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Devdas (2002) CD1

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"Badi Ma, Dwijdas, Kumud, Padma, Dharamdas, where's everybody?"
"Look, here's Devdas' letter. Devdas is returning from London"
Really? Happy tidings!
Dwijdas! You hear? Devdas is coming! - I don't think so. Ma is lying
"You're lying, Ma. - Here's the letter"
Show me the letter
Shubhankar! My Devdas is coming! - Really?
Give your brother the good news
Badi Ma... Badi Ma... my Tempest is coming home
Thank God
"Compliments, lady! - Not in tears Dharamdas"
I want a promise. I am going... to receive Devdas. I alone.
"Yes, but wind the clocks once again After so many years! My son is back"
"Winding clocks won't make time move, nor any faster brings the son home"
I know Kumud! But look how my heart throbs
Oh when will the day give way to the night...?
Drum up the cheer! Let the music play
What joyous tempest stirs my heartstrings! Drum up the cheer
Let the music play! - Welcome the onset of Tempest
"All day I'm hollering at everyone to get ready, and no one listens?"
The house has been spruced up. - Devdas' room is ready
Dharamdas has tethered the horses. - Badi Ma decided who wears what
"Once you get your baby, you'll know what joy is in seeing him come home"
Kaushalya Didi (Didi: Sister) - Goodness! Here comes the actress
"In she traipses and, Ei Kaushalya Didi..."
"sweet Shondesh" for you""
"Ei Kaushalya Didi, look Shondesh for you"
Sumitra! Lovely timing! - Sumitra-Kaki's timing!
"Always opportune. And your "Shondesh" is famous!"
Hear that Didi? - Let her talk. Guess who's coming?
I know! Mr Chattopadhyay...?
"Silly! You won't believe this! My Tempest, my Devdas is coming!"
"Really Didi...? - Yes, yes, really!"
Thank Goddess Durga
"My compliments, Didi! - I'm seeing my son after 10 years"
What might he look like? What might he sound like? What will he tell me?
"How am I going to survive tonight, Sumitra?"
How I wish I wouldn't blink! What if he walks in right then?
"I only remember Devdas, the boy who'd walk up to my house..."
"peep around the door to ask me... - Kaki-Ma, is Paro in?"
"There she goes, into the act"
"And when Dev stormed out, I'd send Paro to find him"
Found him always in guava orchards. - And Dharamdas would haul him in...
by his ear! Some friendship! - And when Devdas was leaving...
"going abroad for his studies, how my Paro ran after his buggy..."
as if possessed. Arre O'Deva
Arre O'Deva
"In that scorching sun, her feet blistering on the gravelly soil..."
"yet she ran on, screaming, I'm going with Dev"
I'm going abroad too! - Are you out of your mind?
Send her abroad? My silly girl
She owed Dev three Rupees
Let me go. I got to give him his 3 Rupees
A lamp lit for a loved one draws the wayfarer home
"For 10 years, in that belief she kept that lamp alight for Dev"
"Not once she let the lamp go out! I must tell her, she'll be glad"
"She will be overjoyed. - Yes Sumitra, go"
It's your son who's coming home and she is the happier for it
Why not? She's our neighbour. Paro and Devdas...
were childhood friends. - What's left of that childhood?
"Both are grown ups now... Kaki-Ma's "Shondesh"?"
"What's up Kaki-Ma? - Manorama, where is Paro?"
"Where else? Must be in her room, talking to her lamp"
Not lamp! - Devdas
Oh God. - What's the matter?
The news I have for her will drive her mad with joy
What news?
"Paro, Devdas is coming"
"Really? - Yes, Devdas is coming"
They're preparing for a welcome! Kaushalya-Didi is nearly going mad
The whole house is in raptures...
"Silly, are you crying?"
Let not tears of joy douse the lamp before Dev arrives
No power on Earth can put out this lamp
Shall we put the mighty lamp to test?
At season's change...
A waft...
will come...
to blow out this lamp
This longing I didn't let die
This longing I never let die
"This lamp, my love..."
"will never be extinguished, this flame of my love"
"My love, come to me my love"
Now come to me
As this lamp burns...
"I'm burning in my every pore and my heart"
Now come to me
"Come to me, my love"
Distance parted us...
there was the pain of parting
My eyes yearned...
but there you were...
"glittering, glowing..."
awash in joys...
while here...
