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Detroit 9000

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[ Crashes ]
[ Drips ]
What the heck are you doin' there?
Hey, blood. Want to know how all them rich motherfuckers got it all together?
By shaftin' the hell out of poor sons of bitches like us.
- That's how. - [ Laughs ]
Keep on shaftin', brother! [ Laughs ]
Oh, Reverend Markum. I'm so glad you could find time...
out of your busy, busy schedule to be here.
The honor's mine, dear sister, that you should have invited me.
I never miss your '' Hallelujah Holly'' radio program. And the TV hour.
I hope we can make this an annual event, sister.
Drew, check everything. I want no slipups. None!
- Congressman Clayton. - Dear lady. How are you?
Oh, I'm so glad you could come.
The president himself couldn't have kept me away. What is this congressman jive?
Hasn't it always been Aubrey and Adelaide?
- Besides. [ Whispers ] - [ Laughs ]
- Now, Aubrey. - Come on. Come on. Let's go.
Well, my brothers and sisters, I tell you, this is a happy night.
- Hallelujah! - [ All ] Hallelujah!
- A happy, happy night! - Amen!
- All Detroit can be proud! - Yes!
- All the nation can be proud. - Yes!
- Tonight we hail our brothers, our sisters and our heroes. -[ Man ] Yes.
- [ All Cheering, Applauding ] - Hallelujah.
[ Groans ]
Yeah, but tonight we can do much, much more...
than hail our heroes of the past.
We can create a new hero. We can write black history.
We can send a brother to the statehouse.
- [ Crowd Agreeing ] - Now, the Great Book says,
'' He rode upon a cherub and did fly.''
- [ All Agreeing ] - Yeah, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.
And we are partial tonight to have with us...
a great man right from our great city.
I am referring to the Honorable Aubrey Hale Clayton.
[ All Cheering, Applauding ]
There's never been a black man in the governor's chair anywhere.
[ All Cheering ]
Next, we will announce a campaign for Congressman Clayton...
- that will sweep everything. - [ Clangs ]
[ All Cheering ]
Yeah. And it will not end...
until we have sworn him in as the governor of this great commonwealth.
-[ All Cheering ] - Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
[ Screaming ]
No! No!
When I boarded that plane from Washington tonight,
the farthest thing from my mind...
was to announce my candidacy for anything.
I have been so happy serving as your congressman...
that I hadn't given the governorship a thought.
I yield to your demands.
As of this moment,
I am your candidate for governor.
[ All Cheering, Applauding ]
[ Chanting ] Clayton! Clayton! Clayton! Clayton!
[ Chanting Continues ]
Unfortunately, even a minister of the Gospel...
must recognize good intentions is not enough.
- [ All Agreeing ] - To keep the faith with our brother,
to start him on the march down the road to glory for all of us,
brothers and sisters, it's gonna take money.
Lots and lots of money.
- Hallelujah! - [ Cheering ]
Now, who wants to be the first to start the ball rollin'...
and drop the first campaign dollar in the Aubrey Hale Clayton war chest?
- [ Women Together ] We will. We will. - Thank you, sisters.
[ Man On Loudspeaker ] Attention, ladies and gentlemen.
Attention, brothers and sisters. Attention, everyone, please.
No reason to spoil your evening if you follow my instructions.
Just stay cool and sensible.
Look around the room. You'll see men in white coats with guns.
-[ Man ] Oh, it's an accomplice. - [ Screaming ]
[ Man On Loudspeaker ] Don't move. Don't do anything crazy. Stay cool.
Each of you make your contributions to the war chest.
Then step back, kneel on the floor and cover your heads with your arms.
If you want to say a prayer, feel free.
Stay cool. Don't do anything crazy.
Follow my instructions. Cover your heads with your arms.
[ Tires Squealing, Horn Honking ]
- I want to get in there. - Look, move this damn thing out--
[ Talking Continues, Indistinct ]
Want to move this, fella?
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Man On Loudspeaker ] Attention, ladies and gentlemen.
Attention, brothers and sisters. Attention, everyone, please.
No reason to spoil your evening if you follow my instructions.
Just stay cool and sensible.
Look around the room. You'll see men in white coats with guns.
- On tape! - Don't do anything crazy.
-[ Sirens Approaching ] - The whole goddamn thing was on tape!
I want those sons of bitches nailed, and I want 'em nailed now!
[ Man ] Cover your heads with your arms.
Well, that's it. These boys were real top pros.
Nobody spoke a word. No one saw a face.
They were in and out of the place inside of ten minutes...
and away in the stolen caterer's truck.
The only words were prerecorded on a drugstore tape cartridge.
We'll make a voiceprint analysis, but--
According to our inventory from the statements of the victims,
they got close to $400,000.
We have no way of verifying that.
Inspector, may I ask a question?
Doesn't it seem just a bit strange that there was no police protection?
Now, if this had been a white affair,
wouldn't you have had a half dozen cops on duty?
If we had been requested to cover the Hail Our Heroes Ball,
we would have had men there, just as we would for a white occasion.
But even without a request,
if we had known the Trenton girls would be there,
wearing a quarter of a million dollars in jewelry,
or that Congressman Clayton had planned to turn the ball into a fund-raising circus...
for his campaign for governor,
we would have assigned a squad of black officers in plain clothes to be there.
[ Woman ] Congressman, could you give us a statement?
Number one: I want to know what happened to the millions of dollars in federal funds...
that were supposed to improve the efficiency of the Detroit Police Department.
You implyin' the, uh, federal grant was wasted?
You tell me. Would you say that the protection last night at the ball was efficient?
Does that mean you want a congressional investigation?
You said it. I didn't. But it's not such a bad idea.
Number two: I want this caper solved, and I want it solved in a hurry.
I want to know who was behind it, and I want them punished and punished fast.
And if the Detroit police can't do it, then I'll put the heat on Lansing.
And if Lansing can't do it, well, there's always the F.B.I. That's all, gentlemen.
In your opinion, Inspector, was this a crime by blacks against blacks?
Or do you think, like Congressman Clayton and my colleague here,
that it was a honky caper to keep black power from taking over the state government?
That's exactly what I mean. So let's have some straight talk.
No opinion.
- Morgan. - Commander.
- Where's Bassett? - Oh, Inspector Chalmers, Danny's over at the hospital.
