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Demon Baby

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In ancient China, there were many mysterious religions
Especially in late Ching,
because of many natural disasters and wars
Many hopeless people became superstitious
There was a branch named...
"Five Ghosts Tao" in the White Lotus Sect
The believers worshipped five never dying evil spirits
They adhered to pregnant women,
they could make the pregnant woman and her baby become demons
They fed on blood and brains
It's told that, if the five evil babies were born,
they would be invincible and would bring disasters to the world
Luckily, the sect was raid by the court,
Monk Lone-chi kept...
these five spirits into five antique vases
And a gold buddha was put on top of it
The officers buried all the believers and pillages
But there was a myth that...
If these five evil spirits have a chance
they will come again...
This time, they won't fail...
What a fortune! Yeah...
We are making a big fortune!
Deputy officer, take these back to my house
Yes, General
Move all the jewels back
We are making a fortune!
Don't you eat anything? Hurry up
Move faster!
Hurry, I'll kill all the lazy bones! Move it fast!
Madam Hsu, please have tea
Be a good girl
You've become one of the family now, behave well, OK?
Thank you for your lucky money
This is the second wife, please have a tea
Good luck to you
Thank you, madam
This is the third wife, please have some tea
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending my wedding party
I have been a well known benefactor in this town
I would not hesitate to do good deeds
That's why I am beloved by all of you
Today, I am going to marry my fourth concubine
Please enjoy the banquet
Deputy officer Yes, master
Today is General Hsu's big day
We have specially arranged a vegetable dinner for the fourth wife
Day-Six Yes
The menu includes... fried mushroom, chrysanthemum on seaweed
Bird nest soup, deep fried mushroom, assorted vegetables
Assorted vegetable soup, winter melon in thick sauce,
and fried spinach
Fried spinach?
Day-six, it's too cheap to serve the guest
This is my special order
This is specially prepared for Pearl
Am I right?
Set now
Hurry up, we've got the housekeeper's order
Fried spinach, this is too easy
It's a piece of cake for us
By the way, the forth concubine is only 18 years old
What a pity
But your girl friend is only 19
Super ball!
Watch my head
Golden hook!
Golden hook...
how do you think the meat ball I cooked yesterday?
It's delicious
Is the fried spinach ready?
They've just taken it out
It's alright Little-fish...
What do you want to say?
Nothing, I'll cook you...
another new dish tomorrow
You just cook food for her,
but have you ever done something else with her?
You are lustful!
Come on! Wooing girls are just like cooking
To make it, you must do something special
What do you suggest?
Say, write her a poem
What you can't tell her directly,
you may write in a poem
"Oh, Little-fish, you are a piece of cloud"
"I am a tree under you"
No matter what, wind or rain...
How to spell chicken?
How to spell chicken?
I know!
It starts with a letter C
Are you serving my wife?
You are so pretty...
I will marry you as my fifth concubine
Master, you are drunk, madam is waiting for you
Forget about her
Master, madam is waiting
Little-fish, follow me
Let's not disturb the first night of the couple
You're a nuisance! Get lost!
I am so happy today! Are you happy?
Our buddha in heaven, God bless us...
Light the lantern!
The lantern of the 4th house has been lit for 7 nights!
He still wants to stay there!
Sis, don't be jealous
When you just married Hsu,
your lantern had been lit for one month!
If not Master went sick,
I think, your lantern would have been lit for three months
Who offended our madam?
Get lost! What a nuisance! It's too noisy!
Even my toes feel itchy!
That's too simple! Let me do the massage for you
So white and soft,
it's really nice!
How dare you...
take the general's advantage?
Who cares! I even dare to grab his wealth!
Well, it's easy to talk
But, I don't think you're able to work
Well, I will show you know capable I am!
Damn you, Pearl! I wanna kill you...
Who is it?
This is Day-six
Come in!
your dessert is ready
Where should I put it?
Put it here
May I have your order?
I feel dizzy, come and check whether I am having a fever or not
Come on, touch me
Madam, I'll find you a doctor now
I don't know how to check your temperature
My heart is beating rapidly
Touch it No, madam, no...
Touch it
I feel dizzy!
I am sorry...
You'd know how to wind blows!
