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Day For Night CD2

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Let's do a take.
Lights out! Rain!
Less rain!
"Can't you sleep? "
"I heard someone. I knew it was you.
"You can't sleep either? "
"I was thinking of you."
"You know what's happening to us? "
"Yes, I'm in love with you."
"How long have you known? "
"We both knew at the costume party.
"I can't stay here, I'm leaving tomorrow."
"I've thought of it, too.
"I want us to leave together.
"That would be like running away."
"Yes it would, I know.
"But I don't want to lose you.
"Then let's leave now, like thieves in the night."
Cut! How was it, Walter?
Fine, perfect! What do we do neXt?
We do it again.
Llke thleves In the nlght.
Llke thleves...
We've been looking for you for an hour!
I was waiting in my dressing-room.
But you were told last night.
No, I wasn't! I didn't get a call-sheet.
All right, let's do it now.
The shootlng Is half-flnlshed.
Before startlng, I hope to make a fine movie.
The problems begln and I aim lower!
I hope to make the movle... perlodl
Halfway through I say to myself:
"You could've worked harder, given more.
"You can stlll make up for ltl"
And I start trylng harder to bring the film to life.
"Meet Pamela" is on the right track, now.
The actors are Into thelr roles, the crew is solid,
problems resolved. Cinema is King!
The drinks are on AleXander today!
Any champagne left?
No, we'll have to move on to Pernod.
Champagne's gone. You won't get drunk.
Make yourselves at home. Help yourselves!
He's handsome enough to be in movies.
He wants no part of it.
He's into tennis.
I want to ask you something.
I've decided to adopt Christian.
I've always wanted a son.
Maybe I'm silly,
but I want someone to bear my name after I'm gone.
It's a wonderful idea!
But there are problems. Legal ones, I mean.
I'm not married now, and he hasn't got a French passport.
Know what you should do?
Talk to President Lebaille!
The electrician's grandfather.
Go fish!
The cameraman's mother...
Meet Mark Spencer.
He's the British stuntman.
- Just got here, speaks no French. - Julie will help.
Tell him the car-crash we're shooting tomorrow
will be in "nuit americaine".
What's that?
A night scene shot in daylight
with a special filter.
Dressed as she is now.
He didn't understand.
I speak English well, but don't understand it!
Stay here with me this morning.
Are you crazy?
Why? What are they shooting today?
Pamela's death. The stuntman's doing the car-crash.
See? It's not an important scene!
I'm late. They're waiting.
Follow me and watch for the arrows!
What's this watch?
Pierrot lent it to me. Mine's being fiXed.
Give it back to him!
I'll buy you a watch, if you need one.
- Making it tough on me? - Go on...
But that's mine. Keep it for me!
Sure, I will.
Hurry, guys! Let's move it!
What are you doing today?
And you?
I'm going antique-hunting.
I'll go to a movie.
What's the matter?
A damned flat!
And you don't know how to change a tire!
Help me! I'll be late for the shooting.
When you're driving, you don't need a man!
We'll be late.
Move! It must be up front.
- You've never used a jack? - I'm not a mechanic!
Neither am I! What if you run out of gas?
Then I put some in.
In the carburetor, probably!
There. We're filthy!
I'll change into my sweater.
Hold that.
Joelle, if you're in the mood...
For what?
We're all alone here...
OK, you're on!
All bark and no bite! But when it's time for action...
You're willing?
But we haven't got all day.
Move it!
So where's Joelle?
She's not here. Neither is Bernard!
A life-size inflatable doll, guys! For the car!
Or for your bathtub!
You're lucky he doesn't understand!
He'd slug you!
This isn't slow-motion, move your asses!
You've all got seX on the brain. Dirty talk all day long!
Whatcha doing, making a movie?
You need stars, we're available!
Let the workers through.
We're all farmers, right?
- Right, we're all farmers! - Funny, you don't look Jewish!
Heard from your wife and kids, Pierrot?
- So you finally got here! - My car broke down!
Lucky I left after her, or she'd...
Fill me in.
Hey, you changed your top.
Ready to shoot!
OK, second camera?
- The stuntman? - He's done.
Then he can pack up and leave.
He promised me a ride, but he took Liliane instead.
Pretty cool!
What's all that luggage?
I might as well tell you.
We're in love. He's taking me to London.
The film's not finished!
They don't need me, I'm a fifth wheel.
You can't just quit.
They only hired me for Alphonse's sake.
How is he taking this?
He'll get the surprise tonight.
He'll be terribly upset!
He's always terribly upset.
He's a spoiled brat who won't grow up.
He loves you and wants to marry you.
He mentioned marriage, I didn't!
