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Subtitles for Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home.

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Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home

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Dress uniform?
I haven't worn this in three years.
I must have lost a little weight.|Feels kind of baggy.
It looks great. Besides...
baggy's quite fashionable on Bajor now.
Since when do you follow Bajoran fashion?
Well, a lot of Bajoran girls|come to the station...
with their families.
Since when do you follow Bajoran girls?
A few weeks ago|you were building model starships.
Try a few years ago.
You and I have got to have a talk,|young man, about women.
It's OK.
- There are things you need to know.|- I know them.
- Yeah? And who told you?|- Nog.
So all you know,|you've heard from the Ferengi boy.
We were just talking.
Great.|I don't have time now
but I have a lot of damage control|to do on this subject.
- Let's set aside time tomorrow.|- Fine.
- Tomorrow morning, first thing.|- Fine. What's going on?
A Vulcan ship made contact
with a new species called Wadi|three weeks ago.
- We're expecting a delegation.|- Rolling out the red carpet?
First contact|is our most important mission.
It has to be handled delicately.
You might say it's sort of like...|a first date with a girl.
You have to show a certain respect...
- Ops to Sisko.|- Go ahead.
The Wadi ship is through the wormhole.
We're sending them to docking bay four.
I'll meet you all there. Sisko out.
Tomorrow morning.
I'm positive I packed my dress uniform.|I can't understand it.
You look fine, Julian. Relax.
I mean, they are aliens.|They won't know our protocol.
- It'll be fine.|- Where's your uniform, Doctor?
I can't seem to find it, sir.|I'm certain I packed it.
This is no dress rehearsal.
This is our first formal reception
for a delegation|from the Gamma Quadrant
and I want things to go right.|Clear?
- Yes.|- Let's do it.
I am Falow, Master Surchid of the Wadi.
Welcome in the name of Bajor|and the United Federation of Planets.
I am Commander Benjamin Sisko|and on behalf of my senior staff officers -
Major Kira, Lieutenant Dax
and Dr Bashir...
Yes. Now, where are the games?
- Games?|- We were told you had games.
Quark's. Take us to Quark's.
Right this way.
First contact|is not what it used to be.
- Do they have money?|- We don't know. We didn't ask.
That's not the point.
It's not your point, but it is mine.
This is a new life-form|in the Gamma Quadrant...
I'm a host, an ambassador of goodwill.
The more goodwill that I generate,
the longer they'll stay,|the greater my profits.
- We're talking the same language here.|- Not quite.
Allow me to put your concerns to rest.
do you do a lot of gambling?
We like games.
Doesn't everybody?
You know, those virgin territories|in the Gamma Quadrant
are ripe for dabo franchising.
You and I might want to talk|about an investment opportunity... some point.
Have you figured out|the essentials of the game?
I believe we have.
Give her a spin! One time, on the house.
Two pinches showing! Too bad.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say.
What would you care to wager?
Oh. What a handsome container.
Good things come in small packages.
Klon peags.
Highly sought in our culture.
They have... many... different...
I'm sorry,|but I have enough sticks right now.
- What's this?|- Alpha-currant nectar. It's priceless.
One man's priceless|is another's worthless.
- Take the juice.|- Sorry, not interested.
Then, we really have nothing to wager...
Get these folks some drinks.
- McCoullough.|- McCoullough?
Captain McCoullough.
The name I've been trying|to remember for six hours.
Good lord, they've won again.
McCoullough wrote the revised|first contact procedures for Starfleet.
I wish he was here now instead of me.
No... they couldn't have doubled again.
With all due respect to procedures,|I have had it.
This is as far as duty goes.|Keep them happy.
If they get tired of playing dabo,|let me know. Good night.
What's good about it?
Getting ready to call it a night?
We've only just started.
the girl's arm must be getting tired -|all that spinning.
Replace her.
Very well.
take the wheel.
One pinch showing.|An unfortunate reversal.
What are you still doing up?
Nog and I were setting up|a reactive ion impeller for school.