- His wife? - No. No. Same old thing.
- Tell him I want to see him when he gets back. - Yes, sir.
-[ Sirens Approaching ] - Right away.
I don't have to tell you how to breathe through one of those.
You have more experience with them than I have.
Honest to Christ, Danny. If I had your sinuses, I'd get the hell out of this town.
The trouble with you is, you're allergic to Motown.
That's enough.
- Feel any better? - It's opened up a little bit, but it still hurts.
Try one of these. Maybe they'll help. Maybe they won't.
The only real cure for you is a change of climate or maybe-- [ Squeaks ] acupuncture.
Suppose you tell me how I'm supposed to get out of this town.
Even if I had the money, where would I go?
- And what about Madalyn? - You poor, sad, sinusitis son of a bitch.
Hey, Doc. Fill this up for me?
Don't I always?
Get that report over here right away. All right.
I hate like hell to do this to ya, Dan.
But I got no choice-- absolutely none.
The commissioner pulled me off my section. He made me case coordinator for this heist.
He wants it solved, and he wants it solved right now.
I need you, Dan. It's that simple.
Look. I know we haven't exactly been friends lately.
I also know the department thinks I stole your promotion.
- Did I say it? - But I didn't, Dan.
- Did I say it? - All I did was go along with departmental policy.
I broke my ass with those college night school courses.
[ Scoffs ] Me, a schoolboy at my age.
I worked hard in community relations.
Made a few speeches. Shook a few hands.
And, yeah, I guess I kissed a few asses too.
And I wasted all that time out on the street busting assholes.
This is a different age, Danny. This is a different department. We gotta change with it.
All I am is a cop, Morg. If that's not enough, then you know what you can do.
Goddamn you. Everything I learned about police work--
I'm talkin' about real police work-- you taught me.
All I'm askin' you to do is go along with this.
It's the hottest bundle of dynamite to hit this city since the riots.
You crack this, and everybody in this town will kiss your ass.
You'll get your promotion, college points or no college points.
Don't give me that promotion bullshit, Morg.
Let's say I find out black assholes pulled this heist. The brothers will claim cover-up.
If I say the whites did it, the honkies will say we're pacifying the black community.
And if I don't crack this case, you and the department are off the hook,
but I get the shaft right up my tender keister.
You're really beautiful, Morg. You've got what it takes: balls.
[ Man On Radio, Indistinct ]
- Hi, Lou. - Sir.
- Hey, Lieutenant. - Howie, how's your love life?
Fantastic. Listen, it's so good, I'm even laying a little aside for a rainy day.
- Hello, Alex. [ Inhales ] - Hi, Danny.
Say, Lieutenant. I've got these two cheerleaders over at Detroit '' U,'' and--
and, well, confidentially, they love older men.
Older men, huh? You bastard. What have you got here? Anything?
Well, the tire tracks match those from the alley.
The footprints are deep, so they were carrying something heavy.
Do you think they crossed the river?
Canada maybe. Either way, they got away by boat.
Oh, it's too cold to swim.
- Say, you don't look so hot. How do you feel? - About the way I look.
All-night stakeout on the west side and nobody showed.
- So they stick you with this? - I'm gonna take a swing up the river.
- You never know. Anything you get. - I know. I know.
Hey, Lieutenant. Well, what about those two cheerleaders?
Give me a yell.
[ Man On Radio, Indistinct ]
- Is that the car,Jesse? - Matches.
I'll check and see if the man's home. You stay. You come with me, Terry.
I'll get the registration.
[ Baby Crying ]
Police. Open up.
[ Gunfiire ]
- My God! - Captain, the back way!
Hold it!
Radio 2-7-30 calling. Radio 9,000. 9,000.
Officer in trouble. 9,000. Officer in trouble.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Sirens Approaching ]
[ Sirens Continue ]
[ Sirens Approaching ]
[ Sirens Stop ]
Go on. Try it.
Go for it, you bastard.
Give me an excuse to waste a goddamn cop killer.
Go on! Maybe I'm bluffin'.
Maybe I don't have the guts to kill you.
You're a smart boy, brother.
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Man On Radio, Indistinct ]
Neil calling 1 1-2-Adam, 1 1-2-Adam.
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
- What's the story? - Harbormaster Bureau spotted this floating just offshore.
They got curious, so we fished it out.
Damn dirty shame about Terry. Young brother like that.
Brand new on the force.
- Was he married? - Yeah, and one kid.
[ Scoffs ] How about that, huh?
You know, with this current, he could've drifted in from anyplace.
- Well, can the coroner have him,Jesse? - Yeah.
Let me know which medical examiner will do the autopsy and when.
I wonder why they cut off his legs.
So he'd fit in the trunk.
Now look, Bassett, you don't think I had anything to do with this, do you?
Since I got out ofJackson State and got this job, I've been clean.
Believe me.
Hey, Walker. I'll believe you...
as soon as you find me another local talent good enough...
to kill the alarm and the phones and rig that recorder.
- Suppose they weren't local. - You heard something?
- No. Discussions over beer. - Fine. Who said what?
[ Whispers ] Shit!
- What's the matter? - Those guys at the door.
They know me, and they've made you for a cop.
You're gonna take a punch at me right now.
You understand what I'm sayin'? Make it look good. Really good.
Bassett, I'll do better than that.
[ Groans ]
You prick.
[ Gasping ]
[ Woman ] Welcome to ''Buzz the Fuzz. ''
And here's the '' Buzz the Fuzz'' gang: Bob Marquon of the chamber,
Thin Lucky of the chamber...
and, also, the originator of''Buzz the Fuzz, '' Sergeant Fred Williams,
Inspector Richard Boutan and, of course, CommissionerJohn Nichols.
- How do you feel tonight, Commissioner? - Real good, Martha.
You know, I was just thinking. We've had this program on the air for about two years now.
And Detroit's still the only city with anything like it.
We're really glad about that too.
You know, we're gonna get a whole lot of calls tonight after that '' Hail Our Heroes'' robbery.
Martha, that's why we asked Inspector Chalmers, the case coordinator,
and Lieutenant Bassett, the detective in charge, to be on tonight.
That's real great. Now, let's-- let's take our first call.
- Hello, we're buzzin' the fuzz. Your name, please. -[ Man ] I'm John T.
