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Dead Zone The

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[School Bell Rings]
"...and the raven, never flitting,
still is sitting, still is sitting
on the pallid bust of Pallas
just above my chamber door.
And his eyes have all the seeming
of the demons that heīs dreaming.
The lamplight streaming
throws his shadow on the floor.
And my soul, from out that shadow, that lies floating on the floor
shall be lifted... nevermore."
Pretty good, huh? Okay.
Read The Legend of SleepyHollow.
Youīll like it.
A teacher gets chased by a headless demon.
Can teachers be expelled for kissing?
- They get fired. - Thank God itīs Friday.
You sound like my students.
Why donīt you carry my books?
I hope you havenīt made plans.
- Where are we going? - Itīs a surprise.
- Aaahhh! - Aaahhh!
You okay?
- Whatīs wrong? - I donīt know.
It didnīt used to bother me.
Enjoy the ride, folks?
Take it away.
Do you want to come in?
Iīd better not.
Are you all right?
Iīm okay.
I had a wonderful time.
Are you sure you donīt want to come in?
You could spend the night here.
Iīd better not.
Some things are worth waiting for.
My books.
Johnny, wait!
Iīm so crazy about you.
Iīm going to marry you.
You better.
- Drive carefully. - I will.
Whereīs Intensive Care?
Johnny, donīt leave me, please.
Johnny, youīre going to get better. I know you are.
Can you hear me?
Weīre going to get married.
Donīt leave me.
Hello, John.
My nameīs Weizak.
Iīm Dr. Sam Weizak.
Iīm the director ofthis clinic.
Youīve been our guest for a while.
Thatīs a funny way of putting it.
How do you feel?
My throat hurts.
Try a little water.
Hey, slow down.
Not so fast. Slow down.
Youīve been involved in a terrible traffic accident.
Do you remember?
Am I okay?
youīve been smashed up pretty badly.
What is it?
No bandages.
How come?
Your parents are here.
Theyīre right next door.
Iīll bring them in now. Is that okay?
Do come in.
Hi, Mom, Dad.
Itīs a miracle,John.
I know.
I was lucky. Look.
Not a scratch.
The Lord has delivered you from your trance.
Remember what we discussed, Mrs. Smith.
What is she talking about?
Youīve been in a coma, Johnny. Not a trance.
For how long?
Weīre just glad to have you back.
Dad, how long?
Five years.
Five long years,John.
Lost for five years.
And now reborn unto me.
Five... years?
What about Sarah?
Cast her from your thoughts.
Sheīs turned her back on you.
She cleaves now unto another man,
a husband.
- Amy. - Aaahhh!
- Amy. - Amy is my daughterīs name.
Your daughterīs screaming. The house is burning.
Your daughterīs in the house.
Itīs not too late.
Your daughter is screaming.
Amyīs screaming. Itīs not too late.
Hurry up!
First, we will get your body back into shape.
Although youīve been exercised regularly,
the ligaments have shortened a little.
Must I live in a wheelchair?
Not permanently.
And not for very long. Not if I can help it.
I, uh-- I wonīt deceive you,John.
Your therapy will be long and painful.
But you will walk.
The wolf is loose.
John, are you all right?
No match for them.
Horses, fire.
[Speaking Polish]
The boy is safe.
The boy is safe.
John! John!
Are you all right? Hmm?
Tell me... what about the boy?
You keep saying, "The boy is safe."
- What boy? - You. Youīre the boy.
I am the boy?
- She saved you. Sheīs alive, Sam. - Who?
Your mother.
- No, thatīs not possible. - She survived.
John, my mother is dead.
Sheīs alive. I know her name and where she lives.
But that is not possible,John.
How could you know that? How--
Iīm scared, Sam.
Whatīs happening to me?
- Hello? - Hello. May I speak to...
- Is Johanna there, please? - One moment.
[Speaking Polish]
Hello? Who is this, please?
you are either in possession
ofa very new human ability...
or a very old one.
