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Subtitles for De LAmour.

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De LAmour

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You call this a computer course!. I'm back here doing seats!.
Better than nothing.
Like we're not exploited?
Computer work or doing seats, it's the same to me.
I asked for computers because it's the future. This is the past!
Your eyes don't hurt.
I'm not coming back.
Welfare's gonna freak.
But I'm tired.
After one day?
I'm no flunky on one-third-pay.
You okay, Princess? Taking your time?
You getting on my case already?
I told Maria I'd pick her up after her first day.
And Linda will be there?
They're in the same course, at least.
Shit! My fingers hurt!
Some people do it all day, okay?
You want to do that forever?
Forever, no. It's a start.
Start of what? The start of the end!
I've thought about it. I'm quitting.
I checked it out. I'm opening a restaurant.
You ask for credit and bingo!
Bingo? And you open a restaurant?
Yeah, bingo! Just shows you know nothing!
You sure Linda has no guy?
She split up a week ago.
How do you know?
Maria told me.
So you're sure?
I said so. You scared?
You crazy? It's just a fox. Why should I be scared?
Hey, I don't know.
What I think is that if Linda told Maria, and Maria told you,
it was so you'd tell me.
How's that?
Since I'm your best pal, and Maria's her best friend,
she knows the word will get passed on.
Give it a rest, man.
I know what I'll do. I'll come on direct. If we can do it, we do it.
"lf we can do it, we do it"?
Well, yeah.
You're really an ass. Think she's cheap?
Did I do that with Maria?
- How did you do it? - I took my time.
Take your time? Explain.
I don't get it, they're not here! It's a drag!
It's just 5 minutes.
That's already too long.
Should've got the bus.
I'm sure Manu's late again.
- Manu's coming? - He wants to see you.
It'll be a wait, then.
You know, since you split up, he's been trying to see you?
- He's coming to see me? - I promise.
I'll play hard to get.
Good for you! It'll serve him right.
It's taking long.
So when you gonna marry Maria?
Not this week, bro!
I gotta get my promotion, first.
She's gotta tell her dad we're together.
He still doesn't know?
I'm ten days late. That's strange, isn't it?
Aren't you careful?
Are you crazy?
You could be pregnant.
Have you told Karim?
Are you crazy?
Anyway, I'm sure that...
Look, it's okay. I'm sure it's nothing! I'm sure.
I'm sure.
I'm always late with you, aren't l?
Don't get me worked up, man!
If you want to make a good impression on Linda,
you don't show up late.
Hey man, come on. It's cool.
Put out the butt.
You gonna make us wait all day?
In the back, you!
No way. Girls sit in back.
Get in the back.
Heavy, aren't you?
- How about making like them? - Dream on.
I'm off. See you tomorrow.
You just gonna leave?
- Yeah. - Hey, no.
How about going out later?
And do what?
Go see a movie, yeah?
Sounds good to me. Yeah.
I don't know. I'll see.
No, no, no! Don't say that!
She playing hard to get or what?
It's good. It'll teach him.
So, you're single.
News travels fast.
- Me too, I'm single. - Great.
Yeah, great! Both single, so if we get together we won't be anymore.
Terrific logic.
- Why make things complicated? - We can't be a couple.
- Why? - You're not serious.
- Meaning? - Lots of girls and no job.
What girls? You seen any?
And work? Hey! There's Al Capone!
Hi lovers.
I'll go now.
What's wrong with her?
You make it with her?
Can't you see you screwed it up?
Come on!
- If I'm with Linda, stay clear. - How's that?
You fucking with me? You're one too many, okay?
Hey! There's Tox.
He still dealing here?
Fuckin' up the hood, selling his shit?
With a rotweiller for protection.
- Let's give him a kicking. - Run after him?
We get there, he's already gone!
- See you at nine? - Okay.
They earn 5400 francs, a bit more than the minimum wage,
and we're supposed to be privileged?
