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Subtitles for Die Hard With a Vengeance.

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Die Hard With a Vengeance

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LOVIN' SPOONFUL: [Singing]|Hottown, summer in the city.
Back of my neck|gettin' dirt and gritty.
Been down. Isn't it a pity?
Doesn't seem to be a shadow|in the city.
AII around,|peopIe Iookin' half-dead...
waIkin' on the sidewaIk|hotterthan a match head.
But at night,|it's a differentworId.
Goin' outtofind a girI.
Come on, come on,|and dance aII night.
Despite the heat|it'II be aII right.
And, babe,|don'tyou know it's a pity?
The days can't be|Iike the nights...
in the summer in the city.
In the summer in the city.
CooI town, meetin' in the city.
Dressed sofine|and Iookin' so pretty.
CooI cat Iookin' for a kitty.
Gonna Iook in every corner|of the city...
tiII I'm wheezin'|Iike a bus stop, runnin'--
WALTER: AIan,|bomb squad, speciaI services...
state poIice, and the FBI.
LieutenantJergensen,|you, PaImer...
go to St. John's emergency...
in case we got any waIk-ins|from the street.
Kramer, getthe city engineer.
I gottafiIe a damage report.|Very important.
LAMBERT: BonwitTeIIer.
Who wouId wantto bIow up|a department store?
KOWALSKI: Ever see a woman|miss a shoe saIe?
WALTER: Connie, get started|on the witness sheet.
Ricky,you and Joe...
make sure the uniforms|got it cordoned off there...
and don't Iet|the damn TV crews in.
WOMAN: Inspector, phone.
INSPECTOR:|Not now. Benson,traffic!
Get Fifth Avenue|cIeared up by 3:00...
orwe got|the traffic jamfrom heII.
WOMAN: WaIter,|I thinkyou'd bettertake this.
Major-case unit.|Inspector Cobb.
SIMON: Said SimpIe Simon to|the pie man going to thefair...
''Give me your pies,|or I'II cave your head in.''
Bonwit's was justto make sure|I had your attention.
SIMON: Is there a detective|named McCIane there?
He's on suspension.
SIMON: No,WaIter. He's not.
WALTER: Who is this?
SIMON: CaII me Simon.
WALTER: What do you want?
SIMON: I wantto pIay a game.
WALTER: What kind of game?
SIMON: Simon says.
SIMON: Simon's going to teII|McCIane whatto do...
and Lieutenant McCIane|is going to do it.
NoncompIiance|wiII resuIt in a penaIty.
WALTER: What penaIty?
SIMON: Another big bang|in a very pubIic pIace.
What is itthatyou want|Lieutenant McCIane to do?
Simon says|Lieutenant McCIane...
is to go to the corner|of 138th Street und Amsterdam...
which is in HarIem,|if I'm not mistaken.
WALTER: KowaIski! Lambert!|You know where tofind McCIane?
LAMBERT: I kind of doubt|you'IIfind him in church.
You betterfind out|what rock he's under...
and kick it over.
Give me afew more.
Jesus,John.|You Iook Iike shit.
[John beIches]
Where did we Ieave off|with that roster?
RICKY: We gotthree kiIIings|in Redhookthe pasttwo nights.
WALTER:|Put Miner on it. And Genetti.
The mayor's office wiII caII|before the day's out.
RICKY:|Next, 14 dumptrucks stoIen...
from a yard in Staten IsIand.
Fourteen? Jesus!
Are they starting|a construction company?
LAMBERT: Itwas John's IandIady|going to cIean his apartment.
[KowaIski Iaughs]
Trucks are probabIy|aIready out in CaIifornia.
Contractor spIits the money|with the thieves.
We had that in Jersey|coupIe years ago,Joe, remember?
WALTER:|See what KeIIy can do with it.
Hey,whatwas the Iottery number|Iast night?
EVERYONE: Four-six-six-seven.
You stiII betting|your badge, Rick?
RICKY: Yeah.
Sixty-nine-ninety-one|every week.
Six-nine-ninety-one.|Lucky number.
LAMBERT: Half the cops here|pIay their badges.
WALTER: How are the kids,John?
They're OK. Ahem.
WALTER:|Did you taIkwith HoIIy?
No, I didn'ttaIkto HoIIy.
MAN:|Coming up on it, Inspector.
JOHN: Is it hot,|or am I just scared to death?
WALTER: Wanna make sure|the gun's secure?
LAMBERT: Yeah. It's good.
JOHN: You're thefirstwoman|since HoIIy to see me do this.
KOWALSKI: I'm honored.
Yeah, so was she.
So...where's the backup|going to be?
We're going to draw back|to 128th Street.
Ten bIocks?|Youfucking kidding me?
Oh, man. That's just great.
WaIter,what is aII this about?
lf we don't do what he says,|he'II bIow up another pIace.
JOHN: Why me?
WALTER: I have no idea.|He just said it had to be you.
JOHN: It's nice to be needed.
How aboutyou mind yourfucking|business about HoIIy, huh?
You and Simon arefucking up|a perfectIy good hangover.
[Loud rap music pIaying|from boombox]
WALTER: We'II be back|to pickyou up in 15 minutes.
Take yourtime.|I expectto be dead infour.
Let's go, BiIIy!
[Car horn honks]
YOUNGER BOY: Come Iook atthis!
ZEUS: It's 10 after9:00.|Why aren'tyou in schooI?
BOY: Tony wants to seII this.
ZEUS: Tony. That no-neck dude|they caII Bad T?
YOUNGER BOY:|Hefound it in a dumpster.
He keeps steaIing,|they'IIfind him in a dumpster.
OLDER BOY: He didn't steaI it.|His uncIe gave itto him.
ZEUS: Mm-hmm.|Hand me that newspaperthere.
ZEUS:|Don't ever Iet peopIe use you.
You're running aII overtown|with stoIen property.
lf you get caught,|you get in troubIe...
whiIe he denies the whoIe thing.
YOUNG BOY: You mean you want us|to take it backto Tony?
ZEUS: No.|I'II take it backto Tony...
with a message.
Now,where you going?
-Why?|-To get educated.
-Why?|-So we can go to coIIege.
-And why is that important?|-To get 'espect.
ZEUS: Respect.|And who's the bad guys?
-Guys who seII drugs.|-Guys who have guns.
-Who are the good guys?|-We're the good guys.
-Who's going to heIpyou?|-Nobody.
-So who's going to heIpyou?|-We're gonna heIp ourseIves.
-Who do we notwantto heIp us?|-White peopIe.
That's right.
ZEUS: Get on out of here.|Go to schooI.
OLDER BOY: UncIe,|you better come Iook atthis.
ZEUS: What?
BOY: There's a white man|standing in the street.
ZEUS: I've seen one.
Not Iike this.
[Horn honks]
DiaI 911. TeII the poIice|to get up here quick.
Somebody's aboutto get kiIIed.
And getyour butts to schooI,|you hear?
BOYS: Yeah.
ZEUS: AII right.
YOUNG MAN:|Man,you best back off, man.
ZEUS: Morning.
JOHN: Good morning.
You having a nice day, sir?|YoufeeIing aII right?
Notto gettoo personaI...
but a white man|standing in HarIem...
wearing a sign that says,|''I hate niggers...''
has either got|serious personaI issues...
or not aII his dogs are barking.
Hey, I'm taIking to you!
You got about 10 seconds|before those guys see you...
and when they do,they wiII|kiII you. You understand?
You are aboutto have|a very bad day.
Yeah,teII me about it.
It's a poIice matter.|Foryour safety--
You damn right|it's a poIice matter.
I suggestyou hide your butt in|my shoptiII the poIice arrive.
YOUNG MAN: Whatthefuck?!
Aw, shit.
-Listen, I'm a cop on a case.|-What?
Somebody bIew up|BonwitTeIIer's.
-You hear aboutthat?|-Yeah.
The asshoIe responsibIe|said I gotta do this...
or he's gonna bIow up|something eIse.
ZEUS: Shit, shit, shit.
JOHN: I got a gun.|Get across the street.
ZEUS: Start acting crazy,|Iike Looney Toons...
Iike BeIIevue.
YOUNG MAN:|Hey, Zeus. This yourfriend?
ZEUS: He Iook Iike|afriend of mine?
I thinkthe dude just escaped|from some hospitaI...
you know, Iike BeIIevue?
JOHN: I am the...
voice of my own God.
And my God...
I toId the Iibrarian|I had a bad headache...
but she didn't beIieve me.
I reaIIy do have|a bad headache...
I have a very bad headache!|My head doesn't--
Shutthefuck up!
You've made a very bad mistake.
Boo-ya his ass.
Ha ha ha! Ha ha!
Cutthat shit off.
Nature boy here hates niggers.|What are we gonna do aboutthat?
ZEUS:|HoId up, hoId up, hoId up!
Oh, shit!
-Back! Back up!|-Hey, Zeus is trippin'.
Backthefuck up! Now!
[Young men shouting]
Come on, man, get up.
Get out of here!
Stopthe cab--|stopthe goddamn cab!
CABBY: Don't shoot me!
Get up! Come on, get up!
Back off. I mean it!
I don'twantto, but I wiII.|You know I wiII.
JOHN: Go, go!|Getthefuck out of here!
ZEUS: Drive! Drive!
[BottIes smashing on cab]
ZEUS:|Don't stop. Just keep driving.
Run the red Iight!
CABBY: Here, man.|That's aII I got.
ZEUS: Putthat money away.|No one's robbing you.
JOHN: Just run aII the Iights.|Drive.
CABBY: You got it, boss.
-Oh, man. Damn!|-That cut deep?
