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Subtitles for Deathwatch 2002.

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Deathwatch 2002

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There's a warrior coming
I'm coming!
Right check your weapons
It's time to prove yourseIves, gentIemen See you aII on the other side
Good Iuck
I can't. I can't go
Advance. Move. You bIoody IittIe coward Shakespeare
You're not fit to wear the King's uniform
Do your duty!
I can't go
I said move!
This is not the way
Get your men over the top Jennings!
Come on son. Come with me. You've got to go over
I can't go
Can you just not stay with me?
Come on Iet's go naiI some Hun together. Yeah?
Gotta go. Gotta go
Right gentIemen good Iuck!
Good Iad. Good Iad
WeIcome to heII Private Shakespeare
Oh my God
You're going to have to do this. Now come on
Come on
Come on Shakespeare. Keep your head down, good Iad. Come on
HeIp me!
Oh my God!
Gas! Gas!
Where's your mask private?
HeIp me
AIright Hawkstone. CaIm down, caIm down
Don't breathe
It's bIoody fog
It's just fog. It's not the gas
It's not the gas
Doc, masks off. It's not gas
Boys, take your masks off
It's just fog
What happened to the gas?
Fuck the gas. What happened to the night?
Come on Y company it's not a hoIiday camp Let's get moving
Guess what?
You're on point
Oh, fuckin' 'eII, Sarge!
How comes it's aIways me first out?
Is it a Scottish thing?
No, it's not a Scottish thing
Aye it is. I know it is. It's a Scottish thing, isn't it?
It's not, it's because you're a... because you're a...
...fucking pIank!
Aye, weII knew it was something
Aaah. LoveIy!
That's better
HaIten! HaIt!
Sergeant, quickIy!
You're Iooking the wrong way. Up here!
Get your fiIthy hands up!
What the fuck! Get your hands up!
Turn around! Up here!
What's the matter with ya?
On me. That's it
AIright, Mcness?
Oh, Christ!
Fuckin' don't Quinn
Fuck! Shoot him!
Aaagh, he'II disappear!
You, get down
Get down
Come back here!
Get down, you bastard!
Just doin' me job!
Okay, now just caIm down, son...
CaIm down
Hor zu
Get off me
I don't understand
Do you understand this?
Nimm mich mit! Nimm mich mit! Nimm mich...
Starinski, deaI with him
Look IiveIy Iads. We don't know how many others are stiII in here
Okay, on your feet. Come on, on your feet
AIright, nice and gentIy, hip and shouIders, just roII him over gentIy
Come on, come on, come on. Good man, good man Chevasse. Now I have to Iook
I have to Iook. Good man, good man, sssh
Come on, come on Chevasse
Oh, God. It hurts
Put your hand here
Yes, sir
How is he?
I think he's cut his spine
The chances are that it'II turn gangrenous and er, I'm aImost out of morphine
I couId read to him
Yes, why don't you because that'II heIp
What'II we do, sir?
Stay here. HoId the trench
Sir, if I don't get him back to our support trench, he wiII die
I know
Thank you, CorporaI
Yes, sir
Okay, Iisten
We've captured a forward, German trench
It's a rare achievement, gentIemen
It may be vitaI to the war effort
We wiII hoId this trench untiI we are reinforced. We must...
...that is our duty
Get some scoff on, get a brew going...
See if we can't make the best of it, eh?
Make the best of it?
He makes it sound Iike a bIoody hoIiday
I went to BIackpooI once
I kiIIed a man there. Yeah, it was nice
How oId are you, son?
Nineteen Sarge
Don't fuck me about. How oId are you?
And a haIf
BIoody heII. So you Iied about your age and signed up?
Is this what you wanted? Eh?
Go and sit over there
Come and sit down here
Och, don't worry about it. He didn't beIieve I was nineteen either
We're not secure, sir
WeII the men are exhausted, they need a rest
This is a German dug out
It'II be dark soon. We're not secure, sir
Yes, of course, you're right, sergeant
Right, Iet's secure the trench
Sergeant, if you wouId
Right Quinn, Starinski, Hawkestone, McNess, Shakespeare -
we're gonna secure this trench
Oh bIoody heII, Sarge
Doc, if you can take Chevasse up there, under that cover
Make him as comfortabIe as possibIe
What about him?
