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Subtitles for Dentist 2 The 1998.

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Dentist 2 The 1998

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Open wide, Brooke.
Brooke: You know|I don't want you anymore.
( Laughing )
I, I didn't do that...
A stranger...
A stranger, Doctor?
I can remember those|awful things I did,
but for the life of me...|Doctor...
I don't know the man|who did them.
This stranger,|this evil Dr. Feinstone,
where is he now?
Gone, consumed by the...
rage that spawned him.
By that, you mean it's over,
you put your anger and|your wife's infidelity behind you?
No Dr., it is not over.|It will never be over.
Every second of every day...
asleep or awake, I see her face.
The faces of all of my victims.
You refer to them as|''your victims'',
even though you say you don't know|the stranger who hurt them.
He is me.
I am him.
Still he remains...
until love returns the soft...
whisper of his voice...
that which he hath given...
with no reply.
And he is gone?
He is under control.|Shall we go?
Radio: Dr. Alan Feinstone,|the notorious psycho dentist,
broke out of the state mental facility|at Indio yesterday afternoon.
His hostage,|Psychiatrist Dr. Genevieve Cussler--
( Opera plays )
Man: So, you think|before the Doc went postal
he was socking money|away from you and the IRS?
And from you, his devoted|wife and help mate.
Excuse my bad manners,|but did he do that to you?
Cut your tongue out?
What a world, huh?
These are all his, huh?
Souvenirs from a trip|he took as a kid.
South Dakota.
Jeeze, look at these|snow domes...
Oh, a set of|safety deposit box keys.
The answer's in|the postcards, huh?
All right.
They found the shrink's car|abandoned in Flagstaff.
Along with 7OO or so bucks|from her wallet.
Jeeze, he could be|just about anywhere.
- Bye, now.|- Thank you.
Mr. Wilkes?
Well, I'll be--|Larry Caine, come on in.
How long has it been,|five years?
It's good to see you.
Well, to what do we owe|this great pleasure?
Rush hour traffic.
Does that come with|an explanation?
Well, my car overheated|on the Alexandria bridge...
It was the morning rush hour,|that was it.
I couldn't face another|jawing mouth, another bicuspid,
I was weary of my life,|the city,
the moral decay that passes|as sophistication.
Felt like that myself some days.
So, I left my car|right there on the bridge...
I walked home, I called my lawyer...
and a long story short,|here I am.
Small town, honest people,|clean living.
But, I've got me a little|problem, ol' buddy...
( Intercom buzzes )|Yeah, Jeremy?
Bev, see if you can get|Harry and his drill over here.
Dr. Caine has lost the key|to his safety deposit box.
All righty.
It's a little irregular,|but here it is.
So, what are your plans, Larry?
Oh, to live in Paradise.
Great golf just outside of town.
I detest golf.
We'll change that.|Where are you staying?
The Paradise Motel.
The hell you are.
( Sinister chuckle )
Ahh, yes.
Jamie, have you rented the cottage?
No, not yet.
There's someone I want you|to meet. Come with me.
Yeah, I'll be right with you.
Jamie Devers...|Dr. Lawrence Caine.
- Nice to meet you.|- Hi.
Yes, Jeremy tells me that|you're his favorite niece.
I'm his only niece.
Larry has just moved|here to Paradise,
lock, stock and barrel,
from that eastern den|of iniquity, Washington, D.C.
Actually I left the lock,|stock and barrel behind.
You've got the empty cottage.
I thought maybe you could|show it to Larry during lunch.
Uh, it's really small.
Well, it's just me.
This was my parents' house.
It's where I grew up.|And there's the cottage.
I'll take it.
No. No.
You having trouble sleeping, Doc?
I sure would if I were you.
Go away! Go away!
When it comes right down to it,|Caine is just a Feinstone.
And we all know what|a Feinstone is, don't we?
Do it, do it.
( Sighing with pleasure )
Yes, bleed.
( Knock at door )|Hello?
( Distorted )|I came running over here.|I was worried.
( Normal voice ) I came running|over because I heard this loud noise.
I didn't know what to think.
