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Devils Own The

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- How was your day? - It was a bit cold.
- How did Frankie do? - Frankie was tremendous.
Are you hungry?
I won't give you too much.
Bless us, Lord, for these thy gifts which we are about to receive...
A gunman broke into a house in a remote coasta/ area -
- and shot to death a man be/ieved to be a Repub/ican sympathizer.
/t is the /atrst of many ki//ings since the peace ta/ks broke down.
Here's your target. Frankie Maguire.
He's responsible for the deaths of 11 regular Army lads -
- 7 RUC officers and uncounted numbers of loyalist paras.
He's never seen a jail cell. I'd like to change that.
This is it. Lads.
Mind how you go.
Stand by.
Move it!
- Seanie? - I'm fine. Half the Army's here.
Bloody English!
Keep your heads down.
I'm fucked. Frank.
- Frankie, let's get out of here. - Go on.
- We have to go now. - Go!
Where's Frankie Maguire?
Up your fucking arse.
/n a routine security operation, so/diers /ooking for an /RA gunman -
- found themse/vrs in an unexpected firefight.
The /RA denounced the attack as an un/awfu/ and murderous operation.
The Army put fu// rrsponsibi/ity on the /RA.
Both sidrs said they're sti// searching for peace.
But the vio/ence casts further doubts on future peace initiativrs.
It's Martin.
- For fuck's sake. Frankie. - You had me shaking there.
How are you doing?
- Are you hungry? - Cheers.
A present from the lads. They send their best.
Good to see you.
- You're looking well. - Fuck you, you cunt.
There was a big turnout for Dessie's funeral. Which was good.
The cabinet was talking peace. The SAS was waiting to take us out.
A setup.
- One of our own? - We still don't know who.
The Northern Ireland Office are spouting the same old shite.
They say the word peace, but all they want is surrender.
Those fucking things...!
If we could take them out. They'd have to listen.
Stinger missiles. Then they'll talk peace... but it's gonna need you.
- You're a judge, are you? - State Court.
I don't know too many judges... socially speaking.
We'd raise more money if people understood what goes on over there.
They say if you're not confused, you don't know what's going on.
That's it. Isn't it?
It's fantastic.
- Home sweet home. - We'll need the money quickly.
This is the construction company where you work.
- You're a friend of the family. - Are they connected?
Not in the least. Tom O'Meara served under my father.
- In the Army? - Police.
- A cop? - Safest place in the city.
- Mr. O'Meara? - Tom. Come on in. That's Annie.
How was your trip? It's a long one, isn't it?
This is Morgie.
Say hi to Rory. Sheila's in here.
- Sheila, Rory's here. - Hi. I'm the mother.
- Nice to meet you. - Bridget's on the phone.
The kids were supposed to get this crap out of the hallway.
It's not much. But it's dry and it's warm.
The bed's over here. There's a bath and shower here.
You've got to jiggle this. It runs.
- Did Fitz find you a job? - I start in couple of days.
- The TV's here. What are you doing? - On a building site.
- If there's anything you need... - No, thanks for putting me up.
- Don't thank us. Thank Fitz. - Dinner.
Besides, it's good to have somebody around here that pees standing up.
For food and clothes -
- for family, too, dear God, thank you...
I hope Rory likes his basement, because I don't.
- I like the basement a lot. - Pass the vegetables.
May I serve you?
Say when.
- That looks delicious. What is it? - It's corned beef and cabbage.
- Don't you have that in Ireland? - I've never had it.
- But you have this over there? - We do have that.
In fact I was baptized in it.
- You were baptized in beer? - That's a joke, honey.
- Have some more vegetables. - Eat your dinner.
- Why do you always pick on me? - Pass the mustard.
- What part of Ireland are you from? - Cookstown. In the north.
On the shore of Lough Neagh.
- Do you have a girlfriend there? - Come on, guys.
- That's a personal question. - Leave the guy alone.
