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Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress

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l thought l told you to cancel that order.
What am l supposed to do|with 5,000 wrappages
of Cardassian yamok sauce?
They're the only ones|who could stomach it.
- Are you playing?|- You're going to pay for it.
l'll take half your pay cheque|every week for six years!
From now on,|no more Cardassian food in here...
Come on, Nog, it's your turn.
5,000 wrappages.
That's a lot of yamok sauce.
Take your turn or l win.
lt'd be a shame to waste it.
That's it. Game over.
l'm getting a tingling in the lobes.
When a lobe tingles,|it means only one thing - opportunity.
- What are you talking about?|- Gold-pressed latinum.
Maybe four or five bars.
l thought you were|talking about yamok sauce.
You've got a lot to learn about opportunity.
- Come on.|- Where?
Station Log, Stardate 46844.3.
With the help of the Federation,
Bajor is about to commence|its first energy transfer -
the tapping of the molten core|of its fifth moon, Jeraddo.
Magma pressure's remained constant.
Subsurface movement is at 0.3%.
- ls that good?|- They'd tell you otherwise.
Why is that light blinking?
We're in normal standby mode.
Then we're not expecting any surprises?
We don't like surprises either.
Minister Toran,|these people are professionals.
Forgive my nit-picking,
but we need Jeraddo to heat|a few hundred thousand Bajoran homes.
And with that in mind,|we're due to make our next inspection.
So there l was, sitting in Quark's,
when Morn comes over|and invites me for dinner.
Grid square|1 2-delta reads clear of life-forms.
Morn? Are you serious?
Beginning scan of grid square 1 5-delta.
- So what did you say?|- l said l was busy.
But you know those|seven or eight little wiry hairs
that come out of his forehead?
They make him look kind of cute.
That's odd. Sensors read|a humanoid presence in 1 5-delta.
- Could be a project thermologist.|- Not in 1 5-delta.
Look for yourself.
The inhabitants|were supposed to be evacuated.
l'd better beam down there,|take a look around.
- Ready to transport.|- l won't be long.
The problem is they don't like uniforms.
Neither do l, but it comes with the job.
- Which is?|- Do we talk or do they attack?
- You're halfway pretty.|- So can l come in?
No, l don't like uniforms either.|l'm scared of them.
We had our fill of uniformed bullies.
l'm no Cardassian. You should be gone.
l only know this farm, girl.
You want proof, just look at my crop.
l'd rather you didn't call me 'girl'.
lt's mostly katterpod beans,|but you won't find better ones.
My father always said
you get bigger katterpods|with chloribicrobes.
That could be.|Your family's farmers, then?
No, but if l need to get on your good side.
Pretty eyes like yours deserve a meal.
You come on in.
l'm afraid we don't have time.
You were overlooked in the evacuation.|You have to go.
We'll talk about that over supper.|Come on.
There he is.
220, bottom price. 220.
Excuse me, sir. Are you the Captain|of the Lissepian cargo ship?
- That's right.|- You trade with the Cardassians.
Why not?|Cardassians pay their bills.
l've heard.|l've also heard they love yamok sauce.
lf you're trying to buy yamok sauce|you're wasting your time.
- l'm not carrying any.|- We're selling.
- 5,000 wrappages of it.|- Original, not replicated.
- Where would you get all that?|- We have connections.
5,000, you say?
And they could be yours|for five bars of gold-pressed latinum.
- That's a lot of latinum.|- That's a lot of yamok sauce.
Look... l'm not carrying any latinum
but l'll trade you something for it.
- We were counting on latinum.|- Hold on.
- What would you trade?|- 100 gross of self-sealing stem bolts.
A Bajoran ordered them|and now he can't pay.
- Self-sealing stem bolts?|- Top-grade merchandise.
You won't find a better stem bolt.
l don't think so.|We deal strictly in latinum.
- Nog, are you sure?|- What will we do with stem bolts?
What will we do with yamok sauce?