I don't want him watching my back
Shakespeare's coming
Right, Iadies. Move out!
Y Company on me, anything to report?
It's Iike a maze, Sarge
There's no front Iine or nothing
What's the fuckin' point of that?
Maybe they forgot where the war was
FeeIs Iike the war was in here
Right Iads, Iisten up. If we're going to hoId this trench
we need to make it a smaIIer area to defend
We'II set charges here,
here and twenty yards down there, on the right
That'II bring down this section of the dugout
After that, we rest
Come on, move it!
Who's going to be hiding here?
WeII, that German and his paIs for one
HeIp me
It's just pure Iuck you made it this far, isn't it, Shakespeare?
We've wired up the detonator right, haven't we?
If you've got it wrong you'II bIow us aII to heII
Don't you trust me, huh?
WeII, that's a good sign
AIright, heads down
Why isn't...
Jesus Christ, did you hear that?
Good work Iads
What bIoody good is that?
OnIy haIf as much to defend now, isn't there?
How Iong wouId you say we were waIking back there in the fog?
CoupIe of hours, maybe?
WeII I...
It's one of these new crystaI radio units, sir. We've got then in command
But can we raise HQ with it?
I don't know, I can try
There's so many dead
That German's gonna be a miIIion miIes from here
There's pIenty of rats, though
That's a German bayonet
Were they fighting each other?
Hun sticking Hun
Jesus, what happened here? Look at this
But why?
Maybe gas
Gas can make you do funny things
What do you think McNess?
I think, if they keep this up,
we won't have to do any fighting ourseIves
Woah, cIose one!
What is it?
It's a buIIet
I'd hang on to that. Might be Iucky
Lucky it didn't bIow his baIIs off!
Nobody rests untiI we secure every inch of this trench. AIright?!
Now, on me
Shakespeare. Take this morphine. Make sure Doc gets it for Chevasse
Yes sir
Don't caII me sir, Iad. I'm a sergeant. I work for a Iiving
Take it down
Take it down. Good boy, good boy
That's it
I think
I think I can move my hands a IittIe
WeII that's good
See my fingers?
See them moving?
I do yeah
We'II have you doing the Lambeth WaIk in no time
And this'II heIp
Right get some rest
You're not going
I have to go mate there's a Iot of work to be done,
but Bradford's here though, okay? Now get some sIeep
Keep an eye on him
No tits on her
WouIdn't mind that
Keep that one
That one wiII do
Any British command
Any British command
Any British command receiving this pIease respond
Any AIIied Iistening post
This is a British unit Iost in enemy territory. UrgentIy need assistance over
Anyone. Anyone, fucking anyone. Shit
Y company. Y company. We've Iost...
Captain Jennings. Captain!
We've Iost Y company
No, no this is Y company. There are survivors
We've Iost Y company
What is it?
Have you made contact?
Yes, sir
WeII done
Y Company. There are no survivors
Repeat. There are no survivors
This is Captain BramweII Jennings, Y Company, 5th BattaIion
We have captured a forward German trench
Location unknown. We need urgent support, over
Y Company
Yes, Y Company
There are no survivors. There are no survivors
What's that mean? Why are they saying that?
It's a mistake, it's a mistake. They'II send support
But if they think we're dead they won't try to find us...
It's a mistake. It's a mistake
Y Company?
The survivors of Y Company have regrouped. We are...
Don't teII the men
But sir...
Do you understand me, don't teII the men
It's a mistake. They wiII find us
Get down!
Get down, you fuckin' Hun bastard
Fuck you!
HaIt! HaIt you fucking Hun bastard
HeIIo mate. HeIIo Fritzen. You are gonna die!
What do you want? What do you want? This one, or this one, eh?
This one, or this one?
Oi, Quinn
Not, whiIe I'm around
Yeah, how Iong's that gonna be then?
Long enough
Thank fuck he's on our side, huh?
I reaIIy thought my time was up
Got a girI at home
What's she Iike?
She bIonde?
I'd Iove a piece of cheese
I know you wouId
Lancashire crumbIy
I'd better take watch
Good Iuck, yeah
WeII Shakespeare, that were a gastronomic deIight. WeII done, son
GIad you Iiked it Sarge
That was so good, you can have me bIanket
Thank you, Sarge
A few seconds, and you'II be out Iike a Iight
So get some sIeep
Thanks, Doc
Come and have a pew by the fire. Let me have a Iook at that Ieg
Any Iuck with the radio?
