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Deep Space 9 1x18 Dramatis Personae

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Come in.
Commander, l just received word
that a Valerian transport|has requested permission to dock.
Let me guess. You're recommending|that we deny that request.
The Valerians ran weapons-grade|dolamide to the Cardassians in Bajor.
l'm aware of that.
l believe|they're still shipping weapons to them,
weapons that could be used against Bajor.
l share your concern, Major,|but unless we have proof...
The proof is on that ship.
Let me search it|for dolamide which we can confiscate.
lt's not that simple. Dolamide is used|for power generators and reactors.
- And for weapons.|- Only if it's extremely pure.
- So we're going to do nothing?|- l didn't say that.
We just can't board their ship|and start tearing it apart.
Well, what can we do?
You prove the Valerians|are dealing in weapons-grade dolamide
and the Federation will use|all diplomatic means to stop them.
You think that'll work?
lt will if the Valerians|want to continue trading with us.
All right.
- We'll try it your way.|- Good.
Then see to it that the Valerian ship|is cleared for docking.
Yes, sir.
Chief, l have a subspace message|for you from your wife.
They've arrived safely on Bajor.
lmagine taking 11 bored school kids|to visit to a grain-processing centre.
Major, here's the information|on the captain of the Valerian ship.
Let me know if you find anything else.
Neutrino levels at the wormhole have|risen. Something's coming through.
On screen.
Kira to Sisko.|You better come out here.
lt's the Klingon Vessel, Toh'Kaht.
They weren't due back|for another month.
Open hailing frequencies.
l'm reading a transporter signal.
Somebody beamed off as it exploded.
Mr O'Brien?
Something's interfering with|the rematerialisation process.
Lock on with our transporter signal.
- Boost the annular containment field.|- l'm already there.
He's been hit by weapons fire. lt's severe.
We've got to get him to cryostasis.
He's dead.
Station Log, Stardate 46922.3.
We have identified the dead Klingon.
His name was Hon'Tihl,|First Officer of the Toh'Kaht.
Why he died, and the cause|of the ship's destruction, is still unknown.
l found tritanium fragments|in his chest and arms.
lf that were all, he may have survived,
but the burns were too severe.
ls there any way to identify the weapon?
l'm running a microtissue analysis.
l'll have the results in a couple of hours.
What did the Klingon mean by ''victory''?
Klingon High Command says the Toh'Kaht
was on a routine bio-survey mission.
''Victory'' during a bio-survey?
As l recall, the Toh'Kaht|put in for a maintenance check.
Ask around the station|about this bio-survey.
Dax and O'Brien, take a runabout.
Try to find the Toh'Kaht's mission recorder.
Let's see what made that ship to explode.
Aye, sir.
- Lieutenant?|- Yes?
You coming?
Yes. l'm sorry.
Never mind.
Damn it! Not yet.
Deep Space 9,|this is Valerian Vessel, Sherval Das.
We are entering Bajor. May we dock?
Negative, Sherval Das.|There's going to be a slight delay.
We are in need of maintenance.|lt's been a long journey.
Oh, l'm sure it has, but we have|our own problems. You'll just have to wait.
Stand by, Sherval Das.
l'd like an explanation.
l wasn't finished|running a background check on their ship.
We agreed there would be no delays.
They just visited|Fahleena lll and Mariah lV -
the same two stops they made|when they ran dolamide.
The last stop|was the purification plant at Ultima Thule.
lf l can place them there, we know|they're running weapons-grade material.
- Your ship has been cleared for docking.|- Thank you, Commander.
Sherval Das out.
No delays.
So, Quark...
l heard you had problems with the|Klingons the last time they came through.
Spare me from beings|who think pain is pleasure.
ln small doses, perhaps,
but the Klingons -|oh, they're hard on the holosuites.
They wreck furniture.|l'm still fixing the walls of holosuite six.
l'm not saying they don't spend big.
l'm just saying, by the time you figure in|the damage, l'm lucky to break even.
They do tend toward bluster,|don't they?
Throwing their weight around, bragging...
This crew was worse than the last.|''A glorious mission!''
l said, ''What's so glorious|about a Gamma Quadrant bio-survey?''
