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Die Hard 1988 Extended Version CD2

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Rivers. - Yo.
Begin your reconnoitre.
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Ow! Jesus!
(tyres squealing)
All right, spread out.
Shut up.
Let's go.
You macho assholes. No! No!
Ahem... all right. Listen up, guys.
'Twas the night before Christmas...
... and all through the house...
... not a creature was stirring, except...
... the four assholes coming in the rear in standard...
...two-by-two cover formation.
We're all set.
We're ready.
Kick ass.
Right. Let's do it.
Take cover!
They're shooting at 'em.
It's panic fire. They can't see anything. - They're shooting at the lights.
They're going after the lights. Call them back.
It's not happening.
Mike, burn it.
Don't be impatient.
Just wound them.
Get them back. They're sitting ducks.
They're almost in.
Send in the car. Send in the car.
Jesus Christ!
Rivers, Rodriguez, report.
Wait a minute. What have we here, gentlemen?
The police have themselves an RV.
Southeast corner.
(shouting in German)
Oh, Jesus Christ.
(elevator whirrs)
Get back! Get the fuck back!
Get over there.
Schnell! Schnell!
Mach schnell!
Weiter! Weiter! Weiter!
Mach schnell! Mach schnell!
Mach los! Mach los!
I see him!
(speaking German)
Feuer! - Clear!
Oh, my God! The quarterback is toast!
Hang on, Rivers. That's an order.
Hit it again.
All right, you made your point! Let 'em pull back!
Thank you. I'll take it under advisement.
Hit it...
... again.
Fuck me.
Get them out of the car! They're burning!
Fuck it.
(speaking German)
Mach schnell! Mach los!
Let's see you take this under advisement, jerkweed.
Geronimo, motherfucker.
Oh, shit!
They're using artillery on us! - You idiot, it's not the police.
It's him.
Holy shit.
My God!
Tell me you got that. - I got it.
Eat your heart out, Channel 5.
(TV)... an update on the terrorist takeover of the Nakatomi building.
Sources say the terrorist leader, Hans, may be this man, Hans Gruber.
A member of the radical West German Volksfrei movement.
The Volksfrei leadership issued a communiqué an hour ago...
... stating that Gruber had been expelled from that organisation.
(McClane) Al, do you copy?
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
W-what was that?
Remember that plastic explosive I told you about?
There you go. Is the building on fire?
No, but it's gonna need a paintjob and a shitload of screen doors.
Our spotter said you got two with that blast.
Is that him? - Yes, sir.
I don't know who you think you are...
...but you just destroyed a building.
We do not want your help. Is that clear?
We don't want your help.
I've got 100 people down here covered with glass.
Glass? Who gives a shit about glass? Who the fuck is this?
This is Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T Robinson...
...and I am in charge of this situation.
Oh, you're in charge?
I got some bad news for you, Dwayne.
From up here it doesn't look like you're in charge of shit.
Listen to me, you little asshole...
I'm not the one who just got buttfucked on national TV, Dwayne.
Listen to me, jerk-off...
... if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
Quit being part of the problem and put the other guy back on!
Hey, Roy, how you feeling?
Pretty fucking unappreciated, Al.
Hey, look. I love you.
So do a lot of the other guys.
So hang in there, man, you hear me?
You hang in there.
Yeah, thanks, partner.
(Ellis snorts)
What are you doing?
I'm tired of sitting here waiting to see who gets us killed first...
...them or your husband.
What are you going to do?
I negotiate million-dollar deals for breakfast.
I think I can handle this Euro trash.
Hey, sprechen sie talk, huh?
If you'd listened to me, he would be neutralised already.
I don't want neutral. I want dead.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
What does he want?
It's not what I want. It's what I can give you.
Look, let's be straight, OK?
You're not some dumb schmuck up here to snatch a few purses.
You're very perceptive.
I watch 60 Minutes. I say to myself, these guys are professional...
...they're motivated, they're happening.
They want something.
I couldn't care less about your politics. Maybe you're pissed off at the camel jockeys.
Maybe it's Northern Ireland. It's none of my business.