-How the heII wouId I know?|-Just keep pressure on it.
Jesus, right?
-John McCIane. I owe you.|-Damn rightyou do!
ZEUS: Know whatthey're doing|to my shop now?
JOHN: ChiII out,Jesus.
ZEUS: ChiII out? You trying|to reIate to me? TaIkwhite.
JOHN: Jesus, I'm sorry--
Why you keep caIIing me Jesus?|I Iook Puerto Rican?
JOHN: Guy backthere|caIIed you Jesus.
ZEUS: NotJesus.|He said, ''Hey, Zeus.''
My name is Zeus.
JOHN: Zeus?
ZEUS: As infather of ApoIIo,|Mount OIympus...
or-I'II-shove-a-Iightning-boIt-|up-your-ass Zeus!
You got a probIem with that?
No. I don't have a probIem|with that.
Downtown. PoIice pIaza.
ZEUS:|Oh, ho. That's just great.
LAMBERT: Record of aII coIIars|recentIy reIeased...
and anybody eIse|he might've Iooked at sideways.
FRED: Textbook megaIomania.
It's a pathoIogicaI state...
in whichfantasies of controI|or omnipotence predominate.
He wants controI over him--
over his actions, his thoughts--|even his emotions.
Sounds Iike a secret admirer,|John.
Yeah.|Maybe he'II send mefIowers.
LAMBERT: Everybody knows|you Iike pansies.
FRED: Notthat kind of emotion.|This guy is ugIy.
WALTER: How is that?
WOMAN: Nothing wrong with him|a showerwouIdn't cure.
Beer's normaIIy|taken internaIIy,John.
Just give me some aspirins,|wiII you?
WOMAN: OK. HoId this here.
WALTER: This is Fred SchiIIer,|John, and he's a--
JOHN:|A shrink. Yeah, I got it.
FRED: Yes. We're deaIing with|a megaIomaniacaI personaIity...
with possibIe|paranoid schizophrenic--
Let's skip|to where you expIain...
whatthefuckthis has|to do with me.
I don't know...
butwhat I do know is it|specificaIIy has to do with you.
This guy wants to pound you|untiI you crumbIe.
He wants you to dance|to his tune,then--
JOHN:|Put on a dress andfuck me?
I was going to say kiII you.
He's sitting on|an awfuI Iot of rage...
and it couId be manifested|physicaIIy if he's stressed.
WALTER: Somebody he arrested,|somebody he pissed off?
That couId be|one heII of a Iong Iist.
FRED: These peopIe don't Iike|to work anonymousIy.
They wantyou to know|who's doing it.
This name Simon probabIy|isn't an aIias.
It's probabIy Simon|or some variation.
LAMBERT: ''Simon, Robert E.|Busted in '86.
''Extortion. Kidnapping.|10 to 15.
''Did seven years|for good behavior.
''ReIeased on a state|workfurIough two months ago.''
Thanks, Rick. Bob Simons|was a bankrupt businessman...
who kidnapped|his partner's daughter.
He's afuckup, not a psycho.|The guy we want is nuts.
A nutwho knows|a Iot about bombs.
Wefound this in a pIayground.
ProfessionaI. Very cooI stuff.
You know...boom.
WALTER: Thinkyou shouId|sIam it around, CharIie?
CHARLIE: It's unmixed.|You can't hurt it.
This stuff is cutting edge.|It's a binary Iiquid.
A what?
CHARLIE: Like epoxy.
Two Iiquids.
Either one by itself...
CHARLIE: got nothing.
But mix them...
CharIie,you're gonna be wearing|that chair upyour ass!
Christ aImighty, CharIie!
Like I said,very cooI stuff.
With a package Iike this|you get a warning.
The bomb has to arm itself.
You'II see the red Iiquid pump|into the cIear...
before it detonates.
JOHN: How Iong before?
CHARLIE:|Ten seconds,two minutes.
CouId be anything.
But once it's mixed...
be somewhere eIse.
WALTER: This stuff|has gotto be pretty rare.
Find out if any of it|is missing somepIace.
LAMBERT: Livermore Labs--|Theft overthe weekend.
Got enough|to make another one,Joe?
About 2,000 pounds.
Of that?
CHARLIE: The detonating|mechanism can be anything--
radio, eIectricaI.
You couId use a beeper|and phone it in.
WOMAN: Inspector! It's him.
CHARLIE:|Bomb has a doubIe-feedback Ioop.
A nasty IittIe trick|used in Lebanon.
WALTER: CharIie. CharIie!
Wantto startthe trace?
SIMON: He wore the board...
waIked the street,|and survived...
Hauptmann WaIter.
Where are my pigeons now?
WALTER: Pigeons?
SIMON: I had two pigeons,|bright and gay...
fIyfrom me the other day.
Why was itthey did go?
You cannotteII.|You do not know.
WALTER: You mean McCIane?
SIMON: No. I mean Santa CIaus.
JOHN: Yeah, I'm here.
SIMON: Ah. There after aII.
And yourfriend?
RICKY: Come on.|We need you in the other room.
Let's go. Come on.
WOMAN: They need you. Go.
JOHN: Yeah, he's here,too.
SIMON: May I speakwith him?
SIMON: Is the ebony Samaritan|there now?
ZEUS:|You got a probIem with ebony?
SIMON: No. My onIy probIem is|that I wentto some troubIe...
preparing that gamefor McCIane.
You interfered|with a weII-Iaid pIan.
ZEUS: You can stick|yourweII-Iaid pIan...
upyourweII-Iaid ass.
[DiaI tone]
WALTER: Thatwas not smart.
There are Iives at stake here.
RICKY:|Not enough time, Inspector.
You better hope he caIIs back.
FRED: He wiII.
[Chattering outside]
Ricky,teII those peopIe|to shutthe heII up outthere!
RICKY: Keep it down here!
He wasn't speaking|for aII of us.
SIMON: Thatwas unpIeasant.|Don't Iet it happen again.
So what's your name, boy?
ZEUS: Don't caII me boy.
SIMON: I'm sorry.|Itwas a poor attempt at humor.
I was going to send you home|with a chiding...
but now I think--
RICKY: We got him.
It's a pay OsIo.
-They say it's Mexico.|-Norway?
Now they're saying|it's Juarez, Mexico.
KOWALSKI: Forget it.|He's scrambIing upthe system.
They don't know where he is.
SIMON: Havingfun|with the phone company, are we?
Simon says McCIane|and the Samaritan...
wiII go to the subway station|at 72nd and Broadway.
I'II caII you in 15 minutes...
on the pay phone|outside the station.
No poIice.
FaiIure to answer|wiII constitute noncompIiance.
Do you understand me,John?
JOHN: Oh,yes, I understand.
I understand|you're afucking wacko...
who Iikes to pIay kid's games.
JOHN: Then who are you,|somebody I sent up?
What did you do--
SIMON:|You c-c-couIdn't catch me...
if I stoIe your ch-chair|with you in it.
My ch-ch-chairwith me in it?
Let me askyou a question,|bonehead--
why are you trying|to k-k-k-kiII me?
SIMON:|John,John, caIm yourself.
JOHN:|Why don'tyou come down here...
and we'IIfigure this out|Iike men?
SIMON: lf kiIIing you was aII|I wanted,you'd be dead now.
Simon,this is Inspector Cobb.
I can appreciate|yourfeeIingsfor McCIane...
but beIieve me,|the jerk isn'tworth it.
He stepped on so many toes|in this department...
next month|he'II be a security guard.
His wife wants nothing|to do with him...
and he's two steps shy|of becoming an aIcohoIic.
JOHN: One step, one step.
Now, Iisten to me.
You sound Iike a reaI smart guy.
What is ityou want?
SIMON:|Are you taIking about money?
McCIane is a toiIet bug.
WhatwouId ittake...
justtoforget him|and Iive happiIy ever after?
SIMON: Money is shitto me.
I wouId not give up McCIane...
for aII the goId|in your Fort Knox.
72nd Street subway, pay phone,|15 minutes.
McCIane and the Samaritan.
lf you're competent|in the Ieast...
you'vefound the briefcase...
so you know what I mean|by penaIty.
[DiaI tone]
JOHN: I wantto thankyou|forthatvote of confidence.
WALTER:|I thought itwas worth a try.
This guy's a raving maniac.
FRED:|He couIdn't be any cIearer.
He gave you cIues|to his identity...
he spoke German...
he caIIed it ''your'' Fort Knox...
and he stammered|when McCIane pushed him.
WALTER: You beIieve|this guy reaIIy can't be bought?
The very mention of money|onIy enraged himfurther.
What's that?
WALTER: It's your shieId.
JOHN:|You asking me to be a cop again?
WALTER: Ricky, get him his gun.
JOHN: You didn't|answer my question.
You didn't answer|my question,WaIter.
Are you done, Lieutenant?
WALTER: You two better Ieave|to getto 72nd Street on time.
Joe,they go with backup.
You got it.
Whoa,whoa,whoa.|I'm not going anywhere.
WALTER:|Simon says you gotto go.
I'm notjumping through hoops|for some psycho.
That's a white man|with white probIems.
CaII me when he crosses|110th Street.
JOHN: Hey.
Why'd you save my ass?
ZEUS: I didn't.
I stopped a white cop|from getting kiIIed in HarIem.
One white cop|gets kiIIed today...
tomorrow we got|1,000 white cops...
aII of them with itchy|triggerfingers, got it?
Get him back.
Where'd youfind that bomb?
JOHN:|Yo. Yo, partner. Wait up.
ZEUS: Hey, hey,|I ain'tyour partner...
your neighbor,your brother,|oryourfriend.
