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Dead man walking 1995 CD2

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People reading these interviews think you're a nut.
Admiring Hitler, wanting to come back as a terrorist and blow people up?
l said government buildings, not people.
Bombing a building won't hurt people?
l ain't got no love for the government is all.
You're a fool. You are making it so easy for them to kill you.
Coming across as some crazed animal...
...Nazi, racist mad dog who deserves to die.
-ls that what you think? -You're making it so hard to help you.
You can leave.
l'm not gonna do that.
lt's up to you. You want me to go, you say so.
-Do you ever think about those kids? -lt's terrible what happened.
Especially since it didn't have to happen.
Do you ever think about what you did to their parents' lives?
lt's hard to have sympathy for them...
-...when they're trying to kill me. -Think about it.
Their kids are shot, stabbed, raped...
...left in the woods to die alone.
How'd you feel if somebody did that to your family?
-What would you do to them? -l'd sure as hell want to kill them.
l understand them, but they're calling for the wrong head.
l want to take a lie detector test.
l know it won't change them guys' minds...
...but l want my mama to know l didn't kill any kids.
The boy's good!
-Hey, y'all. Having a party. -Hey.
-Herbie, how's your side feeling? -Okay.
-Yeah? Kenitra, how are you doing? -Fine.
Come on, Kenitra, let's go.
Wait a minute, what happened?
There's talk in the neighborhood...
...of Poncelet's racist comments. Your name was in the article.
Oh, Lord.
The learning center also misses you.
They think you care more about him than your classes.
-Colleen, l'm so sorry. -lt's all right. l still love you.
l just thought you should know.
Got this at Goodwill.
Talked to Bishop Norwich. He said he would say the funeral mass.
Also found a funeral home willing to donate their services.
The leaders of the congregation met. We can use one of our burial plots.
lf Matt dies...
...guess who he'll be buried next to?
-Who was the last person to die? -Sister Celestine.
Oh, Lord.
Remember when that girl came to the convent... introduce her husband to us?
Celestine said, ''l'm glad l won't have to share my bed with a man.''
-She loved her celibacy so much. -And now....
She's gonna be lying next to a man for all eternity.
My daughter's killer can possibly get out on parole in another year--
Recently, my wife and I went to the sheriff's office--
l just can't bear the thought of him being out, a free man...
...and her buried in the ground and dead forever.
''Don't know nothing about these--''
--was killed by her ex-husband, you know.
--stabbed to death in our back yard by my son's best friend.
He'd spent the night at our house and gone to church with us that morning.
I lost my child--
Her little skiing outfit is still in the closet.
When our child was killed, it took over a week to find her body.
--staring out the window.
The D A's office treated us like we were the criminals.
My wife...
...filed for divorce this afternoon.
We just have different ways of dealing with our son's death.
''Until death do us part.''
We're nothing special.
Most folks that lose a kid split up.
Seventy percent or something.
l just wish l could laugh, find something funny.
This is my car.
Thanks for inviting me, Mr. Delacroix.
You take care, Sister.
Good night.
What the fuck you doing? What you doing?
Raise your arms.
Go ahead.
Have a seat in that chair.
Like my new digs?
l'm pretty special, huh?
l'm pretty special. Have this place all to myself.
They got like 1 0 guards guarding me.
One guy comes every 1 5 minutes to see if l killed myself.
Suicide watch.
Suicide watch.
Never had so many people caring about what l was doing.
When did they bring you here?
Last night.
Didn't get to say goodbye to most of the guys on the row.
Did you take care of that lie detector test yet?
l made some calls, but l haven't had any luck yet.
So this is the end, huh?
My death house vacation.
Three days of quiet. Plenty of time to read my Bible.
Look for a loophole.
Look for a loophole.
Did you read anything about Jesus in that Bible?
Holy Man. Did good. ln heaven.
Praise Jesus.
There are some passages in there...
...about when Jesus was facing death alone...