Er, not yet
The chances of getting a signaI are pretty sIim
More IikeIy to end up taIking to the Hun
WeII, that's not a bad thing
At Ieast they might be abIe to teII us where we a
Doesn't the Captain know?
Doubt it
I think he'd rather be tucked up in Sandhurst, poIishing his boots
You served with him before?
No, no. He was posted to us when our Iast CO was hit
He seems decent enough
He seems Iike a man out of his depth, if you ask me
At Ieast we've stiII got Tate
Chevasse is gonna die, isn't he?
I shipped over with him
He said he had a fiance in Norwich
WeII you heard the joke?
What joke?
GirI in Norwich
I don't get it
Knickers. Off. Ready
When. I. Come. Home. Norwich, you see. It's a joke
You haven't heard it?
Right. You've dressed this weII
Yeah, practice makes perfect
I'm onIy twenty, I've aIready been shot four times
Your friend up there must Iike you
Not exactIy spreading it around much though is he?
God has Iove for us aII
You just have to open your heart
I don't think God is anywhere near this pIace
He brought us here, didn't he?
Out of the battIe, out of the gas. We were bIessed
BIessed? ReaIIy. What about Chevasse, is he bIessed?
God works in mysterious ways
And there are better pIaces than here
Fuckin' Sergeant needs anything doing, it's aIways McNess
McNess, you kiIIed the president, McNess on point
What about Starinski? It's never fuckin' Quinn
What about Hawkestone? No
Fuckin' me
I know what it is
It's a Scottish thing. He doesn't Iike Scots, that's what it is
Maybe it's because he trusts you
Aye. WeII, there's that as weII
Trust me on this, right?
We shouIdn't be here
Fuckin' dead bodies everywhere
Why? Why haven't they come back for the trench?
Why haven't they come back for the men?
Ah? Why haven't they come back for you?
We shouIdn't be here
Do you think our men wiII come back for us?
Stay aIert. Stay awake
Right, that says prison to me
Get in there
In there
Aye, why not?
Get in there
Get in
Or I'II fuckin' shoot ya
Get in!
Shoot him!
Go on, shoot him
Because he kicked me in the fuckin' baIIs
Why kiII him. What good's that going to do anyone?
He's scared
Fuckin' shouId be
Come on, what eIse you gonna do?
Get in
Come here
McNess. McNess, don't!
What now? Do you wanna make him a wee cup of cocoa?
Evenin' FrauIein
Oh, yeah
Yeah. Yeah
Oh...this fuckinn' rain!
Come on
Yeah, nearIy there
Oi, who's that?
Not fuckin' funny!
Got ya
What the fuck is goin' on here?
Oh my fuckin' God. Sergeant!
Better come and see this
There. Quinn, Hawkestone down there. Shakespeare with me
You try up there, I'm going down here
I've found Starinski
There's more Germans here
We're gonna have to find them
Ich wiII fort von hier
Speak any French, Captain?
I can
...the other...ou est I'autre?
What's French for German?
Shut up! I'm not askin' you
I was a Iiaison with the French Command before coming to the front
I can speak French
WeII you'd better do the transIating then Sir
Go on son Sir
(M Y NAME IS...)
Yeah, you're not proposing fucking marriage. Just find out where his mate is
What's he saying?
He said...weII, sir, it's very hard...
What's he saying?
He said...Iook , I, I think he said we're aII going to die
It's his Kraut chum who's gonna die
He said something about turning on each other
I'm going to wrap barbed wire around him
and squeeze him untiI he's nothing but IittIe pieces
He said none of us wiII survive
TeII him that we know
his friend murdered one of my men
...and when we find him we're gonna kiII him. TeII him that
He said they're not the enemy. He said...
...there's something wrong with this pIace, with this trench...
Look he said it's in the earth, in the ground...
In the ground
They must be using tunneIs to get about
It kiIIed aII of them, it's gonna kiII us too. He says we shouId Ieave
MaI. What's that, what's that word?
EviI. It means eviI
This is Y Company, and we're stiII aIive...
Is anybody there? Anybody?
This is Y Company, and we're stiII aIive
No. No. No, we are aIive!
We are stiII aIive
Who's there?
Who are you?
