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Subtitles for Dead Presidents CD2.

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Dead Presidents CD2

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Hey, uh, is Juanita in?
No, she's not, but she'll be back in a...
in a while.
So you gonna stand out there, or you comin' in?
I'm gonna come on in.
Girl, check you out.
I thought you were goin' over to the communists.
Ah. Nah. Not me.
Now, dig, if you were smart, that's what you would've done.
Man, you don't know what the hell you talkin' about, girl.
No, it's cool. I mean it's not your fault you been brainwashed by America.
I mean, at least you made it back alive, right?
You know, "Hello, how you doin'?" That would've been real nice...
before you got off onto all this political shit.
Welcome home.
And welcome to the revolution.
- So, this is Sarah's? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, wow.
- So, is she a smart baby? - Ahh.
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Hey, y'all. Sorry I'm late. Traffic on the Cross Bronx was a mess.
Oh. All righty.
There we go.
There you go.
Go play with your blocks. Go play with your blocks.
Oh, no. Look, Juanita. I'm in one piece.
Hey, I got somebody I want you to meet.
Come here, Sarah. Come to Mommy.
Good girl. Come here. Look at that.
- That's Daddy. Say hi. - Hi.
This is Sarah Marie Curtis.
- Hi. - Hello.
Hold her, silly. She's yours.
Hey. Mmm.
Hey, um...
Oh, yeah. Be advised. What's goin' on, my brothers?
- This is it, huh? - Yeah. This is home.
Dig it. Dig it.
Check out Sleepin' Beauty back there.
Boy, I still can't get over how gorgeous she is.
Oh, she got that from her mama.
Oh. Okay.
You know, Juanita...
I wanna let you know l... I did miss you. A lot.
Don't you think I know that, Anthony?
It's not important anyway. The important thing is that you're here now.
Shh. Come here.
Hey, baby girl.
Hey, Cutty.
Came by to see you a little earlier, but you weren't home.
Oh, you know I had class tonight after work...
and then I stopped over by my mother's.
- Oh, yeah. I forgot. It's Saturday. - Yeah.
I see my little girl's sleepin' back there, huh?
Yeah. She's all played out.
- Cutty, I wanted you to meet, um... - Look here.
- Got a little somethin' for Sarah. - Smiling faces
- Buy her something real nice. - Smiling faces sometimes
Hey, Cutty, I told you to stop spoilin' her like this.
Smiling faces
Smiling faces tell lies
- Somebody's gotta do it. - And I got proof
- Beware - Cutty, I want you to meet Anthony.
Okay. All right.
Let me just put her to bed. You come on in and make yourself at home.
Come on in.
Okay. Can I get you something to drink, or...
Look, Juanita. Uh, I think I better go.
But you just got here.
Who knows, you could be expectin' company or something.
Nobody's comin' here, Anthony.
I think I still should go.
I used to see Cutty. Is that what you wanna hear?
Oh. Blood made that very clear to me.
So then, what's the problem?
Why, man throwed two yards on your car.
You askin' me what's the problem? Shit. Obviously nothin'.
Don't come up in here judgin' me.
What the fuck, man? You got a pimp around my daughter?
Oh, he is not a pimp.
And besides, if you cared anything about havin' a daughter...
you'd have wrote me back after I sent you our picture.
But don't jump on me for havin' a life.
You didn't want one with me.
So now what?
Are you gonna leave?
Some bullshit.
Come here.
Come on. Come here.
Ooh, hey
Ya gotta, gotta payback Payback
- Damn! - Revenge
A man The big payback
Got to get back
Cleanup time, Cowboy.
See, man, why the fuck you always gotta talk some shit?
Payback Right there
- See, that's why I kicked his fuckin' ass when he was a little kid, man. - Payback
- Always gettin' smart and shit. - A man
Get down with my girlfriend
That ain't right
Now you gonna play this marine war hero.
Out of touch
You know what I think?
- I think y'all was some goddam fools goin' over there... - Gonna fight
fightin' that white man's war.
- That's right. - Payback everything you got to see
- What you got when you get back here, huh? - Yeah
- Never do any damn thing - Not a goddam thing.
Course, you do got that fine-ass Juanita.
- Throw me out - Now, what the fuck you lookin' at me like that for, man?
I'm just complimentin' you on your taste.
Throw me away You had all the rage
- You had me down - Course you know...
