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Desperate Hours The

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- I'II get it. - Some morning I'II catch that kid.
- If cows only knew how I hated them. - What would they do?
(BO Y OUTSIDE) Hey, RaIphy!
Bye, Mother. I'II be home late. Scout meeting.
- Bye, Dream Witch. - Goodbye, Pest.
- Ralphy... - My name is Ralph, R-A-L-P-H.
There's no ''Y'' on the end. I looked at my birth certificate.
Bye, now.
Mm... Ralph! Ralphy!
Ralphy, your bicycle!
I'II be late for the first bell!
Ralph, spelt R-A-L-P-H, considers himself too old to kiss a man.
- Another milepost, Dan. - Mm-hm.
They're sailing by pretty fast.
Next, Cindy will be saying she wants to get married.
I do, but he hasn't asked me.
- A-ha! - Yet. A-ha.
- Dan. - She's still a child.
Even though she doesn't look like a child.
Cindy, try not to mention Chuck to your father on the way to work.
AII right, Mother.
Darling, try not to mention Chuck Wright to Cindy.
She's touchy since she's been in love.
In love? That girl knows no more about love than...Ralphy does.
Have a nice day, dear.
(RADIO ) The escape was masterminded by Glenn Griffin.
He, his brother Hal and another convict named Kobish
overpowered a guard and fled without arousing suspicion.
Griffin made headlines here four years ago
when he deliberately shot a policeman, then surrendered.
Enraged Deputy Sheriff Jesse Bard slashed his gun across Griffin's face,
breaking his jaw.
Griffin swore to some day get even.
Hi, Dutch. Any of your relatives in there?
- Hi, Jesse. - About time!
- What's the beauty contest? - Routine questioning.
They had a prison break at Terre Haute.
A lifer named Kobish, brothers named Griffin.
Griffin? When?
- Just before dawn. - Why didn't you call me?
Call you? Why?
Dutch, get me Lieutenant Fredericks.
- Relax, Jesse. It's an FBI case. - Who's this third one, this Kobish?
Kobish, Samuel. Aged 44. Male, white. Six foot three, 260 pounds.
A loser with a record. Makes my hair stand on end.
- Fredericks on the line. - What have you got?
Nothing. They melted into the earth as soon as they hit fresh air.
- Have you checked Griffin's girl? - She left town three weeks ago.
We got road blocks up and down the state.
Police are ripping buildings apart.
You don't know Griffin.
No road block's gonna stop him coming back to Indianapolis.
Take the chip off your shoulder. You want Griffin? Get him yourself.
- Griffin? Is he the one who...? - Yeah.
He's the one.
Look at that. How about it, Glenn?
AII right, I'm coming.
Sorry to bother you, ma'am, but I lost my way.
Would you direct me to the Bowden Dairy?
There are no dairies close by...
Take it easy, lady! Easy, I said!
You scream and the kid'II come home and find you in a pool of blood.
Better. Kobish, upstairs.
Where's the phone?
- Is that the only one? - Extension upstairs.
AII clear. There's a big car in the garage.
Keys to the car, lady. When I speak to you, snap fast! Keys to the car.
- On the refrigerator. - Get them, Hal. Check the car.
- Take the car, take anything! - You stick with me, lady.
Nobody home but her.
Smart gal.
- How many bedrooms? - Three. And two bathrooms!
Well...haven't had me a drink in eight years!
- Where's the Liquor? - Have a good cigar instead.
Keep an eye peeled out that side. It's a library. Improve your mind.
Crude, ain't he? Let's see the rest of the house.
The back stairs.
- The big car's ready but low on gas. - Stick on that door.
- Oh, Hal. - What?
Now, lady, you and me got some business.
Come here.
- They had to pull something. - How come we're just getting it?
This is Mr Carson, FBI.
How are you? It says they beat up a farmer before dawn!
They left him in his barn out cold, ripped out his telephone.
He staggered into a general store and reported his car stolen. How are you?
Battered grey Sedan, 1 941 . Did you put this on the air?
And give every amateur a crack at it? We'd be flooded with phoney leads!
Then, we'll follow them all down. What do you say, Carson?
The way I understand it, you know Griffin better than anyone.
How about your taking over? I'll string along.
OK. Let's find that car.
Repeat the description on air every haIf-hour.
Contact the police immediately if you have information about this car.
Radio Station WTLI, Indianapolis.
You paid this insurance on the 1 9th?
- Yes. - Is that all the cash in the house?
My husband always says, ''Too much cash...''
He's right. It's never safe to leave too much dough around.
(KOBISH) Tat-a-tat-tat!
Knock it off!
- My guts are growling. - Chew on this.
Maybe it slipped your mind. You supposed to go some place tonight?
No. I've told you! How many times...?
As many times as I say.
Are you sure you ain't forgetting something? Like a gun in the house?
You got it hid from Junior.
You want me to let Kobish find it?
Put a gun in his paw and his fingers get itchy.
He's only got half a brain.
Don't want nobody to get hurt. Maybe you've got different ideas.
OK, I'II let him dig it out.
I'm waiting.
Top shelf of my closet, in my room. Behind the hat boxes.
