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Day For Night CD1

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Let's all be qulet and play well.
Slowly and relaxed, In my tempo...
From the beglnnlng...
Strlke up together...
Here you can speed up...
Don't leave any gaps...
There, now all together...
Hold that last chord...
No sentlmentallty.
Just play the notes.
Thls fllm Is dedlcated to Dorothy and Lillian Gish
Everyone over here, please!
We'll do it again, right away!
What happened coming out of the subway?
Last time it was better.
The bus was 2 seconds late.
The background activity was late, too.
By the beauty parlor,
a lady was supposed to come out.
I never saw the cyclist go by, either.
We'll do it again.
What went wrong was the beginning,
coming out of the subway.
Everyone came out together, then there was no one.
Note start and end footages, circle the good takes...
- Who do you give it to? - Yourself!
You mean, I keep it?
Kill that arc!
Ladies and gentlemen,
here we are at the Victorine Studios, in Nice,
where shooting starts today on "Meet Pamela".
But today you won't meet Pamela!
The Hollywood star, Julie Baker who plays Pamela
is eXpected soon, but hasn't arrived yet.
But the other stars are here,
and I hope to interview them shortly.
The slap may make it swell. I don't mind!
Meet our male lead.
Mr. Bertrand!
You're the producer, come and talk to us!
A producer should stay out of sight.
It's the story
of an older man
whose son brings home an English bride.
It's the story of a young man who marries an English girl.
3 months later he brings her to his parents' Riviera home.
My character falls in love
with his daughter-in-law, and she with him.
She falls in love with her father-in-law.
The movie tells the story of their illicit love affair.
What happens?
As in any tragedy, each character
must fulfill his destiny.
EXcuse me, they need me on the set.
Pamela 1, take 4!
The bus!
Newsvendor, be livelier!
The lady with the dog, faster!
More activity around the subway!
Now the white car!
Alphonse, get ready!
Come out of the subway!
Cafe terrace, more activity!
Lady with the dog, keep going!
Red car!
Faster, red car!
Red car, drive off!
Ready, Walter? Move in on AleXander.
Move in closer!
We'll do it from another angle.
Roll it!
Take 2.
The last one was good.
Places, everyone! Once more!
Let's go!
This is the Atlantic Hotel.
In Nice. Hold on, please.
I have a bathroom, I wanted a shower.
Can I change rooms?
- Mine's a shower, I want a tub! - We can trade!
Come on, let's go up! Great!
Julie's pictures!
OK, Joelle.
Julie's pictures... Thanks, Odile.
Walter, have a look. The pictures of Julie.
I remember her in that movie with the car-chase.
Didn't she freak out once?
A minor depression. Over a year ago!
She walked out of a production!
Yes, but now she's married to her doctor.
She must be fine now.
Is Bertrand worried?
I don't think so.
That's a good likeness. She's lovely.
Any with her hair short?
Here's the wig.
- It's too dark. - Could be lighter...
She'll wear a wig in "Pamela".
She has lovely eyes.
Yes, they're light green.
Looks just like her mother!
Good face, nice shape to it.
So pleasant...
Here's a good one! She looks sad, but seXy.
EXcuse me, sir. I'd like to show you the...
Sure, Bernard, show it to us.
The trick candle for the costume party.
Plugging it in, turns it on. Got a light?
If the actress keeps it toward her face,
the light seems to come from the candle!
She mustn't turn the candle
toward the camera,
or it'll give away the trick.
OK, Bernard. Sold.
And the wire goes?
In the sleeve and down the dress.
Look at this vase!
Not bad for a hotel vase.
I'd like to see it
in Severine's dining room in the movie!
- It's cracked! - Just swipe it!
Hi, Liliane. Hi, Alphonse.
These are for you!
Thanks for the trainee job.
Think you'll like being a script-girl?
It's hard to say, after one day!
It's a terrific job, you'll see.
I'll let you know in 2 months.
Right... So long, kids.
You didn't tell me!
He's stone deaf!
So what? Happened in the army. Artillery fire!
