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Demonic Beauty (2002)

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In 1220 AD, Knight Harnsuk and other Thai city rulers gathered the force
to attack the Khmer Capital City,
and could defeat the Khmer army.
King Suranetaravoraman, the Khmer City ruler, was killed.
Then they could break off the Khmer Empire and brought the Thai people
back to Wiang Chiang-In.
Chief, Saendet.
Have Fajang been executed, right?
Actually, I don't want to talk about this.
But if you are curious to know, I will tell you, "Yes".
What about me?
In the next three days.
Water, Lady Tarawatee.
Here's water.
Fajang, you don't really love me, do you?
Why do you think like that?
I do love you as my life.
But you always lied to me.
I... I had to do so.
Until the city was broken off,
I just found that you are Master Sergeant Fajang,
A closed soldier of the Governor of Wiang Chiang-In.
I could not avoid that.
It's a duty of Thai people to fight together to break off the Khmer Empire that ruled
us unjustly for quite long time.
Finally, you all have done it successfully.
I, my great-grandmother and a lot of Khmer people must be captive
of Knight Harnsuk.
You're not a captive!
I wish it could be like you said.
I want to check the captives that I've brought along.
why is this woman covering her face?
Sir, she's not a domestic slave.
She's a King's niece.
So she must be a princess.
It's not bad to be the royal princess. How beautiful!
Fajang, when she reaches the city, send her into the palace.
I will appoint her as my wife.
- But sir... - Do as told!
Daow! Is that you, Daow?
What did you call me?
It's Daow, isn't it?
Really look alike!
You meant me and the girl called Daow, right?
Yeah. Daow and I lived in the same village.
Look like you as a twin.
I guess you and Daow are likely the same age.
I was born in July under Taurus. I'm nineteen.
Daow may be around your age.
What's your name?
Tarawatee. It's a Khmer word.
Means "Star" in Thai.
Even names are the same.
Very strange!
It's a pity that I won't have a chance to meet your Daow.
Do you know where she is?
Oh! She lives a long way from the city with her father.
It's in the north, away from the city about forty miles.
You live in the city, right?
No, I came from Khmer City three month ago.
I'm not a citizen of Wiang Chiang-In.
When I reached the palace, I was arranged to be the Governor's wife.
Wow! The wife of Knight Harnsuk.
Why have you been locked here in the prison?
You are a warrior, not a commoner.
And you realize that anyone who intentionally approach the Governor's
wife will be severely punished as a betrayer.
You haven't obeyed the laws.
But, sir... I and Lady Tarawatee haven't done anything wrong.
I saw you holding her. You will be executed!
Although I will be executed, I insist that I never deceived or felt contempt for you.
To enter this restricted area is just to say "Good Bye" to Lady Tarawatee.
Why do you have to say "Good Bye" to her?
I can't tell you.
But I can. He loves me. It happened when he was sent to be a spy in the Khmer City.
You don't love him, right?
I also love him.
You're a tough woman. I feel pity for your love.
And what is the Governor going to do you with you?
Fajang has been already executed.
I'll be the next one.
I've prayed to sacred things, and made a request that the Governor
would forgive you.
As a wish that the sun rises at night.
It means the end of the world, right?
Yes. The Governor's words could not be changeable.
You're not scared of being dead, are you?
I became dead since the first day that I had to make love with the Governor.
So nothing to be scared of if I'll be actually dead.
- Is that Kamaow? - Yeah, Old Kala.
I've seen the Governor's army riding away on horseback.
They came to bring me back to the city.
The great-grandchildren of my great-grandson want to see me.
You'd better ride on my back. It's quite a long way.
No! You've got to go back to the Khmer City.
That's our hometown. You've got a family. Go back to see them, Kamaow.
You will follow us some day, right.
No. I shall leave my life with Tarawatee.
Uncle In, here's chilli sauce from my dad.
Oh. Thank you, Daow. Pass my gratitude to your father.
Okay. Where's Oy?
I'm here, Daow.
And where's Uey?
Uey has gone out with Muan and Bua.
I've been cooking. Excuse me!
Let me help you.
Daow. The people here like you because you've got good spirit.
It looks delicious!
Well, you can taste it.
It's quite good, Oy.
Oh! Teur. You dare hold my hand.
I just want to hand the cloth over to you.
But your hand came to mine so I...
Don't be stupid. I know Actually, you've got an evil thought!
You dare hit my face! Well I will make love with you here.
Help me, Roong!