- Hal! - Yeah, Glenn?
Kobish, watch the back door.
- Yeah? - Lady's got a present.
Top of her closet, back of the boxes.
Do you think you can talk on the phone without busting into tears?
The phone!
Whom do you want me to call?
I always go for a dame with guts.
That's ''whom'' you're going to call. A little lady with real guts.
Long distance. No double talk and nobody gets hurt.
Mr James is calling Mrs James, Atlantic 63389.
No, we don't write nothing down.
Atlantic 63389. Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, PA.
Operator, I want to place a call to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Mrs James. Mr James is calling.
- Atlantic 6... - 3389.
Is that you, doll? Don't talk now. Listen.
- Get here as fast as you can. - Indianapolis?
Any trouble, call on the phone. The number's...Broad Ripple 8493.
Address is 6459 North Preston. Got it?
- Yes. - OK, doll.
I'll look for you around midnight.
- Only careful, see? - I'll see.
Got a customer, Dutch.
- You got a warrant? - Got a warrant, Dutch?
- Fresh out of warrants. - Where is she?
- Who? - Where did she go?
- I want to see Sheriff Masters. - Deputy Bard's in charge.
The gentleman wants to tell you where Helen Miller went.
No rough stuff, Dutch. Masters doesn't like rough stuff.
- Where's Sheriff Masters? - In Michigan. Fishing.
- One coming. - After you.
Dad, can't you go a little faster?
- I may not drive like your lawyer friend... - Now, Dad!
Mother didn't say we couldn't talk about him on the way home. How is he?
- I don't know. We had a fight. - Oh, I'm crushed.
Nothing trivial, I hope.
Nothing serious. So sorry.
Uh-oh. Your mother Left the car out again.
Open the garage door, will you, dear?
Close the door, folks.
- That's being real sensible, mister. - Ellie...
- I'm all right. - Where's Ralphy?
- Not home yet. - Stop pointing that gun at her.
- They left the door open. - Shut it.
- The house is crawling with them. - What are you doing here, Griffin?
- They're looking all over for you. - They ain't looking here.
- What do you want? - Take it easy.
- Why my house? - Your break.
I like the location. I like a house with a bike outside.
I love people with kids. They don't take no chances.
Do you get it now, Hilliard? You can get brave any time you feel like it.
You might get away with it.
But I ain't saying what's going to happen to the others.
- How long? - You ain't dumb, are you?
- How long?! - About midnight, maybe sooner.
You see, we can play this together.
- Then nobody loses. - Why midnight?
I got a friend bringing some dough. As soon as she gets here, we get out.
What if the police find you here?
- What then? - It wouldn't be pretty.
If that happens, you folks get it first.
- Kid's turning in. - Let me explain...
You pull anything, I'II let you watch me kick the kid's face in!
(DAN) It's all right, Ralphy.
- What's going on? - It's all right.
Your old man knows where it's buttered. How come you're so late?
- I don't have to tell you nothing. - I've been so worried!
- Scout meeting, remember? - It don't pay to forget.
What if I could get you the money you're waiting for before midnight?
You may be a big shot in your office, but I saw your bank book. 800 bucks!
- You're a punk. - I could raise more.
- Don't get in an uproar. - He's using his brain.
- Use yours! Helen's on her way. - That ain't it.
He's got other business. What do we care who bust your jaw?
- I'II bust yours... - Why should we stick our necks...
- ...just so you can knock a copper off! - Spill your guts somewhere else.
Who got you here? Who done it? Get out in the back.
Using his brain, is he? Look at him. Clickety-click. I can see it perking.
Don't ever try to come in between, you smart-eyed slob. We're sticking.
Take the kid upstairs and see he don't get out.
I don't want him hollering out any windows either.
She's a honey, ain't she, Hal?
Four years! It don't cost nothing to look.
By the way, you got a gun in the house?
Stay looking at me and answer the question.
No, no gun.
That's right, you ain't. Show him, Hal.
I thought you was going to lie to me.
I like doing business with a man I can trust.
Get in the kitchen and cook that chicken.
Do it yourself. My wife's not your servant.
I always wanted a servant.
- I don't mind. - I do! Stay here.
You ain't calling the tune!
I got my guts full of shiny-shoed wise guys
with handkerchiefs in their pockets.
Next time, I'll wipe 'em on you.
Now get out there and cook!
Ralphy, Ralphy!
- Where's my other DC-7? - I don't know, kid.
- What did you do with it? - I'II get another.
- You'll let them get away with this? - I'II take that.
- It's mine! - Kobish, grow up!
- Sit tight, Pop. - Hand it over!
- You brat! - Dad!
It ain't gonna be like this, see? Not like this!
- Dan! What's happened? - Get back to the kitchen.
- Get back! - Go ahead, Ellie. I'm all right.
Hal, put that away.
AII the wrong places. This is Bard. Put Carson on. What a waste of time.
- Bard? - Nothing here. Anything new there?
- Plenty. We've spotted Griffin's girl. - Where?
Heading west from Pittsburgh. Ought to be here at 11.30 or 12.00.
