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Subtitles for Day of The Jackal [1973] CD2.

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Day of The Jackal [1973] CD2

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One moment.
-Mr. Duggan?|-Yes?
What's the purpose of your visit to France?
-You buy this in Italy?|-No, it's hired.
I shall be returning it to Genova|in about a week.
Papers, please.
Got any luggage?
-In the boot.|-Bring it inside.
Thank you.
Once we've found his new name,|Lebel shouldn't have trouble catching him.
It's not that simple.
There are over two million foreigners|are in Paris at this time of year.
I'm very sorry, Minister.
Commissioner Lebel|requested this meeting...
...because he has new information|on the British suspect.
Calthrop is traveling on a false passport... the name of Paul Oliver Duggan.
The passport number is 29491.
The photo will reach us in a few hours.
What do we do now?
The Duggan passport|was issued on July 30.
No need to go further back than that.
Special Branch in Britain|is trying to trace him...
...through the passenger lists|of all airlines and ferries.
If they pick him up in Britain,|they'll detain him.
If we locate him inside France,|we arrest him.
If he's found in a third country,|Action Service will deal with him.
In the meantime,|I'll be grateful if you would do this my way.
-Good morning, sir.|-Paris, please. MOLlTOR 5901.
Carrier Number One, please.
The Jackal is blown.|Wolenski talked before dying.
Repeat: the Jackal is blown.
Room 14. Thank you, Mr. Duggan.
I'll have coffee in the lounge.
Do you mind my sitting here?
Thank you.
Boring, aren't they?
The magazines.
-I find them fascinating.|-What?
Articles on pig breeding|and combine harvesters?
I'm enthralled by combine harvesters.
In fact, I yearn to have one as a pet.
When did you say? This afternoon.
Repeat that again.
A white Alfa Romeo sports two-seater...
...license number GE 1741.
Duggan crossed the border|at Ventimiglia four hours ago.
Call London. Tell them|we'll handle it from now on.
-Where is he?|-How should I know?
Damned secrecy.|We have to wait for the hotel cards.
It's madness.|There's nothing we can do about it.
No, of course I don't live in the Alps.
I went there for a visit, that's all.
Good lord, no.
I spent the day at the Cadet Academy|in Barcelonnette...
...amongst a lot|of jaundiced military types...
...watching my son receive his commission.
He's nineteen.
I never know when you're being serious.
-It's true, unfortunately.|-Why "unfortunately"?
I see nothing unfortunate..
I'm not begging for compliments,|Mr. Duggan.
-Will you have a liqueur?|-No, I must go to bed.
I have to leave very early|tomorrow morning.
-Are you sure?|-Positive.
Good night, Mr. Duggan.
I've got to leave in a couple of hours.
I've a long way to go.
You've got to go back to your room.
Your husband meeting you?
No, he isn't there.
Good morning.
Excuse me, madam.
Only three new guests last night.
All right. Put them in the rack for Nice.
Cards ready yet?
Hello? Nice?
Repeat, please.
Stay by the phone until I call back.|Don't do a thing.
I don't want him disturbed yet,|but isolate the place.
Let no one in or out|and stop all phone calls.
He's been staying in this hotel near Grasse.
-He's registered for two days.|-Shall I put out an alert?
No. He'll kill anybody|who tries to intercept him.
We'd better get there right away.
You have an Englishman|named Duggan staying here.
-Where is he?|-Mr. Duggan's gone, sir.
He left this morning, just after 11:00.
Assemble the staff and guests.|Don't let anyone get away.
Get the manager.
That's strange.|He was booked for two days...
...then just after 11:00,|he suddenly asks for his bill and leaves.
He's got five hours start.|Put out an alert for the car.
But Madame de Montpellier's bed|was slept in by two people?
Yes, sir. Definitely.
You can always tell.
And you saw them in the lounge together?
That is correct, sir.|I served them coffee and liqueur.
They seemed very engrossed.
-In what?|-In each other, sir.
What did Mr. Duggan's luggage|consist of when he left?
-Two bags.|-Nothing else?
No parcels or packages of any kind?
Just the two bags.|I carried them to his car.
That will be all.
-You photographed everything?|-Yes.
Go over his room for fingerprints.|Send the stuff to Paris.
I'll have a talk with the lady.
There's more news.|They have a description of your car.
Keep out of sight for a few days.
-How's the lady?|-Very disturbed by all this.
You told her nothing?