Nog is older than you, Jake.|He stays up later.
He probably does things,
things with girls for instance,|you're not ready for yet.
We were working on a school project.
You know your bedtime.|We never had any problems until Nog.
Dad, I'm 14.
I'm glad we agree on something.|Go to bed.
- How did it go?|- Just great.
I've done nothing for six hours|but eat Ferengi lokar beans...
and watch people play childish games.
Briok! You disreputable swindler.
I've have had enough of your cheating.
Look er... why don't we just call it even,|and no hard feelings?
Or take another spin|on the house.
Or two or three.
A free visit to a holosuite, huh?
Do you know what a holosuite is?
Do you have sex on your world?
Look, take it all back, all the gemstones,
and I'll throw in a case of Andolian brandy
to improve your trip home.
You like our gemstones?
You will have|the opportunity to win more.
- I will?|- In a new game.
An honest game.
Very unusual.|I don't think I know this game.
- What's it called?|- Chula.
What are the rules?
These are your players.
We'll start them at the second shap.
The second shap?|Can't we start at the beginning?
Only children enter at the first shap.
Sisko to Ops.
Sisko to Security.
Computer, freeze programme.
End programme.
Shap two. Move along home!
Where have you brought me?
- Move along home!|- Falow!
Oh, thank God!
I thought I was having a nightmare.
- I couldn't wake up.|- You two?
What was all that yelling?
Have you never woken yourself|out of a bad dream?
It's no dream. We're guests of the Wadi.
- What do they want?|- I don't know. I just saw Falow.
He said something about|"moving along home".
Perhaps it's a behavioural test,
like a laboratory rodent|working his way out of a maze.
Behavioural test? Now wait a minute.
There doesn't seem to be any threat.
I'm sure all you Starfleet explorers
find this absolutely fascinating,
but I'm a Bajoran administrator.
This is not what I signed up for!
I don't find this fascinating either,|but I suggest we find our way home.
Do the combadges still work?
As long as we can maintain contact,
it should be safe to split up|to find a way out.
Use your tricorders for proximity checks|every two minutes.
And if all else fails, yell again, Doctor.|We'll find you.
Mr Sisko, how can I help you?
- Do you know where my dad is?|- You can't find him?
He talked about us having a talk
but when I got up he was gone.
Have you checked his office?
The computer says he's off the station.
Why don't you go on to school|while I track him down?
School's closed. Mrs O'Brien's on Earth.
Nog and I were going to watch
the Bajoran passengers|come on board.
You mean, to look at the girls.
- No, we were just...|- Go on.
I'll let you know where your father went.
Thanks, Odo.
Computer, confirm that|Commander Sisko is not on the station.
- Confirmed.|- What time did he log out?
That information is not on file.
- What ship did he leave on?|- That information is not on file.
Constable Odo, good morning to you.
- Where's Major Kira?|- Didn't report for duty this morning.
- No senior officers did.|- You don't find that odd?
That Wadi party went on all night.
How long have you been|a security officer, Lieutenant?
- Six years. Why?|- Lost many commanders?
- Lost?|- Because you've lost one now.
Sisko's missing. All of the senior|officers may be missing.
I want a sweep of this station.
I want to know|the last time anybody saw them.
I'll contact all ships that have departed|since last night.
- Yes, Constable.|- And don't call me "Constable".
- I'm Chief of Security.|- Yes, sir.
- Last wagers. The board is ready.|- It is?
How much do you wish to risk|on the second shap?
Is there a minimum wager?
- Roll.|- Roll? Roll?
But you haven't even told me the rules yet.
You're required to learn as you play.
- Chula!|- Did I win?
Hardly. Your pieces will meet the Chandra.
The Chandra? Is that good or bad?
Neither. Both.
I don't understand.
There's the key.
Some will never understand,|while others will consider it...
mere child's play.
Allamaraine, count to four.|Allamaraine, then three more.
This is Sisko. I found something.
Allamaraine, come with me.|Allamaraine, count to four.
Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see...