Don't tail her, but I want her clocked, every town she goes through.
20 miles out, we'll put a real tag on her.
- She'll lead us straight to Griffin. - Good.
Pretty good chow.
What time is the next news?
They're not so tough. You hit the big guy.
You could have licked him, couldn't you?
I lost my temper, that's all. I can't do that again.
I could climb out my window, across the roof there, and drop.
It's not much higher than the garage. I've jumped off the garage.
How many times have I told you to stay off...the roof of the garage?
But you could. You could let yourself drop.
I bet you could, Dad.
Listen, Ralph. You want me to call you Ralph.
You want to be considered a grown boy. You've got to think like one.
We could get word to the Wallings or the police. Then what, Ralph?
- The police would know what to do. - Ralph, those guns down there,
they're loaded. It's not like in the comic books or television.
Those are real bullets.
You're afraid, aren't you?
Yes, son, I'm afraid.
And I'm not ashamed of it.
Sometimes it's better to be afraid.
Well, I'm not! And neither is Cindy!
Hal, upstairs.
Sweetie, you get the pleasure. If it's for Mr James, I'II take it.
Anybody else, let 'em talk, except the brat.
Make it sound right, just like any other night, normal.
No, I...
Sore? No, no.
No, please! Not tonight.
No, wait, please!
- I flunked. - Who was it?
- Sherlock Holmes! - The boyfriend. He's coming over.
- You ain't as wise as I thought. - He didn't give her a chance.
Hal, how would you like to take the little spitfire dancing?
You ought to see him dance. He's got all the babes groggy. Take a dance!
- What's the matter? - Cut the clowning.
When Sherlock arrives, you duck out. Hilliard, I got a job for you.
Go upstairs with Ralphy. Lock the door. Don't open it until I tell you.
The gas is low in your car. Fill her up and check the oil.
- Are you crazy? - The kid and the missus stay.
- What do you think he's gonna do? - Nothing. He's smart.
Clickety-click, I can hear them wheels going around.
He's saying, ''Griffin means business. He ain't afraid to pull a trigger.
''Is it worth calling the cops, when I only got a few hours to go?''
If they track you down, it wouldn't be our doing.
- Maybe, maybe not. I'd never know. - But you couldn't blame us!
I can do anything. This is all you got to remember.
Any red lights out front, or coppers setting up machine guns,
throwing tear gas, you know who gets it?
Not you. Them. That's all you gotta keep on your mind.
- Get me some Liquor. - No liquor.
- He's right. - You letting this joker give orders?
Nobody gives me orders. Make it bourbon, bonded.
- Bring some papers. - Would you like a scrapbook, too?
Wait upstairs until Chuck comes.
When you get back, park the car heading out.
Nice family you got here.
But you'll see. He'll do something.
Let's go!
- Good evening, sir. - Fill her up.
- Hi, Cindy. - Hello, Chuck.
Well, this is more like it.
- On the phone, I thought... - Chuck, let's go, please.
I'm glad you came. I was afraid you wouldn't.
- Why? - You know, after last night...
I'm sorry, Cindy.
About time!
You wouldn't mind taking your hands out of your pockets, would you?
How about that?
Kinda generous, aren't you?
- Clickety-clickety-click. - You're off your rocker!
Not that we ain't thankful. You don't want us to drink ourselves to sleep.
Kobish, check that car. This guy's getting ideas.
Maybe there's coppers in the back seat. You check it.
Hal! Look at that car. I'll cover you.
AII right, Pop, in there.
Over there.
Eight years and then you can't open it!
You're all right.
You're working your headpiece overtime, but you're not a bad guy.
Your woman's waiting.
This guy ain't yellow. I taught him.
- You taught me everything. - That's right.
Except how to live in a house like this.
Darling, it's such a short time now, Less than three hours.
AII they'll have is the car.
That's insured. As soon as they've gone, you'll pick up the phone.
- Sure. - What are you thinking?
- Nothing, dear. - What, Dan?
- You're right. It'll soon be over. - There's something else.
They'll leave, you'll pick up... They can't let you do that.
- How can he stop it? - He can't.
He must have a plan.
- I know what you're thinking. - Don't imagine things, Ellie.
They'll have to take someone.
Dad, don't let them take me.
Ralphy, I just explained to your mother...
- Please don't let them take me! - They're not taking you or anyone.
- I won't let them. - How are you going to stop them?
I'II stop them. I'll find a way.
Get under the covers, darling. Go back to sleep.
I just had a silly idea, that's all.
Those men hadn't even thought of that.
Goodnight, Chuck.
You had me so balled up, Cindy. But I know now.
- What? What do you know? - It's your father.
I know how he feels about me.
Well, I'm going to have it out with him.
- No! - The lights are on. He must be up.
- I said no! It's not that at all. - Well, what is it, then?
Have fun, sweetie?
What you been doing?
Get upstairs, miss.
- Ain't been searched yet. - Where's Griffin?
- Stay there! - We searched the old man.
- Come up, Cindy. Where's Griffin? - Lift your arms, baby.
- Hold it, Kobish. Hold it, I said! - What you think...?