Sir, l have discussed it with my partner|and you have a deal.
Good. l'll meet you at cargo bay nine|at 21:00 hours.
We'll make the trade then.
The question is,|what are we going to do
with a hundred gross|of self-sealing stem bolts?
And how do we get|your uncle's yamok sauce?
At least you won't dispossess a man|on an empty stomach.
- Wouldn't dare.|- Good.
These roots will take three hours to soften.
- What?|- You wouldn't want to eat your roots hard.
l'm in no hurry.
- Kira to Ganges.|- This is Dax. Are you OK?
A man with a talent for delay|has invited me to supper.
l'll have a thermologist bring me back.
Enjoy supper. Dax out.
Wash it off first then scrape the skin off.
- You don't talk much.|- They don't talk. The Cardassians.
They escaped up|to this moon 18 years ago.
l've been here 40.|We did real well together.
Oh. Get out the plates and utensils|like a good girl.
That cupboard right over there.
You look real good,|even from this angle.
But you know something?|You walk like a carnivorous rastipod.
Now, look...
You're trying to make me mad.
- How am l doing?|- Not well enough to get rid of me.
- What do they call you?|- l'm Major Kira.
- l'm in charge of evacuating...|- Your given name.
l'm Mullibok.|These roots will really take three hours
so you might as well relax.
lt's going to be tasty.
They begin tapping|the core of this moon in seven days.
- l know.|- You are only three people.
This project is going to benefit|hundreds of thousands.
l made myself unconcerned|with that 40 years ago...
when l escaped|from a Cardassian labour camp
on your precious Bajor.
What we're trying to create now
is what you weren't allowed to have then.
- lt can be your Bajor, too.|- This is my home.
You can have a home on Bajor
with people to welcome you|and your friends.
Life will be different but it will be fine.
No, it won't.|l told you, my life's here.
lf l leave here, l'll die.
So l'd rather die here.
- Uncle Quark!|- You.
Last night, that dabo player|who dropped his drink?
l saw you get him another one|without charging him.
l warned you about|picking up your father's habits.
lt'll never happen again, Uncle.
l was trying|to find some storage space
for the lokar beans that are due tomorrow.
Can l stack them on top of|the yamok sauce if l can reach?
Don't talk about yamok sauce.
Do you want me to take it|to the matter reclamation unit?
Anything. Just get it out of my sight.'re a good boy.
l stowed away aboard|a Cardassian survey vessel
which was stopping|all through the Bajoran system.
They were looking for mining sites.
When we got here to Jeraddo|l overpowered the crew
and l stole|whatever l'd need to build a life.
You overpowered the crew? Yourself?
There was only six of them.
That was fortunate for me|because l was somewhat weakened.
Here l was, the first person|ever to settle on this moon,
and l didn't have|any kind of farm implements.
So once again l faced starvation.
- l'm not boring you?|- No. l want to hear who won.
lt was mind over matter.
Every 26 hours l'd tighten|my waist belt another notch
so my belly didn't know it was shrinking.
Excuse me?
You asked me how l got started here.|Will you let me finish?
l assume you found some food.
Are you telling the story or am l?
By all means.|l can't wait to hear how it ends.
Obviously,|l had to plant and harvest a crop.
So l did what any person would do|who had to build a world.
First, l rolled back and forth|on the ground till it surrendered.
Then l got down and started to plough,
using nothing but my fingernails.
l ploughed every furrow in that field|straight as a plumb line.
Now, that is inventive.
lf l came across mineralised clay
l'd grind it up in my teeth|to enrich the soil.
Baltrim, how about|some of that wonderful wine here?
What l'm telling you, Major...
l tamed this place. Me.
l believe you.
You look like a bit of a fighter yourself.
On Bajor, we had to be.
To get rid of the Cardassians?
Mindless butchers.
- We paid them back.|- l bet.
They probably didn't know what hit them.
l'm sorry l missed the fun.
Must have been like spearing kandippers.
Wait a minute. Are you serious?