And...what did they say?
Crafty tonight, Odo, aren't we?
Looking for clues about the Klingons' fate?
lf l tell you what l heard...
what do l get in return?
What you heard probably won't help|so why should l give you something for it?
otherwise, l heard nothing.
That damaged holosuite -
work crew seven|is probably doing the repairs. Am l right?
Well, it looks like l'll have to put|in a priority request for work crew seven.
The bulkheads in security|could use a little shoring up.
They said...
they'd be coming back|through the wormhole
with something that would make the|enemies of the Klingon Empire tremble.
- Their exact words?|- Direct quote.
You've been most helpful.
Don't let it get around.
Dr Bashir!
Dr Bashir! Dr Bashir!
- Welcome back, Constable.|- How am l?
How do you feel?
Good. l have no way to know.|Your body chemistry defies analysis.
l don't remember anything.
But l'm back to normal?
Well, like l said, you tell me.
l don't know what caused it|or if it will happen again.
ln fact, there's nothing more l can do here.
Then thank you for your time, Doctor.
Tell me...Odo.
Do you share my concern|over this Valerian situation?
l think you know what l mean.
Why don't you tell me,|then you can be sure l know.
Just don't be surprised|if the uneasy alliance on this station
starts to show a few cracks.
What uneasy alliance?
Commander Sisko...and Kira.
Mark my words,|there's going to be trouble.
What exactly|are you basing all this on, Doctor?
Very clever, Constable.
But you're probably right. lt's a little|early to commit oneself either way.
Are you finished with me?
Unless you'd like to pour yourself|through my phoretic analyser.
Another time, perhaps.
l've got them.
The Valerians.
Their ship was at the Ultima Thule station|one week ago.
- They're definitely running dolamide.|- So?
So l've got an armed team|ready to board their vessel,
confiscate the material|and send them home.
l'm half-tempted to take them to Bajor|and press charges.
By whose authority?
You're not going to do anything.
l'm not...
and neither are you.
That ship|is acting against Bajoran interests.
This station is Bajoran property.
Commanded by a Federation officer.
Commanded by me.|Are you challenging that, Major?
No, sir.
Short-range sensors|are picking up some debris.
Looks like duranium alloy.
Probably pieces|of the Klingon secondary hull.
lt's possible their mission recorder|is in the debris.
The magnetic field from the duranium|could be masking it.
Let's get a little closer.
Major Kira's been very aggressive|toward Commander Sisko lately
- about station policy.|- An honest difference of opinion.
What if it's more than that?
What if Kira thinks|the Bajorans don't need us on DS9?
- lt is their station.|- That would be suicidal.
Without the Federation, Bajor would be|vulnerable to the Cardassians.
There are still plenty of misguided|Bajorans who want to go it alone.
You've become quite friendly|with Major Kira, haven't you?
Have l? Well, yes,|l suppose l have, if you say so.
Don't get too friendly with the natives.
- Remember where your loyalties lie.|- Of course.
Benjamin and l have been close|for a long time - hand in glove.
l'm on his side. No question about it.
- That reminds me of the time...|- Good.
Anyone who's against Sisko|is against me.
l'm picking up|a weak subspace transponder signal.
lt's the mission recorder.
- Can l help you, Major?|- You always manage to help me, Odo.
ln fact, l think|we work pretty well together, you and l.
Yes, l suppose|our relationship has always been...
And that's just what l need right now -
your cooperation.
l'm convinced|the Valerians have dolamide on board
but the evidence is still circumstantial.
l need solid proof.
l want you|to slip past their security systems
and into their cargo bay.
l heard that Commander Sisko insisted|on not interfering with the Valerian ship.
- Has he changed his mind?|- Yes.
How odd.
Very well.
l'll keep you both|informed about my progress.
That won't be necessary.|Commander Sisko's very busy.
l can't fool you, Odo.
You wanted me to go|behind Sisko's back, didn't you?
Forget it.
Bad idea.
What if you had to choose sides?
Just remember who your friends are.
Personal Log, Miles O'Brien.|Stardate 46923.1.
We've retrieved a portion|of the Klingon officer's journal.