- [Knock On Door] - Yes?
Oh. Over here will be fine.
Weīre trying to get you back on your feet.
This should help you regain your strength.
Whatīs on your mind?
You were right,John...
about my mother.
I got the number from information.
It was in the phone book.
Did you talk to her?
No, I didnīt.
I, um--
She came to the phone,
but I just couldnīt talk to her.
I hung up.
Because it wasnīt meant to be.
It wasnīt meant to be.
Chug, chug, chug. Come on. Keep it moving.
Weight down, knees up.
Keep it moving.
- Thatīs it. - Thatīs it?
- Thatīs what I get, 8 lousy steps? - I counted 1 0.
Iīd like you to do some serious chugging.
Iīm going to run around the building.
- Keep chugging? - Okay.
See you.
They told me you were outside.
I am.
I didnīt know if I should come or not.
Itīs all right.
You got your hair cut.
Yeah, a long time ago.
You lost weight.
They call it coma diet--
lose weight while you sleep.
You know I got married.
I heard that.
Youīd like him.
You still teach?
Uh-uh. Motheringīs a full timejob.
Kids, too? I didnīt know that.
Iīm sorry.
I thought your father would have told you.
Heīs a wonderful little boy. His nameīs Denny.
- How old is he? - Ten months.
Iīm glad foryou.
Donīt look at me like that.
What am I going to do?
For you, five years have passed.
For me, itīs the next day.
My feelings havenīt changed yet.
Why did it have to happen?
Bad luck.
I never should have let you go that night.
It was my idea, remember?
What a jerk.
Everybodyīs talking about you.
Youīre the talk ofthe town.
īCause I got my head bashed in
and Iīm alive?
Because you have the power of second sight.
Is it true,Johnny?
The papers wonīt let up about it.
I keep thinking about a line
from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,
the last thing I gave my class before the accident.
Ichabod Crane disappears.
The line goes, "As he was a bachelor
and in nobodyīs debt,
nobody troubled their head about him anymore."
Is that what youīre afraid of?
Thatīs what I want. Thatīs what I want.
I donīt approve.
The press has been hounding me.
I want it over with.
Once youīve set something like this in motion,
it seems you never know where it will lead.
Itīs already in motion.
I want to stop it.
They put it out,
and thatīs all there is.
Clement Dardis, WJGE-TV.
What happened to the girl?
I understand sheīs fine.
Well, uh...
would you call this a psychic experience?
- No, I would not. - Ever had one before?
How about a demonstration,John?
- A what? - You know, a demonstration.
You got any predictions?
You think Greg Stillson
is going to unseat Senator Proctor?
- Who? - Greg Stillson.
Uh... thankyou, sir.
- No more. - Wait, wait a minute!
How about the election?
I donīt even know who youīre talking about.
Well, you didnīt know anything about this nurse.
That was different.
Well, I--
I touched her hand.
Oh. All right. All right!
Now, touch my hand.
Tell me, is my house on fire,John?
- Shall I stop this? - No.
You want to know ifyouīre going to die?
Weīll all die. You want to know ifyouīll die tomorrow.
Is that right?
You want to know why your sister killed herself.
All right. Go on.
- Itīs not all right. - Itīs okay.
Itīs not okay.
Okay. I wonīt talk about that!
- Let go, you fucking freak! - Please stop it!
Leave him alone!
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Youīre hurting him!
Dr. Danvers, call 1522.
Dr. Danvers, call 1522.
Oh, yes, Nurse.
She knows youīre coming.
Doctor, thanks for bringing the boy.
Itīs Johnny, Mom.
Leave your boots outside the door.
Donīt go tracking snow all over the house.
I wonīt.
Youīre a good boy.
[Death Rattle]
Youīre wasting your time here, Sheriff.
You know that, donīt you?
Well, you never know, Frank.
Itīs worth a try.
- Mr. Smith? - Yeah, Iīm Herb Smith.