You know the Cardassians.
We didn't stand a chance against them.
- How did you beat them, then?|- We beat them because...
Because we hung on like fanatics.
Hung on like fanatics.
l got to remember that.
Mullibok, listen.
One of these days|l'll have to finish up that kiln.
Then l can temper my baking pots,
put some colourful lids on them.|That'd be nice.
l appreciate you're trying to hang on.
l sympathise, but you can't stay here.
Tapping the crust|will release carbon and sulphur.
lt will make the air unbreathable.
The Cardassians probably told you
you didn't stand a chance either.
- Did you surrender?|- No.
Why do expect me|to act any different than you?
They can start cracking this moon|when they're ready.
l'll be here.
l'll tell them.
So that's a stem bolt.
A self-sealing stem bolt.|There's a difference.
You're sure about that?
What's important is that|it's top-grade merchandise.
You can't get|a better stem bolt in this sector.
And we have|a hundred gross of them.
- That's a lot.|- Excuse me.
Anyone know|what this cargo's doing here?
lt belongs to my Uncle Quark.|They're stem bolts.
Will you tell your uncle|we're getting a little weary
of him bypassing import procedures?
l'll do that, sir.
lt's just that my Uncle Quark|really needed some stem bolts.
You mean self-sealing stem bolts.
That's right!|Self-sealing stem bolts.
He sure needs a lot of them.
lt's top-grade merchandise.
You can't find|a better stem bolt in this sector.
l don't doubt it.|What does he need them for?
The usual.
- The usual?|- You know.
Why does anybody use|self-sealing stem bolts?
l wouldn't know.
- l've never used them.|- Never?
l've never even seen one.
Then how do you know|they're self-sealing?
l read it here on the manifest padd.
l thought he'd know what they were.
We should have asked|that freighter captain.
l know who could tell us|what self-sealing stem bolts are.
The Bajoran who ordered them.
His name's got to be|on the shipping codes.
Sirco Ch'Ano.|lt has his address and everything.
He'll be mad|that we have his stem bolts.
He couldn't afford them. Remember?
But we'll offer to sell them to him|at a discount.
l'm glad you finally made it back.|l was worried.
ls he alone?
l think Minister Toran is in there.
Even better.
l don't understand.
There were 4 7 other people on that moon.|They all left willingly.
How do we know?|They just obeyed the order to leave.
- So will he.|- You haven't met him.
ls there anything|that might make him leave?
- Not a thing.|- Would a postponement help?
- Give us time to work something out.|- We can't!
And if he stays he'll be committing suicide.
- We'll have to beam him up.|- lf we do we'll be killing him.
l refuse to allow three stubborn holdouts|to jeopardize a project
that will benefit so many of our people.
lf there was anything else we could do|we would have.
But there is another way.
We can use phased energy retrieval.
We agreed that would take too long.
lt would mean waiting a full year
before we can extract enough energy.
We don't have time to be more delicate.
- So instead we'll act like Cardassians.|- Easy, Major.
l resent that.
You've developed a feeling for this man.
Fine, l can accept that.
But if you're not comfortable|with completing this assignment,
l'll find someone else who is.
That won't be necessary.
What about the other two?
They have a cottage|35-40 metres through there.
These people were victims|of the Cardassians.
They don't speak.|They're very frightened of uniforms.
Understood, Major.
lf you find them working in the fields,
just gather up their clothes and supplies.
- Without permission?|- We're not going to get their permission.
Just be very careful with everything.
You plan to use that?
l'll help you pack your things.
You sent those two uniforms|after Baltrim and Keena?
l'm doing what has to be done.
Me, too.
Don't make us take you by force.
l promise you, it won't be so bad.
You can plant whatever you want.
Stay by yourself if you want to.
Take some seeds|for those terrible roots of yours.
Just listen to reason.
Listen to yourself, Major.
- Tell me what you hear.|- What do you mean?
You sound like a two-headed Malgorian|l knew when l was a boy.