...that you might want to check out.
Me and Jesus have a different way of doing things.
He's one of them turn-the-other-cheek guys.
lt takes a lot of strength to turn the other cheek.
You say you like rebels. What do you think Jesus was?
-He wasn't no rebel. -Sure He was. He was a dangerous man.
-''Love your brother'' is dangerous? -Because His love changed things.
His love changed things.
The people nobody cared about: the prostitutes, the beggars, the poor.
They finally had somebody who respected them, loved them...
...made them realize their own worth.
They had dignity and became powerful.
The guys on the top got real nervous.
So they had to kill Jesus.
Kind of like me, huh?
No, Matt, not--
Not at all like you.
He changed the world with His love. You watched as two kids were murdered.
Step back from the door, Sister.
Why? What's happening?
Move it on out, boy.
What's this now?
What's this?
He'll be an hour. Why don't you get some air?
-Where are they taking him? -l can't tell you.
Sister Helen? Chaplain Farley called from the gate.
-He'll be right here. -Thank you.
Sergeant Trapp?
How long do you think that big old tree's been standing there?
Ma'am, there ain't no telling.
Saw you outside the gates the other night at Purcell's execution.
You seemed upset.
Upset? No.
-You in the room when they did it? -l'm on the strap-down team, left leg.
That's my job. The left leg.
l take the prisoner from his cell to the execution chamber.
Wow, that's gotta be tough.
lt's hard.
l didn't sleep that night.
l think it's gotta affect everybody that sees it...
...whether they're for it or against.
lt's just part of the job.
These prisoners gets what's coming to them.
It's easy for someone to come and make...
...a rash judgement on procedure.
What may appear on the surface to be irrational or unnecessary...
...proves upon examination to have solid reasoning...
...and experience behind it.
All l'm asking is to play a hymn for Matt before his execution.
And experience tells us that music stirs up emotion.
Emotion that can produce an unexpected reaction in the inmate.
All right.
Do you have any objection to my asking the warden for his opinion?
l would oppose it, but you may if you like.
Thank you. And thank you for your time.
l hear you were protesting outside the gates during the last execution.
-Yes. -You familiar with the Old Testament?
''Thou shalt not kill.''
''lf anyone sheds the blood of man... man, shall his blood be shed.''
Are you familiar with the New Testament...
...where Jesus talks about grace and reconciliation?
Poncelet has to understand that Jesus died for his sins.
lf he accepts that...
...reconciliation is his and his soul shall have eternal life.
One's opinion of the death penalty is not the issue here.
Look at Romans.
''Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities.
For there is no authority, except from God.
And those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves.''
What happened?
-She collapsed. -She had a heart attack.
-l'm okay. l think l just fainted. -No, don't you move.
l'm hungry. l just need to eat.
l told Matt l'd be back. Could you tell him what happened?
-When we're finished here. -l've gotta tell him now.
l'll take care of it, Sister.
-Thank you. -This isn't a heart attack.
l'm just hungry. They don't let visitors eat here.
They must think we're some kind of ferns that feed on air or something.
ls that the machine that they use after an execution?
Yes, ma'am.
Just have to be official about the whole thing.
Thank God we're off the chair. lt's a bit easier to take the needle.
Just part of the job. Let's get some food in your stomach.
Who puts the needle in?
That's private information.
ls it you?
We cannot disclose any specifics regarding execution procedure.
Let me get you a tray of food and then we'll send you on home.
-l've gotta get back to Matt. -l'm sorry, Sister.
This is warden's orders. You're through for the day.
-Where'd you go? -l couldn't come back.
-You all right? -l'm fine.
l kept asking what happened. l thought you had a heart attack.
-They said they'd tell you. -They took me into that room.
-They was weighing me. -What for?
To see how big a coffin l need.
Then l come back and you were gone. l spent the whole day alone.
l'm sorry.
l'm so sorry.
-You ever get lonely? -Yeah. Sure.