The dessert is bitter
You'd be punished! On your knees until dawn!
Little-fish, why are you here?
I come to send you food
No, if that bastard sees you...
he will beat you to death
Go, you'd better leave at once
Alright, I am leaving
I spent much time to cook it, but you don't appreciate it at all
Instead, you want me to leave
Alright, I won't talk to you again
No, no, Little-fish...
I love it, I'll eat it...
Come on!
Come and eat some
It's alright...
Are you satisfied?
You're disgusting!
She died! What should we do now?
Don't worry, it will be alright
There is a myth,
if I make a thousand paper fish,
then my wish will come true
This paper fish represents me, I'll send it to you as a gift
I hope you to bring it along with you
When you see it, you will then think of me
I hope you not to leave me
Is this for me?
I'll bring it along with me
There is a fish!
It must be a big one! It's great!
We will have an extra dish tonight
Don't cry and more
Lee, what have you discovered?
Master, it's obvious that,
Butterfly was drown to death
But, what made her walk to the river?
Who discovered Butterfly's body?
Little-fish and I did
Day-six, why did you go there?
I went fishing
I went fishing,
and I saw Little-fish washing clothes on the shore
So I went to talk to her
God knows, I fell into the river and
wet myself
I intended to take back my hook,
but it was hooked with something,
I thought it was a big fish,
so I pulled with all my might...
But, I found out that it was Butterfly
Little-fish, did he lie?
He didn't lie...
I've got it,
Butterfly went for a walk along the river last night,
but she fell accidentally into the river and was drown to death
That is shallow, it's not possible to drown someone to death
Nuts! Three inches of water is able to drown someone to death
Maybe, Butterfly lost consciousness, so she was drowned
You are so sure about her reason of death...
Was that you who pushed her into the river?
No, this is the fact
I did see him pull Butterfly's body to the shore
Little-fish saw that too, I didn't lie
Forget it, we should cover the death
No one is allowed to mention this matter again
Hire a taoist to pray for her
Yes, master
Rest in peace
Rest in peace
Poor Butterfly
In this messy time, grievance doesn't help
Go to where you should go, rest in peace...
I can tell this girl did not have a natural death
This is not a good place to stay
You'd better bury her as fast as you can
Otherwise, the body may sit up suddenly
Take my advice,
never water her body
What should we do?
Ben, let's go
Rest in peace...
Butterfly, you didn't live well when you were alive
Now, I'm going to burn something nice to you
So, you'll live a better life in hell
This is our token
There is enough money for you
And, we'll burn you a paper maid
You were a maid when you were alive
Now, I'll give you a maid to serve you
God bless you!
Do you remember what the mad man's just said?
Do you believe it or not?
Cut the bull shit! We should scare nothing!
Zombie! Ghost!
Ben, get up...
May God bless us...
Serve you right! You are not qualified to be a taoist!
You stupid fools!
He isn't a qualified taoist to master the funeral!
I can tell at the first sight that she didn't have a natural death
But you burn...
so many paper stuffs to her,
she would miss the human world and want to return
She can't reincarnate because of your fault
Do you think...
she is able to receive it in hell?
If she becomes fairy, she won't need your gifts
If she goes to hell, she will have no time to spend it
Money will be useless in hell, is that right?
Look at her! Her face swells,
it means, she had been staying in water for hours
You still watered her, that's why she bit you!
Give her a paper boat
If she has a boat, she will feel safe
Then, she won't jump
Thank you, master
Thank you so much!
I am not dead! Don't bow to me
Don't bow to me! I am sorry...
Do you think she won't bite you for you've just bowed to her?
Follow me
Let's go
Look, she was raped to death
If a man bows to her,
she would definitely bite the man's dick
Are you kidding me?
Don't you believe it? You may try
He was murdered and his money was robbed
If you burn money to him, he'll follow you
You can try
This guy was starve to death
If you worship him with bloody food,
he will definitely take you as his dad
I am not your master, I am your friend
Pal, how to fix them?