They should take the boss hostage, as well.
Don't forget how the unions sabotaged the strikes last year.
A thousand riot police and gendarmes,,,
Ah! There they are again! With their clubs!
Like with Franco. They're all the same.
Don't get upset.
It's them who are upsetting me. Those unions who sabotage our strikes.
Get upset Papa!
All exploiters. Exploiters, all the capitalists!
Right. All big exploiters, eh?
Heartless bastards.
Could you turn it off?
I'm waiting for the lottery.
Where'd you put the ticket?
I don't know. Somewhere.
You don't know? What if we win?
If I win. I get a divorce.
- What do you think you're doing? - What?
Get some wrapping paper. For your father, tomorrow.
Mama, can I go out tonight?
It's okay with me.
But ask your father.
So you want to ask me for something, huh?
No. Why do you say that?
You don't have to teach an old ape how to eat a banana.
Papa, can I go out tonight?
With Linda?
Yeah, with Linda, to the movies.
It's fine with me, but you know your mother.
Yo! Please! Could I have more ketchup?
Not like the last time.
Yeah, there. Just a little...
white sauce. As usual. Yeah. Thanks.
And some harissa? A lot, please.
Later for that harissa, man.
You'll burn out your stomach!
What's this?
I'm eating.
Oh no! You're not eating that sub in my car. Out!
I got almost no sauce.
Out, Fats. Out, out, out!
Fuck! Come on!
Out! You smoked and now the seat's burned!
- Where? - Stop, stop!
Where? Tell me. Show me.
Where? There! That's no burn?
How come it's me? Maybe it's Manu?
I do nothing in his car. He busts my nuts enough.
Damn right. It's me who bought it.
Yup! On credit for the next ten years!
What'd you like to see?
A romantic film?
Come on, not romantic! How about an action film?
Not an action film. They're all the same. It get worked up.
How about you?
Me? Same as Maria.
He'll do like me. You too.
A romantic film's okay.
Shit, you're a drag.
All right.
We'll see a romance. But not French.
Obviously not a French one!
We'll meet you at the counter.
For once.
Four for the romance, please.
It's okay for you, you're loaded.
What do you expect?
Credit and the factory work's not my thing. Keep it.
Yeah. Get a job, man!
You think it'll be cool?
The movie atmosphere, the night?
- She's not easy! - Help me out!
No fair! It's mine, it's mine!
Stop it, brat!
What? You're a drag. It's fun.
Miss, please come with me.
Why? It wasn't me.
Please come with me.
Are you happy?
It's okay, I'll make sure...
Just hold on to your girlfriend. I'm only doing my job.
I don't want to get fired.
I'm sorry.
What? Okay, okay. Let go.
Take that!
Médiavision, 01 47 20 00 01
That film of yours stunk!
I'm not going with you next time!
I don't think so. I liked it a lot.
No, I mean, like, I liked it too.
What? You just said it stunk!
No, no, that's not what I said. The film's wrapping stunk,
but the message was good. And if you liked it, I liked it.
Oh yeah? If I like it, you like it?
Yeah. It's like... I'll explain. It's like in a fruit.
A fruit can be rotten, see? But the other side can be good.
You see?
Look, you like it or you don't. Not both! That's impossible.
All right. I liked the film.
Yeah. If you liked it, I liked it. You liked the film?
There. What you like, I like.
See you.
Can I walk you back?
No, I'd rather not.
What! What's wrong? I tried!
Just be yourself.
Stop playing the tough guy.
He's right, Manu. Cut it out.
I empty my brain and I think about her ass, And off we go!.
A part, an ass,
A part, an ass,
A part, an ass,
- Doing okay, babe? - Okay.
You do the flea market Sunday?
He spends his life there.
You don't get shit at the flea market.
I got 300 francs.
- 300 francs? - There were a lotta people.
Since it was a nice day, see?
It was nice, wasn't it? I did a barbecue, but a barbecue...