What would you like to ask the commissioner tonight?
Black people are saying the police knew all about the caper,
- No, put it on him. -but they're lookin' the other way.
Because it was supposed to knock Aubrey Clayton out of the race for governor.
- What about that? - Commissioner?
That's simply not true. We knew nothing about it.
And we're putting all the department's manpower and facilities...
behind our efforts to crack this case.
All right. We're goin' to our second call.
You're buzzin' the fuzz. Hello.
[ Man On Phone ] Was it whites rippin'off blacks or was it brothers rippin'off brothers?
- Inspector Chalmers? - You'd better ask Lieutenant Bassett here that.
He's, uh-- He's in direct charge.
Lieutenant, look like you're on the hot seat tonight.
Sit down and answer the question, please.
Sit down, Lieutenant.
I don't, uh, really give a damn.
[ Man On Radio ] You mean you're a honky racist like the rest of the pigs?
You don't care what happens to black people long as they keep their place, huh?
No. What I mean is I don't care whether the bastards were black, brown, blue, yellow or green.
When an asshole commits a felony, I'm gonna do my goddamnedest to bust him.
- That's what I mean. - Basset. That's enough.
I want to talk to you now.
- What do you know, Bassett? - Hi, Sammy.
I got a call to be here,Jesse. What the hell's going on?
I left it. I caught your act on the air. It was terrific.
- It could set our public relations back ten years. - Nothing wrong with that one.
Eh, it's just too bad you're not black. You could be another... Flip Wilson.
What else do you want besides my autograph? Come on.
We fished a body out of the river. It was cut up and stashed in a trunk.
So, you're homicide. You get 7 00, 800 a year. So what?
So, I got a hot flash.
The caper, the abandoned truck, the getaway by boat, then the body in the trunk--
I think they're all part of a pattern, all tied together.
It's very interesting,Jesse.
Maybe it sounds crazy, but you and I workin' together,
we can make it all fit and break this thing, Danny.
Another hot flash. Thanks, but no thanks, Sergeant. This is my case.
If I need your help, I'll ask for it.
Maybe you'd better talk to Inspector Chalmers.
What you're sayin' is you already have, right?
- Interesting thing,Jesse. - Hmm?
One of the legs is hacked off with an ax or a knife--
- Pretty dull knife, butchered all to hell. - Yeah?
The other one was taken off by a surgeon-- a damned good surgeon.
Professional amputation-- veins cauterized, stump dressed.
- How about that? - Cause of death?
Gunshot wound, probably a shotgun, in the amputated leg.
I, uh, haven't run the full procedures yet,
but my guess is he bled to death.
You know, you could tell us one other thing that would help a lot, Doc,
so we'll know who we're lookin' for.
- Was he a black man or white? - [ Chuckles ]
I'm afraid I can't help you much there. The guy was an Indian.
[ Chuckles ] A redskin.
[ Whistles ]
- How's it goin', Maddie? Are they treating you okay? - Goddamn it, my name is Madalyn!
You know how I hate Maddie.
Sorry, honey.
[ Shudders ] If you knew how I hate having them touch me and do for me.
- Who? - The jigaboos.
I get nightmares-- black hands, black faces all over me.
And when I wake up and ring, what do I get? More black faces.
Maddie, this is a state hospital. They do the best they can.
- If I had the money, I could-- - Don't give me that private home stuff again.
What could they possibly do to get--
I was just thinkin' you might be more comfortable.
I'm afraid I'll only be able to make it up here on weekends from now on, Maddie.
[ Gasps ] What do ya mean?
The department's cracked down. All the cops have to live in the city. No exceptions.
- That's not fair, not to me. - There is another chance, baby.
I got a good friend at Chrysler. He told me about this place out in Hamtramck.
- It's got gardens-- - Oh, no. You're not putting me in there.
Not with all those bohunks and Polacks. You're out of your mind.
Maddie, I can only do what I can do, baby.
This place takes every cent I can scrape up.
- If Hamtramck is out, it's out. - Oh.
Could anything be worse than marrying a-- What do they call you, pig?
[ Sobs ] Worse yet, an honest pig.
And don't tell me there haven't been opportunities.
What would be wrong with doing a few favors for the right people?
Nothing, if you want to be a whore, Maddie.
Maybe with a few thousand dollars they could get me out of this chair.
Isn't that more important than that sickening conscience of yours?
Maddie, more money can't help your case.
The doctors don't even know enough about it as it is yet.
So, I'm hopeless. Right?
And that means you're stuck with me...
until I do you a favor...
and decide to die.
Don't say that, Maddie.
Too bad, isn't it, being born and brought up Catholic.
If we weren't mackerel snappers,
you could get a divorce like--
Stop that, Maddie.
Like that.
There's no way I'm gonna buy it.
Well, what else could I do? You tell me. You got all the answers.
You know how our niggers feel aboutJesse Williams. He's their boy.
Mr. Pro Football comes in, wants to help with the caper.
- Am I gonna turn him down? No way. - Hey, Morg, there's one thing.
So, what happens if I get lucky and I crack this thing?
Who gets the credit, the poor, sad, honky, son-of-a-bitch lieutenant...
or the beautiful black glamour boy?
- So, I ask you again, what else could I do? - Very simple, Morg.
Take me off the goddamn case. LetJesse have it. Didn't he ask for it?
No way. The press would say we're puttin'Jesse on the spot.
Jesus Christ! Where are you putting me? I'm on the shit pot with the seat down.
Danny, I really hoped as an old friend you'd understand my position.
As an old friend, I do, Morg. You're in the position,
but I'm the one that's getting screwed.
I'm supposed to be giving these fuckin' things up.
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Such language.
Uh, it's just the way you like it, hot and black.
- Right? - [ Chuckles ]
- You talkin' about the coffee? - [ Sighs ]
Anybody who has any doubts about black being beautiful...
just needs one look at my big hunk of man power.
[ Moans ]
No wonder honkies call us oversexed.
You know, in your case, they might have a point now.
I never had much reluctance dragging you into the sack.
Detective Sergeant, sir.
Something's been bugging you all night. True or false?
Danny Bassett.
Inspector Chalmers told me he blew up about workin' with me.
Well, you gotta remember he's from a minority race.
- From a what? - He's white.
