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Deep Space 9 1x03 Past Prologue

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It's Dr Bashir, isn't it?|Of course it is.
- May I introduce myself?|- Yes, yes. Of course.
My name is Garak.|Cardassian by birth, obviously.
The only one of us left on this station,
so I do appreciate making new friends|whenever I can.
You are new to this station,|I believe?
I am, yes.
Though I understand|you've been here quite a while.
You know of me, then?
Would you care|for some Tarkalean tea?
What a thoughtful young man.|How nice that we've met!
Some people say|that you remained on DS9
as the eyes and ears|of your fellow Cardassians.
You don't say?
Doctor, you're not intimating
that I'm some sort of spy,|are you?
I wouldn't know, sir.
An open mind.|The essence of intellect.
As you may also know,|I have a clothing shop nearby.
If you should require any apparel|or simply wish, as I do,
for a bit of enjoyable company,
I'm at your disposal, Doctor.
You're very kind, Mr Garak.
It's just Garak.
Plain, simple Garak.
Now, good day to you, Doctor.
I'm so glad to have made
such an interesting new friend today.
You won't believe|who sat next to me in the replimat.
Pylon three will be shut down|for 48 hours.
The spy!
- Garak, the Cardassian.|- We don't know Garak's a spy, Doctor.
He is.|You should have heard him.
He introduced himself|and struck up conversation.
He was making contact with me|of all people.
What do you think he might want|from you, Julian?
I don't know.|Federation medical secrets?
- They're safe with me, Commander.|- I'm sure they are.
Chief O'Brien, you should place|a monitoring device on me.
Just in case...|he's up to something?
That won't be necessary.|Just be cautious.
We have a craft taking evasive action.
Cardassian war vessel in pursuit.
On screen.
That's Bajoran!
The Cardassian's firing|at a Bajoran ship in Bajoran space!
Mr O'Brien?
Confirmed.|They've crossed into Bajoran space.
Open a hailing frequency|to the Cardassians.
Cardassian vessel,|you are violating Bajoran space.
Break off your pursuit.|Repeat: break off now.
No reply from the Cardassians.|The Bajoran vessel is hailing us.
- Open the channel.|- Space station, do you read?
- 'Space station. '|- We can only get audio.
This is Benjamin Sisko,|Starfleet Commander of this station.
Who are you?|Why are they pursuing?
'Please! Repeating request|for emergency docking. Please! '
The ship is badly damaged.|Structural integrity is failing.
- He's breaking up.|- Get him out, Mr O'Brien.
Aye, sir.
Medical assistance to Ops.
My name is Tahna Los.|I request political asylum.
Tahna Los. We fought together|in the underground.
- The Cardassians are hailing us.|- Now they want to talk.
- They're hopping mad.|- Open the channel, Mr O'Brien.
Federation Commander,|you have taken aboard a known criminal.
- You will turn him over to us.|- He has requested asylum.
- You have not granted it?|- I haven't decided yet.
He is Kohn-Ma! Not even the Bajorans|would grant his kind asylum.
He has committed heinous crimes|against the Cardassian people.
I demand you release him|to our custody.
I'll investigate the matter.|If you care to dock your vessel,
I'd like an explanation
for violating Bajoran space|and threatening a Federation facility.
We have made no threat|to your facility.
I stand corrected.|Sisko out.
The Major and I will be at the Infirmary.
I'd like to talk with this Tahna.
When Gul Danar comes in,
a few docking regulations
could keep him outside a while.
You're not considering handing Tahna|over to the Cardassians?
Were you part of this Kohn-Ma, Major?
If I had been, I would not be working
with the provisional government.
You'd be killing Cardassians or Bajorans
that the Kohn-Ma hold in contempt.
Didn't they assassinate
one of your First Ministers last month?
- I know Tahna.|- Is he Kohn-Ma?
Yes, but...
Get your priorities straight, Major.
I have no room for divided loyalties.
I won't have a Kohn-Ma terrorist
using this station as a shield for violence.
My priorities are straight, Commander.
My loyalties are to Bajor|and Bajor needs men like Tahna Los.
His war with the Cardassians|isn't over yet.
If Bajor is to rebuild|an independent society,
it will require the repatriation|of groups like the Kohn-Ma.
You have... We have|an opportunity here, Commander.
I hope you don't miss it.
How is he?
Second degree burns,|lacerations, a minor concussion.
Not much compared|to what he's been through before.
The most recent of these scars|is only two, perhaps three years old.
- Two and a half, actually.|- It's remarkable you've survived.