- Where'd you get that? - Go upstairs, miss.
- Where'd you get that gun? - Hal, you fool!
- Go sleep it off, Kobish. - Both of you. Both got guns, huh?
Only me. Should have known.
OK, you brothers, you wait. You just wait!
- Get to bed. - Just a minute, sis.
You don't get off that easy. Close the curtains. Gimme that coat.
- Lift your arms. - Griffin!
Shut up! Come on, get 'em up.
I gotta stop that fool.
Hold it right there. Don't think I won't.
- Cindy! - Don't move!
- Glenn! - Hal, this girl is ill.
- If there's any decency in you... - Glenn!
Miss, there's no cause to be scared. Hold it!
Aah! Aah!
Open the door!
Lock the back door. Turn off the lights. Go up to Ralphy.
Stay away from the windows. They're all outside.
Operator... Operator...
- (SCREAM) - Dan, don't!
(RALPH) Dad!
Operator. Operator.
Is that...?
Your call, please?
They've got Ralphy.
This is the operator. Your call, please.
Go upstairs. Get in our room, both of you. Lock the door.
Ellie! If you hear a shot, make the call.
Ralphy! Where are you?
Here, Dad...
Try something now, the brat gets his.
- Let the boy come in, Griffin. - Gun first. Set the safety.
Now the lights. Back inside.
I tried anyway.
Go up to your mother, son.
Jumped off the roof. Brave kid you got there, Hilliard.
Brave family. Going on midnight and you couldn't wait.
You couldn't wait! You ain't learned yet who's running this show.
Hands off, Griffin!
(HAL) GIenn.
Get Kobish in here.
- Bard? - Yeah.
Helen Miller's not coming. She ran a red light in Columbus.
- What? - A patrol car gave chase.
They arrested her for a traffic violation?!
- She gave them the slip in Columbus. - But they had orders.
It's been on every teletype between here and Pittsburgh: do not arrest!
Oh, those greedy crumbs! Trying to pick her off on a lousy 1 5-buck fine.
- Take it easy, Bard. - Don't tell me to take it easy!
If she's not coming, she's got to call him.
Dutch, get me a court order.
I want every long-distance call from Columbus, Ohio, to Indianapolis
as fast as they get 'em, any number to any number.
- Got you, Chief. - Names, addresses, numbers.
- Ralphy? - Don't move, Dan.
- What time...? - After one.
- Midnight! He said he... - Dan, listen.
Close your eyes and listen to me, darling.
You must never do anything like that again. Ever.
- You might have been killed. - Why haven't they gone?
Listen! Nobody knows anything about what's happening here.
We're all alone in this. Promise me...
Ellie, how long has it been since I said I love you?
Hal, upstairs.
Lady, get that!
I have a collect call for Mr James from Mrs James.
- Put her on. - You accept the charges?
Yeah, put her on.
- Get them inside. - Inside and shut the door.
- (HELEN) Hello? - Yeah?
- Is this you? - Yeah. What's up?
I ran into trouble in Columbus. I'm heading for Louisville.
- You know where. - Yeah. Now, listen.
Put that stuff in a plain envelope and take down this address.
- OK? - Yeah.
As soon as I get it, we'll make tracks.
- Watch out, see? - I'll see.
Close them curtains.
- What if they trace that call? - Ever hear of Circleville, Ohio?
It's 24 miles south of Columbus.
You think them cops will trace calls from a jerk town like Circleville?
- But what if we get trapped here? - It can't be nowhere else!
AII that dough in this town, I can have that copper put on ice for good.
Cindy, go to sleep, dear.
You, too.
You don't drink your milk, you ain't gonna be a big strong man like Daddy.
- How much longer, Griffin? - Is that any way to talk to a guest?
- How much longer? - TiII I get a certain envelope.
Everything goes on like before. You and the spitfire go to work.
Junior here misses a day at school. It won't hurt you, kid.
- I missed a few myself. - And look at you!
Pass you on the street, you'd look through us. You're seeing us now!
- (ELEANOR) The morning paper. - Get your kicks young, kid.
Hal, the paper. You're going to be late for the office, Hilliard.
Why do you torture my husband? You take pleasure in torturing people!
I'm attacked from all sides! I take pleasure in looking out for my skin.
No, it's some sort of game with you. Cruel! Inhuman!
- Filthy! - Ellie!
Why don't you pick on someone your own size?
The whole family's getting tough!
AII right, Pop, get moving.
I'm not leaving this house today!
You stay and we stay. We ain't gonna beat it until we get that dough.
That dough's in a letter addressed to your office.
We don't want Federal men tracing anything to our front door.
He'll go. I'm all right now.
I'II stay with Ralphy. Cindy, get your coat.
Hey, Ralphy! Shake a leg!
- He's staying home. He hurt his leg. - He did? The lucky stiff!
He's gonna miss the big game!
A-plus, Pop.
You heard me, Ralph. You're going to stay with your mother all day.
Don't be hard on the kid. He saved my neck.
It's all right. We'll be all right.
I don't see nothing so funny you should break your neck laughing.
I laugh when I feel like it. You ain't got nothing to say about it.