I'm ticklish! Shit!
A barbecue, with more than a little pastis.
It was more like drink than a barbecue you did!
Yeah, we did hit the drink a little hard.
I got one the old lady told me.
Do you know the two ways to pet an asshole?
Like this.
And like this!
What's up? Didn't you hear the bell?
Wait 'til the timer's up your ass.
- Is that so? - Yeah.
Isn't the park big enough?
Look! My dog's free!
I'm free, we're all free here!
Freedom! Do you know what that means?
Cut the leashes, open the jails!
- He didn't hurt him! - I'll bite you! We'll see! Fascist!
Red neck!
Come on Rumba, let's go!
You dress like cotton candy!
Welfare cheats!
You asleep? Karim, are you asleep?
Will you wake up?
Fuck, I'm dead. The job, dammit.
I don't give a damn. You're a drag!
Like clockwork! Friend Roger.
Eleven. Time for poopoo.
It's been a while!
Go on Karim, heat it up!
What's Roger doing?
Did he fall in or what?
Here he comes.
That's real smart!
I'm sick of your bullshit! Who did it?
It was Paul!
Was it you, Paul?
It wasn't you? You fucking with me or what?
Who did it?
You're a bunch of jerks!
Thanks, kid.
- Can I help? - A pregnancy test.
You gonna go out with Manu?
I don't know. You asking for him?
For Karim, then?
No, but look, we'd be two couples. Cool, huh?
That's dumb as shit. It's childish!
Hey, it's good ol' Tox!
I said not to deal around here.
Why me? Other guys deal here.
But you're shit, and you deal smack.
Smoke's okay, but if you deal any H, you're dead. Get it?
I know you're dealing in the hood.
Look kid, if I catch you, I'm changing your face around! Get it?
Gimme your smoke. It's just smoke, right?
Just smoke! Look!
That's all? Your pockets!
It's... It's just smoke. Look!
Look. Here.
Motherfucker! He's got smack!
- Look what he's got. - What's this?
That's my hit.
- Motherfucker's got smack! - It's my hit!
You selling to the kids here?
Get up, get up!
Stop it!
What's wrong? What's this?
Stop that! What's wrong? What's going on?
He had smack, the sonofabitch!
Fuck off!
- Stop it. Let him go! - You let him go like that?
Yeah, like that. Think you'll change the world?
It's pink.
I'm pregnant.
That sucks.
We need money for an abortion.
Oh no! Not that. Never!
You want to keep it?
Well, yeah.
- I can't take a life. - Nonsense! It's not a life yet.
You can't even take care of yourself.
If I abort, my dad'll kill me.
You don't tell your father.
Tell Karim. He's always been correct. He'll pay.
We'll have it done in another city.
You could lose him. He'll smell a trap.
- It's not a trap. - I know it's not a trap.
But put yourself in his place.
He loves me.
I know he loves me.
- What are your plans? - To leave here.
You want to leave here?
I saw you happy to be here forever.
You crazy or what? This is misery.
I dream of sailing to the islands with my wife, like the singer Antoine.
- Really? - Really.
He's got it made. He travels the world,
returns to do a record, picks up his bread, and zoom!
He's gone again!
Would you take me on your boat?
You think I'd go alone?
We've known each other for ages.
It's gotta be six or seven years.
You came on the boat. Couldn't even speak French.
Anyway, it wasn't you who taught me.
Your hair went everywhere and you had braces on your teeth.
It was scary.
You're disgusting.
No really. You can't deny it.
But now, the caterpillar's turned into a butterfly.
You gonna come on to me like a school kid?
Like a school kid?
Forget it. You're cute.
Manu! Come here! Quick!
What, "quick"? Fuck off!
Come here, quick!
Hold it. Excuse me a minute, okay?
- Go away! - Remember the park, the poodle?
That juicer complained to the cops.
The SPCA took my dog.