- That's the facts - Baddest motherfucker this side of Nicky Barnes...
- Now, you punk - My boss man Cutty...
Gettin' ready for the big payback
I thought that might ring a bell.
The big payback That's where I learned
He used to tap that ass while you was over in Nam.
- The big payback - Motherfucker!
- Goddam! - You do some fuckin' talkin', don't you, goddam it!
Try this on, motherfucker.
- No, no, no. He needs his ass whipped. - What you mean "no"?
Get the fuck outta here! Talk shit now, huh, motherfucker?
- Shut the fuck up. Come on. Come on. Motherfucker. Now what? - I'm ready to be respected
You wanna fuck with me or what? I'm gonna fuckin' kill your ass!
- Say somethin' now, motherfucker. - That's enough, youngblood.
- Pull out your goddam knife! - No! That's enough. Come on!
- I gonna kill this motherfucker! - That's enough!
That mother! I'm gonna kill this motherfucker!
- Let me go, Kirby! Let me go! - No. He's already beat up. Come on now.
- Oh, shit. - Come on. Let's go get some air.
Don't need no fuckin' air! Let me go!
- Let me hit him, hit him, hit him - That's game.
Gonna have the aeroplane corn bread.
Here we go. Ooh!
- You gonna spoil that girl. - Mm-hmm.
Gonna spoil that one in your belly too.
I don't need no spoiled kids.
Hey, why not?
Not enough black babies are spoiled.
Ain't that right, Sarah, hmm?
You got a point there.
Come on. Sit on down.
Big girl. Come here.
Come here.
Look at you.
Fat girl.
See what we got ourselves here.
Oh, you know what? I think we're gonna have ourselves a little boy.
Yeah, come on, man. You got to be a boy.
Boy, boy, boy. Mm.
Ant Junior. See, it's the power of the mind.
We will ourselves a little boy.
Then can you will yourself a better job?
Can you will yourself to stop drinkin' so much?
Come on, honey. Don't even start that shit, all right?
I thought we supposed to be havin' a nice time here.
Look, Juanita.
l-I'm gonna get myself a... a good job.
You know how long you been singin' that same old song now, Anthony?
I mean, in case you haven't noticed, this here's the real world.
Ain't no free meals here like in the marines.
Say, let me tell you somethin'. Wasn't nothin' free in the marines.
I earned every meal and every fuckin' dollar, all right?
Look, everything's gonna be cool.
You know I'll be five months next week.
You're five months pregnant, you can't be no nurse's aide.
I said we'll be all right.
Hey, um... Anybody want some speed?
Get the fuck outta here with that shit.
Say, why don't you cut the bullshit, Joe?
Can't you clear your mind for one sec, man?
Now, you sure that they pick up cash money?
Hey, cash money, bro.
Like clockwork, once a month. Then they stop by the post office...
before they make their final run to Washington, man.
All the way to Washington, D.C., where they burn the money.
Can you believe that shit?
Old bills, man. Sometimes a couple million.
- How many guards? - Four.
Two in the front and one in the back carry revolvers.
The other one, 12-gauge shotgun, man.
You think we can take 'em?
I can't say, man. I mean...
four guards, and all of 'em packin'?
I put up the guns. I get the money together to get the plans goin'.
But you got to be the master planner.
You got medals for blowin' motherfuckers up out there.
- Man, I heard you were like John Wayne. - Well, then that's the deal.
Yeah, all that money.
Ah, man.
Anthony. You down?
- Ahh. - The look
- Of love - Let's drink on it anyway.
- Is in your eyes - Mmm.
- Ahh. - A look
- Ooh, ooh, ooh. - Your heart
- Say, man. Shhh. - Can't disguise - Hmm?
Put the goddam thing away. Get your little pyromaniac ass...
- You gonna be walkin' in a minute. - Aw, cool out, Kirby, man.
I'm not gonna burn your car. Not yet, at least.
Don't go
Forget it, Juanita.
Come on. Watch out there.
The look of love
What's the problem, Anthony?
What is it? I mean, is it because I'm pregnant?
Shh. Come on. Now, don't be silly.
So, then what's the problem?
Come on. Talk to me. What is it?
I told you. You need to leave that alcohol alone.
- No! No! - Anthony! Anthony, baby!
It's me. It's me. It's all right.
It's all right. Come here.
Shh. Shh. Shh. It's just another dream.
It's just another dream.
This is my best cut, Mrs Stein. Enjoy.