- Bridget has a boyfriend. - Will you guys knock it off?
- Rory, welcome to America. - Thanks.
Sector David. 2746. 13:30 meal. Diaz, you're with me again.
Others, same as yesterday.
- Everybody's laughing at me. - Why?
I'm supposed to drive the car. You're supposed to sit next to me.
You've got the stripes.
The guy who rides with the sergeant is the chauffeur.
- So, when am I gonna drive? - I don't know. Tomorrow.
You've said that for three years!
- What's the time, goldilocks? - That's my sister, you bastard.
- Frankie! - It's Rory now, you cunt.
- What's that? - It's a high five. This is the USA.
- Look at the state of you. - It's called style.
- Calvin Klein. - Circus clown. Look at that one.
- Sorry! He did it. - I didn't.
Look at us two Fenian bastards!
- Jesus Christ. Mind the car. - That's yours?
She's a beaut. Isn't she? Bought and nearly paid for.
Fuck, I left the door open!
Frankie, are we gonna go through with this?
I've got a foot pursuit. Northbound. Male black.
Sarge! The car's blocked.
This is 35 Sergeant. 205 and Post.
Heading westbound toward the park.
Towards the park.
Move! Damn!
35 Sergeant. They're going through the park.
That's a copy, 35 Sergeant.
You're gonna be sorry.
- Don't lose him. - I'm on him.
God damn it! Come here. Let me see your hands.
He's my collar.
Don't run away from the police. You'll get yourself shot that way.
What have you got?
He robbed this. I saw him put it in his pocket.
- You witnessed it? - Yeah.
- How old are you, son? - 15. sir.
Stand him up.
That's old enough to know not to run away from the police.
What's your story?
I was too embarrassed to bring the condoms to the cash register.
Turn him around. Stand still.
Turn around. Give me your hand.
- I'll never do this again. - Take a hike.
Why don't you cuff the rookie?
Here it is. The Irish Republican Navy.
What do you think?
The pitch is off. It'll give us a half a knot.
For fuck's sake! It's pissing antifreeze.
- I knew it. - Pull it.
We've got the prop work, the caulking and the pipes, -
- the transducer, the bilge pump, and timing the engine out.
A dozen 55-gallon drums of fuel. Why don't we Fed-Ex the gear home?
The two of us crossing the Atlantic with a hold full of missiles...
- It's crazy. - Aye, it's fucking mad.
When I get my pension, you know what I'm gonna do?
- What are you gonna do? - I'm gonna raise pot-bellied pigs.
I saw it on TV. This guy was making a fortune.
Hi, girls.
- Last week it was a bakery. - I could never get up that early.
We have a 1052 at 42 Wrst 135th Street.
Fema/e ca//ed to say her husband's getting vio/ent.
Po/ice, open up.
Police, open the door.
- Hi, has Mummy called the police? - Yes.
- You whore, come here! - Put that gun down, man.
- No! - Let's ta/k to her.
- /'m going to ta/k to her. - Let's ta/k about it.
Take it easy.
Fucking guns, man.
- The john's downstairs. - I'm collecting for Irish Relief.
Irish Relief?
- Billy Burke. - Rory Devaney. Martin sent me.
He's a good man.
- How do you like America? - Fine, the land of opportunity.
14 years old, I was sleeping in the back of a saloon.
- Today I've got three of my own. - You've done well.
I've done well with you lads, too. Drink?
Sit down.
- When can we take possession? - These ain't egg rolls.
Stingers jacked the Russians out of Afghanistan. It'll take time.
- How much time? - 6- 8 weeks.
- Can I put you up? - I'm sorted out. Thanks.
- Where are you staying? - Across the river.
- Where? Brooklyn? - Something like that.
- How do I get in touch with you? - Ask for Sean.
This is a Manhattan number.
- About the money... - Get the gear, it's no problem.
Are you Belfast boys all born such hard-ons?
Are you asleep, honey.