I'm in unfamiliar|surroundings and...
I must have bumped into the dresser|on my way to the bathroom....
I can replace it.
Don't worry about it.|I can make another one.
- You made it?|- Yeah.
Here, let me do that.
- Are you sure?|- Yeah.
A little housework|always relaxes me.
Do you do windows?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Good, I think we're going|to get along just fine then.
- Good night.|- Good night.
In town, I think it's called|the ''Paradise Cafe''...
is it any good?
After graduate school in Seattle,
and a few lost years|contemplating the meaning of art,
in a world that was|consumed by commercialism...
I came to the realization that|actually creating my pottery
was more important|than thinking about it.
And so, here I am|back in Paradise,
bank teller by day,|artist by night.
Chicken fried steak|for the gentleman,
spinach salad for Jamie.
No wonder you stay so thin, darling.
Anything else?
Something wrong, sir?
No, no, I was just contemplating|a side of curly fries...
but I decided against it,|thank you.
Well, enjoy your dinner, folks.
So, you're fleeing reality|in search of a dream,
and I'm fleeing a dream|in search of reality.
What dream are you fleeing from?
My wife was a former|Miss Maryland,
thus we were the perfect couple|for the perfect dinner party.
You fled from that?
Did I mention the former|Miss Maryland
was attending parties|without me in the afternoons
thrown by younger male members|of the foreign diplomatic corp.
Yet, still he remains...
until love returns the soft|whisper of his voice.
Wanting, searching...
that which he has given|without return.
To Paradise.
May we, um... both find here|what we're looking for.
Larry, you okay?
Larry, what's wrong?
I lost a cap.
One of my caps has come loose.
We didn't put that in.
Yes, I know, I'd like the doctor|to re-cement it, please.
Fill this out.
( Phone rings )
( Sound of heart beating )
( Inner voice )|Don't do it.
Don't... don't do it.
Oh, God.
Oh, that's good.
Send in the next patient, please.
Please have a seat.
This won't hurt a bit.
Have you been drilled on before?|Would you like some gas?
Open wide, wider...
You have to stop moving.|If you move, I cannot proceed.
Why are you moving?|Why is everything moving?
Please, sit down. Don't move.|You've got to sit still.
( Phone ringing )
Woman answers:|Doctor's office.
Hello, Mrs. Anderson.|Appointment for when...
What are you doing|with my patient?
Remove this cotton from your|mouth ma'am, so you don't choke.
What's going on here, what... ?
Relax a minute, dear, while I...
Bernice, look after Edna there.
Who the hell do you think you are?
That woman was in|respiratory distress.
Respiratory distress?
So, you're a doctor, that it?
Traveling the country saving poor|souls from respiratory distress?
I am a dentist.
Then you should know better|than to be poking around
in another dentist's business.
You going to wash your hands?|How about some gloves?
Bernice, would you bring|that box of gloves?
I'd appreciate it if you'd sterilize|your instruments one more time.
Anything else, doctor?
Perhaps the equipment|is too old for your liking,
or maybe you miss the music,|is that it?
You like a little elevator|music with your dentistry?
How about some Lysol|in the cabinets?
Sure you want me to put|in your cap?
You're the only game in town.
Yes, I am.
Open up.
This is a country practice, doctor.
Granted, it's plain and simple,
but the folks around here seem|to like it just fine.
So, I'd be obliged, city boy,
if you'd keep your opinions|to yourself
and your fingers out of|my patients' mouths.
( Continues honking )
( Country music playing )
You incompetent buffoon.
What are you doing here?
Look at this.
What did you use, library paste?
And you call yourself a dentist?
You stay away from me.|Bernice! Bernice!
Oh, Bernice is out to lunch.
In more ways than one.
Drill 'em,|fill 'em, bill 'em...
that's your philosophy, huh?
You know, you and your|ilk, Doctor Burns...
make dentists the boogeymen|of medicine.
Something to be feared...
to be avoided at all costs.
I've worked my entire career|to change all that.
You see, a trip to the dentist|should be pleasant,
something to look forward to.
That is, of course, if the dentist|in question is competent.