Fuck your mutt! Stop messing me up!
Manu! I've only got you to help me! Only you!
Go play Tony Montana! Do your big business.
Wait, wait. Just a minute, just a minute!
Buy a new dog! Fuck your dog, fuck him!
Linda! Linda, wait up!
I'll call you.
Move it! You're gonna fuck up the plan.
You're out of your mind!
We'll go over the wall...
over the wall, and jimmy the door.
- With a crow bar? - Here it is.
Fuck! You're nuts.
By the way, is there a guard?
He's a juicer and doesn't do his rounds.
What the fuck am I doing here? Linda!
Manu, cut the shit!
They'll kill him. And he's all I got.
- What are we doing? - Come on.
What, "come on"?
- Here. Take this! - Gimme!
- What are you doing? - Checking things out.
Give me a boost.
- Say what? - Give me a boost.
Stop! I'm not getting a rupture!
Rupture? You a weakling, got no muscle? Gimme a boost!
On my mother's life, I'm gone! Bye!
Fats! You okay?
I'm sorry!
Come on. Take him. He looks good!
- Cut your shit! - He looks better.
Fuck. Gimme some light.
Fuck. I love my dog like a brother.
- You use a rubber? - Cut the shit! Gimme some light!
Go, Hercules! Push it!
Shit, it's reinforced! Stop laughing! Gimme a fucking hand!
Want a hand?
Okay, on three. One...two...
Come on. You afraid of dogs?
You don't know his voice?
He's like a bear!
- Afraid, huh? - No, I'm not afraid.
Esco! Hey boy!
What are you doing on all fours? Come on, move! Move!
- Move! There he is. - Yeah, there he is.
My dog!
Esco! We're gonna free you.
We're gonna free you. Here boy, come here.
Yeah, save that for later. Come on, let's split.
Stop it, for fuck sake, Fats!
Come on!
Fuck! You're crazy.
Fuck it! Let's split, Fats!
What are you doing in there? - Nothing, why?
You've been in there an hour.
Really? I didn't realize.
Your parents think you're at Linda's?
Do you love me?
So, tell me.
I just told you.
Repeat after me. Look, it's easy:. I love you.
I can't manage saying that kind of thing.
Karim, what'd you do if I were pregnant?
I don't know...
I'd say you did it on purpose.
That it was a trap.
No, are you kidding?
Of course I'm kidding.
You flip me out with that kid shit.
You're just dreaming, right?
You're just dreaming, right?
You sulking?
You really sulking on me?
You didn't do that to me?
It's not true, is it?
Are you saying you're pregnant?
Is he always so well behaved?
Hello, I'm lnspector Parenti.
F. Raillant lives here?
What's he done now?
Here's the search warrant. You're obliged to let us in.
You can't come into my home. I pay my rent.
I'm sorry Ma'am, it's just a verification.
- What's all this? - Calm down.
Can't you tell me? What's my son done now?
Distributing drugs.
Up you go! Come on!
Some coffee?
No, just your son. That'll do.
Come on! Up you get!
What did I do? I'm no terrorist!
- Turn around! - A whole squad for a dog!
It's okay?
Gimme my pants! I'm not going bare ass.
You're Frederic Raillant?
What have you done now?
It's cool Moms. I freed Esco. Enjoy the coffee!
You the head of the family? Moms invited me.
A few questions, and you could be out tonight.
Can I get dressed? I'm not going bare ass.
I know he didn't do it. It's not him.
Don't worry.
That's not mine, Moms!
- And this? - It's not mine!
Not yours? Then whose?
That's how these sand niggers are.
None of that with me! Get it?
None of that with me.
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
Okay, take him in!
- You know why we're here? - Oh yes, I know why.
Europe's competitive. To be on top, we've all got to do our best.
We're timing you for two minutes. Start whenever you like.
Sixteen parts in two minutes, Chief.
Mr Director, I think we can do better.