It's a Cardassian technique|designed to keep you alive.
I'm Commander Benjamin Sisko.|I have a few questions for you.
Commander Sisko hasn't decided|whether to grant you asylum yet, Tahna.
- Perhaps I should conduct this alone.|- Major?
I'm the liaison officer|to the Federation here.
Still fighting for Bajor in my own way.
I'll stop by later.
- What do you need to know, Commander?|- Why were they chasing you?
You want to hear my life story?
As a Kohn-Ma, you must have|committed serious acts against them.
Any one of a hundred that would lead|to a Cardassian death sentence.
Any of them since their withdrawal|from Bajor?
Frankly, yes.
Why would you continue the violence|against them now?
To be honest,|I'm not sure any more.
We're punishing them|for crimes committed against us
for over half a century,
but I've had enough of the killing.
He needs rest now.
Admiral, Commander Sisko|is being incredibly short-sighted.
He doesn't understand the issues.
Thank you for bringing this|to my attention, Major.
- I'll stay in touch with the situation.|- Thank you, Admiral.
The Cardassian warship has docked.
All procedural details are being observed,|no matter how long it takes.
Well done. I have research to do|on the Kohn-Ma before I see them.
I don't know much|about the Bajoran terrorists,
but you've never fought|the Cardassians.
You wouldn't want to turn any man|over to their tender care, sir.
You just wouldn't.
Subspace transmission|from Admiral Rollman, Commander.
In my office.
Ben, that Bajoran woman working for you|interrupted a meeting
to tell me she disapproves|of your handling of the asylum matter.
- You have a problem there, Commander.|- Yes, Admiral.
It's all right, you're safe.
Strange to run into each other here.
It's good to be with someone|who knows what it's like out there.
Wearing that uniform,|I thought you'd forgotten.
Working on the inside|hasn't dulled that old fire?
- Ask Sisko about that.|- Don't get along?
Oil and water.
- You're tired. I should go.|- Kira?
Will he give me to the Cardassians?
- Over my dead body.|- That's the Kira I remember.
If you require all vessels to endure|such lengthy docking procedures,
you'll have a lot of traffic out there.
I apologise. We're still repairing|the damage your forces did.
It does create unreasonable delays.
I accept your apology,|but not your explanation.
- What about Tahna Los?|- We've got a problem.
A diplomatic insult to the Cardassian|people would be a problem.
Delivering a wanted criminal to us|would not be.
In war,|both sides commit atrocities.
We are certain he plans to commit|more acts of terrorism.
He says that he has renounced|the Kohn-Ma
and wants to rebuild Bajor.
He has committed brutal acts|of destruction and murder
and must pay for those crimes.
I appreciate the Cardassian position,
but I know if a Bajoran freedom-fighter
is turned over to the Cardassians|by the Federation,
it would undermine everything|I'm trying to accomplish.
So, with apologies,
I'm going to grant him asylum.
Eventually,|he'll want to relocate to Bajor.
If you pursue the matter|with the provisional government,
that's your business.
How long since you've slept|in a comfortable bed?
I can adapt to that part very quickly,|thank you.
I'm glad you're here.|We need you, Tahna.
I don't think the Federation|has any use for my particular talents.
I mean Bajor needs you.
If you had the impression|that I'm a Federation officer...
You're under Sisko's command.
That's something I could never adapt to.
Someone has to co-ordinate relations
between the Federation|and the provisional government.
Why?|Why should they be here at all?
What right does the provisional|government have to bring them here?
After all we fought for, Kira!
Freedom from domination,|true independence.
No outsiders. No Cardassians|and no Federations.
Things have changed, Tahna.|With the discovery of the wormhole...
Yes, the wormhole.
I don't want the Federation here either,
but they are serving a purpose|for the time being.
Without the Federation,
the Cardassians would take control|of the wormhole.
The wormhole is the future of Bajor.
It's bringing ships and commerce,
making us a power in the quadrant.
I don't want to be a power.|I want Bajor for Bajorans.
- I want our homeland back.|- We have it back.
As we grow stronger,|we'll defend it ourselves.
We won't need the Federation.|I know it's difficult to see.
After all we've been through,|we want it all now.
But with people like you|leading the way...
You have adapted, haven't you?
Tahna, I've put myself on the line|for you here.
You are finished with the Kohn-Ma?
Yes. Yes, I am finished|with the Kohn-Ma.
I've been talking with government|ministers about amnesty.
For you and any Kohn-Ma member|who follows you.
There are some who might,|if there were assurances.
I'm working on it, Tahna.|I'll find a way to make it happen.