Sheriff Bannerman, Castle Rock. May I come in?
Yeah, sure. Come in.
Itīs a little nippy out there.
- Thatīs a nice tree. - Thanks.
May I do something foryou, Sheriff?
Actually, I came to see your son.
Are youJohn?
Sheriff Bannerman.
Castle Rock.
Iīve come to you
with what you could call a proposal.
It concerns the Castle Rock Killer.
- Have you heard of him? - Sure.
I donīt know whether itīs true or not,John...
about these psychic powers ofyours.
If itīs true, I could use your help.
Maybe you should give him--
Think about it,
but bear in mind some decent young women
from homes just like this
have met with terrible, terrible deaths.
Now, Iīm at my witsī end.
Iīve exhausted about every approach to this situation.
Iīve come up with nothing.
I feel you can help me.
You made a mistake.
I was sorry to hear about your motherīs death.
I understand she was a good woman,
Christian woman.
Iīm not a religious man, Iīm sorry to say,
but if God has seen fit to bless you with this gift,
you should use it.
Bless me?
You know what God did for me?
He threw a truck at me,
bounced me into nowhere for five years!
My girl was gone, myjob was gone,
my legs are useless.
Bless me?
Godīs been a real sport to me.
All right,John.
Ifyou change your mind, you know where I am.
Merry Christmas to you.
Well what?
See? What did I tell you?
Them murders, god-awful things.
Went on during the time you were in that coma.
Donīt have the knack for tinsel.
It was your mother who kept the tree looking good.
I wish to God she was here now
so she could talk to you about this thing.
Iīm not much help to you.
Sure you are.
You, uh, want to talk about it?
Not that much to say.
It donīt bring you much happiness.
When it happens...
when the spells come,
it feels like-- I donīt know.
It feels like Iīm dying... inside.
No snow.
It should snow for Christmas.
I brought you a visitor.
I didnīt know you were coming.
I wasnīt sure myself.
If Iīd known you were coming,
Iīd have cleaned up.
You look wonderful.
You lost the crutches, I see.
Yeah. I still got the limp.
Is your father home?
He wonīt be back till later.
Is that who I think it is?
His Majesty.
- Danny? - Denny.
Say hi.
Itīs cold. Come on in.
Heīs asleep.
Last time we were alone together,
you said some things were worth waiting for.
havenīt we waited long enough?
Charlene MacKenzieīs got Dad building things.
Ifyou ask me, itīs the company she wants more than the bookcases.
I heard that.
Thatīs a boy.
There you are, young fella.
I made that when John was born.
Itīs an excellent chair.
What have you two been up to all day?
Making bookcases.
Sit down. Dinnerīs ready.
That smells good. Iīm starved.
- I hope you like it. - Heīs fed up with my cuisine.
For our bounty,
may the Lord make us grateful. Amen.
It feels good to have a family
eating around this table again.
Will I see you again?
Not like today.
Go inside, youīre freezing.
- It doesnīt have to-- - Donīt say it.
Donīt say it,Johnny.
Iīll just say good night.
Guess Iīll hit the hay.
Iīm going to watch TV.
Good night, son.
Despite efforts of police forces,
the killer i sat large, and is likelyto remain so.
We spoke to Sheriff Bannerman
outside the courthouse.
We have no newleads at this time.
However, there is the hope
thatsome citizen might havesome information
that wouldbe very helpful.
My line is open.
Iīd welcome anyhelp we canget.
ThatīsallIhave to say.
Nine murders have been attributed
to the Castle Rock Killer, dating back almost 3 1/2years.
The most recent victim
was 15 year old Debbie Linderman,
a sophomore at Castle RockHigh School.
Her partially cladbody wasfoundone month ago today.
Asin the other Castle Rockkillings,
cause of death was multiple stab wounds.
Next on News Eight,
sportsand weather with Ron,
Iīm going to help.
The sheriff that came here...