In downtown Detroit, he is in a one-to-nine minority.
It's a whole new turnaround situation for the honkies.
And they've gotta adjust, and it's tough.
I don't buy that.
Bassett's a pro. It's got to be something else.
Baby, I don't know whether this is important,
but they were saying in the Faculty Club...
that Aubrey Hale Clayton's bright, number-one hotshot--
- You mean Drew Shepherd? - Yeah.
They don't think Drew was all that enthused about his boss running for governor.
Sounds interesting.
Uh, Mr. Hunk-Of-Man.
You know what you are?
A raving, out-of-sight, unnecessary sex maniac.
[ Chuckles ] And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Hey, man. You know, this is nice.
Not just a police escort, but police transportation and a chauffeur.
You know, it's too bad we didn't get together more up at State.
Well, you know how it was with us jocks, man.
They kept us in cages. Let us out on Saturday afternoons for the games.
[ Chuckles ]
You said on the phone you had a question.
Well, not really a question. See, my girlfriend teaches at Wayne State.
Said she heard some... funny talk.
About what?
about puttin' your boss into the governor's mansion.
- Funny, huh? - Not so funny.
Aubrey Hale Clayton is a pompous posing phony.
He doesn't care anything about black aspirations or white aspirations...
or any other kind of aspirations, except his own.
The man's in love with himself.
I can't imagine anything worse than electing him governor.
Nobody could accuse you of evading issues.
Why, look what he did the other night.
He took one of the best and-- all right, I'll say it--
noblest ideas to come along in quite a while.
And he prostituted it. Turned it into a shit pile of a fund-raising circus...
for his own goddamn candidacy.
Well, I hate him for that.
So, you, uh, did something about it?
What? [ Laughs ]
You mean, did I hire those, uh, trick-or-treaters...
to, uh, rip off the Hail Our Heroes Ball?
Uh-uh. Sorry. No.
Whatever my private opinion of the bastard is,
he's still my first-class ticket to where I want to get to.
And I'm not about to throw that away.
-[ Crowd Applauding ] - Well, the great man's waitin' for me.
Say, uh, if and when you get 'em,
don't be too hard on 'em, huh?
They performed a great public service.
[ Crowd Chanting ] Clayton. Clayton. Clayton. Clayton.
[ Laughs ]
[ Man On Radio, Indistinct ]
Be right with you, Dan. Check in with the commander.
All right.
Uh, no.
Do you understand, I won't.
Well, you bitch!
[ Doorbell Chimes ]
If you think some stuck-up whore's gonna put me down,you'd better--
Keep your hands off me.
- I paid for it. You better deliver. - You kiss my ass.
- You ain't got enough fuckin' money. - Bitch, I'll--
[ Grunts, Groans ]
Just simmer down, buster.
- You wanna swing at somebody, you try me. Understand? - Who the hell are you?
Of course, it's not gonna look so good in the papers, is it?
Booked for drunk and disorderly in a whorehouse.
You a cop?
You get upstairs to the party like a good boy. Okay? Come on. Huh?
- Yeah. - [ Mumbles ]
- Well, we weren't expecting you. - I know, Barbara.
Listen. Ethel wants to talk to us. Would you do me a favor and get her for me, babe?
Well, sure. I'll get her. [ Moans ]
- Now, okay? Okay. - Okay.
- Hi. - Hi.
Don't be a smart-ass.
You mean that, uh, way down deep maybe Danny Bassett is human? No.
- Hello, Danny. - Hello, Ethel. How are you?
- Fine. How are you? - Okay.
- This is Sergeant Williams. We're working together. - Hello, Sergeant.
Big private party tonight. Sorry.
Regional sales managers for one of the big car companies.
If stockholders knew what I was charging them for just one night, well--
- How about in there? - Okay. Fine.
Come in.
- Would you like a drink? - No, thanks.
Like everyone else, I've been reading about the big heist.
- You're on it, right? - Uh-huh.
Well, the night before we had a couple of out-of-town tricks.
They acted all right. That is, they paid.
But, well, there was just something funny. You know.
- I sort of got a feeling. - That they were pros-- assholes.
This man's language. I've talked to him, but--
You ought to catch him on radio.
I wrote out their descriptions.
What I want to know is how in the hell did they know about your place?
How did you know about my place?
No. I mean, did they come here to drink? Did they get drunk?
Did somebody say something? Or were they just here to ball?
- They didn't come here to talk. - Were they white men or black?
They were black. We're completely integrated here. Have to be to stay in business.
[ Williams ] You have a description of the men, right?
- Yes, there were two. - Okay. Did one of them have a moustache?
- One of them did, a large full moustache. - Full moustache.
- Did anyone have sideburns? - Uh, the one with the moustache had sort of.
[ Bassett ] Ethel, you said they were from out of town.
They were pros, and someone in the trade knew how to get in touch with them.
Hey. Thanks, baby. You've been a big help.
Oh, Danny, there's-- Well, there's something more, a favor you could do for me.
Actually, for a friend. You know Doc Cooley, I think.
Horace Cooley? Sure. Takes care of your girls. The whorehouse Hippocrates.
Had a hell of a thing going out there in Grosse Pointe.
Whenever a big shot's daughter would get knocked up, Horace got fiirst call.
But now, with legalized abortion, forget it.
Listen, Danny. The doc has a problem.
I told him he should talk to you, that he could trust you.
All right. I'll talk to him.
Oh. Come on, Mr. Lucky. I think it's time you spent some of your money.
Let me speak to Ferdie, please.
- Hello. - Ferdie? It's Roby.
Baby, we got trouble. And it may be bad.
- What kind? - The cops were just here about the caper.
And one of'em, the black cat, knows me.
- What are you talkin' about? - From way back. From a long time ago.
Well, don't do anything. Just keep your mouth shut. I'll think about it.
[ Receiver Clicks ]
Sure, I'm a mercenary bastard.
I wouldn't make a house call if my mother broke her neck...
or if my brother's kids found a gun and shot each other.
People have a lot of fancy notions about the joys of being a professional man these days.
The labs bleed me white. The taxes are murder.
If it weren't for my dear little whores,
I'd have to get into something legitimate like robbing banks or pushing dope.
Yeah, it's a tough old son of a bitch of a world. Huh, Doc?
Ethel said you got a problem.