- You faker. - I'm not tired.
I'll give you a mummy tuck. Where's ducky?
He's a sleepy ducky.
It's kind of funny seeing my sister getting all worked up.
He is cute. But it's not like she'd have a chance.
- Get off the phone. - Wait a minute.
- How long have you been talking? - Not that long.
- Who is it? - A friend.
- Three minutes. - Five minutes, please?
You have to press D-l-R. Return.
- What did you just press? - DIR.
And then enter. What does CLS do?
No. Don't do it.
We're out of milk.
I don't want to close it.
I'm going to get some milk.
You want to take a little walk? I'll buy you a beer. It's not far.
It's very peaceful here. Quiet.
- Do you know your neighbours? - Yeah. Most of them.
- Do you like 'em? - We get along pretty well.
What's it like over there?
It's violent. People are fed up.
- Doesn't seem to be a point to it. - It depends where you stand.
I just try to keep out of it.
- These houses are fantastic. - They're pretty old, around 1900.
Our new ones are older than that.
- Tony. - Hey, O'Meara.
- This is Rory Devaney. - Another friggin' mick.
I'm an immigration agent.
He runs a pet shop down the street. He's the Prince of the Poodles.
Those are fighting words. You know what this is?
- That's an Italian love muscle. - That's why it's in your hand.
Let's find out what you can do with one of these.
You and the sergeant. Me and Joey. Italians versus Irish.
Throw the milk in the cooler, Joey.
- You're a wonderful man. - Unbelievable. Isn't he?
I don't know if I can shoot.
You hear about the Irish guy who tried to blow up a car?
He burnt his lips on the tailpipe.
- That'll be mine. - You're up, Irish.
- What is this? - The luck of the Irish.
Let me check your green card.
There you go.
- Have you got money? Clean hanky? - I'll see you for dinner.
- Leave it out. - Take that, you Fenian bastard.
- Come on. - I'll get you back.
No surrender.
Burke called. He wants to talk to you.
Everything's set up for next week. He needs the money.
One. Two. Three.
Snip, snip, snip...
- A delivery for Mr. Fitzsimmons. - I'll take that.
Do you need me to sign for it?
No... that's fine.
Isn't it lovely, the way they glide like that? Not a care in the world.
Are you from Belfast?
You don't know who I am?
- I'm Michael's sister. Megan. - Michael Doherty?
- How's your mother? - Bad. Since they killed Michael.
- Will I be off then? - I best be getting on with it.
- Watch yourself, Frankie. - You as well. Iove.
What I wouldn't have given for that when I was 13.
Rory, Mom said dinner's ready.
- That's a lovely dress. - It's for Morgan's confirmation.
- Are you married? - No.
- Will you marry me? - I'll have to ask your da.
What are you doing in there? I need a shower.
- Wake up, lazybones. - Sheila!
- Get out! - It's my confirmation today.
You're not going to look any better. You might as well give up.
Mom, Morgan just gave me the finger. Tell her not to do that.
She has to get out of the bathroom. She only listens to you.
Oh. No! Dad!
There's something wrong with this family.
In the name of the Father. The Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
You have already been baptized.
You will now receive the power of the Lord's spirit.
You must be witnesses before the world -
- to his death, his suffering, his resurrection.
Your life must at all times reflect the goodness of Christ.
Now that you've come of age, I ask that you renew your baptismal vows.
- Do you renounce Satan? - I do.
- All his earthly works? - I do.
- His empty promises? - I do.
Do you believe in the Holy Catholic Church?
The forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection of the body?
- I do. - Amen.
- Hi. Aunt Birdie. - He said hello.
- Rory, this is my friend Brooke. - Hi, nice to meet you.
Stop it!
I'll be back in a second.
- You acted like such a dork. - I did not.
Coming through. Hot plate. Lasagne.
Is the corkscrew there?
You must be the faithful sidekick. I live beneath the stairs.
