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Subtitles for Die Another Day (2002) CD1.

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Die Another Day (2002) CD1

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Look, what is this? I'm supposed to...
Colonel Tan-Sun Moon's H.Q. De-Militarized Zone North Korea
Open the bag.
That will teach you to lecture me.
Retract the blast doors.
Find me a new anger therapist.
I am Zao.
You are late.
Mr. Van Bierk. I've been looking forward to this meeting.
Me too.
My African military friends owe you many thanks, Colonel Moon.
Few men have the guts to trade conflict diamonds since the U.N. Embargo.
I know all about the U.N. I studied at Oxford and Harvard.
Majored in Western hypocrisy.
From your modest collection of cars, I wouldn't have guessed.
Show me the diamonds.
Show me the weapons.
Bring the weapons.
Hiding weapons in the de-militarized zone.
- It's a bit of a minefield out there. - America's cultural contribution.
One million landmines. And my hovercrafts float right over them.
RPGs, flamethrowers, automatic weapons...
...and enough ammunition to run a small war.
My diamonds?
Check it over quick.
Don't blow it all at once.
I have special plans for this consignment.
His name is James Bond, a British assassin.
Mr. Van Bierk, let me show you something.
Our new tank buster.
Depleted uranium shells, naturally.
And how do you propose to kill me now, Mr. Bond?
It's pathetic that you British still believe you have the right to police the world.
You will not live to see the day all Korea is ruled by the North.
Then you and I have something in common.
Who is it?
Where's my son?
It's the General.
Hello... Father.
Why is there a fire?
I'll be there in five minutes.
Get the weapons out of here.
...and kill the spy.
Saved by the bell.
My son is dead.
14 months later
I don't condone what they do here.
I don't condone what they do here.
Tell it to the concierge.
Still you jest.
Defiant to the last.
Your people have abandoned you.
Your very existence denied.
Why stay silent?
It doesn't matter anymore.
Things are out of my hands.
We reach the end, Mr. Bond.
Spare me the unpleasantries.
Spare me the unpleasantries.
Fifty years after the superpowers carved Korea in two...
...and then you arrive.
A British spy, an assassin.
And now the hard-liners have their proof.
We cannot trust the West.
You took away my son.
Your firing squad should have done the job for me.
I hoped a Western education would help him become a bridge...
...between our worlds.
But all it did was to corrupt him.
Let's get this over with, shall we?
My son had an ally in the West.
For the last time, who was it?
Who made him betray his country and name?
The same person who betrayed me.
Turn around.
Start walking.
Keep walking, please.
Keep moving.
I'm being traded...
...for you.
Keep moving. Keep walking, please.
Your time will come.
Not as soon as yours.
Keep walking, please.
Look at him.
Double check.
You'd think he was some kind of a hero.
- Reference nine. - Sir.
Section four.
Okay, hold him tight. Got him.
Watch his legs now.
All right, let's go.
No biological agents in the prelim scan. He's clean.
Pulse, 72. Blood pressure, 120/80.
Indications of neurotoxins, histamine, serotonin and enzyme inhibitors.
Scorpion venom.
Note also traces of a venom antiserum.
They'd sting him then administer the antidote.
Yet his internal organs seem unaffected.
Liver not too good. It's definitely him then.
Welcome back.
Such hospitality.
You don't seem too pleased to see me.
If I'd had my way, you'd still be in North Korea.
Your freedom came at too high a price.
He tried to blow up a summit between South Korea and China.
Took out three Chinese agents before he was caught.
And now he's free.
I never asked to be traded.
I'd rather die than let him loose.
- You had cyanide. - Threw it away years ago. What is this?
The top American agent... the North Korean High Command was executed a week ago.
The Americans intercepted a signal from your prison naming him.
- And they think it's me? - You were the only inmate.
They concluded you cracked and were hemorrhaging information.
We had to get you out.
And what do you think?
With the drugs they gave you, you wouldn't know what you said.
I know the rules.
And number one is, no deals.
Get caught and you're given up.
The mission was compromised.
Moon got a call exposing me.
He had a partner in the West. Even his father knew.
- Whether that's true or not, it's irrelevant. - No, it isn't.
The same person who set me up then set me up to get Zao out.
So I'm going after him.
