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Devdas (2002) CD2

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You missed telling me? Or made a pariah of me? Paro and paramour
"Both spelt with "p"! Your stupor has unravelled all your secrets"
Who brought me here?
"My lover is so faithless"
"How regrettable, to be rescued off the streets by a prostitute"
This one is an ingrate Chuni Babu! Bites me for the love I gave him
My word! She helped you out of humane concern. You were sick
"She picked you up from the streets. You've come to, after two days"
"She never slept a wink, nursed you, sat through your cries for Paro"
Insult instead of gratitude?
Let it pass. It's a landlord trait. Never mind their little trespasses
"You left as if, forever. But as luck would have it..."
I find you once again. Medicine...
you need it. Now
"Your medicine, I don't need. I'd rather have lain there"
Just fall unconscious once again. I'll dump you where I found you
Yes Chuni Babu?
What is this? - Chuni Babu says...
you've been here for two nights. Lamps in your boudoir went unlit
This is price. For two nights you wasted on me
"Now I know, why Paro abandoned you"
"Let alone love, you don't even deserve sympathy"
Hear Chuni Babu? A courtesan talking of romance
"Am I to learn of her what love is, what romance be? What is amour?"
"Love mirrored in your soul, amour God's gift to life's design, romance"
How regrettable Chuni Babu Your friend possesses none...
"of soul, or intent or purpose"
That thing you flash time and again Dev Babu...
"the money, it lies at the feet of harlots in brothels"
"If you be so vain, return to me what I spent on you"
Two nights
"You owe me 2 nights, Dev Babu. No more shall I dance..."
not until you come. These eyes will await you
"F for friendship, she came seeking, you found a foe. You owe two nights"
O'faithless lover
Music plays
Let slip the veil
Let the revelry begin
"Revelry awaits you, Chandramukhi. - No, not until Dev Babu arrives"
"Pure gold. Custom made, in Lucknow"
I also have a gold nose ring
I wish to tie the dancing bells to your feet
Do wear the nose ring and allow me to unscrew it afterwards
Desist from such ardour Kali Babu. Get too close and you will burn...
in the very lamps that light up nights of revelry
At the next instance of insolence I'll give you a nose ring and...
the rest of the revelers may take pleasure in unscrewing
In a marketplace full of beauties...
such spirit is what draws me to you
But the one you await so eagerly...
has no interest in you or your music
It was some Paro's firefly that ran into your fires crying Paro-Paro
"Never will he return, Chandramukhi. - He will come, he will Kali Babu"
You will see. That's from my heart. - Why not take on a bet?
If he doesn't come before the candle has burnt out...
then you will wear these dancing bells...
only for my pleasure. - I accept
And if he comes...
then you shall leave wearing these very dancing bells
Whose footfall?
Whose shadow?
Who knocks at my heart?
Who is come?
Who paints me this emerald?
My joy...
is killing me
No Moon I ever desired...
nor stars I ever seeked...
complaints I have none...
every sorrow I have hidden...
every taunt I laughed off...
thorns I embraced...
their blossoms have wounded me
But whenever I have prayed...
of The Lord...
I have always seeked you
Who paints me this emerald?
Is killing me
I'm slain
You aren't accustomed to the drink. Why drink beyond your limits?
What fool drinks to stay within limits?
I drink that I may force myself to stay on...
"looking at you, tolerating you..."
"that I may lose my senses, to help me forget Paro"
But Chandramukhi...
"such are memories of Paro, they won't even let me lose my senses"
"Why, after all I drink, do memories of her haunt me day and night?"
oh why?
"Why, does man become so naive?"
Why make mistakes?
Why... for foible... so harsh a punishment?
As to be rent asunder?
"One enters matrimony, and the other...?"
In what fain folly...
he forsakes the lotus...?
For a paper flower?
I fall...
Touch me not! I despise you!
I can't bear to see woman come to this. Begone
Never again shall I stand at this door
"But yes, whenever I come to think of Paro, I shall"
"And come the guilt pangs, I shall come"
For where else can I go?
There... I have sentenced myself. - Why punish yourself so?