- That right, Hal? - Yeah, that's right.
Get the dough and come back. No mistakes.
That nick on your head. Got a story ready?
It wouldn't take much of a slip, just a little one,
and you're gonna wish you'd never come back through this door.
I never understood before how your mind works, but I do now.
- You'll be late for that time clock. - I've got the same thing in me.
- I want to kill you. - You're a comedian!
If anything goes wrong, any harm comes to any one of us,
I'II do it, I'II kill you, so help me God!
- You understand that? - Yeah, I got you.
We understand each other all the way.
Lady, you didn't know what a tough old bird you married!
No. No, I didn't.
Dad, are we making a mistake not going to the police?
Maybe. I don't know. I've tried to think of everything.
But you heard him, Cindy.
I won't gamble with your mother's life, or Ralphy's.
Oh, Dad!
Cindy, baby.
Listen, nobody can know anything about this. Not Chuck. Nobody.
And another thing, you're not going back tonight.
Go to your girlfriend's or a hotel, but don't come home.
Get the old lady down here!
- Who is it? - Mr Patterson. He takes the trash.
- Let him pick it up and beat it. - This is the end of the month.
- He'll come to the door to collect. - OK, pay him!
Hal, get back upstairs with the brat. I said pay him!
Yes, just a second!
Here, let me see that.
Use your head. Hal's upstairs with the brat.
- (BUZZER) - Yes!
Good morning, Mrs Hilliard. Thank you, ma'am. Is there any...?
Aren't you feeling yourself today, Mrs Hilliard?
- Just a headache, Mr Patterson. - I'II take these papers with me.
- All right. - Goodbye, Mrs Hilliard.
What's up?
- Want me to grab him, Griffin? Huh? - He's going away.
Shut up, both of you.
Give me the gun. I'll stop him. Griffin, ain't you gonna do nothing?
- Do you want to let him get away? - She paid him with a cheque.
Get it back. If you get in trouble, don't come back.
Get back upstairs.
Keep going, George.
- Keep your eyes on the road. - Watch where you're going!
Drive out of town. I'd Iike to see some country.
- Good morning, Mr Hilliard. - Good morning. Good morning.
- Good morning, Miss Wells. - Good morning, Mr Hilliard.
I'II open it today.
- Not interrupting anything? - I'm busy as the devil!
OK, Mr Executive! What happened to your head?
- Well... - Tell me when you're not so busy!
- When's the next mail? - This afternoon.
- There's one more delivery. - Bring it in when it arrives.
- Yes, sir. - Unopened.
(VENDOR) Read all about it!
Boy, take this to the police station around the corner.
- Are you a guest at the hotel? - Yes. And no questions.
Yes, sir. No questions at all, sir.
Extra! Read all about it!
Ah, missed.
Turn here!
You ain't gonna be needing it.
Mister, I ain't gonna open my mouth. Honest.
I ain't gonna say a word to nobody.
I know you ain't, George.
- I have to talk to you. - Some other time.
I'm sorry, Mr Hilliard. I just had lunch with Cindy.
- What's happening? - It's nothing.
Nothing? She's miserable. If I'm the cause...
- It doesn't concern you. - It concerns me!
- Stay out of it! - What kind of a father are you?
- Yes? - A Mr James is calling, Mr Hilliard.
Put him on.
- Yeah? - Hilliard, you recognise my voice?
- What do you want? What's happened? - Come and get me.
- Where are you? - Fall Creek Road. The golf course.
You won't see me, but I'II be waiting.
- It'll be a long wait, Mr James. - I get nabbed and I'II spill my guts.
Wait a minute.
- This is a private conversation. - I'm sorry.
- Yeah? - You there?
I'll call the coppers, tip 'em the address.
- Let 'em shoot up the joint. - Stay out of sight.
It'll take me an hour to get there.
That's the last delivery today.
- Is there anything I can do? - Yes.
You can mind your own business.
- Mr Hilliard... - I'm sorry, Chuck. Not now.
It's a .38.
That guard at Terre Haute, his gun was a .38.
Bard, you can't tie in every crime in the state with Griffin.
Why would anybody pump three slugs into an old man? He wasn't robbed.
Nothing much. Here's his address.
- Find out where he worked today. - I'm bushed!
One of his customers was probably the last person that saw him alive.
- My singing bother you? - Tell me what you were doing there.
Maybe I was playing a game of golf.
Give you a little hint, Hilliard. Just like on them quiz shows.
Three bullets left.
Tell Ralphy we beat the socks off them!
- Beat it. Get away! AII of you! - Hey, what did I say wrong?
What did I say?
Well, Cindy, when she was Ralphy's age...
- Ellie! - Dan...
You remember Miss Swift, Ralphy's teacher?
Sure I do. How are you, Miss Swift?
I want you to meet... Johnny, come here!
I met Johnny in a bar. We had a couple. He's an old friend.
I promised him another. Will you excuse me?
- There you are! - She's seen me.
(SOFTLY) I'II get her out of here. (LOUDLY) Make yourself at home!
- RaIphy wiII be all right tomorrow. - Pour yourself a real one!
- I'll be right back! - Thank you, Ralph.
