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Subtitles for Demoiselles de Rochefort Les CD2.

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Demoiselles de Rochefort Les CD2

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That's right.
And you needed someone to take you.
We never said that!
Anyway, we can take you.
- In the truck? - There are bunks.
I can see it now!
- We're serious. - What a come-on!
Well... Is that all?
- We want to make a deal. - But not in the doorway.
Take these.
Tell them. After all, it's your idea.
But you're the boss.
We're in no hurry.
To liven up our stand at the fair we thought...
It was Bill's idea...
We thought that maybe
you could do a number... Something lively.
A number?
- They think we're strippers! - Obviously.
The fact is, the performers we hired
Ieft us high and dry at the last minute,
and we need...
- Stand-ins. - Just like that.
That's right.
So, interested?
Interested isn't the word. But we'll think it over.
We're quite busy at the moment.
Does that mean "yes" or "no"?
- What do you think? - But what do they want?
- Something lively. - You said that already.
Something in this vein?
In Hamburg, port of call, On a rain-slicked street,
Three sailors and love meet And go to the losers' ball.
It's a foursome on the town When three girls on the make
Meet losers on a round On the street of heartbreak.
In Hamburg, port of call, Three sailors from the East
Talk of romance's thrall As if they believed it all,
As if for that price
The girls of the waterfront Would give these sailor boys
All the love they want.
How was that?
- Depressing! - And old as the hills.
We've had it with sailors, girls and boats.
We get the message.
- Our song... - They'll like it.
We are a pair of twins Born in the sign of Gemini.
With our feet on the ground We have flights of fantasy.
Give us a happy start, Give us harmony,
Give it heart And a touch of sorcery.
Let it burst with joy, Let it glow with energy.
Give us a song, Give us fantasy.
Want us to dance too? Modern or classic?
something to prance to Or more romantic?
Would you like Mozart? Would you like stravinsky?
Johann sebastian Bach?
Or maybe Boguslawski?
Louis Armstrong, Ellington?
Count Basie or Hampton?
Or maybe you'd prefer
Michel Legrand?
sing about love Or even hate.
Just make it bright.
sing today. Dance tonight.
sing of light.
Dance forjoy. sing the wind.
sing the sun and the rain.
Fire us. Inspire us.
Enchant and astonish us.
Hang out the streamers of sun, Paint it all the color of delight.
Drape every facade in light, Build bonfires of pleasures and fun.
Why waste time? Why push me away?
You'll be my wife...
Why a seaside bungalow?
Why a millionaire from Mexico?
You can't whine till your dying day.
The harmony's sublime.
What a paradigm.
Where are the pretty hands that wrote those notes?
Must I never see her again?
Why love on some Pacific shore
When it's right here in my store?
...And at the same time,
A true stroke of chance.
I find my great romance,
The very day I leave.
Passion. spirit. Love. Folly. Genius.
Joy. Life. Happiness...
You're alone?
Josette took Booboo to school, Gramps is asleep.
- Going somewhere? - I have two days of leave left
so I'm going home to Nantes. My leave's immi-Nantes!
Aren't you funny!
Give me a beer.
I'll be back Monday morning
in time to pack my bags. Then it's so long, Rochefort!
someone butchered a dame By the chateau in Etiquette Lane.
A wicker basket found today
Contained the pieces of Pelagie Rosier.
Ex-Folie Bergre chorine And one-time beauty queen.
Aged 60, she won hurrahs Under her stage name, Lola-Lola.
she nailed audiences to their seat Before bringing them to their feet.
The hamper's open, the case is too. Police won't say if there's a clue.
No stone will be left unturned Until the slasher's name is learned.
Ever heard of Lola-Lola?
I've never known any dancers.
Here comes Josette.
What kept you?
There was a police cordon Near school where I left your son.
A sadist's on the loose, some think he's a mystical recluse.
Everyone's in an uproar, It seems he used an ax or a saw.