Thank you very much, Saul.
- He's such a nice man. - What did he give you?
- We need to talk. - Oh.
- So what's happenin'? - You're a good man.
Aw, come on, Saul. I ain't got time to kibitz with ya. I got a whole lot of meat to cut.
I'm closing down the shop.
Should've told you sooner, but I thought maybe...
business, you know, pick up a little.
- Here. - Oh, no, look, Saul... No. I can't.
What am I gonna do with it? I have to get rid of it.
Come on.
Now I know
We have great respect
For the sister and mother
It's even better yet
But there's the joker in the street
Here you go, brother. Don't let the bullshit get to you.
I'm tryin', man. I'm tryin'.
You wanna get the man's foot off your neck?
Come check us out.
Take care of yourself, brother. Live righteous.
Here you go, brother. Here you go.
Take care of yourself, brother. Come see us now.
Don't let us hang around this town
- Here you go, sister. - And let what others say come true
Brothers and sisters, here you go.
Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Hey, youngblood.
Bringin' in the groceries, huh?
Lord, have mercy.
Man, I remember when I was married.
I used to love to bring home the groceries.
Made me feel real good.
Like a man. Know what I mean?
Hey, listen, youngblood. Uh...
I just dropped by to see Juanita and Sarah.
- You know, lay a little somethin' on 'em. - Stopped by to see my baby?
Is that right?
You know, youngblood...
I took care of your woman and your baby when you were in the war.
Now, a man oughta get a little respect for somethin' like that.
Now, I ain't gonna lie to you.
I care about Juanita. I care about her a whole lot.
But you back now, and I'm gone.
So from this point on, you should consider me like a friend of the family.
Find yourself in a jam and shit, need a little cash...
you come see me, I'll front you.
- Keep your shit. - Listen, brother.
I know about pride.
But you got mouths to feed.
Now, I laid a little cash on Juanita.
Say, man, stay the fuck away from my family.
What did you say?
You heard me, goddam it.
I said, "Stay the fuck away from my family."
See, I ain't the enemy, youngblood.
I don't want no trouble.
See, I tried to be a friend, motherfucker.
Surprise, nigger.
Big bad marines.
Look at you now.
Does she suck you?
Fuck you?
Make you feel like a man?
Make you feel real good?
Huh, boy?
Now, she wasn't doin' it like that before you went to the war, now was she?
Now you gettin' all that good lovin'...
and you can't even put food on your fuckin' table.
Come on, Santa Claus. Open your mouth and suck this.
Come on. I got a present for you. Suck it!
- Suck it, nigger! - Kill me, motherfucker.
Shoot me right now.
What you gonna do, shoot me?
You lucky this is personal, nigger.
I ain't gonna kill you over no woman.
Don't you ever...
in your fuckin' life...
bite the hand that feeds you, nigger.
See ya, Santa Claus.
- Hold still now. - I'm all right.
- Hold still. - No, I'm all right. Damn!
You givin' him that money back.
He won't take it back.
What the fuck you talkin'... You better get his shit back to him!
Even if I wanted to give it back to him, Anthony, he wouldn't take it back.
W-W-W-Wait. What the fuck you talkin' about, "if you wanted to give it back"?
No, no, no, no. Fuck that shit.
Have you forgotten you just lost your damn job? We need that fuckin' money.
- We don't need his money. - Yeah, well, Anthony, I'll tell you what.
You start bringin' some real money in here, like a real man, and then I'll think about givin' it back to him.
Until then, I don't wanna hear shit.
You need to get your tight ass together, that's what you need to do, and stop feelin' sorry for your damn self.
Sometimes it's like you ain't even the same man I knew before the war.
That's who I was in love with. That's who I thought showed the fuck back up here.
I don't know who the fuck you are.
So, what? You just, uh, suck his dick so good...
he just start throwin' money at you, right?
What is with you?
Why you so damn paranoid? I ain't fuckin' him.
Not at this moment, you ain't. No.
But the motherfucker ain't sniffin' around here...
tossin' money in your motherfuckin' face for nothin'!
Yeah, well, I sleep with you every night, don't I?
You know, Juanita, that's a damn good question.
Come on. Go ahead.
Admit this shit, man. Be honest. You fuckin' him, right?
- Is that what you wanna hear, Anthony? That's what you wanna hear? - Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah.
Fine. I'm fuckin' him.
