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Subtitles for Delirium (Delirio Caldo)(23.976).

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Delirium (Delirio Caldo)(23.976)

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(Renato Polselli)
Hi. It's me! I'm at a club.
The whole gang. |The guys here are great!
I'd come see you, |but I don't know where the nightclub is.
I know where it is.
Maybe I'll catch you later.
Is it far from here?
No, just a few minutes' drive. |I live in the neighborhood.
You are so nice.
I don't want to be any trouble.
My boyfriend will be there. |I'll surprise him.
Of course.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
To the nightclub.
No! Stop it!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Go back. Let me out. |This isn't the way to the nightclub!
Go back. Let me out. |Are you crazy?
Stop it!
Here. I've stopped.
You're crazy. Let me go!
This is the seventh murder of the year. |Always the same technique.
And we just can't figure it out. |It's another one of these damn cases.
Give me the address.
She made it sound as if she was |calling from a dance club.
She was cute!
It should be easy to find the guy |who offered her a ride.
He had a car that...
I forgot something.
Who's there?
I left my cigarettes |on the office table.
Did you find the cigarettes?
Of course, my dear. See you later.
I am going to sleep, Ma'am. |Is there anything you need, Ma'am?
No, thank you. |Feel free to go.
Good night, Ma'am.
There is nothing I need. |Feel free to go.
I know her. |Of course, I know her.
I just don't know from where and how.
Try to remember, Dr. Lyutak. |Even the slightest lead can help us.
Why don't you give me some help?
You've used me hundreds of times |for psychological consultations...
...on the nature of certain murders.
I'd be glad to help you |get to the bottom of this case.
It's him. Yes, yes, I recognize him. |I recognize him very well.
He looked at her with such big eyes. |I recognize him. It's him!
Me, who?
Dr. Lyutak. The gentleman alleges |that he saw you leaving...
...with the girl from the bar |the night of the murder.
Oh, yes, that's true. |Now I remember it very well.
It was a girl on the phone. |I gave her a ride to a nightclub.
I live in the neighborhood.
I'll be home tomorrow morning. |There's been a delay, because I knew...
The girl, who was murdered |at the creek?
Yes, the girl, murdered at the creek.
I'll stay up, and wait for you.
I'll wait for you.
Hurry up. Help me! |Someone is following me. I'm scared.
Tell us where you are, lady. |This is a newspaper office.
I don't know the area well, |but it's on the way to the lake.
Call the police.
I'm scared.
Help me! Help me! Please!
Stay on the phone, stay on the phone!
Call the police on the other line. |They can trace this call.
I am scared!
Do something!
He's here, he is...
It's on the way to the lake.
I can't defend myself!
Call the police!
Help me!
Try to scare him, Miss! |Try to scare him.
Tell him the police are coming.
No! No! No! No! Oh!
Hello? Hello? Answer me, Miss!
Answer me, Miss!
The police have located |the phone booth.
Let's hope they get there in time.
Is it always done by |the same hands, doctor?
How strange.
They all seem to be of the same type.
A disease, which Nature or illness |has engraved into the human brain.
All four of you were |in the area of the murder.
All four of you, without any reason, |and without any ID on you.
I told you. I'll repeat it. |It was dark, and I was relieving myself!
If none of you did it... must have heard something, |the noise, the screams.
I heard the sirens, |and then got punched in the face.
Smack-smack, |as if I was running away...
...but I was just getting up |from relieving myself.
The proof is still there in the grass, |if you haven't looked for it yet.
But this blood is not from |the punch to your nose.
It's blood from the nose.
And the blood can drop that far down?
That's right.
Am I wrong, or are you the unlicensed |parking lot attendant at the nightclub?
The nightclub where you gave a ride to |the girl who was murdered 5 days ago?
Yes, indeed.
Another murder.
Just while I was with Inspector Edwards. |It's bewildering.
I was worried about you.
The fact that you had given a ride |to that girl made me worry like crazy.
My dear, I am Dr. Herbert Lyutak, |a valuable associate of the police.
I am crazy about you...
...every second I am more madly |in love with you. I love you.
And where in me do you fall in love, |Marzia?
Herbert, Herbert.
Or here?
I love you, Herbert.
...or here.
Do you need a drink?
Go screw yourself!
Was there enough evidence |to hold him?
Sure. We're following him to get some |definite proof, not just evidence.
These people repeat their mistakes. |Their sickness is up here!
I just had a terrible nightmare.
No, not to you.
It's impossible for me. |It's impossible for me!