Iīm going to help him.
We think the killer
hid down at the end of the tunnel there.
When the girl came through,
the bastard was waiting for her.
Kids shouldnīt come through here,
but they use this as a short cut to school.
He stood right here.
Found a lot ofcigarette butts, same brand.
Eight or nine butts here.
This help you any?
I donīt know. Have you got something
he might have touched or worn?
Frank, give me that package.
Itīs our only real evidence.
Found it in the bushes back there.
Same brand as the butts.
I thought Iīd feel something, but--
Canīt say we didnīt try.
Dispatch to SheriffBannerman.
Yeah, this is Bannerman.
Wegot anotherbody.
damn it!
Whatīs the word?
- Is it the Castle Rock Killer? - Hey, Sheriff!
Whatīs the word about the robbery?
Thatīs the psychic, isnīt it?
Give us a break.
Weīre trying to do a story here.
Youīll just have to wait.
Looks pretty grim to me.
Anyone know who she is?
I know her. Alma Frechette.
She works at the Coffee Pot Cafe.
Was this psychic your idea, George?
Get these people out of here.
Move them back. Move the people back.
Knock it offwith those cameras. No more.
- Dodd! - Yeah?
- Nobody comes up here. - You got it, Sheriff.
You want to try?
Hey, Alma! Hi.
What are you doing?
Waiting for a smile from you.
She knows him.
She knows him.
Why waste a smile on you?
You want to see the damndest thing?
- What? - Come up to the gazebo.
She knows him.
Not scared. She knows him.
All right.
What did you want to show me?
Gazebo. You like that word, Alma?
Come here.
Look at this.
Jesus! Let go!
- Is this your idea ofa joke? - Nojoke.
No, no! Wait!
You all right? Dodd, give me a hand.
I saw him. I was there.
- I saw his face. - Who?
I stood there and watched him kill that girl. Dodd!
- What are you saying? - I did nothing.
I stood there and watched him kill that girl.
- What are you saying? - Dodd!
I stood there. I did nothing.
Dodd, get up here!
He took off in your car.
I saw his face. I saw his face.
You stay there.
I told you to stay by the car.
Whoīs there?
I want to talk to your son, Mrs. Dodd.
He ainīt here.
His patrol car is out here.
His carīs here. He ainīt.
I saw him in the window.
- He ainīt home! - Iīm coming in.
Leave my boy alone!
You knew.
Didnīt you?
You knew.
Youīre a--
Youīre a devil...
sent from hell!
- No! - Aaah!
May I come in?
How did you find me?
My father?
Stopped offto see him.
He said you moved to a new town.
Heīs worried about you.
And so am I.
Donīt worry. Iīm taking care of myself.
Itīs about time.
Iīm still your doctor.
Youīre still under my care.
We have to... well, stay in touch.
Howīs the, uh-- All healed up now?
The bullet...
went right through me.
- Itīs nothing. - Good.
Nice place you have here.
Itīs home.
Those headaches are getting worse, arenīt they?
Three, four times a day sometimes.
I brought you some new medication.
No! No more pills.
It takes time to recover. The healing process is slow.
Iīm not getting better. Iīm getting worse.
Isnīt that right?
All right.
Now listen. Iīve done some research
into the area of psychic phenomena.
Several cases, such as yours, have been documented.
I was surprised to discover.
And the pattern is always the same.
As the spells, the visions,
grow stronger and more powerful,
the body weakens.
I donīt need any research or documentation
to see this thing is sucking the life out ofyou.
One look tells me that.
You mean Iīm going to die?
How long?
I think we can arrest the process,
reverse it even.
- How? - Come back with me.
- Where? - To the clinic.
No. Absolutely no.
John, please. You must!
So you can study me?
No. So I can protect you.
You need to be in a controlled environment,John.
I want to show you something.
Come with me.
Cards and letters keep pouring in.
What is all this?
Itīs people with lost dogs, lost children, lost lives.