She, uh-- She said I could trust you, that you played straight.
That works both ways, Doc.
[ Sighs ] All right.
The night of the robbery,
I got a call... late from Ethel's place.
A man was dying. They gave me an address-- Rupert Arms.
- A house call? - [ Chuckles ]
For $2,500, I, uh, I made an exception.
- So, you went? - Yeah.
The man had been, uh, shot in the leg. He was bleeding to death.
I took his leg off on the kitchen table. I had no choice.
[ Scoffs ] I told 'em it was no good.
So, you took the money and didn't report a gunshot wound?
Well, how could I?
It would mean the end of my practice, Ethel, everything.
Did you call Ethel after that?
After I had read in the paper that you'd found my patient in the trunk and the autopsy.
My God, I was goin' crazy!
Now, look. You will give me a break, won't you?
You said Rupert Arms?
Let's get one thing straight, Milo.
Anybody but anybody lets our man know about this stakeout, it's your ass.
You understand what I'm sayin'? 'Cause we'll roust this joint from top to bottom.
Any little pissant violation and you're busted. You understand me?
You can depend on me, sir. I won't say a thing to anybody.
- Oh, no, sir. - Great.
As long as we understand each other, we'll be okay. Now, get outta here.
Damn. Hey, Milo, I got news for you. Did you ever hear of a man called Lincoln?
Well, he freed the slaves more than a hundred years ago.
How about that, huh? Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord. There,you see him,
the ultimate product of your jive ass, honky establishment-- your house nigger.
Don't look at me. I didn't do it.
Still gonna give these damn things up.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Sighs ]
The entertainment ain't bad crosscourt. Better than old TV reruns.
- You know, Danny, you interest me. - Why?
I try to figure you out. Class of the department. Everybody says so.
But they're stickin' it to you, right up your ass.
- How about that, huh? - You don't even flinch. Why?
You know, I minored in psych. Studied all about you quiet guys.
I think you're holdin' it inside.
Waitin' for that big moment to come along. Payoff.
When it does, you grab it like that.
Take off like a raunchy rabbit.
Jesse, baby. You should go into the business. You're a mind reader.
I'll check on my entertainment.
Love's a funny thing. Takes all kinds.
[ Muffled Screaming ]
Things are gettin' rough over there.
Man, I'm stiff everywhere, except where I want to be.
I always thought you spades were like perpetual humping machines.
See how wrong a guy could be?
Is that why white chicks been chasin' us all these years? You know, I wondered about that.
-[ Doorknob Rattling ] - Hold it.
- Hey, it's Milo! - Milo, you goddamn fool. Jesus Christ!
I'm sorry. I figured you'd been up here all this time, you gotta be hungry,
so I brought you somethin'to eat.
Milo,you just can't walk into a stakeout like that. How could we know it was you?
I'm sorry. I just didn't think.
Jesse, bring Milo.
Is that him?
Where the hell are you goin'?
Yeah, that's him. That's Mr. Henry.
All right. Milo, pick up your tray, get the hell out of here. Lock yourself in the room.
Okay, I will. I sure will.
Hurry up!
[ Laughing ]
What the hell?
[ Laughing, Screams ]
- [ Gunshot ] - Shit!
- [ Gunshot ] - [ Screams ]
[ Gunfiire ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Gasps, Screams ]
Son of a bitch. That's our first real lead.
I wonder why the hell he took off like that.
If you were involved with a third of a million bucks and a dead Indian, wouldn't you?
Goddamn it. First break we get in this friggin' case, and we blow it.
You know they're demonstratin' over at Wayne University?
And they're supposed to march on the city hall tomorrow.
Let the fuckin' idiots march if it makes 'em happy.
Yeah. Well, in an hour and ten minutes, I've got to brief the press on our progress.
Progress, shit!
Why couldn't somebody have notified patrols that we had stakeouts?
Nobody's fault, Inspector.
Well, in 48 hours I want to be able to announce we broke this goddamn case.
Otherwise, you're off of it, Danny. And,Jesse, you're in full charge.
That's fantastic, Morg. You really are something. You dog.
- When did this come in? - Oh, the Windsor police ran an I.D. on your dead Indian.
- You know, the guy in the trunk. - He was Canadian?
His place is in the back.
We've known Indian Tom a long time.
Since way back when he ran booze across the river.
- What's he been doin' lately? - Oh, a little of this, a little of that--
smuggling, dope, bringin' across some of your suspects,
handling stolen goods.
- A fence? -Just a middleman, we think, for somebody big.
No solid evidence though. It's over here.
Not a hell of a lot to see, is there?
Well, you know, what I can't figure is, if the Indian was involved in the caper,
- why would they shoot him? - Double cross?
Yeah, but they paid a doctor to cut his leg off, tried to save his life.
- Why the hell do that? - The paper's a week old.
Hmm. Travel folder. Princess Italia.
Passenger ship?
I think our Indian friend was planning a cruise.
A getaway. That's no way to go.
No, wait a minute. If I were on the lam, I think that's how I'd do it.
We cover the trains, the airports and the bus stations, right?
- Mm-hmm. - Who would think to check out a comfortable cruise ship?
- Maybe icebound. - Hey!
There's somebody out there watchin'the place.
This is Lieutenant Dan Bassett. We need help at the Harbormaster's...
to intercept a small craft about 20 feet in size,
inboard motor, white hull, white canvas top,
heading west off Pete's Island.
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Siren Approaching ]
[ Man Talking On Radio, Indistinct ]
[ Gunfiire ]
[ Gunfiire Continues ]
Good morning, Danny.
[ Moaning ]
I heard you two-timed me last night.
Wait a minute. What are you doing? [ Mumbling ]
Hey, let 'im be, Barb.
Saved again. [ Chuckles ]
Here. Drink that.
It'll do marvelous things for your head.
[ Sighs ] How do you stand it?
You're about as uptight as any guy I've had in here.
Nothing new with your wife?
- Not a thing. - And you just take it.
Stop by here. Get drunk. Get laid. For how long?
Come on. You know my situation. Nothing can cure Madalyn.
-Just one: money. Lots of money. - Not for what Maddie's got.
I don't mean for what Maddie's got!
I mean for you, stupid!
Take it from a gal who knows.
With enough bread, you can buy your way out of anything.