"'I burned..."
"while here, I burned"
"Once again, clouds thunder..."
raining in thunderous rhapsody
Tempest strikes again...
but my lamp is never doused...
"my love, my flame..."
"no matter how much the rains, tempest and thunder torment you"
"Come now, come to me, my love"
"Come, my love"
She's crazy
She's naive
"Oh yes, with a gust of wind will come the one you seek"
My love...
come to me my love
"The passion, she will never let die"
"My love, this lamp is you"
"Hurry! The buggy is here! Kaushalya, quick"
Devdas is here! - Coming
I was lighting the welcome-lamp. Tell Badi-Ma
"If you take so much time, Devdas will give himself a welcome"
"Give himself a welcome? Today, I'm welcoming him"
Wait a minute! I get to see Devdas first. Everyone shut your eyes
For my sake. - All right?
Lady! I don't believe! Could the world change so much in ten years?
"Deva is as tall as my shoulders, my very shoulders he sat upon"
See him and you'll forget to blink! - Don't torment me! Where's my Dev?
"Got off on the way. Said, he will be back after seeing "My Paro"
Should be here any moment
"Chhoto-Ma, you wanted to be the first to set your eyes on Devdas?"
Will it be Paro's eyes now?
"Chhoto-Ma, what to do with this?"
I think it's Devdas
"how have you been? Fine? Come in son, welcome"
"Bless you, son"
You look just like an Englishman! We've been so eager to see you
Kaushalya-Didi is dying to see you. - Where is Paro?
She was here a moment ago
"She said, let Devdas come and I'll do this and I'll do that"
I'll fight with him and scratch him. Now you're here and she's hiding
Ei Paro
"Can I go upstairs? - Yes son, go on"
How have you been Paro?
Won't you turn to see my face? We're meeting after so many days
"Days? For you, maybe. For me..."
"10 years, 6 months, 4 days and 6 hours"
You never missed me? - I did
Lies! Only 5 letters in 10 years? There are four seasons in a year
Couldn't you write once a season? - Makes sense. You're a big girl
Takes time?
The desire to meet the sea turns the stream into a river
Then why take time to show your face?
"Like sighting the Moon after ages, I fear I'll leave you breathless"
Not even the Moon is as vain. - But the Moon is scarred
"Till moonrise spare the Moon, to see which leaves me breathless..."
the Moon's radiance? Or your vanity?
"Paro, I hate the thought of someone else touching you"
"Look, Devdas is here! - Let him come"
Don't be cross. - I don't want to talk to him
Tell him to go away. - But Ma...
"I said, I don't want to... - Ma"
"Go, I don't want to see your face"
"Why, what's so ugly about my face..."
that neither Paro nor you want to see?
"After 10 years of waiting, the neighbour gets to welcome you?"
Go back to your Paro
Won't you open your eyes? - I won't
Won't see me either?
"Very well, I'm going away. - Where...?"
"Where are you going, Dev? - Dev, stop"
Why did you let him leave? I was just joking
I was joking too
My prodigal son returns a lawyer. But no let up on the mischief?
Babu-ji...? (Babu-ji: Father) - He left for his chambers early...
"something urgent. - I know, I know"
Complaints every day!
Dev and Paro never went to school. Dev caught smoking
All day tramping around the village with that Paro
Not another moment for you in this house
"The day I left, he wasn't at home"
"This day I return, he still isn't here"
"You know, the British government is knighting him"
I see! - And he'll be so glad to see you
"Really? - Glad he is, at work"
"In my home, fathers welcome sons returning home after years..."
"with arms outstretched. - Same here, child"
"Come to me, my darling"
I told you to get me a nice foreign watch
Have you brought it?
"No, but I bring fortuitous times"
over here... but I can't even make out clearly
"They use only paper? - And sometimes, not even that"
I never shook hands
What are you upto?
Give my box back to me
Give it to me
What's happening? - Nothing
Watching Devdas? How do you find him?
I'm not telling. - Tell me...
how do you find him? - Like a fool
What did he say when he met you? - I didn't show him my face
Swear that by your mother? - I swear
"Poor thing, must've been pining. - Let him pine"
Don't make him suffer so
"Else, he'll come peeping around the door..."
"and ask me, Kaki-Ma, is Paro in?"