I'm yourtotaI stranger.
JOHN: OK, stranger.
You know where that park is at|115th Street and St. NichoIas?
Yeah. That's in HarIem.
Where do you think|wefound that bomb?
Listen,this guy doesn't care|about skin coIor...
even if you do.
ZEUS: What am I doing?
JOHN: Cheer up.|Things couId be worse.
I was working|on a nicefat suspension...
smoking cigarettes,|and watching Captain Kangaroo.
Come on.
KOWALSKI: They're atthe phone,|butthere's a probIem.
WALTER: How big a probIem?
LAMBERT: Oh, about300 pounds.
JOHN: Excuse me, ma'am.
We need this phone|for officiaI poIice business.
Honey, I'm a cop.|I need the phone.
ZEUS: Get off the damn phone.|PoIice business.
WOMAN: WeII, I never!
ZEUS: I can get used to this.
JOHN:|Find a phone across the street.
I'm the onIy one here|on officiaI poIice business.
Don't do that shit again.
ZEUS: Let's get something eIse|straight--
you need me|more than I need you.
You don't Iike the way|I do things? I quit.
AII right, I need you.
I need you more|than you need me.
SIMON: Birds of afeather|fIocktogether.
So do pigs and swine.
Rats and mice|have their chance...
as wiII I have mine.
JOHN: Nice. Rhymes.
SIMON: Why was the phone busy?|Who were you caIIing?
JOHN: The psychic hot Iine.
SIMON: I'd advise you|to take this more seriousIy.
JOHN: It's a pubIic phone.|What shouId I say?
SIMON: SimpIy say there was|afatwoman on it...
and ittook a minute|to get her off.
Now,John,there's a significant|amount of expIosive...
in the trash receptacIe|nextto you.
Try to run,|and it goes off now.
JOHN:|I got a hundred peopIe out here.
SIMON: That's the point.
Now, do I have your attention?
As I was going to St. Ives,|I met a man with seven wives.
Every wife had seven sacks.|Every sack had seven cats.
Every cat had seven kittens.
Kittens, cats, sacks, and wives.
How many were going to St. Ives?
My phone number is 555--
JOHN: I didn't getthat!|Say it again!
SIMON: Not a chance.
My phone number is 555|and the answer.
CaII me in 30 seconds or die.
[DiaI tone]
JOHN: Seven guys|with seven wives--
ZEUS: Shut up, McCIane.
JOHN:|Seven guys with seven wives--
ZEUS: He said seven wives|with seven sacks.
Seven times seven is 49.|TeII me the rest.
JOHN:|A sackwith--seven sacks--
-Weren'tyou Iistening?|-What's wrong with you?
JOHN:|A bad hangover,for one!
AII right.|Seven wives times seven--49...
with seven cats--|Seven times 49 is 343, right?
-Asking me orteIIing me?|-I'm teIIing you.
Three-forty-three|times seven is...
Two thousand,|four hundred and one.
-That's whatyou got right?|-Yeah.
JOHN: Is that it? 2401?
ZEUS:|That's it. DiaI 555-2401.
No,wait,wait! It's a trick.
Iforgot aboutthe man.
Fuckthe man!|We got 10 seconds!
ZEUS: He said how many|were going to St. Ives.
The riddIe begins,|''As I was going to St. Ives.''
The wives aren't going anywhere.
JOHN: What are they doing?
ZEUS:|How the heII shouId I know?
JOHN: Who's going to St. Ives?
ZEUS: Justthe guy.
Just one guy?
-The answer's one.|-How do you diaI one?
ZEUS: Five-five-five-|zero-zero-zero-one.
JOHN: Zero-zero-one.|Just one guy's going.
-HeIIo,John.|-Piece of cake.
Give us something|harder nexttime.
SIMON:|Butyou're 10 seconds Iate.
JOHN: No! The answer is one!
There's a bomb|in the trash can!
Get down! There's a bomb!
MAN: WeIcome to New York.
MAN: Yeah. Get up. Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
SIMON: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
SIMON: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
JOHN: Yeah.
SIMON: I didn't say Simon says.
It's 9:50,John.
The numberthree train|is arriving now.
I Ieft something provocative|on thattrain,John.
Simon says|getto the pay phone...
nextto the news kiosk in|WaII Street station by 10:20...
orthe numberthree train|and its passengers vaporize.
Use any means of traveI|otherthan civiIian...
I bIow the train.
Attemptto evacuate,|I bIow the train.
I caII you in 30 minutes.|Be there.
JOHN: Fuck.
ZEUS: Ninety bIocks in|30 minutes in New Yorktraffic?
It couId be doubIe that.
We don't even have a car!
Hey, hey, sir! I'm a cop.
I'm requisitioning this car|for officiaI poIice business.
Thanks very much. Get in.
ZEUS: Pretty sIick.|I used to drive a cab.
Thefastestway south is--Aah!
CAB DRIVER:|Whatthefuck are you doing?
You were saying?
I was saying,|I used to drive a cab...
and Ninth Avenue|is thefastestway south.
We seem to be going east.
Where the heII are you going?
Ninth Avenue's|the quickestway--
I know what I'm doing.
Not even God knows|whatyou're doing!
They're headed east|on 72nd towards the park.
WaII Street is south!
StopyeIIing. I got a headache.
The bestway south is not Ninth.
It's through the park.
Oh, dear.
I toId you.|Park Drive's aIways jammed.
I didn't say Park Drive.
I said through the park.
[Honk honk]
Shit! We Iostthem|in the park headed south.
[Honk honk honk]
MAN: Get out of here!
SECOND MAN:|What are you, cra--
RICKY: I got him, Connie.|He's taking the scenic route.
[Honk honk]
JOHN: Out of the way!
ZEUS: Get out of there!
ZEUS: Watch it,watch it,|watch it,watch it.
Are you aimingforthese peopIe?
Maybe that mime.
ZEUS: Whoa!
Tree! Tree!
MAN: What's going on here, man?
ZEUS: Tree! Tree!
Hang on.
ZEUS: Rock! Rock! Rock!
[Honk honk]
ZEUS: McCIane!
How do CathoIics do theirthing?
North, south,west, east.
JOHN: How much time?
Twenty-seven minutes.
Ha! 72nd and Broadway|to CentraI Park South...
in three minutes.
JOHN:|It's gotto be afucking record.
Come on, get out--
[Brakes screech]
ZEUS: Now what?
[Horns honking]
-We need afire truck.|-What?
WOMAN: Nine-one-one.
LieutenantJohn McCIane, NYPD.|Access number 7479.
CaIIingfrom|a civiIian transmitter.
Get me an emergency dispatcher|right away.
MAN: Dispatch. Go ahead.
I gottwo officers down...
at 14th Street and Ninth Avenue!|Need an ambuIance! Over!
The RooseveIt hospitaI|is two bIocksfrom there.
ZEUS:|SIow thefuck down, McCIane!
It's IikefootbaII.
Getyourself a bIocker|and headforthe end zone.
lf you'd said WaII Street...
we couId havefoIIowed|him aII the way.
Wrong. South of 14th Street|is St. Luke's hospitaI.
Hang on.
JOHN: Time?
ZEUS: 10:02.
We're halfway there,|with 18 minutes to go.
Fuckthis! Hang on.
JOHN: Hang on!
ZEUS: Get out of here!
JOHN: Take the wheeI!
We shouId be ahead|of thattrain, right?
I'm getting on thattrain.|You getto that phone by 10:20.
I'm gonna getthat bomb.
YoufaiI, I coveryour ass.|IfaiI,you cover my ass.
ZEUS: lf we bothfaiI?
JOHN: Then we're bothfucked.
Go, now! Getto that|phone booth by 10:20!
ZEUS: My Iuckyfucking day.
Shit! Look out, ma'am!
Look out! Look out!
Look out! Get out of the way!
This is a bad idea.
Excuse me!
Get out of the way, pIease.
[Truck horn honks]
MAN: One-tweIve WaII Street.
ZEUS: This isn't a taxi.|You don't understand.
MAN: Your Iight's on.|I'II make it simpIe.
One-tweIve WaII Street...
or I'II have|your medaIIion suspended.
What,you don't Iike|white peopIe?
ZEUS: One-tweIve WaII Street.
You got it.
Move your Iegs!|Getyour Iegs out of the way!
Sorry. Sorry.
WOMAN: Hey! Excuse me.
Excuse me. Watch out.
Excuse me, sir.
Pardon me, pIease. Excuse--
WouId you step out?
I'm a cop.|Step outfor a minute.
Excuse me, pIease.
Can I getthrough here, pIease?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, pIease. Pardon me.
Excuse me.|I'm expecting a caII.
I need that phone.
Use the other phone.
Sir, pIease.
I need to use that phone.
MAN: Hey, Iisten, bro,|I was herefirst.
Get awayfrom|the goddamn phone!
OFFICER: Putyour hands up!
[TeIephone rings]
I have to answerthat phone.
Shut up and get 'em in the air!
Excuse me! Pardon me!
Watch your back! Watch it!
Ladies and gentIemen,|I'm a New York poIice officer.
I'm going to askyou|to caImIy and quietIy...
start moving towards|the other end of the car.
Go! Watch out!
Watch it! Watch it!
I have to answerthat phone.
Get 'em up!
Look, if you have|to shoot me...
then you go ahead,|and you shoot me!
But I have to answer|this phone!
AII right?
I'm here.
SIMON: And McCIane?
ZEUS: He's on his way.
Uh, he's a IittIe sIow.|He's out of shape.
SIMON: The ruIes appIied|to both of you.