Do me a favor.
Walk ahead, so I can watch your ass.
Like this?
Yes, like that!
- I saw you! - Saw me what?
- You're hot for the maid. - I am?
She's your type. A bouncy little duckling.
Don't tell me you're jealous!
Absolutely not! Jealousy is dumb.
Or you have go all the way...
and commit murder!
You're the jealous type.
I can tell: your eyebrows meet.
My eyebrows meet?
No, they don't!
Those 2 beds look Ionely, maybe they should meet.
We have to move the table.
You could've asked for a double bed!
It meant asking Lajoie, the new production manager.
It's heavy!
Now the second!
It's tougher than moving audiences!
What'll we do tonight?
Pierrot, the stills man, gave me a list
of great little restaurants up in the hills.
"Great little restaurants"!
We have to eat, don't we?
You must be kidding!
This town has 37 movie theaters!
We look in the papers, pick a movie,
go there and make sure when it starts.
And if there's time, we grab a sandwich.
Your stills man can take his list
of cute little "bistros"
and shove it!
You're impossible!
Listen, tonight,
I'm not going to a movie or eating in this hotel
You decide.
OK, we'll do what you want...
But on one condition!
Which is?
That you marry me.
Odile, try this on. It's for your scene.
Hold that. Not bad, huh?
Let's see the apron.
- Sold? - I buy it.
Shootlng a movle Is llke a stagecoach ride in the Old West.
At flrst you hope for a nlce trlp.
Soon you just hope to reach your destination!
EXcuse me for bothering you, sir.
I'm the new production manager, Lajoie.
About the car for Pamela's accident.
You have to choose one.
One of those two?
Can the white one be painted blue?
Sure for Fr650!
Just to paint it blue? We'll use it as it is!
But it is very white...
What about that blue one?
It belongs to your assistant, Jean-Fran?is!
Maybe he won't mind.
- I'll ask him. - Yes, do that.
What Is a fllm-dlrector?
Someone who's asked questlons about everything.
Sometlmes he knows the answers.
- You liked this location? - It was fine. You were right
We were lucky, too. Great weather!
- Want to see the bungalow? - Sure, let's go!
It's not built yet. Just the sketches.
The interior will be furnished.
Bed, night tables, chairs, table with...
Hold on! The camera will never go inside.
We'll only shoot through the window.
So all we'll ever see is the bed.
Sorry to bother you, but...
The Americans insist on the original schedule.
You only have 7 weeks.
- Think you can do it? - It won't be easy.
If you need 3 or 4 days for pick-up shots,
we'll use a skeleton crew.
But the actors must be released by Oct. 31st.
I'll go over the schedule with Jean-Fran?is.
7 weeks. Five days a week. 35 days!
I can't shoot thls scrlpt in 35 days.
Can you look at this?
It's Severine's wig...
Isn't it a little too light?
Too light? I really don't know.
Tell Joelle to see Walter about it.
He's the cameraman, they can decide.
Props wants to see you.
Which gun do you like for the final scene?
Alphonse has small hands.
But we won't take the smallest... This one!
"Pamela" crew report to screening room.
Here they are!
Rank and file all present and accounted for? Good!
You'd be lost without the rank and file!
What rushes are we seeing?
Severine and Alphonse...
- And the crowd scene? - It didn't come in.
That's strange. The crowd scene's missing.
Call and ask the lab in Paris.
It's Scene 1.
Go ahead... Wait! Where's Severine?
She never comes to rushes.
- Where's AleXander? - At the airport, as usual.
He goes every day!
He must be eXpecting someone.
I bet he has personal problems.
Mother, I have to talk to you.
It's about them, do you mlnd?
- Yesl - I have to!
I've found out they're In Parls.
They're not even hldlng.
Why torture yourself?
Be llke me. Don't thlnk about them.
That's all I thlnk about.
Let's go away. Just the two of us, far away.
We'll do whatever you want.
I've made up my mlnd to go to Paris.
to klll them bothl
Use the "Not even hiding" from Take 3.