So, uh, whose baby is that?
D-Don't even answer that shit.
No, you right. I ain't gonna answer it. I mean, shit. You Anthony.
You the big marine man with no damn job. You know every fuckin' thing.
Answer this for me: If you think I'm jivin' you so much, Anthony, why the hell you with me? Huh?
Why the fuck you with me? What, you think I need you? Do you think I need this shit?
Fuck. You can't get a decent job, you won't fuck me.
The only time I get to hold you is when you're havin' one of them silly-ass nightmares...
Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!
You don't know, girl. You really don't know.
- Don't you fuckin' walk away from... - You better get the fuck off of me!
- Don't walk away from me, Anthony. - Let me go.
- Don't you... What about Sarah? - I'll fuckin' kill you, girl!
Don't you ever run up on me! Ever! Ever run up on me again!
I'll fuckin' kill you, Juanita! Get the fuck off me!
Bunch of shit!
- Yeah! - That's right. You can't trust them!
- Now, they send our men off to Vietnam... - That's what they do.
to fight for this so-called democracy.
- That's right. Preach, sister. - Yeah! Yeah!
But when they get back down to the South Bronx...
and to Bed-Stuy and Harlem and Watts, etc., etc...
shit is worse than ever.
- There is something very sick about that. - He's a devil.
That's right, he's the devil.
That's right!
Go, sister! Go on!
- Power to the people! - Power to the people!
- In 'n' out. - Never, never gonna give you up
I'm never, ever gonna stop
Not the way I feel about you
- Girl, I just can't live without you - There you go.
- I'm never, ever gonna quit - What can I get you, baby?
Anyway, so like I was sayin', I ran into this brother...
and he, uh, gave me this flyer.
So I figured I'd go over and check it out.
And there you were, up there talkin' that ol' righteous shit.
I'm just a college student tryin' to do her part to rally the people together.
But, dig, we need more than talk. It's... It's time to do.
- Do what? - Revolution.
Oh, wait a minute. See. Y'all a little outta my league now.
Is that what you're gonna say when the revolution comes?
W-When it's time to pick up a gun?
What you know about weapons?
I'm qualified to handle a.45...
an M-16 rifle, a.38-calibre pistol...
and a Russian AK-47.
An AK-47?
Why don't you join us?
A lot of brothers from the war have.
Baby, I got enough heavy shit to deal with.
- I got you, brother. - Relax.
You're so uptight.
Damn, I got to make some fuckin' bread.
I'm through with your sister, but...
I still got to take care of my baby girl, Sarah.
Shit, and the one that's on the way.
Look, anyway, uh, I got this plan to make some money.
I want you to keep this shit to yourself.
At 6:15 a.m., the truck pulls outta the post office...
at 149th and Grand Concourse.
Now, it makes one stop before it goes to D. C...
which is a mail drop-off at First Federal Loan and Savings...
which is on Noble Street and West.
Now, Kirby...
you're gonna position yourself in a getaway car...
at the end of the corner, where you can see everything.
Jose. Me and you gonna position ourselves behind the bank...
underneath the left and the right side of the loadin' dock.
Delilah, you're gonna position yourself inside the Dumpster...
which is located directly across from the loadin' dock.
Now, Skippy, I want you to position yourself...
approximately ten feet from the alleyway.
There, you post a lookout.
We all know what to do at the point of attack...
because we've gone over that shit enough.
If anybody gets caught, you shut the fuck up, and we'll keep your money.
Shh! Fuck that shit, man.
I'm telling you right now, if I get caught...
- I'm shooting my fuckin' way out. - Nigger, put that shit down.
I think we need another man on the street with Skip.
Someone to cover the other side.
- I agree. - Oh, man! Hell, no!
We don't need no 'nother man. Shit, I can see.
- Besides, we got too many motherfuckers anyway. - Fuck that shit, Kirby, man.
Everybody trusts everybody here, right?
I can get somebody from our organization.
Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't want none of them revolutionary niggers involved.
You can cut your eye at me all you want to.
I ain't too keen on havin' that broad up in here neither.
Well, you the one talkin' about we need another man. Make up your goddam mind.
You have somebody in mind, Anthony?
We might as well put a motherfuckin' ad in the paper. Then we gonna get everybody.
Shit, ain't gonna be no money left for a nigger.
Oh, yes! Y'all didn't know your reverend was a gamblin' man?
A sinnin' man?