Sometimes when l smell the smoke from the neighborhood barbecues...
...and l hear all the kids laughing...
...and l'm sitting in my room, l feel like a fool.
What l miss most being here? Women.
You know, l used to sit at the bar, just drinking and listening to music.
l'd dance till 3:00 in the morning.
l ain't gonna lie. l believe in doing it.
My lady and l'd grab a bottle, blanket, some weed...
...go out in the woods, and we'd do it.
lt's something you miss, ma'am.
Let's face it, Matt. lf l had a family...
...chances are l'd be with them now instead of visiting with you.
True enough.
l'm glad you're here.
You want me to get a message to your daughter?
Let her be.
Those things will kill you.
l won't let them break me.
l just pray God holds up my legs on my last walk.
lt's the wait. lt's the countdown that gets to you.
We'll know soon about the federal appeal.
Hilton and l got an appointment with the governor this evening.
Fat chance he'll do anything. Risk his political butt for me?
l wish l hadn't said all that shit about Hitler and being a terrorist.
Hartman says there won't be any more media interviews.
Good. Keep my stupid mouth shut.
l was able to arrange a lie detector test for tomorrow morning.
All right. There's some good news.
The man that's gonna give the test...
...doubts they'll get an accurate reading of the truth.
-Why? -Tomorrow's the day of your execution.
You'll be stressed. The test often mistakes stress for dishonesty.
No problem. l'm home free.
You been reading your Bible?
l tried to last night.
Makes me want to sleep.
l'm trying to stay conscious.
l appreciate you trying to save me...
...but me and God, we got our thing squared away.
Jesus died on the cross for us.
And l hold He'll take care of me when l appear before God on Judgment Day.
Matt, redemption isn't some kind of free admission ticket... get because Jesus paid the price.
You gotta participate in your own redemption.
You got some work to do.
l think maybe you should look at John, chapter 8, where Jesus said:
''You shall know the truth...
...and the truth shall make you free.''
l'll check it out. l like that. ''The truth shall make you free.''
l like that.
So l pass that lie detector test, l'm home free.
lf you do die...
...l want to help you die with dignity.
You can't do that...
...unless you own up to the part you played in Walter and Hope's death.
-Hilton Barber, Bishop Norwich. -Hello.
Pleasure, Bishop. Here's the situation.
Governor Benedict is a reluctant supporter of capital punishment.
He has the power to stop this execution and save a life.
lt's the last vestige of the divine right of kings.
The trick is, we have to appeal to him...
...on a personal level, without any fanfare.
So l requested a private meeting.
You must understand. ln representing the State, l must carry out the laws...
...and must submerge my own personal views... carry out the will of the people.
l'll look at this case.
But unless there's some clear, striking evidence for innocence...
...l will not interfere with the process.
We still got the court, Sister.
We might hit pay dirt on one of the legal issues.
Helen, come to dinner.
You're looking for a love that's so big, it takes in all evil.
Annunciations are common.
Incarnations are rare.
You're not a saint, Helen.
Helen. Helen.
Oh, Mama.
Are you okay?
Oh, yes. l was just dreaming.
What time do you have to be there?
9:00 sharp.
Did you set a clock?
Oh, it's so bizarre.
A man's gonna be killed in front of me tomorrow.
Has he admitted anything?
Oh, no.
He's so full of hate, he doesn't trust anybody. He just--
He keeps pushing me away.
You're in deep water, kid.
Do you remember when you gave me a black eye?
l had a fever.
You were delirious, hysterical, screaming.
You were trying to get up and run into the street.
You socked me in the eye and you said you hated me.
You screamed, but l held you. l held you tight.
Because a mother's arms are strong...
...when her child's in danger.
l didn't sleep at all last night.
l didn't take that nerve medicine they wanted to give me.
l'm looking death in the eyes. l mean, l'm getting ready to go.
Listen, Matt, l want you to know that l respect your need for privacy.
lf you want to be alone or want to be just with your family today...