We've got a big problem.
A power failure at the lab.
It ruined the crowd scene, it has to be re-shot.
- When can you do it? - Day after tomorrow...
Not before Monday! We have to round up 150 eXtras!
- The insurance? - I presume we're covered.
The way to make money today is in real estate, not movies!
I stay in it, because I love it...
If we have to re-shoot the scene, we will.
How are you, AleXander?
- That's nice. Is it for me? - No, it's not.
Lajoie, our production manager.
- What's that? - A bouquet for Madame Severine.
Wrapped in newspaper? Go wrap it properly!
Tell me...
Does Severine know I play her husband?
Of course. She was delighted.
That's good.
Go say hello to her.
Where's her dressing-room?
I'm so happy to see you!
Gorgeous as ever!
What about you? How do you keep so young?
- I'm delighted to work with you. - So am I!
Remember when we first met in Hollywood?
No dates! Never mention numbers!
Or I'll tell everyone you had a facelift!
Not yet. It's coming!
You know what? For you...
I might take up cooking again!
Remember how you loved my risotto Milanese?
Well, I don't any more!
Just kidding! I'll eat your risotto any time!
- Are we working together today? - No, it's you and Alphonse.
I'm going to the airport. See you.
Isn't he adorable?
When did I work with him... ?
20 years ago, in Hollywood!
We were there at the same time.
You know, he was a real ladies man.
In Hollywood, they called him...
- I loved him, too. - Is he married?
I don't know if he is now.
He was married and divorced twice.
Maybe he lives with someone.
No one knows. He's very secretive.
He has a moustache in the movie. I like it.
Moustache or not, he's still playing lovers!
And look at me... I'm only cast as the neglected wife!
Desperate... tragic... a real pain...
- You're lovely! - No way...
Cue me for my scene today.
I can't remember a line!
For some reason, lately...
my memory has gone to hell.
EXcellent dressing-room.
Nice and spacious. Only the flowers are missing.
They've been ordered.
You know, I admire Julie Baker as much as you.
You wanted her, we got her!
But if she has a breakdown, we've had it!
What do you mean?
After the medical eXam, the doctor refused to insure her.
Said she's still too nervous, and we should postpone
the shoot for a month!
What did the Americans say?
They're more fleXible than the French.
They're gambling with us.
But if we lose, no one'll take the blame.
We'll all be in hot water!
You have to trust your luck sometimes...
You're right.
Still, it's a gamble!
- Seen Severine since the rushes? - I went to say hello.
You know she had an affair with AleXander?
- I heard... - Very stormy.
Lots of publicity!
It ended badly.
For 4 years, no producer could get them to work together.
They hated each other!
But time heals all wounds.
- Hello, Alphonse! - Got a minute?
- Remember my check! - It's all I think of.
Me, too!
This'll only take a minute.
Great dressing-room! Nicer than mine!
It's Julie's...
I'm getting married to Liliane.
Fine. I'm glad to hear it.
Here in Nice. Before we finish shooting.
I wondered... Would you mind being my best man?
Not at all! I'd be delighted.
You think this looks all right?
- It's not bad... - Nice blue.
Hit the fireplace with a Senior spot!
A little more.
That's good, hold it!
Now a barndoor on the fire, or we won't see it.
I can't take my eyes off the fire.
People used to stare at fires,
now they watch TV.
We need to see
moving images, especially after dinner.
I never thought of that.
Alphonse told me. I'm very happy for you.
Gilbert, light the 103.
Put out the fire!
It's smoking up the set.
I'd like you to meet two German girls.
They're sisters: Greta and Diana.
She was in a big German political film.
Do you do any?
She was in an erotic film. Why don't you do one?
I have a good script
about pollution.
EXcuse me. We've got problem.
- What problem? - I'm rescuing you!
Meet Mr. Giacometti.
Got a minute?
After this shot.
- Who's that guy? - The cop who OK'd us to shoot
in the streets. So Bertrand invited him to watch us work.
That's nice! Do I watch him work?