Maybe you're right.
I know I'm right.
I heard from Doc Cooley again.
He said it was one of your girls that called him.
- Roby. - Roby?
- A pretty black girl. - Oh, yeah. What about her?
What about it?
Pimp named Ferdie turned her out, brought her to me.
She doesn't live in.
Has a place of her own.
Would you believe Roby's got a college degree?
In what? Screwing?
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
[ Men Laughing ]
[ Bassett ] Yeah, but did you talk to the witness?
And what about the M.O.?
I don't-- Hello, Roby. I'll call you back in 20 minutes.
Have a seat, babe.
I'm glad you could make it down.
Ethel was right. You're a classy-lookin' broad.
She said you wanted to talk to me about something.
Yeah, Roby. Who was it that had you call the doc?
- Ajohn. - What john?
- Trick at Ethel's. - What was his name?
I have no idea.
I've never had a trick yet tell me his right name.
And I just wasn't paying any attention.
But you went ahead and called the doctor for him anyway?
Yeah. 'Cause he said it was a matter of life or death, so I called the doctor.
Did I do somethin' wrong? I mean, a cat asks for help, and I gave it to 'im.
And so you have me down here, and you're harassin' me for that?
And that's your story, Roby?
It's the truth.
You don't know anything about the robbery at the hotel?
Why should I?
I mean, any more than anybody else out there on the street!
Look, I came down here because I thought I was helpin' Doc Cooley. I mean--
And you're throwin' all these off-the-wall questions at me!
What do you have, some bag of tricks in your closet...
you just pull out every time you see something black walk in here?
I don't believe you pigs! I mean, you don't believe anybody! Do you?
I mean, I bet you don't even believe each other! Who do you believe?
Just because I call a doctor, that's why you have me in here?
[ Bassett On Phone ] Hello, Benny? Is that computer still warm?
Yeah, it's Bassett. Run an M.O. check for me, okay?
Sloan. Ferdie Sloan.
Yeah, a goddamn pimp-- one girl in his stable named Roby Harris.
See if he's ever been mixed up in a robbery or any kind of a heist.
Yeah, I'll hang on.
Let me speak to Ferdie.
Hasn't he come back from Canada?
[ Chattering ]
[ Chuckling ]
Yeah, baby. I'm glad you called.
Well, if you're so glad, how come you didn't get in touch with me, baby?
Do you realize I've been sittin' at that house waitin' for you?
Okay, but did everything work out?
Nothin' worked out. The fuzz were there ahead of me.
I got chased by a pig boat, nearly froze my ass off,
and they nearly blew my brains out.
We're in trouble, Ferdie.
The cops are on to me, you know, about the doc.
And I already told you. The black cat knows me.
That's why you gotta do what I tell you.
Now, you call them.
Offer to turn in the gang that pulled the rip-off.
I can't do that, Ferdie! I just can't.
I gave you my reasons. I told you what went down.
Look, reasons my ass!
You want to get us both set up?
Now, look. You'll make him a hero.
He'll be so goddamn grateful he wouldn't dream of chargin' you with anything.
- What about you? - Look, there ain't no need in bringin' me into it at all.
- You just leave me out of it. - But listen, Ferdie. You know--
Now, baby. You wouldn't want to see your sugar man dead. Would you?
'Cause that's what I'll be. These guys don't play around.
But once we get 'em locked up,
everything's gonna be just lovely for the two of us.
Just lovely. As long as you do it.
Ferdie! Ferdie, don't hang up! Listen to me!
Ferdie! Ferdie! Ferdie?
[ Sighs ]
[ Screaming, Whimpering ]
- [ Blows Whistle ] - [ Children Shouting ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ All Yelling ]
Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!
Hold it, now! You two dudes want to knock heads,
we'll put the gloves on you and put you in the ring.
Any more fightin' on this basketball floor and you answer to me. You hear?
All right, now. Let's shake hands and get on with the game.
- What's the matter with you? Your hand tied down? - No.
Well, come on then.
- All right. - All right. Let's play ball.
Toby's shootin' two.
I thought you retired from all that crap?
Oh, you know. Once a jock, always a jock.
- What do ya got? - Maybe a lead, maybe nothing.
You want to come along?
I'll get dressed.
[ Moaning ]
Hey, now. Ain't it a shame to mess up...
a pretty face like that?
You know, I hurt my hand too. And for what?
For that dirty, lousy, little son of a bitch, Ferdie!
[ Birds Chirping ]
Why don't you make it easy on all of us, honey?
- Tell us where he is. - I don't know. Damn it.
- I don't know. - Ah.
I'm not cut out for this kind of business.
Call the damn bar again.
Geez, come on.
Roby. Roby. Lieutenant Bassett.
[ Tires Screeching ]
There was a car in the alley. They got away. What the hell's going on?
All right. Take care of her. I'll get an ambulance.
[ Breathing Heavily ]
Roby Harris.
It's been a long time.
Too long--
way too long.
Yeah, Lieutenant Bassett. We need an emergency ambulance.
Wait a minute. 1 222 1 4th Street.
Yeah, gunshot wound. Female.
[Jesse ] Take it easy, sugar. The ambulance is comin'.
When I saw you at Ethel's,
I just couldn't believe it.
How many years has it been?
How many years?
Ethel's? You mean you're one of hers?
[ Breathing Heavily ] Ferdie, my-my old man,
wanted me to call you to make a deal.
But I just-- I just couldn't,Jesse.
I just couldn't.
I didn't want you to know about me.
A deal? What kind of deal?
- You mean the big robbery? - I thought Ferdie hid it here.
I knew Ferdie-- [ Choking ]
Ferdie's too smart for that.
- He-- -[Jesse ] Don't talk anymore now.
- Once we get you to the hospital-- - But I've gotta tell you...
how it was.
I-I've got to. [ Crying ]
I've got to.
Okay. Now remember, it's, um, a real V.I.P. this time--
a very important customer who specifically wanted a black girl.
This thing could do the place a lot of good, so,
you know, make us proud of you.
- I'll give it the old college try. - See that you do.
Hurry up! A man don't like waitin'.
Hey! This is the service entrance.
It's service, isn't it?
[ Clayton ] Now, remember. I'm not even supposed to be in town yet.
I'm gonna make a dramatic, last-minute flight in from Washington...
just to be here.