It's impossible for me. |It's impossible for me!
I am yours.
You can do to me |whatever you want.
Marzia, I wrote you a card...
...for our wedding anniversary.
Yesterday I forgot to give it to you.
Here it is.
You are my wife. I love you. |You love me.
But I am an impotent fool. |Let's get separated, Marzia.
I don't want you to be unhappy. |I don't want to hurt you.
You can rebuild your life. |I, as a man, can't be of any help.
Although I am a scientist, as a man |I have a wife who is still a virgin...
...and my heart is blind |and filled with death.
Let's separate. |I don't want to harm you. I love you.
I'll stay with you. |I love you just the way you are.
You don't know what I am like. |I can't explain everything to you, Marzia.
Every day it becomes |more dangerous for you.
You can do anything to me |you want to.
But I will remain with you.
Maybe what I just dreamed about was |your real world.
But, I love you just the way you are.
I love you.
Herbert! I love you, Herbert.
I don't want a separation, Herbert.
I love you the way you are.
What are you afraid of? |I love you. I am yours.
I am yours.
Herbert, don't. No!
You are such a cruel monster! |Enough with you, Herbert!
You selfish pig! You are a hyena!
Enough! Enough, Herbert! |You are a hyena, hyena!!
Inspector Edwards, please. |This is Herbert Lyutak.
I think you can catch the murderer |you've been looking for... the act, this very night.
Or it's the guy who stalks women.
That parking lot attendant |at the nightclub.
Oh, yeah. But I have done |my own investigation...
... more of a meteoropsychic |investigation.
I think I have located |the time and place of the next crime.
If my forecast is correct, |he will hit...
... in an hour |at the park's swimming pool.
Will you be there as well, Herbert?
Yes. I deluded myself into believing |I could cure that individual...
...whom I know myself, |through the help of research...
...of biochemical, chromosomal nature |and of another kind.
But, I did not succeed.
It's better to put an end to it.
Herbert, let the police handle it. |Stay with me.
Marzia, I cannot miss this appointment!
That man could even kill |the person he loves.
He could even be such a coward |and recant any of his confessions.
If I get him to confess tonight...
... by getting him caught in the act...
... he won't be able to |get away anymore.
It sounds like you're talking |about yourself, Herbert.
No, let's say that I am talking about |a very dear friend...
...who every now and then |grants himself certain liberties.
Stay with me, Herbert. I am yours.
You can do to me anything you like to. |Stay with me.
What can you do with a husband, |who is useless as a man.
Inspector Edwards here again. |I want four men in two unmarked cars.
Confirm with me that the girl is already |at the location. Over and out.
At the pool. |Stay in touch with the other agents.
Our sign will be three owl calls.
It's Dr. Lyutak. One of us.
Go away! Go away!
Oh, it's you, Dr. Lyutak.
Were you waiting for someone else?
For the one you had pointed out.
It's a pity that the police had to |choose you.
You are so young.
I am not afraid, just a little nervous.
Knowing that you are here |makes me feel much safer.
You are right.
It's more fun to work with |someone you know.
What's happening?
Over there. |I think it's coming from there.
Those are the police cars leaving. |Nobody is staying behind.
Don't leave me alone, doctor.
There! Stop!
I won't leave you alone.
The fear, fear has filled your eyes |with an odd desire.
That cry is still on my mind. |I want to scream.
This is not the right time. |It will come.
You have such an unusual look. |It lights up everything.
Doctor, the boss needs you there.
I don't want to stay behind alone.
Why don't you come with us.
I'm nobody. I haven't said anything. |I have nothing to do with this.
I showed up myself.
I want all the details, understood?
I'm waiting for the crime lab |to get all the evidence.
All the agents are combing the area.
I showed up voluntarily, you know.
I foresaw everything, |the location and the time.
But, it's the second time |a detail has slipped away -- the killer.
It's the second time he didn't strike |whom I had foreseen as the victim.
Somebody is ahead of me.
What were you doing here? |You had to be in this park, didn't you?
Why, is that forbidden? |Besides, I was following you.
Can I see how many cigarettes you've |smoked? I know you from the nightclub.
You are so beautiful, you know. |She has great legs, lnspector.
She is beautiful and alive.
The one I followed is alive!
Shut up!
That counts!
How much longer will she remain alive, |if you continue to follow her?
Doctor, you have guessed everything.
The mistake, if it can even be called |a mistake, was of 500-600 meters.
But, who were you after? Do you have |an individual in mind, a name?
Maybe him. Maybe him, who, |oddly enough, is there every time.