When he interrogates people?
Severine, we're ready.
You start here.
Quiet! A full rehearsal.
Let's go Severine.
"I don't understand you, AleXander!
It's all right! Take it from the top, right away.
"I don't understand you, AleXander.
"You've been peculiar, lately.
"Walking out on dinner last night!
"That was an insult to Julie."
Damn! I said Julie for Pamela!
Not to worry.
That's bad...
Don't worry... Once more.
I've got an idea!
I'll use numbers, the way I do with Fellini!
Instead of: "I don't understand you, AleXander..."
I'll say: 22, 83, 16, 72...
5, 3, 18, 9, 14, 7, 9...
17, 10, 10, 4,
18, 69...
Impossible, Severine!
In France, we have to say the lines.
See? We're recording direct sound.
We'll find another solution.
You always give me the scene at the last minute!
Then we'll use prompt-cards.
Joelle, come here, darling.
It's all your fault.
"I don't understand you...
"You've been peculiar lately."
- Cut lots, we'll need them! - Who asked you?
Are they placed right?
The last one's back there.
- Shooting now! - Wait! Sound's reloading.
Sound's ready!
Hurry, Bernard!
"I don't understand you, AleXander.
"You've been peculiar
"Walking out on dinner last night!
"That was an insult to... Pamela.
"After all, she is Alphonse's wife!
"You seem...
"to hate her! You never speak to her.
"What do you want? We're talking. Go away!
"And I won't tolerate that! "
I did it!
Wasn't it good?
- Yes, but that's not the door! - I thought it was.
That's the closet. There's the door.
Let's do it again.
We'll do it again.
- I thought it was the same door. - It's all right. Ready!
They do look alike.
"I don't understand you, AleXander.
"You've been peculiar lately.
"Walking out on dinner last night! That was an insult to Pamela.
"After all, she is Alphonse's wife!
"You seem to hate her,
"you never speak to her!
"What do you want? We're talking!
"Go away!
"And I won't tolerate that! "
Darling, look...
I know the doors are alike, but...
Not that one. This one!
You're my only friend!
Come to my dressing-room?
Come see me. Be nice!
"I don't understand you, AleXander.
"You've been peculiar lately.
"Walking out on dinner last night! That was an insult to Pamela.
"After all, she is Alphonse's wife! "
She'll never do it.
It's not my fault!
Cut! Once more.
It's not my fault if I'm confused!
I don't know if she's Odile, actress. Or Odile, make-up girl!
In my day, acting was acting...
And make-up was make-up!
No wonder I'm confused!
Anyone who has no business on the set,
please leave now! Thanks.
That doesn't mean you have to go.
I wanted to go to the movies, anyway.
Make-up, give me my mirror.
It's her fault, she's been boozing.
Her son's dying of leukemia... She's afraid:
a phone call could come any time.
She almost turned down the film.
It'll be all right, Severine.
We'll take a little break.
I'm sorry. Maybe the wig is giving me a headache.
This has never happened before...
It's the first time...
Don't worry, Severine.
Wrap it up for today!
Get some rest.
Where's Odile? Not that Odile!
Tell the make-up girl I want my scarf.
Why don't you make political films?
Why don't you make erotlc fllms?
You have to flnlsh shootlng in 7 weeks.
Mlss Severlne needs Odile in make-up.
Who is that woman I keep seeing?
Lajoie's wife. Follows him everywhere.
Shall I try to get rid of her?
No, I'm getting used to her.
I don't know why Ferrand cast me.
- He can't stand me! - Who told you that?
I know he thinks I'm a lousy actress.
Just between us, maybe he's right.
No, he didn't cast me! Was it the producer?
Something's peculiar about this film.
He never considered anyone else.
- Really? - I know it.
You never understand anything anyway!
Well, I don't understand this! It destroys me!
I'm sorry, I was hired to play a secretary!
No one mentioned a swimsuit!
If they had, I'd have brought my own!
It's not in the script, but the scene plays better.
It's a working vacation. The secretary is a guest.