You're here to negotiate, right?
You're amazing.
You figured this all out already?
Hey, business is business.
You use a gun, I use a fountain pen. What's the difference?
In my terms, you're here on a hostile takeover.
You grab us for some greenmail but didn't expect a poison pill to be running around.
Am I right?
I'm your white knight.
I must have missed 60 Minutes.
What are you saying?
The guy upstairs who's fucking things up, huh?
I can give him to you.
(McClane) Oh, God...
Roy? Roy, you all right?
Just trying to fire down a 1,000-year-old Twinkie.
What do they put in them?
Sugar-enriched flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil...
...polysorbate 60...
... and yellow dye number five.
Just everything a growing boy needs.
How many kids you got, Al?
As a matter of fact, my wife is working on our first.
How about you, cowboy?
You got any kids back on your ranch?
Sure hope I can see them swinging on ajungle gym with Al Jnr someday.
(Powell laughing)
Well, now, that's a date...
... but you bring the ice cream.
(Hans) Touching, cowboy. Touching.
Or should I call you...
...Mr McClane?
Mr Officer John McClane...
... of the New York Police Department?
Get on the phone to Harry in New York.
Get a hold of somebody at Dispatch.
Sister Theresa called me Mr McClane in the third grade.
My friends call me John... ...and you're neither, shithead.
I have someone who wants to talk to you. A very special friend...
... who was with you at the party tonight.
Hey, John boy.
Listen, John, they're giving me a few minutes to talk sense into you.
I know you think you're doing yourjob...
... but you're dragging this out. No one gets out of here until these guys...
...can talk to the LA police.
That won't happen until you stop messing up the works. Capisce?
Ellis, what have you told them?
That we were old friends and you were my guest...
... at the party.
Ellis, you shouldn't be doing this.
Tell me about it.
All right, John, listen.
Tell them where the detonators are.
They know people are listening.
They want the detonators, or they're gonna kill me.
John, didn't you hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
John, get with the programme! The police are here now. It's their problem.
Tell them where the detonators are!
I'm putting my life on the line for you, pal!
Ellis, listen to me carefully.
Shut up, Ellis! Just shut your mouth! Put Hans back on the line.
Hans, this shithead doesn't know what kind of man you are, but I do.
Then you'll give us what we want and save your friend's life.
You're not part of this equation.
Hey, what am I, a method actor?
Babe, put away the gun. This is radio, not television.
Hans, this asshole is not my friend! I don't know him!
Jesus Christ, Ellis! These people will kill you! Tell them you don't know me!
How can you say that after all these years?
John? John?
(screaming on radio)
Do you hear that?
Talk to me! Where are my detonators?
Where are they, or shall I shoot another one?
Sooner or later, I might get to someone you do care about.
Go fuck yourself, Hans.
He just let the guy die.
He gave him up. Give me that headset. That's like pulling the trigger yourself.
Can't you see what's happening? Can't you read between the lines?
He did everything he could to save him.
If he gave himself up, they'd both be dead right now!
No way, man. They'd be talking to us.
You tell this partner of yours to stay out of this from now on.
Because if he doesn't, I'm really going to nail his ass.
The man is hurting. He is alone, tired...
...and he hasn't seen diddly-squat from anybody here!
You're gonna tell me he'll give a damn...
...about what you do to him if he makes it out of there alive?
Why don't you wake up and smell what you shovelling?
You listen to me, Sergeant.
Any time you want to go home, you consider yourself dismissed.
No, sir. You couldn't drag me away.
(Hans) Attention, police.
Attention, police.
This is Sergeant Al Powell... - Give me that.
This is Deputy Chief Dwayne Robinson.
Who is this?
This is Hans Gruber.
I assume you realise the futility of direct action against me.
We have no wish for further loss of life.
What is it you do wish for?
I have comrades in arms around the world languishing in prison.
The American State Department enjoys rattling its sabre for its own ends.
Now it can rattle it for me.
The following people are to be released from their captors.
In Northern Ireland, seven members of the New Provo Front.
In Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of Liberté de Quebec.
In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn.