Only in the moonlight he gets to see my face
Card three and I win. - Damn
Lost by a whisker. - You always lose by a whisker
"Kumud, so what if he wins once? - Wrong, today's Shubhankar's day"
"No one else wins, here comes Paro but she can't win either"
You bet? - Beware! She'll loot you
"Well Paro, what have you brought? - "Shondesh" for Devdas. Ma sent it"
Where's Devdas? - The London-returned gentleman?
"Where else but in his room, training his binoculars on London?"
"Saw? Earlier, she'd greet you first. Up she climbs, our beauty..."
straight for Devdas. - One too many a sweet message
What brings the Moon down to Earth? - To take your breath away
What are you doing? - Seeing how good my guess was
Accurate? - Could never be wrong
How come? - Known you for ages
What's this? - Platter
I know. But what's on it? - My excuse
Shondesh for me? - See for yourself
"Empty...? - That's the excuse, silly"
Goodness! What a temper!
You make a fine example of how to lose temper
You're the same
"You too, are just like you were"
Like what...? - Unsophisticated
"Naturally, after all, you're London-returned"
"London's a big city, isn't it Dev? - London's entirely different"
"Great personalities, great debates. Huge thoroughfares, huge edifices"
"London's Trafalgar Square, pigeons, doves..."
The Queen's Palace
"And milling crowds, everywhere"
Londoners live in a world of their own
You too?
"Say, you never missed the village? - Never, never, except..."
"when I was fed up of the food at the hostel, I missed Ma's dishes"
"And back in London, when someone screamed at me..."
I was reminded of my father. No one else
"On evening walks, I contemplated Dharamdas and his buggy"
"On sleepless nights, grandmother's gentle pat"
Nothing else
Dev... and...
And...? - I...?
Never. Or was it once...?
"No, you never came to mind, Paro. - I never came to mind...?"
Matters that come to mind are matters that matter. But...
"you don't matter, Paro. - True Dev, only you matter"
"5 letters, 5 times a day. How many times did I read them each year?"
And how many times in ten years? - Multiplied by...?
"18,250 times. That's how much you matter..."
"and ten years to the day, I have kept alive the flame I lit for you"
How many hours has it been burning? - If I were to count...
"87,600 hours. So much you matter, every second I remembered you"
"How many seconds to a day? - I know, I'll tell you..."
You're bad at arithmetic
There were times when I missed you. - When...?
Whenever I breathed
"For them, reminiscences, those who can be forgotten. Silly"
So effortlessly you counted off those seconds?
Without as much as a thought to every passing second...
that carried me away?
"In the flame of the lamp that you lit, it was I who burned"
Shall I tell you what's on my mind for sometime?
Two names on your mind. Paro and Devdas
Mr Landlord! How did you make out?
"Kumud was saying, Dev and Paro are upto new antics"
For hours they stare at each other through binoculars
Shondesh is her excuse for coming over. I don't like it
And Sumitra is daydreaming of Paro's wedding to Devdas
Daydreams never come true. Neelkanth married an actress
Disgraced himself. In an alliance with a disgraced family...
am I to bring my family to ridicule...?
"Right, but you know Sumitra. She shoots off her mouth"
What if she storms in someday proposing an alliance?
"The answer will be"no "- Why will the answer be no?"
A knight and a landlord. And the roof over our heads is leaking
Even my postal address has changed. - Really...?
"Neelkanth Chakraborty, Old Mansion"
"What's lacking in our Paro? She's pretty, she's literate"
I only got to spread the word. Tens of boys will be ready...
to pay a bride-price for Paro. - Really?
Yes. You are worrying overmuch
Someday we will get a proposal... from them. You'll see
"Till then, I leave you to your musings. I'm off for my nap"
Mr Landlord! Have a care! Your old mansion is crumbling
Broke my back
All this jewellery! All for me? - You will give me a grandson
Won't I give you something?
Badi-Ma has opened up her treasure trove. Loot her
I must!
Badi-Ma! How exquisite! I must wear this
"No, that one isn't for you. - Then, for whom?"
For my Devdas' bride. - Let's see
Give it all away to Devdas' bride! I want none of this
Here's your elder daughter-in-law
And everyone's all agog about someone who's yet to come
"Nice bracelet, isn't it? Lt'll look great on your arm"
In my father's house maids wear bracelets like these
"Then consider yourself a maid, right Badi-Ma?"