And as if by chance, |you are always there as well, eh?
Isn't that strange, huh?
The search went nowhere.
Looks like the only ones in that park |were us and that poor woman.
The murder weapon does not exist.
It exists. It's there.
If someone was stabbed to death, |a knife exists.
How did you know she was stabbed...
... if her wounds were covered |when you arrived here?
Another mystery of his personality.
Hello? Yes, it's the Lyutak residence. |This is Mrs. Lyutak.
I'd like to speak with Professor Lyutak. |It's very urgent.
Herbert is not home. |If you leave your phone number...
893... excuse me, what would you |like me to tell him?
It's Miss Heyndrich. |It's very important that he call me.
I was in the park. Tell him that |I saw something very interesting...
...something I already knew about. |I recognized it immediately.
It belongs to Dr. Lyutak.
I preferred not to tell the police.
I first want to talk to him about it. |Then he can relate it to the police.
I think very highly of Professor Herbert. |So I first want to talk to him about it.
I understand. |I will certainly have him call you.
I have this absurd belief, Willy...
...the parking lot attendant will lead us |directly to the murderer.
I wanted to smash his face |to get him to talk.
It's a face that needs to |remain intact, though.
Let's go have a drink |at Miss Heyndrich's.
Wouldn't it be better to |get some sleep at this hour?
Willy, you sleep more than you need to.
Didn't you notice Miss Heyndrich picked |up something and kept it from us?
Where was that?
Near the body of that poor woman.
I did not intervene, because I wanted to |see up to what point Miss Heyndrich...
...who cooperates with the police, |would want to hide from us...
... potential evidence, |or even the murder weapon itself.
That's amazing.
The most amazing thing is not so much |what she's kept hidden from us...
... but "why" she kept it hidden from us.
Is there a cafe somewhere, boss? |Is it against the rules if we get coffee?
I'd like to wake up.
That's a good idea.
What is it?
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who are you? What do you want?
What do you want?
Go away! Away!
No! No!
- Everything is open. |- Miss Heyndrich!?
Hello? No, I am not Heyndrich, |what do you think?
She told me to call her. |I am Dr. Lyutak.
She said that it was urgent.
But the line has been busy |for quite a while.
We have found everything |unlocked and open.
But there is no trace of Heyndrich. |We'll keep you informed, Dr. Lyutak.
The water is still warm.
She must have taken the bath |and gone out.
Leaving everything open?
There, Inspector!
No, wait! Stop!
My God! God! I killed her!
She was already dead, Willy.
The body was only waiting for someone |to open the window, so it could fall.
If you'd like, sir, the tea is |ready to be served.
I love you, Herbert.
I thought you were sleeping, darling.
These gloves are starting to |become important.
There is also some kind of hair |and specks of blood on them.
Once analyzed, they could turn out to be |connected to Miss Heyndrich's murder.
The murderer tried to fake |the perfect suicide.
With all the doors left open, a light draft |of air would have been created.
Blowing against the window, |it would have caused the body to fall...
...which had been positioned |precariously on the windowsill.
Why didn't he just |throw her down himself?
A body falling from the 8th floor |makes noise...
...and can attract attention, |especially during the night.
Besides, the murderer wanted to |escape quietly.
And he had thought it all out carefully. |His only inconvenience was...
...that the light draft of air closed |the bathroom door...
... before it could have had |an effect on the window.
The mystery is "what" the murderer |was looking for at Miss Heyndrich's.
It must be that thing she picked up.
What I want to figure out most is, |"why" she was hiding it from us.
It could be that pair of gloves.
That's highly unlikely.
A murderer has no time to take off |his gloves in front of his victim.
It could be that those gloves are |the ones worn by...
...the murderer of Miss Heyndrich.
Hi, Willy. Good morning, boss.
Hi there, Richard.
And the parking lot attendant?
After he left your office, |he rushed to his home... if he were in a hurry, |yeah, in a big hurry.
- You found the gloves by following him? |- No.
I found them at least 3 hours after |he had come home, around 2 :30 PM...
...over there, at the intersection.
Miss Heyndrich died between |a phone call with Mrs. Lyutak...
...and our arrival at her place, |about 2 hours ago...
...about the same time |you found the gloves.
And Miss Heyndrich's home is not |far away from here.
Let's have a chat with |the parking lot attendant.
Someone played a practical joke |on him with those gloves.
They seem to have been worn by |Miss Heyndrich's murderer.
That's them.
Who knows, maybe the parking lot |attendant can point out someone...
