go back|to work right away.
Doctor's orders?
All right. l'll take some time off.|See the sites.
Take you some little vacation.|Nice time of the year, Fall.
Where do you think to go?
Kansas City.
Aren't you curious?
Don't you wonder about it?
l'm not going back there.
Why don't you come with me?
They probably won't let you back in anyway.
l want to see my home|before l die.
-No!|-Okay! All right, all right.
l will get the bandage back on,|take the hands down.
This isn't gonna work, is it?
lt hasn't been that long, Danny,|there is still a chance...
Your voice is shaking.
l'd like to go home now,|with my mom and dad.
l'll take you.
What about Denise?
We all are going home.|Okay?
Go on.
Thank you.
You're not really ltalian, are you?
So where are you from?
Kansas City.
You look like you fell of your bike.
Denise, l had a hard time|finding you here.
-How is Danny?|-He's okay.
What about his eyes?
The doctor says that l'll be able to|take you home in a couple days.
Are the phones working?
Are you kidding?|There're gonna be any phones.
they gimme this...
ribbon to wear.
But l haven't a godamn hair|to put it into.
You look great.
Get out of my house.
Didn't you hear me?
l told you to get out of my house.
{y:i}Hello. ls anybody there?
{y:i}Anybody at all...
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