- What?|- Sir, we've had a little problem.
These two women are just arriving.
They objected to giving up their weapons.
Klingons do not surrender their weapons.
- Who are you?|- We are Lursa and B'Etor.
- Of the house of Duras.|- We have specific regulations.
Leave the weapons|or leave the station. Your choice.
- Please make it now.|- Who are you?
I'm the one giving you the choice.
Welcome to DS9.
We have some new guests.|A couple of Klingon sisters
from the Duras Family.
- Lursa and B'Etor.|- You know them, then.
They tried to grab control|of the Klingon High Council,
started a brief civil war.|They've been out of sight since then.
I ran a check. The Klingons|have them listed as renegades.
We've heard they're trying|to raise capital to rebuild their armies.
- What are they doing here?|- Sitting.
They went straight to Quark's,|but not for the gambling.
And certainly not for the food.|They're just sitting.
I don't like it.
Why don't I lock them up and call|the Klingons to come get them?
If they're enemies|of the Klingon High Council...
They haven't broken any laws here.
You can't just throw them in jail.
Cardassian rule|may have been oppressive,
but at least it was simple.
- Keep an eye on them.|- As you wish, Commander.
How are you this evening, Mr Garak?|Excuse me.
Just plain, simple Garak,|you said.
Plain and simple.|Join me, Doctor.
Enhance my evening.
Keeping an eye on the ebb and flow|of things?
As a clothier,|I have a keen interest
in what the population is wearing.
Klingons have an odd sense of style,|don't you agree?
- Yes, they do.|- But intriguing.
I would say that those two outfits
are worth studying closely.
- Where's the payment?|- It's on its way.
That was not the arrangement.
I couldn't get it.|I barely got past the Cardassians.
- Your safety is not our concern.|- Your gold is.
- It will be available tomorrow.|- Good.
Because if we have made this trip|for nothing,
you will have made a fatal mistake.
I've arranged a hearing|of the Ministers' Court.
I have two ministers|ready to vote for amnesty.
I'm sure another will fall in line.
Tahna says two more of the Kohn-Ma|are willing to follow him
if you'll guarantee their safety.
I have to say this, Commander.
When we first talked|I wasn't sure you...
This wouldn't have been possible|without your support.
It's appreciated.
Be sure to mention it the next time|you chat with Admiral Rollman.
Go over my head again|and I'll have yours on a platter.
So, Constable.|News about our Klingon sisters?
They seem to make friends easily.
Our reformed Kohn-Ma, for example.
Tahna with Lursa and B'Etor?
He's paying them for something.|I don't know what.
The gold is on its way.
Two members of the Kohn-Ma|may be bringing it.
How do you know that?
Major Kira mentioned|that they were on their way.
- Do you want her to know about this?|- Not quite yet.
You are the clothier, Garak?
At your service, madam.
May I show you some|of our latest fashions?
Perhaps some silk lingerie|from Kraus IV?
Watch your tongue, Cardassian.|Or I'll rip it out and eat it.
I meant no offence.
I have few Klingon patrons.
Is there something you wish to buy?
We are not here to buy.|We are here to sell.
We understand you still represent|Cardassian interests here.
I am only a simple clothing merchant.
We have no time for your games.
Do you want Tahna Los or not?
Can you deliver the Bajoran|to Cardassian authorities?
- What is he worth to them?|- In gold-pressed latinum.
- You insult us!|- Ladies, please.
Everything is negotiable.|I am no more than what I seem to be:
a merchant trying to make|the best transaction.
So... let us haggle.
- Yes?
I have the third minister's vote.|The hearing is a formality.
You are going to receive amnesty.
I never realised you were|such an accomplished politician.
Me? A politician?|No, I don't think so.
You manipulate Sisko and the Federation,|government ministers.
I'm just determined. They simply get|tired of hearing my voice.
And we expected to find
that Kira Nerys had lost|the fire in her heart.
What are you talking about?
You knew I was here|before you even came.
- Tahna, I trusted you.|- I am Kohn-Ma.
I fight for the freedom of Bajor.|You once fought for it.
- I'm still fighting.|- Stop deluding yourself!
You say you don't believe|in the Federation
or the government.|You're their dance instructor.
- That's not fair.|- Don't be naive, Major!
I don't want the Federation here...
Once you're in bed with the Federation,|you won't be able to get out.
If you expect me to commit violence|against the Federation...
No. The violence is over.|That is the truth.
No one will get hurt,|I promise you that.
- But I do need your help.|- You already lied to me, Tahna.
We need a small ship|capable of warp speed.