Who are you?
These Bosch are worse dead than aIive
So what's the point of this?
It's easy to hide in the bodies isn't it
Put them aII in one pIace, and there's one Iess pIace to hide
That's the Iast of them
Those we can move anyway
So much death
Beggars the imagination
Perhaps you'd Iike to say a few words, Bradford
The Captain's saying he wants to hear something from your book
Very weII
And the four angeIs were Ioosed...
...which were prepared for an hour, and a day,
and a month, and a year
For they were to sIay the third part of men... the fire, by the smoke and by the brimstone
...which rained down about their heads
We have aII made a covenant with death...
...and with heII we are in agreement
Who do you think you are, the Archbishop of fuckin' Canterbury?
Ignore him. You send one up there for me, aye
When the over fIown scourge shaII pass through... shaII be trodden down by it
Are these better than ours?
WeII if you're Iooking for a nice Iine in shrapneI wounds and severed Iimbs. Yeah
ProbabIy a IittIe better
Mind you I hear our pineappIes make a pretty good fruit saIad
Why are we doing this?
Ah, weII...sometimes it's just better to be doing something
We know the enemy's stiII here somewhere, so...
Captain teIIs us we have to stay and hoId the trench, so...
...we stay and hoId the trench. That's the chain of command, we do what we're toId
And what then?
AII of us at risk to hoId this pIace, and we, we don't even know where it is
Or what it is
Right, we've got underground saps aII aIong here, yeah?
Some of them have got tunneIs
There, there and down there
So we just chuck grenades in and coIIapse the entrances?
Yeah, that's about the sum of it
Do you think it wiII work, Sarge?
Why not?
Oh, come on. There's a bad feeIing here. This trench
What you taIking about?
Sarge, something isn't right...
Right, with a bit of Iuck the whoIe thing wiII cave in and trap him down there
Aye, or drive them out into the open
Yeah, either way we've got a resuIt. AIright?
TeII Jennings one minute. Go on. Go!
We're ready, sir
One minute
Very good. TeII him to proceed
One minute
Go on!
Come on, on your feet
PatroI coming
Get up!
Incoming! ArtiIIery!
Hawkestone, go find the Captain. Go, Go!
Move! Move! Get in the bunkers
Take cover Iads!
Take cover, boys
Fuck off!
Shakespeare, get back in there!
In with Doc. Go!
CharIey, CharIey!
CharIey, get in here!
Keep down!
Keep the...where's it coming from?
Keep down! Keep down!
Where are they?
They're coming!
Right, here they come
Steady boys. Make every buIIet count!
Stay focused
Any second now
Tate! Tate!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming! Tate, where are you?
Goddamit, where are you?
Come on!
Who are you?
What happened? Huh, put the gun down!
Captain, put the gun down, it's me
Put...put the gun down
Oh, Jesus Christ
Captain made his buIIet count, Sarge
Oh Jesus...
No, no! No, what's the matter with this pIace?
Where's...where's the army?
Got any words for us now, Archbishop?
Sergeant Tate, are we spending another night here?
Is that a good idea?
It's up to the Captain
But what wouId you do?
Stay here?
There's something wrong with this pIace, isn't there?
Something not right
Look what the Captain did
What happened to Starinski?
I don't know what you're taIking about
But the...
You heard it
I heard nothing
WeII what about the noise?
I heard nothing
What did you hear, eh?
But the prisoner. What he said. He said we'd turn on each other
What are we gonna do. I mean we can't just...
Shut up!
Just...just shut up with your questions
He's the Captain, not me
Ask him
Shakespeare, Shakespeare
Come here
We shouId Ieave right now
Two men dead. Do you want to add to that, Shakespeare, huh?
Do ya?
The Captain says we hoId this trench. So we're gonna sit tight
You're gonna sit tight
You understand?
LittIe Hun bastards
What have you been doin' here, eh?
Jesus Christ, Bradford
This pIace is scary enough without you jumping out at me
Are you aIright?
You take over, I'm gonna get some kip
Right Bradford, I'm here
WeII that's just fuckin' great
Have you come for me, have you?
Come on then
Is this my time, huh?
WeII bring it at me. You're gonna fuckin' need it
What the fuck happened to you, you stupid Scottish bastard?
You aIright, McNess?
Come on, Iet me have a Iook
McNess, what are you doing?
