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Deep Space 9 1x04 A Man Alone

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- Yes, Julian?|- How did you know it was me?
There are different ways|to recognise someone.
- Their steps, for example.|- You are remarkable.
You and l need to have a talk
about Trills and relationships.
We'll do it over supper.
Quark has found me this delightful|champagne bottled on Korris l.
What is this?
- An Altonian brain teaser.|- A brain teaser?
- A puzzle.|- A puzzle?
l love puzzles.|How does it work?
lt responds to neural theta waves.
The goal is to turn the sphere|into a solid colour.
- That's all?|- That's all.
l've been trying to master it|on and off for 140 years.
- Would you care to try?|- Yes.
Just sit comfortably.
Release your tension into my hands.
- Your hands are cold.|- lt's a peculiarity of the Trill.
- Cold hands, warm heart.|- Concentrate on the sphere.
Clear your mind. This requires focus|and clarity of thought.
l understand completely.
What is that exotic scent you're wearing?
Focus and clarity of thought.
Yes, l have it.
l'm going to release it to you now.
Computer,|transfer control to second player.
l think your mind|is still a little busy, Julian.
So, are you free for supper?
Ready, Dax?
Sorry. Perhaps another time.
Maybe you'd like to try again.
Business is good, Quark.
You're almost making an honest living.
A lot of new faces.
The wormhole does bring them our way,|doesn't it?
Everyone wants a piece|of the new frontier.
l'm sure you've already tried|to sell it to a few of them.
We made the decision together.
That's not true. You decided|and asked me to agree with it.
Grapevine says Chief O'Brien|and the missus
are having problems.
l'll never understand the humanoid|need to...
You've never...coupled?
Choose not to.|Too many compromises.
You want to watch the karo-net game,
she wants to listen to music,|so you compromise.
You listen to music.|You like Earth jazz,
she prefers Klingon opera,|so you compromise.
You listen to Klingon opera.|So here you were,
ready to have a nice night|watching karo-net
and you wind up|spending an agonising evening
listening to Klingon opera.
Keiko, sit down.
What could they be going on about|like that?
She doesn't like it here.
Who does?
- Don't even think about it.|- l can so think about it.
You might as well try to find a drink|of water on the Yadozi Desert.
Besides, l'd say our new Commander|is interested in her.
Not at all.|l know for a fact
that when she was a he,
before she got this new body,|they were old friends.
Things change.
How long has he been here?
One more time.
He came in on a transport|last night.
- Something to eat?|- Just steamed azna.
Some things are still the same.
lf you'd listen to me,|you would eat steamed azna, too.
Did l ever tell you about the meals|my father cooked?
All the time.
Every night in my house,
my dad insisted|we have supper together as a family.
He would try out his new recipes on us.|Called us his test tasters.
Steamed azna|would put years on your life.
Dax, l don't want years on my life
if l can only eat steamed azna.
Rolloped, fricasseed...fine.
But not steamed!
l've missed your steamed azna.
You must miss Curzon, too.
He was...
You were, are...
...a mentor, another father to me.
This happens to Trills, Benjamin.
Sometimes our friendships|with other species
don't survive|because of the change.
lt won't be that way with us.
lt's just a little uncomfortable now.
l suggest that you allow yourself|to feel comfortable
with your discomfort.
Time can do the rest.
All right.
l don't want you on this station.
That's too bad,|because l have every right to be here.
l decide who has rights on this Promenade.
Ask your superiors about that one.
l don't have to check with anyone.
You have 26 hours to get off this station.
l'll ask for a transfer|if that'll make you happy.
That's not fair, either.|You'd lose your promotion.
Not necessarily.
l wish l knew the right thing to do.|l'm lost here.
Starfleet doesn't need a botanist|on this station.
There's a whole new quadrant|full of new plant life to explore.
And ships going to explore it|and l'm not on them.
We'll be sending runabouts.|l'll see to it you go.
l don't need favours from you.|l just need to be useful.
Think how attractive|this place could be
if you planted some trees|and flowers in the Promenade.
You could create an arboretum
from the new specimens we bring back|from the Gamma Quadrant.