...who has a grudge against him.
Could it be he can't hear us?
Break the door open!
The bed hasn't even been touched.
There is another exit to the terrace.
Climb over that little wall, Richard.
We'll go down that way, |where we came up from.
I am sure you'll find another exit |over there. We'll meet downstairs.
He fucked me over! |There is an exit on the other street.
Go back. Wait for him. |Handcuff him and bring him to me.
You're trapped, shitface!
The hair and blood spots belong to |the girl murdered at the creek...
...that same girl who Dr. Lyutak gave |a ride to the nightclub.
Do we understand each other?
We can't find the parking lot attendant |from the nightclub.
I swear I won't tell anyone! |I won't tell anyone!
No... I won't say a thing!
No! I won't say a thing!
No! No!
Stop it!
Good evening, Mrs. Lyutak. |Thank you for coming.
Excuse me for this odd appointment...
...but I wanted to keep you away |from the nosy reporters.
Thank you for your kindness, Inspector.
Ma'am, you were the last person |who talked to Miss Heyndrich...
...and I believe it was about |quite delicate matters.
My regards, Ma'am. Thank you.
Good day, Ma'am.
Good day.
I love you.
I love you! |I love you, Marzia.
But, I am an impotent fool.
Even if I am a scientist, |as a man...
... I have a wife |who is still a virgin.
I am Professor John Barton.
I study the psychological rapport |between students and teachers.
Therefore, sometimes confessions |made out of the blue...
... make it possible for me to better |understand the problems of... young people and shed light on |the soundness of your arguments.
I hope you are willing to |cooperate with me.
Fuck it!
One moment.
I understand. I'm listening.
Good morning, Inspector Edwards. |It's me, the source.
In my pocket, I have the weapon used |for the murder, actually two murders.
That's because Miss Heyndrich was |murdered with this weapon as well.
Yes, I found it where nobody could |guess it would be, except me...
...who has already been |the witness to something.
In the end, what led me to |find the weapon was anger!
I'll drag out the conversation. |Trace the call.
Yeah, yes, I am listening. |I won't even ask you where you are...
...because I trust you. |I already let you go twice.
It's me, the source, |who has no trust in you.
Actually, what I haven't told you is |the girl in the phone booth was...
... my girlfriend, poor Luisette.
Yeah, I know, I know. |They all say they had a girlfriend, etc.
But, I saw something.
If I tell you about it now, |you won't believe me.
I still have to look at a couple of facts.
Damn, I'll get you, you fool!
Hello? No, I was talking to the fly. |It's still alive!
You should give me credit |for some more hours.
My nose ended up in a gas leak.
Just have a little patience with me, and |I'll put you in touch with the murderer.
A murdered candidate, she...
You damn thing you!
Hello. Hello. Hello?!
We got disconnected. Hello? Hello?
Hello? Stupid fucks! Hello?
No, behind the school, |right near the lake.
I'll come and get you tonight |or tomorrow night.
In the meantime, write down all the |things that come to mind as a topic.
And also ask your classmates about it, |without letting them know...
... I'll use their answers for a survey. |Otherwise, they'll be less honest.
I love this task. |You'll see that I'll do a real good job.
I'll see you tonight, behind the school, |so nobody will see us. Bye.
Bye, Florence.
I'd put you in a more |comfortable position.
But, I have to leave you like that.
They have to find you |the way they left you.
I bet you that you can't hear me.
They pumped you up with morphine, |huh? But, we'll surprise them.
Instead of one dead, there'll be the two |of us alive, even if locked up in here.
I already asked seven times.
Look where he was |calling from, Inspector.
That's impossible!
Marzia! Wait!
Marzia, come right away!
- Why?! |- Come!
There is a man in the house. |I locked him in the basement.
I've gone out to look for you.
Whoever it is, |I don't want to risk killing him.
It's safer if I empty the gun.
I am sorry for you.
Who are you?
She's alive!
Put your hands up, or I'll shoot!
Don't shoot, doctor. |My hands are up!
And now don't move, and listen to me! |Actually, stay put and listen.
I need to settle the score with you.
I play the doctor and you the skunk, |because you are one.
And since I am no doctor, |but a parking lot attendant, take this!
You killed the girl from the nightclub, |didn't you?
I saw you driving by with your car, |but it isn't true that you stopped.
You lied to the police, which means |you have a guilty conscience.
Son of a bitch! Don't move! |Otherwise you could get hurt.
Guess when I figured it out.
When you killed the girl |at the phone booth.