You're going to our evaluation center in the Falklands.
Double-O status rescinded.
Along with my freedom?
For as long as I deem necessary, yes.
You're no use to anyone now.
- He's in cardiac arrest. - Get the crash cart. Notify his superiors.
- He's flat-lining on the ECG. - Stand by.
Two hundred joules.
Three hundred.
Get me some atropine. We're losing him! Stand by. Clear.
I'm checking out.
Thanks for the kiss of life.
Security breach on level three. All personnel, defensive code red.
Apprehend and detain with force.
Security breach on level three. All personnel, defensive code red.
Apprehend and detain with force.
Security breach on level three. All personnel, defensive code red.
My goodness, standards are falling.
No tie, dear me.
My usual suite, please.
Do you have a credit card?
Or even any luggage, sir?
Mr. Bond, so good to see you.
- It's been a long time. - Mr. Chang.
Open the Presidential Suite.
Send up my tailor. And some food.
The lobster's good, with quails' eggs and sliced seaweed.
- And if there's any left, a '61 Bollinger. - Of course.
Do it... quickly.
Been busy, have we, Mr. Bond?
Just surviving, Mr. Chang. Just surviving.
I am Peaceful Fountains of Desire, the masseuse.
I come with compliments of the manager.
I'm sure you do. Come in.
On the bed, please. Face down.
Yes, of course.
I'm not that kind of masseuse.
I'm not that kind of customer.
You think I haven't always known you're Chinese Intelligence, Chang?
- Hong Kong is our turf now. - Don't worry about it.
I'm not here to take it back.
Put your hands down.
What the hell do you want?
Just to help you settle a score.
Zao killed three of your men.
You get me into North Korea, I'll take care of him for you.
What's in it for you?
Chance to get even.
Zao has information I need.
- I'll have to ask Beijing. - Do it.
Now get out.
Unless you really wanna give me a massage.
Mr. Bond.
A little thank-you from us.
It seems Mr. Zao has lost himself in Havana.
If you find him, say goodbye from us.
With pleasure.
I'm here to pick up some Delectados.
Delectados? We haven't made Delectados in 30 years.
Universal Exports. Check with your boss.
Universal Exports.
Follow me.
Your passport, señor.
I'd come to think the Delectados would never be smoked.
They are particularly hazardous for one's health, Mr...?
Mr. Bond.
Do you know why?
It's the addition of the Volado tobacco.
Slow burning.
It never goes out.
Just like a sleeper.
Sorry for the rude awakening.
I love my country.
I'd never ask you to betray your people.
- I'm after a North Korean. - A tourist?
A terrorist.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Zao has no interest in other people's freedom.
I still have some friends in high places.
Favors called in. Some dollars spread about.
We find your friend is here, on an island.
In Los Organos.
There is a strange clinic run by Dr. Alvarez.
He leads the field in gene therapy.
Increasing the life expectancy of our beloved leaders.
And, of course, the richest Westerners.
We may have lost our freedom in the revolution...
...but we have a health system second to none.
You didn't do too badly out of the revolution.
We all have our ways of getting by.
You'd be surprised how many government officials come to me...
...for reminders of the decadent times. - Yeah, well...
- Mind if I borrow these? - Please.
My sources tell me this Zao is very dangerous.
I wish I could give you more help.
I could use a fast car.
Mojito, por favor.
Mr. Krug, your admittance papers for the Alvarez Clinic.
About bloody time, Fidel.
Round up more girls and take them to room 42.
Unless you want to be known as Fidel Castrato.
Magnificent view.
It is, isn't it?
Too bad it's lost on everybody else.
You should try it.
Giacinta Johnson. My friends call me Jinx.
My friends call me James Bond.
Jinx, you say?
Born on Friday the 13th.
Do you believe in bad luck?
Let's just say my relationships don't seem to last.
I know the feeling.
The predators usually appear at sunset.
And why is that?
It's when their prey comes out to drink.
Too strong for you?
I could learn to like it. If I had the time.
How much time have you got?
Until dawn. What about you?
I'm just here for the birds.
Ornithologist, huh?
Now there's a mouthful.
So you're gonna be busy tonight with the owls then?
No owls in Los Organos. Nothing to see till the morning.
Not out there anyway.
