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Subtitles for Dead Or Alive 2.

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Dead Or Alive 2

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Jojima Here
Su Chi Noodles?
Must be Chang Feng.
Let's Go!
Get Sakai!
Grab anyone shifty, Chinese or not.
Use your gun if you have to!
Watch your own back!
Chief wants to see you.
You're lucky there's so much happening.
Ten years younger and I'd be out there with you.
Come along.
You're not on pension yet.
You know the expression "necessary evil"? Evil in itself isn't bad.
As long as we keep the balance.
But Yakuza are Yakuza and murder is murder.
I used to think like that.
How many years ago, now?
Staring down the students over their barricades.
I grew quite fond of them.
No food or sleep for days on end, we got close.
Life's funny.
You're not a dog scrambling after a bone.
Catching bad guys is our job.
Yeah right, just like on TV.
Like that "Bayside Shakedown"
Wasn't that a movie?
No the TV series. It's still on.
Is that right?
It's huge. A big hit.
"Balance" right?
You got a problem if a dog goes after a bone?
I'm back.
I wanna see mom.
Dear Ma,
Are you well?
I arrived safely.
Thanks to Ryuichi and his friends.
I was able to study in the US.
I'm very happy.
I'm going to do my best.
Have you seen father?
Up there in heaven?
Take care.
I'm back!
For me?
Did you screw a blonde?
Mariko's turn.
Wanna see this?
Get her! Go on!
Want some hot milk?
I'm not hungry. Don't want breakfast.
You must eat something.
Can I have some water?
Eat properly.
Get lost.
Think about your health.
Where's my lunch box.
See you later.
I'll get it.
Have a good day.
Doctor says they should operate.
I'd thought I'd get a job.
How much will it cost?
I worked it all out.
If we take a Japanese doctor
travel costs will be $15,000.
Then depending on her recovery...
and the exchange rate.
Intensive care will be $3,200 a day.
It comes to at least $200,000.
I'll figure something out.
Another thing
I wish you would stop sleeping on the couch.
Hey! Where are you going?
Wait, come back. Stop him!
Thanks for catching him.
This one is so choosy.
Jerk him off will you.
Be gentle.
I'm bushed.
What's it today?
You heard about the gang-bang?
The fag and the Chinese getting killed?
Doesn't seem like a normal Yakuza-Chinese fight to me.
Can you ask around?
How's it going?
Fifty percent more this time.
It's up! He's ready.
Okay, let's go.
Hold it there sweetheart.
Slide it right in.
For christsakes!
We Cantonese never forget who dug the first well.
Whats that mean?
We're in business together...but you gave the first opportunity to us.
Chinese don't betray such people.
Don't they?
Neither do Japanese.
Not like the damn Russians.
Should give us back our islands...
Go get coffee.
Got drugs to replace what Yan stole?
Don't worry the Kaohsiung deal will soon come through.
In Taiwan. A new dealer.
Food's great over there.
Heard about the Seagull's Gan'?
The Clam and the Crab...
were so busy quarrelling..
that the Seagull came along...
and ate them both.
Pretty scary!
Here's some coffee.
Thank you.
To our mutual growth.
A toast, at a time like this?
Plenty to be happy about?
Sino-Japanese friendship.
You're rude. No manners.
Who's this?
He's police.
This is delicious.
So what do you want?
About the other day.
Thought maybe you knew something.
We should ask you. We're the victim.
Fair enough.
Then I'll just warn you...
Don't keep fucking with us.
Never embarrass me like that again.
Idiot. No need to translate that.
"I choose you, Pikachu."
Start her up!
What's going on? What're you waiting for?
Let's go! Fire it up!
Where is he?
Was he caught?
Go on ahead!
I'm handicapped.
What's going on?
Every day, there's something else.
Where's the "balance"?
Money from the murders paid for my college?
Sure it did.
Getting wealth.
Getting power. That's what it's all about.
Is Hitoshi back?
Let's go.
Where to?
Why.. much money.
It's fine, don't worry.
Let's go back to China.
You've always wanted to?
I can't.
Why not?
I go to hot spring. With my friends.
Forget them.
Why worry about that now?
It was the same when dad died.
What's it got to do with them?
Let's go back.
You always said...
..."I wanna go back to China".
Let's take this and go back to China.
I gotta return $300 I borrowed from Kado.
Better get ready.
Get packing.
Why'd you do it?
What will you be doing in five years?
Five years?
Let me think...
Maybe running a rental car outfit in Australia or somewhere...
It'd be nice to swim everyday in the sea.
And you?
I'll give you a job.
Won't pay you much though...
Why not, you jerk?
Me, I want... make people happy.
...I've begun to feel this electricity...
...from deep space.
What are you talking about?
So five years from now...
I'll be a god.
You should lay off the drugs.
I'm being serious.
Let me show you...
...what makes people happy...
...never fails.
What's going on?