That was my girlfriend! |And you knew her. Remember her?!
Remember her?!
I was at the police station |when Luisette was killed.
It's good that you even |remember her name.
Why didn't you tell that to the police? |You wanted to trap me, didn't you!?
But, that policeman let me go. |I followed you step by step...
...and I even counted your hairs, |which are dirty!
You had to kill her...
It's blocked! Where are you!
Inspector, here is one of them.
Dead or alive, take him away!
Luckily you got here.
But, how come you're here?
He got out of our hands. |Then he called.
He played a joke on the phone.
We got disconnected, |but the phone line was traced.
He kept Lolel prisoner.
This note led me |directly to the basement.
Congratulations, Miss. |You acted in cold blood very well.
I just got the confirmation by phone. |The parking lot attendant is dead.
Seems like he died |from falling on his neck.
As he tried to escape, |he slipped and fell.
Dr. Lyutak, give me a call |when you've calmed down...
...and are ready to have |a conversation...
...and when your maid is |able to do an interview.
Will these have an immediate effect?
Will they have an immediate effect?
I hope so.
I'm going to the police. |Keep an eye on her.
She'll wake up at any moment.
You, Joaquine, keep your aunt company
Of course. That was my intention.
We found that in the parking lot |attendant's pocket.
Do you recognize it, Dr. Lyutak?
Of course, I recognize it.
It was always on my writing desk.
Miss Heyndrich gave it to me when |she attended the psychology class...
...which I took for police work.
You remember that, lnspector, right?
You remember, do you?
Someone killed Heyndrich, |in order to get the knife back.
If I'm not mistaken, this knife is |the same one used for the murder of...
...the girl in the phone booth |and the whore in the park!
This could explain why the parking lot |attendant was at my villa.
He stole this weapon and...
... in order to get rid of it, |he chose the most difficult way.
He tried to put it back in my house |to throw off any suspicion.
And when he noticed, like I noticed...
...that Heyndrich had picked up |the murder weapon he had lost...
... he killed her, in order to get it back.
Heyndrich was killed the same night |I had to let the parking lot attendant go.
And we, Dr. Lyutak, stayed together for |a few hours, searching for an answer.
Miss Heyndrich was killed precisely |during those hours!
Willy! There is the answer. |T oo bad he died.
It would be fun to |have him confess now.
But the parking lot attendant was |followed by Richard in the park.
Considering how good an eye he kept |on the parking lot attendant at home...
...we can certainly trust him now.
Plus, it gets dark in the park, and |it's easy to lose sight of each other.
There was a lot of that, that night.
But now everything fits perfectly. |Like a Pythagorean chart.
There are only some commas missing. |But, I will put them in place.
I am upset, Joaquine, for myself, |for Herbert, I am afraid of everything...
...also for Lolel. |What have they done to her?
My nerves are shattered. |I am even scared of...
...what Lolel might say |when she wakes up.
All she'll say is : |"l'm happy to be alive. "
I'm afraid of Herbert.
It's incredible how you can understand |all of our problems.
You are like one of us.
Sorry, I have a terrible headache. |I need some air.
I understand. |I shouldn't talk so much.
This silence is incredible. |Not even the crickets are chirping.
Mom would really like it here.
She always says |she's haunted by noises.
Go away.
Leave. Florence, go away.
But, l... but...
Go away!
Go far away.
Among our friends, we say |that once it's tight...
... it's all right to let out three drops |of blood to halt the effect of the drug.
Lolel. Lolel!
That's strange.
Even with the drug Herbert gave her, |she still hasn't woken up.
Her breathing and her neck are normal, |but she isn't waking up.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!
The phone, Marzia.
I'll answer it.
Hello? Hello?
Nobody on the phone.
Just a wrong number. |It happens everywhere.
Maybe he doesn't like my voice. |You answer it.
Hello. Hello! Hello?!
Hello. Hello!?
It must be a prank.
Over here!
Enough! Stop it! What are you doing?! |Murderers! No!
Come here!
No, you're pushing me down!
Who turned off the light?! Joaquine!
The light! Who turned it off? Joaquine?
No! No!
Who are you? What are you saying?
Help me! Help!
Marzia! Marzia, help! Marzia!
Let me go!
Help! Oh, no! Help!
Help! Help! Help!
What have they done to us? Marzia!?
My God. Help me!
Call the police! Call the police!
Who is screaming?
Who is screaming?
I don't know. I don't know!
Can you hear her? |It's driving me crazy.
A tape recorder. |It's a tape recorder.