You can't fight back, but you can advise them and
lure them
Pray for them
Then they'll leave the human world and rest in peace
But I saw you putting bean curd...
inside Butterfly's mouth
Then, she didn't move again
Look at her face, no, her soul... if...
if it comes out from her mouth,
she'll become a visaya
So I stuffed her mouth with a piece of bean curd
Then her soul will get out from the top of her head
Thus she will go to heaven
But why do you use bean curd?
What's the reason?
My master taught me that
The bean curd is made by gypsum, it solidifies when it meets water
Does it work?
When it solidifies, then can't move anymore
What's the matter?
I would like you to help me
I have got a problem
Go for a doctor
No, I think I've seen something haunted
What should I do?
Take this lamp home
Does it work?
I prayed hundred thousand times for it, it's powerful
Are you sure?
You people only believe something modern
When you dislike its appearance,
you just don't trust it much
Take this sutra with you too
A sutra?
This is very useful, it's my handwriting
Does this work?
Of course! I am able to lure a ghost!
So, do you think I am powerful or not?
Thank you
Let's go
Cover me please
Don't bother my sleep
Good night I'll come to you when I'm free
I've brought your favourite dim-sum to you
Thank you
Eat while it's still hot
You take one
This is for you
What's this?
Open it, then you'll know it
Don't look at it now
Read it when I leave
Don't ask, I am leaving now
What's the matter? Why are you stealthy?
I am not!
What did you give to Little-fish?
Let me see
Take it to me
A letter? What do you mean?
Nothing, this is a letter to my mom,
I ask Little-fish to correct my wrong spellings
It's true
Little-fish, can you read?
Yes, my dad was a teacher
What is written?
On the second day of the new year, people cook good food,
on the fourth day, people will gain good luck
But, Day-six has a doubt
He loves Little-fish whole-heartedly
Little chick, don't crow,
little piggy, don't lose weight
Little fish, don't be miserable
Day-six is always with you
What's wrong?
Read it
This is a letter to my mom,
what's the matter?
My dear mom,
I live pretty well in Master Hsu's house
Master Hsu is a nice guy, he treats us as his sons
Master Hsu is a decent benefactor in town
I am proud of being his cook
Master Hsu is very satisfied with my work
I live well in Master Hsu's house,
don't worry about me, but take good care of yourself
Your son, Day-six
Not bad is your letter
Thank you, master
Follow me
Post the letter for him
I am leaving
I would like you to write a letter for me
Master, what kind of letter?
A love letter
Just write what I am going to say, OK?
Yes, sir
Little-fish, my dear little fish
If you are a little fish in big sea,
I will be a big cuttle
I will swim with you
If you are a little fish in a river
I will be a little worm...
To feed you
If you are a little fish in a pond,
I will be a frog around you
Do you really mean frog?
Why not?
It's a perfect description
Yes, it's great!
Nine bamboos
Green dragon
Three of a kind
You should know that the green dragon is odd too
You'd pay attention!
Three bamboos
Pearl, even you want to flatter sis, but don't drag us down
Two circles
Sis, I am sorry, I win
What's the matter with you? You ruined my chance!
I want to quit now!
It's her fault... What's the matter?
What's up?
Master, lost much in the game
Did you lose much?
Me too
Okay, I'll pay for you, we're a family you know?
You really mean it?
Look what I have bought you
What do you think?
It's pretty!
Pearl, this suits you most
Everyone will get one
Do you love it?
How about me?
You have one too
This is perfect for you
Do you like it?
Lee, light the lanterns
Light the lantern
I want lanterns of four houses to be lit
It's weird!
What's wrong with Master?
I'd better go home to prepare for his visit
Save it, he will be damn tired when he comes to my room
Little-fish, I am scared
Master looks horrible. I am so scared!
Madam, don't panic
Master loves you very much
Would you please stay with me tonight?
No, I am not supposed to stay
I am a maid, I should leave you and master alone
Master may not come
Please stay with me
What a scum!
You bitch, how dare you do such thing?
It's too bad of you to curse us
I don't mind, my life isn't worth a penny,
but, my sister's life is invaluable
If she is harmed, you'd pay your life for it
Lee, has master got up yet?
Madam, master said he is very tired,
he asked us not to wake him up
Sis, you should give a fair trial
Otherwise, people will gossip behind us
Sis, you'd check it thoroughly
Madam, I didn't do it
I must have been set up, someone put this in my room
Where did you go last night?