- Don't I look Irish to you? - Eddie, how are you?
I'm gonna have a pop.
Come here.
I love these guys.
In the kitchen.
- Hello. - Martin's dead. They got him.
We don't know how much they know. You can't go through with this.
This way.
The Cloisters is a series of monasteries transported here...
- Where's the judge? - He's scared.
He think's they're on to him, too.
- He says he wants no part of it. - And the money?
He said to hold on to it until you hear word from Belfast.
Is that it? is it finished?
By no means is it finished.
- I'll have to go to Belfast. - You can't show your face there.
I won't show my face.
Tell me who to see and what to say. I'll go.
Given the particular situation, we're going to have to postpone.
Make the payment now. I'll stockpile the stuff for you.
I can't do that. I'm to sit tight till things get worked out at home.
Hey, Mike.
I'm sorry about Martin, but these are not soda cans you asked me for.
These are no deposit, no return items, and I'm out of pocket.
- You're putting me in a tight spot. - That's the way it has to be.
- If that's the way it has to be... - It's the way it has to be.
I have to fly to Dublin, and visit my mother in Belfast.
I tell them the three ports that you might come in at.
That's it. Lovely. There you have it.
But it isn't just a message.
I mean like... you ever feel guilty about it?
Of course there's guilt.
I have sleepless nights about some things.
No one's innocent.
Everyone has their ghosts.
- Are you all right? - Aye...
Are you sure?
Beautiful! All you need now is a house, kids and a dog.
Look at this.
Wait till I get around. Take the radio.
35 sergeant. We've got a 1032 in progress.
He's got a gun!
Police! Freeze!
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I got the fucker!
Stop, damn it!
Toss it!
Don't make me shoot you.
Are you okay?
He was getting away.
He's dead. Man. Half his face is gone.
- What happened? - He was getting away.
- He turned with a gun in his hand. - You shot him in the back.
Here's his gun. He tossed it around the corner.
He shot at us, Tommy! He shot at us!
Thanks. Ted.
- You did good, Tom. - Grand jury?
- Yeah. Have you talked to Sheila? - I'll wait till I get home.
- You want a lift? - No, I'm okay.
- You're Diaz, right? - Yeah. That mutt shot at me...
- Is this your PBA rep? - Yes. He is.
Didn't he tell you you don't have to make a statement for 48 hours?
- Yes. He did. - Take his advice. Tommy.
- How did it go in there? - Fine.
What does that mean. Fine?
You shot him in the back.
- He was running away. - He shot at us!
We're in the police business, not the revenge business.
Did you cover for me?
I'm fine. I just had a few drinks. I didn't want to drive.
I'm fine. I just had a few drinks. I didn't want to drive.
He's here now. We'll be a half hour or so. Okay.
Are you all right there, Tommy?
There was a shooting today. Eddie killed a guy.
- Killed the bad guy? - Not that bad. I saw his sheet.
A couple of punk things, but...
Poor Eddie.
Pull over. I'm gonna be sick.
- Are you okay then? - Just give me a minute.
You've got "The Exorcist" here.
New York's finest.
- Sorry... - It's all right.
Can I ask you something?
Have you ever shot anyone?
No, I've never shot anyone.
I've fired my gun four times on the street.
Four times in 23 years.
If you pick up a gun, sooner or later someone gets a bullet.
- Big boys' rules. - And what do you know about that?
Common knowledge, I suppose.
Did you ever shoot anybody?
When I was eight, this man came into the house and killed my da.
He killed my da in front of us.
Let's go, please.
I'm sorry about your dad.
- Did they get the fuckers? - They are the fuckers.
Don't look for happy endings, Tom.
It's not an American story.
It's an Irish one.
What is it?
Lopez didn't have a gun in his hand when he was shot. He tossed it.
Eddie didn't see him toss it. I had the gun when Eddie shot him.
It was a bad call.
- You covered for him. - I lied about how it went down.
I've thought it through.