Get up, Teur. Now we'll see, you and me; who's going to be better.
Come on! Get up!
I won't fight with you.
So get away from here.
You. Son of a bitch! Roong.
Please stop, Roong.
It's a waste of time getting your hands on him.
Don't worry. I won't go after him. Are you okay?
I'm fine. What about you? Are you hurt?
I'm fine. The bad man like him could not do me any harm.
Watch out, Roong!
I'm so furious with them, Dad. My face was hit by Daow.
And I was severely hurt by Roong. He chased me away like a dog.
You know, I had to dive for survival. Really hurt!
Never mind, Son.
It's man's destiny to be securely alive. Leave him for now.
We've got to pay the woman back. A lot more!
Go ahead, Dad. Do it now!
Oh, it hurts me, Dad. It's very painful!
- Daow! - Daow, my little daughter!
Tell me what's giving you a pain.
My stomach is painful. Oh...
Hurry up, Roong! Go to get the family doctor here!
Now, Daow is in pain, right?
Yeah, she's suffering. But it's not enough.
She'll be in great pain!
Come this way, you both chiefs.
Only you. It's enough.
Yes! I will. Light a fire!
- Oh, Shit! - Daow, Daow!
Would you do something, doctor? Please help my daughter.
I'm still doing.
- Oh, it's hot, so hot! - Take it easy,
Daow, Daow! Daow!
The Doctor! Doctor Knong!
What are we going to do?
- Roong, please help my daughter. - Daow! Daow!
Daow. As if my heart stops beating.
Uncle Duang, Daow is dead!
Daow and I lived in the same village.
Look like you as a twin.
Immortal Life!
Who are you?
I'm so curious.
Don't be sorry! Don't be sorry!
Everyone is born to die. Is that right, Sri?
Yeah. Take a sip of whiskey, Old Duang.
Hey, Sri, Old Duang, Mun. Daow's finger is moving!
Well, don't be afraid. I have dressed hundreds of corpses
since when being young.
There might not be a man like Rod-roen that his head knocked on the beam!
I thought that it's not human being but a ghost.
- Daow! Daow! - My little Daow!
Water! I'm so thirsty. Give me some water.
Get some water, Roong. My daughter has resurrected.
Come on, Roong! Hurry up! Bring some water here.
- Daow! You have resurrected. - Drink some water, Daow.
Uey, it's quite late. Why don't you sleep?
I couldn't sleep.
Because of Daow's resurrection?
And she'll get married with Roong soon. So you're suffering.
Don't get involved! Even I've got a great sorrow, it's just my business.
But I'm worried because you won't get to sleep.
Tomorrow you'll be tired.
Don't worry. I will sleep when the time comes.
If you want to sleep, go ahead.
Uncle Duang!
You come so early. What's the matter, Roong?
I just want to see Daow. How is she now?
I'm fine.
It's great to hear that.
I'll come back here with some fish this evening.
- You're gonna catch fish? - Of course, Uncle Duang.
Good! I'll be waiting with the chilli sauce.
Roong is a hard-working man, right.
If he can get married with you this winter,
I won't be working hard anymore. Right, Daow?
I'm so hurt like being stabbed with a knife into my heart.
Dad, would you find good chance to set up one more ceremony?
Just leave her alone now.
Maybe you'll get her back to be your wife as you want.
Hi, Kiat. Why doesn't your mum come along?
She's looking after my little sister.
Hello, Kao, Kaew.
You do your washing so early morning, Oy. Where's Uey?
She's still asleep. That's why I'm doing by myself.
Well, Oy. Have you seen Daow?
Not yet. Uey didn't allow me to see her.
You know, the people talk about Daow's resurrection.
It's good that Daow has resurrected, isn't it?
You're not worried that Uey wouldn't appreciate that?
She's got the right not to like it.
Daow is always good to me. I'm glad she's back.
In fact, Uey shouldn't be angry with Daow for Roong.
It's his right to feel affection for the girl he wants.
But Uey loves him. You know that!
That's enough!
Have you finished it?
Oh yeah!
Just let Bua pick all the rice up then you all will go ahead.
I didn't see you at Uncle Duang's house.
I stayed home, expecting to go to the funeral rite in the morning.
But Daow resurrected then.
For God's sake! The people dispersed, like bulls scattering out of a barn,
when Daow was getting up.
She shouldn't have resurrected.
I thought Daow was changed.
She's seriously sick. When she was brought back to life again,
It's common to have something changed.