I was a man who maimed!
I was a man who killed!
We all know it was done in the name of the wicked one.
The one that was cast down from heaven.
- Hallelujah! - Amen!
I said y'all know who I'm talkin' about!
Can I get a "hallelujah" in this house of God?
Well, look here, man. Skip is in. Period. All right?
I stand a lot to lose if this thing blows up in my face.
The last time I saw him, he was shooting poison in his veins.
Yeah, I know. Well, you know, he's tryin' to shake that shit, man.
- He's still on drugs. - And I still trust him with my life, Cleon.
Remember that last battle?
He froze up.
For a minute. Then h-he broke out of it.
And when he "broke out of it," Dugan was dead.
Come on, Cleon. You know that could've happened to any of us.
Now either you in or you out. Which one?
How much money did you say was in that truck?
We still got about 15 minutes.
I tell ya, I could've used another cup of coffee.
Let's make this quick.
Bank security.
- How ya doin'? - Good.
- Mornin'. - Good mornin'.
Oh, f...
You waitin' on the number 11 bus?
I don't think she runs this early.
I caught it the other morning, uh, at this same time.
You sure about that?
- Let me check for you. - No need to go to any trouble, Officer.
No, no, no. No trouble at all, brother.
I see by that patch on your jacket you were in recon.
I was a 5th marine. Always willin' to help out a fellow leatherneck.
Brown on patrol. Brown on patrol.
Requesting off-hour route check on number 11.
Dispatch to Brown. Hold for schedule.
That's a copy.
Do somethin', Cleon.
- Ambush! Ambush! - Drop it, motherfucker!
What the hell?
Joe! Come on. Let's move.
Oh, goddam it!
Fuck! Shit!
Oh, shit!
- Did you see that shit, man? - Hey, what the fuck wrong with you?
- See the way the fuckin' doors blew off, man? - No, motherfucker!
Motherfuckin' Joe, you blew the whole motherfuckin' truck up, motherfucker!
- It blew up like that, man! - That's how you fucked your hand up last time!
You... And the money... You fucked up. I'm gonna kick your motherfuckin' ass!
Grab what you can, motherfucker, before the whole thing burns!
Hey, Anthony and Delilah gotta see this shit, man.
I'm gonna go get 'em! Hey, Anthony!
You gotta see the shit I did, man. I blew that shit up, man!
You gotta see it, man! You gotta see the shit I did!
Let's get outta here. Put the gun down. Put the gun down.
Come on, Delilah. Let's get up. Up. Let's go.
Come on, bro.
We gotta go, man.
I can't... I can't leave her.
You ain't gotta leave her, bro...
'cause she's already gone.
Get up here! Go on!
Unit 1004, do you copy?
Please respond.
Do you require assistance? Do you copy?
Any available units in the vicinity of Noble Street.
Two-eleven in progress. Code three. Repeat.
Two-eleven in progress. Code three.
God's not gonna forgive me for this one.
I'll tell you what, Reverend. With this kind of money, you can buy your way into heaven.
That's where you're wrong, brother.
We done bought our way into hell.
The plain fact is that I promised the Lord I would never sin like this.
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I even want any of this dirty money.
Well, I'll tell you what, Reverend.
We'll find somethin' to do with your share.
- Amen to that shit. - No. No, no, no, no.
- I'll take the money. - You lyin' sack o' shit.
I'm sure the Lord will find another way for me to do my penance.
Just tell me one thing, Cleon.
Why the fuck you didn't grab the cop?
You killed him. A young brother.
If you wouldn't have froze up like a bitch, maybe I wouldn't have had to do that shit, now wouldn't I?
Would y'all shut the fuck up?
Man, Delilah. Shit.
Man, radio said they got Joe's stupid ass.
Fucked it up. The whole plan was fucked up.
We ain't do shit right out there, man. Shit.
Y'all make sure that Jose's share goes to Marisol and his kids.
- Walk on by - Done.
Your junkie ass really messed up out there.
Don't blame me for your fuck-ups.
I told Anthony I didn't want nothin' to do with a crazy, devil-filled junkie!
- What? - You listenin' to me? Look at him.
- Oh, shit! - Now say some more shit!
I'll knock your ass right back down.
Fake-ass wanna-be preacher, no-members-havin' motherfucker!
Why don't y'all stop actin' like some fuckin' clowns?
You know, you niggers sure is silly.