It's not the cap,|you're a fruitcake.
Funny you should mention that.
You're scaring me.
I'm trying to.
Now, repeat after me,|''I am an incompetent dentist...''
Say it.
I... am...|an incompetent dentist.
- I...|- I...
- am...|- am...
- a...|- a...
I can deal with this.
( Opera music plays )
( Phone rings )
Your call is being answered by|a machine, please leave a message.
Love and kisses from|your favorite private eye.
I'm in Grand Junction, Colorado.
No luck so far,|next stop is North Platt, Nebraska.
Up with people.
Ciao, baby.
Too bad about Doc Burns, isn't it?
Yes. Yes it is.
And too bad for Paradise.
The answer is no, Jeremy.
Well, I didn't get where I am|by accepting no for an answer.
I have a responsibility. What kind of|town would this be without a dentist?
You won't even consider it?
Just till we find somebody.
What part of ''no'' don't|you understand, Jeremy?
I did not give up a|lucrative practice in Washington
to start from scratch|somewhere else.
Sweet deal for somebody,
house, practice,|everything for a song.
Promise me you'll|at least think it over.
Afternoon, doctor.
Let me show you around.
A little spackle, fresh coat of paint,|maybe some new carpeting,
you've got yourself|one fine, little office here.
Come on in, city boy.|( Laughing )
( Laughing )
Feinstone her, Dr. Caine.|Feinstone the bitch.
No, no,
You're home early.
I wasn't feeling well.
What's wrong?
Um, a toothache. It's nothing.
I have an appointment Saturday|with Dr. Davis over in Otis.
That's 7O miles away.
May I look at it?
All right.|Want to open for me?
( Inner voices )|Feinstone her, Dr. Caine.|Feinstone the bitch.
Are you okay, Larry?
I'm fine, just open,|open wide, Jamie.
It's nothing serious. You just have|a small cavity near the gum line.
And, um, I think it's|best if we fill it.
Is it going to hurt?
Want to open wide?
All right, turn your head a little|this way. There we go.
That's it.
That's it?|I didn't even feel it.
You're not supposed to.
Are you okay, Larry?
I...I'm going to|have to change this burr.
( Inner voice ) Feinstone her,|Dr. Caine. Feinstone her.
I am not crazy.
I am not going to hurt her.
Jamie:|Is there anything wrong?
No, no, I'm fine.
Just cleaning the instruments.
Be right with you.
Why is it so scary|to come to the dentist?
It doesn't have to be.
All right.
I'll have you fixed up in no time.
I did it. I did it.
I'm a dentist.
I'm the best damn|dentist there ever was.
Are you excited?
Excited?|Yes, I uh...I think I am.
Well the people of|Paradise thank you, Larry.
Hey, hey.|Picture time.
No, I just want Larry in front of|the sign. He's the man of the hour.
You know, I could fix that.
Oh, I'm used to it.
Whenever you're ready.
Jamie, let me show|you the house.
I haven't really|changed the structure.
I mean the layout|is pretty much the same.
This is nice.
You've done wonders.
I believe a harmonious environment is|essential to the dental experience.
This one is just perfect.
Perfect?|Oh, not quite.
I'm reserving that for the operatory|that I'm creating upstairs.
Coming up, watch your back.
- I can't wait to see it.|- You'll be the first.
Ah, well.|My first patient.
-You look very nice.|- See ya.
Just a small country practice.
I think|I'm going to like it here.
I've got a feeling he's going|to be real good for this town.
( Phone rings )
Hi, Jamie.|Are you still hard at work?
I'm about ready to quit for the night.|How's the filing coming?
At this rate I should be done|somewhere around the millennium.
- That bad?|- Worse.
- Anyway, I just called to say hi.|- Hi.
I'll talk to you tomorrow, huh?
- Okay.|- Bye-bye.
( Loud knocking at door )
- Dr. Caine?|- Yes.
Oh, am I glad to see you.
The cab jockey thought you|might be working late.
I thought I'd give it a shot.
My damn tooth is killing me.
Uh, come in.
You're a Hall of Famer, Doc.|A Hall of Famer.