He cut her into bits And laid her out like a puzzle kit.
It was all impeccable, the feet below...
Horrors! No!
They say they'll get the man. We must remain as calm as we can.
I'll have a look, then catch my train.
He's on immi-Nantes leave!
- Until Monday! - Your gear!
- Goodbye, friends! - Bon voyage!
A rotten crime, a filthy skunk!
Yet he put away the pieces in a trunk.
- Be so good as to move along. - Please don't get us wrong.
Don't make us club you on the ear.
The blood came out to here.
It was a sweet old white-haired sister.
- It boggles the mind. - Blondes are my kind.
Well, thanks a lot, Mister.
Don't get angry. I prefer blondes. But it's not because your hair's red
That I'd take an ax to your head.
- Would the sadist be you? - Heavens, no. And you?
- Teach music is what I like to do. - Abstract art is my conceit
But my ambition's more concrete: I'm looking for the ideal woman.
I did a painting of her though, Come see it at my studio.
- We can maybe do a seance. - Good old Maxence!
- How d'you know my name? - Mom mentioned it when you came
Yesterday to the café. I'm solange Garnier.
- Ah, you're the twin, right? - You might be more polite.
- Where're you headed? - Train to catch.
I'm off to Nantes. My leave's immi-Nantes.
That didn't make you laugh one bit.
That's bargain-basement wit.
Don't take it out on me. so long. Another time, maybe.
Excuse me, sir, I'm looking for A certain piano store.
- I never buy any. - But that's plain silly!
Painting's more in my chords, I play on canvas, not keyboards.
Well, music is my line But I think painting, too, is fine.
I'll tell you what I think, You and I are in the pink.
I've really got to run, I've got a train at one.
My leave is immi-Nantes.
Immi-Nantes leave!
That's one I can't believe!
- sorry, Miss. - Excuse me, sir.
I'm so remiss. Let me help. Are you hurt?
No, but if you're in a rush, No need to make a fuss.
I don't mean to be a pain
But I've been searching in vain For a guy named Dame
Who runs a piano store.
What a silly name!
- Nice man, though. - I don't say no.
- But it's funny all the same. - That's not why I came.
A name tells you nothing, it's like a face.
I may look dumb but I'm no basket case.
It's not that I'm so giddy, I've been on a shopping spree.
But I'm a nice girl at heart.
Oh, yes, you're looking for Your friend's music store.
Turn left here, then take second right.
Thanks for the precious tip.
sorry, I have to run, I have an appointment at one.
- Hi, pumpkin! What's that there? - Nothing, just a tear.
- Why all the boxes? - Our costumes, fit for a queen.
- Quick! Let me see! - so simple, they suit us to a T.
- Nifty! - Naughty! - I'm hungry!
We're going, just wait a minute more.
Won't we look a bit like whores?
Funny, the idea never occurred to me.
Hello, Mr Dame.
Don't you recognize me?
I'm afraid, sir...
God damn me! I'm unforgivable.
Why, I often think of you. I even wrote to your Paris agent yesterday.
- Have I changed that much? - Not at all.
But I never expected to see you in my shop after all these years.
- 10 years. - Yep, 10 years.
It's nice here. It's calm.
Live alone?
What about Yvonne?
She never came back.
Why this honor?
I'm on a concert tour of Europe,
I was in Paris yesterday and thought of you.
My agent told me you were here, so I came.
I'm so glad to see you.
I really admire your work.
What success! Truly fabulous.
Even during Conservatory days your talent was obvious.
You knew what you wanted. And you got it.
That's true.
When I was a boy, I dreamed of conquering the world.
In my thoughts, notes and scales swirled.
For me, a piano chord had infinite charm.
For a fortissimo, I'd have given my right arm.
For a symphony, I'd have sold my brother.
For a melody, I'd have betrayed my mother.
Music was my whole life, you see,
And no person could get through to me.