"Because every day, my heart is put to trial"
"Every day, this romance is tried"
"But every day, the verdict is the same"
You are convicted
Our Parvati decides whatever happens in the manor
The new bride has laid to rest all my worries
With Parvati's arrival our lost days of joys are here again
Meet Yashomati's mother-in-law This is Parvati
"To Bhuvan Chaudhary, you'd more likely be..."
a daughter than his wife. - Whatever I am to him...
you and I are like sisters. We should be embracing each other
But you are many years my elder
"From what I see, in Manikpur, wives are better endowed than daughters"
"No Badi-Ma? - Our daughters, we send away..."
"in hope that they will be cared for, but we're disappointed. No, Badi-Ma?"
Yashomati. I was eager to meet you
We ought not to be cross with kin. You and I are of the same age
"So you decide, how we will relate to each other"
Mother and daughter? Or friends?
"What's this, Ma? All this...? - Gifts, from your Ma"
You'll look great
Will you keep to your daughter? Won't you give us company?
I do not like the smoking pot. - The smoking pot has pride of place
"I don't think so, no pride in what goes up in smoke"
"Wonderful, mother-in-law! I delight in your words"
I have been so eager to see you. We missed each other's weddings
My obeisances
Touching your feet was a pleasure. I have been given my wish
How I wish I had attended your wedding...
if only to have my wish of pulling you up by your ear
Pulling you up by the ear was a pleasure
"This first acquaintance, I shall always remember, mother-in-law"
Remember the relationship too
"Mr Landlord! Hurry up! Look, Paro is here"
Paro! How have you been?
I've been expecting you for days. - Why the crowd next-door?
Is everything all right? - Narayan Mukherjee
Breathing his last - Shouldn't we be there?
My heart won't let me
Will you see the man who told you and your mother to run a brothel?
Let not mistaken vanity destroy relationships
I'm going over
"The entire village, all relatives came to pay their respects"
But no news of his dear son Devdas? How sad
And here comes someone who has nothing to do
"Look Babu-ji, who's here to see you"
"Master, your Paro is here"
"No, no Babu-ji"
"When you were children, I'd ask you to find Dev whenever he was lost"
"I've forfeited myself the right, haven't I, Sumitra?"
"All night, he was asking, where's Dev-where's Dev?"
"Now where do I look for him, my tempest...?"
What happened?
"If I am so despicable, if my touch be so abhorrent, then why..."
did you come into my life?
In my solitude I was content Why be my messiah of misery?
That stopped the spasm didn't it? Divert your attentions and...
the deepest wounds may be healed. - Which is what I am upto
"Stop it, you've had enough"
Why not say I've lived enough? - How could I...?
"You have Paro, memories of Paro All I have is you, my Midas"
A touch and iron is made to gold
Are you pricing yourself or me? - In a world of relationships...
what value a woman of easy virtue? Nothing
"Besides, you won't even give me the right to touch you"
Are you in love with me? - Or you could ask me if I breathe
"You breathe, Chandramukhi?"
"What will you get out of it? I have no home, no heart"
"Loving isn't only about receiving. Love, I have traded many times"
"But loved, I have but once"
"Pour more into a chalice filled, and what happens?"
"It spills, to the ground"
"So too my cup floweth over, with Paro"
More can only spill...
"to fall, and in the falling, take you down too"
"But in the spilling, the wine must've been caressed by the chalice"
Then spill...
some more
Where is Devdas? I must see him
Asleep. You can't see him now. - Can I not? I'm here to take him
I'm not leaving him in this hell
Master...! - Who gave you my whereabouts?
Chuni Babu
Babu-ji won't even see my face Why has he sent you?
"Anyway, he will be displeased to see me as I am"
Sir Narayan Mukherjee will have to hang his head in shame
"Go Dharamdas, go away. - Listen Deva..."
Your father is no more
Too bad
All of a sudden... how...?
He was a nice man
Such men aren't born too often
Babu-ji has earned...
"another title, no?"
Late Sir Narayan Mukherjee
We loved each other dearly
"But too bad, this is too bad"
"Late, Sir Mukherjee..."
was a good man
Does Devdas drink every day? - When doesn't he drink?
"Alcohol, day and night. Lives on it"
Why don't you stop him? - But only if he'd stay at home
Rarely does he come home. There he lies in Chitpore...
"in Chandramukhi's brothel, all day"
The room upstairs is practically Deva's residence
Devdas! He lives in a brothel?
Such days I have lived to see
Have you seen Chandramukhi? - When I went to fetch Deva...