I'm going to take my pension. Retire.
In 23 years you never took a bribe. You never abused your power.
- You treat everyone fairly. - Not the dead guy.
- He shot at you! - He was stealing radios.
- He didn't deserve to be killed. - It's terrible.
But cops make mistakes. Besides, it was Eddie who made the mistake.
I lied! Don't you understand?
- I said I'd never do that. - You did it once. Tom.
What about next time? I can't do the job this way.
- I'm done with being a cop. - But you love being a cop.
I love you. I love the kids. I love what we've got.
I don't love being a cop... anymore.
I never told you this...
I was the only Irish girl in town who didn't want to marry a cop.
I don't want to go back to work.
The kids won't be home for two hours.
Hell. I'm retired...
Officer needs help. We're at 87 Cornelia Avenue.
They're armed.
87 Cornelia Avenue.
Get out!
- Get off of him. Man. - Tom...
Get up. Now!
- Easy, man. - Get up there against the wall.
- What do you want? - Shut your mouth, man!
If they get here, it gets complicated. Walk away now.
Damn it!
Get out of here. Man. Let 'em go.
- Sheila.... - Stay right where you are.
Don't you fucking move!
- Let 'em go. - I'm not going.
They're leaving.
It's okay. Nobody got hurt.
Are you all right?
Jesus. Man.
About 240. 6'4" or so.
The other one was medium. All/b>l white guys.
- Wearing masks? - Yeah.
What do you think you're doing?
Get him out of here.
You're a stupid man, Mr. Burke.
You're only seeing me standing between you and the money.
You're forgetting the thousand other men standing behind me.
That's a mistake.
Are you with me there, love?
You might want to talk to Sean about this.
- Maybe I'll give him a call. - You could if he was home.
But he's not home.
Do you want to see him? I know he wants to see you.
My pearls are still there, and the cash wallet.
The TV, the VCR, the computer. Nothing's missing.
- Call me from your sister's. - Yeah.
You got a rain check.
I owe you one.
I'll have the girls call tonight.
Go get the money.
There's a warehouse at 12th and Hudson.
Please. Don't fuck around. Or I'll kill your friend.
Stupid man.
I'll explain when you get here.
I need you, Eddie.
Who are you?
Did you bring this into my house?
- Aye. - Where have you just been?
I went to make sure it wouldn't happen again.
It was all lies. wasn't it? Everything you told us.
Except for how I feel about you and your family. That wasn't a lie.
I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen.
I just...
I don't have time to explain. I'll get my gear and I'll clear out.
What's the money for?
I was thinking guns. I was thinking IRA.
- I need that money, Tom! - Why?
So other eight-year-olds can watch their fathers be gunned down?
If this money leaves here, more people will die.
Can you tell me that won't happen?
What if tonight everything you had was burned down around you?
What if you and yours walked out on the street and were spat on?
Told you were nothing. No good.
What if it was one of yours cut down by a plastic bullet?
Would you just sit back and say, "Oh well..."
"Remember Annie. She was sweet."
"God bless her."
You've got to try and make some sense out of all of it.
You look around and you realize -
- you're dealing with a government that's fooled everyone.
All sides.
Normal people in a normal situation find it disgusting.
But you can't understand it because you haven't lived it.
I'm sorry it's going badly between us.
You're a good man.
But understand, I have to go!
I'm also a cop, and I can't let you go.
I'm going, Tom.
Come on. Eddie. Cuff him.
You drive.
Jesus. Iook at this.
It's the trash thing.
I'm a police officer. You have to move this vehicle.
- I can't do it. - Move the truck.
You move it!
Move. Move. Move!
- What kind of animal is this? - A bear.
What kind of noise does a bear make?
- What kind of animal is this? - An owl.
What kind of noise does an owl make?
- When do owls come out? - In the night-time.
Something terrible has happened.
There's some people here to see you. FBI.
- This is Sergeant O'Meara. - Stanley and Fisher. FBI.