You're not trying, Karim. Give me your gloves.
I'll do the same task under the same conditions.
Let's see what we get.
Well, that's twenty-four parts in two minutes.
Almost twenty-five, Mr Director.
Say twenty-four. That leaves time to pee or have a smoke.
I don't just work two minutes a day.
I can do twenty-four in two minutes. But not for eight hours.
Make an effort. You'll see. You'll get there.
I want to pee! I want to pee!
Fuck yourselves! Fuck yourselves!
Go on, holler. Go on, holler!
I'm bored shitless!
It's killing me but all I got is work.
Life is just a start and a finish!
Everyone's in the race! You've got to win!
I can concentrate! I'm concentrated!
I know how! I fix on something!
An ass! I fix on an ass!
What do we got but work?
And no making trouble! Off to work!
An ass, a part! An ass, a part!
- Think Karim'll like it? - Yes, it's nice.
There's no alarm.
- Cut it out. - What?
I can buy it for you.
It's cool.
Don't look like that. Smile. It's not heavy.
Ten francs, please.
- Excuse me, Miss. - Follow us, please.
Don't touch me.
- Anything to say? - You calling me a thief?
Calm down.
I will not. What's going on?
- In my office we'll have a look. - Oh no. I'm not going.
We have nothing. Let us go.
You want a scene? Everyone watching?
Okay, but no frisking me.
- Okay. - I know my rights.
- You stay here. - I'm not going without her.
Okay, come on, you two.
Okay, over there.
- So, what's in your bag? - Nothing.
- I saw you take the panties. - You saw nothing.
- All this fuss over panties? - No fuss. I took nothing.
- How old are you, doing this? - Don't go there.
What is it? You've got no money?
If I pay for the panties, can we go?
Shut up! You don't pay. I took nothing! What is this?
- Take her bag. - Let's see it.
Don't touch! I know my rights. You're not cops.
You want the cops?
Right. Go ahead, call them.
Hi, it's Dominique.
Could you call the two cops on duty?
No, just a shoplifter making problems.
Now we wait for the police.
Isn't that what you wanted?
No more hollering?
I'm hungry, I'm hungry.
Think this is a hotel?
Okay, get up. The siesta's over.
You okay, sand nigger?
You know why you're here?
That dope's not mine.
Look me in the face when you talk to me.
If it's not niggers it's rag heads who fuck our lives.
You've been well fed, fat girl.
You're all the same.
Let's get on to serious matters. Who's your supplier?
I want the inspector.
You want the inspector.
We disturb him, he gets here, you say nothing,
I look like an asshole, and I don't like that.
I want the inspector!
- You can't hit me. - I can kill you.
What are you waiting for?
It's funny, but I think we could be pals. How about you?
- What's up? - She denies taking panties.
She denies it, she denies it. Here! You want your panties?
- Here! - Calm down!
I didn't ask for your advice.
Are we going, Linda?
- Stop. - Don't touch.
- Don't worsen things. - You wanted cops?
- They that dumb? - lnsulting an officer.
What insult? That wasn't an insult!
Tell Karim. But don't tell my father. Okay?
Come on, move it!
Come on!
Now, you wait for me.
Hey! Easy!
So, you got something you want to tell me?
I'm getting a bit hungry.
You'll starve before I tell you anything.
Can't you be more original?
Anyway, you're a racist and I'm innocent.
You were guilty at birth.
Guilty at birth... Not bad.
Know what I'd really like?
To give you a good one, and then get an answer.
That one's gonna cost, you lard bucket.
Fuck! Stop it! Fuck!
- What is this shit? - Just my job.
None of that with me! Get outta here!
Shit! Get up!
You're supposed to be different?
Maybe we can improve the discourse. Anything to say?
Yeah, I got something to say.
... then turn, bend over and stand tiptoe.
- You in? - I already lost two thou.
Jerk, you could get rich with me.
I got a nag in the fifth.