I'd better be going.
Miss Swift dropped by to see how Ralphy was feeling.
Miss Swift, that's a nice PTA practice.
- I'II be sure you get full credit. - For what?
- His week's composition. - Excuse me, do you mind?
Miss Swift, do you encourage such drivel as this?
You're in no condition to discuss it.
In that case, I'II read it in the morning. Have a drink!
- Come on, make it a party! - I'm very sorry.
- Nice work. - We gotta stop that dame!
- She didn't recognise you! - Hilliard took her mind off you.
Had her in a sweat. I gotta hand it to you, you'd make a great con man.
- What about the old guy? - He ain't picking up trash.
- Tailed? - No.
Mr Patterson saw their car in the garage.
Listen to this! "Dear Miss Swift, bring help right away.
''There are men in the house with guns. They are criminals."
Kid's a good speller, Pop.
Crying department's upstairs, lady.
Griffin, it came. Afternoon mail.
Yeah? How could it? It wasn't mailed till this morning.
- Take it easy. - You...
It ain't enough. Thanks, anyway.
That's enough for us. Let's bIow.
- Tomorrow. - Why go on taking chances?
If you don't take chances, you might as well be dead.
That's what you're gonna be, all of us, if this goes on. Dead!
I'll take the .38 now, Kobish.
I like the feel of it, Griffin.
Clickety-click, don't work it overtime!
Griffin, when you leave here, if that time ever comes...
- Watch your manners. - You know I'm gonna call the police.
- You wouldn't do a thing like that. - What'll you do about it?
- Rip it out. - There's one next door.
- What's on your mind? - I know what you're planning.
- You're not taking anyone along. - Say, that's not a bad idea.
- I never thought of that. - You thought of it, all the way.
You give us a fair shake, we'll give you a fair shake.
As soon as the dough gets here, we'll take you with us. Just you.
- We ain't followed, you walk home. - That's a deal.
Sure, Pop. A deal's a deal. In the meantime, don't get ulcers.
I know what's eating you, kid. We'll take the girl along just for you.
Is that a fair shake?
Did guys like Hilliard ever give you a fair shake?
- I'll take the automatic now. - Get Kobish's.
I'm hanging on to this one.
- Two burgers, no onions. - Two burgers, no onions!
The main roads are covered. It'll be dark in half an hour.
I want this area combed. Every one of the trashman's customers.
- There ain't gonna be no shooting? - No. Just get us coffee later.
Report anything unusual, especially the garages.
- That's police talk! - This just came in.
A bellhop's given six descriptions of the man he delivered it for.
We know only that the man was wearing clothes.
''Innocent people will be in the house or automobile with the fugitives you want.
''If you shoot, you'll be responsible for the lives of innocent people.
''To trace this letter will endanger those people.''
- No signature. - Now we know.
- It's a blind. - That letter's no blind.
The idiot. You can't play ball with savages.
- Let's get moving. - What you gonna do?
Follow your instructions, knock on a few doors.
- I'm countermanding those orders. - You can't put off a showdown!
Nobody wants one more than me, but we can't get a family massacred.
Listen, you young punk, pity is a luxury your badge doesn't afford!
Is it any wonder the guy doesn't sign his name or trust the police to help?
- What do you propose, Jesse? - Get the prowl cars off the streets.
Tom and me will cruise around.
They'll slip out. There's plenty of alleys.
- Block 'em all! - It's too big an area!
If they slip through, your name is mud! Yours too!
Get some equipment moved in here. Take my car. It's not marked.
Get riot guns and tear gas.
- Wait a minute, Cindy. - Please, Chuck!
Stay away from here. I don't want to see you any more.
- Cindy, didn't I tell you...? - I couldn't help it, Dad.
Clickety-clickety-click. You only got one trouble.
You don't know when you're licked.
Hal! The spitfire had to come back to you.
You didn't blab to the boyfriend, did you?
- Chuck knows nothing. - Then, why's he still sitting there?
Back on that window.
If you pulled a fast one...
Chuck doesn't know anything.
- Kobish! - Hey, Glenn! Here he comes again.
This can't go on. First the old man, then the teacher, now this guy.
Somebody's gonna get wise. I'm not sticking any longer.
- Kobish, watch 'em! - AII right, beat it.
- I'm getting out. - Don't lose your head.
I'm not going to the chair 'cause that ape got trigger-happy!
- The dough will come in the morning. - What good is it in the death house?
That gal's got you all messed up. If you want something, take it!
- He knows it's not that simple. - You stay out of this!
- Hal gets what he wants. - I doubt it. I doubt if I ever will.
- You'll be back in stir in under an hour! - I can take care of myself!
- Since when? - Since right now!
- I don't advise your leaving now. - They won't catch me.
- Come along, Glenn. - You ain't gonna take no car.
- I'll take the girl's coupé - They'll trace it in ten minutes.
Yeah... OK, Mr Hilliard. I can pick up a car anywhere.
- You're gonna listen to me... - You're not stopping me!
Who's stopping you? You got more guts than I thought, kid.
Here, take this.
- I got more coming. - Thanks, Glenn.