We'd like to ask you about your association with Frankie Maguire.
- Who's Frankie Maguire? - Francis Austin Maguire.
Born July 27, 1964. Belfast. Northern Ireland.
From December 1985 he was a unit commander.
Falls Road Active Service Unit. Belfast Brigade, IRA.
Wanted for the crime of murder. 13 British soldiers.
11 police officers.
One thing I'm not clear about...
What is your relationship to this terrorist?
- Who are you? - Harry Sloan, British Intelligence.
- You are Irish... - So is Cardinal O'Connor.
I've been tracking these bastards for two years. He's the last one.
A month ago he came to New York.
I have the authority to use any means necessary -
- to bring closure to this issue.
You want to talk to me again... read me my rights.
Cooperate with these people.
Don't piss your career away over this.
They're not gonna bring him in.
They're gonna kill him.
The money, the missiles.
Where's Sean?
I have to see him.
Do you think you're gonna fuck with me, you bog-Irish hick!
Fuck with me?
I think not.
You're on your own here, laddie.
You know it... I know it...
...and I guarantee you Sean knows it.
Get him.
Give us the money.
You're a stupid man, Mr. Burke.
Sweet dreams.
My mind's been racing, but I've got a plan.
My sister lives with her husband in San Francisco. They'll sort you out.
- There's no sorting me out. - There is.
- I killed a cop. - That's why you've got to go there.
I leave tonight.
- I'm going back home. - We've got enough martyrs.
I'll ram that boat up their arse. You have to tell them I'm coming.
You don't have to give it up. Just lie low for a while.
If you want to fight, you have to stay alive.
Sean's dead.
I leave tonight.
Is the boss in? Police business.
- Tom, how are you? - Not so good.
- I had no idea. I tried to call. - I was at the hospital with Eddie.
I'm so sorry about Eddie.
I sponsor dozens of these kids. I should've checked his background.
I just can't put it together.
What's it for? The money?
- What was all that money for? - What are you talking about?
I'm racking my brain. The only thing I can think of is guns.
Like the one my wife had jammed in her face.
Guys with guns came to my house.
Did you know that?
Why don't you go home...
Get some rest.
I'm sorry, Peter...
I will go home. I'm tired.
As soon as I lock him up.
Do me one more favour. Tell me...
- Where is he? - I don't know.
Where is he? I'll put your head right through this fucking wall.
Stop! I just want to talk to you.
Come here.
Open the door!
I just want to talk!
- Where is he? - He's not here.
Don't you touch him!
- Rory! - Keep away from me, Tom.
- What's your name? - Megan Doherty.
He's away, Megan.
I'm Tom O'Meara. Rory's been staying with us.
Did he tell you?
I understand why he's doing what he's doing.
If I'd endured what he's endured...
If I'd seen my father gunned down in front of my family...
...I'd be carrying a gun, too, but I wouldn't be wearing a badge.
I'm not going to lie to you. I'm here to bring him in.
He killed a cop.
The FBI is after him.
The guys he was doing business with here are after him.
There's an SAS agent -
- who has tracked down and killed every other member of his unit.
He doesn't have to die.
If you want to see him again, you've got to help me find him.
I promise you I'll do everything I can to bring him in alive.
Mr. O'Meara!
Hold it! Let me see your hands!
- I've got to bring you in, son. - I'm not going back.
- The killing's got to stop. - You'll have to kill to stop it.
It gets a bit complicated, doesn't it?
Nobody has to get killed.
- Go home to your family, Tom. - Don't move!
I'm not going back.
I told you. I warned you.
Did I tell you my da was a fisherman?
He loved the rocking of the sea.
He said there was no more peaceful way of going to sleep.
You're a good man, Tom.
Hang on, Rory. I'll get you to shore.
- Hang on, kid. - I told you...
It's not an American story.
It's an Irish one.
We never had a choice... and I.
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Dont look now
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