Do you really want to raise|your daughter in this place, Miles?
- Kira to O'Brien.|- Go ahead.
We have a non-functional power grid|on level five.
All of the upper docking pylons|are out of commission.
On my way.
What do you want, human?
- l'm Jake.|- l know who you are.
- What's yours?|- Why do you care?
Not exactly a lot of friends|to choose from around here.
Nog. My name is Nog.
His name is lbudan.
He used to run black-market goods
during the Cardassian occupation,
gouging his fellow men|who needed medical supplies.
Some Bajorans|actually considered him a hero,
but l saw him let a child die
whose parents|couldn't afford the drug to save her.
A few years back,|he killed a Cardassian officer
who wanted money|to look the other way.
He went to prison for murder.|l sent him there.
- What's he doing out?|- The provisional government let him go.
Killing a Cardassian isn't considered|much of a crime nowadays.
- There's not much we can do.|- l can get him off my Promenade.
lf he hasn't done anything wrong,
you can't just force him to leave.
Watch me.
Mr Odo, you're not going to take|the law into your own hands.
The law?
Laws change|depending on who's making them.
Cardassians one day,|Federation the next.
But justice is justice,|and as long as l'm in charge of...
lf you can't work within the rules,|l'll find someone who can.
- What are they?|- Garanian bolites.
Come on!
- l guess l know the competition now.|- What do you mean?
Did you have a nice dinner|with Commander Sisko?
Trills do not look for romance|the same way humans do.
We find it quite a nuisance.
lt's a weakness of the young.
Although a Trill host may have|these feelings occasionally,
it is our wish to try to rise above|these kinds of temptations.
You said ''try to rise above'',
which suggests you may not succeed.
- Sisko to Dr Bashir.|- Go ahead.
We need medical assistance|in holosuite four.
l still have that champagne.
On ice.
- Help us!|- Somebody help us!
Something is happening to us!
The door opened only twice.
The first time when the computer|logged lbudan's check-in
at 17:00 hours, 16 minutes.
The suite was secured.|No one else could enter.
He ran Lauriento massage|holoprogram 101 A.
13 minutes later, the door|was opened for the second time,
but since lbudan obviously didn't exit,
we must assume|that's when the killer left.
- Any evidence of a beam-in?|- No.
How did the killer get in?
He might have entered the holosuite|the same time lbudan did.
The knife was thrust|between the thoracic vertebrae,
perforating the heart.
The murderer had a decent knowledge|of Bajoran anatomy.
Look for evidence that could establish|that someone was here with him.
l'll sweep for hair follicles,
cellular remnants and DNA fragments.
How many ships have left|since yesterday?
Two. A Federation survey ship|and a Vulcan science vessel.
Advise all ships in dock
that departures will be delayed|until further notice.
They were looking for trouble.
Those kids had no reason|to be hanging around the Promenade.
- We can't lock them in their rooms.|- This isn't a starship.
The freedom|children have on the Enterprise
won't work on a space station.
There are too many ways|to get into trouble.
This place needs a school.
All ships have been informed|of the delays.
Do you know Mr Zayra,|who operates the Transit Aid Centre?
We've met.
He told me something disturbing.|You should hear it.
The murdered man, lbudan...
l spoke to him an hour|before it happened.
- Where was this?|- Quark's.
By the dabo table.
lt was after his struggle|with the shape-shifter.
He told me that he was scared.
He was afraid that Odo would kill him.
There isn't a more honourable man|on the station than the Constable.
Maybe so.
All l know is,|an hour later, lbudan was dead.
Computer, lights.|This was lbudan's quarters.
- Feel free to look around.|- Double accommodations?
That's what he requested,|but only one passenger was logged in.
He probably wanted larger quarters.
lf there's anything else you need...
l want a record of all the passengers.
Of course. l'll get you a copy|of the ship's manifest.
Computer, how many entries|made from this terminal
in the last 78 hours?
- Seven entries in personal files.|- Show them to me.
Take me to Stardate 46384.
You won't get any argument from me,|Mrs O'Brien.