Now, you're standin' here fightin', and we got over $300,000...
of cold, hard, unmarked U.S. cash to split up five ways.
Let me tell ya somethin'. You make me lose count again, I'm gonna shoot me a motherfucker...
and then we gonna be splittin' this thing up four ways, hear?
Man, I can't believe this. They was gonna burn all this shit.
All this shit, and a nigger can't even find a job.
Well, that's Uncle Sam for you, baby.
Money to burn.
Police have issued an all-points bulletin for the remaining...
...Reserve Bank on Noble Street.
Faces painted skeleton white.
Cobra, request your status. Over.
- Five federal security guards... - Anthony!
- She's already gone. - Do it. Kill me.
The bloody shootout erupted... an armoured truck... explosives...
No, motherfuckin' Joe. You blew the whole motherfuckin' truck up, motherfucker!
...the deaths of nine people.
The heroin ain't never did nothin' to me.
...just moments away from the scene of the crime... Robbery turned bloody...
- Had some shit got into me over there, man. - Crushed to death by...
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
- And if you ever saw it - What you slowin' down for?
- Be cool. Be cool. - What you doin'?
- Come on. Come on. - What the fuck, man? Aw, shit!
- All of the other reindeer - What the fuck we doin' over here?
- Say, man, check out all these kids. - Man!
Hey, let's go to the liquor store and go to the club.
Look, man, I'm gonna take care of you. We're gonna go down to the club.
- We don't know them motherfuckers! - That's the whole point, baby.
Come on. Get in the spirit. Hey, y'all come on over here!
- Nigger, we gonna get robbed. - Hey, be cool, nigger. Y'all come on over here.
- Be cool, man. Damn. - Rudolph, with your nose so bright
All of y'all gonna get some. All right. All right.
- Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! - What, motherfu...
Yeah, man. Merry Christmas, motherfucker. Go on. Leave me alone.
Say, say, Skippy. Hey, man, why don't you bring your ass over here and quit that jivin'.
Come on. Yeah, yeah. Y'all take all the toys. All right. Get one.
- See what I'm sayin'? I ain't kiddin'. We givin' it away. - All right. All right. Yeah.
That's why Santa Claus don't wanna come 'round here 'cause he's scared he's gonna get shot or robbed.
All right. Just one. Hey, hey, hey. Give me this, man. Get a... Get a... Get a toy.
- Come on, come on, come on. - Why you stealin'? You ain't gotta steal.
- All right, all right, all right. - Funky little brothers. I talked to him.
He says he ain't never gonna come down here unless he's got police protection.
Last year, one of y'all niggers stole one of his reindeer.
No, no. I say let's just go up there and kill that motherfucker.
Man, me and Anthony gave out a couple of things, but that was it.
You gave toys and turkeys to people. Then you got the hell outta Dodge.
Man. Y'all sayin' my man is goin' around handin' out $100 bills...
and sayin' that God Almighty gave it to him?
My cousin lives up there in Mount Vernon. He says that Cleon's up there actin' a goddam fool.
That ol' high-profile ass nigger.
Bought a brand-new Caddy.
Folk know he can't afford it.
- Look, man, I'm gonna go over there and talk to him. - No, no, no. Fuck the talk!
I'm drivin' up there, and I'm gonna take him out before he rats us out.
Look, Kirby. I'm gonna handle everything, all right?
- I'm gonna straighten this shit out. - All right.
But if you don't take care of this, Anthony, I promise you, I will.
I told you we didn't need another man.
That's y'all's motherfuckin' punk-ass friend!
People runnin' from their worries
While the judge and his juries
They take the law that's part of the flaw
No. Oh, shit, Cleon!
Love, fallin', fussin' and a-cussin'
The feelin' now is killin'
For peace no one is willin'
Kinda make you get that feelin'
Everybody's startin'
Use the pill and the dope
Educated fools
From uneducated schools
Right now we'd like to bring on a young man who believes in doing things his own way.
And based on the way he kinda get next to all of the folks who've seen him work...
his way has gotta be pretty hip.
So let's lay some noise on the mighty Al Green.
Apartment 13!
I'm so tired of bein' alone
I'm so tied up on my own
Won't you help me, girl
Just as soon as you can
Don't move, mister!
I been wantin' to get next to you, baby
You see, sometime I fold my arms, I say
- Ooo-ooo - Mmm-hmm-mmm
Oh, baby, hey
Needing you has proven to be
To be my greatest dream Yeah
- I'm so tired of being alone - Oh, tired, baby
- Here's the rest of the fifties. - Put it in there.