Take care of yourself. No chances.
You get in any trouble, you know where I'll be.
- Be careful, Hal. - OK, Glenn.
I mean it, see?
What are you gaping at?!
- You better get hold of yourself. - I got hold.
- You got yours coming! AII of you! - Why'd you let him go?
Good riddance. He was getting on my nerves.
- Satisfied? - Listen...
Shut up, Mr Hilliard! "Mr", he called you!
- You can't turn this on us. - I got my guts full of you!
Smart-eyed, respectable suckers! We seen 'em sitting on parole boards!
"Throw him in the cell! He ain't fit to live with decent folk!" Decent?!
We bring you a bulletin from the WTLI newsroom.
We have an unconfirmed report that the combined police agencies
are searching for the three escaped convicts
just north of the city limits of Indianapolis.
Glenn! I gotta phone.
- What are you gonna do? - Shut up.
Stop the car.
- I got a wife and kids! - Stop the car!
AII right. Now get out. Get out!
Two cups of java and some change, please.
Oh, excuse me.
Hey, Nick!
Take it, Hilliard.
Hello? Yes.
This is Carl at the store. That special-delivery letter just came.
- There's nobody to bring it to you. - Tell him you'll pick it up.
I'll be down right away. Thanks.
( GLENN) OK, snap it up.
Go to Ralphy.
The money's here. I told the night watchman to call me.
I'll be back right away.
Ellie, when they leave, I'll have to go along.
Only me, just to make sure they get out of town.
- No, I won't let you go! - Listen!
Wait four hours. If you don't hear from me, call the police.
- Dan... - Snap it up up there!
Ellie, it's the only way!
- He hates you. He'll kill you. - That dough's waiting!
We're not saved if anything happens to you!
That's the way it is, that's all. You do as I say.
Hilliard, come on!
- Go in to your mother. - Dad, come here.
Go ahead.
- What is it? - When they take you, I'm going too.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
You'll do what I tell you. I've had all I'm going to take, young man!
( GLENN) Hurry up!
- Grab a taxi. Don't bring it back. - Remember our deal!
- On your way! - I'll be 45 minutes.
- Step on it. - Get going.
- Go ahead. - Two soups, take 'em away!
What is this?
- What's your business? - Attorney. What is this?
I'm in a hurry. What are you doing cruising round here?
- Is it against the law? - Don't get fresh.
You got no warrant, no charges. I don't bully.
- You fronting for those rats? - What rats?
Don't you read the papers? They're up here, see?
Holed up in one of those houses. What's up?
- Nothing. - You suspect something.
- No. - You look like I just kicked you.
It's just a shock, that's all. My girl lives round here.
Where? Where? Name, address!
I don't know what I'd do in your shoes, but I'm gonna get that name.
- Now spit it out! - You can't hold me.
I can if you don't co-operate. Aiding and abetting, accessory to murder!
- Carson speaking. - They killed a man.
That's the scum you let your girl spend the evening with.!
- Make me. - I can.
Hold it, will you? Yeah, spell it.
D as in David. Hilliard. Got it.
- What happened? - State police killed Hal Griffin.
He was carrying a gun registered in the name of Daniel C Hilliard.
DanieI C...HiIIiard.
We got it! One son, aged nine.
- Daughter, 1 9, Cynthia. - I don't know her.
Then, you got nothing to worry about. Alert everybody. We're moving in.
Throw a cordon round this house. Let no one in or out of the block.
If I get inside with a gun...
Don't get any ideas. We can't let anything go haywire.
- What can I do? - Say a prayer.
But nothing else, you hear? Nothing!
Poached two and an order of bacon!
- What's going on? - Phone?
Round the corner.
Hey, up there! Kobish, upstairs. You take it, sis.
I'm fine, Chuck.
Cindy, I've been thinking... Can you hear me? I'm in a garage.
I've got to talk to your father.
He doesn't like me, but Let's get it straightened out.
No! Not tonight, Chuck.
Mother and Dad have company. They're playing cards.
I don't care. I'm coming over. You're not playing cards, are you?
No, I...
Come out when I honk the horn. If you don't, I'll come in.
What's he up to? What does he know? You ain't going nowhere.
- You heard him. - We don't want nobody else here.
Shut up a minute!
We've still got two of them. AII we need to get away, ain't it?
- Cindy, you go. - What do you mean?
Your old lady's gonna be with us in the car.
Any cops outside, any guns go off, you'll find her in a ditch.
The brat, too.
- Here you are, Mr Hilliard. - Thanks, Carl, thanks!
Is that him? How come he got here so quick?
- Go on! - No, I'm staying here.
- You're doing nothing of the sort. - No!
- Did you hear me?! - No, Mother!
He's getting out of the car.
- Cindy, please! - No, Mother! I'm not leaving you!
Hello, Cindy...Mrs Hilliard.
- I can't go out. - Yes, she can.
Stop kidding me! Goodnight, Mrs Hilliard.
- You're out. Thank God you're safe. - What do you mean?
- Chuck, what...? - They're all around the block.
Excuse me, sir. Where are you going?
I'm going home. What's it to you?