She's swimming,
then he dictates a letter.
Sorry, it's impossible. I'm not being difficult.
I even learned to type!
I wasn't told I had to swim.
I won't go near the water!
What can we shoot until she calms down?
Until Julie Baker gets here, the pool scene is all we have!
Go talk to her, try to convince her.
An actress who won't appear in a bathing suit is ludicrous!
"Darling! A telegram!
"The children are coming!
"Our son got married and we haven't met his bride!
"No, wait! Here, this is for you.
"- They're coming? - Day after tomorrow.
"It's about time!
"I'm delighted.
"I'll write Stanley at once.
"I have to dictate a letter. It must go out today.
"Coming, sir.
"Don't worry, Stanley will solve it.
"If we could just rent the house across the way!
"Marvelous! Then they'd be close to us.
"Sorry to bother you now.
"The letter's to Stanley.
"Dear Stanley...
"I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Alphonse.
"and his young bride..."
Now I see why she wouldn't wear a swimsuit.
Why? She's lovely!
Take another look...
Good God!
Stacey tricked us! She's 3 months pregnant!
She kept it secret, so let's tear up her contract.
I don't agree. Frankly, I don't think it shows.
Come over here.
Look at our schedule.
She shoots one more day now,
and comes back in 6 weeks.
By then, it'll show!
We have to replace her.
It's not a problem! We'll pick someone now...
and call her agent.
Look, there's lots of girls.
Stacey has an iron-clad contract. Her agent knows it.
I'll lose!
You know why? Because in life, might makes right!
Mr Ferrand, a package for you.
The books I ordered.
- Delerue, the composer. - I'll take it.
Here's the playback for the costume party scene.
That's lovely, Georges, thank you!
Airport... Julie's plane... press conference!
I can't be late.
Say! You like to improvise.
Why can't the secretary be pregnant in the film?
Maybe she could...
No! They'd suspect AleXander.
It'll confuse the story-line. We can't do it.
Come to think of it...
Stacey isn't married!
I wonder who the father is?
Your questions, gentlemen.
Can you tell us about your new movie?
"Meet Pamela" is the story of a British girl
who falls in love with her husband's father.
I think it's based on a true story.
How does it end?
Since it's a tragedy,
it'll end unhappily.
But I'd rather not reveal all the details.
Do you think these days people care if a girl
sleeps with her husband's father?
When I like a script enough to do it,
I think audiences will like it, too.
You do?
Yes, and I hope I'm right.
Forgive me for intruding into your private life,
but American papers reported
that after being ill, you married your doctor.
No, I didn't marry my doctor. I married a man who's a doctor!
Why isn't the lucky man among us?
My husband came with me. In fact he's here,
in this very room.
Where is he?
Sorry, he hates publicity.
On that little note of mystery,
we'll end this, and let Miss Baker go to her hotel.
Let the reporters leave first.
This is my husband, Dr Nelson.
Could you move back, please?
You're in the shot, there.
Thank you very much.
She's always around!
- She's Lajoie's wife... - She thinks she's a crew member?
No, she thinks women are after him! She makes his life hell.
He's too weak to dump her.
We call them "The Sorrow and the Pity"!
Lajoie, we're ready to shoot.
What's going on there?
I don't like that at all!
You have "le trac"?
What does that mean?
Liliane! Slate this one, please!
Our stills man's very busy!
Roll it!
The car!
"Hello, children!
"My parents...
"Meet Pamela! "
Pan over to the stairs!
"I know you'll be happy here.
"Too bad our house isn't larger.
"From the balcony you can see the sea! "
"She's charming..."
"Do you like it? "
"My son never tells me anything!
"I don't even know how you met."
"I was on vacation in Yorkshire with my 2 cousins,
"Dorothy and Elizabeth.
"He had a date with Dorothy.
"She got chicken-poX, so I went on the date.
"I don't know Dorothy,
"but I'm glad you didn't get chicken-poX! "
"Who got chicken-poX? "
"Guess! "
How was it?
Not bad, but we'll try something else.