You know, I still feel fucked-up about this whole situation.
Look, feelin' fucked-up don't help a goddam thing and it ain't gonna bring nobody back.
- Shit! - So, just worry about yourself. We just gotta get outta here.
- Come on. - Say, man, you got everything?
Yeah, grab that bag.
This is a bitch.
This is it, man. This is it.
All we got to do, boy, is make it to Mexico.
We'll be fine. We'll get us a villa, see?
And then, and buy a boat and sail all around the gulf.
Everything will be fine. We just gotta get the fuck outta here.
Yeah, maybe I can send for Sarah once we get down there.
Well, anything's possible. Come on.
Wait a minute. Run, Anthony! Hyah!
Y'all get back! Get away right there! Get off me!
- You pity fool, you pity fool - Fuck!
You better have some sympathy
Yeah 'Cause there's educated people
Runnin' the lives of our society
Makin' up the rules
Mr Curtis, you have been lawfully tried in this court...
and found guilty on all charges.
Do you have anything to say on your own behalf before I pronounce sentence?
no, ain't nothin' I say gonna get me out of this.
But things were gettin' bad for me, and...
I had to do what I had to do to s... to survive.
Maybe it was wrong, but l...
I certainly didn't mean for anybody to be hurt.
Uh, Your Honour, please consider before sentencing...
that my client served his country proud in the Marine Corps.
As a matter of fact, he was a member of an elite unit...
a sergeant, decorated with many medals.
In fact, one of those medals was the, uh, Silver Star, for valour.
I realize that my client had a difficult time adjusting when he...
Excuse me, Counsel. l, too, was a marine...
and I served my country proudly in World War Il, a real war, I may add.
- Yes, Your Honor... - I'm not finished yet, please.
I received the Purple Heart at Guadalcanal.
Now, this young man has obviously forgotten some very...
fundamental things like decency and dedication and honor...
everything the corps taught us.
He is a disgrace to everyone that has ever put on that uniform...
and I will not permit you or him to use the Vietnam War as a cop-out here.
Anthony Curtis, for your participation in this crime...
a crime that took the lives of several innocent people, I do hereby...
sentence you to the custody of the Attorney General of the United States...
for a period of 15 years to life.
Oh, my God.
These proceedings are concluded. This court is adjourned.
"Life"? What the fuck he mean "life"?
After all the shit I did for this motherfuckin' country?
What the fuck he talkin' about, "life"? Man, fuck you! Fuck you!
- Hey! - Oh, Anthony!
After all the shit I did for this motherfuckin' country?
You, remove the prisoner from the court!
- You hear me? - Fuck you! Fuck you! - Restrain the prisoner!
Get him outta here! Let the record show... Let the record show...
that a chair was thrown at the judge.
Whoa, whoa
If you see me walkin' down the street
And I start to cry
Each time we meet
Then walk on by
Walk on by
Make believe
That you don't see the tears
You just let me grieve in private
'Cause each time I see you
I just can't help myself I think about how tight we used to be
I break down and cry
Oh, baby
Walk on by
I just can't get over losing you
So if I seem
Broken in two
Please walk on by
Walk on by
Foolish pride
Is all that I have left
So let me hide
The tears and the sadness you gave me
You put the hurt on me
You socked it to me, mama
When you said goodbye
So, please, walk on by
Make believe you never see the tears I cry
So do me a favour
And walk on by
So I'm beggin' you to
Walk on by
Oh, yeah
And make believe you never see the tears I cry
So I'm beggin' you I'm beggin' you
To walk on by
Make believe you never see the tears I cry
There's no dust in my eye
Oh, no
Smoke ain't makin' me cry
No, no, no
It's the hurt you put on me, yeah
I don't want you to see this man cry
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Ooh, yeah, yeah
Where is the love
You said you'd give to me
Soon as you were free
Will it ever be
Where is the love
You told me that you didn't love him
And you were gonna say goodbye
But if you really didn't mean it
Why did you have to lie
Where is the love
You said was mine all mine
Till the end of time
Was it just a lie
Where is the love
If you had had a sudden change of heart
I wish that you would tell me so
Don't leave me hangin' on these promises
You've gotta let me know
Do-do do-do
Do-do do-do
Do-do do-do-do
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