...l won't be offended.
Be there, if it won't put you out.
l want somebody to talk to and be there to the end.
l'll be there.
lf only l knew l'd die right away with the first shot.
l mean, will l feel it?
The lungs go first. Like a... choke.
That's gotta hurt.
They say that...
...the body doesn't move.
Doesn't shake.
My poor mama.
Any word from the 5th Circuit?
None yet. But that's a good sign.
Maybe that means they see something substantive in the petition.
-Gotta go. I'll call later. -Thanks, Hilton.
-Bye. -Bye.
Tell me something, Sister.
What is a nun doing in a place like this?
Shouldn't you be teaching children?
And you know what this man has done.
How he killed them kids.
What he did was evil. l don't condone it.
What's the sense in killing to say killing is wrong?
You know how the Bible says, ''an eye for an eye''?
Know what else it asks for?
Death as a punishment for adultery, prostitution...
...homosexuality, trespass upon sacred ground...
...profaning the Sabbath and contempt of parents.
l ain't gonna get in no Bible quoting with no nun because l'm gonna lose.
She was only on the phone a few minutes and there she was...
...falling for the old Matt charm.
l had to take back that phone. You're trying to steal my gal, you dog.
She sounds like a great little gal.
-She ain't so little, though. -You shut up.
Take care of her, Craig. Don't do nothing stupid.
She looks a little bit like....
Who was your girlfriend in high school?
l had lots of girls in high school.
-No, the one with the funny name. -Funny name?
Maddie, Maldy-- Maldy? Maldy.
-Madrigal. -Madrigal.
Madrigal Parmelee. Oh, she was hot!
-She was a nasty little thing. -Matthew!
Sorry, Ma. l mean, she was a fine upstanding young woman.
How about you, Troy? Got yourself a little girlfriend?
-No. -Why not?
l ain't got time. Too much fishing and camping to do.
-Troy just got a new tent. -What kind of tents you got?
Army tent. Not them sissy ones with all the colors.
-Tell Matt about the other night. -He was camping in the yard.
Oh, l made him come in. l was worried.
l went out and made him come inside.
-Mama, that ain't what happened. -Go on.
-Go on. Tell him. -Come on.
Me and my buddy Paul put up this tent, cooked our own dinner.
We roasted potatoes in tin foil on the fire and cooked us some weenies.
Then what? Go on.
-About midnight-- -No, about 9:00, l think. Yeah.
-We heard some kind of animal. -What kind was that?
-lt was big. -Was it a bunny?
-Was it a possum? -Shut up.
-Was it a squirrel? -Was it a mouse?
Shut up! lt was big and nasty.
Hey, look me in the eye, little man.
You go inside because Mama said so or were you scared?
Now, tell the truth.
Look me in the eye.
We got him.
Some people are asking about your funeral...
...and l get real angry and l say, ''He's not dead yet.''
Sorry, folks, we gotta wrap this up.
A little early, isn't it? Rules say they can stay till 6:45.
lt's time for you folks to be leaving now.
-Here you go, Poncelet. -Thanks, man.
My stuff's in these pillowcases.
Better if y'all took it home with you. Don't want the prison sending it.
Craig, divide up all the stuff except my boots from Marion.
l want to walk to my execution in these here boots.
Up on your feet.
You all say your goodbyes now.
See you later, Matt.
-Bye. -No goodbyes, little man.
-No, ma'am. -Can't she hug him?
l'm sorry, Sister. Security reasons.
Don't cry, Mama. l don't want to see no crying.
l'm not saying goodbye now.
-l'll call you tonight. -See you, Matt. Stay strong.
Don't cry. l'll call you later.
We love you, Mattie.
lf l'd put my arms around my boy, l'd never have let go.
ls my mama all right?
She's fine, Matt.
All right. Goodbye.
l never had shrimp before.
They're pretty good.
So, what did he say? What's the word on the lie detector test?