Major Kira heard about it immediately.|She must have spies everywhere.
l believe the Captain has gone insane.
He executed two more crew members...
...medical quarters...
is being created by those energy spheres|we brought from Saltah'na.
Believing him to be the Captain's spy,|l slit...
- l've seen enough.|- There's more.
The Klingons' mission must have failed.|That caused problems on board.
l couldn't care less|what happened to a Klingon ship.
The Klingons might want to know.
A data interpolation could fill in the gaps.
- lt might take some time.|- The search itself is often reward enough.
- Benjamin, do you remember that...|- Fine. Do whatever you have to do.
Here we are.
A Modela aperitif.
lt's bright and sweet.|Much like yourself, Lieutenant.
l'll put it on your tab.
The bad flattery's on the house.
The two loveliest creatures on DS9.
l must be living correctly to be so...
so blessed.
What can l do for you, Major?
Get lost.
As you wish.
How are you, Lieutenant?
You know what they say...
put the shoe on the right foot first,
but put the left foot first into the bathtub.
l understand.
But what l really meant was...
Are you happy?
That's not a question l often get asked.
Oh, but it should be.
ln my opinion, you are|the most valuable officer on this station.
- May l?|- Please.
Not bad.
- For Quark.|- lt is good.
l couldn't imagine|running this station without you.
Are you trying to tell me something?
My disagreement with Sisko|over the Valerians is no secret.
You know how he gets|once he's made a decision.
Yeah, it's like talking to a stone.
l remember a time...on Rochani lll.
We were cornered by a party of Kaleans,
who were not very happy to see us,|but Benjamin...
You told me this story this morning.
l suppose l did.
lf you were to talk to Starfleet Command,
tell them how displeased|the Bajorans are with Sisko.
l know they'll listen to you.
l was decorated on my very first mission.
The Admiral was a Vulcan.
- So during the presentation ceremony...|- Dax.
We have to keep the Valerians here|until we can confiscate the dolamide.
You've got to convince Starfleet|it's for the good of Bajor...
and the Federation.
l've been friends|with Benjamin Sisko for...many years.
ln many ways, he's like a son...
or a nephew.
Some kind of close relative, anyway.
Jadzia, listen to me.
l'm getting rid of Sisko,|one way or the other.
Don't force me to get rid of you as well.
- Would you like to join us?|- Let me go!
- What did you hear?|- Nothing!
Nothing at all.
ls this a Ferengi fashion|l'm not aware of?
Kira tried to tear my head off.
l want to file charges.
- Tell me about it.|- l heard her plotting.
Go on.
She tried to convince Dax|to take her side against Sisko.
And did Dax seem persuaded?
What difference does that make?|l was attacked!
Answer the question.
l...l couldn't tell.
She was on the fence.
Doesn't Kira's behaviour|seem a little unusual?
And the others...
At the briefing, Sisko was bored as if|he couldn't be bothered with the station.
And Bashir...
Since when is he so concerned|about station politics?
Don't look at me that way.|l'm perfectly normal.
Yes, l suppose you are.
lt's time l had a talk with Sisko.
Odo, wait!
Wait, Odo!
Odo! l want satisfaction!
We have battle for decks...through 12. the hands...|Captain Tel'Peh. death. But still, l...confident...
...gain control of this ship.
- l am weakened by my wounds...|- Sisko?
My enemies are moving in...
Come in.
Where's Commander Sisko?
ln his quarters, where he's safe.
Still...been able to hide|a thalmerite device
under...beam|near the reactor, deck 26.
Rather...taken prisoner
l will blow up this ship|and transport to safety.
Perhaps Medical Officer Kee'Bhor|was correct.
Our...began when we opened|those energy spheres.
All l know is that|Captain Tel'Peh must die!
Journal closed.
Sounds like there was a power struggle|on board, an attempted takeover.
Management by mutiny -|standard procedure on a Klingon vessel.
But awfully unusual|for a Federation-run space station.
Don't worry. lf Major Kira tries anything,|we'll be ready.
When will the other log entries|be available?
At the current rate of processing,|it'll be seven more hours.
The computer's taking it entry by entry.
l'll set it up|so you can access it as it goes.
Thank you, Chief.