I saw her. - What is she like?
"Sweet deceit, as they say. Famous courtesan, uses her charms"
"She plunders, he squanders. We must rescue our Deva from the hell, Paro"
"I cannot tell him anything, but he'll surely listen to you"
"He holds you in high esteem, he can't refuse you"
"Please Didi, tell her"
"Only you can stop him, Paro. Only you can stop him from drinking"
"Dharamdas, get a hold on yourself. - You'll see him won't you?"
"Paro, do you want me to malign you, to give you a bad name?"
"Had we given ourselves a bad name, we might've ended up together"
"You're happy, aren't you Paro? - Oh it's a different world, Dev"
"Huge manor, vast estates, important people, great debates"
Great debates! You've matured Paro
"You even look like an aristocrat. Huge red dot, large eyes..."
big dreams...
"huge manors, vast estates..."
and grown-up children
"Those large eyes, I can keep watching"
But I can't bear to see big teardrops in those eyes
Just as well that you came by. I got some things I wish to return
"Who knows, I might never return"
come with me
Stand right here
at yourself. Remember...?
Arre O'Deva
What happened Paro?
"Deva, I lost my anklets. Have you seen them?"
"No Paro, not l"
I stole them
And you knew I did it and why I did it
"All day, the chime of your anklets, and-Deva-this-and-Deva-that..."
And your pot
"And here, the memento of our love, our parting"
"You just left, that was the end of the relationship"
"But I'm still tied to all these, Paro"
And I am tied to memories of you
What's that? - A few coins
Three Rupees. - All they're worth are memories
"Mine, aren't they? You thief"
"I'll take them back, but only with usury"
How much interest will you take? - Two percent
At two percent...
six cents a month
72 cents a year
For 13 years...
"13 years, Paro"
"You've become good at arithmetic. - Circumstance taught me, Paro"
Let's talk of something else
"Paro, why not turn matchmaker and find a bride for Devdas?"
"I hear Manikpur girls are nice? - Yes, but you want a beauty, no?"
"No, not a beauty. Just someone like you"
"Someone who is pleasant? - No, must be a bit naughty"
"Should be able to quarrel with me. Like I said, she should be like you"
You can find them by the thousands. - Spare me the thousands
"Just let me come to grips with only one, of the likes you. Enough"
Give up drinking. - No
Try. - No
You can give it up. Promise me that you'll never drink again
Can you promise you'll forget me?
"It's rather late, Paro"
I'm not leaving until I have your word
I can't. - You can
One can do anything one wants. - Can you elope with me tonight?
What are you saying? - Can you elope with me?
You've no one to look after you. - Can you elope with me?
"I had only one dream. To serve you. - If there's love, there's no fear"
One chance to fulfill my dream? - Can you elope with me? Can you?
"Come with me. I'll care for you. - Can you elope with me, Paro?"
"I can't bear to see you like this! I feel like dying, Dev"
I feel like dying
"If serving me makes you happy, then so be it"
"I promise you, before I die I'll surely come to your doorstep"
"Swear that, by me"
Your mother is squandering money. Given so charitable a disposition...
"soon the coffers will be empty. - Absolutely right, Kumud"
But how can I stop Ma? - You're such a complete fool
You can't. But I can stop her. - You will stop her? But how?
The keys to the vault? With you? Ma has been looking for them
I've hidden the keys. You will say that the keys are lost
What...? - The vault keys are lost
And the vault has been robbed
The key...
to the money
Brother-in-law! You...? So early? In the offices?
And alcohol...? Without as much as a care for the family prestige?
What will people say? What will your mother think?
You didn't consider that when you were stealing the keys?
What will people say? What will your Chhoto-Ma think?
The wealth of our forefathers may not be squandered over alcohol
The keys left by our forefathers may not be stolen like this
I'm making this clear. Under no circumstance...
am I parting with the keys. - You will turn in the keys
Today and now
Right here
To my mother
Do not think I am so weak. I too hail from a family of landlords
I have seen money by the chestfuls in my father's house
Have you seen the streak of madness that runs in the family?
"What are you upto, Dev? - Brother you surely agree that..."
I have as much right as you to the wealth that our forefathers left us
Yes. Why are you pouring alcohol?