It seems like you're not |happy to see me.
No, Herbert. What are you saying? |I 'm sorry. It's been a crazy day.
Did Lolel wake up?
Maybe she did.
In that case, she'll tell us |about this day.
I am afraid, I am afraid. |I 'll wake her up.
Lolel is less important.
Good. Let's start with the one |that's less important.
I am afraid.
Here comes Herbert.
Marzia, Lolel isn't here. |Where did she go?
No! No!!
Marzia! Marzia!
Herbert! Help me!
Herbert! Help me!
Marzia! Stay calm, Marzia!
Marzia, Marzia!
Oh, Marzia.
Where is Lolel? Where is she?
Close all the doors, Herbert! |Bolt the windows.
Don't let anyone in, |don't let anyone in!
It's the end, it's the end!
Marzia, I don't understand. |Why, Marzia?
We can't leave her alone, Herbert!
Make sure whoever leaves is followed, |and no one else enters the premises.
OK. I'm going.
I 'm sorry for you, boss.
But facts are more important |than our feelings.
Don't answer it. |Don't you answer it!
I'll answer.
Herbert, no! I'll get it, not you!
Not you!
Hello? Hello?!
I don't care if you are |with the police.
Wherever you are, |I don't want to talk to you!
She was taken by the police.
The police took her away from here. |She's with the police.
Good, it's better that way.
It'll be another charge against |the dead parking lot attendant.
Yes. Certainly.
It's better that way.
Marzia! Marzia!
Marzia! Marzia!
Marzia! Marzia!
Let me go! Let me go!
Why, Marzia?!
Why? Why?
Because it was her |who locked Lolel in the basement.
It was her who put her to sleep |with morphine...
...and tried to kill her with the gas.
You! Marzia! You!
Why? Why?
No, Joaquine.
No, no. No, Joaquine.
Herbert did not have to know that. |He shouldn't have known that.
You're crazy! |The police know it, everybody knows it.
Not Herbert, Herbert shouldn't |have known anything, I love him!
I did everything for him. |He did not need to know.
I wanted to die before he'd find out.
Dr. Lyutak! Dr. Lyutak!
Here I am, lnspector.
Open the door!
Yes, lnspector. 2 minutes, and |I'll be down to let you in.
Thank you, doctor.
I knew I could count on |your cooperation.
It's the police, |my friend, Edwards...
...together with the others.
If Lolel told them everything she knew, |the only one who's left is you.
Herbert will be free. |You won't see him anymore.
I always loved you like crazy, but |you never wanted to betray Herbert.
Instead, Uncle Herbert betrays you.
He'll hand you over to the police, |in order to stay free.
I would have died with you, |rather than have you taken away.
Just the thought of having someone |take you away from me...
... I 'd rather die with you.
Instead, Herbert will hand you |over to the police.
He'll hand you over to free himself |from any suspicion.
He'll laugh at your love, |because he is a mad sadist!
He is a mad criminal!
Herbert is already handing you |over to the police.
And you don't have the strength |to throw your contempt in his face!
You killed for him |and made me your accomplice.
I killed for you.
I killed Luisette in the park at the lake... keep any suspicion |away from you... avoid your having to |hand yourself over to the police...
... because I knew that |you wanted to do that.
I would have died, if I 'd lost you.
I did not want to lose you. |I did not want to lose you!
And Lolel knows everything. |Does she know what you've done?
Yes, she suspected it. |Then she understood.
Then she saw my clothes |soaked in blood.
The knife Heyndrich took with her...
Marzia! You wanted to |throw away your life.
I cannot support your crimes |nor accept them as a gift.
I am Dr. Herbert Lyutak. |I have always fought crime.
You coward, crazy bastard!
You cannot insult her love that way!
Coward! Scoundrel!
Coward! Bastard!
Coward! Bastard!
Coward! Bastard!
Let me go! Let me go!
Herbert! Herbert!
Move, try to open this. |I'll look for another entrance.
Not him. Herbert, no!
You crazy fuck!
Stop, Joaquine!
You criminal, criminal!
Coward, coward!
No, no!
Save yourself, Herbert!
No! Not that way!
I won't leave you, no!
He won't get you.
He won't get you, he won't.
They won't take you away.
No one will be able to |touch you anymore.
No, Herbert! Herbert!!
The police won't get you.
They won't be able to put you in prison!
Follow the sound, lnspector.
You can't get through there. |Come with me.
He is the crazy one, |he's a sadist! It's him!
No! No!
Oh, Marzia!
That way!
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