Of course. Don't the Commander|and l always try to make you happy?
- What are you doing here?|- Chief O'Brien's orders.
Come in.
- Commander?|- Hello, Constable.
- How are you today?|- Concerned, sir.
On such a fine afternoon?|How inappropriate.
Commander,|l think something might be wrong with...
some of us.
Ever since the Klingon ship exploded|and their First Officer beamed over,
certain behaviours and attitudes|have been...
There appears to have been|a mutiny on the Klingon ship.
l wouldn't go so far as to say|the same thing is happening on DS9
but l...|do find some disturbing parallels.
lf something's bothering you, Odo,|tell it to Mr O'Brien.
That's what he's there for.
What do you think?
- What is it?|- A clock!
Fascinating, isn't it?
lt's not nice to keep a friend waiting.
Did we have an appointment?
When have l ever had to stand|on ceremony with you, Odo?
l need your help.
l took care of the Valerians.
- What do you mean?|- l locked down their docking clamps.
That ship isn't leaving until l say it is.
O'Brien will need at least a day|to do anything about it.
By then, it won't matter.
You're going after Sisko.
And O'Brien.
Either we get a commander from Starfleet|we can control -
or we go it alone.
With me running this place,
you can do what needs to be done.
lf you want to toss Quark out on his ears,|toss him out.
lf you want martial law on the Promenade,|proclaim it.
This station will be yours to protect|with no interference.
What's your plan?
Oh, Odo...
l trust you more than anyone here
because you can't be corrupted.
But this is a dangerous time.
l can't take any chances,|even with you.
When the time comes,
you'll know it.
l'll be counting on you.
Computer, open a channel|to Starfleet Headquarters.
Subspace communication|to Federation territories is unavailable.
- Why?|- By authority of Major Kira.
Open a channel to the Bajoran Council.
Communication to Bajor|is currently unavailable.
By authority of Chief O'Brien?
That is correct.
Are you finished reconstructing|the journal of the Klingon First Officer?
Data interpolation is complete.
On screen.
Computer, scan the journal|for mention of contact with any alien race.
- One entry found.|- Play it.
First Officer's Journal, Day 22.
Exploration of the fifth planet|proved to be a waste of time.
This world is not worthy|of a Klingon colony.
All we found|were a collection of energy spheres
which possess|some type of telepathic archive.
The spheres described|an ancient power struggle
that destroyed a race called the Saltah'na.
We will forward our results|to our science division.
Kira's locked down the Valerian ship
and put half our systems under her control.
- Since when?|- An hour ago.
l've heard some disturbing rumours|from the Promenade.
l think she's going|to make an attempt on your life.
l want you to arrest them -
Kira and every Bajoran officer|on this station.
l want the name of every sympathiser.
That's not a good idea, sir.
There's a lot more of them than us.
lf we tip our hand,|it might work against us.
What can we do?
- Leave the station.|- Never! Get me a phaser!
- l'll get rid of Kira!|- Hear me out, sir.
We leave the station,|raise a Federation attack force and return.
On that day,|we'll get rid of all your enemies.
How do we proceed?
l need a few hours to free the Valerian|ship. l've talked to their Captain.
He'll take us back to Federation space.
Call me as soon as you're ready.
lt'll take effect in two minutes.
Plenty of time for a good...
- Plenty of time for a good night's sleep.|- Thank you, Doctor.
Chronic insomnia. l think it's hormonal.
- So, how are you?|- Have you finished the Klingon autopsy?
Of course.
You know, events have moved|rather rapidly since our last conversation.
l'd advise you to choose sides now|or risk being without any friends at all.
The Klingon, Doctor.|What did you find?
He's still dead,|if that's what you mean.
l don't have time for jokes.
Your findings could determine|who controls this station.
- How?|- All in good time.
First, tell me about the Klingon.
Well, l found nothing very unusual.
The columnar cells in his brain perhaps.
- The membrane permeability was off.|- What could cause that?
- Any number of things.|- Could it be to do with telepathy?
The Klingons were studying|the telepathic archives of an ancient race.
lf those archives were contained|in a self-sustaining energy matrix
it could explain|the changes in the Klingon's brain.