Today I have everything I yearned for,
Fame, talent, money and more.
I'm flattered, worshipped, dehumanized.
stupidity has left me demoralized.
I'd have liked to fight for true treasures.
I'd sacrifice it all for tender pleasures.
I didn't have Love but Love is here today
Every since that girl came my way.
Can she be far? Is she near to me?
I never saw her again But I know now she exists.
Is she chaste? Or does she live fast and free?
Her virtue means nothing Because I am an artist,
And Love is the sole authority.
So you're disappointed and in love?
Not disappointed, but wise and in love.
For all that, will you stay in Rochefort?
I can't. I play in Paris tomorrow.
But I'll be back next week.
I must find that girl.
Maybe you know her?
There are many pretty girls here.
So you wrote to me?
Yes, about a young friend...
an admirer who'd like to meet you. She writes music...
I'll say no more. But you can help her. She deserves it.
- Are you in love? - Maybe.
- Pretty? - Much more.
I'm so thrilled to see you.
Listen to this. Tell me what you think.
I've heard that somewhere.
Nice, isn't it?
I've heard it before.
But where?
Odd! Where is my concerto?
You had it today, indeed a while ago.
But I put it in the usual place,
between my lipstick and eyeglass case.
Here comes Subtil Dutrouz. You've all met. Have a seat, do.
- I don't believe I know these girls. - I spoke of them.
They're my twin pearls.
I believe we've met someplace.
No, I never forget a face.
Upon my word, I've seen you somewhere
unless there's a double of you out there.
- Delphine is a dancer... - Doubtless, I'm wrong...
Solange is well versed in music and song. You're just in time.
But before you partake,
do us the honors and cut the cake.
I wouldn't know how.
Are you being modest?
I shan't decline if you insist.
Please do, Dutrouz.
Maxence isn't here, alas.
He went home on a week-end pass.
He called his leave "immi-Nantes." I had a good laugh.
- The pun's inelegant. - Who's this joker?
A painter-poet. A sailor who can do a portrait.
Does he love me?
It's anyone's guess.
I drink to your love and success.
To old times, so exotic! Salonica! We met there, in aeronautics.
We met in Cherbourg, in front of a bar.
He'd been thrown out, drunk as a tar.
At the time, life was no joke. I'd lost my job and was flat-broke.
I got drunk.
- What a downer! - Don't be a snot!
- Don't scratch. - So what?
Hands on the table! Enough champagne! He's unbearable!
I'm sure we've met somewhere before.
We haven't, don't insist anymore.
Let the gentleman finish his story.
Things weren't hunky-dory.
I roamed through Cherbourg aimlessly
after spending six months at sea.
I knew a hairdresser in Cherbourg, Aimé...
He married a certain Mme Desnoyers.
A widow from Tours, or was it Orleans?
She was a mother, a one-time chorine.
I don't know her.
No, it was Nantes, it seems.
- Is there any ice cream? - Be quiet!
The dinner's a bit dull.
How about a spectacle? Do a number from your show.
- Without a piano, no. - I'm feeling a bit out of tune.
- I haven't seen your stage costume. - Tomorrow.
But I won't be at the fair. I'm open on Sundays. I'm stuck here.
Leaving, then?
Alas, all good things come to an end.
We're off as well, we start at dawn.
Don't get up, we're going, we're gone.
Booboo's sleeping the sleep of the just.
With the bottle he drank, he must!
The sandman's gone a bit insane.
He sprinkled Booboo with champagne.
Good night, dears.
How do I get this one up the stairs?
Ride, ride, ride!
Ride on air...No stress, no cares.
For all tastes. At all prices.
- I messed up my eyes! - They're fine.
Have you seen my glove?
You're on!
I can't go on with one... Here it is!
Hurry up!
And now, it's our pleasure to present the Garnier sisters!
Here they are, the famous Garnier sisters!
When the summer is gone, When the seasons move on,
When the leaves die and fall, We only sigh about it all.