This is noncompIiance.|Good-bye.
[DiaI tone]
[Train approaching]
Trust me, guys.
ZEUS: Get out of there!|Get out of there!
Hee hee hee hee.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
MAN: You can see right down|into the subway.
SECOND MAN:|How manyfire trucks?
WOMAN: You guys.
MAN:|How can you seefrom up here?
LAMBERT: Get in there.
Officer,teII those peopIe|to getthe heII back!
We got a shitIoad|of cuts and bruises...
some oId guy's|pacemaker stopped...
and a pregnant girI's|water broke...
and that's aII.
-How you doing,John?|-StiII can't heartoo good.
LAMBERT: It's a miracIe|you're stiII aIive.
JOHN:|Yeah,that's the probIem,Joe.
-What?|-The miracIe part.
What are the odds of us|making it here on time?
ZEUS: Zip.
That bombwas going off|no matterwhat.
Take this off me.
LAMBERT: What's so speciaI|aboutthis pIace?
I don't know.|Something just doesn't add up.
WOMAN: Lieutenant McCIane?
They're askingforyou|and Mr. Carver.
John,this is Andy Cross|with the FBI.
BiII Jarvis. He's, uh--
JARVIS:|I'm, uh,with another agency.
It's good to meetyou.
WALTER:|This is Lieutenant McCIane.
This is Mr. Carver.
CROSS: We got a coupIe|of questions. First...
do you recognize this guy?
CROSS: How aboutthis one?
CROSS: How aboutyou?
Did you recognize the voice|on the phone?
CROSS: Did you, uh...|notice any carsfoIIowing you?
JARVIS:|AnybodyfoIIowing you at aII?
Any surveiIIance--teIephone,|house, anything unusuaI?
WeII, now thatyou mention it...
I have experienced a burning|sensation between my toes.
I thought itwas|athIete'sfoot or something.
We read yourjacket, Lieutenant.
We were toId|you wouId be cooperative.
Cooperate with what?
We're wasting time here.
WALTER:|You wantto share information...
how about sending|a IittIe ourway?
CROSS: We wantto hear|what he knowsfirst.
We wantto hear|what he knowsfirst.
JOHN:|I know as much as you know.
There's a guy outthere|setting off bombs.
He caIIs himself Simon.
He speaks|with a German accent.
Andfor some reason,|he's very angry with me.
And maybe you can|teII me why, huh?
Thefirst man there|is Mathias Targo.
Thefirst man there|is Mathias Targo.
Was Hungarian Army,|expIosives expert.
Now we beIieve he's working|forthe Iranians.
WALTER: Working?
JARVIS: FreeIance terrorism,|by contract.
JOHN: Who's the girI?
CROSS: Targo's other half.
Rumor is the IsraeIis sIipped|a bomb in between their sheets.
He wasn't at home,|butthey thinkthey got her.
JARVIS: The second man|was an obscure coIoneI...
in the East German Army.
Ran an infiItration unit...
the thing the Nazis did|atthe BattIe of the BuIge--
EngIish-speaking troops.
JOHN: I saw the movie.
JARVIS: AII we know of him|is the GDR medicaI records...
show he suffersfrom migraines.
His name is Peter...Krieg.
JOHN:|That's an exceptionaI report.
What does this|have to do with me?
MAN: The name Gruber mean|anything to you, Lieutenant?
It rings a beII,yeah.
Thatthing in the buiIding|in L.A.
Peter Krieg...
was born Simon Peter...
He's Hans Gruber's brother.
JOHN: So...
CROSS:|Yeah. It's thatthing in L.A.
Wefigure he's gotyoufitted up|for a toe tag...
and he's going to do anything|to get ittied.
WOMAN: Inspector!
Inspector, it's him.
JARVIS:|Don't Iet him know we're here.
SIMON: Inspector.
Now,whofrom the FBI|is in the van?
Let's see,|aImost certainIy Cross.
Come on,Andrew, say heIIo.
SIMON: I know you never|run aIone, so say heIIo, BiII.
StiII trying to butch up|by chewing on your gIasses?
Ha ha ha ha.
This, gentIemen, as they say|is where the pIotthickens.
I have put 2,400 pounds|of expIosives...
in one of the 1,446 schooIs|in greater New York.
It isfitted with a timer|setto expIode at exactIy 3 p.m.
Your siIence|says I'm understood.
WALTER:|Did you say 2,400 pounds?
SIMON: Yes, but pIease|don't interrupt again.
Simon says, if you attempt|to evacuate schooIs...
the bombwiII be detonated|by radio.
GentIemen,|someone wiII be watching.
Repeat--one schooI|wiII be dismissed at3 p.m.
-PermanentIy, unIess--|-UnIess what?
SIMON: UnIess John McCIane|and his new bestfriend...
compIete the tasks I setthem.
John, are you Iistening?
JOHN: Yeah.
SIMON: Pay phone beyond Hope.|Tompkins Square Park.
Twenty minutes.|Go byfoot. No rush.
lf you're reaIIy cIever...
you'II Iearn the bomb's Iocation|and the code to disarm it.
By the way, gentIemen...
we got something of a bargain|on radio detonators.
The onIy probIem is...
the darn things respond|to poIice and FBIfrequencies.
lf I were you,|I'd keep off your radios.
WALTER: Simon,wait--
[DiaI tone]
Twenty-four hundred pounds|of that Iiquid stuff. My God!
Get me the commissioner.
WOMAN:|He's doing a press conference.
He'II be here in 30 minutes.
WALTER: Get every senior|officer on the site right away.
Don't give me|any jurisdictionaI nonsense.
CROSS: I gottwo kids in schooI|on 64th Street.
How can I heIp?
How many men you got?
Seventy-five.|I push the panic button...
I can get 500.
-When?|-Two-thirty,three o'cIock.
JARVIS: Between now and then...
WALTER: We're going to have|to do this aII by ourseIves.
Let's go.
Tompkins Square Park|is more than two miIes away.
Get running.
No radios. Take my teIephone.
You get anything,|caII me through the switchboard.
Good Iuck.
JOHN: Thanks. Find that bomb.
WALTER: Ricky,where are they?
RICKY: Right over here.|The senior man is Chief AIIen.
-Chief of what?|-Transit.
WALTER: Thanks, Ricky.
GentIemen,|we have a decision to make.
Chief AIIen,|the man who's done this...
has toId us he's pIanted|a very Iarge bomb...
in a New York schooI.
He's toId us|we cannot evacuate...
but he has not said|we cannot search.
I recommend we get everybody,|and I mean everybody--
even the goddamn Iibrarians--
and we start|searching schooIs...
and I mean right now.
I'm taIking about|a thousand buiIdings...
and we have three hours|and 15 minutes to do it.
I'd Iike to keepthe media|out of this...
because if they get in,|we've got a panic.
Are we in agreement?
MAN:|Come on, guys, Iet's go!
They bought it.
You can begin.
and sinker.
OFFICER: You heard the man.|Let's go, Iet's go.
Come on.
Go. Let's go.
WOMAN:|DarIene, honey, it's me.
[Chattering|and phones ringing]
Infive minutes,|the voIume in caIIs has tripIed.
Whatthe heII's going on?
TURLEY: Stop. Let me expIain.
Forthe rest of the day...
we're handIing|the department's communications.
WANDA:|What do you mean, handIe?
TURLEY: They're shutting down|the poIice band.
AII caIIs wiII come through|this switchboard.
And I'm going to marry|DonaId Trump.
PAMELA:|WaIsh,what's going on?
Why did everybody|tear out of here?
RICKY:|PameIa, Iook atyourwatch.
It's coming up on shift change.
The bean counters|are worried about overtime.
Everybody wentto punch out.
The next shift|wiII be here soon.
PAMELA:|You are sofuII of shit,WaIsh!
[Truck engines roaring]
RICKY: Whatthe heII?
Hey. Whoa. Whoa.
City Engineer's office.
We're getting an idea|of the damage.
Man,you guys|reaIIy got herefast.
It's WaII Street, sir.
A Iot of money here.
A Iot of opinion-makers...
the mayor doesn'twant|to piss off.
Is this it?
HoIy ToIedo!
Somebody hadfun.
I'd appreciate it...
if you'd show my associates|the way.
Yeah. Yeah. Sure.
Jimmy,you gotthefIashIight?
Murphy, come on. You,too.
John Gunther.
Come on, gentIemen. Let's go.
RICKY:|You were atWorId Trade's.
You know whatthat mess was.
[AIarm ringing]
PIease inform Mr. LittIe|that Mr. VanderfIoog is here.
GUARD: Mr. VanderfIoog.
[AIarm ringing]
There's a Mr. VanderfIoog|for Mr. LittIe.
Go down 20 meters.
Come on.
MAN: A Iot of steam.
RICKY:|We snapped some steam pipes.
It's Iike a sauna.
The subway guys|shut down the third raiI.
MAN: Emergency Iighting?
RICKY: Emergency Iights,|and there's some--
MAN: No shooting!
[Speaking German]
-Speak EngIish!|-Otto doesn't speak EngIish.
Do you, Otto?
Where did we getthis guy?
One of Targo's thugs.
Go aII the way up.
AII the way.
ZEUS: So what's upwith|this L.A. thing?
Youfamous or something?
JOHN: For aboutfive minutes.
ZEUS: Don'tteII me.|Rodney King, right?
JOHN: You know this guy Simon?
I threw his IittIe brother...
off the 32ndfIoor|of Nakatomi Towers out in L.A.
I guess he's pissed off.
Wait. I'm in this shit|'cause some white cop...
threw some white asshoIe's|brother off a roof?