I meant Daow's probably someone else. Not our Daow.
Her eyes looked strong like being possessed by a spirit.
A resurrected person always looks half ghost-half human. Very frightening.
But Daow is not frightening. Other ghosts are more frightening.
Which ghost scares you?
Old Chan, will-o-the wisp.
I won't go!
What's the matter with you?
I'm afraid my liver will be taken.
We're close to the hut of Old Chan, will-o-the-wisp. It's in front!
Why you are so scared? I'll take you all to see it. Take a look?
Will-o-the-wisp, Old Chan.
How are you doing, Daow?
I've told you not to go too far.
It's necessary to me since I've just recovered.
I couldn't remember people here or the village.
So I need you to show me around.
Here! Do you recognize somebody?
Yeah. Just some people.
You look so tired and your face is quite pale.
Just wait for me here. I'll get you some water.
Here's water, Tarawatee.
- Here's water, Daow. - Here's water, Tarawatee.
Here's some water, Daow.
Come on, Daow!
Are you okay? Why don't you drink the water?
I'm just thinking... Thinking of the people I know.
But I don't recognize their names.
Well, feel much better now.
Hi, Roong! Hi, Daow!
Hello, Par. Oh God! It's quite a big one.
I've brought it to you. It's caught in a trap. So I'm going to give you some.
- You'd better bring it to Old Duang. - What about you, pal?
I still have quite a lot of fish. That's enough for a few meals.
Then, just come to my house.
Certainly, pal, Where're you going next?
I'll go back to my house.
Bye, Daow.
Oh, Dear! What're you doing?
Well, I'm making chicken curry for you.
Oh, no... let me do it. You'd better take a rest outside there.
If you're still here, the smoke will possibly choke my little baby.
But the baby's in my womb here, dear!
For God's sake! It's very hot. Very hot!
Hi, Brother Kai!
Hello, Roong. How comes you show up here!
Okay, let's take a sip of whisky.
Well, you all drink so earlier.
You look better today, Roong. You may feel great about Daow, right?
Right! Daow's just recovered. So I feel okay.
I heard that Old Duang's daughter resurrected but doesn't look the same.
Sometimes she is Daow, but other times she is someone else, not Daow.
I also heard like that, Brother.
Actually, someone thought she's been possessed by a spirit.
What's your thought?
I don't care what the people say about Daow. In my thought,
Daow's still the same, not changed at all.
My little Daow!
Who had you get the water?
Come on! I will help you.
That's alright, Dad. Just one trip. I worked on that everyday before.
But you've just recovered. Don't work too hard, baby.
I know you're not really fine.
Come on! I am quite well. Right!
You're dressed up and going to...
The temple.
I always stay overnight there and practise meditation on Buddhist Holiday.
You know that!
Oh, yeah.
Be careful when you stay by yourself. Light up a fire when getting dark
and put away the ladder.
One more thing, you'd better have some food for your health.
I never saw you eat anything since from recovering.
Don't worry, Dad! I'll help myself.
I've just exchanged the pigs for these goats.
I expected to get milk from them,
and to breed them.
However, I've got nothing.
If thieves broke into your house, they should have taken the goats, right.
But these goats were bitten.
By a tiger, I think.
But I don't see any tigers' footprints left around here.
Even wolves.
What you think that bit the goats?
What? Kai.
No footprints at all. I thought it must be ghost.
I've got something confused with Uncle Duang. About Daow.
What confused you?
I heard that when she resurrected, she was changed.
As if being possessed by a spirit.
Well, Daow was seriously sick. When she recovered,
there must be something changed.
Don't be serious about what talkative people say.
But I agree with them, Dad. That she's got vacant eyes.
When she talks, she looks like someone else, not Uncle Duang's daughter.
Well, Uey. I'm your father and I fully realize that there is a conflict between
you with Daow about the guy, Roong. Whatever she does, it never satisfies you.
Okay! Get into the house and help your sister prepare the meal.
I'll take a bath after I finish fencing this side of the pigsty.
Muan, can you row better than this?
I'll take you to pick up lotus flowers there at the edge of the river. Just wait here.
Oh, you might see Roong coming with Daow, That's why you're bad-tempered.
Shut up!
Hi, Uey.
Daow, you may be content to come out with Roong, right?
Not at all! I'm going to pick up some lotus blooms to cook for Dad.
Shit! Actually, you want to make love with him. Just tell me the truth.
Come on, Uey. No reasons that I and Daow have to hide our affection.