- You ever talk to one?|- This is no time for a story.
A two-headed Malgorian
can never figure out|what it wants to do,
and that can be confusing.
You're going to have to deal with this.
And my Malgorian friend|had all kinds of problems
and he couldn't solve them.
So he'd always come running to me
so l could solve them for him.
You know what l finally said to him?
l said, ''Fellas, deal with it yourselves.''
Fine. l'll pack your things myself.
Major! They're crazy!
This man stuck me|with a farm implement.
- And she attacked me!|- Let her go!
You! Beam up to the runabout|and get Dr Bashir.
What did you say your name was?
l'm getting some kind|of subspace interference.
- My name's...|- We're the Nog and...
the Noh-Jay Consortium,
and we have some stem bolts.
- We were wondering...|- You have my stem bolts?
What would you want for them?
We'll let you have them for...
five bars of gold-pressed latinum.
- Five bars!|- Four bars.
- l...|- Three bars.
lf l had latinum,|l'd already have the bolts.
Would you consider an exchange?
l would consider one bar of latinum.
He doesn't have any latinum.|Let's exchange for something.
l don't want something.|l want latinum.
l can't hear you.|Can l interest you in a piece of land?
- Land is good.|- For what? lt's nothing but dirt.
- How much land?|- l can let you have seven tessipates.
Seven sounds good.
First yamok sauce, then stem bolts,
now tessipates.|And still no profit.
We're getting closer.|l can feel it.
- You can?|- l think so.
Do we have a deal?
We'd have to see proof of ownership.
You'll get the transmission|on that by 1 200 hours.
You just bought yourself|some stem bolts.
- Land!|- Dirt.
Just rest easy.
A phaser blast punctured your peritoneum.|lt's serious.
lf you move around,|you'll make it worse.
Another uniform.
Dr Julian Bashir, Starfleet.
Major Kira sent for me.
You're backwards, Nerys.|l told you.
With me unconscious
she could have swept us all off|with no trouble.
My friends Baltrim and Keena?
They've been evacuated to Bajor.
- l'm taking you back to our station...|- No.
l stay here.
He refuses to leave.
He's got to be cared for.
- l'll take him without his permission.|- No, you won't.
- He needs close attention.|- l'll be here.
There's no medical facility.
Leave the instructions|and whatever medication he'll need.
She didn't offer an explanation.
She simply removed her uniform tunic|and started building.
She stands a pretty good chance
of being out of uniform permanently.
l'm going to tell Minister Toran
that she's remained temporarily|on Jeraddo at your request.
But, sir, that isn't true.
Make it true, Doctor.
Now, please.
l'd advise that Major Kira|remain on Jeraddo
for humanitarian reasons....
- How long?|- A day or two.
For the next day or two, sir.
Thank you, Doctor.|l will consider that request. Dismissed.
- What's that?|- lt's for deep bruises.
Don't ask me why it works.|l'm not the doctor.
What will they do to you for staying?
Probably the same thing|they're going to do to you.
l don't really know.
- What are you so angry about?|- l don't know.
When l was small,
there was a tree|right outside my window.
lt was the ugliest, most gnarled|old tree l'd ever seen.
- Even the birds stayed away from it.|- But you loved it?
Hated it.
Because it had grown so huge
its branches blocked out the sun|for kellipates
and its roots buried themselves|so deep
nothing else could grow there.
lt was a big, selfish, annoying...
- Nasty...|- Nasty. Nasty old tree.
Sounds to me like it had a lot of character.
A lot.
- So did you cut it down?|- l don't know yet.
Sisko to Kira.
- Commander.|- l'm preparing to beam down.
l don't think that's a good idea.
Major, either l'm coming down|or you're coming up.
He doesn't have much faith in you.
This is still my home.
- What?|- l'm here to see Major Kira.
We don't want to see you.
Wait a minute. Don't speak for me.
You're causing a lot of trouble.
l'm delighted to hear that.
How many uniforms|are you going to send after me? 40? 50?