[AIarm ringing]
[AIarm stops]
Mr. VanderfIoog. FeIix LittIe,|corporate reIations.
Sorry you had to wait...
butthere was|a subway expIosion.
It's pIayed heII|with our aIarms.
VANDERFLOOG:|I trustthere's nothing wrong?
LITTLE: No. Good Lord, no.
Safe and secure.
You were concerned|about a currency exchange.
We are not|a commerciaI bank...
in the normaI sense.
We're...we're primariIy, uh...|governments, centraI banks...
that sort of thing.
Apartfrom the depository,|of course.
LITTLE: And you are in|thefIower business?
Back! Back! Come on!
Come on.
LITTLE:|Oh, no, Mr. VanderfIoog.
That's the vauIt eIevator.
I'm sorry.
Our aIarms|are sonic and seismic.
They don't reactweII|to expIosions.
This subway business|has knocked out aII our systems.
Infact,we gave up|and puIIed the pIug.
The repair peopIe|are downstairs now.
Heavens to Betsy!|lf anyone knew.
Ha ha ha.
But...I thought|this was a currency exchange.
Oh, I thinkwe go straight|to the withdrawaI.
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
Hey, Captain,|come and take a Iook atthis.
Something's going on.
MAN:|You thinkyou canfix that?
SECOND MAN: Just a minute now.
OK. I'II be right back.
GUARD: Stay back!
Stay back!
Come on. Come on!
MAN: Front desk.
GUARD: Getyour ass down here!|I'm under attack!
MAN: ReIax.|Maybe you'II Iive through this.
GUARD: Shit!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
I think he's dead, my dear.
AII right.|Let's see to the office workers.
MAN: Being done, Herr Oberst.
SIMON: And the square?
MAN:|Perimeter secure, Herr Oberst.
[Speaking German]
SIMON: One hundred|andforty biIIion doIIars!
Ten times what's in Kentucky!
Fort Knox. Hah!
[TeIephone rings]
Yeah? McCIane.
SIMON:|John,you're out of shape.
You bareIy made it.
JOHN: We'II bareIy make it.
What do you want us to do?
SIMON: What hasfour Iegs|and is aIways ready to traveI?
JOHN: Huh?
[DiaI tone]
ZEUS: What did he say?
What hasfour Iegs|and is aIways ready to traveI?
ZEUS: Don'tyou have kids?
That's an eIephantjoke.
ZEUS: Whoa.
That a bomb?
JOHN:|Yeah. Go ahead and grab it.
ZEUS: No. You're the cop.
JOHN: You're supposed|to be heIping.
ZEUS: I'm heIping.
JOHN:|When you going to start heIping?
ZEUS: Afteryou getthe bomb.
ZEUS: CarefuI.
JOHN: I'm being carefuI.
ZEUS: Don't open it.
JOHN: What? I gotto open it.
It's going to be aII right.
[ReIeases springIocks]
ZEUS: Shit!|I toId you notto open it!
SIMON:|I trustyou see the message.
It has a proximity circuit,|so pIease don't run.
JOHN: We're not going to run.
How do we turn this off?
SIMON:|On thefountain are two jugs.
Do you see them?
Afive gaIIon|and a three gaIIon.
FiII one jug with exactIy|four gaIIons of water.
PIace it on the scaIe,|and the timerwiII stop.
You must be precise.
One ounce or more or Iess|wiII resuIt in detonation.
lf you're stiII aIive|infive minutes--
JOHN: Wait a second!
[DiaI tone]
I don't get it. Do you get it?
Getthe jugs.
ObviousIy,we can't|fiII the three-gaIIon jug...
withfour gaIIons, right?
I know. Here we go.
WefiII the three-gaIIon jug|exactIy to the top, right?
We pourthatthree gaIIons|into thefive-gaIIon jug...
giving us three gaIIons|in thefive-gaIIon jug.
ZEUS: Then what?
We take the three-gaIIon jug,|fiII it a third--
He said be precise.|ExactIyfour gaIIons.
JOHN: Every cop's running|his ass off...
and I'm pIaying kid's games|in the park.
Hey! You wanttofocus|on the probIem at hand?
JOHN: You said, don't say|anything if you don't know!
Give me thefucking jug!|We're starting over!
ZEUS: We can't start over!
JOHN: I'II put myfoot|upyour ass,you dumb mother--
Say it! Say it!
You were going|to caII me a nigger.
-No, I wasn't!|-Yes,you were!
JOHN:|AsshoIe! How's that? AsshoIe!
You got somefucking probIem|because I'm white?
Have I oppressed you?
Have I oppressed your peopIe|somehow?
You don't Iike me|'cause you're a racist!
You don't Iike me|'cause I'm white!
I don't Iike you because you're|going to get me kiIIed!
Shit!|We got Iess than a minute.
Throw this thing away.
JOHN:|We can't! It'II detonate!
Wait a second! Wait a second!
I got it!
ExactIy two gaIIons in here,|right?
Leaving one gaIIon|of empty space.
ZEUS: Yeah.
JOHN: AfuIIfive gaIIons|here, right?
Pour one gaIIon out of|five gaIIons into there...
we have exactIy...4 gaIIons!
Pour it!
Come on!
Don't spiII--|don't spiII it.
Good. Good.|We gotfour gaIIons.
You did it, McCIane!
JOHN: Get it down there!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
CongratuIations.|You're stiII aIive.
-CongratuIations.|-Yeah,we did it.
SIMON:|You surprise me again,John.
This is becoming an ugIy habit.
I don't have the time|right now, Simon.
A deaI's a deaI.|Where's the schooI bomb?
On the contrary,|you have Iots of time.
You have...
two hours and 47 minutes|preciseIy.
PIenty of time to test|those wits of yours.
Listen,jerk-off,|I got a badfucking hangover!
Now,where is the schooI bomb?
SIMON: Temper,John.
The road to truth|has many turns.
You'IIfind an enveIope|underthe rim of thefountain.
When you undertake|the trip it suggests...
askyourself this question:
What is 21 out of 42?
TARGO: We're behind.
We shouId abandon|the rest and go.
ReIax,Targo.|There's not a copfor 20 bIocks.
He's sending us|to the home team dugout...
atYankee Stadium.
ZEUS: We supposed tofind|something there?
JOHN: What's 21 out of 42?
ZEUS: Twenty-one again.|Half of 42. 42 what?
JOHN: How many pIayers|on the Yankees baII cIub?
ZEUS: Twenty-five.
JOHN:|What eIse is 21? BIackjack.
ZEUS: It's a cIub.
It's a wiId goose chase|is what it is.
Where's the nearest ''A'' train?
ZEUS: Wait,wait,wait,wait.
Some kid mightfind that.
JOHN: You're right.
MAN: Come back here...
you IittIe sons of bitches!
Hey,you! I rememberyou!
JOHN: Hey,where you going?
What are you doing?
BOY: Let me go, dickhead!
JOHN: Watch your mouth.
You going to JuveniIe HaII|for a Butterfinger?
BOY: Look around.|AII the cops are into something.
It's Christmas!|You couId steaI City HaII!
JOHN: Come on.
BOY: My bike.
That's my bike!
ZEUS:|Hey! Hey! Where you going?
Yankee Stadium's thatway!
BOY: You asshoIe!
[Horn honks]
Why don'tyou run over|everybody in the street?
ZEUS:|Whatthefuck are we doing here?
JOHN: What is itthat|WaII Street doesn't have?
ZEUS:|You're taIking in riddIes.
JOHN: What is itthat|WaII Street doesn't have?
And what do they have|a shitIoad of?
ZEUS: What?
I'II be back in a minute.
What am I supposed to do|with this?
Give itto those guys|overthere.
He's here.
Perhaps you couId be|more specific.
McCIane is here.
He's waIking toward the bank.
The bIack man|is coming toward me.
And afterwe've gone to aII|thattroubIe atthe stadium.
TARGO: Simon, kiII him.
Stoptoying with him|and kiII him now.
SIMON: OK. So be it.
May he rest in peace.
I'II inform KarI in the Iobby.
Pack upyourteam and get out.
And this one?
ZEUS: Officer...
I'm going to need an answer|on that issue.
Let him go.
Understood. Yes, sir?
John McCIane says|to give you this.
Jesus, don't open it.|It's a bomb.
Oh, I see.
We'd better move now.
Thankyouforyour assistance.
We reaIIy appreciate it.
ZEUS: Hey,y'aII Ieaving|this pIace unguarded?
[Tires squeaI]
JOHN: How you doing?
KARL: AII right.
John McCIane, NYPD.
Are you aII right?
Iaundry day.
What can I doforyou,|Lieutenant?
JOHN: It's been quiet|aII morning here?
JOHN: Exceptforthat expIosion|a coupIe of hours ago.
Seen anything strange|happen in the Iast hour?
No. We've had cops|in here pretty steady...
since the subway thing.
We were going to make a round|on the vauItfIoor...
if you wantto tag aIong.
JOHN: Sure. Think I wiII.
KARL:|What do you think of this heat?
JOHN: Indian summer, huh?
KARL: FeeIs Iike it's going to|rain Iike dogs and cats Iater.
Here's one of your guys.
Detective, uh, Otto, isn't it?
JOHN: John McCIane.
KARL: Mike, how you doing?
I keepteIIing myself...
I'm going to take the stairs|justforthe exercise...
but on a hot day Iike this...
it seems I aIways end up|riding the Iift.
Whatwas the Iottery number|Iast night?
You pIay the Iottery? No?
My wife buys me two tickets|every week.
PIays the same two numbers|aII the time.
I say, ''Why don'tyou pIay|a different number?''