All people know that we're going to get married.
Someone likes to gossip. It's a waste of time being with talkative people.
Hey, Daow. Who you meant talkative people?
I meant nobody. If you want to be, you will be.
- Shit! Daow. - Come on, Daow.
- You've fallen into the water, right? - Yes.
While I and Muan were picking up lotus blooms, our boat was turned over.
For goodness' sake! Which guy dared turn your boat over?
Not a man, Dad. Daow did it. She intended to hurt me.
You've got to ask Uncle Duang to teach his daughter.
Wait, I'm just confused. Daow's just recovered.
How could she turn the boat over?
How should I know? But she did so.
Oh, my God!
I'm quite scared!
Just worried that the owner of the buffalo will come after.
Shit! You and I certainly saw that they all were asleep.
Nobody knew their buffalo was stolen.
They may be right in front, Parn.
I saw you all run ahead. Then I thought there might be something wrong.
My buffalo has just been stolen. So we ran after them.
Khoon, Tueng! Let's go and kill those thieves.
Bullshit! There comes the owner.
They all know, right.
I'm so hot, Oh my God! I want...
Come on, pal! You've got to be hurried.
How can I get it faster? This buffalo is bloody slow like a pregnant pig.
Hey! They are in front.
They've got a lot of men. We won't get through.
Leave the buffalo here, and run away.
Stop! Hey, stop.
I hear the buffalo scream in front.
I also hear it falling down, Teur.
Yeah! I heard as well.
The bastards! You've stolen my buffalo. I will kill you.
Shut up. Listen to me.
We know that the thieves are away from here about 20 wa.
Just approach them slightly, but don't let them know.
Yeab! You're right. I'm so furious that I forget it.
Hey! Old Chan's hut. You know, Old Chan is...
A ghost with a head and intestines that ate a buffalo last night!
Parn. Your buffalo!
I, Kerd and Saeng followed the blood track through until we reached Old Chan's hut.
It's inside there.
We all were sure that Old Chan was the will-o-wisp.
As I investigated, Parn and his six friends saw the ghost eating a buffalo.
They were quite sure that it's a woman,
but didn't see exactly who she was.
With only this, If we accuse Old Chan of being the will-o-the-wisp, it's unfair.
But remember what I've said. There was blood track from the buffalo
to Old Chan't hut.
I know! But I'd like to ask you that if Old Chan was asleep,
and the will-o-the wisp just brought the buffalo's intestines with blood track
to that way,
why she has to be accused of being the ghost, right!
You mean that it's not true at all?
I believe that the will-o-wisp ate the buffalo.
But to chase the old woman who has no relatives out of the village
is like to drive her to be dead.
You've got to see exactly that she is but not just think and judge.
Anyway, I believe that Old Chan is the will-o-the wisp?
Sri, have you ever seen her eat man's live?
No, never.
You just heard what the people said, right, Boy!
If Old Chan is chased away, who's going to guarantee that there will not be a
Will-o-wisp making trouble to the people here?
Well, if it's found that Old Chan is the will-o-the wisp,
what are you going to do, Old Kwaen-In?
If so, it's me who will drive her away myself.
Sister Kweaw!
You guess that I wouldn't show up, right?
Of course. You and your husband-Loy live in Whiang Chiang-In,
so far from here.
Why doesn't Loy come along with you?
He's got a lot of work to do. And my child's quite naughty.
So he lets me come alone.
For this time, you don't have to hurry to go back.
Weaw is your wife. She's like my sister, right.
We're going to help take care of her until she gives birth and feels fine.
Then I will go back to Whiang-Chiang-In.
why are you knitting the rope?
I'd give it to Dad to fasten the piglet.
You'll hurt your shin, right. Let me do it.
No, thanks. I've finished it.
I'm so happy to see you feel much better and get healthy as before.
Because our time is coming.
You mean the time for our marriage, right?
Yes. I've been waiting for long time.
Roong! I believe in this life we'll never be together.
What! Daow. Why did you say like that?
It's just my thought. There might be an unexpected cause.
But... but.
Okay, when the time comes, you'll get it.
It's enough for me after this glass.
Are you full?
I'm full and getting drunk that my eyes are almost closed.
I want to sleep.
So you'd better go to sleep, Dad. I'll clear the dishes here.
I'm too tired to get up. I'll sleep here.
Would you get me a pillow? I can't go anywhere else!
You don't know that Parn and Teur really saw that?