You havenīt even opened them.
I donīt have to.
They all want reassurance, help, love...
things I canīt give them.
Father sends it. I let it pile up.
Why do you keep it?
This is why I canīt go out...
live my life,
why I stay locked up here.
Iīm already living in a controlled environment, Sam.
Nothing can touch me here.
Iīm alone.
Iīm safe.
"But instead of dying,
she shall only fall into...
a profound sleep
which shall last a hundred years."
- [Horn Honks] - Thatīs my mom.
- Bye. - Bye.
John Smith?
Hi. Iīm Roger Stuart.
Iīd like to talk to you.
Sit down.
What can I do foryou?
Um... itīs, uh--
Itīs my boy, my son, Chris.
He needs help.
Iīve inquired around.
You come highly recommended.
Whatīs the matter with him?
I wish I knew.
Heīs bright, I know he is,
but he wonīt take part in school.
He wonīt join in. He wonīt learn.
God! Heīs so shy.
You thinkyou could help him?
I wouldnīt know unless I met him.
He wouldnīt come with me today.
Youīd have to come out to the house.
No. Thatīs out ofthe question.
Itīs just not the way I do it.
It wonīt work otherwise.
Heīll get to know you,
then you can bring him here for the lessons.
Great. Tomorrow morningīs Saturday.
Iīll send a car to pickyou up.
That reminds me ofwhen I ran for the senate.
My opponent went to the ghetto
and handed out dollar bills trying to buy votes.
I said, "You folks keep that money
īcause times is rough.
But I want you to vote for whoeveryou please."
- We won by... what? - 29.
29 percentage points. Those people spent that money
with a clear conscience.
John, good morning. Nice to see you.
Gentlemen, meet my sonīs tutor, John Smith.
- This is Greg Stillson. - Hello.
- This gentleman is-- - Sonny Elliman.
Well, Greg, you got some good ideas.
Let me think about them.
Roger, I want you to be part ofthis.
I need your support, your expertise, your input.
And most importantly, I need your money.
- God bless, Roger. - Thanks for dropping by.
See you. Bye-bye.
My God! What a glorious day!
Sorry about that.
Well, letīs go see Chris.
Chris. This is Johnny.
Remember I said he was coming?
Iīll leave you alone to get acquainted.
Your father wants me
to bring you out of your shell.
I donīt know what to do.
You donīt have to do anything.
My dad lives in a shell, not me.
Chris has really taken to you,John.
- You made progress. - We just talked.
Well, with Chris, thatīs an achievement.
You want a drink?
- No. - Want a beer?
- Okay. - Get him a beer.
Letīs listen to this.
Iīm Greg Stillson,
just stopping by on my wayto the U.S. Senate.
Greg Stillson.
Remember you met him this morning? got to be in good shape
togo the full distance with those boys in Washington.
What the hell is happening to this country?
Can anybody tell me?
I read in a local paper--
Do you believe this guy?
Heīs just getting warmed up.
You voting for him?
Iīm not even registered.
- Not registered? - No.
Get registered, pal, and vote against this turkey.
Heīs dangerous.
...I see so many unemployed.
Why are you people here in the middle of the day?
Look at each other!
How do you feel?
Would you send your friend to the U.S. Senate?
A real man of the people.
Jesus, what an act.
Canīt they see through this guy?
You acted like friends this morning.
With guys like Stillson,
you walk a thin line.
If they lose, theyīll drag you down.
But if he wins, and this turkey just might,
you make sure youīre thought of as a good friend.
Know what I mean?
...Iīvegot ajob foreveryone
anda challenge for all of you!
Iīm challenging you to join me,
to join a growing army
of volunteer workers on my campaign.
Letīs send Greg Stillson to the U.S. Senate
and mediocrity to hell!
What can I do foryou boys?
You work late. Thatīs admirable.
Iīm Greg Stillson.
I know who you are, Mr. Stillson.