Allamaraine, count to four.
Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see,
Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
Allamaraine, count to four.
Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see,
Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
Allamaraine, count to four.|Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see...
- Hello.|- Allamaraine, count to four.
- Allamaraine...|- Where are we?
- Allamaraine...|- Is there a way to leave?
Are we supposed to do something?
This is the first door that's opened.|I want to know where it goes.
- Are you all right?|- I'll be OK.
- Some kind of ionic field.|- She goes right through it.
The panels on the floor.
She steps on certain panels
which must allow her|to go through the field.
"If you can see, you'll come with me."
- Watch this.|- Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, count to four.|Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see,
Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
But I did everything she did.
No, Julian, you didn't.
I followed her footsteps, exactly.
But you didn't say the rhyme.
- Allamaraine, count to four.|- Allamaraine, count to four.
Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see,|Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
Just say the rhyme.
Allamaraine, if you can see,|Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
- Allamaraine...|- Allamaraine, count to four.
Allamaraine, then three more.
Allamaraine, if you can see...
Allamaraine, if you can see,|Allamaraine, you'll come with me.
Allamaraine, you'll come with me!
Third shap.
I think I'm getting the hang of this.
- Choose their path.|- Path?
- Short or long.|- What's the difference?
The short path doubles the peril|to your four players.
- It also doubles your winnings.|- In that case...
Choose carefully.
If none of your players makes it home,
you lose everything you've won.
I see why you find this game|so interesting.
- Do you?|- Yes.
I might have room|for another gaming table, or two,
on the second floor.
We might...|negotiate a licensing agreement.
Perhaps we could discuss...
- Quark.|- I'm busy.
I can see.|When was the last time you saw Sisko?
Last night, when he went home.
- Did he mention leaving the station?|- No.
- Choose their path.|- Quark!
Odo, you'll...
He's missing, with Kira,|Dax and Bashir.
Four officers have disappeared.|You have any idea?
Why would I know anything about...?
- Four officers are missing?|- Yes.
Double their peril...
double your winnings.
Bet... or leave.
how about taking my place?
Choose their path!
I'll er... take the safer path.
Rhymes and riddles and mazes.
What's the logic behind all this?
What do they want from us?
Move along home.|That's what the man told the Commander.
A game.|Home is often the destination in a game.
- Wadi do love games.|- Think of it.
We've been given directions,|clues, obstacles to overcome...
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
This has gone far enough.
Will somebody tell me|what is going on around here?
Why are you doing this to us?
What is wrong with you people?
Madam, this is no laughing matter.
Don't eat or drink anything.
Maybe it's the Wadi's way|of providing nourishment.
Or maybe it's drugged...
or poisoned.
- Falow...|- Drink?
We're not playing anymore.
Move along. Move along home.
You brought us here.|You take us home!
- The smoke.|- Not... bothering them.
You're hurting us. Can't you see that?
Drink! It's the antidote.
- How did you know?|- Scientific method.
Actually, I took a guess.|I didn't have much to lose.
Shap four.
Let's go.
Wouldn't your scans pick up|human life-signs on their ship?
Usually. But we've never encountered|Wadi technology before.
Isolate that energy flux|on their second deck.
Some kind of intense bipolar current.
- What would cause something like that?|- Got me.
The only thing|that would put out that type of current
would be a transporter,
but a transporter burst|would only last a few seconds.
We'd better go take a look.
You can't just go storming|onto their ship.
- Oh, is that Starfleet policy?|- That's right.
Well, I'm not in Starfleet.
Set the coordinates to midway down|the second deck corridor.
Is it against policy|to press a few buttons?
- Choose their path.|- No! This game is finished right now.
- Stop the game, lose your players.|- Just stay out of it.
- Quark!|- I'm doing fine, they're doing fine.
Choose their path.
Double their peril,|double your winnings.
Fine, fine! The safer path.
An unfortunate roll.
Isn't it simply a matter|of figuring out how to win?
- Simply?|- I don't think we have a choice.
We've gone from the second shap|to the fourth already.