You think when we're finished you|could give me a ride to the bus stop?
I've got to catch the 1O:4O to K.C.
A ride?|I'm a dentist, not a cab jockey.
You know, the motel guy said|the only dentist in town was dead.
I had to track you down.
You're kind of flying|under the radar, Doc.
( Laughing )|Kind of like Stealth Dentist.
Well sir, you found me.
I guess tonight|is my lucky night.
We'll see.
I'm from the left coast.|L.A., la la land.
Swimming pools,|movie stars, boob jobs.
I'm on my way to K.C. Thinking about|doing a little real estate speculating.
You know,|my rental car broke down.
And they started|to hassle me about it.
I told them to shove it, you know.|I'll just take the bus.
Have you ever been to L.A., Doc?|Have we ever met before?
God, I swear|you look familiar.
Go ahead and|open your mouth, sir.
You have a bus to catch.
I, I'm terrible with names,|but I never forget a face.
- Ah, ah.|- Hold still.
Doc, that hurts|like a bitch.
You're not going in there dry,|are you, Doc?
I mean, I'm not anti-narcotics.
I'll administer an anesthetic.
Hey you know, just last year,|I picked out a guy at Dodger Stadium,
two sections over. I knew this guy|from somewhere, I didn't know where.
And then it hit me.|St. Paul, 1983...
...footwear expo.|Florsheim booth.
I went over and checked it out.|It was him. Hee hee.
I never forget a face.
Have you every been to|Dodger Stadium, Doc?
No, that's not it. But don't tell me,|don't tell me. It's coming.
You're definitely|Southern California.
I detest baseball.
Oh, I'm never wrong, Doc.
Would you please sit still?
( Inner voice ) Ever been to L.A., Doc?|I swear you look familiar.
I never forget a face.
Oh I'm never wrong, Doc. Never.
You're definitely|Southern California.
You did that on purpose.
I know you.
Fishbein or Feinbein.
Feinburg... the crazy dentist.
Sir, sit back down.|I cannot leave that tooth untreated.
I took an oath.
Get out of|the doorway, nutball.
This crazy dentist of yours,
this Fein...stone,
Would he get|out of the doorway?
I'm sorry, man.|I've got to go.
Do you still want that ride?
No. I'm a walker.
You just couldn't have your|toothache someplace else, could you?
Insane, deranged, demented.
Psychotic, nuts,|nutso, nutcase.
Nutball, loco.
Loony, apeshit, wacko.
Oh, I didn't want to...
I didn't want to do it.|I tried not to. I tried not to do it.
Okay, okay.
I'm going to make this work.|I'm going to make this work.
I will make this work.
I am in control.|I am in control.
I am not crazy...
I am not crazy.|I am not insane.
I am not a monster.
Private eye:|Hello there. It's me.
Hey, how are you doing?
I'll bet you you'll never|guess where I'm off to next.
Paradise, Missouri.
Paradise, can you believe it?
See you later.
Back off, Bev.
I know, I just can't get|this image out of my head.
I keep imagining you in this canoe,|with this handsome, mysterious stranger.
Rushing down a raging river,|waterfalls...
boulders, white water...and he's|the only one with a life preserver on.
You're an alarmist.
No, I prefer to|see myself as a cynic.
And the cynic in me says...
- Hey.|- Hey.
Haven't seen you in a week.
Yeah, I got a job over in Otis.|I was staying with my cousin.
- I've got to go.|- Bye.
So I hear you rented your|cottage to the new dentist.
To Dr. Caine.
So what do you think of him?
He's nice.
Hey, I'm scheduled to do|some work in his office.
He's...he's not coming|between us, is he?
Oh God, Robbie, you're not going to|propose again, are you?
Jamie Devers,|will you marry me?
No? Why?
Because I...|like you too much.
No, not again.
- Enjoy your blueberry pie, sir.|- Ah, blueberry...
Got a minute, sweetheart?
I can give you a second.
Just figured you were the type that|would help out a fellow human being.
Give me a break.
I saw a guy in town today who|looked like an old army buddy.
Maybe you could|help me track him down.