I'm putting on fire my share. Save your share if you can
I'll give you anything you want! - As of now...
only the keys. - Which you will never have
"Kumud! Give him the keys. Else, he'll burn down the office"
Let him do whatever he wants. I'm not scared of empty threats
He's actually burning the place down! Call Chhoto-Ma
"Give him the keys, Kumud. - No"
He's crazy! Are you out of your mind too?
No! - Give him the keys
What's up Kumud?
What's happening in this house?
"You were looking for the keys to the vault, weren't you?"
I caught him with the keys and he threatened me
He won't part with the keys and he wants his share
"Else, he'll burn the house down. I pleaded with him..."
You want your share?
That is your only share
No one in this house ever understood you
All of us are responsible for your ruination
"Before we lead you to worse, leave this house"
"Babu-ji said leave the village. Everyone said, leave Paro"
"Paro said, leave drinking. Now you say, leave this house"
"One day, He will say..."
leave this world
Hereby I rescind all my rights to everything in this house
But I am part of you. That right no one takes away from me
Not even you
"It's no easy undertaking, it's an ancient ritual"
"For the ritual, one must fetch the soil from a courtesan's doorstep"
"In that soil, is built the image of the goddess"
I know
And go where men daren't even walk in daytimes for fear of censure?
Don't humans live there? Is there no air...?
No sun in those quarters? Do rains refuse to visit them?
Nature doesn't discriminate. Should we?
Parvati is right. Even Subhadra wanted it done
"Very well, as our Parvati wishes"
"But remember, it's the Durga Puja. - Rest assured"
I'll tell Mahendra to facilitate your journey
Devdas lives in a brothel?
"A lady is here, wants to see you. She's also asking about Dev Babu"
Must be Paro
How did you know I'm Parvati? - Dev Babu told me...
"should a woman come asking for him, she can only be Paro"
What are you doing?
"My obeisances to the woman, whom I shall never be able to replace"
"I have heard of exotic women here, but you possess the wile too"
"Only if you'd see, I have a heart too"
Chandramukhi... isn't that your name?
They also call me Devdasi
You are famous. - Not anymore
"At angel's touch, I learnt of a sacrifice I never knew"
How strange of a courtesan to swear by fidelity
Curious too...
what draws an aristocrat to a courtesan's doorstep?
Where is Dev?
I too am eager to hear his footfall Six months it has been...
since I set my eyes on him. - You lie
"If you don't trust, look around. - Or do you assume I won't?"
How long do you think you can keep Dev here?
"Only so long as the beauty, the youth, the money?"
What's your endgame? You must have fleeced Dev
I'll pay you more. I can't bear to see Dev suffering this hell
How strange
"The very Paro who drove Dev Babu to insanity, wants to buy him"
And what may you have to offer me? Can you offer social recognition?
Can you possibly make him love me?
"Or make it possible that I may touch him, just once?"
"Dreams, longing, hopes, that he has kindled in my heart..."
might you make them come true? Can you?
"No, you cannot deliver"
And I will not give you Dev Babu. - And I will take him away
"And no one is stopping me. Not you, not social sanction, not even Dev"
"Not to forget, courtesans aren't destined to have husbands"
"Courtesans have no destiny, lady"
"From your perspective, you can see nothing. From mine..."
you will find him everywhere
"Look, there he is, in the flame of the lamp"
"There he lies, in folds of the covers"
In that half a chalice...
"his thirst lies, unquenched. His fragrance still lingers"
"Take it all, if you can. The light, the folds, the fragrance, all of it"
All yours
But I cannot give you your Devdas. - You love Dev so dearly?
I only worship him
Now I'm assured. Dev isn't lonely anymore
Oh I forgot what I came here for. I want to perform the Durga Puja
"From your doorstep, I want soil"
May I...?
What is this? - I came for Dev. Instead...
it's something I entrust you with
I will expect you for the Durga Puja. Do come
I'm so happy to have you here
I'm glad
How could I refuse your invitation? I had to come
Have you met Dev?
Who is this?