We're police officers. What's your name?
- Walling. Claude Walling. - Address?
- For God's sake, what's happening? - Are you Daniel Hilliard?
- I've got to get home. - Come along with us. Let's be quiet.
They're still in there, sir. This way, please.
Mr Hilliard, come on upstairs.
- Dan, we didn't know... - Claude.
- Dad! - Your mother?
- Ralphy? - Mr Hilliard.
- Mr Hilliard, is Ralph OK? - Yeah.
OK, Harris, stand by.
How come you let so much time get away and did nothing?
Gentlemen, this is Mr Hilliard.
- He was walking back to his house. - How did I slip up?
You didn't. Young Griffin's dead. He had your gun.
I'm Masters, sheriff of this county.
I'm taking over. Did you write this letter?
You know the whole thing. You can't use these.
You're not telling us how to do our job?
If you'd come to us, you wouldn't be in this fix.
- I'd have been in it sooner. - Nobody's blaming you.
Are they in the house? How many guns?
- One...with three bullets. - Well, that helps.
- Also my wife and son. - No one wants innocent people hurt.
Then take your men, your gun and lights away!
There's been a murder.
- The papers are starting to scream. - What do I care?
What if they bluff their way out? You don't want them to kill others.
I don't want them or you to kill my wife or boy!
- With me, that's first! - What do you suggest?
I've got several thousand dollars. Without that, they're not coming out.
- Then we move in. - Am I supposed to watch it happen?
- It's suicide to go back. - That fact doesn't enter in!
Let him take the dough in.
What does it matter if you get Griffin now or when he comes out?
- You'll win your election. - You're out of it. Don't go back.
The minute you're ready, we move in.
Gentlemen, since this is a Federal case, it's my decision.
- Do you want a gun, Mr Hilliard? - Thanks.
- They search you? - Yeah.
I want a statement exonerating my office.
- You'll get it. - I'll take the gun.
- An empty gun? - You crazy?
- Maybe, but Griffin doesn't think so. - That's a pretty long shot.
I don't have any short ones in sight. They're waiting.
I'll give you ten minutes from the time you go through that door.
We're playing it your way.
Good luck, sir.
That gentleman's had it.
Man plays with dynamite, he's gonna get it.
- See that he gets through. - OK.
- You got the dough? - Dan?
- Stay with Ralphy! - No!
Before I'll let you go, I'll scream!
Open your mouth, the old man gets a slug in the stomach. The dough!
I'll give it to you in the car.
You'll give it right now. Get your hands up.
Get 'em up!
- I'll take that. - You'll take what?
You had it all doped out.
- You crossing-crossing... - Use your fat head!
Without me, you're cooked. Put this in your pocket.
- Forget your big ideas. - OK, let's roll.
Clickety-click, you keep trying to the end.
Ellie, go back in that room! I'm ready, Griffin.
- This gun wasn't part of our deal. - Dan, I meant what I said!
- Get in that room! - Bring the kid on a picnic.
- Lock the door! - Knock it off.
Didn't I invite the family to a picnic?
- I can kick down that door. - I said I was ready.
I heard you. But I'd feel better in a car with lots of people around me.
Cover this wise guy.
Did you hear that?
You don't want to miss the fun.
Sounded like...
( GLENN) We're gonna be late and all the ice cream's gonna be ate up!
- What's going on? - I thought I heard something.
You want me to kick the door down? Lady, you ain't smart.
- Did you bring coppers here? - No!
You're lying in your teeth!
- I don't see nothing. - They might be hiding.
- Could be the police. - Do as I say and Junior grows up.
You there! Coppers! We still got the Hilliards!
- Ralphy! - Dad!
- Ralphy! - Dad! Dad!
- He's got Ralphy! - Go out the back door!
Get over to the Wallings!
Do as I say! Ralphy's going to be all right.
- Dad, hurry! - Go ahead!
- Dad! - You're gonna get me out of this.
- Let go of the boy. - Fat chance with those cops.
If you want my help, take your hands off him.
You move, kid, I'll blow your head off.
Ralph, I want you to do exactly what I tell you.
- This man is not going to hurt you. - You'll find out!
Will you do exactly as I say?
You don't know me if you think I'm bluffing!
- Run! - Feel that?
Go out the back door!
- The boy's coming out! - Yes, we see him.
- Mr Hilliard, are you all right? - Yes, stay where you are.
- You ain't got it in you, Pop. - I got it in me. You put it there!
- What are you waiting for? - It's not that easy for you.
I want to tell you about your brother.
He's dead, full of police bullets.
And you did it!
How does it feel? How do you like it?
Go ahead, get it over with.
You can't do it, can you, Pop?
Get out. Get out of my house.
We're waiting for Griffin, Mr Hilliard.
- Look, Pop... - Get out!
Let me have this.
Griffin, this is Bard.
Come on out.
Griffin, we're waiting for you!
Come ahead, Griffin.
Mr Hilliard, keep away from the front of the house.
Raise your hands above your head and walk into the light.
Raise your hands above your head!
- Dad? - Yes, Ralph?
Congratulations, Mr Hilliard. Fine work.
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