- When l heard what happened...|- We weren't doing anything.
l don't want to talk about this now.
lt's the Ferengi boy, Nog.
Jake won't have anything more|to do with him.
- He's the only one close to my age.|- That's not exactly true.
There are 12 other children|on board aged 8 to 16.
The problem is|there's no structured activity for them.
Don't you miss the schools|you used to go to, Jake?
No... l guess.
Studying alone on the computer|gets boring sometimes.
l've never been a teacher,
but it's something|l've always thought about doing.
As a Starfleet Commander and a father,|l think it's a terrific idea.
- What do you need?|- Space.
We'll find it.
- Computers?|- You'll have them.
You realise what you're getting into?
l can't force the Bajora or Ferengi
to send their children to your school.
Even if they do,|everyone has a different culture.
l'll need an innovative programme,
but l can't imagine any parent
not welcoming the news of a new school.
Thank you, Commander.
lf l hear of you hanging around with him...
l thought you didn't want|to talk about this now.
These are the DNA analyses
and the particulate matter traces.
Lieutenant Dax concurs with my findings.
There were no new DNA traces|found in the holosuite.
Nobody went into the room with him?
Apart from those there|after the body was discovered,
this was the only DNA present.
We've identified it as lbudan's.
lbudan goes into the holosuite alone,|locks the door.
Minutes later, he's murdered.
- How is that possible?|- lt's not.
Unless the murder was committed
by someone who got through|the cracks in the door. Say...
...a shape-shifter.
lt's a neat package.
His calendar shows|he was with me at the time of the murder.
Only a shape-shifter|could get into the holosuite.
As l'd be called there|after the body was discovered,
my DNA is at the crime scene.
Do you have any kind of alibi?
l have to return to my natural state|every 18 hours to regenerate.
To be honest, l was in a pail|in the back of my office
when lbudan was killed.
The killer might have known that
and planned the murder accordingly.
Like l said, a neat package.
Who might want to frame you?
l can think of about 500 different people,
but l haven't seen any of them|around the station recently.
Do you think that Federation doctor|could sweep lbudan's quarters
and see if somebody else|was using that second bed?
l'll send him there right away.
Thank you, Major.
You want my boy in a Federation school?
Not just Federation.
My curriculum will take|a much broader approach.
Little lady,|what do you know of Ferengi education?
l understand|you employ a work-study approach,
with apprenticeships in a wide range
of business and economic fields.
We throw them into the cut-throat|competition of Ferengi commerce!
Anyone who survives, graduates.
Will you teach that to my son?
- l'm sure l couldn't better you there.|- Thank you! Thank you!
l've taught him everything l know.
We must prepare our youths|for the challenges of the future.
Consider the advantage|your son will have
once he's learned about other cultures,
and how others run their economies,|conduct business, negotiate.
You will teach my son these things?
Knowledge is power, Mr Rom.
lt can't work. He will not listen to you.
- Why not?|- You are female.
My son cannot learn anything|from a female human teacher.
Let him try it.
He has nothing to lose|and so much to gain.
l don't think so.
- Will you think about it?|- Of course.
Now, really, l'm quite busy.
Place your wagers!|Get this lovely young woman a drink.
What do we know about him?|He's not one of us.
He isn't one of anything.
You know what bothers me?
This shifter was Chief of Security
when the Cardassians were here.
- He caught lbudan.|- Why is he still Security Chief?
You're right.|We ought to talk to Major Kira.
Nobody knows him like l do.|Let me tell you something.
He's an ill-tempered,|overbearing crosspatch.
But he was no Cardassian collaborator|and he's no killer.
l can't believe|you're defending him, Quark.
You're his worst enemy.
l guess|that's the closest thing he has to a friend.
Security, huh?
l hear what you're saying.|l understand your concerns.
We're not saying|whether he's innocent or guilty.
- lsn't it reasonable...?|- Thank you very much for coming.
This is wrong.
- What would you suggest we do?|- He didn't do it.
The man in charge|of a murder investigation
is the prime suspect.|They have a right to complain.