- What is a shap?|- I have no idea.
- We're making progress.|- We're playing for our lives.
You're not taking this very seriously.
On the contrary,|I find the stakes to be highly motivating.
I'm reading high magnetic field variations.
Intense flux patterns.
- It's coming toward us.|- Find cover if you can.
- Next move.|- What happened to that?
- Next move. Choose your path.|- I want that player back!
If you care to play|the game afterwards,
it can be arranged.
Choose their path.|Double their peril, double your winnings.
- Give me the shortcut.|- The shortcut?
- It's the right thing.|- Double the stakes.
- Wait!|- I know what I'm doing.
I've spent my life|figuring the odds on games.
I'm learning this one-true -|but I know this is the right move!
- The right move to make you rich!|- Look at the board.
The shortcut skips a whole level.
I've learned there are risks|in every roll of the dice.
This way, they can advance|all the way home
on just one move.
Trust a gambler.
- What?|- Blow on them.
- Would you please...?|- Blow on them.
- Thialo.|- What does it mean?
Sacrifice one
so that two may live.
You can't ask him to do that.
If you do not sacrifice one,|all three will be lost.
I can't! Please.
Which player?
I don't even know|which one is which.
Select one to be sacrificed|or this game is finished!
Fine! Fine.
I can't do it.
I beg of you.|A terrible mistake has been made.
This is all a misunderstanding.
I've learned my lesson.
I'll never cheat again.|I'll never cheat again!
Just don't make me do this!
Anything but this.
Very well.
I don't have to sacrifice one of them?
No. You do not.
We'll programme the game|to select one at random.
Final wagers!
Last move.
We should have eaten at the party|when we could.
- Commander Sisko!|- Doctor?
Over here! Hurry!
- Where's it coming from?|- Spread out.
I can see it! I've found the way home!
- Over here. I found an open door.|- Come on, Dax!
- Julian!|- Hurry up!
Julian, are you all right?
My leg!
Don't move.
Nothing's broken.
What's taking so long?
We're almost out of here.|Can't you see it?
Doctor, we need some help.
Dax is hurt.
Move along home.
Shap... six.
It's a tectonic shift.
We are directly over the fault line.
The cavern wall|has been weakened by the stress.
- It won't hold much longer.|- Put some weight on it.
Let's get out of here.
- I'll never make it.|- There must be a way.
- You and Kira can make it.|- We won't leave you.
The cavern will collapse and kill us all.
Seven lives is enough for a Trill.
You haven't finished one.
How could I live out that life|knowing I left you behind, old man?
- Don't let sentiment get in the way...|- Of command decisions.
Yeah. I've heard that one somewhere.
If you were hurt...
I'd leave you behind.
Then I'm glad|it's not me who's hurt. Major!
Major, you go across.
We'll find a way around.
We'll be all right.
- Major, I gave you a direct order.|- Court-martial me.
I can't. You're not in Starfleet.
If I were a superior officer|I'd court-martial both of you.
Only a few metres more.
Hang on!
They made it! I won!
I had full confidence in you, Commander.
I never doubted that|you wouldn't prevail in this outrageous...
No, Quark.
I'm afraid all your players were lost.
What? You mean...
we were never in any real danger?
It's only a game.
Time to move along home.
Not so fast.|This may have been a game to you
but we take first contact|with a new species seriously.
- I don't appreciate...|- Commander.
Yes, Odo.
Before you blame them|you should ask Quark
just how this all started.
I wish I could explain...
They had bad luck and then|they blamed me for their losses.
That's not what you said
when you were grovelling on the floor.
Oh, that's right.
You were here for the grovelling.
You said something about cheating,|didn't you?
I would have said anything|to end the ordeal.
You have no idea|the pressure I was under, Commander...
If you will excuse us...
Perhaps, someday...
a rematch.
You know...
this game could work here.
It really could.
Excuse me.
Falow! Mr. Falow?|A word with you, sir...
What's your hurry?
I think you'll like this.
Mr. Falow!
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