What the fuck?
(whispers) Asian Dawn?
I read about them in Time magazine.
When these revolutionary brothers and sisters are free...
...the hostages in this building will be taken to the roof...
...and they will accompany us in helicopters to LA International Airport...
...where they will be given further instructions. You have two hours to comply.
Wait a minute. Uh, Mr. Gruber. This is crazy.
I don't have the authority. Two hours is not enough.
Hello? Hello!
Did you get all that? We got to make some calls.
Do you think they'll even try?
Who cares?
Theo, are we on schedule?
One more to go, then it's up to you.
You better be right, because the last one will take a miracle.
It's Christmas, Theo.
It's the time of miracles, so be of good cheer...
...and call me when you hit the last lock.
...hunt that little shit down and get those detonators.
Fritz is checking the explosives.
I'll check the explosives. You just get the detonators.
Hey, Powell, you out there?
I'm here, John. I'm here.
You gotta believe me. There was nothing I could do.
Well, it's gonna be both our asses if you're wrong.
I hear you.
Did you catch that bullshit Hans was running?
It doesn't make sense, man.
Don't ask me. I'm just a deskjockey who was on my way home when you rang.
The way you drove that car, I figured you for the street, Al.
In my youth. In my youth.
... author of "Hostage Terrorist, Terrorist Hostage: A Study in Duality."
Dr Hasseldorf, what can we expect in the next few hours?
Well, Gail...
...the hostages should be going through the early stages of the Helsinki Syndrome.
As in Helsinki, Sweden.
(Hasseldorf) Finland.
Basically, it's when the hostages and the terrorists...
...go through a psychological transference and a projection of dependency.
A strange sort of trust and bond develops.
We've had situations where the hostages have embraced their captors after release...
... and even corresponded with them in prison.
No, no, darling. Asian Dawn. Dawn.
Sir? - Yeah?
Sir, the FBI is here.
The FBI is here now? - Yes, sir. Right over there.
Hold this.
Want a breath mint?
(Robinson) How you doin', man?
I'm Agent Johnson. This is Special Agent Johnson.
Oh, how you doing? - No relation.
I'm, uh...
I'm Dwayne Robinson, LAPD. I'm in charge here.
Not any more.
Hi, there. How you doing?
Please, God. No. You're one of them, aren't you?
You're one of them.
No! Don't kill me! Please!
Don't kill me, please! Please, please!
Whoa. Relax. I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you!
Oh, God.
What are you doin' up here? What were you lookin' for?
I managed to get out of there and...
...I was just trying to get up on the roof...
...and see if I could signal for help.
It's through here. Come and help.
Hold it. Forget the roof.
Forget the roof. They got people all over it.
You wanna stay alive, you stay with me.
The best we can figure it...
...we've got maybe 30 or 35 hostages up there...
...probably on the 30th floor...
...and maybe seven or eight terrorists up there.
Sounds like an A-7 scenario.
Thank you. We'll handle it from here.
When we commandeer your men, we'll try and let you know.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Such as?
What about John McClane?
He's the reason we have any information.
He's also the reason you're facing seven terrorists, not twelve.
He's inside? Who is he?
He might be a cop. We're checking on that.
One of yours? - No, no way.
You smoke?
You don't work for Nakatomi.
And if you're not one of them...
I'm a cop from New York.
New York?
Got invited to the Christmas party by mistake.
Who knew?
Better than being caught with your pants down, huh?
I'm John McClane.
You're, uh...
Bill Clay.
Know how to use a handgun, Bill?
I spent a weekend at a combat ranch. That game with the guns that shoot red paint.
Probably seems stupid to you.
Time for the real thing, Bill.
All you got to do is pull the trigger.
Come on.
33. Stockwerk. Kommt sofort.
Put down the gun and give me my detonators.
Well, well, well...
Put it down now.
That's pretty tricky with that accent.
You oughta be on fuckin' TV with that accent.
But what do you want with the detonators?
I already used all the explosives.
Or did I?
I'm going to count to three.
Yeah. Like you did with Takagi?
No bullets.