Even if he's innocent,|it could still seem
like a conflict of interest, Kira.
- You're going to relieve him of duty.|- There's no other choice.
He has been completely candid|about this investigation.
He could have covered his tracks|if he were guilty.
l appreciate how you feel,|but the decision stands.
l'll inform him myself.
The only curious thing l found
were these seofurane fragments|near the matter reclamation unit.
lt appears|he was trying to get rid of them.
Do you have any idea what they're from?
l know exactly.|A biological sample container.
What would lbudan be doing|with a biological sample container?
When l analysed the fragments,
l detected traces|of a complex organic structure.
Translate, Doctor.
lbudan may have been conducting
some sort of medical experiment|on his ship.
He wasn't a doctor or a scientist.
Let's see what|an electrophoretic analysis tells us.
What the...?
The complex proteins|are breaking down into DNA fragments.
- What does that mean?|- lt means...
...we should accelerate|the cellular development.
lf l can reconstruct the DNA sequence,
we may get an idea what he was up to.
- Sisko to Odo.|- Here.
- May l see you in my office, please?|- Acknowledged.
- Commander?|- Sit down.
l am temporarily relieving you of duty.
l'm sure the reasons are obvious.
Who will be taking over|the investigation?
l've placed Major Kira|and Lieutenant Dax in charge.
- Will that be all, Commander?|- l want you to know
l don't personally believe|you're responsible for this.
How can that be true?
You don't know me.|You have no reason to believe
l wouldn't kill lbudan if it suited my fancy.
Don't tell me there isn't some doubt,
some question|about whether or not l murdered the man.
Putting Kira and Dax|in charge of the investigation
will be in everyone's best interest,|including your own.
l'll take care of my own best interests.
That's him.
They found his DNA.
l can find out who did it for you.
Not for me. Tell it to Starfleet.
l'm not in charge any longer.
There's a piece of good news|to brighten my day.
Take advantage of my absence|while you can, Quark.
l will. Count on it!
l'll have every confidence man|in the sector on board by tomorrow.
- You do and l'll...|- What?
You'll get sloppy|without me to keep an eye on you.
l don't think so.
You've kept me on my toes|for far too long.
Sure.|l've turned you into a better crook.
Like it or not.
think you could use a shape-shifter
in your organisation?
You had me going.
- l did, didn't l?|- Yes, you did.
l've been asking some friends|at Kran-Tobal Prison about lbudan -
whether he made any enemies|while he was there.
Couldn't find any.
Mostly, he stayed|around the Bajoran dissidents
that the Cardassians locked up.
lt's growing exponentially.
We'll have to increase|the metabolic field energy.
- What is it that's growing in there?|- Aren't those DNA patterns humanoid?
That's what it looks like,
but there's a genetic drift|l can't put my finger on.
What was lbudan up to?
We're going to wait and see what this|becomes before we have a clue.
- Care for lunch?|- Sure.
No, thank you.|Major Kira's waiting for my report.
Just how many different lives|do you think she's led?
l don't even know.|He'll go...
She'll go through a list of them,
then out comes another|in a later conversation.
- Jadzia is probably the sixth host.|- Has she changed much?
From the last one, Curzon Dax?
l understand a Trill integrates|the personality of each new host.
l guess l'll have to find that out.
Some of the mischief|he and l used to get into...
One time - l was no older than you -
we were attending the running|of the Rujian steeplechase.
Dax loves the races.
Curzon knew|these gorgeous Ruji twin sisters.
He and l...
l guess we won't be doing that|again soon, will we?
You care for her a great deal,|don't you?
Dax and l are just friends, Doctor.
You have nothing to fear from me.
lf l were in your shoes,
knowing Dax as intimately as you do,
l'd find her hard to resist.
You don't understand, Doctor.
Dax used to beat me regularly|at bare-fist Juro counterpunch.
You won't be doing that again soon,|either.
l'm not drinking with scum.
l won't drink near this man.
ln a semi-circle here, facing the module.
That's right.
Thank you.
- Here's Mommy.|- Where have you been, Mommy?
- Getting ready for school.|- Can l come to school?
l wish you could.|Then l'd know l'd have one student.