But to bring back a summer's day, When the cold is here to stay
And your heart's in a pall, All you have to do is love...
Love your life, love the flowers, Love to laugh, love to cry.
Love the day, love the night. Love the sunshine and showers.
Love the cold, love the wind, Love the cities and the fields.
Love the sea, love the flames, Love the world and be happy again.
When love has gone and died, And there's a chill in your heart,
You swear never again to start And all you do is cry.
But if love's to return And your heart is to burn,
Though everything's taciturn, You've got to love...
When you've found new delight, When you feel your heart's might,
And love is back in sight, Each day is a summer's day.
so with new joys in store, And summer at your door,
And Love as your servitor, You've got to sing...
sing of love, sing of flowers, sing of laughter and tears.
sing of the day, sing of the night, sing of rain and sunlight...
- Talk about stage fright! - It went all right.
It came undone here.
- A guy to see you. - Me?
- No, Delphine. - Who is it?
He didn't say.
Well, we got applause.
Not quite the Asian shimmy, but it's got charm.
Enough out of you!
Go find your shimmiers, you boors!
Oh, it's you.
I saw your act... I came to say you've made progress.
Apart from the flattery...?
If you wanted, I could make you a star.
Come with me,
I'm going to Paris.
- A girl like you... -...needs a man like you.
I love how you think on your feet.
I never want to see you again.
You'll regret it.
What about my painter?
Transferred to Germany. Thanks to me, dear heart.
Delphine. My sister.
- It was wonderful. - Thank you.
Really, I mean it.
Leaving tomorrow?
Yes. These gentlemen will take us to Paris.
I saw my friend, Andy.
He came here to see me. He's going back to Paris.
He fell in love with a girl he saw here.
It's a long story.
I told him about you.
You can go see him in Paris.
Thank you.
That was kind of you.
It's only natural.
Good-bye, gentlemen.
- Bye, girls. - Bye, Mr. Dame.
Good luck.
- Don't stay there. - We in the way?
We'd like to change. Turn around.
- We've something to say. - Make it quick.
Can we draw these?
We're waiting.
Here goes: Etienne and I love you.
But we love you, too. Don't we?
Sure, we do.
Can one of you pass me my jeans?
- We mean, romantically. - What?
- We're in love with you. - What are they talking about?
So, we want to sleep with you.
It's normal, when you're in love.
- That explains the lift? - We'll take the train.
You're not very accommodating.
We know your type.
Always the same old tune, Always the same soft sell,
Always the man who will Take you to a hotel... Why?
Never "I love you, " Never "I'll be true, "
Never a billet doux As gentlemen used to do.
Always the same refrain, Always the quick fling,
Always a love in vain Never leading to anything.
Why? Oh why?
Never fine sentiments,
Never a romantic urge,
Never a moment intense Or a lyrical surge...
Always guys on the run, Always the one-night stand,
Always up before the sun And off with a wave of the hand.
Always the passion that cools, Always the bad aftertaste,
Always the feeling of haste, The heart playing the fool.
Oh why? Why do you sigh for us?
Why do you take us to bed?
Why say you'd die for us But never promise to wed?
Why get so upset? Why lecture us like this?
But to end the fete Can we give you a kiss?
- Still coming tomorrow? - If you promise to behave.
- We'll try. - Then we're coming.
- Meet us here at noon. - See you tomorrow!
Always the same refrain, Always the let-down,
Always telling us no. Never is the answer yes. Oh why?
Always those promises But tomorrow never comes.
We never have a chance.
We really look dumb.
Hurry, you'll be late.
Hurry, Booboo.
- 'Bye, sweetie. - 'Bye, Mom.
- A cup of coffee. - Make it two.
- Leaving already? - We'll be back.
- Taking my girls? - We meet at noon.
Be careful.
- Was the fair a success? - A huge one.
- And my girls? - A triumph!
They made the front page! With a photo!