How the will-o-wisp got great canine teeth to bite buffaloes. Don't be so damn scared!
Well, I think I'd like to go home to send my family to sleep.
Who's locked your neck, a jerk!
If you're so scared, hurry to get home.
So. I'll go to sleep. Right?
Hurry up! Or the will-o-the-wisp will come and bite your head.
Oh! I'm scared! I'm so scared of you, will-o-the-wisp. Don't hurt me!
Buddho, Dhammo, Sungkho. I'm scared.
Hey! A frog's croak.
No! Not a frog's croak. I've blown out!
You again! Get away from us. A bustard, what a smell!
Hey, pal. Look at that.
- What do you think it is? - I don't know.
I... I think it's a ghost!
You've blown out again. The ghost will hear that!
My intestines! My intestines!
Who's seen my child? Anybody! Who's met my child? Please tell me!
I've lost him.
Kai, What's the matter with you?
My child's lost! He's lost!
Well! You've lost your child. I've lost mine, too.
Who's met my son?
Your son is lost!
Nowadays I usually hear about the will-o-the-wisp in our village.
Right! Or the will-o-wisp might have taken my son away.
Tuek, Tuek. My son!
Because of you, a dumb Parn! Your son often came and took my son out.
Shit! Your son is just a little boy! It must be your son who took mine.
Don't say like that!
- Dumb Kai! - Hey! Stop!
Tuek, Tuek.
What did you say?
You still have them, Son.
Tuek's intestines!
The will-o-the-wisp just bit a frog's intestines, not yours.
If no frogs, you'd have gone.
Don't even make a joke!
Tonight it's taken frogs, but next it will take all animals around here.
When no more animals, it's your turns!
You look troubled, and need my help, right?
Yeah. As you told me that I might get Daow to be my wife, I never saw the way.
Okay! Here it is.
- Wax! - Absolutely yes!
The enchanted wax.
Just paste it on her any skin.
Then Daow will come after you in three days.
Brother Keaw, I want to know what's going on in Whiang Chiang-In.
Yes. Me, too.
I'll let you know later.
Daow, what you've called me?
Well, Lady...
It's me, Keaw! I'm Keaw.
Oh, Keaw. Are you alright?
Well, you just said something strange.
I've never been ill.
What's wrong with you, Daow? You didn't recognize Keaw and Par?
Oh, yes. I do.
I really do.
It's like what I said. Daow's changed to be someone else.
Yeah. Even Keaw, she called her wrongly.
You think, her memory was a bit blurred? She'd been dead but just resurrected.
However, it shouldn't have been so serious like that.
Bua is right. This makes me very certain.
What do you mean you are certain of?
It must be someone else! Not Daow.
Okay, Daow. I've got to go.
How are you doing, Daow?
Hi, Teur.
I've been waiting to see you here. Shall I help you carry the water?
Yes. You've a good spirit, Teur.
You've got an evil thought, right?
And you're going to paste a damned thing on me.
Come on, Daow! You misunderstood.
Teur. Remember that a damned thing you have will just make me furious,
and hate you more.
Come on, Daow! I never thought that my favour would be considered a bad thing.
Shit! You and your dad used the black magic to kill me.
You thought I didn't see it?
Why I have to do that in spite of I do love you.
You'd better love yourself, damn Teur!
You might be shocked that I know all your evil things as I really saw.
No! You've accused me and my father.
What a damned mouth! You ought to be...
Go ahead, Teur. If you're brave enough, get up. Come on, a bastard!
Shit! Daow. You will see. Damn Daow!
If you're chicken, get away from here. Don't let me see you again.
Pass my words to the black priest; when he couldn't kill me,
one day I'll get my revenge!
She's got too much pride!
I want to know how she dared declare that she'd kill me.
She was changed, Dad. It's not the same Daow.
How was she like?
She's stronger than a big man.
Only one swing of the bucket fo water against me, I fell down onto the ground.
Daow! Where did she get the wonderful magic?
Oh, no! You again! I won't do that!
Hey Hurry up! Or we'll be late.
Where are you going with knives and swords?
We're going to get some thorns in the jungle.
For what? You don't have any buffaloes.
I'll wind the thorns round my chicken coops.
But the will-o-the wisp won't eat chickens. Don't be afraid!
Despite I've got more, I just leave them alone.
Hey! I thought dogs chased after the chickens.
I guess it might be a jaguar. It came in here and ate chickens.
Hey! Let's go and see it.