I'm sorry.
Really sorry.
I never meant to take it.
It was just for Mom...something nice for her.
She always said...
she wanted to go back to China...
...I wanted to show her that we could.
I only spend a bit.
Not on myself though.
I was gonna give it back.
Hey, There you are!
My Mom's home.
Pop round to see her. She's worried about you.
Should've talked to us first.
I was going to...but it came up so quick.
I was going to tell you later.
So I just borrowed it. Really.
I've got the money.
Here. Didn't spend any.
So what?
I'm sorry about your mom. But that doesn't mean you can betray us.
What betrayal?
When? I never. I just borrowed it!!
What fucking betrayal?
It's at my house! Go look!
Quit messing around!
Sorry. Did I wake you?
It's ok.
Didn't know you were home.
Had a bath?
It's okay.
Sorry to ask, but can we afford it?
I told you not to worry.
But I'm scared.
Jojima here.
Oh, hi.
I told you not to call me.
This stuff makes my asshole burn.
Yakuza killings, Mafia killings, bank heists... do they link up?
Don't know, it's connected but...
...there's a new dope route to Yokohama.
Go there, ask for a guy called "Kaku".
I'll keep the receipt.
It's me, meet me in Yokohama.
Your day off? Forget it.
What about "hello" then?
Why'd you bring the kid?
I'm Yuki Inoue. I'm 5.
Sorry, but it's my day off. Wife went to see a movie...
Hello there.
Okay then.
you wait here.
Hey, is "Kaku" here?
Everyone is "Kaku" here.
Who are you?
That porn guy sent me...
Then it's me you want.
I know everything about this city.
Came to Japan before you were born.
Cooking here at this stove.
But, even after 5,000 years
each day, a different flavor. Can you understand that?
Are you okay?
How old are you?
Youngsters have no manners. Your only after money.
That's not right. Of course I want it too..
...but I don't cause anyone trouble.
I just sell food.
Wanna taste 5,000 years of Chinese culture?
Bet you've never tried it, come on.
Try it.
Can I finish the fried Koe?
Yuki, eat up. Have whatever you want.
Don't worry about the bill, our boss is paying.
I don't like this. Too salty.
No, it's good. Try them all.
Then they don't seem salty.
Go on, it's delicious.
You won't grow big and strong.
Remember how you lost that school race?
Don't want to be last again?
Come on, eat up.
It's delicious.
Devoted, aren't you?
No, not really. Wife keeps pushing lessons on him.
But I don't care, as long as he is healthy.
How is it? Tasty?
Delicious, right?
There's some new guys around from Kaohsiung.
A guy called Ryu putting some big deal together.
That's all I know.
Tastes good.
What do you need me for?
Answer me.
Some are smart but can't run.
Some can run but aren't smart.
We need both, that's what a team's all about.
Only the strong find their place in this world.
So the weak don't deserve to live?
Don't the weak deserve to live???
We risked our lives for him...but he wouldn't do the same for us.
Simple as that.
You killed him!
I'll never forgive you!
It's me.
How is she?
Okay, I'll be there soon.
I'll call the boss.
It's up to you.
This one's an adrenaline junkie.
Which one...
...should I put my money on?
We're in talks with the mainland mafia.
But we're open to a better deal.
It's gonna be up to you.
Got it.
I'll go call the boss.
How's the Taiwan thing?
Done deal.
Just got to get rid of some people.
I heard about your brother.
Don't you mind?
He's not a kid anymore.
Keep an eye on the Yakuza.
They're allways in that club.
Don't mention my brother again.
How far do you want me to go?
I'm sorry we didn't have that baby.
Parents left behind in China after the war.
You know, like you hear on the TV...
When did he come back?
Twenty years ago.
His dad returned from Harbin, opened a restaurant.
Ryuichi soon became a famous troublemaker.
At 16, his dad died and he left home.
Ryuichi? Sure we know him.
Of course we do, he's our whatchacallit?
No, more posh.
More masculine.
That's it, our hero.
Who's "us"?
We look Japanese, but we ain't.
Then again, we look Chinese, but we ain't.
We're not really anything.
Got it?
Who are you, then?
Hey, wait!
Our newest girl, Kaoru.
Come here.
Excuse me.
Hello, I'm Kaoru. Today's my first day.
I've seen you before.
Have you really?
Let me pour.
I know your smell.
Get the manager.
Get the manager.
I like you.
Do excuse us.
Having you come by at this busy time.
There's something we wanted to ask.
Your old hometown.
We were there last week.
Checked out that old diner.
Delicious mackerel lunch.
Wasn't it?
It's nice to have a good local place.
Left when you were 17 right?
We heard of your exploits.
Seems you took care of your own.
You're all from the same place?
Old friends...
Pals from mainland China.
Say something jerk!
Kid brother studied in the US?
With your parents deceased...
did you pay for that?
A famous street punk...
with a sensible brother who studied abroad?