What do you think... I'm fucking stupid, Hans?
You were saying?
Schieß auf das Fenster.
Shoot the glass!
Jesus Christ!
Smile, Karl. We're back in business.
... is the last resort of diplomacy...
... then couldn't we say that terrorism has an equal claim on being that, too?
Tell me you got something.
McClane's name, badge number, employment record, vital statistics...
...and his family's home address...
...right here in LA.
(elevator bell)
Go to work.
Got it.
God, that man looks really pissed.
He's still alive.
Hans, heat up that miracle because we just broke through on number six...
...and the electromagnetic came down like an anvil.
Have a look at what our friends outside are doing and I'll be right up.
(Powell) Hey, John.
John McClane, you still with us?
But all things being equal, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.
Chalk up two more bad guys.
The boys down here will be glad to hear that.
We got a pool going on you.
What kind of odds am I getting?
You don't want to know.
Put me down for 20.
I'm good for it.
Hey, pal, you got flat feet?
What the hell you talking about, man?
Something had to get you off the street.
What's the matter?
You don't think a desk job is a noble effort for a cop?
I had an accident.
The way you drive, I can see why.
What'd you do?
Run over your captain's foot with the car?
I shot a kid.
He was 13 years old.
It was dark. I couldn't see him. He had a ray gun, looked real enough.
When you're a rookie, they teach you everything about being a cop...
...except how to live with a mistake.
Anyway, I just couldn't bring myself to draw my gun on anybody again.
Sorry, man.
Hey, man, how could you know?
I feel like shit anyway.
Well, this won't matter.
The LAPD is not calling the shots down here any more.
The Feds?
You got it.
(Theo) It's gonna go. It's gonna go!
(lock releases)
(buzzers stop)
Merry Christmas.
They must be pissing in their pants.
The mayor is gonna have my ass.
What are we gonna do now?
Arrest them for not paying their electric bill?
We've shut them down.
We let them sweat for a while, then give them helicopters.
Right up the ass.
This is Agent Johnson.
No, the other one.
I want air support ready to lift off in five minutes.
Damn right. Fully armed. We're on the way.
Oh, yes!
I wish to talk to the FBI.
This is Special Agent Johnson.
The State Department has arranged for the return of your comrades.
Helicopters are en route as you requested.
I hear you. We'll be ready.
When he figures out what hit him, he'll be in a body bag.
When they touch down, we'll blow the roof.
Ah! Jeez!
Yo, Powell, you got a minute?
I'm here, John.
Listen, I'm starting to get a bad feeling up here.
I want you to do something for me.
I want you to find my wife. Don't ask me how. By then you'll know how.
Uh, I want you to tell her something. I want you to tell her that...
Tell her it took me a while to figure out...
...what ajerk I've been...
...but, um...
...that when things started to pan out for her...
...I shoulda been more supportive.
And, uh...
... I just should have been behind her more.
Oh, shit.
Tell her that, um...
...that she's the best thing that ever happened to a bum like me.
She's heard me say "I love you" a thousand times.
She never heard me say "I'm sorry".
I want you to tell her that, Al. Tell her that John said that he was sorry.
You got that, man?
Yeah, I got it, John.
But you can tell her that yourself.
You just watch your ass and you'll make it out. You hear me?
I guess that's up to the man upstairs.
What the fuck were you doing upstairs, Hans?
No, Al, listen. Just lay off for a while.
I gotta go check on something.
One minute, that's all I'm asking.
One minute to speak to them.
All right. Get back. Get back.
All right, look.
You let me in right now, or I call the INS, comprende?
This is the last time these kids are gonna have to speak to their parents.
All right?
All right. Come on. Come on.
What were you doing, Hans? What were you doing?
Jesus, Mary, mother of God.
Al, listen to me! It's a double-cross!
The roof is wired to...
(Powell) John?
John, come in!
Did you get that? - Something about a double-cross.
Tell me about it.
We are both professionals.
This is personal.
(radio smashes)
They're coming!
Choppers are coming.
Time to gather your flock, Miss Gennero.
(TV) Your mom and dad are very important people.