So, what do predators do...
...when the sun goes down?
They feast... there's no tomorrow.
Are you always this frisky?
I've been missing the touch of a good woman.
Who says I'm good?
What do you want?
- I don't need a wheelchair. - No?
You do now.
- Okay. - Gracias.
Isla Los Organos
So you are to have DNA-replacement therapy.
Let me explain the two phases.
First, we kill off your bone marrow. Wipe the DNA slate clean.
Phase two:
Introduction of new DNA harvested from healthy donors.
Orphans, runaways...
...people that won't be missed.
I like to think of myself as an artist.
And this is when I create.
Thank you.
It is a painful process, I'm afraid, but...
...all great art is.
I'll certainly enjoy working on you.
Of course, most artists are only truly appreciated...
...after they're dead.
My father was a sergeant. We lived in Hampshire.
I have fond memories of the countryside.
Got your attention.
Who's bankrolling your makeover, Zao?
Same person who set me up in North Korea?
James? What's going on?
Jinx, you gotta get out of here now! Move! Move!
Move it!
Let's go!
You see, my friend, the chemical composition shows...
...this is from Sierra Leone. Conflict diamonds.
There's some kind of marking here.
- "GG." - Let me see.
From the Graves Corporation in Iceland.
That's his laser signature.
A man called Gustav Graves discovered diamonds there...
...a year or so ago.
Yet they're identical to conflict diamonds.
What an amazing coincidence.
How can he escape from a British warship... the middle of Hong Kong harbor, right under your nose?
- Interesting station, Moneypenny? - I got a storm warning.
You were supposed to throw away the key...
...not leave the door wide open.
Are you implying I had a hand in his escape?
Well, Bond got away real fast, didn't he?
It is what he's trained to do.
Your boy's been very busy.
He torches a clinic in Cuba.
Listen, you put your house in order...
...or we're gonna do it for you.
Your drink, sir.
Lucky I asked for it shaken.
- When's he coming? - I don't know.
- Looks like your man won't make it. - He's right on time.
Wonderful day to become a knight.
Will you be using your title, Mr. Graves?
I'm proud of my adopted nation, but I'd never stand on ceremony.
After that entrance, you can't be surprised...'re called a self-publicizing adrenaline junkie, can you?
I prefer "adventurer."
We've heard about the Icarus space program. What's the secret?
It's a surprise. You'll soon be enlightened.
You work 24l7. Is it true that you don't need sleep?
You get one shot at life. Why waste it on sleep?
Aren't you trying out for the Olympic fencing team?
- We hear you're training furiously. - I never get furious.
As they say in fencing, "What's the point?"
Thank you.
We don't want to keep Her Majesty waiting any longer.
- Mr. Graves. - Mr. Graves.
That's a hit.
James Bond.
Your lesson.
I see you handle your weapon well.
I have been known to keep my tip up.
Do you mind? I think I've come undone.
Why not?
Hit. Positions. Play.
Feast your eyes on the finest blade in the club.
Gustav Graves?
His publicist, Miranda Frost.
My protégé. Gorgeous, isn't she?
She took the gold at Sydney.
- By default, if I remember. - Default?
The one who beat her OD'd on steroids.
Miranda deserved that gold.
Now she's teaching Graves how to win one.
He only plays for cash.
He's won so much, nobody else wants to fight him.
You wanna meet him?
Lead on.
- Gustav? - Verity.
- And Mr...? - Bond.
James Bond.
- Have we met before? - I think I'd remember.
Of course you would. My mistake.
- Are you a gambling man, Mr. Bond? - Lf the stakes are right.
A thousand a point too much for you?
Care to place a bet, Verity?
No, thanks.
I don't like cockfights.
Shall we?
Excuse me.
Best of three hits?
Ready. Play.
En garde.
Do you want to continue?
- You wanna up the wager? - How much can you afford?
Let's play for this.
I picked it up in Cuba.
I believe it's one of yours.
My, my. They do get around.
But then diamonds are for everyone.
Brilliant specimen. Completely flawless.
And chemically identical to African conflict diamonds.
Then you're about to lose something very precious.
- Play. - En garde.
Oh, dear.
You want to continue?
Of course I want to bloody continue!
But since we're upping the wager...