How come you didn't know...
these are put inside your room?
Where did you go last night?
I think you must have flirted around
Madam, you'd mind your tongue
Shut up!
You have no say here!
Sis, I know where Little-fish were last night
How do you know it?
She stayed in my room
Sis, I know you are nice
But she is hard-hearted and cold-blooded
You'll regret some day!
Let's stop discussing it
For the reputation of Hsu, she should be punished
Yes, madam
Madam, no!
I didn't do it!
Stop beating me!
Madam, please spare her!
Madam, please spare her
Alright, stop it
Since you beg for mercy
I won't kill her
Lee, kick her out of our door
Never let her enter again
Get lost! Get away
Wait What's the matter?
It hurts, be gentle please
Stop nagging!
You'd stand the pain!
Lower your voice please, don't wake her up
It's all your fault
Auntie, you're so nice
The herbal tea is ready
You're welcome, don't worry, just let her stay
Auntie Six will take good care of her
Come on, drink it
Drink it
Where am I?
This is Uncle Six's home
They promise to let you stay, don't worry
Take a good rest, don't worry anything
Auntie, thank you so much
You're welcome
Master, don't worry, the doctor is doint the check up now
It's weird!
They all get sick today
Haven't they eaten anything wrong?
Of course not, master ate the same food
But you are alright
Master Hsu
Doctor Chow, how are my wives?
Congratulations, your wives are all pregnant
It's true!
Don't fool me
It's real
Their blood pressure is a bit high,
but, it will be okay for them to take more nutritious food
Take more rest
Is God fooling me?
My wives are pregnant...
at the same time!
Isn't it weird?
Master, it's nothing weird,
this proves that you are strong and capable
It's your luck to become father
You're right
Send Doctor Chow home
Ask the chefs to make nutritious food...
for the ladies
Yes, master
Doctor, please
Tell them, no more lighting of lantern from now on
Ben, wait
Do you need that much?
Take it out
Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee, what's the matter?
How come the food is less?
Did you steal?
No, I dare not steal
So, what's that?
Nothing! The basket is empty
It's empty? How dare you!
What is this?
Don't beat me...
Don't you admit your mistake?
Mr. Lee, please listen to me
I was beaten by you,
doctor advised me to eat more food
So I'll recover soon
If I recover soon, then I am able to work faster
So I need to eat more
Do you think I am a kid?
Do you think I will believe you?
Mr. Lee, let him go!
Well, how about giving you half month's wage?
No way!
This sounds good
Well, I am giving you a chance
This time, I'll let you go
But you won't be lucky next time
Yes, sir
Listen, master asked you...
to cook more nutritious food for his wives
They are all pregnant
Four? All are pregnant?
Remember, don't play tricks,
otherwise I'll kill you!
Got you
Remember to reserve some food to me
Got you, Mr. Lee
Go back to your work
I am going to work now
What's the matter?
I've told you many times!
You should cook the whole chicken
Why did you slice it?
Where is the meat?
I didn't do it
I saw the second wife sneaking out
So I came here to take a look
But I stood at her back, I didn't see anything
After she left, I've found this
Where does she take the meat to?
She must have taken it to do another curse
Don't be nosy
Little-fish must have been long waiting for us
I have to bring her food now
Be careful
Don't worry!
Why are you so late?
I have been busy all day, that's why I come late
Are you hungry?
Master ordered us to cook nutritious food
I am told that four ladies are pregnant all the same time
I wonder is this true or not
It's weird!
Forget it,
anyways, you'll have a share
Come on, here is your food
Thank you
We have so many food here!
But it's a bit cold
Come and eat something
Isn't it delicious?
It's tasty!
So, eat more
You'll recover soon
What's the matter?
What's wrong with your face?
Did Mr. Lee hit you again?
I am used to it!
As a servant, I have no say
Come on, let's eat something
Why don't you quit at once?
No way, I have to earn more money to marry you
Day-six, it's a hard time for you
Never mind, at least, we can meet oftenly
We can get married soon, then we will have our babies
What do you like? A boy or a girl?
What should we name the baby?