"Chandramukhi, my friend. She comes from Calcutta"
"Bless you, consider this your home. Parvati, don't let her go too soon"
Sure. You will leave only after the celebrations
No Paro! I can't stay here
Why not? It's been ages since I had a heart-to-heart chat with someone
"Come, let celebrations be the ruse for forgetting our woes"
"Let's sing, dance, give ourselves a little to live"
No... - Our joys might touch Dev
"Paro, listen to me. - No refusing. For Dev's sake"
"Come Kali Babu, the chess game isn't over yet"
The real chessgame is being played here
Devdas' Chandramukhi comes. To meet Devdas' Paro
Who's Paro? - Mother-in-law
Parvati. One move and I've checkmated all four
Bhuvan Chaudhary
"Deva, the day is dawning"
"But forever, this heart will live in darkness"
Shall we go now? - To whom?
"One by one, all my relationships are over"
"Between my father and I there was no love lost, right?"
I was his tempest and he was my whip
"Even my brother figured first in mother's lullaby, right?"
"My brother and I never hit it off. He's practical, I'm impractical"
One inculcates a humorous relationship with a brother's wife
"I was the one who ended up being the butt of the joke, right?"
And there was Paro and I love her...
you know...
so much
"So much, right?"
Now she is estranged too
But there's one...
one Chandramukhi. Loves me dearly
Are you familiar with the last rites? - Of course
Will you perform the ritual? - Of course. Who is the deceased?
Devdas Mukherjee - Are you insane?
You'll perform your last rites? - Give me my last rites
"Priest, go away"
Deva! What madness is this?
Come back
Unto the departed Soul...
"grant salvation, Lord"
"Come back, I beg of you"
The throb...
sways my heart
"I dare that evil eye or let thunder strike"
I'll wear my dancing bells
In my anklets...
"I will give in to the ecstasy..."
of the throb...
"that sways my heart, my soul"
What chimes?
What's that love in eyes?
Why the crescendo?
Is it longing?
He's in the red dot I wear
He's in the dream in my eyes
You're obsessed
Your heart beats for him
I remember him in the chime
I remember him in the tinkle
You've given me a world...
of your own happinesses
Never desert him
Marry him
To him you are priceless
I am worthless
What a display of true colour
An aristocrat and a courtesan come together
"What are you saying? - That which you see, Badi-Ma"
And what everyone is watching
"This woman, whom Mother-in-law calls a friend, is a whore"
Yes Mother-in-law?
What am I hearing Parvati?
Why are you silent? Answer. - She is embarrassed
Landlords did keep whores
Now even a lady of the manor makes friendships in brothels. Wonderment
That's stripping without touching. You started the farce. I ended it
"No Kali Babu, if men could enact farce, what need for whores?"
You would've had your brothel too
You know it and it's commonplace
It is the aristocrat who brings cheer to the brothels
And bastards are born of aristocrats of your ilk
"Call them illegitimate if you will, but aristocracy runs in their veins"
Company of the aristocracy doesn't confer status to the courtesan
"Absolutely correct, Badi-Ma. But why should the lady be embarrassed?"
"If she spoke a few kind words to me, it's because she considers me human"
He who frequents the alleyways of disrepute ought to be ashamed
The very dens littered with trophies of the lust of his forefathers
Have you thought? You might have a sister somewhere in the brothels
Why sister? You might even visit your daughter's...
In the soil at the courtesan's doorstep...
is moulded the image of the goddess. The soil isn't impotent
Now the farce ends
"I return, lady..."
"back to my world, to those disreputable alleys..."
where I might someday find Dev Babu again
"Before leaving, I wish to apologise"
Talking in public about Chandramukhi was a mistake
I didn't make the other mistake. I told your husband and Badi Ma...
about your friendship with Devdas
You liked twisting my ear? I would cut your nose to spite your face
"Not at Parvati, fingers will be raised at us"
The matter must end here and now
Did you ask for me? - Yes Parvati
I would like to know... - Who Devdas is?
"Devdas is a childhood friend, he was body, I was soul"
"He is my love and he is my vanity and he is with me, always"
Do you realise what you are saying? - Same as what you told me
"You're now the lady of the manor, the mother of my children. No doubt"
"But Subhadra, I can never forget. - Subhadra was my wife"
Subhadra was your first love. Devdas is mine
"First love, like years can never be obliterated"
"Parvati, you are forgetting. You are the lady of the manor"
Maybe that's reason for my guilt? I'll accept any penalty you decree
Of course you will be punished
The very men who paid obeisances to this manor are enjoying a farce
You may never step out of the manor. This is your punishment
"But what punishment, Parvati? We are the ones being punished"
The lamps we lit in celebration have set fire to our house
Always put out the fires that threaten your home
"Fun, frolic and friends"
"Without you, life was desolate. With you, comes the cheer"
Why care for outcomes? Let's raise cheer
Yes friend?