Just the word gives me the creeps.
Anyway, he needs a wife, a mistress,
a nanny, a nurse, a sister...
I can't play all those roles!
You're being cruel, and don't even realize it.
I'm through with Alphonse!
He wants the whole world to pay for his unhappy childhood!
Julie, come get in the photo!
What photo?
A souvenir for me. It's my last day!
Wait. Here comes Stacey.
Come on, Stacey. We're proud of you!
Stand there. Looks like it's due soon.
And it's not even twins!
Lucky girl!
All her shots will be close-ups now!
Don't move!
Wait! We're missing Liliane! Where is she?
I have to talk to you.
Liliane won't be coming...
She was right to leave.
I understand, it had to end this way.
Don't move!
Now Alphonse has disappeared!
And where's Odile?
Liliane ran off with the stuntman.
Does Alphonse know?
I had to tell him.
With the stuntman!
I'd drop a guy for a film. I'd never drop a film for a guy!
Can you manage?
I'll eXplain...
We built this to convey that you live across from your in-laws.
I'll cue you, as Alphonse isn't here.
He's in love, so we're in a pickle!
Good title: "The Pickles of Love".
"Rise and shine, kids! "
"Come have breakfast with us! "
"Alphonse is in bed."
NeXt line, Julie!
"We're invited over."
"We'll be right there."
Cut! Once more!
"Come have breakfast with us! "
"Alphonse is asleep."
No, no..."in bed! "
"We're invited over."
I know you're in there! Open up. Everyone's asking for you.
They are not!
Severine leaves for Italy tonight.
I don't want to see anyone!
This actor had always dreamed of playing Hamlet.
At last
he staged it and played the role!
But he was so bad, he was booed every night.
One night he was fed up,
he stopped in the middle of "To be or not to be..."
Turning to the audience, he said:
The champagne, at last!
You still have to finish "Pamela"!
I'm so sad to be leaving.
Come join us, machos!
Move your table!
Why are you all alone over there?
Are you sad, in love, heartbroken?
Don't! He's a just hotel guest.
So what?
Come join us, Mr Hotel Guest!
We're a movie crew having a farewell party.
I'll introduce you.
Can I talk to you?
I think we should get Alphonse.
He's locked in his room, sulking! He's a drag.
That's unfair.
I've known him for ages. Never fails!
Then I'll go.
I'll try again.
Come see the great photos!
She's so cute...
She's not! Out!
What a funny life we lead!
We meet, we work together...
We love each other, and then...
As soon as we grasp something...
It's gone! See?
Severine is eXtraordinary.
We made a film together in Italy.
She was so good, the director kept saying:
"She's greater than Eleanora Duse! "
So I called her Superduse!
Seen Alphonse?
He's locked in and won't come out.
Well, Severine's gone, so...
I need money to go to a whorehouse.
Come on, Alphonse.
Go back to your room, re-read the script,
learn your lines, then try to sleep.
Tomorrow we work. That's what matters.
Don't be a fool.
You're a very good actor.
No one's private life runs smoothly.
That only happens in the movies.
No traffic jams, no dead periods.
Movies go along like trains in the night.
And people like you and me
are only happy in our work.
I'm counting on you.
"Which costume shall I choose for Saturday? "
Swltch the call from for 227 to 41+5.
It's Alphonse.
I wanted to tell you I'm leaving tonight.
You've always been my frlend. Tell Ferrand for me.
I have to talk to you. Wait!
Goodbye and thanks.
Wait for me!
What is all this? You can't leave.
I am, I'm giving it all up.
You'll stay and finish the film.
Even if I stayed, I'm too upset to work!
I'm a physical wreck.
Is it normal for someone
to stop loving you and just walk out?
Then it was all phony, sickening!
I know how much you've been hurt.
But I think Liliane still loves you.
You're being selfish, too.
You know it's difficult
for an outsider to live with an actor.
But to leave with just anyone! Some Brit stuntman!
Careful! I'm a Brit, too.
And I know those stuntmen.
You know what'll happen to their affair.
At first, he'll take her everywhere with him.
Then he'll get bored and she'll feel lost
all alone in London.
She'll be back in 2 weeks.
Think so?
Anyway, it's over now. I'd rather suffer.
You see, I've made a terrible discovery.
You can be desperately in love
with someone you despise.
Whose every gesture, word and thought you detest!
What right have you to say that?
Say you made a mistake,
but never be ashamed of having loved!
By despising Liliane you're merely...
degrading yourself.
Maybe you're right.
Anyway, my love-affairs have always ended badly.
I thought women were magic.
Of course they're not magic. Or men are, too.
Everyone's magic, and no one is.