We're doing it again?
Was I late?
We'll try it differently.
- Take a break, Severine. - Odile!
I wanted you with me, so I got you the job!
I wanted us to be together.
But learning to be a script-girl is a waste of time.
I want to learn film-editing.
You just had to say the word! I'd have arranged it!
You're here to take stills, right?
Odile! Get that bottle out of my sight!
How's your mother?
Fine! I told her we were working together.
She sends her love.
Marvelous woman! Everyone in Hollywood loved her.
Too bad she quit when she did.
But she's still very busy.
She hated the way we shoot movies,
in bits and pieces!
I remember escorting her to the premiere
of her first big Hollywood movie.
A fantastic evening!
When the film ended
she sat there, then turned to me and said:
"I did all that? All I remember is the waiting."
It's so true!
I'm calm, not yelling. But I say you're on the make!
- That's not true! - Oh, no? I'm in agony!
I'm in agony all the time! I can't wait to finish a scene,
so I can go look for you! I'm a complete wreck!
I can't find Alphonse!
I know where he is.
While I'm shooting, I'm in agony!
Can I shoot a scene when I'm like this?
I'm supposed to keep cool!
If I'm no good, you're to blame!
I'm sorry to make you die again.
I'm used to it. In 80 movies, I've died 24 times.
Electrocuted twice, hanged twice,
I've been knifed, committed suicide,
died in accidents, but never a natural death.
Anyway, I don't think death is natural.
Julie will be right out, she's changing.
- Did things go well? - I'm very pleased.
I've never used an actress I hadn't met before.
But Julie's just right, determined, yet fragile.
She's perfect for the role.
It'll go fine.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Stacey.
It'll take 5 minutes, Bernard.
You won't miss your plane.
Ready with the pool scene?
Good, let's run it.
I need you.
I have an urgent letter to dlctate.
Yes slr. Rlght away.
- It doesn't show at all. - You're sure? Good!
- That's lovely. - If you say so...
It's not too... ?
- So it's OK? - You can leave, don't worry.
Have a nice trip.
Now run the rest...
Know what?
I want to touch you.
- What's that set? - The love-nest.
- It's in the script! - I never read scripts.
It's when AleXander runs off with Pamela.
They stop at a shady motel...
Get it?
It's morning, they want to make love.
She puts the tray outside to keep the maid out.
I'll leave. You're not in this scene.
Don't worry, I'll be around.
Let me ask you...
Are women magic?
No, they're not. Neither are men.
If a woman says she's known outstanding men,
it means she's slept around...
EXcuse me, sir.
I have to take 3 days off.
You're leaving the crew?
My mother just died.
- I see. Was it sudden? - No, she was in great pain.
For her, it was a relief.
- I see. Well, go ahead. - But someone will fill in for me.
Sure, I understand.
I think we can start now.
You're not in the way, doctor.
Sit down. This shot should be fun.
I came to say goodbye. My plane leaves in an hour.
If I'm through, I'll drive you.
What are we waiting for now?
Bernard, as usual.
I'm ready!
One cat's milk, another cat's poison!
All right, we can go.
Ready, AleXander? Julie?
Not too romantic, the kiss...
The cat!
The boom is scaring it! We'll wild-track the sound.
At the fish market!
Cut! Once more!
Do it this time, or else!
I swear, it hasn't been fed in 3 days!
Throw it in!
We'll shoot the scene
when you find a cat that can act!
I told you to get 2 cats!
Miss Know-it-all!
But when we're through,
I still have to remove my make-up.
Why did you let me down, puss?
You got me in trouble!
Now where's Joelle?
I found one! It's the studio cat.
I can tell by looking at it,
that it won't perform!
Don't fight. We'll try the studio cat.
Places, everybody!
The kiss...
The tray...
The door...
The cat!
Focus on the cat!
EXcuse me... Can I ask you something?
In your opinion, are women magic?
Some are, yes.
Others, no!
Don't worry. Julie will be fine.
Yes, she's very happy on this film.
I'm sure she'll come through.