I don't know
Well, if he is a boy, let's name him Six Junior
If she is a girl, I can't name her Little-fish
What do you suggest?
How about... Little Little-fish?
I haven't promised to marry you
I've got it, let's name her Fishy
You're disgusting!
Would you marry me?
This jade bracelet is my mother's gift to her daughter-in-law
Wear it
Come on, wear it
But, would you promise me one thing?
What is it?
Promise, never leave me for the rest of your life
Are you leaving now?
Yes, if I go home late, I will be scolded by Lee
Take an early rest
Goodnight Goodnight
Haven't you left?
I am not leaving, I want to stay with you
Lotus, how did you clean the table?
It's still dirty
Chun, how did you sweep the floor?
It hurts...
Ask Master to come out at once
Go now...
Don't worry!
Master... What's the matter?
It's horrible! Madam terrified me!
What's wrong?
Don't panic, invite Monk Mo-chunk here
Lock up all the windows and doors, no one is allowed to leave
Master, what's going on?
It's a fatal tragedy
Is that thing powerful?
Yes, it is
I am going to meet her
Open the door
Open the door
Day-six, do you think that man's sutra is useful or not?
Who cares? Just pray
Go to the graveyard and invite that guy here
Which guy?
The exorcist we met last time
He fixed the vampires with ease!
Go get him now!
Gather all living animals here
Gather all living animals here
I am sorry, I didn't mean to offend you
Shit! Where is he?
Pal, this is Ben
May God bless me
Little baldhead, why do you shout?
Pal, come and save our lives please
Not now! Let's do it tomorrow
We are dying!
What a trouble!
You should have told me earlier!
Let me take along my stuffs
Let's go
Master, are you afraid of these?
I am not! I have been a soldier,
don't worry, this kind of matter won't scare me
Master, the dog you love most has just been eaten by madam
No one is allowed to leave now
Whoever leaves, whoever will be killed
Are you looking for death This is Day-six
Go get the animals!
Where should I go?
Check the kitchen!
Kitchen? There may be some in the kitchen
Raw meat... where is raw meat?
I've got any!
Stuff her mouth with a piece of bean curd, then she won't move
This is a powerful stance to freeze the evil spirit
I am starve to death
Madam, are you hungry? I will give you something nice to eat
This is fresh fish! It's more tasty than my flesh
Eat, eat more...
It's effective! It really works!
What a bad luck! To hell with you!
Don't panic! Stay calm
Don't shoot! Master, this is Day-six
What's wrong with you? Are you looking for death?
Follow me
Go in
Day-six, you'd hang on!
I'll get the money
Master, she is coming
Master, hurry up! I can't stand it
Hang on...
It's okay!
What is this? Does this work?
It works! Seal all the windows and doors
I wanna kill you!
I think they've gone
It works
It's alright! They've gone
We are safe now! They've all gone
Don't come here...
Don't come here...
Don't come here...
Hang on!
Come here!
It's messy, I think something must have gone wrong
Master, are you all right?
I am fine! We've run a long way, I think we're safe now
Let's run!
No, master!
You'd better eat him! Don't eat me!
I can tell bad luck from your face, have my advice...
If you meet evil spirits,
close your eyes and pray
Pray, and then you'll be saved
My God, may God bless me...
May God bless me...
May God bless me...
How dare you challenge the evil spirits?
This is Ching Hoi, descendant of the Esoteric Buddhism School
Now, I am going to kill you to save the world!
Damn it! If not were your master who kept us in the vases,
I would have become fairy
Do you think you could become fairies? Damn you demons!
You kill innocent people and mess up the world,
how can you become fairies?
Stop bluffing
Either you or we will be dead!
Give way
Pal, what are we going to do?
There are 4 hours left, they'll return to their cells to deliver babies
We must stop them by all means
If the demons are born,
no one is able to terminate them!
Where should we start?
What a mess!
They are almost dead
Do you want to play hide and seek with me?
Actually you want to a delay, don't you?
If the babies are born, it'd be a big trouble!
Luckily God shows me the way
Where else can you go?
Let's split
Pal, I can't make it myself
Yeah, the sutra is almost used up
You are a big spender!
Take this bell with you
Take this charm too
How to use it?