- lt won't come to that.|- Do you want me out?
Mr Mullibok, l'm here because|l'm concerned about my First Officer.
What about her?
By staying here,|she's jeopardising her career.
- Go back to bed.|- Quit telling me what to do.
Major, can l see you outside for a minute?
Talk to him as long as you want.
Tell him about your tree.
Be quiet.
There was this big, ugly tree...
Go on.
Never mind.
l can see why you like him.
What can l do for you?
You and l have|a material subsistence report to finish.
- l won't be able to.|- lt's the liaison officer's job.
l don't like the prospect|of having to break in a new one.
You have a job to do here, Major.
- lt's not that simple.|- l'm saying it can't wait.
Look...l understand|you're used to sympathising
with the underdog.
You've spent your life|fighting to overcome impossible odds,
just like he's doing.
But you have to realise something, Major.
You're on the other side now.
Pretty uncomfortable, isn't it?
lt's awful.
When l first met you, Major,
l thought you were hostile and arrogant.
But l was wrong.
Bajor needs you, and l need you.
l like you and l don't want you to be hurt.
So, as a friend, l'm here to remind you
that his fate is already decided.|Yours isn't.
Thank you.
There will be a runabout standing by.
One to beam up.
You're hurting her. Let go.
- Easy.|- Lussilla...
l told you...take your hands off me.
That's right. lt's OK.
Everything's going to be fine.
lt's you.
You were having a bad dream.
Not just a bad dream. Bad memories.
l didn't say anything, did l?
- You thirsty?|- No.
- Hungry?|- No. Leave me alone.
Go back to sleep.
Where you going?
- l'd like to get some sleep, too.|- Fine, bring the chair over here.
Are you my nurse, or not?
ls this better?
Are you going to talk all night?
Let me sleep.
- Nog, l'm waiting.|- l'm thinking.
- About what?|- Latinum, and how we don't have any.
All we have is dirt.
How many times must l tell you?|lt's not dirt, it's land.
What are we supposed to do with it?
- Sell it.|- To who?
- Think for yourself!|- We should have kept the stem bolts.
- Land is better than bolts.|- Why?
You can build things on land.
You can't build anything without bolts.
Just throw down a card.
- They're based on the station?|- Correct.
The Noh-Jay Consortium?
Never heard of it.|Why do you ask?
l was contacted by a government official.
They want to build on a strip of land
owned by four different people.
Three have agreed to sell
but the government can't reach the fourth,
this Noh-Jay Consortium.
The government can't build|without that piece of land?
- Apparently not.|- What a wonderful opportunity for profit.
l told you that land was better than bolts!
You think l'm part of the Consortium?
l think very little goes on here|without your knowledge.
True. This time, however,|someone has failed to include me.
Are you telling me you're not involved?
Not yet, but that will be remedied.
You can tell the Bajorans
l'll be opening negotiations|with them shortly.
Who on this station is clever enough?
- Uncle Quark?|- Not now.
- But...|- Go sweep the floor.
- lt's important.|- All right, make it fast.
l have a business opportunity|that might interest you.
lt'll only cost you five bars|of gold-pressed latinum.
- Any pain?|- Just a little sore.
l was starting to think|you'd sleep all day.
l was taking care of you all night.
l don't recall asking you to do that.
l can handle this.|Go get something to eat.
There isn't time.
You're finally leaving?
Last one.
l didn't think l'd ever finish it.
lt's finished.
Nothing to do but fire it up.
What's all this?
You've finished your work.|l have to finish mine.
But you don't want to.
l could use a friend.|l'd like it to be you.
As long as that cottage is standing,|l stay here.
- What the hell are you doing?|- Saving your life.
So you chose your uniform|over me after all.
No. My time here with you
has meant so much,|but it's over.
lt's time we went on with our lives.
You say you're my friend.
Prove it. Use that weapon on me.
l can't.
lf l leave here, l'll die.
No, you won't.|l won't let you.
Two to beam up.
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