Take your paid gorilla and get out.
Weīve got a little problem here.
Get to the point, Mr. Stillson.
Iīm damned near even in the polls.
The people need me.
Iīm going to win big.
Iīve had a vision
that Iīm going to be President ofthe United States someday.
Iīve accepted that responsibility,
and nobody,
will stop me.
Imagine how I felt
when I read your editorial
thatīs hitting the streets tomorrow.
You donīt seem to like me, Brenner.
But thatīs okay.
I donīt like you either.
How did you get that?
Iīm not at liberty to reveal my sources.
It doesnīt make any difference.
That editorial is hitting the streets tomorrow morning.
Not if we make a deal.
Whatīs that mean?
You staying out of the campaign business,
and me staying out of the publishing business.
Show him what weīve got to publish.
Thatīs your best shot.
I got many loyal people on my side--
Like that lady in the photograph with you.
I never met Mrs. Brenner,
but Iīm sure that ainīt her.
What do you think, Sonny?
Is this Mrs. Brenner?
- Doesnīt look like her. - You son ofa bitch!
Who you calling a son of a bitch?
Letīs give Mr. Brenner a chance
to think about his wife, kids,
his position in the community.
What if I donīt make a deal?
Youīll make a deal.
Otherwise Sonny will take your head off.
Good idea.
I told you he was a reasonable man.
Heīs a nice man.
I like your wife too.
"Prophets, said I, thing ofevil.
Prophets still of bird or devil,
by that heaven that bends above us,
by that God we both adore,
tell this soul with sorrow laden,
ifwithin the distant Aden,
it shall clasp a sainted maiden
whom the angels named Lenore."
Skip to the part where he talks about,
"Will I ever see her again?"
"Eagerly I wish the morrow.
Vainly I had sought to borrow
from my books, surcease of sorrow,
sorrow for the lost Lenore.
For the rare and radiant maiden
whom the angels named Lenore,
nameless here forevermore."
[Doorbell Buzzes]
Stop. Iīll be right back.
Good afternoon, sir.
Weīre out talking about Greg Stillson.
Youīre familiar with our candidate?
What do you think?
Yeah, right.
Are you aware ofwhat Greg Stillson stands for?
Greg Stillsonīs mounting a successful third party movement.
Stillson represents both the poor and the well-off.
Could you come back? I have a student.
Sure. Youīre busy. Can I leave some literature?
Honey, bring some brochures!
You live here?
Yeah. Iīm back to teaching.
This is my husband Walt.
Nice to meet you finally,John.
Sarahīs talked about you often.
Come on back,Johnny.
Itīs no fun reading alone.
Chris, Walt and Sarah.
Weīll let you get back to work.
Nice to meet you.
Donīt forget who to vote for.
Who was that?
You okay?
Why are you crying, Johnny?
Whatīs the matter?
- Nothing. - [Horn Honks]
- My rideīs here. - Iīm going with you.
- I got to talk to you. - Hi,Johnny.
- What are you doing? - Pretty good stuff, huh?
I organized a hockey team.
Weīre practicing this afternoon. Iīm the coach.
Call it off.
Thereīs going to be an accident.
Call it off? Chris is looking forward to this.
- Heīs really coming out,John. - Wait.
I got to talk to you.
Eat something, then weīll go.
Thereīs going to be an accident. Call it off.
We skate on that pond until March.
Youīll kill your own son!
Iīm scared, Dad.
For Christ sake,John!
Donīt be scared. Go eat.
Donīt you know who I am?
You think Iīd hire you without checking you out?
I hired you as a teacher, not a fortuneteller.
The ice is going to break!
I want you out.
I donīt want you in my boyīs life!
You do exactly what Iīm telling you!
No, Dad. You donīt know.
Itīs not safe.
All right. To hell with it!
Forget everything, but I want you out.
Whateveryou say. Iīm sorry about that.
Iīll send your final check.
Iīm not crazy, you know.