When you see them, ring the bell to notify me
If you see the baby coming out,
put this charm to seal the hole
Don't let it come out
Seal the hole Don't let it come out
Don't let them come out! Let's go
Take care! Ring the bell only when it's necessary!
It's shit!
Finally I've got it
Shit again!
Are you ready to give birth to the evil baby?
I'm something, you know?
It's fixed
Will she come back?
Did you mom give birth to you on the road?
Let's go
Let's go
Don't let it come out...
Don't let it come out, kick it back!
Got you
Super ball!
Watch my head
Golden hook!
I've scored!
I told you to ring the bell!
Where is the bell?
I've lost it
You're useless?
Pal, what are you counting?
Have you been inspired? I'm counting
Why there are only four? There should be five
There is another one, where is it?
I don't know
You'd get it
Will it be Little-fish's baby?
Bull shit!
Let's go
I am late
It was born
Kill him!
You'd be dead meat!
Pal, how are you?
Pal, hang on
Remember, the golden buddha... graveyard... coffin...
I am leaving
Golden buddha... graveyard... coffin?
Little-fish, this is Day-six, don't you recognize me?
Little-fish, no!
Day-six, run!
Run for your life! Little-fish!
Look, the statue
This is the one we want, take it back
It's useless,
if it was useful, he should have taken it away
Don't try to delay us
If you don't want it, just give it to me
This looks familiar to me
What's the matter?
Where did I see it before?
It's the same as the one which is put in the sitting room
Take it back
It's broken! Have you forgotten?
It's broken? But it's made of gold!
I touched it once
It's right, it's made of gold
I remember
Lee took a golden statue one day...
to the pawn shop,
which is small or less the same with this
I think it's him who changed it
The taoist said,
the golden buddha can suppress the birth of demons
We fail to get the key!
Let's get it back from the pawn shop
Let's go now
I am not going
I can't handle it alone
I won't kill Little-fish, I can't kill her
Do you know what you're doing now?
I know,
otherwise I would have stopped you
I can't handle it myself, come with me!
You've grown up
We have no time!
The taoist said we should fix it today,
otherwise the demons will destroy the whole world
It would be a deep shit!
Let's go now...
Five demons against Namomitabhaya buddha
A big fire will disclose the efficacious charm
Big fire?
Efficacious charm?
That's the efficacious charm!
Shit! Ben...
It's shit!
Do you think you are able to challenge me?
How dare you!
The statue doesn't work
The statue is burnt!
Now, nothing is able to stop me!
Five demons against Namomitabhaya buddha
A big fire will disclose the efficacious charm
Don't kill me! The pain is killing me!
You promised to take care of me for the rest of my life
Have you forgotten?
No... Day-six, don't kill me!
Let me go please!
Have you forgotten the happiest time we had?
Let me go please
But, this is your son!
Daddy, I am Six Junior
Please, I beg you not to kill me
Don't kill mom and me!
It hurts! The pain is killing me! Dad!
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Daffy Duck and Porky - Golden Yeggs (1950)
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Daffy Duck and Porky - Yankee Doodle Daffy (1943)
Daffy Duck and Sylvester - The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950)
Damien Omen II
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Dances With Wolves (Extended Cut) 1990 CD3
Dances With Wolves 1990 CD1
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Dangerous Beauty
Dangerous Minds
Dantes Peak 1997
Dark Angel 1x15 Haven
Dark Angel 1x16 Shorties In Love
Dark Angel 1x17 Pollo Loco
Dark Angel 1x18 I Am I Am A Camera
Dark Angel 1x19 Hit A Sista Back
Dark Angel 1x20 Meow
Dark Angel 1x21 And Jesus Bought A Casserole
Dark Blue
Dark Blue World (2001)
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Day the Earth Stood Still The
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Days of Thunder
De LAmour
De Vierde Man (23976)
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Dead Friend
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Dead again (1991)
Dead again (1991) Commentary
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Debut The
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Deep Space 9 1x09 The Passenger
Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home
Deep Space 9 1x11 The Nagus
Deep Space 9 1x12 Vortex
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Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress
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Deep Space 9 1x17 The Forsaken
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Distant Thunder
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Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Double Jeopardy
Double Team
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
Dr Strangelove
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