They're very brave people.
Is there something you'd like to say to them, if they're watching?
Come home.
Mrs McClane.
How nice to make your acquaintance.
On your feet, everyone! To the roof!
Lock them up there and come right back.
You should have heard your brother squeal... when I broke his fucking neck!
What do you figure the breakage?
I can live with that.
Get this thing on the deck.
They're expecting transports, not gunships.
Move it! Come on! Move!
Come on! Come on!
Move it!
Go! Move!
(Hans) Theo.
A little bonus for us.
Please, sit down. Sit down!
A policeman's wife might come in handy.
McClane, I have some news for you.
Come on!
(McClane) Motherfucker! I'll kill you!
The truck? - The truck.
After all your posturing, all your little speeches...'re nothing but a common thief.
I am an exceptional thief, Mrs McClane.
And since I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.
(McClane) You motherfucker!
I'm gonna fuckin' cook you, and I'm gonna fuckin' eat you!
I don't like this, Sarge.
Yee-hah! Just like fucking Saigon, eh, Slick?
I was in junior high, dickhead.
Where's Holly?
Where's Holly Gennero?
Holly Gennero? Where's Holly?
Where's Holly? Where is she?
They took her! - Where?
The vault!
Where is the vault? - The 30th floor!
They just took her!
Get downstairs!
The whole fucking roof is wired to blow! Get down!
Get down! Get the fuck downstairs!
They made us, Bureau. You got a terrorist shooting hostages.
I see him! Break left!
Nail that sucker!
I'm on your side, you assholes!
Swing around again! I'll bag this little bastard.
What the fuck...
Oh, John, what the fuck are you doing?
How the fuck did you get into this shit?
There's something wrong! They're coming back down!
Blow the roof. - But Karl's up there!
Blow the roof!
I promise I will never even think...
...about going up in a tall building again.
Oh, God, please don't let me die!
Holy Christ!
We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess.
Jesus fucking Christ!
(engine starts)
What the fuck is going on?
(Holly) What are you gonna do? Sit here while the building falls down?
All right!
Hey! Hey!
Hang on, baby.
Hang on, honey.
Oh, God.
(tyres squeal)
(McClane) Hans!
Hi, honey.
So that's what this was all about? A fuckin' robbery?
Put down the gun.
Why'd you have to nuke the whole building?
Well, when you steal $600, you can just disappear.
When you steal 600 million, they will find you...
...unless they think you're already dead.
Put down the gun.
(Holly gasps)
(Hans) Nein. This is mine.
You got me.
Still the cowboy, Mr McClane.
Americans... all alike.
This time, John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.
That was Gary Cooper, asshole.
Enough jokes.
You'd have made a pretty good cowboy yourself, Hans.
(Hans) Oh, yes. What was it you said to me before?
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.
Happy trails, Hans.
(Holly screaming)
I hope that's not a hostage.
Gimme water hook-ups for engine companies 5, 3, 9, 6.
Over here. It's a better angle.
(horn honks)
Keep it going, now. Keep it going.
Come on. We're going to miss it! - OK. Hand me my notes!
What was it like in there? How did they treat you?
Al, this is my wife Holly.
Holly Gennero.
Holly McClane.
Hello, Holly.
You got yourself a good man.
You take good care of him.
(Robinson) McClane!
McClane, I want a debriefing!
You got some things to answer for, mister.
Ellis' murder, for one thing.
Property damage, interfering with police business.
(Robinson) Go inside, see if there's anybody else!
No. This one's with me.
(horn honks)
Mr McClane, Mr McClane!
Now that it's all over and after this incredible ordeal, what are your feelings?
Well, well, well.
Merry Christmas, Argyle. - Merry Christmas.
Did you get that?
If this is their idea of Christmas, I gotta be here for New Year's.
(Vaughn Monroe singing) Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I brought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
When we finally kiss goodnight
How I hate goin' out in the storm
But if you really hold me tight
All the way home, I'll be warm
The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still good-byeing
But as long as you love me so
Let it snow
Let it snow
Let it snow
(choir singing Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" in German)
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Double Team
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