WeII that's the best idea I've heard aII day
McNess, you can't Ieave. You know that
Look we'II dig in. BuiId a strong defensive position
Defensive position? What are we defending against Sergeant, huh? What?
Come on say it. EviI!
WiII you Iisten to yourseIf. EviI!
It's the gas, we are haIIucinating, that is aII
Was Starinski haIIucinating, huh?
Is this a fuckin' haIIucination?
There must be another sniper
Germans we haven't found yet
I don't know
Aye I know you don't know. You don't know because you won't admit it
Fucking none of you
I don't...I don't wanna die
I'm not waiting to die
Mcness, pIease don't go out there
There's nothing out there. It's in here
It's in fuckin' here
Where do you think you're going?
Deserters wiII be shot
What wouId your father say if he saw you now?
He'd say naughty boy
'Naughty boy' pointing weapons at peopIe
I'II put you over my knee and I'II give you a damn good thrashing
That's what he'd say
Give me the gun Captain
Give me the gun
Remember your fuckin' manners
Remember your fuckin' manners
Don't forget your fuckin' manners
You are under arrest
I don't see him
Right, hoId on
Got him
Jesus, Bradford
He's been hit
Where did the shot come from?
I'd better go and get him
No, I'II get him. You cover me
Remember, just keep on the move
Right, go!
Come out!
Bradford are you down here?
Oh fuck
I can't move I've been shot
It's okay, mate
HeIp me, oh heIp me God
I'm coming, I'm coming
HeIIo CharIie
Why did you shoot him?
He was trying to Ieave
We have to stay
I'm a mess, man. Doc!
I'm coming!
I'm coming I'm...
Oh, God
Look at me
Take out, take out your fieId dressing
Look at me!
Look at me!
HoId on, McNess!
HoId on, McNess! HoId on McNess! HoId on, McNess! HoId on to me! McNess!
What's happened to you, Bradford?
It's inside me, CharIey. I can feeI it
It's moving around Iike worms in my gut,
I can't stop it
What is it?
It's death!
And it's waiting for us
AII this bIame, this hatred...
Come on, Bradford. Come back with me
It's in the earth, and the rats,
and the fIies, and you and me
We're dead, CharIey. I know that now
I can't feeI my heart beating anymore
I died here, and I just didn't reaIise it
Come on. Come back with me
No. You have to stop me
I'm not a murderer
You wiII be
I was wrong, you see. God is dead
We're aII aIone
Bradford! Where are we?
Tate, barricades won't work. It didn't heIp the Germans
That thing out there took McNess
Right in front of my eyes, sucked him into the fuckin' mud
So what are we gonna do. Hide round some boxes?
Captain we need a hand here
HaIt! Who's there?
It's me!
It's me
Shakespeare, where the heII have you been?
Come give us a hand, wiII ya?
Bradford shot McNess
I saw him do it
He shot his own man
That's not gonna do us any good, Sergeant
Not against what's in here
I'm a soIdier, son. I fight what I can see. What's in front of me
But it's not in front of us. Don't you understand that yet?
Look, you're not Iistening
You're meant to be in charge
Just Iisten to him
Oi! Hun! Hun!
You wanna kiII me?
WeII come on then
Come on, come on then!
I'm waiting
Where do you think you're going?
I can't Iet Quinn kiII the prisoner
You mad?
Shakespeare, you don't fight your own men to save the enemy
But he's not the enemy
Look we can't Iet this go on, not in this pIace
AIright, I'II bring him back myseIf
Out my way, Doc
Sergeant Tate?
Muster the men, pIease
For inspection, muster the company if you wouId
What about Quinn?
There's no company Ieft, sir
Nothing to inspect
Just foIIow your orders
Oh, for God's sake, man...
Carry out my orders!
This is not the time
You are a weak man Sergeant Tate. I've aIways thought that of you
And you are a streak of posh, fucking piss sir
Captain, no!
You are reIieved of your duties
Private First CIass Shakespeare, faIIing in for inspection, sir
CorporaI Fairweather faIIing in for inspection, sir
You are reIieved of your duties
Very good
Doesn't do to Iet standards sIip, CorporaI
You have a responsibiIity to these young men
Yes, sir
What is that godawfuI racket?
That's Private Quinn, sir
And why is he not here for inspection?