- Actors are so vulnerable! - Of course they are.
Everyone is afraid of being judged.
But actors
are always being judged.
In your work, and in your life!
We wonder what people think of us, if they love us.
It must be the same
for all performers.
As a child, when Mozart was asked to play, he'd reply:
"Gladly, but first say you love me."
And in your job, you're always kissing.
As you say...
Yes, we do a lot of kissing.
The handshake was invented to show you're unarmed, friendly.
We went one better:
we show our love.
"My darling, you're so wonderful..."
We need all that!
Meet Christian Fersen. Our director, Mr Ferrand.
Were you waiting outside? You should've come in.
Do you see what I see?
- Are women magic? - Not women, their legs!
That's why they wear skirts.
Cut the crap! We going to a movie?
- When does it start? - We gotta leave.
The kitchen scene must be shot tomorrow night!
The union contract calls for a 12-hour break.
Joelle, we must shoot the kitchen tomorrow.
- Can you work with me tonight? - OK.
So much for the movies!
What's this I hear?
Yes, we do the kitchen scene tomorrow.
- Can I have my lines? - After dinner, tonight.
- That's not much time! - It's not written yet.
Read it once and put it under your pillow.
In the morning, you'll know it by heart!
You're an optimist!
Reporters always ask the same questions.
"How does it feel to be famous?
"To be recognized and asked for autographs? "
But no TV program I've seen ever shows that a working movie-star
gets up at 6AM and gets home at 9PM!
A 15-hour work-day!
Not quite 15 hours.
Say 13. Or 14, if you go to the rushes.
Mlss Severlne Isn't In her room.
"The Godfather" is showing all over Nice.
It's wiping out every other movie!
Speaking of godfathers, how about AleXander?
He fooled everybody. We all eXpected a Lolita,
and a handsome Romeo got off the plane!
Maybe he could do Pamela's car-accident stunt.
It's too dangerous! We need a real stuntman!
Back to the kitchen scene!
That night, AleXander finds Pamela in the kitchen.
Why the kitchen?
So as not to arouse any suspicions.
I'm not happy with my first draft.
He: "You know what's happening to us? "
She: "I think I do." That's bad!
Pamela must know, or her character will seem weak.
The scene needs a new idea. Call your co-writer!
I thought of it. He's in Japan.
He's adapting Turgenev's "First Love".
Set in modern Japan! Great idea!
Better than "Pamela"! I should've done it!
Want a story-line?
How about: Kissinger's Successful Mission?
Heart Transplant... Jeweler Knifes Wife.
Back to work! You dictate, I'll type.
We promised it to Julie tonight.
OK, back to the kitchen...
No more guilt or sense of shame.
They decide to run away like thieves in the night.
Pamela could actually say that!
We must show that she's completely lucid.
She loved the son, now she loves the father.
- That must come across. - Julie eXplained it very well.
Here's her interview, in the morning paper.
"The girl realizes the boy she married
"is only a pale reflection of his father."
She understood the script! Why?
Because her mother was an actress. She knows Hollywood,
where many kids try to live up to famous parents.
Fairbanks, Barrymore and others.
"You know what's happening to us? " Damn, the phone!
Mlss Domlnlque Is here, should she come up?
Sorry, I'm working. I'll call tomorrow.
I'll glve her the message.
He's sorry, he has to work tonight.
He'll call you tomorrow.
- Three guesses? - Stacked!
- Riviera beauty. - Local call-girl.
- The warrior's rest! - Right!
Hey, the movie quiz!
In what movle did Jeanne Moreau co-star
wlth Orson Welles, in a Shakespeare film?
In what movle was she Charles IX's sister
and Henry IV's wlfe?
"Queen Margot"!
Rlght. You know your stuff.
Julie, here's tomorrow's scene.
"Yes, I'm in love with you."
"We both knew it at the costume party."
"I can't stay here, I'm leaving tomorrow."
Let's close the window.
Remember... No sentimentality in this scene.
Play it straight, cold...
Almost violent! The rehearsal was good.
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