Culp said your answers showed stress...
-...and the results were inconclusive. -Man.
Was the dude sure? Absolutely, positively sure.
l felt all right answering them questions. l didn't feel no stress.
l can't believe l failed.
Matt, you'd have to be a robot or insane not to feel stress now.
l can't believe it didn't come out right.
Let's talk about what happened. Let's talk about that night.
l don't want to talk about that.
-Get out. -You're pretty.
-Trespassing. -What?
-You're trespassing. -We'll leave.
-Let's go! -You're under arrest. Step out.
We'll leave. We didn't know.
Get out of the car!
-Where are we going? -There's a bar back here.
-Our boss's in the bar. -Can't let you go, you've been bad.
-Our boss is gonna be pissed. -Maybe he'll let you go.
Well. Here we are.
This is the bar.
-Can we get you a drink? -Kneel down.
l'm pissed off!
l'm pissed at the kids for being parked.
At the parents coming to see me die.
At myself for letting Vitello get them kids.
l got a thing or two to say to the Percys and the Delacroixs.
You want your last words to be words of hatred?
Clyde Percy wants to inject me hisself!
Well, think of how angry he must be.
He's never gonna see his daughter again.
He's never gonna hold her, love her, laugh with her.
You have robbed these parents.
They have nothing in their lives but sorrow, no joy.
That is what you gave them.
Why were you in the woods?
-l told you, l was stoned! -Don't blame the drugs.
You were harassing couples for months before this happened.
-What was it? -What do you mean?
Did you look up to Vitello, think he was cool?
Did you want to impress him?
-l don't know. -You could have walked away.
-He went psycho on me. -Don't blame him!
You blame him, the government, drugs, blacks, the Percys.
You blame the kids for being there. What about Matthew Poncelet?
Where's he in this story? What, is he just an innocent? A victim?
l ain't no victim.
Federal Appeals Court turned you down.
l'm sorry.
Sister, please step into the corridor.
l'll be right outside.
I'm sorry, son. I feel like I failed.
No, you didn't fail. l appreciate everything you done for me.
What is she typing?
Forms for the witnesses to sign.
You didn't fail. The justice system failed me.
lt stinks. lt stinks bad.
I'll head out there.
Oh, God, help me.
This is such a terrifying place, Lord.
So cold. So calculated, this murder.
Just don't let him fall apart, God.
Oh, help him stay strong. Help me, Jesus, stay strong. Help us, Lord.
Help us stay strong. Help me.
They shaved the calf of my leg.
l guess they was worried they won't find a vein in my arm.
What's that number?
l put it on at Marion.
ln case somebody killed me, they could identify my body.
Did it hurt when you got all those?
You seeing these tattoos, you gonna think l'm a bad person.
You just have more color on your body than l thought.
Tried to give me two shots.
-A sedative and an antihistamine. -Antihistamine?
Guess if l had an allergic reaction to the shot that knocks you out... gets messy.
Come on, l want to give you... Bible.
l dated it myself.
Thanks, Matt.
Step back from the cell, Sister.
Time to call home.
Will you stay?
l'll stay. l'll just give you some privacy.
Hey, man.
What're you doing?
You know. What are you doing?
The time's clicking away.
-Hi. -Hey.
-What you doing? Grabbing the phone? -Yep.
-Gonna sleep in your tent tonight? -Yeah, I am.
Mama, l'm waiting to talk to you.
Don't cry, Mom. Don't cry.
Don't cry.
That's not the way it was, Mama. That's not the way it was.
l was....
l was small.
l can hear him. Let me talk to him.
Hey, Troy. You take care of Mama, okay? All right, little man?
You take care of Mama.
Mom? Mom?
l love you, Mom. l love you, Mom.
l just let it flow.
Told my mama l loved her.
l talked to each of the boys.
l hate saying goodbye.
l just told them if l get a chance, l'd call right before l go.
What, Matt?
What is it?