Yes! I'm maidservant in this house. My brother-in-law! Always after me
You're making a mountain out of a molehill. I was joking
"If you disapprove, I won't even marry. - I hate being ridiculed"
Why rib her all the time? Badi-Ma you could've said yes...
if only to please her. You know her nature. And she's pregnant
And you've brought her to tears. Now I got to placate her. Woe betide
"No matter how much honey you add, neem is always bitter"
How do you like this bracelet?
Just like you. Exotic. - Whom are you giving it to?
You want to see?
Take this. - And do what?
Look through it. This bracelet is for whoever you see in it
Goodness! Sumitra?
"Is she the one? Are you mad? - Yes, but not entirely. Look up"
That's Parvati. - Nice...?
"Yes nice, but I see her every day. - Do you see her as my bride?"
Wretched girl! - Now what's up?
Staring at me through binoculars! - Goodness
She's gone hiding. - She must be embarrassed
Been chatting over binoculars? - Yes Badi-Ma
"Take a look, what's the wretch upto?"
Goodness! She's watching me out of the corner of her eyes
"Have you run in too, Dev?"
Wretched boy
How to make mountains out of a molehill...
I'll show my mother-in-law. Chhoto-Ma...
So you got caught peeping. - You got caught too
And I was sentenced to punish you
For you
What...? - Gift
You might as well put it on me
So many bangles
Forget it
"Tell me, where is London? - Way west"
Where sets the Sun? - In the West
The Sun rises over London five hours late every day?
Yes - Is that why you're late...
about understanding everything? - Yes...
Dolt from London! Can't even take my bangles off
How will you ever make me wear a bracelet?
My cruel lover is heartless
My cruel lover is so heartless...
"he doesn't even know how I pine, he's just a ruthless slaver..."
"oh cruel, please..."
"How do I say this, whom do I tell?"
"God, he doesn't know how I hurt..."
he knows not...
how heartless
"You were far away, yet so close..."
"now you're close yet distant...?"
"I don't know... yet I know"
"You were far away, yet so close... now you're close, yet distant...?"
to me
Adorn me with the bangle - Let me read your palm
Don't tease me - Lots of money
Now don't... - Your marriage
Do my bidding - You'll marry an old man
How do I say this... - About your wedding
Whom do I tell... God - You'll never marry
"Fool, he doesn't even know..."
he just doesn't know
You see how the childhood love blossoms into youthful romance?
"For all Sumitra's "Shondesh", do send a sweet message to Sumitra"
"Tell her, Paro has come of age"
What are you upto?
What am I upto?
What's up? What's wrong with Ma? - Your mother has gone mad.
Yes! Mad with joy. Because no more will I dream the dream I dreamt
And why? - Because it's coming true
"Ma, what dream...? - Which dream? Silly!"
"I'm invited to a huge mansion. - I know, Kumud has conceived"
"Also, Kaushalya-Didi wants to see me. She says, Paro has come of age"
We ought to think about Paro's wedding
"True Paro, when you step into that house in bridal finery..."
"there will be dreams in your eyes, under the veil drawn over your face"
But we'll listen in joyous rapture for the chime in your anklets
Mr Landlord! So how do I look? - Where's Paro? Isn't she going?
"So long she awaited this evening, she was dressed and raring to go"
"In time to leave, she shies away. Off to the lake to fetch water"
"Why? - Silly girl, she's afraid..."
that I might discuss her marriage right in front of her
Don't you raise the topic Sumitra - The auspicious time runs out at 7
"By then if she hasn't raised the topic, I shall"
"But don't worry. The answer won't be a "no". Bless me"
The guests are all here. Where is Sumitra-Kaki?
Dreaming of Paro's wedding. To Devdas. You know...
I've found a nice match for Paro. - Who...?
Old Mr Chattopadhyay
"My compliments, sister! Best wishes for a grandson"
"Don't overdo it, Sumitra. There's still time to go"
"Only a few months, no?"
Then the baby's wails will resonate through the mansion
"Not sister, I'll call you grandma. - You should get Paro married soon"
I'd like to call you grannie too. - That's what I'm here to discuss
I must discuss something too. Girls in your family fetch a bride price?
"No, that was olden custom. We will give our Paro away"
So it's final. I'll give Paro away in wedding. All the expense is mine
"Paro is my daughter too. - No, giving the daughter away..."
"is a dream every parent dreams. About the expense, we can share it"
"Then it's decided, Sumitra. - Really Didi?"