I'm sure Ferrand is wrong. Life is more important than films.
I'm going now. Thank you.
Don't be a fool.
Stay and finish your work.
Is that clock working?
It's 6 A. M! Time to make coffee!
Have you seen Julie?
I'm looking for Lajoie!
Know what that idiot did?
MiXed up his dates and sent the costumes back!
So you've been up for hours?
All night, getting the costumes from the airport.
Or no shooting today!
Where could Julie be?
In her room?
Her bed hasn't been slept in.
Everyone's nuts on this movie!
- What time is it? - 6 AM.
- Where you going? - To work.
You can sleep 2 more hours, I set the alarm.
Stay with me.
I can't.
I have a make-up call for the costume party scene.
Kiss me.
You won't forget?
We'll go away together when the film's done.
Dr Nelson? It's Alphonse.
I have something to tell you.
I love your wife. I slept with her. Set her free!
Julie, call for you.
I think it's your husband.
- You owe me for this bill! - Not now!
Later it'll be too late!
You looked everywhere? He's not in his room?
Alphonse has disappeared!
Could he have gone to Paris?
There are flights at 8:50 and 10:10.
Call the airport.
You call, I'll go.
If he's there, I'll bring him back.
- We've got trouble! - I know, Alphonse is gone.
I mean Julie! Nerves, I guess.
She locked herself in, won't see anyone.
You can hear her crying.
I hope it's not another breakdown!
Let's go see.
There's Odile.
She got a call from Dr Nelson, I think.
She asked me to leave, and locked the door.
It's me, open the door!
Open up, we're your friends!
As producer, I want to help you.
You don't think she'd...
- Will she talk to you? - She won't open the door.
You can hear her crying.
She keeps us out, and lets Stacey in!
Motherhood has its privileges.
We can't find Alphonse anywhere.
Julie didn't sleep in her room.
Alphonse disappears, Dr Nelson calls.
The picture's pretty clear!
What is this movie business?
Where everyone sleeps with everyone!
Everyone lies!
Do you think it's normal? Your movie world...
I think it stinks!
I despise it!
Lajoie, calm your wife down!
That woman's wrong.
Movie people may be more obvious about it,
but love makes the world go round!
She wants tub butter.
Country butter, in bulk.
Is she crazy? What's she doing?
Crying. She'll stop, but find her some tub butter!
Find some tub butter.
No way! It's not in the script!
That's not nice, or friendly!
Aren't we one big family?
So were the people in Greek tragedies!
Tub butter! All right, I'll find it myself.
He's really quite lucky.
Some whims are more eXpensive!
There was an Austrian actress,
Hedy Lamarr,
became a big Hollywood star.
She really missed the rainy climate of her native Tyrol.
So, in her garden in California, she installed
a rain-making machine.
So a little thing like tub butter...
Come help me! This is all I could find.
That's not it!
There's no tub butter on the whole Riviera!
So we'll knead this into one block...
wrap it in gauze, and it'll look like it!
Think it'll work?
It has to. What a business!
I found Alphonse. Where?
You'll never guess! I'll bring him in.
There you are!
Here's the famous tub butter. I won't deliver it!
No! Like the chef in "Rules Of The Game",
"I cater to diets, but not fads! "
Here's what you asked for.
You didn't!
Forgive me.
I'm so ashamed!
I'll be all right in a minute.
I know it's not very professional.
I don't like being like this, holding you up.
It's all right, we can wait awhile.
We'll change the schedule.
Don't change it because of me!
I'll be all right in a minute.
Can you lend me a handkerchief?
I must look awful.
Why did Alphonse do it? He didn't understand anything!
He acted like the child he is.
I saw enough of your husband
to know he's a wonderful man.
Yes, he is.
But you don't know the whole story.
When I had my breakdown,
he did a very serious thing.
He left his wife and children.
He gave up a life it took him 20 years to create.
He did that for me.
He devoted himself to me.
He tried to make me into a responsible adult.
Now he must think it was an awful waste.
No, when he knows what happened,
he'll understand. He'll forget, it'll be over.
You think so?
Even if that's true, I'll never forget...
Thanks to him,
I know I can change my life.
I've decided to live alone. I'm sick of disguises.
I'm quitting movies.
I know that life is rotten.
Since we can't shoot, we'll record some wild tracks.
- Ready, Ren? - OK. Applause first.
Now some background talk.
Don't discuss movies!
Now more applause.
Julie's dressing-room is upstairs-right.
I called him and he agreed to come!
I really screwed up.
What can I say to Julie when I see her?
- Should I apologize? - The less said, the better.
I've made up my mind. I'm quitting movies.