Could that energy matrix|have somehow caused them
to re-enact the struggle|that destroyed the Saltah'nans?
Possibly. What are you getting at?
Doctor, l believe|the Klingon brought the matrix with him
and everyone in Ops|was affected except me.
My non-humanoid brain rejected it.
An interesting theory, Constable.
But l'm certainly not behaving|out of the ordinary.
Of course not.
But what if you and l|are the only two who aren't affected?
- Could we use this to our advantage?|- Exactly.
- Tell me your plan.|- First, we have to figure out
how to remove the field|from everyone affected.
- Then we'd lose our advantage.|- Do you want the station blown up?
- l see your point.|- The power to control the energy matrix
is the power to control this station.
lf l could determine the resonance|frequencies of this telepathic field
l could generate interference|to drive it out.
Do it.|l promise, Doctor, you won't regret it.
- O'Brien, what's taking so long?|- Almost there, sir.
One more security lockout to penetrate|and the Valerian ship will be ready.
Commander, the report you asked for|on those weapon scanners.
- Give it to Mr O'Brien.|- l really think you should see this, sir.
Dax to Kira.
- Did Kira put you up to this?|- No.
l want the truth! ls that clear?
Let's see how this works.
Put it down...
Take them.
Dax, you were supposed|to deactivate the transporter.
l forgot.
Kira must have set up a force field|to stop us beaming onto the Valerian ship.
- The transporter rerouted us.|- We have to get to that ship!
Odo's our only chance.|He might be able to override the field.
You're sure we can trust him?
- l don't see that we have any choice.|- Sisko to Odo.
- Odo here.|- Kira has moved against us.
She has Dax on her side.|We need your help.
Clear us a path to the Valerian ship.
Take crossover bridge one|to the cargo entrance to docking port four.
- l'll keep it open for you.|- Right. Sisko out.
Leave your combadge here.
Don't look so worried, Chief.
- She hasn't beaten us yet.|- Yes, sir.
They're still in airlock corridor six.
- What could they be doing in there?|- Maybe they've given up.
Sisko would rather die,|which is fine with me.
l bet they've taken off their combadges.
That's all right. They won't get far.
Someone's taking out our force fields.
Whoever it is|knows how to override the security codes.
Kira to Odo.
- Go ahead, Major.|- Whose side are you on, Constable?
- Yours, of course.|- Really?
- Then why are you helping Sisko escape?|- On the contrary.
You'll find him trapped in cargo bay four.
Consider it my gift to you.
Oh, my apologies.|We'll see you there. Kira out.
Well done.
You certainly fooled her,|didn't you, Constable?
We're running out of time, Doctor.
l've just about finished. l've set up an ionic|interference signal in cargo bay four,
calibrated to lock onto the resonance|frequencies of the telepathic field
and drive it out of all those affected.
And what will happen to it then?
lt'll stay suspended|as long as the interference is in effect.
That's all l need to know. Let's go.
- What's wrong?|- lt's been sealed.
Don't do that, sir.|You might run into Kira.
She must have realised|we removed our combadges.
lt's completely locked down.
Someone's activated|a level-5 security protocol.
Only one other person besides yourself|has that kind of access.
- Odo!|- Relax, Commander.
He'll be here any minute.
So, this is how it all ends.
For you.
You know what disturbs me?
The ingratitude.
l offered you my kindness,|my help, my leadership
and how do you repay me?
With betrayal.
But you won't get rid of me so easily.
You see,|unlike you, l understand history.
My name will blaze across the stars|long after your treacheries are forgotten.
But you won't be here to see it.
Major, wait!
- Glad you two could make it.|- Computer, execute Odo One.
Everybody grab hold of something secure.
Welcome back, everybody.
Commander's Log, Stardate 46924.5.
With nothing to contain it, the|telepathic matrix has dispersed in space.
Meanwhile, l'm happy to report|everything and everyone aboard DS9
has returned to normal.
Did you really build that?
- Apparently so.|- Why?
l have no idea.
l know that none of us was|really responsible for our actions, but...
l feel l owe you an apology.
- For attempted mutiny.|- Well...yes.
l think we'll let it go...
this time.
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