See ya.
Why you still miffed?
The inspector. He's still green. Thinks he's Zorro.
You betting on the nag?
Stop bustin' my chops.
Hey, that kid's all right.
Hey, Bertrand, let's go.
That's some ass!
She's not eating any mad cows!
Come on, forget it, let's go!
What? You gone soft or turned faggot?
Me, a faggot?
I know you're not.
I'll eat her up.
Something's missing. Really, something's missing. Have a look.
My dick up her ass.
What are you up to?
Looking at ass. Nothing wrong.
She's a child, you sad ass!
Put the necklace in here and get dressed.
Do I have to? It was my grandpa's.
I'm sorry.
I wonder if Valerie isn't a bit lesbian.
You think so?
Where do you see that?
I can smell them.
You smell that?
I can't hear you!
Let me go into the office!
I don't believe it! She was with you?
You're really two jerks.
Maria's just 20. What's your excuse?
Sorry, it's not my fault.
She wants attention. You should've known!
I'm coming to the station now.
I'll meet you in front.
Sub for me. I gotta go.
Is this a hotel? Get back to your post.
Say what? I told you, it's an emergency.
Weren't you a worker?
That's not it. Look...
Sub for me today, I'll be here tomorrow. Please.
Will I be here long?
It's not up to me.
I'm supposed to believe that?
Ask around. I'm no dealer.
Okay, okay, let's go over it again.
You were teaching a dealer not to sell H in the hood.
You found his dope and you beat him up.
You took his bag and forgot.
- Why take it? - To get it from him.
Well, he charged you with assault.
And said you're a dealer.
Sure. He's scum.
And the dope?
I woulda flushed it away.
I don't like dealers ruining the hood.
Smoke's okay, but no smack!
I wanna get out! I wanna get out!
Go on shut up, will you!
That you, Maria?
What are you doing here?
I stole some clothes.
Silly kid. Karim'll freak.
Don't mention him.
Your first bust?
Keep your trap shut. You're not at home.
You okay?
What's wrong?
I don't know. They're strange here.
Not me. Yell at her when she's out.
Yell at her when she's out?
I'll yell now! It's your fault!
I've told you twenty times! You know she wants attention!
It concerns a young woman
who was arrested about two hours ago at Leclerc's.
A Maria Martinez.
You should ask those officers there.
Excuse me.
It's on purpose, those shits.
Excuse us.
My girlfriend's been here two hours.
Good day, sir.
My girlfriend's been here two hours.
Her name's Maria Martinez.
Are you related?
My girlfriend.
Is she an adult?
I can't help you out. Sorry.
Call the inspector, then.
I didn't get that.
I want to see an inspector.
He wants to see the inspector.
- Let's go. - It's my right.
Get it? Go, and complain if you like.
For five minutes.
It's impossible.
I don't go 'til I see her!
- You wanna be booked? Papers! - Don't have 'em.
I won't show 'em.
What's going on now?
All right. I've got it.
Inspector, we wanted to see if a friend's arrested.
Come with me.
Don't we live in the same development?
That's right.
I thought so.
My parents' house is behind yours.
I didn't know you were a cop... inspector.
Yeah, it doesn't impress girls. But it's a job.
What's her name?
What she do?
She nicked something at Leclerc's.
We should be able to care of that.
Sit down.
Parenti here. Could you see
if you've got a girl named Maria Martinez in detention?
Yeah, Martinez.
No, no. Nothing serious.
I'll take her statement now.
It'll take an hour at most.
Do you have a card... if there's a problem?
Here, take two. With that, you're safe.
So he's a cop, my neighbor.
He was coming on to you!
So? He's a man, like any other.
So, you like him, huh?
That'll make Manu happy.
Okay big mouth. You're free.
You handle it. I'll be back.
- So I get the forms? - I'll be back!
Your rag-head pal came for you.
It's time to give it up. The inspector's waiting.