You have to wait a year or two.
- How's it going?|- We'll be ready.
But aside from Commander Sisko,
we haven't had a commitment|from any of the parents.
- What's this?|- A little something l replicated.
Help Mommy to open her present,|Molly.
Oh, Miles!
Thank you.
l want to see you|in the Promenade tomorrow
ringing your school bell.
l'd better take her home.
- Murderer!|- Killer!
Shape-shifting freak!
- You freak!|- O'Brien to Ops.
- Security to the Promenade.|- Acknowledged.
Yes, sir.
- O'Brien to Sisko.|- Here, Chief. What's going on?
We've got a crowd, more like a mob,|outside Odo's office.
You better get down here.
- Freak!|- Shape-shifter!
Murdering shifter!
- Odo's inside?|- The crowd followed him from the bar.
l want more armed security here.
lt's going to be hard to control them.
We can secure all turbolifts,
slow down traffic onto the Promenade.
- Julian, look at this.|- The chromatin pattern's changing.
- lt's definitely humanoid.|- lt's definitely humanoid.
lt's definitely...
My God! l think l know what it is.
Run a chromosome analysis.
We're going to find|a gene-sequence degradation.
Shifter! Shifter!
Coming through.
- What do you intend to accomplish?|- We want the shape-shifter.
What are you're going to do|if you get to him?
- He deserves to die.|- He's right!
How do you get a rope|around the neck of a shape-shifter?
Listen to me.|You will disperse immediately.
Return to your quarters.|Return to your ships.
- He's a murderer. We want justice!|- Do you?
Really?|ls it justice you're after
or just some way|to express your anger, your fear?
Look at yourselves!
ln an hour, you'll regret|what you tried to do here.
Do not condemn this man|because he is different.
We condemn him|because of the evidence.
Then take that evidence to a court.
There will be no justice|served here today.
Commander Sisko, we have|some new evidence to consider.
- The murdered man was not lbudan.|- What?
Come with me.
- Break it up now.|- Let's clear the area.
- You heard what she said.|- Back to your quarters.
A clone.
That's what lbudan was working on -|a clone of himself.
He killed the clone|to frame me for his murder.
How can we be sure|the victim was a clone?
A clone has identical DNA|to that of the donor,
but certain cloning methods
cause a gene-sequence degradation|which can be detected.
lf you know to look for it.
We've matched the gene sequence.
They're definitely both clones.
What happens to this one?
He becomes a living, breathing|member of Bajoran society.
Let's hope he doesn't follow|in his donor's footsteps.
What about lbudan?
l have an idea where to find him.
Computer, lights.
Who are you?|How did you get in here?
l think you know.
l warn you, l'll call Ship Security.
Do that. l have|some interesting questions to ask them.
l'm especially curious to know|how the name Lamonay S
appeared on this ship's|passenger list yesterday.
That is my name|and l arranged transport on this vessel.
- Why should that be so strange?|- You did not arrive on this ship.
- No.|- Just what ship was it, Mr. Lamonay S?
l can't find any record of your arrival
on any vessel in the last three weeks.
l assure you, you are in error.
You arrived on this ship|and spent the last few years
in prison among Bajoran dissidents,
one of whom was a scientist|arrested by the Cardassians
for conducting research|into tri-phasic cloning.
Killing your own clone is still murder.
Commander's Log,|Stardate 46421.5.
lbudan has been turned over|to the authorities
just hours after his clone|began a new life.
The perpetrators of the mob violence
have retreated into their business.
Odo has received no apologies.
Life on the station|has begun to return to normal.
- Computer, what time is it?|- 09:07 hours.
You were right.|lt isn't going to be easy.
- Maybe it's just going to take time.|- Sit down!
Not next to that human, boy.
l don't want you to have|anything to do with him.
We'll...try it for a few weeks.
Please, come in.
Take any seat.|Try to be on time from now on.
My name is Keiko O'Brien.|l'll be your teacher.
Why don't we turn on our computers|and access the files on Bajor
to find out a little more|about the people and history of this world?
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