"Yes, really. - Therefore Kaki-Ma, you will be..."
the master of ceremonies tonight. A stunning dance for the guests?
"Oh no, not I... - Why not? Don't you belong..."
"to a family of theatre dancers? - Yes Didi, but that was ages ago"
"No Kaki-Ma, no excuses. Tonight you sing and you dance"
"No dear, not I... - Are you embarrassed? Just imagine"
"You're dancing at Paro's wedding. - Now I can't refuse, can I?"
So be it. Radha and Krishna and love divine
Dearest love
The Moon alone...
in night's embrace...
"in moonlight vigil, night's desire..."
"sang run-jhun run-jhun "a breezing gust..."
into a radiant night...
"rode in fireflies on a palanquin of stars..."
"as the word played on stilled lips"
"Then to the cadence of drums and cymbals..."
"the duffle was struck... then..."
into the rhythm swayed...
my lovely Radha
Into the rhythm Radha swayed
"Then he came from nowhere and he said... I love you"
Dear love...
oh but I'm afraid
Oh dearest love
"No, not my wrist..."
"oh, how shameful"
Leave me...
I beg of you
"No, don't force me..."
spare me
Dear love
I'll curse you for this
Madman! Go away
Don't torment me
Oh dearest love...
dear love...
oh but I'm afraid
Love me
On the banks of the Yamuna...
"Krishna and Radha in the Dance of Love"
"Of desire in their hearts rose a song to their lips"
"Krishna and Radha in the Dance of Love"
"Thirsting in every breath, searing passion in their hearts..."
"Krishna and Radha in the Dance of Love"
"The word on stilled lips, Krishna and Radha are in love"
What is this?
The token of betrothal...
of my daughter to your son. Paro and Devdas
"Are you in your senses, Sumitra? I invited mother and daughter..."
to entertain my guests with some melodrama
"Instead, you are out to work magic?"
"Kumud, you were right! Sumitra-Kaki's timing is opportune"
She does knows how to take advantage of opportunity
"As a child, her daughter stole guavas from our orchards"
"Now she sets her sights on my son? - No Didi, that isn't true"
Devdas and Paro were childhood sweethearts
"They are in love, they can't live without each other"
"In a large family, maybe you never noticed. But I know how they yearn"
"Please do not refuse Didi, even if it means..."
that you will have nothing more to do with me afterwards
Why draw water from poisoned wells? You may not betray the traits
"But your genes remain the same, that of the dancing girls"
"Yes, we landlords eat fish..."
but we won't let bones stick in the gullet
"For one, you are a neighbour. Worse, as a family, disgraced"
"Even if you may momentarily forget your disgrace, but your standing?"
Don't you try to palm off your bad coin
"Chhoto-Ma, let it pass Chhoto-Ma. We can always talk Dev out of it"
"Which leaves Parvati. If she can't contain herself, send her to Dev"
Honour among landlords isn't sullied by such affairs
Unbecoming of a landlord's woman! Don't interfere when elders speak
Enough! Replying to you is beneath my dignity
"My sister you were. From now on, merely Kaushalya"
"And Kaushalya, you too sang the day my daughter was born"
Remember Badi-Ma? She took my daughter from my arms...
"saying Paro was her daughter! With a smile, I had even said yes"
Little did I know that even in the big landlord's mansion...
a lady of the house could be so narrow-minded...
as to count guavas stolen from one of her orchards
"Count, how many guavas did my daughter steal? Tell me"
Counting guavas? By the count of it...
I've fed your son many more times than your count of stolen guava
"And the disgrace? Yes, we do sell our daughters"
"But you trade too, Kaushalya. We sell our daughters, openly"
But you swallow the dowries and the daughters too
"Good or bad, the coin is known by it's tinkle. But you wouldn't know"
Because you're deaf enough not to know your son's heart
"Blind you are, that you do not see their love"
Now soon you will stand dumbstruck in witness your son's ruination
"I swear, my daughter will marry into a family richer than yours"
"In a week. If I fail, then come, mourn my death on day eight"
I came to wish that you would beget a handsome son
But all I can wish is to see that a daughter you be given
I hear your mother is giving you away...
into a rich family. Do you know your husband's name?
Devdas. - Even after all that happened...
will Dev marry you? - I'll ask him and I'll tell you
Is there anything left to ask? She was insulted so gravely
"Dev didn't insult her, did he? - Will you walk up..."
to ask Dev to marry you? Won't that be embarrassing?