Doesn't sound right to me.
What are you up to?
You should've cleared off with the cash from that bank.
The Yakuza are onto you.
They'll be after you soon.
Got a family?
A daughter.
You should be home.
You'll get nothing from me.
Didn't think I would.
Can I go, then?
My old man was a village cop.
Nothing went on there.
He just ran around like a scarecrow,
'til he died.
But then...
even a scarecrow keeps away the sparrows.
I can't stand those that sacrifice others.
Unlike you, this country's done nothing for me.
You fucking murderer!
Back off! Stop it!
I'll get you in the end.
They'll all laugh when they see it...
But they love my cock.
Sorry it's so small.
It's genetics...
Shit's still pouring out of you.
What is it with the human body?
A complete mystery.
And you broke the record.
Pumped full of smack...screwed by all...
Bathed in your own shit.
How is it? Still high?
Back down again?
Do you sense god?
Where are you now?
But why...
when I flushed you out so many times... you still stink?
What's this stench?
I did it again.
You're home.
Hey, there.
It's gotten worse. They need to operate.
What do you mean ok? We need $200,000!
She doesn't have much time left.
I'll talk to my parents.
Don't do that!
She's my daughter.
I'll sort something out.
She's our daughter!
Don't worry about the money.
I'll sort it out.
Get a move on!
Jojima! What's going on? Trying to burst the place?
Don't you listen Jojima?
I'd like a small girl with big tits.
But I don't want to fuck...
She'll be there in a minute.
Oh boy.
Hotel Venus, room 203. Get over there.
You said I was off now.
Shut up and go.
Lying fucker.
Fuck yourself.
Under the anti-prostitution laws your busted!
Who the fuck are you?
Police you idiot!
The girls were busted?
Why now?
Anyway, stay low for a while.
Isn't Okuyama pulling his weight?
Why are you hitting on us? Nothing better to do?
Like clean up your gambling joints.
They were kosher before.
Want me to arrest you too?
Why? Pissing in public?
You're the one who's really in charge.
If I arrest you, what'll happen to your gang?
This cop's threatening me.
Not threatening, bargaining.
Go get some drinks.
What bargain?
Lend me $200,000.
And soon.
For pure Marxists...
...communism is a societal archetype.
Resulting from scientific laws of history.
However, socialism was mostly disbanded... the late eighties, in the face of capitalist pressure.
Communism now faces are thinking...
..on the roots of historical materialism...
...and needs to rediscover it's origins... a scientifically predictable result; a utopian response...
to the internal contradictions...
...which can be perceived to be... the heart of western capitalism.
So many ways to live life...
In the USA minorities aren't all gang members.
Even in the Ghetto, you can study...
...and really make something out of life.
I pray it all works out for you.
Why the hell did you come here?
And so then...
I join you all in celebrating...
...the great friendship between Japan and China.
Gentlemen, please raise your glasses... toast Kah-san's birthday.
Kah-san, here's a present.
How do you say sword in Chinese?
Thank you so much.
For Christ's Sake!
This mobile customer is out of range or has turned off...
You won't get this in hospital, so order all you want.
It's only a family restaurant.
Don't be rude.
At least we're all together...
An analog phone?
Typical Japanese police.
Where are you from?
What part of China?
Idiot! Can't control a junior lieutenant?
Watch your neck.
Who is he?
It's Jojima. He won't listen to me.
What do we pay you for then?
Is your Chief gonna want a piece too?
Don't worry, he's happy with his flutes.
Where are you?
"Bolo" on second street.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Maybe I'll go in...
No! Stay there! Wait for me!
Sorry. It's work.
I'm a policeman.
I'm police!
So what?
No sweat!
What're you doing here?
Are you stupid?
Who the fuck are you kidding?
We've been had.
Mr Kah?
He's gone.
No use....Christ.
So, I guess...
...that puts me in charge.
Jesus! It's kinda sudden.
Gonna need your help.
That cash I lent you...
lets call it quits.
That's right.
So I owe you nothing?
It's your lucky day.
Don't you shoot.
It's me.
It's taken care of. Tell your boss.
I'm sorry.
I better go.
I'm sorry.
No fucking way.
Shall I get him?
We can't take this report.
Why not?
I must ask you again to file them in order.
Please redo it.
Sorry to bother you at work.
What's up?
You'd think she was going away for years. Look at all this.
There's more to buy. Can I borrow the car?
Don't they make you ill!
Will you be late tonight?
Doesn't look like I'll make it.
Don't overdo it.
I'll get them. Bye.
Got something else lined up?
I'll think about it in a while.
Why not go to a hot spring? Relax a little.
Call me anytime.
You'll look after everything?
Leave it to me.
Shinjuku's under control.
Will Taiwan work for us?
Don't worry. There's tons of opportunity.
Here comes the fast scene.
Where are you?
Come out.
Don't hide.
Come out!
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