I don't--
She'll do. In there. Get your clothes off.
I'll just be a minute.
Old man Trenton will be okay. He wants a favor from me after I'm elected.
He'll have his girls there. He'll toss a quarter of a million...
into the pot just to get the ball rolling.
[ Clayton ] But before we leave our Hail The Heroes Ball,
our black brothers will toss a half million into the war chest easy.
[ Man Chuckling ]
You're hittin' the sauce. If you foul up that ball,
it won't be the devil that'll run a hot poker up your ass.
It'll be me.
My acceptance speech:
The spontaneous acknowledgement of my unexpected draft--
[ Clayton ] Copies are in the bedroom. Come on.
Free Press, the news, wire services,
television stations--
Hail Our Heroes is gonna put me in the governor's chair.
See you in a second.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Door Opening ]
Never enough time.
If I didn't have to do everything myself--
Come on. Let's get it on.
You know how it is.
Some guys just gotta make time to get their rocks off, no matter what.
I'm like that.
[ Giggling ]
[ Moaning ]
Oh, baby. Oh. [ Giggling ]
Oh, ba--
[ Clayton Breathing Heavily ]
[ Clayton Breathing Heavily ]
It was good, honey, real good.
You're okay.
-[ Water Running ] -[ Toilet Flushing ]
[ Door Opening ]
Oh, that's your job. You're the cashier. Huh?
If you've got any ideas, it's paid for.
The day I follow Aubrey Hale Clayton on a wet deck,
that day, I cut my throat.
Get your clothes on. I'll take you back.
Hey, I can deal with a honky.
I mean, but do you know what really pisses me off?
I mean, it's that the brother thinks he can run this shit on me.
I mean, he was actin' like I wasn't even a person, like I wasn't even there.
Look, baby. You gotta realize that...
not every black man is your brother.
Now, um, what is this you were sayin'...
about the congressman and this, uh, half a million dollars?
Who's talkin' about half a million dollars?
I'm tryin' to tell you what the cat did to me!
I'm a human being, and I've got my rights!
Ferdie, look at me. I can't keep takin' this abuse. Look at me.
Look, honey. We're gonna get rid of all of the abuse.
But it's gonna take money.
Now, I want you to sit here...
and try and remember everything you can about this fund-raisin' thing.
I'm gonna go and make a few phone calls.
'Cause, baby, this is the big score.
Ferdie, you haven't been listenin' to me.
-[ Siren Blaring ] - He pulled it off.
He pulled it off.
He really did.
[ Sighs ] Poor Ferdie.
-[ Siren Blaring ] - They had to hole up, and he was half crazy.
Why'd they hole up, Roby? Where are they?
Tell me, please.
You remember,Jesse,
the first night after Holly Hill?
Remember where we went?
Try to think, baby. Where are they?
We were just kids.
We didn't know what we were doing.
The gang and Ferdie, where are they?
[ Breathing Heavily ] After Holly Hill...
it was so nice, and it was so sweet,
even though-- even though--
Holly Hill.
That's great,Jesse. Great, great.
I knew you'd do it. Yeah.
Ah, too bad about the girl. Uh-huh.
I had all the confidence in the world in ya, both of ya.
Did a great job. I was behind ya all the way.
-Uh-huh. Let me talk to Danny. He isn't? -[ Phone Ringing ]
No. Check ya later.
- How are you doin', man? - I don't know.
Where's Bassett?
[ Breathing Deeply ] If only Roby could have lived long enough to tell me.
Unless-- Come on, Sam.
[ Car Door Closing ]
[ Roby's Voice ] After Holly Hill--
so sweet, so nice,
Holly Hill.
After Holly Hill--
Suppose she wasn't just remembering. What if she was trying to--
Goddamn it, Sam. Maybe I'm stickin' my neck way out,
but I think I owe her that.
Owe her what?
[ Talking On Radio, Indistinct ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
We all set. Sure hope you know what the hell you're doin'.
You and me both, brother.
Cops, man, everywhere!
[ Gunfiire Continues ]
[ Man ] Let's get our asses outta here!
[ Helicopter Whirring ]
[ Whirring Continues ]
[ Man Yelling ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Siren Continues ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Siren Continues ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Siren Continues ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
[ Groans ]
[ Ferdie ] Hey, look, look. No, wait a minute!
You don't have to hold on to me like this here!
I was-- I was lookin' for you guys!
You don't have to worry about me.
I was gonna find you, but these guys were shootin' at me. You see?
- Sergeant, look what we've got. - Come on, man.
- Hey, look, man. I'm glad to see you. - You're glad?
Yeah. These guys were gettin' ready to kill me.
- Oh, shoot. - Hey, I know you.
You're Roby's friend.
- How'd you know that? - I saw your picture in her place.
I'm Ferdie, her sweet mac.
- Ferdie. - Hey, you know what, uh,
seein' as you're Roby's friend, and, uh, seein' as you guys saved my life,
and, uh, seein' that you're a brother, I'm gonna make you a hero, man.
You keep saying we saved your life.
It's true, man. After what happened to the Indian,
these motherfuckers grabbed me outside of Ethel's.
They were gonna cut my balls off unless they got their bread.
- Then why'd you kill the Indian? - We didn't kill him!
That stupid motherfucker killed himself.
- [ Sam ]Jesse? - [Jesse ] Yeah?
We just got a black dude in the cemetery.
The mounted boys got a white cat headin' for the river.
Another black dude cracked up in the car.
And the other one, you put down-- all dead.
-[ Helicopter Whirring ] - Very integrated operation.
Do you know everybody's screwed up? This whole city--
everybody but Danny.
He's the only one that saw it the way it was, man-- just another rip-off.
It's like he said.
Assholes are only... assholes.
For sure.
[ Ferdie ] It went like a dream, man.
We were in and out of that hotel before...
Hallelujah Markum could even get off with an amen.
You got yourself a real team-- all pros.
Yeah, Henry got 'em. All from out of town, except for him and me.
All we had to do was to drive to the island, lay the stuff on the Indian...
and wait for him to bring our money across the river.
- He was gonna fence it? - Yeah.
That goddamn, feather-wearin', bow-and-arrow motherfucker! No wonder they always lost.
Look, can you dig this? He had a rusty old shotgun in the bottom of his boat.