Why be embarrassed about asking for what is yours?
"You're married, yet you don't know what a husband means?"
Who...? - I
Are you all right?
So late at night? In the dark...?
"Weren't you afraid? - No, now I'm afraid of no one"
"Not even of being maligned? - No, when I am with you..."
I don't even care about getting a bad name
Why... here... now...? - Why does the river head to sea?
Why does the sunflower always face the Sun?
And why comes Paro heedless of her dignity...?
Why unheeding my family honour do I venture out in dark of night?
"Why do I seek refuge at your feet? To all questions, a single answer"
"For the same reply, far too many questions asking to be answered"
"There are no questions, not as long as we're together"
That's what they don't want. - What do you want?
"Happiness, for you"
But my father won't look at it from our perspective
We'll win him over
What if he doesn't relent?
"Where there's love, there's no fear. - Where there's smoke there's fire"
"In fires of attrition, I don't want us..."
"to be consumed. - I'm doomed, in any case"
"Be it with you, or without you"
Let me drop you home. - You're coming with me?
Without fear of censure?
Even the cur is wary of the door it's kicked out of
"What you can't get away with by light of the day, you try by night?"
"Why don't you, mother and daughter start a brothel?"
Not even a pimp would advise his daughter to do that
"With the lamp, I saw you burn for Devdas"
I treasure your feelings. Were you to have asked me before leaving...
I would not even mind if you were to have been whore for a night
"Ma, I just went to ask him! - And received what in reply?"
"Not alone, you carried with you, the honour of our family"
Have you left your honour behind?
Let it pass Babu-ji. Why make a mountain out of a molehill?
"By the way, what to do about Paro's shawl?"
Tell him to return it. This marriage isn't happening
I shall do no such thing
You forget whom you are addressing
A hot-headed landlord who will send his fellow-man's daughter...
to a brothel. - Gentlemen's daughters...
never steal out of neighbours' rooms at 2 am
So great was her compulsion and it was you who compelled her
I will brook no argument from you. - Nor do I wish to talk to you
It's decided
Our family ranks far higher than theirs
"Yet, it's the same food we eat? - Our hierarchy, status, standing"
Even the British government is informed of us
"Yet, the same soil we tread upon? - The bird that soars..."
can never have any relationship with fish in the waters
"Yet, man on Earth relates to God in Heaven?"
Stop Dev
"Dev, everything can be resolved. I'll talk to Babu-ji"
But don't leave the house. - No Dwij
"Over something so trivial...? - Trivial for you, not for me"
Not for me a life praying for every breath
"Dev, we'll talk to Babu-ji... - Stop Dev"
Dev stop. - Stop! Listen to me
"Stop him, Kumud"
You aren't going anywhere. Your mother is talking to the master
Everything will be fine. - No Dharamdas
"The tempest ought to pass. If I stay on, much will be undone"
Listen to me
"Dev is leaving, Paro"
It's as much his test as it is yours. See for yourself...
"what he cares for, you or family? Is he taking you with him?"
Or is he deserting you? If he isn't taking you along...
then you shall do your mother's bidding
Stop Deva! I won't let you leave!
Stop. - Out of my way
"That night, all sense of reasoning deserted me"
"I was left vacillating as if between pendulous scales"
"You wouldn't want me to displease my father to make you happy..."
would you?
"Why does the river go to sea? Why the sunflower gazes at the sun?"
"Instead of hunting answers, why not let the question pass?"
"What was between us, was no more than childishness. There's no love"
"From now onwards, you are the girl next-door"
"And I, your friend"
"Paro, get dressed, come downstairs. Hurry. Your in-laws are here"
"My love! Oh why did you leave me smouldering?"
Why did you snub out the flame?
Ei Dev...
"Friend, you aren't asleep yet? Are you a stranger in my home?"
"I told you before, this is as much your home as it's mine"
"Nothing of the sort, Chuni Babu. I'm just not feeling sleepy"
Drink up...
You know I don't drink. - Then what gives?
"If "h" is for happiness in life, why are you so looking so harassed?"
So harried as not to feel at home? - Nothing of the sort
But something surely is!
"The "h" that makes a home is the same that spells hurt"
Fought with your parents? - No
Or are you nursing a wounded heart?