My mama kept saying, ''lt was that Vitello.''
She always regrets that l got involved with him.
l didn't want her thinking that.
lt was something you said.
l could've walked away.
l didn't.
l was a victim.
l was a fucking chicken.
He was older and tough as hell.
l was just...
...boozing up, trying to be as tough as him. l couldn't.
l didn't have the guts to stand up to him.
l told my mama l was yellow.
She kept saying, ''lt wasn't you, Matt.
lt wasn't you, Matt. lt wasn't you.''
Your mama loves you, Matt.
That boy?
l killed him.
And Hope?
No, ma'am.
Did you rape her?
Yes, ma'am.
Do you take responsibility for both of their deaths?
Yes, ma'am.
When the lights dimmed last night l kneeled and prayed for them kids.
l never done that before.
Oh, Matt.
There are spaces of sorrow only God can touch.
You did a terrible thing, Matt, a terrible thing.
But you have a dignity now.
Nobody can take that from you.
You are a son of God, Matthew Poncelet.
Nobody ever called me no son of God before.
Called me a son of you-know-what lots of times, never no son of God.
l just hope my death can give them parents some relief.
Maybe the best thing you can give... the Percys and the Delacroixs is a wish for their peace.
You know l never had no real love myself.
Never loved a woman or anybody else myself much good.
Well, it figures l'd have to die to find love.
Thank you for loving me.
Oh, the time. lt's been flying.
l'm really cold.
Can he have a jacket or something? He's cold.
What happened to that song you were gonna play for me?
The hymn?
They have a rule you can't have music in the prison.
Yeah, so they won't let me play it.
Well, you know the words. You can sing it.
-l can't sing. -That's okay. Come on.
Thank you.
l need you to step into the corridor, Sister.
Give me my boots! l want my boots!
A grown man going to his death in a diaper and slippers.
l'll be done with all of this! No bars, no cells, no life in a cage!
Sister Helen...
...l'm gonna die.
You know truth. The truth has made you free.
God knows the truth about me.
l'm going to a better place.
l'm not worried about nothing.
You all right?
Yes. l'm okay.
-Christ is here. -l won't worry about anything.
Look, l want the last thing you see in this world... be a face of love.
So you look at me...
...when they do this thing.
You look at me.
l'll be the face of love for you.
Yes, ma'am.
Time to go, Poncelet.
Can Sister Helen touch me?
Yes, she may.
Dead man walking!
''Do not be afraid.
For l have ordained thee.
l have called thee by thy name.
Thou art mine.
Should thou pass through the sea...
...l shall be with thee.
Should thee walk through the fire...
-...thou shall not be scorched.'' -God have mercy on your soul... the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
That's as far as you go, Sister.
Will you check in on my mama from time to time?
Yes, Matt. You have my word on that.
Do you have any last words, Poncelet?
Yes, sir, l do.
Mr. Delacroix...
...l don't want to leave this world with any hate in my heart.
l ask your forgiveness for what l done.
lt was a terrible thing l done in taking your son away from you.
How about us?
Mr. and Mrs. Percy...
...l hope my death gives you some relief.
l just want to say...
...l think killing is wrong... matter who does it.
Whether it's me or y'all or your government.
l love you.
I love you.
No! No!
Get off of her!
l'm out of here!
Come on, boy!
May the love of God and the peace of our dear Lord Jesus Christ...
...bless us and console us...
...and gently wipe every tear from our eyes. Amen.
May Almighty God bless you...
...the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Go now in the peace and love of Christ.
Thanks be to God.
Now, you're gonna be strong for your mama.
Mr. Delacroix.
-Sister. -lt's good to see you.
l don't know why l'm here.
l got a lot of hate.
l don't have your faith.
lt's not faith. l wish it were that easy.
lt's work.
...we could help each other find a way out of the hate.
l don't know.
l don't think so.
l should go.
-Good evening. -Good evening.
Hi, ldella.
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Debut The
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Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Double Team
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