...let's up the weapons, shall we?
Let's do this the old-fashioned way. First blood drawn from the torso.
That is enough!
It's just a little sport, Miranda.
Seems you beat me, Mr. Bond.
Settle downstairs, shall we?
You're a rare challenge, Mr. Bond.
I'm putting on a scientific demonstration in Iceland at the weekend. Icarus?
Perhaps you could join us. Miranda, make the arrangements.
Once I've smoothed things over with the club.
What would I do without you?
Can I expect the pleasure of you in Iceland?
I'm afraid you'll never have that pleasure.
Excuse me, Commander Bond. Someone left this for you.
Place needed redecorating anyway.
I heard of this place.
Never thought I'd find myself here.
Some things are best kept underground.
An abandoned station for abandoned agents.
- Your calling card. - So, what have you got on Graves?
You burn me...
...and now you want my help? - Did you expect an apology?
I know you'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.
- Just like you. - The difference is, I won't compromise.
Well, I don't have the luxury of seeing things as black and white.
- While you were away, the world changed. - Not for me.
You're suspicious of Graves, or I wouldn't be here right now.
- So, what do you have? - Nothing beyond the official biography.
Orphan working in a diamond mine...
...learns engineering, makes a huge find in Iceland and gives half of it to charity.
From nothing to everything in no time at all.
- And his demonstration this weekend? - Probably just another publicity stunt.
Tell me what you know about this Cuban clinic.
Gene therapy.
New identities courtesy of DNA transplants.
So-called "beauty parlor." We'd heard rumors. I didn't think it really existed.
It doesn't anymore.
Zao got away, but he left these behind.
All from Gustav Graves' mine.
I think it's a front for laundering African conflict diamonds.
We need to tread carefully. Graves is politically connected.
Lucky I'm on the outside, then.
It seems you've become useful again.
Then maybe it's time you let me get on with my job.
Forgive my mentioning it, but a perfect marksman...
...isn't really supposed to shoot his own boss.
Check the replay.
You'll find he's dead and she's only got a flesh wound.
There's always an excuse, isn't there, double-O zero?
Give me the old firing range any day.
Yes, but it's called the future, so get used to it.
So this is where they keep the old relics, then, eh?
This is where our most cutting-edge technology is developed.
- Point taken. - Must you touch everything?
Does this still work?
- Now, look... - So where is this cutting-edge stuff?
I'm trying to get to it.
Weapon, please.
One pane unbreakable glass, one standard-issue ring finger.
Twist so. Voilá.
Ultra-high frequency single-digit sonic agitator unit.
- You're cleverer than you look. - Better than looking cleverer...
...than you are. Follow me.
Now, a new watch. This will be your 20th, I believe.
- How time flies. - Yes, well, 007...
...why don't you establish a record by returning this one.
Your new transportation.
- Maybe you've been down here too long. - The ultimate in British engineering.
- You must be joking. - As I learned from my predecessor...
...I never joke about my work.
Aston Martin call it the Vanquish, we call it the Vanish.
- Very good. - Adaptive camouflage.
Tiny cameras project the image they see...
...onto a light-emitting polymer skin on the opposite side.
To the casual eye, as good as invisible. Plus, the usual refinements:
Ejector seat, torpedoes, target-seeking shotguns to shoot down mobile objects.
The manual. Should be able to shoot through that in a couple of hours.
Just took a few seconds, Q.
Wish I could make you vanish.
Come in.
Before you leave on your mission for Iceland...
...tell me what you know of James Bond.
He's a double-O. A wild one, as I discovered today.
He'll light the fuse on any explosive situation...
...and be a danger to himself and others. Kill first, ask questions later.
His method is to provoke and confront. A man nobody can get close to.
A womanizer.
You're going to be seeing a lot more of him in Iceland.
With great respect, a man like him could blow my cover.
You volunteered for this, but in three months, you've found next to nothing.
Graves seems to be clean.
Bond thinks differently, so I'm going to let him do what you so ably described:
Mix things up a little with Mr. Graves. With you there...
...things won't get out of hand.
In your three years in Cryptology, you've kept business and pleasure separate.
You haven't fraternized with any of your fellow agents, despite several advances.
It would be foolish to get involved with someone within the community.
Especially James Bond.
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