My point! That's my point! H for heart and for hurt
"And the two are related so closely my friend, oh-so-closely"
"Hindustan or English-stan, everywhere it's all the same"
H for heart and for hurt. - Have you suffered no pain?
Ask not of one Time has weathered what pain each nuance hides...
for men may see but no more than a smiling face
You know what I make family with. Just me and my wealth
And therefore it was that I adopted music
"The "Thumri" for my daughter, and the "Dadra", my son"
"The "w" in words is tricky, making for warmth, worn, wealth, worlds, wisdom..."
wastrels and wishes. Worship too. A well-wisher and your waywardness
Get over this insanity and let's go away. Way away. I feel walled-in
"But Chuni Babu, where to? - Wherever you wish"
Where you go every night
"There, where the anklets tinkle?"
"How are you ladies? Look, whom I've brought to you"
Who is it? - My classmate from London
"Where are you lost Dev Babu? Come, here too I hold court"
"Welcome my friend, enter"
Your mirror couldn't bear to see my face. I'm sorry for your loss
"If sorrow be joy's harbinger, every loss signals what gain shall be?"
Wonderful Chandramukhi! Even your words are so seductive
"But do use the kohl, to ward off the stranger's evil eye"
You are much amused? - Naturally
I see someone trying to ward off the evil eye...
while women on the marketplace...
vie to be seen
You touch upon eyespeak and you have stolen my heart
"What I took for stone, breathes the life into me"
"So you see Dev Babu? On "c" and Chandramukhi..."
didn't I warn you she's cause of such amazement?
"Chuni Babu also begins with a "c"
Of c's and cause celebres and Chandramukhi...
you saw how clumsy she made me look?
Jasmine makes fragrant...
her lovely dark tresses
"Radha's face is aglow, electric"
"Her gait, seductive"
Krishna stopped her
He surprised Radha with a kiss
Surprised Radha with a kiss...
with a kiss
Radha's veil was slipping away
"Do not tease me, Radha pleaded"
Why are you teasing me?
But Krishna was obstinate
He shamed Radha
"That night, Krishna wouldn't listen"
"But whom could Radha complain to? Krishna wouldn't listen"
"Oh, why are you teasing me?"
A pot of milk...
Radha carried on her head...
when she heard...
Krishna's footsteps...
and her heart...
skipped a beat
"Radha pleaded, don't hold my arms so hard, then her bangles broke"
But that night...
"whom could Radha complain to? Krishna wouldn't listen"
Oh stop teasing me
"Where are you off to? Tarry, the night has just come of age"
I made a big mistake! I shouldn't have written that letter to Paro
"I want to go to Paro. - Who's Paro? Wait, wait for me"
"Bad manners, walking out on a performance"
Dancing to an audience of drunken men...
is shamelessness
"You are a woman, Chandramukhi. Realise who you are"
"Woman, mother, sister, wife, friend"
When she is none...
she is whore
"Could you be some else, Chandramukhi?"
Price. For our time together
Keep it
"See? Someone I wanted to stay on, is gone"
In what are you lost? - Such anguish in those eyes
Does anguish make you anxious?
Have courtesans no hearts? Is she denied the right to love?
"Of course! If there be amour, paramour there is too"
Will you do me a favour? - Say it
"For just once, will you bring him?"
"Promise, I cannot. But try, I shall. Only for you"
Look at her! Paro is as resplendent as the Moon tonight
"Had Devdas been here, he'd know what he has lost"
My Paro is lucky
Her wedding procession is coming all the way from Manikpur...
like a train of lights. - You haven't seen it
The bride's mother must not watch her daughter's wedding procession
Lest the mother gives the bride the evil eye
And after tonight no one will ever call her Paro
Just Parvati
Kaki-Ma (Kaki Ma: Aunt)
Is Paro in?
The wedding procession is about to arrive
"You can see her. Let's go, Manorama"
I'm back Paro
Why? - I've come back to you. Forever
When my wedding procession is at my door?
There's still time. I'll convince my parents. I'll tell them...
Your parents! Haven't I...? If honour matters to your family...
doesn't honour matter to us? Your father may be a landlord
Doesn't my father count? No matter how lowly we bride-sellers are...
"we never cheat anyone. - I never cheated you, Paro"
Then why did you leave me? And that letter?
"Paro you know, your Dev never does anything deliberately"
I was naive
"Naivete! How naive can you be Dev? On a whim, you give me a bracelet?"