"Twins launch their own Gemini."
What's that mean?
- I don't get it. - Me, neither.
Look, it's Dutrouz!
"Sadist Hid Murder Weapon at Home."
That's Dutrouz, all right.
They forgot the "z." He'll lose his head.
If he holds on to it.
How about that!
- Shall we? - Let's go.
We have to go by the hotel, then finish loading.
That fuss about cutting a cake!
Wicked man!
Good-bye, and bon voyage.
If you're ever in Rochefort, stop by.
True, there's trouble everywhere.
The rat!
1 1 :30 already...
- I've come for my lesson. - School's closed for good.
- Who was it? - The Dumont girl, for her lesson.
At this hour!
It's 1 1 :30.
I didn't cancel! We'll never make it by noon!
We must say good-bye to Mom and fetch Booboo.
How will I manage in time?
I'll kiss Mom good-bye while you go by school.
- What'd you lose? - The 3rd movement of my concerto.
- This is a disaster! - You know it by heart.
Still, it's annoying.
- What if they really love us? - Who?
Our carnies.
I don't know.
- They're sweet. - Yes, they are.
What about your foreigner?
Vanished. Maybe I dreamed him up.
- And your painter? - He's in Germany.
- Expecting someone? - No, but now we're really late.
Solange, you must come right away.
To my shop. Andy's back and waiting for you.
Right now. He's just passing through.
But we're so late already, and I must fetch my brother at school.
Maybe he could go. The school's right nearby.
- lt'd help us out. - How can you?
Of course I will!
Ask for Booboo. He's a little redhead.
Impossible, I can't go!
I'm scared stiff! I'll see him in Paris.
Nonsense! Go on!
- Yes, go on! - I'm shaking!
It's so crazy!
Not even a "hello"?
What a difference! I mean, from the uniform.
I'm out, Yvonne!
Time to live!
I thought they'd keep you... seeing the news.
- What news? - Seen the papers? Trouble all over.
Come on! Dutrouz may be a pessimist, but you?
Speak of the devil...
Look at this.
He's the sadist! A crime of passion...
For 40 years, she turned him down.
Sure, it was aggravating, but that's no reason to carve her up.
She was too big a thing in his life.
I'm off.
To Paris?
You may run into my daughters.
I met one the other day... Solange.
And your ideal?
It'll have to wait.
My picture's at the gallery. Go see it sometime.
Let me kiss you good-bye.
Good-bye, Maxence.
- So you're really off? - About time!
- Solange won't come by? - I came for both of us.
I guess you can't fetch Booboo.
He's in good hands.
A friend, Mr Dame, went for him. Lucky he came by.
What'd you say? Mr Dame?
Simon Dame. A silly name, but a nice man.
I must go out.
Gramps is asleep, Josette isn't back. Watch the place!
But I can't! They're waiting for me.
Be right back.
Yvonne! My paper!
You hear me?
I forgot my bag.
Who's there?
The foreigner...
- Are you Andy? - That's me.
- Where'd you find that music? - In the street.
I looked all over.
So did l. I looked all over for you.
Yvonne! You here?
How was Mexico?
Lovely, Simon.
- Where're you going? - To Paris.
We'll go in my car. At 140 mph, it'll take 4 hours.
I'm in no hurry.
Forget about that painter.
I'll go to Germany if I must, but I'll find him.
Good luck, then.
- Tell me where he is. - In Paris.
"Paris is small for a great passion like yours."
You're sure to run into him. On the boulevards.
Hurry, they're waiting.
- Solange isn't here? - Too bad!
But we were to meet at noon.
It's nearly half-past, get in!
Wait. Here she comes!
- No, it's Josette. - Wait for me!
Take me. I want to see Paris.
Hop in.
We go from place to place, Across rivers and valleys.
They call us carnies, The road is our home-base.
Subtitles: Lenny Borger - Cynthia Schoch
Subtitling by TVS - TlTRA FlLM
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