I know nothing at all|about Mr. Duggan's whereabouts.
We only met in the lounge of that hotel.
-He joined me for coffee.|-What did he want?
What did you talk about?
Social chit-chat.|I imagine he was trying to impress me.
Why do you think that?
Commissioner, please, we're not children.
No, madam.
When you both met later,|was it only in your bedroom?
-"Later"?|-Afterwards. After the coffee.
Madam, be in no doubt|as to the seriousness of your position.
We met in my bedroom. That's all.
I'd never seen this man until yesterday.
He doesn't even know my real name.
I regret to say|that we have lost track of him.
Temporarily, I hope.|But he simply disappeared.
Could that mean he's changed his mind?
We've obviously scared him off.
Is it possible he's decided to give up?
His only chance to escape|is to get across the border fast.
I think he's still in France.
He may be waiting.
-Waiting for what?|-I don't know.
But I don't think we can assume|that he's given up.
Good morning.
Madam, there is a gentleman--
Thank you, Michel.
-Do that later, Ernestine.|-Yes, madam.
-Yes, I am surprised.|-Why?
Your husband's still away, isn't he?
Why did you come here?
To see you.
I had to.
But why?
Does it matter?
Make a search of hills,|farmhouses, cafes and hotels... a ten-kilometer radius|from the scene of the crash.
Look for a fair-haired,|young foreigner with two suitcases.
He may have been injured|and gone into hiding.
The police were here yesterday|looking for you.
Did they say they were coming back?
Only that I should phone if..
I know you stole that car.|It has a local license plate.
I know it must be very serious.|I don't mind.
You can tell me what you've done.
You can stay here. It's safe.
But you must tell me, Paul.|I won't say anything.
Good-bye, Mr. Duggan.
Your coffee, madam.
Good morning.|A single ticket to Paris, please.
-What class?|-Second.
-How soon will the train be here?|-In an hour.
Platform One.
Your papers.
What is your business here?
l'm a schoolteacher on holiday.
Commissioner, Madame de Montpellier|has been murdered!
-Do they know who did it?|-It sounds like Duggan.
He arrived at her place yesterday,|but disappeared again with her car.
There's no need for secrecy.|It's a straight murder hunt now.
Put out a general alert for Duggan.|Describe the car.
6:30 time check.|Listen, I've found that car.
The gendarmes by the station say|only three men...
...boarded the midday train to Paris.
Two were locals...
...and the third was a teacher|traveling on a Danish passport.
Age: about 34. Five feet ten,|brown hair, blue eyes.
He can't remember the name.
What time is that train due|at Austerlitz station?
Ten past 7:00.
Come on!
-You know a good Turkish bath?|-Of course.
Take me there.
It's obvious that the Jackal|has been tipped off all along.
And yet he's decided to go ahead,|regardless.
He's simply challenged the whole lot of us.
Are you suggesting there's a leak|from inside this room?
I can't say.
We think the Jackal is now in Paris|with a new name and face...
...probably masquerading|as a Danish schoolteacher.
Can you estimate how many Danes|might have entered Paris this afternoon?
Several hundred at this time of the year.
We must check on the men personally.
I'll have every hotel visited|at midnight and 3:00 A.M.
All registration cards will be collected.|Every likely Dane will be investigated.
In the meantime, I'll try to persuade the|President to cancel all public appearances.
You're getting all steamed up.
I think so.
-I haven't seen you here before.|-No, I'm on holiday from Denmark.
Really? I know Copenhagen very well.
Unfortunately, I come from Silkeborg.
It's a very small town.
My name is Jules. Jules Bernard.
Lundquist. Per Lundquist.
Perhaps you'd like to come|for a drink at my home?
I live quite nearby.
That would be nice.
So, this Jackal has|a Danish passport, right?
-He must have got it somewhere.|-Yes.
But if he's had to dye his hair,|it looks as if he stole it.
Yes, go on.
Since his trip to Paris in July,|he's been based in London.
The chances are,|he stole it in one of those two places.
What would you do if you were a Dane|and lost your passport?
I'd go to the consulate.
-Are you calling Superintendent Thomas?|-Yes.
-Then the Danish Consul in Paris.|-Good.
-How is it going?|-Not well.
678 Danes arrived in Paris yesterday.
We're interviewing every man|about five feet eight.
No Danish schoolteacher|has turned up though.
-Have the list sent to my office.|-Right.
You are quite right, sir.