"On a whim, you write saying there's no love lost! Naivete?"
Paro forever... another whim? - Paro! Your wedding procession
Time to part
I don't accept this marriage! - What difference? I accept
"Then, I'm going to tell everyone... - I went to see you at 2 am"
You want to malign me? - I... malign you?
How could you think? If you ever say that again...
What will you do? Hit me? Ever since I was a child...
have you held me in fief? And when I ask for my right...
you do a volte face? - Enough! Stop it Paro
Such vanity is no good. - Why should I not be vain?
"What are you Dev, but wealthy and handsome?"
"I possess virtues, beauty. And after tonight, riches too"
"From now on, I am more than an equal to you"
"If you be a landlord, I take pride in being an aristocrat"
Such vanity?
Not even the Moon is as vain. - But the Moon is scarred
What have you done?
"I have scarred you, like the Moon. With the mark of my love"
On joyous night...
"when her bridal procession arrived..."
"slowly, a sea of sorrow..."
"rose, stilled in her eyes"
To lilting lutes...
her eyes told the tale
"Always, it was you I loved..."
and I loved and I loved...
and I loved forever
"Forever I have longed for you as I have longed for nothing else"
My heart has worshipped you...
worshipped you and worshipped...
and worshipped but none else
"never, never, never..."
and none else
Sorrow clouds a joy...
shades of anguish darken her...
as she goes to tell her beloved...
only to tell her beloved
The wound you have left me with...
only adds to my beauty
"My wound I will preserve as your mark..."
that anoints my forehead
My beloved...
oh beloved...
without you...
my life is incomplete...
my life is empty...
"Carrying memories of moments past..."
"with burdened steps she walks..."
her heart cries...
her eyes weep...
her heart...
Childhood memories...
of relationships...
swinging in the rain...
drawing laughter...
"annoyed, being placated"
Every moment...
etched into my heart...
in the flames of my lamp...
I am carrying...
My beloved...
without you...
my life is nothing...
nothing at all
"Always, you I loved..."
and I loved and I loved...
and I loved forever
"I loved, loved, loved"
"You, I loved and loved"
I loved and loved
Only loved and loved and loved
Deva! Open up! What are you doing?
Open up! What madness is this? - For my sake! Open up
I said it! Don't tear Deva and Paro apart! But who listens to me?
What's going on? - Look! Tell him something
"Narayan, tell him. - No point. Leave him alone"
The fire will die down on its own. - But look...
Time plays games with everyone
My daughter treads upon silver now! But look...
Iook at your son. It's your pride that he sets afire
Two acts to the melodrama!
In Act One my daughter and I danced
Act Two Now you and your son will dance
Why is the new bride so dejected? - Because last night...
husband and bride slept apart. - That's for the first night
It's said to be ominous. But it's over
"From tonight, man and wife will sleep together"
Are you harassing the bride?
Sit... sit Parvati
"You know, we had everything here, but the Moon. And now you're here"
Now you are the lady of the manor
Also a mother to these children
"From his first wife, Bhuvan has three children"
"Your son, Mahendra. - Obeisances, Chhoti-Ma"
"And our youngest, little Kalika. - My obeisances, Chhoti-Ma"
"And Yashomati, the eldest"
She's angry. You must placate her
And all of you...
you must adorn the bride exquisitely...
for her nuptial night
Have you familiarised yourself with the manor?
"Yes. - You have my word, Parvati..."
"in this manor, you will have no problems about anything"
Except one
It is difficult to bide time here. - Oh but time flies here
I do not understand...? - A while ago I was a new bride
"And in no time, I'm Chhoti-Ma (Chhoti-Ma: Little Mother)"
"From bride to "little Mother", I'm transformed. In no time"
I wish to tell you something. I married because my Ma insisted
"My children needed a mother, and this manor needs a lady"
And you...?
Subhadra... was my first wife
"You're now the lady of the manor, the mother of my children..."
"and my new bride, no doubt. But Subhadra, I can never forget"
"The ominous first night may be over. But we will stay distanced, forever"
"My mistake or my sin, call it what you may..."
but do forgive me
"Good morning friend, good morning. You're lucky, my friend"
I ask help of the spirits to knock me out of my senses
You won't even touch the spirits and yet you are inebriated?
You missed telling me? Or made a pariah of me? Paro and paramour
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