I'm staying right at the edge of town,|in the Sleepeasy Motel.
Hey Bev. There's a little guy at|the end of the counter,
seems real interested in Doc Caine.
Asking all sorts of questions.
Thinks he knows him from the|service or something. From L.A.
What little guy?
You'd be surprised how|people neglect their teeth.
If they were only as|diligent as you, Margaret.
Some people never learn.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Jeremy needs you to sign these.
Hi Jamie. I'll be done with|Margaret in just a moment.
Hey, Margaret.
So I...I saw you earlier.
Oh, in town,|by the cafe, with some guy.
Robbie.|Is that his name?
Robbie... Well, you didn't|tell me about Robbie, did you?
There's nothing to tell.
( Muffled )|There's nothing to tell.
That's not what it looked like|from where I was sitting.
Is he a good kisser?
Did you see the part when he|was on bended knee proposing to me?
Yeah, it's a joke.|I mean, he does this every month.
He proposes every month,|it's a joke...
Spit, Margaret.
Robbie is one of my oldest|and dearest friends.
I mean I've known him|since I was in third grade.
Little kids, babies...
Friends. I mean, that's all it is.|That's all it ever will be.
- Friends?|- Friends.
Just friends?
( Hears laughing )
( Pneumatic nail gun )|Excuse me. Hello.
I'm with a patient,|could you please...?
Would you stop--
Hey. Hey, hey.
I'm with a patient right now.
If you could just give me|15 minutes or so.
In case you haven't|put it together,
I'm the jerk who cut you|off the other day in town and...
anyway, I'm sorry.
No problem, man.
I'm Robbie Mauro,|I'm the drywall guy.
Aren't you living|in Jamie's cottage?
Yeah, yeah,|that's right.
- She's...spoken of you.|- Yeah?
About how you've been friends|since you were children.
I've been in love with|Jamie since the third grade.
Third grade, huh?
How about Jamie?
Oh, she's in love with me.|She just doesn't know it.
Oh yeah?
I'm terribly sorry...
I, I didn't know it was loaded.
( Typing - phones ringing )
He doesn't exist.
What are you talking about?
Larry Caine.|He has no credit history.
I checked and re-checked.|The man is a blank.
He was somebody else|before he came to paradise.
Bev, this is nonsense.
No, there was a guy at the cafe. Said he|was sure he knew him from Los Angeles.
Not Washington.
Larry Caine is a valued customer of|our bank and an asset to our town.
I think you've been reading too|many murder mysteries, Bev.
Well, he could be one of those|Medicare fraud doctors,
who you see ducking behind|doors on 6O Minutes.
Thank you, Bev.
Dammit, Jeremy. He could be married,|with a wife and kids.
Thank you, Mrs. Swales.
( Phone ringing )
Bank of Paradise.|This is Jamie.
- Jamie. Hi.|- Hi.
Listen, I'm standing outside|the office on the grounds here,
and I've been thinking|about you all day.
And I was hoping you'd do me the|honor of joining me for dinner
at the most exclusive|restaurant in town.
No, not the Paradise Cafe.
Something much|better than that.
- Hi|- Hi.
- You look great.|- You too.
I love my dress.
But, how did you know my size?
Perfect only comes in one size.
- Where are we going?|- Shhh!
Oh Larry, I just love|what you've done out here.
Under the stars,|in the dark of night,
silence the woes,|and give love its flight.
Stay...|stay right here.
Don't move.
I should put these in water.
They'll keep.
No they won't.
I'll bring|you more tomorrow.
I want these.
( Phone ringing )|Don't answer that.
Answer what?
Robbie: Hey, Jamie,|I guess you're not in.
Look, my cousin Louis and his wife|are going to be in town Friday.
I figured wouldn't it be cool,|you and me have dinner with them?
You being my future wife|and all. It will be fun.
Oh, yeah.|This is Robbie.
Seriously, Jamie.|I'd like to see you more.
I can't seem to get that|Thanksgiving out of my head.
Let's go to my room, Larry.
Let me know. Bye.|( Beeps )
Your oldest, dearest, friend|is in love with you, Jamie.