I gambled that I could convince you|to get it for us.
What is this peaceful plan?
In one move, non-violently,
we accomplish everything|both of us has ever wanted for Bajor.
I know the game, too.|You know I cannot risk telling you that.
How do you know|I won't go straight to Sisko?
If you do, we'll both know|where your loyalties are, won't we?
Plain, simple Garak.|How are you today?
- Being observant, Doctor.|- I'm sure of it.
There's a time for levity
and a time for genuine concern.
The arrival on this station, for instance,
of those two Kohn-Ma terrorists.
What are they doing here?
I'm not exactly sure.
But together, we might have|some success at finding out.
I'm a doctor...
Once you have|the appropriate answer,
I'm sure you'll know|what to do with it.
I must be getting along.
Doctor, I think it's time for you|to take advantage of my shop.
If you'll be there|at exactly 20:55 hours tonight,
I promise to show you a suit|that will make you into a new man.
We're talking about terrorists|and you want me to buy a new suit?
Doctor, am I making myself clear?
I want you to buy a new suit tonight|at 20:55. Exactly.
Yes, I see.
If you'll excuse me.
A suit?
- Major?|- Commander?
I'd like to meet the two Kohn-Ma|who just arrived.
- I'll arrange it.|- How do they seem to you?
Do you feel as secure about them|as you do about Tahna Los?
- Absolutely.|- Commander Sisko.
- I need some guidance.|- Yes, Doctor.
It's about Garak, the Cardassian.
I'm afraid this relationship|has gotten out of hand.
He wants me to buy a suit.
- A suit?|- At exactly 20:55 tonight.
- Why 20:55?|- It's about the two Bajoran terrorists.
He says that together we might discover|what they're doing here.
Why involve me?
Sometimes communications|can't be conducted officially.
They may be telling us|we have a common enemy.
- What do you want me to do?|- You could use a new suit.
- Busy?|- What can I do for you?
Are the security measures in place|for the trip to the Ministers' Court?
I said they'd be taken care of.
You know, there's one thing|about you humanoids
- I can't imitate very well.|- What's that?
Pretence.|There's a special talent to it.
It's as hard for me|as creating one of your noses.
Maybe that's why I respect|your opinion, Constable.
Never any pretence.
How much do you know about me,|Odo?
More than you probably realise.
I've done some things|I'm not proud of.
I still have nightmares about the raids|on the Haru Outposts,
but at least I was sure|about what I was doing then.
And... there's something|you're not sure of now.
You have no more love|for the Federation than I.
Maybe there are still wars to be fought
and I'm making a fool of myself here.
It sounds like you're trying|to talk yourself into something.
Or out of something.
Either way,|I have to betray someone.
The important thing|is not to betray yourself.
How could I turn against|my own people?
- Are they? Your own people?|- They're no different than I used to be.
Used to be.
I could just refuse to help them.|Ignore the whole thing.
The Joranian ostrich hides|by sticking its head under water.
Sometimes even until it drowns.
They'd find a way to do|whatever they want to do anyway
and I'd feel responsible|for the consequences.
It was easier|when I knew who the enemy was.
- Odo to Sisko.|- 'Go ahead. '
There's someone in security|who wants to talk to you, Commander.
Come in quickly, Doctor.|You're late. It's 20:57.
Try this on as many times|as you like,
and stay very, very quiet.
Ah, right on time. Welcome.
Save your welcome, Cardassian.
Do your people want|the Bajoran or not?
I can now venture to say,|with some certainty,
that you will receive the agreed-upon|payment on delivery.
We will complete our business|with Tahna Los in four hours.
- What business might that be?|- That is not your concern.
If it requires that those I represent|must take extra precautions,
it becomes my concern.
We will deliver him|a cylinder of bilitrium.
The rendezvous will be on the dark side|of Bajor Vlll's lower moon.
The Cardassians can have him then.
What's bilitrium?
A rare crystalline element that can be|a powerful source of energy.
Provided, of course,|one has an anti-matter converter.
That's why Cardassians were chasing|Tahna Los when he arrived.
- He stole one.|- But if he's got both...
Quite right, Doctor.|He has the ingredients for a bomb.
A bomb of significant|destructive capability.
We have nothing to hold them on.
Conspiracy is a crime.
We don't know what their plan is.
Once the switch|with the Klingons is made,
they'll have the components to a bomb.|That's evidence enough.
He's right.|We have to give them the runabout.
- Agreed.|- I have to be on it.
Not agreed, Major.
Tahna doesn't trust me.|If I stay behind, he won't do this.