She goes,|''Those are my Iucky numbers.''
I gotthe tickets right here--
JOHN:|Putthatfucking gun down!
Put it down now!
Put it down!
Anybody down here?
Freeze! Putyourfucking hands|in the air!
No,John! No! No!
It's me!
You aImost gave me|a heart attack.
ZEUS: You aII right?
-Huh?|-You aII right?!
JOHN: Yeah. It's not my bIood.
ZEUS: What's going on?
JOHN: Go take a Iook.
ZEUS: Hey, McCIane.
Where the heII is everybody?
JOHN: Simonfucking says!
I shouId've seen it coming|a miIe away.
This was never about revenge.|It's about a goddamn heist.
ZEUS: Whatwas in the room?
JOHN: This.
ZEUS: What is this?
Oh, shit! Is this goId?
JOHN: Yeah, it's goId.
ZEUS: Damn,this is heavy!
They cIeaned out|a whoIe room of this?
JOHN: Yeah.
ZEUS:|ThatwouId take a tank or...
JOHN: Or a dumptruck.
Fourteen great big dumptrucks.
ZEUS: We aImost got hit|by a dumptruck.
Damn! SIow down!
JOHN: Putthat shit down.
ZEUS: Nofucking way.
JOHN: They ain't gonna|Ietyou keep it.
ZEUS: We'II see.
JOHN: We'II need a car.
Can you hot-wire this?
Of course I can.|I'm an eIectrician.
OnIy probIem is...
[Motor starts]
takes toofucking Iong.
[Tires squeaI]
[Horn honks]
[Tires screech]
JOHN: Not on the bridge!
Down there, McCIane! The FDR!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
Oh, shit!
Shotthe phone.
Aw,too bad.|What's 21 out of 42?
I don't have a cIue.
What aboutYankee stadium?
We'II getthere,|afterwe stop him.
-[Horn honks]|-Jesus Christ!
Who do you thinkyou are, Iady--|HiIIary CIinton?
That's it! CIinton.|The 42nd president.
She'd be the 43rd president.
AII right, aII right,|butwho's the 21st?
-I don't know.|-You don't know?
No! Do you know?
This engine's shit. Step on it!
It's a Yugo.
It's buiItfor economy,|not speed.
Whoa! What are you doing?
Getting us another phone.
[Horn honks]
ZEUS: Wait,wait!
Who was the 21st president?
MAN: Gofuckyourself!
That guy was pissed.
He'IIfeeI betterwhen he Iooks|in the backseat.
Shit,thatwas my goId bar!
This is McCIane.|Get me InspectorWaIter Cobb.
Where the heII are you?
JOHN:|It's not revenge. It's a heist.
There's goId|in the FederaI Reserve.
They took a shitIoad of it.
They're headed north|in dumptrucks.
WALTER: Have you been drinking?
Not since this morning.
There's a Iot of dumptrucks|northbound...
on the FDR at about 70th.
CIose the bridge|and get some heIicopters there.
I couIdn't cIose|a hot dog stand now.
I'm spread aII over.|What aboutthis damn bomb?
It's got something to do|with the 21st president.
John,John,the 21stwhat?
Shit. Goddamn ceIIuIar|fucking phones!
WALTER:|Reach Munsen on the Triborough.
TeII him to cIose|aII the bridges north of 59th.
-Lookingfor dumptrucks.|-Dumptrucks?
McCIane says|there are dumptrucks...
headed upthe FDR|Ioaded with goId.
KOWALSKI: They don't aIIow|dumptrucks on the FDR!
-Connie!|-AII right!
I won't argue,|no matter how stupid it is.
WALTER:|K-9. Check outthe boiIer room.
Find anything, CharIie?
CHARLIE: I couId spend a week|here with an X-ray machine...
and stiII notfind it.
WALTER:|You've gotfive minutes.
Then we're moving up|to 86th Street.
CHARLIE:|Going asfast as we can.
LAMBERT: What's up?
WALTER: McCIane was mentioning|something...
about|the FederaI Reserve buiIding.
Isn'tthat near|thatWaII Street bomb site?
MAN: How Iong do you want us|to stay here?
TARGO: The men atthe stadium.|Stay or go?
SIMON: KarI shouId've|checked in by now.
TARGO: Moment.
[TeIephone rings]
Come on, come on.
Stay where you are.|McCIane may stiII turn up.
SIMON: ReIax,Targo.|lf he is stiII aIive...
he won't be taIking to anyone.
It's the nextturnoff.
Hi. It's EIvis Duran.|You're on the air.
SIMON: First, I wantto say|what a great show you got.
I Iisten to you aII the time.
ELVIS:|Thanks. What's on your mind?
SIMON: Those cop cars speeding|around everywhere--
know whatthey're upto?
There's a bomb in a schooI.
My cousin's a cop.
Somebody put a big bomb|in a schooI somewhere.
OnIy they don't know which one.
So they're searching|aII of them.
MAN: Shh! Shh!
SIMON: Every schooI|in the metropoIitan area.
MAN: HoIy shit.
Doris, can you reach my wife?
TurIey! Half the goddamn city|just caIIed 911!
ZEUS: They're gone.
-What?|-They're gone!
JOHN: Who is this guy--Houdini?
ZEUS: Down there! Down there!
JOHN: This thing got air bags?
Your side does.|I don't know about mi--
[Horn honks]
In the truck!|Let me see the hands!
Putthem on the door!
DRIVER: Don't kiII me!
Don't shoot me.
JOHN: Truck driver?
DRIVER: No, I'm a beautician.|Of course I'm a truck driver!
Where you taking this truck?
The aqueduct.
Why you taking this|to the race track?
No,the aqueduct!|The--the water aqueduct!
DRIVER: See? Goesfrom here...
aII the way up|to the CatskiII mountains!
What does?
DRIVER: That! The water pipe!|Goesfor about 60 miIes!
DRIVER: That! The water pipe!|Goesfor about 60 miIes!
-You theforeman?|-Yeah.
NYPD! Any dumptrucks come|through here Iastfew minutes?
MAN: I'm writing|thosefucking cIowns up!
They better pay attention|to work orders.
What happened?
A dozen idiots tore ass|upthe tube.
We're not Ioading there anymore.|We're Ioading over here.
So muchfor bridges|and heIicopters.
Got a map showing|where this tunneI goes?
MAN: Yeah, right here.
We run pretty much|up underthe saw miII...
tiII you get up|to the Coffer Dam.
From there,we've aIready|broughtthe reservoirwater in.
Any way in or out of there?
There's vent shafts|every two miIes.
I mean with a truck.
MAN: Atthe Coffer Dam.|You can get a truck in.
JustfoIIow Saw MiII Parkway.
It's about 20 miIes.
I'II meetyou there.
What am I doing?
You're going up|to Yankee stadium!
Go. We got Iess than two hours!
Goddamn it!
Hey! Is something wrong?
DRIVER: Four hundred eighty|yards of rock moved sofar.
That's ten times the Hoover Dam.
There's 516feet of rock|above our heads.
This part is phase three|of tunneI three.
PIanning began back in 1954...
but construction didn't begin|tiII June 1970.
Know whatthe most interesting|part of tunneI three is?
What's that,Jerry?
JERRY: The vaIves. Each one...
JERRY: ...main departure|from tunneIs one and two.
[Honks horn]
Come on!
What a pIace to break down.
JOHN: HoId it.|Let me have your hard hat.
You got a jacket?
JERRY: Yeah,yeah,yeah. Here.
JOHN: Wait here a minute.
MAN: Wait untiI|he gets aIongside the door.
JOHN: Hey! FeIIas!
Mickey O'Brien,|aqueduct security.
We got a report of a guy|coming through...
with eight reindeer.
Yeah,they said|he was a joIIy oIdfat guy...
with a snowy white beard.
Cute red and white suit.
I'm surprised|you didn't see him.
What's with you guys|and these phones?
Give me something.
JERRY:|HoIy shit. Is that guy dead?
JOHN:|Yes,Jerry. I'm afraid he is.
JERRY: Jesus Christ.
JOHN: I wantyou to get ahoId|of a guy named Cobb.
WaIter Cobb. C-O-B-B.
He's head of my poIice unit.
Get him down here.
TeII him you were|with John McCIane.
Ask him who|the 21st presidentwas.
-ChesterA. Arthur.|-What?
JERRY: ChesterA. Arthur.|1881 to 1885.
Nominated vice president|in 1880.
Did you know he was coIIector|of customs here in New York?
JOHN:|No, I didn't know that,Jerry.
Take care of yourself.
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
LAMBERT: We gotto reIease|these traffic guys.
WALTER: No. Traffic jams|we can take care of Iater.
What's wrong with this?
Frequencies are jammed.
What about Ricky?
LAMBERT: Can't reach him.|WaIter. FederaI reserve.
LAMBERT: Biggest goId storage|in the worId.
Get a unit back down there.
Find Ricky. Find out|whatthe heII is going on.
KOWALSKI:|WaIter! You gotto hearthis!
WALTER: I thoughtwe|were going in the backway.
KOWALSKI: This is the backway.
In half an hour...
you're going to have a riot|at every schooI in the city.
WALTER: Start at|the topfIoor--20 men perfIoor.
Send 50 to the basementwith us.
What about McCIane?
WOMAN:|Not a word. Just a busy signaI.
CHARLIE: Isn'tthis putting|aII our eggs in one basket?
What if McCIane's wrong?
LAMBERT: WaIter.|This is PrincipaI Martinez.
-Inspector Cobb.|-How do you do, Inspector?
WALTER: PrincipaI, I don'twant|to aIarm your chiIdren.