Donīt let the boy think I am.
Iīm right about this.
But weīll never know, will we?
Give me your hand.
Nothing to worry about now.
My driver will take you home.
You were right.
Iīll see you.
Hey, whatīs going on?
Youīre not even dressed.
You called it off.
I thought you called it off.
Just to get rid of him.
We going or not?
Are you going to pout like a baby
or come and play hockey with your friends?
[Telephone Rings]
Who is it?
[ "Old Mother Leary" ]
[ "Camptown Races"]
- Sarah, see you down there. - Okay.
[ "Yankee Doodle Dandy"]
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Good to see you.
Hi. How are you?
Good to see you.
Hi. How are you?
How you doing? Good to see you.
Do it, General.
Youīre insane. I wonīt.
Do it! Youīll go down in history with me!
As what? The worldīs greatest mass murderers?
You cowardly bastard!
Youīre not the voice ofthe people!
The people speak through me!
It came to me while I slept-- my destiny.
I must get up now and fulfill my destiny!
Put your hand on that, or Iīll hack it off!
Do it!
May God forgive me.
Congratulations, General.
Complete the sequence, Mr. President.
My destiny.
Thankyou, Sonny.
Let them come up.
Mr. President, we have a diplomatic solution.
Mr. Vice President, Mr. Secretary,
the missiles are flying.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
You okay, Greg?
Get out!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Stillson! Stillson!
Ifyou could go back in time to Germany,
before Hitler came to power,
knowing what you know now,
would you kill him?
Is that why you sent for me,
to ask me this, uh... this question?
I have to talk to you, Sam,
because Iīve had another episode.
Oh, yes?
Go on.
Iīve been tutoring this boy named Stuart.
In the vision, I saw him drown.
But thatīs not the point.
In the vision, something was missing.
How-- How do you mean?
It was like... a blank spot, a dead zone.
First ofall, tell me,
did the boy in fact drown?
His father wanted him to play hockey.
I talked him out of it. The boyīs alive.
Ah. Yes.
Donīt you see how clear it is?
Not only can you see the future, you can--
- I can change it. - You can change it, exactly.
Yes,John. That is your-- your dead zone.
The possibility of...
ofaltering the outcome ofyour premonitions...
itīs fascinating. Let me make a note.
What about my question?
Oh, you mean the one about Hitler?
- What would you do? - I donīt like this.
What are you getting at?
What would you do? Would you kill him?
All right.
All right. Iīll give you an answer.
Iīm a man of medicine.
Iīm expected to save lives and ease suffering.
I love people.
Therefore, I would have no choice
but to kill the son ofa bitch.
Youīd never get away alive.
It doesnīt matter. I would kill him.
Nasdrovia. Skol.
"Dear Sarah,
It is a hard letter to write,
so Iīllmake it short.
Icanīt go on hiding anymore.
Thatīs what Iīve been doing--
running and hiding.
I had this figured out all wrong.
I always thought my power wasa curse,
but now Ican see itīs a gift.
By the time you get this letter,
itīll be all over.
You never will understand why.
Nobody ever will, but I know what Iīm doing.
And I know Iīm right.
Just remember thereīs never been anyone forme except you.
Just wasn īt in the cards forus, Iguess.
Iīll always love you, Sarah.
Johnny. "
[Door Opens]
[People Chattering]
How you doing?
Thanks very much. Whatīs your name?
Greg, my husband Walt.
Hi, Walt. This your baby?
Bring him up on stage.
I want to thank you for the support
youīve given this campaign.
You made this campaign the most exciting,
the most important campaign in this stateīs history.
Iīve come here personally to thank you for that.
Give me him!
Sonny! The manīs trying to kill me!
You son of a bitch!
Who sent you? Huh?
Itīs over.
Youīre finished.
Whereīs that kid with the camera?
I donīt see him.
You asshole!
Itīs okay. Itīs all right.
Oh,Johnny, why?
I love you.
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