Actually, it's not a dog or a jaguar. But it must be her.
Who do you mean?
Last night my daughters, Uey and Oy woke up with a start.
They saw the will-o-the wisp moving past the window heading to Old Chan's hut.
I and Boom saw it quite close.
Was it Old Chan?
The ghost's face was green with flashing light.
- Look! Look at that. - What?
To see only the face shape, I couldn't tell who it was.
Then the flashing light just headed to Old Chan's hut.
Now I've got an evidence to prove her guilty. Kwaen-In,
what are you going to do for this case?
I will give this cloth back to Old Chan.
If she accepts that it's here, it's all up to you.
Take it easy! Don't worry.
I'm certain that everything will have a good ending.
It's mine. I have no idea when I lost it.
If it's yours, you'd better get it.
Old Chan is the will-o-the-wisp! Old Chan is the will-o-the-wisp!
Get out! Get out!
What are we going to do, Sri?
Destroy the hut. How she will go on staying. Get her out of here.
Get out! Get out!
Burn it. Let's burn it. Burn it all!
Now, the will-o-the wisp!
Your hut has been burnt. You'd better get away from our village right now.
No, I won't go anywhere.
I stay well here without making any trouble to anybody.
I will stay here! I will die right here!
Then you're going to die now.
If you cut Old Chan's head, you'll be arrested as a criminal,
and sent into Whiang Chiang-In.
But she's the will-o-the-wisp, Kwaen-In.
The court-house won't believe you at all that had killed a ghost.
They'd judge that you murdered a woman.
Please hold on your killing. Believe me.
To drive her away is enough.
Yes! Kwaen-In is right. Just chase her away.
Don't let her stay in our village. Go!
Go! Come On, Go!
Get up and go away from here. Go!
- What's the matter, Parn? - Oh! Kru Baa Khan!
What're you doing?
I've burnt Old Chan's hut, and we're drive her away from the village.
That's to let her die. It's a sin!
May I have her life, please?
But she's a ghost, Kru Baa. It's the will-o-the-wisp!
If we let her go, one day she'll attack people. Chase her away!
Listen! Old Chan just eats rice as you all do.
You know-she gets food from the temple everyday.
How can she be a ghost?
If so, I still have white magic to force her not to go out and make trouble
to any people or animals.
But it's...
I said, 'May I have her life? '
You'll refuse the monk's request, right?
You see, Kru Baa Khan has been making his effort to guarantee.
Why are you so stubborn not to obey the monk's instructions?
Why don't you drive the monk away as well?
Right! That's right! What Kwaen-In said is true.
I dare not do that.
Sri! Your chicken!
It's not his chicken. I raised it when it's a little one until it laid eggs.
Now it is hatching.
I recognize all the chickens of mine. But this one isn't.
Actually, Old Chan just chased after her own chicken!
It's not yours, Boy!
Okay, let's go back home.
What's wrong with you? You're crying.
I just feel sympathy for Old Chan.
Because of me, the old woman is like this! She's got to be in trouble.
Don't blame yourself.
You're not the one who did that!
It's me who joined those people to chase her away from the village.
We only wanted to see what was going on.
In fact, we cheered her up instead.
Anyway, I'm still upset.
Old Chan never does anything wrong or does harm to people
but she's been accused, and bullied as she's not a human being.
Okay, Daow. Kru Khan was very kind to Old Chan.
Stop crying, please.
I'll help wipe your eyes.
Please stop crying, Daow.
Please don't cry!
My heart will stop beating.
It's not your fault.
Although you feel great sympathy for Old Chan, you'd better be calm down.
You've got to trust me.
I do.
I love you, Roong.
I love you, too, Daow.
Par! Par! Your wife's got a pain in her pregnancy.
No! No! I'll look after her myself.
You'd better go and get some help. Go! Go and bring me some help.
Yeah, I thought that you'd be making some food in the kitchen.
Where did you get the chicken?
It's our own one.
I see that we've got a lot. So I got one to make you a soup.
Well, you never dared hit the head of fish to put into the boiling water.
But this time you've killed a chicken!
I stayed alone, without any help. I had to do it.
It took me quite sometime to kill it.
What's wrong, Dad?
My eyes are just blurred, baby!
But the blood! Some blood on your mouth.
The blood... the chicken's blood, Dad.
When I cut its throat, it might struggle hard to get free.
So its blood splashed onto my face.
And I didn't wipe it away neatly.