That's a good idea, you do that!
Are you seeing Julie?
Give her this new dialogue for the scene.
She's to learn it.
Can I fiX your make-up now?
I'm fine now. We'll make ourselves beautiful!
This is your new dialogue for the scene.
"Even if that's true, I'll never forget...
"I've decided to live alone.
"I know that life is rotten."
He's got some nerve!
Are you all right, Julie?
Let's do it!
"I've decided to live alone.
"I know that life is rotten."
"No, it isn't."
Cut! Once more, for the hands.
The candle okay?
- Places. - Places, and quiet please!
I'll caress her with this hand.
And let's do it.
"I've decided to live alone.
"I know that life is rotten."
"No, it isn't."
Cut. That was the best one!
AleXander is dead!
A car accident. Returning from the airport,
where went to meet Christian.
A truck hit their car.
Christian is badly hurt, but he'll recover.
AleXander died...
on the way to the hospital.
Alexander was burled in a little cemetery above Nice.
Now the fllm's fate was In the hands of the English insurers.
What I always feared had happened:
a productlon halted by death.
The era of studlo movles died with AleXander.
Fllms wlll be shot In the streets, without stars, or scripts.
There wlll be no more fllms like "Meet Pamela".
"Hello, Pamela! "
"Come have breakfast with us! "
"Alphonse is still asleep! "
No..."in bed? "
"We're invited over."
"We'll be right there."
- Was that OK? - Fine. Cut!
Wait, I'm coming over!
I was afraid he might have an accident.
I offered him a driver.
He wasn't at home anywhere.
Always rushing off somewhere. A man in a hurry.
No, he was at home everywhere.
He liked people, he lived for the moment.
He couldn't leave places.
He was rushing back not to be late.
You could say, he died out of generosity.
You may be right.
Now we have to finish the film.
What does the insurance company say?
Mr Johanson talked at length to London last night.
You can't re-shoot AleXander's scenes with another actor.
The only solution is to simplify the script
and finish shooting in 5 days instead of 2 weeks.
Then the insurance will cover everything.
5 days!
We'll have to simplify things.
We'll leave AleXander out of the costume party scene.
Then the shot with the candles makes no sense any more.
We'll cut the costume party scene. The story works without it.
Then the only important scene left, is when Alphonse kills his father.
We can shoot it in the street, and hire a stand-in for AleXander.
It won't work, unless Alphonse shoots him in the back.
Why not? In the back!
It's better, far more violent.
Why not have it all take place in the snow?
All right, Walter.
Just like last time.
But we'll be closer on Alphonse this time.
But we have to see the gun.
Here's the stand-in.
Could you walk away? We have to see how you look.
Too much hair on the neck.
It has to work!
That's AleXander's stand-in.
Trim his hair more like AleXander's.
This is the gun you wanted for Alphonse, right?
If that's the one I chose, sure.
Places, everybody. Hurry!
Hurry, please! To the places I showed you!
I don't want the snow too white, or too clean.
Don't worry, I'll fiX it like in "The Snow Was Black".
I've been offered a movie in Tokyo. I want to accept.
Turgenev's "First Love", a good story.
For a movie?
With a Japanese girl and you as the Frenchman, sure!
I'll do it because it's Tokyo. 13,000 miles from my problems!
Should I hold the gun like this? Or like that?
Like that. So it's seen against the snow.
Dr Nelson and Julie want to say goodbye.
- Off to London? - Australia! A medical conference.
Be ready to shoot when I get back!
See you in Paris for the post-synch!
Let's go before it gets dark!
Good luck.
You, too.
More discreetly!
Walk faster!
The gun!
Run away!
Run to the far end!
Shooting's over! Thanks, everyone!
Going back to Paris?
No, I'm staying around here for a rest.
Have a nice rest.
My car was wrecked in the stunt.
I've got another one in Paris, but I need a ride.
With me? Impossible! It's full of my gear.
Anyway, I like to be independent!
Yann, wait for me!
See you in the bread line!
Unemployment, here we come!
I'm taking Odile to meet my folks.
We're getting married.
Well, very cagey of you!
I bet no one suspected.
She's eXperienced and I'm not. A happy medium!
All the best, congratulations.
And thanks. Great camera work!
Glad you like it.
'Bye, kids! Have a nice trip.
Drive carefully!
Could you talk to us about AleXander?
No, it's too personal. Ask Bertrand, the producer.
He refused.
- Alphonse? - He won't talk about death!
I'll talk to you!
Got him framed?
- Who's he? - Props, I think.
Wasn't it a hard film to make?
Lots of trouble during the shooting?
Not at all! It went fine!
And we hope audiences
enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it!
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