"Then the security agents apprehended me." Okay?
Yes, that's it.
Re-read it, and if it's okay, sign it.
No, re-read it first...
It's okay, it's okay.
I don't think they'll press charges.
And if they do?
What'll they do for some panties?
You should stop this shit, anyway.
- Can I go now? - You hear me?
The shit's gotta end.
Can I go now?
A few more formalities.
In twenty minutes you can go.
Can't I stay in here? Because that officer's weird.
He seems like a jerk but he's not nasty.
I'll be quiet!
I still have some fish to fry.
Hey, in twenty minutes you'll be free.
- Yo! You cool? - You seen Tox?
He was hangin' 'round a minute ago.
Call me when he shows.
Sure. I heard Fats got busted.
Cheer up! She's getting out. It was just panties.
- Think so? - Sure.
To the cops, it's nothing. Don't worry.
I hope so.
But for Fats, it's not so sure.
So what'll you do?
I gotta get hold of that junky,
and persuade him to drop the charges.
And say it's his dope.
He'll never do it.
Oh yes he will.
It's up to me to convince him.
Hi Nico.
Your sister?
I think she and Linda went in to Paris to do something.
No, she didn't say when she'd get back.
Fats, arrested?
No, I didn't know.
Okay, later. Ciao.
I know about Fats.
What about Fats?
I gotta get nasty?
I don't know what this is about.
Whatever went down with the cops, you fix it now.
I didn't say nothing!
This isn't a chat.
I swear! I said nothing!
Take care of it. See the cops. Give them a new story or I kill you.
I'm sick of Tox dealing under my window.
So? You take care of justice yourself?
I'm not here to bust your chops.
My goal is to solve the case.
We caught you holding heroin. Okay?
- Yeah. - Good!
- Want to confront Tox? - Can l?
- Sure? - Sure. Even a lie detector.
A lie detector...
That's a good one, a lie detector.
That's enough for tonight.
We'll stop here.
Put him back in the lockup.
Oh yeah. Let the Martinez kid go right away.
The kid goes?
You deaf or what?
I'm outta here, I'm in a rush.
I've got a nice place for you.
Not in lockup?
If His Excellence would please...
What is this pigsty? What did I ever do to you?
It's fine, it's fine...
Fuck! It's freezing and it's damp.
When do I eat?
What the fuck did I do to you?
Shut up!
Open up, I want to go! The inspector said I could!
Open up!
There you go! You finally managed to yell some.
You held out. That's good.
What do you want?
The inspector said I could go.
It's not his problem. He didn't bust you. And he left.
It's up to me. You leave when I say.
- I want to call home. - And?
And I want to leave.
I want to hold you a bit.
- The inspector... - Fuck him, and you too.
I'm hungry.
- You got bread? - They took it.
What do you want?
I don't know... chop steak, fries, mayo...
It's a sandwich.
Swiss cheese with butter.
No roast pork? Fucking those rag heads
didn't turn you into a Muslim?
You want some smokes?
Tell me,
what do those camel jockeys got that we don't?
Is this the police station?
Yes, it's for some information.
I'd like to know if Miss Maria Martinez has been released.
An hour ago?
Okay, thanks. Good bye.
Linda? It's Karim.
Still no news from Maria?
They just told me she was released an hour ago.
It's probably jive. She would've called.
So listen. Listen...
I'll be over in ten minutes. Let's go see the inspector.
Well I say it's a good idea.
Okay. Right away, right away.
You sure this is smart?
There's no big choice. You ring. He's your neighbor.
Can I help you?
I know it's late, but we'd like to see your husband.
Honey, it's the neighbor. For you.
You've come to visit?
In fact, we're here since we've no news from Maria.
We'd like to know if she's out or not.
She should've been out for a while, now.
Think she ran away?
That's not like her.
Well, I call up. Come in.
Sit down.
Hello, it's lnspector Parenti.
I'd like to know if Maria...