I'm in a hurry to see Weaw. Maybe I'll have to stay over night there
because it's her first pregnancy.
You'll be at home, right!
We can have the soup for another meal. I'll go now.
Oh, it's really painful!
Hold on, Weaw! Trust me.
The baby's coming. The baby's coming.
But I've got a pain! Oh, God! What a great pain it is!
Weaw, strain to let her out! Strain!
Strain hardest, Weaw!
Strain harder! Strain as best as you can.
Coming out! Coming out!
The midwife, Coming out!
My baby's come out! Old Duang!
Keaw, can I come in?
No. Just stay outside there! This is a woman's affair.
I'd like to see my baby!
Get out! Get out! I haven't finished it.
Kwaen-In, give me a sword.
Hey! The will-o-the-wisp!
It's taken my baby's placenta.
Shit! The damn will-o-the wisp!
Go after it! Come on! Go. The will-o-the wisp!
Where's the damn will-o-the wisp?
It must be inside here.
I couldn't see it. Where is it?
Who's got a torch, please give me the light!
What a damn torch! Extinguished without warning.
Don't come to me! However, we can't see it. The damn will-o-the-wisp!
It's gone back to the entrance of the village. Let's go!
Daow! Daow
open the door, please.
are you in there?
It can't get away from us!
Hey! It's floated to Uncle Duang's house.
Uncle Duang!
Kwaen-In, what's the matter?
Uncle Duang, the will-o-the-wisp has come this way.
We all saw it fly into Daow's room.
We saw it all together.
We're afraid that your daughter might be bitten.
Daow! I'm so worried about you.
I thought you'd have been bitten by the will-o-the-wisp.
What ghost? I never saw it.
Daow, we're down there and looked at the window.
Then we saw a flashing light in your room.
Oh, Old Kwaen-In! I woke up with a start and made a fire.
So there would be a flashing light!
But that light was green, not a natural light.
Okay! Then. If you don't trust me, just take a look inside.
So it would be clear for you.
Sri, Parn! Follow me.
You're right, Daow.
No ghosts in the room.
I've told you, Old Kwaen-In.
Duang, I must apologize to bring these men to your house at night.
I'll go now. Let's go!
You all saw that the will-o-the-wisp got away to Duang's house.
It likely floated into his daughter's window.
But we've got to consider it very carefully.
If it just floated over to the back of Duang's house and went away,
we accused her, and it would be wrongly judged.
Apart from her, who can it be?
I've suspected another one.
The will-o-the-wisp you went after tonight is not Old Chan.
How did you find out?
I know because she's never out of the temple area.
Kru Baa, where's Old Chan at this moment?
She's at the back of the temple.
Old Chan! Amen!
Dad! You've been sitting right here for sometime.
You may be furious that Old Kwaen-In brought some men to our house.
No. The one who I'm furious with, and want to kill is 'you'.
Don't call me-Dad.
You're not my daughter.
Dad, I'm Daow.
Daow, your daughter, right.
You're not Daow!
My daughter-Daow has been dead for quite sometime.
I was in a hurry to come home and got into room.
Then I saw all the things
before you were back to reside in my daughter's body.
Who're you talking about?
It's you, the will-o-the-wisp.
You deserve to be dead!
Dad! You raised me since when I was a baby.
Now you think that I'm ghost, and going to kill me.
You are a real ghost! I'm not insane.
If you see that I'm a ghost that deserves to be dead, please kill me.
I'm ready! I'm ready!
No! Anyway, you're still alive in my daughter's body.
I can't kill you.
Whoever you are, I'd forgive you.
Get out of my house.
You're chasing me away, Dad?
Yeah. Get out of the house!
Why you're so cruel to me like this?
I told you to go out or I'd kill you.
Who's that?
- Teur! - It's you!
Why are you crying so much?
I wish to. You'd better not get involved.
Where're you going?
It's my business. Get out of my way!
I've come across you on my way at night. Nobody sees.
If I let you go away easily. I'll be like a fool, right?
Come on! Just sit here and talk, my pretty girl?
Come on!
No! Don't! Let me go, damn Teur!
Let me go! Son of a bitch! I told you to let me go.
Why do I have to let you go?
I want you to be my wife for long time.
Take it easy!
Don't! Damn Teur! Let me go!
Let me go, a bastard!
Hey! Ghost!
Roong, I just come to see you.
Just stop crying
and tell me why you came to see me late at night.
Dad! My dad drove me away from his house.
He thought that I was the will-o-the-wisp, not his daughter.