Move them aII|into the auditorium...
and keepthem caIm.
TARGO: We're coming to the dam.
You can caII the rear guard.
SIMON: Rear guard,|you can cIose up now.
We've reached the dam.|You can come up now.
NiIs,you can cIose in now.
Attention, attention.|NiIs is dead.
I repeat.|NiIs is dead,fuckhead.
So's his paI...
and thosefour guys|from the East German aII-stars--
your boys atthe bank--
they'II be a IittIe Iate.
In the back of the truck|you're driving...
there's $13 biIIion worth|in goId buIIion.
WouId a deaI be out|of the question?
JOHN: I got a deaIforyou.
CrawI out of hiding...
and I'II drive this truck|upyour ass.
How coIorfuI.
TARGO:|I toId you notto toy with him!
SIMON:|Thankyou. That's very heIpfuI.
TARGO: You jeopardized|the mission and the contract.
Ivan. [Speaking German]
HerrVogIe wiII heIp me|reach the ship.
I'm going to put an end to this.
Targo! Targo!
Here! Come here!
We bIow the dam.
TARGO: What?
SIMON: We drown him.
[Speaking German]
MAN: Upthere!
LAMBERT: Look atthis.
Janitor said this was deIivered|this morning.
Not hooked up.
LAMBERT: Now take a Iook|atthefront.
We driII the hinges.|Get everybody out.
ZEUS: McCIane!
JOHN: Where are you?
ZEUS: Over here!
HeII of a way offIagging|somebody down.
Did you go to Yankee stadium?
Yeah. There's nobody there.
You didn't see nobody?
Nobody wasfoIIowing you?
He's jerking us around.
ZEUS: Come on! Come on!
JOHN: HoIy shit!
Go! Go! Go!
It's not rigged.
PuII it.
WeII, I'd say you couId|caII off your search.
WALTER: Can you stop it?
CHARLIE:|I shouIdn't even touch it.
Who knows what booby traps|this thing's got?
What aboutthe code?
No word.
When do we evacuate?
Simon says he sees one kid|Ieave the buiIding--boom.
We can't stand here with|ourthumb up our ass...
waitingforthis thing|to bIow up!
ZEUS: Shit!
JOHN: Keepyour head down!
HoId it steady!
JOHN: Go! Go!
They're in ourway!
Go around them!
Ifound out|who's the 21st president--
some guy named Arthur.
ChesterA. Arthur?
ChesterA. Arthur|eIementary schooI?
JOHN: That's it.
[Singing]|...gentIy down the stream.
MerriIy, merriIy,|merriIy, merriIy.
Life is but a dream.
MARTINEZ: Hi, kids.
I know you usuaIIy have|assembIy on Fridays...
buttoday is speciaI.
Mr. Lambert here|isfrom thefire department.
Today he wants us to practice|a brand-newfire driII.
I wantyou to divide in half.
Half of you go over here|and Iine up againstthe waII.
The other half go|in this direction.
Do itvery quietIy|and very quickIy.
Everybody up, pIease.
Teachers, pIease heIpthem.
OLDER BOY: Fire driII, my ass.
He ain'tfrom|thefire department.
Maybe it's because of the radio.
You mean,|Iike they're after us?
Tommy squeaIed on us.
OLDER BOY: No, he didn't.
Come on.
Where you going?
Let me drive!
ZEUS: Go! Go!
JOHN: Goddamn it!
Why didn'tyou teII me before?
Of course he putthe bomb|in that schooI.
Why wouId he do that?
To getyour compIete|attention.
Find thefuse paneI.
JOHN: Where's thefuse paneI?
PuII out|the antiIock-brakesfuse.
ZEUS: Which one is it?
JOHN: Yankthem aII out.
Putyour head down.
Putyour head|fucking down.
Listen to me.
Hang thefuck on, aII right?
Whatthefuck happened?
You got a TripIe-A card?
MARTINEZ:|Keep moving. Keep moving.
I've gotthe janitors making|a Iast sweep of the buiIding.
WALTER:|Thankyou, Miss Martinez.
Come on.
AII right.|Three's and nine's are wiId.
JOHN: Stay down. Stay Iow.
ZEUS: Oh, man.
-What are you doing?|-Interrogating him.
ZEUS:|What's he gonna say, ''I'm dead''?
JOHN:|I won't know tiII I ask him.
See if there's aspirin|in that gIove box.
No way. You do it.
Ten quarters.
The guy in the dumptruck|had 10 quarters.
ExactIy 10 quarters.
Maybe they were making|Iong-distance phone caIIs.
They'reforthe bridge.
It'sforthe toII on the bridge.
ZEUS: There! There!
Down on the wharf--dumptrucks.
Rightthere. Rightthere.
[Horn honks]
JOHN: They got it Ioaded|on a ship aIready.
ZEUS: Shit!
How aboutthe Coast Guard?
JOHN:|Take them an hourto get here.
ZEUS: Shit!
We can jump.
JOHN: What?
It's 100feet down to the deck.
ZEUS: But notto the crane.
JOHN: The cabIes|wouId cutyou in half.
ZEUS: I can make it.
JOHN: Get down.|Look in the carfor some gIoves.
CHARLIE: Six booby traps...
four dead ends...
[Singing] and a partridge|in a peartree.
OK, honey...
Iet's dance.
LAMBERT:|We're going to have a race.
When I say ''Go,'' run Iike crazy.
FoIIow the poIice officer|and thefireman.
WaIter,we're cutting|this a IittIe thin.
WALTER:|No. We're going to wait.
McCIane stiII may getthe code.
[Horn bIows]
JOHN:|Line me upwith that crane.
ZEUS: Rightthere.
You're OK.
JOHN:|This wiII take a miracIe.
ZEUS:|Keepyourfingers crossed.
ZEUS: You aImost got it.
Yeah! AII right.
JOHN: Where you going?|You in a hurry?
ZEUS:|I'm goingfirstthis time.
OFFICER: We have|the intercom rigged, sir.
KOWALSKI:|WaIter,the kids may befine...
butyou wait much Ionger,|and I'II pee in my pants.
WALTER:|We're going to wait, Connie.
Six more minutes.
ZEUS: Yo. McCIane.
Down there.
Oh, shit.
Go, man. Go. Go. Go.
Boy, am I gIad you taIked me|out of jumping.
JOHN: Fuck.
JOHN: Get hisfeet.
JOHN: I'm gonnafind Simon...
and beatthefucking code|out of him.
Here. Take this.
ZEUS: How's itwork?
JOHN: You don't know|how to shoot a gun?
ZEUS: AII brothers don't know|how to shoot guns.
JOHN: Sue me. Yank back|on that, puII the trigger.
ZEUS: That's it?
JOHN:|Just don't shootyourself.
Hey. Don't be no hero.
Youfind him, come get me.
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
SIMON:|You have the autopiIot set?
MAN: Yes, sir.
SIMON: Good.
ZEUS: Don'tfucking move.
Oh,the Samaritan.
Give me the goddamn code.
Oh. You meanforthe schooI.
I'm sorry. I can't do that.
You caII in that code|right now...
or I bIow your sick ass|into the nextworId.
lf that's whatyou gotto do...
You've gotto take|the safety catch off.
ZEUS: Ugh! God!
SIMON: See? Thatworks.
Now,where's McCIane?
Nicht schiessen!
Whatwas that?
He said, ''Don't shoot.''
WALTER: OK, CharIie,we'II|have to go with the evacuation.
We're going to go.
OFFICER:|You heard the man! Let's go!
WALTER: We're going to go.
On my mark...
Five,four,three,two, one.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
LAMBERT: Let's do it.
OK, gang. Let's go!
Go! Go! Go!
Hip-hop! Hip-hop!
Run! Run! Run! Run!
We're going to win!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Let's go! Keep moving!
Hurry up!
Keep going!
Lookwhatthey doing.
Yo! Where you going?
What's going on?
I see you aII day, IittIe man...|poIiceman...
and you don't go away.
Yeah, I'm thatfucking|Energizer Bunny.
Where you going now, huh?
TARGO:|Going to arrest me, bunny?
JOHN: I don'tthink|I'm going to arrestyou.
I'm kind of weak.
I knew itwas buIIshit.
There's nobody watching.
Time to get CharIie out.
Time's up.
Give me another30 seconds.
WALTER: Ittakes a minute 15|if you're a kid.
Last I Iooked,you weren't|too Iight on yourfeet.
Oh, my God!
Getthem out of there!
MARTINEZ: The rooms are Iocked.
LAMBERT: Out of my way!
Any one marked ''four.''
What's going on,WaIter?
WALTER: We stiII have kids|in the buiIding.
I'm staying.
WALTER: No, CharIie.|Get out of there.
JOHN: Ever see that show|The Addams FamiIy?
They got a motherfucker|on there caIIed Lurch.
You think I'II Ietyou|getto that gun?
[MuffIed voices]
Get out of the way!
Where are they,WaIter?
No guts...
no gIory.
LAMBERT: We can jump|to the next buiIding!
LAMBERT: Out of the way.
CHILD: OK. Come on. Come on.
LAMBERT: Getthem up here.
Come on. Come on.
Mayday! Mayday!
Bridgeport Coast Guard!
Coast Guard, come in.
Come on, kids!
Shit! It's toofar!
No guts, no gIory.
It's a bigfucking white boat.
OPERATOR:|PIease stay on the Iine.
Pancake syrup?
JOHN: Stupid...stupid...
HeIIo,John McCIane.
There was never any bomb|in the schooI.
Of course not.
I'm a soIdier, not a monster...
even though|I sometimes workfor monsters.