Let clink the glasses
"Let clink the glasses, whatever the outcome"
"Let clink the glasses, whatever the outcome"
"And hear the chhalak-chal "in the swirl"
"Music, when my cup floweth over"
"And hear the dhamk-dhamk-dham "inside your heart..."
when you clink the glasses
"This madeira"..."
"This madeira" showers a rain of memories"
"In every spill, madeira "cheats the heart"
"The madeira" coursing down tells..."
tales of hearts
"Like lightning in hearts, it strikes clouds of sorrow"
And when it reaches the heart...
it evokes...
memories of her
Oh for a glimpse...
Oh for a glimpse of her
what little I pray for
So little I pray for
"Mira dances for her Ghanshyam..."
she dances in gay abandon
"Hear the jhanak-jhank-jhan "in the chime of her anklets"
"I'm in love, I don't care for censure"
And how...
"Now hear the thirak-thirak"? That's my heart dancing away"
Even a drop of alcohol is poison for him
Any moment may be treacherous
Try to keep him in good cheer
Oh God!
What is this Dharamdas? Cry and you will make me cry too
And people will call me a courtesan who cannot enact a farce
"We got to keep Dev Babu in good cheer, no?"
You're absolutely right. Let's wipe our tears
Let our laughter ring in Dev's ears
Yes Dharamdas. - Let's fill his life with joys
Yes Dharamdas. - All his woes be gone
"Yes Dharamdas, yes"
Game over. I win again
No point playing with you! You've robbed us blind
A few more games with you and you'll make me sell this brothel
Stop giggling and get lost
Time for your medicine. I'll send it over
"In a chalice. Else, it won't work. - Even contemplating it is lethal"
Met Paro?
How did you find my Paro? - If love be personified...
"Paro's would be the being, hers the very heart"
"Forbidden though it is, I always end up with a metaphor about eyes"
"One Paro and one, Chandramukhi"
"One, sentimental, vivacious"
"And you... how delicate, how demure"
"She is fickle, like a doe, gushing like a river..."
"the liar, the butterfly, the Moon and you...?"
"Poem? Ballad? Some tears, sometimes fire"
"Everyone loves her. - And you, unloved by all save me?"
"What is this, Chandramukhi? I was likening you to fortitude"
"What you turn out to be? Wax doll? Look at you, melting away"
Will you let the candle melt away and cast me in dark?
"You've done much for me, Chandramukhi. One more favour"
Let me leave. - No! You know not what you suffer
You know it and I suffer. - Then why must you...?
I must face myself before I'm lost
May a servant follow you?
I cannot bear to see my death mirrored in your eyes
I have been given heaven and earth
Will we meet again?
What the Judge of virtue and vice will pronounce for you I know not
"But in the afterlife, should we meet I won't be able to renounce you"
"As far as the train travels. Bombay, Delhi, Lahore, Assam"
"I want to see all of India, are you coming with me?"
"I'll take you around the world, if you keep up this cheer"
"I'm cheerful, am I not? My final journey has begun"
"Deva, what is the matter with you? - What's the matter...?"
Are you all right?
How come you haven't left? - I'm not leaving you all alone
Are you afraid I'll drink again? - Alcohol is poison for you
One drop... - And I'm dead?
"Yes! You were delirious, that's why I didn't leave you"
And enough of this journey. You've had your say and I've had enough
"At the next station, we change the train and we go to see your mother"
"At the next station, you go back to your compartment"
Why are you so stubborn? - Put out the lights
"And tomorrow, I'm taking you to a doctor. Always fickle"
"Passengers to Sonarpur, Garia, Phoolbagan to detrain"
"Dharamdas, you're back?"
Friend! How are you?
"Small world it is, that's why we keep bumping into each other"
So where and how have you been? - Right here and I'm fine
"Tell me how you have been. - What with me, I'm soaring"
"But you look... pale. What gives, friend?"
For a moment I was in a quandary. Is this my star of Chitpore?