He might be drunk.
No! But I have no idea why he did to me like this.
It's quite suspicious. Before this, Uncle Duang loved you so much
but now he chased you away.
I have no way to go. I have nobody, Roong.
Okay! I'll take care of you.
I want to know who killed my son.
No! We don't know at all.
Such big wound on his neck, I guess he was...
I think he's bitten by the will-o-the-wisp.
The ant bites won't be like this!
The damn ghost must be in your people, in the village.
What are you all going to do?
Old Kwaen-In!
This country has laws.
This man's been killed so we're going to find the killer and send him
to the court-house.
It's a ghost, not man!
How can you arrest a ghost?
No matter it's a ghost or man, nobody can tell.
So I said that we would find the killer.
Then I will find the killer on my own.
If you don't make any trouble to the people here, I won't hinder you.
Uey, did you see Teur's body on that day?
No, I didn't. But I heard that his neck was severely bitter.
The wound was worse than the one of Parn's buffalo!
Right! Fortunately, his intestines weren't picked out and eaten.
Kaow! Could you pick it out for me?
Let me help you.
Uey, can you step onto the pestle?
You ordered me!
Go on pounding if you want. I won't be here any longer.
I'm leaving, too.
Get out of here. Oy!
But there's some grain left in the mortar, Uey.
Have you finished pounding?
If we leave without pounding the grain, what shall we have for dinner?
You can do it alone.
I won't bite you, Uey.
However, I won't stay anyway. I'm leaving.
Muan, Uey. You think that Daow knows.
I guess she knows.
The ghost who bit Teur was Daow, right?
Yes! That's right!
Hey! The ghost Daow! The will-o-the wisp!
Bua, I'm afraid that she'll bite us.
I'm scared, too. I won't be here.
Let's go away.
- Come on! - Go away, Muan.
Roong, I'm just depressed.
Daow, take it easy.
Don't worry about what the people said.
Whatever they talked, just let it be.
You've got me anyway!
Roong! You're not scared, right?
No, I'm not.
I've got love for my wife
with my sincere and stable heart like a mountain.
If I was a ghost, you'd get away.
Absolutely not!
If you were an evil, I'd be with you forever, Daow.
Roong! I love you.
Wait here.
I think that it will come to see me right here.
Sir, are you okay?
It's better than I thought.
Can you beat it, sir?
Is it dead?
Will you drive it here?
I'll use my best black magic to attack it.
I've never been beaten with this magic of mine.
Just watch the will-o-wisp.
Where are you?
Be careful of the snake bites!
Come out here, baby!
Princess of Khmer! Lady Tarawatee!
Oh, God! Will-o-the-wisp!
Par! Par! Par! Help!
The will-o-the-wisp isn't Daow.
My eyes fell upon it!
I remember that very well.
The will-o-the-wisp!
The will-o-the-wisp is Princess of Khmer,
Lady Tarawatee.
With my perception from the meditation, what Keaw's told Par is true.
It means that the will-o-the-wisp is the princess, right?
It's the soul of one who had great power that was transferred to her heir.
If was Princess Tarawatee.
Kru Baa, my daughter might be still alive.
Duang. Your daughter had been dead before she was possessed
by the will-o-the-wisp. It relied on her body.
Just the soul that could not leave because it was dominated by the great power.
The cruel ghost! Can you get rid of it, Kru Baa?
Par! I've been taught by the one who had great white magic.
Hey! The will-o-the-wisp!
Ghost! The will-o-the-wisp!
My daughter, Daow!
Let me go!
I'm not your wife, Daow.
I'm princess Tarawatee, Princess of Khmer.
No matter what you are, you're still Daow
my wife. My love!
I was so happy to be with you, to live with you.
Even it's just a short time. Roong!
You are a ghost.
You'd better go on your way.
You shouldn't be with human beings.
I know that. Kru Baa Khan.
I come here to say goodbye, not to do harm to anybody.
I've got to go on my way.
I must apologize to all of you for what I've done.
Goodbye, Roong.
Daow! Daow!
Father Duang, goodbye!
Who's going to chase me away?
My life is immortal!
What are we going to do, Kru Baa?
Do you want to leave peacefully or you want to defy the Hermit with Magic Eyes?
I'm not afraid of your magical power.
Stay inside! Get to the back of the Hermit!
Daow! Daow!
My daughter, Daow!
Daow is dead!
Let me go!
I love you, Daow.
Kiet! Kiet!
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