The reaI bomb is on this ship.
JOHN: Coast Guard.
I was teIIing them|where the boatwas.
Game over, huh?
Not quite over.
Bridgeport Coast Guard...
come in, pIease.
They putyou on hoId?
She toId me to stay on the Iine.
Oh, God, I Iove this country.
You know,|your brotherwas an asshoIe.
SIMON: Ha! He was an asshoIe.|You got his number.
Yeah, OK.
SIMON: Forgive me.
WouId you heIp Mr. McCIane|beIow?
JOHN: Ohh.
SIMON: CarefuI now.
Now, do you have the communique?
Bridgeport radio.|Come in, pIease, Bridgeport.
WOMAN: Coast Guard.
SIMON: Oh,you're there, dear.
WOMAN: Yes,we're here.
SIMON: Are you abIe|to record a message?
SIMON: Then pIease begin now.
TAPE: This is a communique|from the CRF.
Fortoo Iong,|the West has conspired...
to steaI the weaIth|of the worId...
consigning|the baIance of humanity...
to economic starvation.
Today,we wiII IeveI|the pIayingfieId.
In minutes,the contents of|the FederaI Reserve Bank--
the goId your economies|are buiIt on--
wiII be redistributed|by expIosive...
across the bottom|of the Long IsIand Sound.
lf you are not in gridIock,|come and watch.
You going to bIow it aII up?
SIMON: That's the idea.
Some gentIemen|in the MiddIe East...
thinkthey'II make|Iots of money.
See the men|safeIy off the ship...
and I'II see you on the Iaunch.
ZEUS: What's this gotto do|with kiIIing McCIane?
Life has its IittIe bonuses.
ZEUS: Didn'tyou say you didn't|even Iike your brother?
SIMON: There's a difference|between disIiking him...
and not caring|when some dumb IrishfIatfoot...
drops him out a window.
I didn't even know|that motherfucker.
SIMON: I never invited you|aboard this ship.
ZEUS: No riddIe's going to stop|this motherfucker?
SIMON: No code, no riddIe,|nofancy countdown.
JOHN: Hey,fuckhead.
Just one thing I gotto know--
you got any aspirins?
I've had a badfucking headache|aII day Iong.
Must be your Iucky day.
Keepthe bottIe.
Where is the goId?
He's betrayed us.
The containers|arefiIIed with that...
[Speaking German]
lf I hadn't saved|yourfucking ass...
I wouIdn't be sitting here about|to bIow upwith $100 biIIion.
You're onIy going|to bIow upwith me.
There's no goId on this boat.
How do you know?
I know thefamiIy.
OnIy thing better|than bIowing up $100 biIIion...
is making peopIe thinkyou did.
WeII,where is it?
He must have switched it|somewhere.
That supposed to make me|feeI better?
No. You're not going to die.
You know some coptrick|about handcuffs to get us out?
Yeah. Use a key.
You know how to pickthis Iock?
Is this some bIack shit again?
Are you afucking Iocksmith|or not?
I need something to do itwith.
How about a spIinter|of that cabIe?
That mightwork.
HoId on.
Whatthefuck are you doing?
Fuck! Shit!
How's that? That big enough?
Yeah. That mightwork.
I'm going to drop It|in your hand.
Cupyour hand.
Don't dropthis motherfucker.
Get it in the right.
You ready?
ZEUS: One...two...spit It.
-Yeah!|-Get it?
ZEUS: Move your hands.
Damn, McCIane, I was|just starting to Iike you.
Don't. I'm an asshoIe.
What are you taIking about?
I Iied to you.
ZEUS: Aboutwhat?
Remember I said Weissfound|that bomb up in HarIem?
Theyfound it down in Chinatown.
That's Iow evenfor|a white motherfucker Iike you.
Whatthefuckwas that?
I don't know.
Look, itwas the onIy way|to getyou to come with me.
You got a wife?
I'm surprised anybody|couId stay with you...
Iong enough to be married.
She didn't stick around.|We're sort of separated.
Whatthefuck is|sort of separated?
She was in L.A.,|I was in New York...
we had afight on the phone,|she hung up...
I didn't caII her back.
How Iong ago was that?
About a year ago.
Whatthefuck|you Iaughing about?
You threw away your marriage...
because|you were toofucking stupid...
to pick upthe phone?
You thinkthat'sfunny?
I betyou bIame yourwife,too.
My wife|is a very stubborn woman.
You better stopfucking Iaughing|and undo these cuffs.
ZEUS: They're aImost...there!
How's thatfor concentration?
Oh, shit! I dropped the thing.
ZEUS: Goddamn it!
JOHN: Where'd it go?
ZEUS: Find it!
JOHN: I don't see it.
ZEUS: Whatthefuck is that?
JOHN: I think I made it mad.
ZEUS: Go, McCIane,|getthefuck out of here.
Goddamn it! Listen to me!
Just go.
It's hard enough|getting through the day...
withoutyour death|on my conscience.
OK. TooIs.|Checkthe engine room.
There's no time!
ZEUS:|Whatthe heII's it doing now?
JOHN: It's mixing.
ZEUS: Shit!
Whatthe heII are you doing?
JOHN: Leanforward.
Leanforward, goddamn it!
ZEUS:|Whatthefuck are you doing?
-Leanforward.|-Oh, no!
JOHN: Get ready!
Fucking shit! Shit!
Oh, goddamn!
JOHN: Come on! Come on!
ZEUS: Fuck! My Ieg. Ow!
JOHN: Get upstairs!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Get upstairs!
ZEUS: Oh, shit! Damn it!
JOHN: Let's go! Let's go!
ZEUS: God damn it! Oh!
-Run, damn you!|-I am!
ZEUS: Come on!
JOHN: AII right?|Watch,watch,watch!
Let's go! Down here!
LAMBERT: How's he doing?
ZEUS: I'm shot in the Ieg.|How you think I'm doing?
PARAMEDIC:|He's going to be justfine.
-And you?|-Fine.
You get Ricky out of there?
Yeah,theyfound him.
You going to be aII right?
JOHN: Got a bad headache.
Thinkthey're mad at me?
WALTER:|I wouIdn'tworry aboutthem.
They'II getto you eventuaIIy.
They're busy|with this saIvage operation.
No. Dredges!
There's no goId outthere.
WALTER: What do you mean?
JOHN: He took it. He beat me.
WALTER: He beat aII of us.
JOHN:|He wasn't pIaying againstyou.
ZEUS: Fuckthat, McCIane!
You're stiII aIive, aren'tyou?
WeII, aren'tyou?
So, he Iost.
Lambert,|wouId you give him a quarter?
Yeah, it's coIIectfrom John.
Uh, Carmen,justteII them|you'II acceptthe charges.
Son of a bitch had aspirin.
Yeah, it's John.
I'm hanging in there.|HoIIy there?
I'II hoId on.
Zeus, hoId up!
HOLLY: John?
John? Goddamn it!
Yesterday,|we were an army with no country.
we have to decide...
which country we wantto buy!
And remember...
this is aII due...
to the g-g-g-guIIibiIity...
of the New York|PoIice Department!
MAN: To the poIice department!
[Speaking German]
PEOPLE: Kamerad!
SIMON: Leutnant,take over.
LEUTNANT: AII right, Iisten up!
First squad,you muster out|in 30 minutes in the schooI bus!
You'II be the Iacrosse team!
No rush.
LEUTNANT: And,Jurgen,|you'II be the padre!
JURGEN: Padre?
[Unzips pants]
Lights! Douse those Iights.
JOHN ON P.A.:|Hey, dickhead...
did I come at a bad time?
Wow! I think she's pissed|atyou, McCIane.
[BIowing whistIe]
Go! Go!
JOHN: He's under us now.|Come back around.
Zeus,what's on your side?
Look Iike roaches|with the Iights coming on.
MAN:|I'II be going to Nova Scotia.
SIMON: You go with the trucks.
I have something personaI|tofinish.
Let's go to work.
ZEUS: That's right!|Run, motherfuckers!
The exterminators are here!
JOHN: Whoo!
JOHN:|We got a chopper behind us!
Got a gun on board?
What is this?
JOHN: HoId it stiII.|I can't see a thing.
ZEUS: Oh, shit!
PILOT: Oh, shit!
JOHN:|What do you mean, ''Oh, shit''?
PILOT: Hang on. Hang on.|We're going down.
Watch the wire!
ZEUS:|Hey, McCIane,whatthefuck?
Hey,we got smoke!
We gotfucking smoke|and shitfIying on me!
[Horn honks]
Truck! Truck!
HoId on.
JOHN:|We gotta get out of here!
They'II start shooting|any second.
ZEUS: Oh, shit!|I can't getthe beIt off!
PILOT: Look out!|Here he comes!
ZEUS: Can't get out, McCIane.
JOHN: Get him out of here.
ZEUS: Where you going?
JOHN: I'II get his attention.
This keeps getting better|and better.
I had no idea|Canada couId be this muchfun.
Just give me something|to shoot at.
Come on, hotshot.
Show me that smiIingface.
Say heIIo to your brother.
Get out of here!
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.
Looks Iike|you got his attention.
JOHN: Yeah, Iooks Iike it.
Thinkwe shouId caII|afire truck?
Fuck him. Letthem cook.
Oh, shit!
ZEUS: What?
I Ieft HoIIy hanging on hoId.
ZEUS: Aw, caII her back.
I don't know.
She's going to be pissed.
She'II get over it.
I don't know, Zeus.
Like I said...
she's a very stubborn woman.
ZEUS: She'd have to be|to stay married to you.
Ha ha ha!
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