"No, I'm all the same. - Even if you aren't, here I am"
"Let's raise cheer. It's been long, let's have a party"
So what if we aren't in a brothel? Even train compartments will do
"If not the dancing bells, let's cheer the rhythm of the rails"
"If not Chandramukhi, let it be between her paramours"
Here you are
"No Chuni Babu, I don't drink. - Someone has extracted a promise?"
"No. - Then do it, for friendship's sake"
After ages! Let's live it up. Why not?
"In a tomorrow, may we be? Might not"
"You'll be. As for me, you never know"
"My share of life I've lived, now I'm counting on my heart"
"What with the world, it will even grudge you your last breath"
Encore! How sweet! That's poetry
"Shards of the heart, they call poetry. I don't care"
What hurts is when they want... - Encores? Wonderful
"Encore, encore"
Hey Dev Babu...
what's happening?
What's ailing you? Have you taken a cure?
"I'm incurable, Chuni Babu"
"Then why did you drink, knowing...? - For friendship's sake, Chuni Babu"
"Friendship? You take me for a stranger? Not again, not again..."
"No stranger, Chuni Babu. You're the closest to me"
I've even imbibed your metaphor. The Sunrise of life...
the salutations... then the solace...
"and in seconds, time takes such a turn Chuni Babu..."
all ties with life are severed. - No Dev Babu
The Sun...
"the song, the serenade, sympathy between friends"
"But separation... no... - It all ends, Chuni Babu"
Silence? So deathly? As if I'm dead already?
I swear by our friendship...
this silence...
is stifling
"And you know Chuni Babu, miles to go..."
before my thirst is quenched
Oh when will my thirst be quenched?
What happened to Chhoti-Ma?
"Pandua. Passengers to Manikpur, Mirzapur, Mirgaon, detrain"
If serving me makes you happy...
"I promise you, before I die I will surely come to your doorstep"
"Swear that, by me"
Are we there?
The journey has just begun. What's wrong with you?
"Devdas... come to me, my darling"
All day tramping around the village with that Paro
Not another moment for you in this house
Deva! I'm not letting you leave! - Dharamdas! Don't let him go
Stop Dev
"Faster, please"
Very little time left
Yes sir
"Babu-ji said leave the village. Everyone said, leave Paro"
"Paro said, leave drinking. Now you say, leave this house"
"One day, He will say, leave this world"
Here's Manikpur. Brought you in before sun-up
Whom are you seeing in Manikpur?
"I'm here, Paro"
"What is the matter, Parvati? - Someone called out to me"
So late at night? Go to bed. You must be mistaken
Picked him up at Pandua station. I don't know...
"something happened to him overnight. Never said where to, in Manikpur"
What's that crowd outside?
"Some stranger has been lying there all night. Counting his last, maybe"
"Poor soul, must've come to return something he owed in this lifetime"
God rest his soul
"No chance of survival, Mahendra Babu"
He's breathing his last
She is manifest in Death
She is the life-force
"What is the matter, Parvati?"
These letters might provide a clue
She is Eternal peace
"If you are inattentive Parvati, you needn't say the prayers. Leave"
"For some wish unfulfilled, must be, he isn't giving up his ghost"
The policeman has identified him. He's from some Tal Sonapur
What's the name? - I don't know
Mahendra Babu knows. - Will you please call Mahendra?
"I said, call Mahendra. - Yes"
Yes? - Chhoti-Ma wants to see you. Now
"Yes Chhoti-Ma? You summoned me? - Yes, who's the man lying outside?"
"Someone from your village, one Devdas Mukherjee"
Who? - Devdas Mukherjee
How do you know? - Two letters in his pocket
"One, to Dwijdas Mukherjee. - His elder brother"
"And to one Kaushalya. - Yes, his mother"
The name was tattooed on his arm. - At a fair. It rained
Incomplete tattoo... - Also a torn necklace of pearls
Hit me here...
Where are you going Chhoti-Ma?
By now they must've taken him away
"Chhoti-Ma, stop..."
What happened to Chhoti Ma? - What's going on in this house?
Why this screaming? What's up Mahendra?
"Ma is going out! For some Devdas! - She has gone insane, stop her"
"Stop, Parvati!"
Don't let her step outside the manor
Stop Chhoti-Ma
Stop! Babu-ji forbids you
Secure the doors
Where will I find again...
my lost innocence...
my lost dreams...
my lost childhood
Where is gone the shade of trees...
where I made myself a home?
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