We're passin' the fucker the loot,
and the fucker kicked it and damn near blew his leg off.
-[ Chuckles ] - Wasn't even a homicide.
Look, man. What could we do? The bastard wouldn't tell us...
who he was dealin' with over in Canada.
We got 'im a doctor, tried to save him--
If Roby had only called you and made the deal like I wanted,
it would've been so much easier.
And she'd still be alive.
- Y-You mean Roby's dead? - Mm-hmm. At your place.
Your own dudes lookin' for you.
That's awful, man. Son of a bitch.
[ Ferdie ] There's gonna be a lot more of those, man.
You know. 'Cause I'm gonna make you a real hero. You understand?
As long as you don't forget who worked with you and cooperated all the way. Right?
Let's make sure the stuff is here first, then we talk deal.
Oh, it's here, man.
Nobody knew where I left that shit, not even Roby.
It's gone.
It's gone, man!
- What the hell are you tryin' to pull? - Nothin', man. It was there.
I swear before God.
- Not a goddamn thing! - It was there, man. It was.
- It was in an old, yellow travel bag. -And nobody else knew?
[ Ferdie ] Why would I lie to you, man? Why would I lie?
- It's my ass, ain't it? -[ Ship Horn Blowing ]
[ No Audio ]
I'll take that, sir. We've been expecting you... for quite some time.
This way, sir.
[ Thinking ] I think you're holdin' it inside.
Waitin' for that big moment to come along. Payoff.
When it does, you'll grab it...
like that!
Take off like a raunchy rabbit.
[ Bassett's Voice ] You should go into the business. You're a mind reader.
If I were on a lam, I think that's how I'd do it.
We'd cover the trains, the airports, and the bus stations. Right?
Who would think to check out a comfortable cruise ship?
Oscar Boford is the name.
- We haven't met before, but-- - Lucky we did. Right?
- I mean, for both of us. - Right.
I was, uh, forced to conclude that...
I wouldn't have the chance of meeting you.
As you can see, I've left the ship.
I was going to fly to Europe tonight.
Please sit down.
That was a dirty shame what happened to the Indian there.
- Hmm? - The Indian.
Yes, most unfortunate.
When he expired, I'm afraid I was at somewhat of a loss as to how to proceed.
Oh, then he kept his mouth closed to you too?
Mmm. Tom was suspicious of everyone.
However, did you just, uh, guess where to find me?
The only thing the Indian said when we made our deal--
He mentioned a name of a ship.
I asked myself why. So you see,
it's a good thing you had your man watching the dock.
- I mean, so we could make the connection. - Yes, uh, Mr. Larson...
has been out on deck constantly... hoping.
It's, uh, all in there. Hmm?
You understand the payoff has to be cash, of course?
Of course. Of course.
One thing I'm curious about.
None of the local fences would touch this stuff.
- They claim it was too hot. - My primary business is in the Middle East.
The growers of poppies are distrustful of paper money.
But things like these, gold,jewels, they'll gladly accept.
So you use this stuff to buy your opium?
And turn a profit of several million.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
[ Car Door Closing ]
[ Woman Shouting, Giggling ]
Well, if everything's okay, what about my cash?
Well, everything was okay, as you put it,
except for one little detail that I'm curious about.
Our Indian friend was quite closemouthed,
- Except he let slip one little item to bring you here. - That's right.
Well, he did the same for me.
He told me nothing except that he had made his deal with a... black man.
You knew all along, didn't you?
We were just playing a little game.
A little game.
-[ Gunshots ] - [ Gasping ]
Outside! Outside!
[ Groaning ]
[ Door Opening ]
Don't try nothin'. You understand? Nothin'!
Don't move a muscle, you bastard!
[ Ship Horn Blowing ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
Ferdie wouldn't take a chance on keepin' a loose stash at his place-- not a goddamn pimp.
Is that how you guessed the stuff was stashed at Roby's?
I almost did it.Jesse, I almost made a million-dollar bust.
I had to go it alone before the news broke.
I had it!
Are you bein' for real, man? I thought--
Once the shit hit the fan, no chance.
Oh, if I was black-- [ Laughing ] If I was black,Jesse--
Goddamn it, Danny! Give it to me straight now!
Were you really goin' for a bust or were you gonna grab that bread and run?
Give me my squeeze bottle in my pocket. Okay,Jesse?
Get it,Jesse! I've signed it for the guilt.
Danny? Danny!
My God.
[ Clayton ] My hat is off to all of these men.
I believe that Detroit, the state, the nation,
owes them a great debt.
Inspector Morgan Chalmers, the case coordinator,
given a thankless job and discharging it nobly--
SergeantJesse Williams, a great athlete and a great policeman--
You'll be hearing a lot more from our brother,Jesse.
And last, but certainly not least,
a tribute to one who gave that last full measure of devotion--
his very life.
Lieutenant Daniel Bassett died a hero.
He risked his life to play a lone hand.
[ Thinking ] How else? He was planning to take off with the loot.
He brought great credit to, as we like to say,
the best damn police department in the country--
-a great policeman. - [ Thinking ] Maybe...
or maybe just another crooked cop.
Any comments on the racial aspects of the case, Congressman?
I certainly have. It seems to me that the way a black policeman...
and a white policeman working side by side,
hand in hand, were able to crack this case...
[ Clayton On Radio ] points the way to a future,
not of black brothers or white brothers, but merely brothers.
Once I am established in the governor's chair in Lansing--
[ Radio Clicks Off ]
There he is! Great athlete, great policeman!
Their stuff is beginning to pile up over my head in there.
I know. I heard.
- You are illegally parked. - So give me a ticket.
You know what's gonna bother me the rest of my life?
- What? - Oh,just tryin' to figure...
if he was the worst cop I ever knew...
or the best.
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Dark Angel 1x19 Hit A Sista Back
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Dark Blue World (2001)
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De Vierde Man (23976)
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Dead again (1991) Commentary
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Debut The
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Deep Space 9 1x08 Dax
Deep Space 9 1x09 The Passenger
Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home
Deep Space 9 1x11 The Nagus
Deep Space 9 1x12 Vortex
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Deep Space 9 1x14 The Storyteller
Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress
Deep Space 9 1x16 If Wishes Were Horses
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Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Double Team
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Dr No
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