Is Maria Martinez still being held or has she been released?
He's checking.
Half an hour ago?
It took you long enough.
Have a good shift.
She left a half-hour ago.
You got out when?
How come you can't talk?
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
That was her. She just got home.
There you are, all in order.
- Thanks, anyway. - Not at all.
Where were you?
There are rules to respect here!
We'll see about this tomorrow.
What the hell were you...?
What's that?
Nothing. Is that all?
Don't say anything to Mademoiselle!
All my life I avoid that shit and the woman I love brings it.
Why don't you say it?
It was dumb shit. Own up.
All right, I know, Karim.
Right now I need to be alone.
What's going on? Is there someone else?
You're really an ass. I need to be alone. Get it?
No, I don't. No.
Well, too bad for you.
Where we going?
We're taking you to central.
It was two hours in a cage. Then I saw the inspector.
A young neat-looking guy?
He's nice, that one.
Yeah, you could say so.
And back to the cell to mess with me.
Does your brow hurt?
It's okay, leave it.
You see Fats?
He was next door, but he got moved and I couldn't hear him.
I'll need you tonight, after work.
For what?
- I'm getting an abortion. - What?
I gotta go to family planning.
So you changed your mind?
You coming or not?
I don't get it. What about Karim?
What are you getting at? You judging me?
Fuck. You disappoint me.
Leave me alone!
Explain it to me!
I know it's difficult,
but have you weighed the choice's consequences?
You know it's a life?
I've thought it out. I really want an abortion.
You know the father?
You think I'm a slut?
Does he know?
I told him about it.
He's not for it?
She knows what she wants!
Yes, but about the abortion, does he know?
It's hard enough already!
- What is it? - Nothing. Just tetany.
Feel better now?
Help me get her up.
It's not serious.
Too much pressure causes this.
When there's too much anxiety.
You've got to talk this out.
I've nothing to say.
I could get you a psychologist
So I'm crazy?
- Can we split? - Okay, let's go home.
Come back to see me if you like.
What's wrong? You okay? Do you feel all right?
- I could stop the film. - No, I'd rather not.
You're so strange since the arrest.
I've got nothing to say.
Talk to me. Tell me what's going on. I'm not a psychologist,
I'm your friend.
What's going on in your head?
Trust me.
I don't feel like talking.
The stinking junky disappeared.
He's nowhere to be found.
It doesn't look good for Fats.
And to boot, Maria's gone all weird!
Linda? I can't hear you.
Fuck! Shit, I got cut off. Fucking battery!
You got a phone card?
Yeah, it's Karim.
You with me, whatever I do?
You've been strange a few days now.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. I don't get it. You're never the last on a gag.
It's my time of month.
There you are. That's the guy I know.
About forty cops commit suicide every year in France.
Did you know that?
No. As many as that?
That's a lot, huh?
Guys who can't take the job,
who think being a cop is like being a social worker.
So when they land in the real world, it's a shock.
It's the best who go first.
That's a stupid remark.
Stupid, but there it is.
Get in! Get in! Get inside!
Open the door! Open the door! Get in!
Get in!
What is this?
You with him or me?
You, but what is this?
- Get Maria! - You'll ruin your life!
Go get Maria!
Look at me!
I don't want...
Look, I said!
Look at me!
My thing, it's the desert.
I'd packed my valise. My bags.
Sahara, and then after the Sahara, what?
After the desert, what's after the desert?
Halliday. Johnny Halliday.
He was no rebel, that guy.
He had his aunts, who gave him up a rock-'n-roll education.
Gene Vincent,
Eddie Cochran,
Vince Taylor.
Halliday, the lucky stiff!
Kill him!
I don't want to do it, Karim.
I don't want to do it.
Kill him!
Let's stop.
What do you want?
Can I speak to Maria please?
At this hour?
I'm sorry, it's important.
Okay, I'll get her.
You're the best.
I love you.
I love you.
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