The way to convince him|is if I'm on board.
If Tahna fails,|I promise you others will try.
This way, you can find out|what they're up to.
Mr O'Brien,|you and I will take a runabout
behind the second moon of Bajor Vlll.
Dax, stay in touch with us|on a secured channel.
Keep an eye on the Cardassians.
They'll be coming to the party, too.
You get him there, Major.|We'll be waiting.
- They're moving into the runabout.|- DS9 to Ganges.
They're in the Yangtzee Kiang,|initialising systems.
Understood, Lieutenant.|Shut down main power systems.
Dead quiet.
Bajor Vlll in 1 20,000 kilometres.
Dropping to impulse.
What is that?
An anti-matter converter.
I'm transferring power|into the storage cells.
Klingon Bird of Prey decloaking|dead ahead.
We're here to meet them.
- Klingons? Why?|- You'll know soon enough.
- They've powered up their transporters.|- Prepare to go to full impulse.
1 3 kilograms of gold-pressed latinum,|as promised.
This is yours.
- What is it?|- Bajoran independence.
Bird of Prey is moving off and cloaking.
- Set up an intercept course.|- Intercept in one minute, 1 2 seconds.
DS9 to Ganges.
The Cardassian warship|is crossing the border
on an intercept course|with the Yangtzee Kiang.
They'll enter Bajoran space|in 29 seconds.
The Yangtzee|should be picking us up now.
- What is that?|- Another runabout.
They must've been waiting for us here.|How did they know?
Cardassian warship three minutes away.
The Klingons must have sold us out.
- Prepare to engage warp engines.|- There's nowhere to run.
We don't have to go far.
I should have known.|Set the course for DS9.
If you don't, I'll explode the bomb
and destroy all six colonies|on Bajor Vlll.
You would kill your own people?
The question is whether you would kill|them by refusing to set the course.
- They've gone to warp.|- Follow them.
Ganges to Yangtzee Kiang.|Drop out of warp or we will open fire.
'Reduce power immediately|or we will open fire. '
I doubt he'll shoot with his Major|on board. But just in case...
This is the Kohn-Ma.
'There is an armed explosive device|on board this ship. '
Fire on us|and you will detonate it.
If the device goes off,|they'll spread radiation
across the system.
He's headed back to the station.
This is the Federation vessel Ganges|to the Cardassian warship Aldara.
So we're finally allies, Commander.
Gul Danar,|the runabout Yangtzee Kiang
is carrying a bilitrium device.
Can you intercept it?
Our time to intercept|is two minutes, 1 4 seconds.
A minute too late.
If I may take this opportunity|to say that I warned you...
- Can we get them in a tractor beam?|- Not at these speeds.
They have 27 seconds on us.|We may have to shoot them down.
Ready photons, Chief. We'll fire|as soon as they slow to impulse.
1 00,000 kilometres to DS9.
This is your idea|of a non-violent solution?
There are Bajoran civilians|aboard the station.
No one's going to be hurt, Kira.
Adjust your course to take us|past the mouth of the wormhole.
The wormhole?|It's not the space station you're after.
You can't destroy the wormhole|with that device.
I don't have to destroy it,|just collapse the entrance.
You're only hurting Bajor|by doing this, Tahna.
No more wormhole,|no more Federation or Cardassians.
Or anyone.
Drop out of warp. Now!
They're going into the wormhole!
Damn you!
Sisko to Kira.|Are you all right, Major?
No, she's not all right.
If you want her alive,|you'll do as I say.
Listen carefully, Tahna.|You can either surrender now to me
or wait for the Cardassian warship
and I can let them deal with you|this time. Your choice.
There'll be no further resistance,|Commander.
Tahna, the old ways|don't work any more.
Everything is different now.
I had to do this.|One day you'll understand.
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Defiant Ones The
Delicatessen (1991)
Delirium (Delirio Caldo)(23.976)
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Desert Fox - The Story of Rommel
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Diary of a Chambermaid
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Die Hard 1988 Extended Version CD1
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Die Nibelungen - Die Kriemhilds Rache CD1
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Dil Ka Rishta
Dirty Dancing
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Dirty Harry
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Discovery Air Jaws Sharks of South Africa
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Distant Thunder
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Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
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Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1
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Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Domicile conjugal
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Dong (The Hole) 1998
Donggam (2000) - Ditto
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Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Door in the Floor The 2004
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Double Jeopardy
Double Team
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
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Down Periscope
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Down With Love
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
Dr Strangelove
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Duel to the Death
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Dumb and Dumber
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Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
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