No, he's not.
Mr. Drywall|is in love with you.
And how do you feel|about him, Jamie?
I told you|how I feel about him.
But you didn't tell me about that|very special Thanksgiving, though,
did you?
I had just...
Larry, I lost both of my parents|in less than 6 months. I just...
And...and what?
And I was invited over to a friend's|house for Thanksgiving dinner.
Robbie was there.
I was just lonely.|Larry, it meant nothing.
Oh no, it meant something.|Believe me. It meant something.
- You don't get it.|- Oh I get it. Believe me, I get it.
Would you stop cleaning|my kitchen.
I'm sorry. I...
Just can't get enough of those|blue collar types, can you?
Goes by the name of Caine.
And the twelfth one is with him.
In review of our membership...
He couldn't be Dr. Caine.
Doctor's office.
Who is it?
It's Bev from the bank. She wants|an appointment for this afternoon.
- Is that all right?|- Yeah.
It'll be fine, Bev. 4:3O?
Any other calls?|Jamie?
Desert Storm?
The Gulf War was over in 1991.
That would make this|magazine what, Bernice?
The answer is, ''out of date.''|This is an out of date magazine.
How many times did I tell you|to get rid of all of these?
Here, want me to help you?
I think I'd better go.
- Where are you going?|- Fact finding mission.
- Don't forget about tonight.|- Oh, I'll be there. With bells on.
Dr. Caine?
Thanks for being on time, Bev.
Oh, jezze.
I, I wasn't snooping.
I just wanted to|look at my file.
Really. I've wanted to look at|my file since I was a kid.
Sanderson, Emil.
Your file is inside.
The first time I peeked in|my files I was in college.
Now, to more important things...
...this discolored tooth of yours.
Oh, it's been that way|since junior high.
It should have been|taken care of. Lean forward.
Let's have a look,|shall we?
Open wide for me.|Smile, a big smile.
As long as we're|bonding your incisor,
that's that discolored tooth,
we could do all your teeth,
make them a few shades lighter,
give you that Hollywood smile.
All of them? You think?
I'd just like them whiter
without anyone noticing|that I did anything.
If that's possible.
Anything is possible.
You ever been to|Hollywood, Larry?
I went to|Washington D.C. once.
I bet you miss it.
Washington... home.
I mean, it's exciting.|It's our nation's capital.
What's that, Bev?
There was this guy, passed through|town day before yesterday.
He said he was sure|he knew you from Los Angeles.
But that couldn't be.
You being from D.C. and all.
No. No it couldn't.
Could it, Bev?
He was grilling Shawna at the cafe.|A little guy, she said.
This little guy.|Does he have a name?
I don't know.
Well let's see|what you do know.
What are you doing? Hey.
Breathe, Bev.
Wake up, Bev.|It's time to go to school.
Five more minutes, daddy...
Oh my God...
Oh, my God.
Larry, you can't do this.
What, bond your teeth?
Please let me go.|Please let me go.
This is how we bond our teeth... Hollywood, Bevie.
Bonding in bondage.
It's all the rage.
Please don't hurt me, Larry.
Oh sure. You come in here|under false pretenses.
Nose through my files, you sit there|asking all your wheedling questions.
And then you|beg me not to hurt you?
What world do you live in, Bevie?
Now the nerve's exposed,
and we can commence|with a little game.
A lie detector test,|if you will.
I'll ask a question,
and you answer it.
If you tell the truth,
I'll pat your head.
If you lie,
I shall do this...
( Screaming )
I think you get it.
Now the first question is:
What do you know about me?
I know what everybody|else knows.
Oh Bev, wrong answer.
Now.|The question was:
Exactly what|do you know about me?
I know that you're not|really Dr. Lawrence Caine.
That I'm not really|Dr. Lawrence Caine?
I know you were somebody|else six years ago.
Good. Good.
Now, next question:
Why all those clumsy|questions about Washington?
I didn't think|you lived in Washington.
You didn't think|I lived in Washington?
Good, good Bev.
Do you know who I was|before I was Dr. Lawrence Caine?
Wrong answer.