A Danish schoolteacher|had his passport stolen... London Airport on July 12.
Name: Per Lundquist|of Copenhagen, age 33.
Five feet ten,|chestnut brown hair, blue eyes.
That's it! That's the one! Per Lundquist.
Look him up. Yes?
-There isn't one.|-What?
One moment, Superintendent.
I don't understand it.
There isn't a Lundquist|on the hotels list. Not one.
The following conversation|was recorded at 6:15 this morning.
The number being dialed|was identified as MOLlTOR 5901.
-Denise.|-Valmy here.
They know he's a Danish schoolteacher.
They're visiting every hotel in Paris.
The contact was arrested an hour ago.
Unfortunately,|the information came from this room.
Whose voice was that?
I regret to have to inform you, Minister...
...that it was the voice of a friend of mine.
She's staying with me at the moment.
Excuse me.
-I feel we owe you an apology.|-Thank you.
I must report that the President|will not change his mind.
Excuse me.
It's occurred to me that we've got|two days to catch the Jackal.
What? Why? How do you know?
It was silly of me|not to have seen it before.
Am I right that the President|has no engagements outside the palace..., tomorrow or Saturday?|-Nothing.
And what is Sunday, August 25?
Of course! Liberation Day!
-That's what he's been waiting for.|-We have a little over 48 hours.
We must have been blind, gentlemen.
All we need is the passport|photograph of Per Lundquist.
Copenhagen promised to send it|by this evening's conference.
There is one thing.
How did you know|whose telephone to tap?
I didn't, so I tapped all of them.
Are you home already?
We now have the passport photograph|of Per Lundquist.
The ban on publicity is off.
This is now a straight murder hunt.
Lundquist's photo will appear|in the papers tomorrow morning.
We'll have news flashes on TV|every 30 minutes.
Every policeman and CRS man in Paris|will be on the street to check the papers...
...of anyone remotely|resembling the suspect.
Every detective will be called to help.
-How many men does that make?|-Almost 100,000.
-Commissioner Lebel.|-Yes?
My congratulations|on the splendid job you've done.
We shall take over from now on.
We need detain you no longer.|And, again, thank you.
Did you see it?
-What?|-Your face on the TV just now.
-What do you mean?|-I was passing a TV rental shop...
...and I saw your face.
Don't turn it off.
-What was it about?|-I don't know.
But I swear it was you.
We apologize for interrupting|with the following announcement.
Police still searching for the murderer|of Madame de Montpellier.
His name is Per Lundquist,|and this is his photograph.
If you have seen this man,|contact the police immediately.
For God's sake, wake up, will you?
The Minister wants to see you!
We can't find him. He's vanished.
Just disappeared off the face of the earth.
I don't think we had any idea|what kind of man... have been pursuing.|-What about tomorrow?
The President rekindles|the eternal flame at 10:00.
High mass is at 11:00.
There's only one public ceremony|in the afternoon at 4:00.
He will present Liberation Medals|to veterans of the Resistance.
What about crowd control?
Crowds will be kept back|further than ever before.
Steel barriers go up several hours|before each ceremony.
Every house inside the barrier ring|is searched from top to bottom...
...including the sewers.
Police will be issued|special lapel badges at the last moment... case he tries to masquerade|as a security man.
There'll be marksmen inside Notre Dame...
...even among the congregation.
The priests celebrating mass|will be searched for concealed weapons.
We'll have firemen and marksmen on every|rooftop along the procession route.
Dumont has drafted|a number of very tall officers... hedge around the President|without him noticing.
-Can I pass, please?|-What for?
I live there.
I have a room at 154.
All right.
Thank you.
Excuse me, madam.
Would you be so kind|as to give me a drink of water?
Of course. Come in. Please come in.
It's hot, waiting for the ceremony.
Are you getting a medal today?
I got mine two years ago with one of my..
Top floor!
What the hell do you think you're doing?
-Who are you?|-Charles Calthrop.
This is my bloody flat.
I think you better come down|to the yard, sir.
Too bloody right, I will.
There's no question of the British|government ever concealing...
...that this Jackal was an Englishman.
So far as one can see...
...there was a period when|an Englishman came under suspicion...
...but he has now been cleared.
Certainly, the Jackal|masqueraded as an Englishman...
...but he also masqueraded|as a Dane and as a Frenchman.
So there's no way of proving|his identity at all.
But if the Jackal wasn't Calthrop...
...then who the hell was he?
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