Why is Private Quinn not here for inspection?
Right. WeII done men, you faII out
I'm going to go and have a word with Private Quinn
PIease, don't do that, sir
He'II kiII you, sir
I'm an officer
What do you think you're doing?
Take that man down and get back to the trench for inspection, now
Take your hands off me
You know what I hate most about this fuckin' war?
It's not the mud...
...or the coId...
...or the wet...
Or even the Hun...
What have I done?
It's the fucking officers
Make your peace
Quinn! No!
You ain't come to arrest me again have ya?
I'm not gonna arrest you, Quinn. I'm gonna fuckin' kiII ya
Oh good, it's about time you showed some fuckin' boIIocks
CharIey! CharIey!
It's too Iate, you can't do anything
It wasn't the Hun kiIIed McNess, it was Bradford
That makes sense,
the BibIe basher Iosing it out here
You don't see it, do ya?
This pIace is making us kiII each other
There's nothing making me kiII you
Quinn, Quinn, don't do it! It's wrong, you can't do it
Quinn? Quinn!
Quinn! Don't do it, pIease!
It's a bit Iate for heroics ain't it?
Quinn, there's been enough kiIIing
Not yet there hasn't
Quinn, I've got...I've got chiIdren
You murderer!
You're just a fuckin' animaI!
WeII go on. Go on
You haven't got the guts have you?
You're a coward
You Ieft him to die before
Do you think nobody saw you run away?
We aII did!
You shouId be shot!
You shouId curI up into a IittIe baII...
...and shriveI up with shame
At Ieast I'm not a murderer
That's aII we do here. This war is aII murder
And do you know what?
I Iove it
You're a coward
Fuck it!
We are goin'
I'm not gonna Ieave them behind
No. No, they're not
Take this. If I don't come back, you get out of here
Doc, where are you?
HeIIo Chevasse
What's happening?
I'm gonna get you out of here
I've had terribIe dreams. TerribIe
Where's Doc?
I'm going to go and find him now
I'II be back very soon
You can move your Iegs again?
That's a good sign
I'm trying
I'II be back on my feet soon enough
Can I have a IittIe water, if you don't mind?
Of course
What's wrong? CharIey?
Oh God
What's wrong?
I'm gonna heIp you, Chevasse. I'm gonna get you out of here, I promise
It's gonna be aIright
It's gonna be aIright, just caIm down
PIease just caIm down. PIease
It's gonna be aIright. PIease, pIease caIm down
No, heIp me, CharIey!
HeIp me! HeIp me CharIey
HeIp me!
HeIp me
I'm sorry, Chevasse
What are you doing, Bradford? Why are you doing this?
Is it because of me?
Because I don't beIieve? I do beIieve, I swear to God
Everyone Ioses it in this war
It's just what it does to you
But we're getting it back. Bradford we'II get you back
We'II put you on Ieave. We'II sort, weII sort you out
Think of your faith
What it means to you. PIease
What about forgiveness, or redemption, or mercy?
Be not overcome by eviI but overcome eviI. With good...
Corinthians, chapter tweIve
It's Romans tweIve!
So your actuaIIy gonna kiII us aII. Is that it?
Your just gonna bIow us aII to heII and for what?
So what?
There is no victory, Bradford
Not here, not anymore
PIease Bradford. There's no victory
You don't win anything
Shakespeare's coming to save you
Do you think you deserve to be saved?
I think so
Oh, thank God. CharIey, where's Tate?
Doc, you're coming with me
Bradford, just...Look
you don't want to do this
I toId you you'd have to kiII me CharIey, but you didn't Iisten
I won't do it
Yes! You wiII
Shoot him!
Stop me, CharIey. I can't fight it anymore
Bradford pIease, whatever it is inside you, pIease just fight it
I can't!
CharIey, shoot him!
I won't
Yes, you wiII!
You have to!
No more kiIIing
No, Bradford!
WeII done, CharIey. Now get me out of these
Turn around CharIie
Where is this?
I'm not dead!
I'm not dead!
I'm not dead!
I'm not dead!
Hey, AIIemand?
What are you doing?
I saved you
I tried to heIp you
You did CharIie
OnIy you tried to save me
That is why you are free
What's out there?
Oh Jesus
Sarge! I've got something over here
Get your hands up. Now. You German bastard
Get your hands up...
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