( Buzzer sounds )
( Sobbing )
Help me.
Somebody help me.
If you say a word,|if you utter a sound while I'm gone,
I will cut out your|vocal cords with this.
Do you understand?
- Robbie. What can I do for you?|- I got the last of the drywall here.
Well, I'm with a|patient right now.
Bev? Because I noticed|her car was out there.
( Bev screaming )
The novocaine|must have worn off.
I'm going to have to ask you to|stay outside. It's very important...
Oh, Robbie!
Bev, Bev, Bev...
Here we were, two pals|playing a friendly little game,
the minute I turn my back,
you cheat.
Get off me.|Get off me.
New game, Bevie.
...or tooth.
What did you tell Jeremy|about Washington?
I didn't tell.|I didn't tell...
Your discolored tooth was a problem.|Not a problem any more.
I can see that you|floss regularly, Bev.
I like that.
Now, Jamie.
What did you tell Jamie?
( Mumbling )
Yeah?|Are you sure?
Oh, Bev. You liar.
Damn it, I broke it.
Darn. This is the part I hate.|I don't mind telling you, Bevie,
pulling teeth is like, well...
pulling teeth.
You're looking|much better already.
Give me back my drill.
Okay,|I've got a much better idea.
A much better idea.
Oh Bev,|you're going to love this.
We'll cut it out.
( Sinister laugh )
( Woman laughing )
( Dialing )
( Phone ringing )
The doctor isn't in right now.|Please leave a message.
It's me...
You can speak?
Both of us|overreacted last night.
And I'm sorry if|I said anything that hurt you,
that wasn't my intention.
It's too late for apologies.
Jamie:|I'm almost at your office.
Do you think|I wanted to do that to you?
Jamie:|I'm coming for the twelfth rose.
I worshiped you,
but then I saw you...
with him...
in your mouth.
I couldn't let you|keep your tongue,
not after that.
Jamie:|Larry? Oh, my God.
Stop it.
That was weird.
Who is she?
It gets confusing|at times, Brooke.
I think|I should call the police.
( Dialing )
( Busy signal )
( Busy signal continues )
Through all the drama,
whether damned or not,
love gilds the scene,
and women drive the plot.
Come here.
Come here.
No. Let go.
Damn cap|just won't stay in.
Jamie. Jamie!
( Door rattles )|Let me in.
Jamie,|are you in there?
Jamie,|I know you're in there.
Open the door,
just a crack.
You stay away from me.
- Jamie, open the door.|- No...
All right.|Have it your way.
( Skill saw buzzing )
Don't you see it, Jamie?
We're joined at the hip.
We're Rob and Laura...
We're peanut butter and jelly...
We're Marge and Homer...
We're green eggs and ham...
We're corned beef...
and cabbage.
Open wide, Jamie.
( Opera music playing )|There we are.
There we are. There we are.
Do you have|any idea where you are?
On the cutting edge.|That's where.
On the threshold of a new|patient-friendly era of dentistry.
...the dental environment...
of the future.
This is an empty room.
It is not just|an empty room.
It is a total|dental environment.
Bathroom accidents, the greatest|cause of injury in the home.
Wisdom teeth?|You're here for your wisdom teeth?
I had my wisdom teeth|out years ago.
Then we'll just have to do|a much better job this time.
Won't we?
Open wide.
You get away from me.
Brooke.|Oh, my Brooke.
( Ominous laugh )|Jamie.
I know you're behind there.|Come out.
Whoa, Matilda.
I'm not Matilda,|and I'm not Brooke.
Gonna let you in|on a little secret.
Killing is liberating.
You just might like it.
I can kill you with this.
But what if it's not...
plugged in?
What if it is?
Small town girl.|Nice, honest, small town little girl.
You're not going|to pull the trigger.
I'll tell you what:
I'll give you to three.
Then I'm going|to cut you a new smile,
and start|to have some real fun.
They're new.
I just bought them.
( Softly )|I'm over here.
( Coughing )
Are you okay?
Where is he?
( Laughing hysterically )
That damned tooth.
Stop. No.|Stop. No.
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