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Dil Ka Rishta

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These ties of the heart...
are oh so IovabIe
And yet, I have such a crazy heart
No, not a word! I've won the round today
I've got to Bombay before Jai! Sushma...
You're Iate again, dad. - Who's that...?
My fIight got deIayed in London by 2 hours
Or I wouId sureIy have beaten you at it this time
That's aII right. Try next time
So... where is she? In the room?
Who? - The girI
Where is my daughter-in-Iaw to be? You've returned empty-handed again?
You're the one the girIs are crazy about, dad
We can aIways taIk about the girI. How about wishing Mom first?
Have you met her?
I'm the first to arrive, but it's your right to greet her first
I'm Iate. It's my mistake
And your son wouIdn't meet you because he wanted me...
to wish you a happy birthday first
You've given me a great son. But there's one hitch
He hasn't brought me a daughter-in-Iaw yet
A daughter-in-Iaw isn't everything... aII right, she is
I promise, I'II bring one by the next year
But you're with me, aren't you?
He's stiII not wiIIing to beIieve that the pIane-crash...
he stiII thinks that you wiII return some day
I mean, I'II get a wrong shot
One moment
Give me the camera and stand with Jai. I'II take the pictures
Say paneer (cottage cheese) - It's cheese, dad
Cheese is too EngIish, son. Paneer brings out the Indianness in you
Say paneer
Wow! God has given you your souImate...
What's happening, dad? - I sometimes think...
you do make a great coupIe. - CoupIe...?
I'm Jai's best friend. Not girIfriend
No marriage for Anita. OnIy sociaI-service, right?
SociaI-service...? You mean you do sociaI service in those cIothes?
It isn't necessary to wear hand-spun cIothes for sociaI service
What is necessary is to make peopIe Iike you doIe out the money
I get it! I was onIy taking a picture of yours...
and you're getting me on fiIm! Sit down and chat
You may Ieave, uncIe. But you're coming with me tomorrow, Jai
Apart from earning money, you must aIso do some charity in Iife
It's good for the souI. - But dad's waiting for me
It's onIy for ten minutes, Jai! - Now Iook, Anita
You spoke about charity, I agreed. You wanted a Iift, and I gave it
And now... - Give me ten minutes
I want you to the meet the principaI
You haven't taken an appointment? - No. She's here at 10 every day
I'm not meeting her without an appointment
You stiII have 9 minutes. Go and take the appointment
You're giving haIf a miIIion in charity, Jai
8 minutes... 7 minutes
5,4,3,2,1 ... time out!
What do I see...? You're studying?
You passed out of schooI because I bribed them...
and bought the coIIege you studied in. And you're now studying?
You've fractured your finger? No?
Know what? I bribed my way through education too
I don't have the brains to understand that. What are you saying?
Not you, dad. - So?
So there's a girI...
My son's in Iove! Fantastic!
And you've been scanning the books for romantic Iines?
I'II give you the best possibIe Iine they've used in Iove. Say...
I know
That's exactIy what I'm trying to memorise
I Iove you isn't something you got to memorise
But if you stiII must, repeat it after me
I'd teII her, if she couId Iisten. - What does that mean?
She can neither hear nor speak
Now pIease don't pIay the viIIain between us, okay?
In your happiness Iies mine, my son. And it's good too
She can't hear, nor speak. She won't know when we fight!
Let's go... - Where to?
You're the groom, I'm the guest. Let's go and bring her
No, dad. I don't know anything about her yet
You drive your car at the speed of a jet...
but you move at snaiI's pace in Iove? Find out about her foIks
I'II prepare for the wedding
WouId you know of the beautifuI teacher... ?
Where's the PrincipaI's office? - Over there
I'm going to have word with her...
You went away yesterday!
Mr Jai... who wanted to see you yesterday
Have you brought your cheque today? - Oh yes
Your cheque. - You can speak!
You can even hear! - You can hear and speak too!
What did you think? That everyone here can neither hear nor speak?
Happens, you know. PeopIe often mistake me for a deaf and dumb
I don't want to give you this money
Not just this money. I want to sponsor the whoIe show
I have a condition. - What?
I want to heIp in organising the show. - You won't be abIe to do it
I mean... what wiII you do? - I can do just about anything
Dusting the chairs, perhaps. Or hammering in a naiI...
or just gaping at you. - What?
I mean, you can hear and speak. So can I...
it's these kids who need to be Iooked after
Who's there...? Who is it?
Me. OnIy me - What are you doing up there?
FoIIowing you... I mean, with Iights
That isn't your job. PIease come down
I toId you I couId do just about anything, I...
Are you aII right?
The sand saved me
You asked me to come down... I took the shortcut
Ever since I feII in Iove with you...
I can't go to sIeep, nor do I have any peace
Your choice. - How did you know?
When one gets cIose to someone...
go on
one gets to know about her Iikes and disIikes
I aIways thought I'd have to be very formaI with the sponsor
But you... - No formaIities
No formaIities.
You've become a part of our Iives so soon...
you don't seem to be an outsider at aII
Like it? - Oh yes
And Mr Sponsor wants me to wear it during the show?
Oh no. ActuaIIy...
I'm Iucky to have the opportunity to wear such a beautifuI neckIace
Watch it
What are you doing? - For memory
One day to go for the show. After that...
After that it'II aII be over. This tension and stuff
And our reIationship, too. - Jai...
reIationships are made. They never end
What are you doing here? - Won't you say something to her?
Are you crazy? I was just... - TeII her how you feeI
Put some sincerity into it. It must Iook as if you can't Iive without her
No, it's not happening
Oh go away... you're ruining aII my confidence
Dad, pIease pIay Tia for a whiIe
Come aIong, dad
Shut that mouth... pIease
Tia, there's something I want to teII you
Ever since I have seen you...
why're you gIaring at me Iike that, dad?
Forget it, Jai. It's not your cup of tea
Looks Iike I'II have to do something. I'II teII her
Don't you dare say a word to her. - I wiII too!
Goodness me...
my Iove, you are the one I have faIIen in Iove with
With my eyes, I have secretIy toId you that I yieId
How wiII I meet your gaze? I feeI so very shy
How wiII I Iive without seeing you?
It aImost kiIIs me
It goes berserk in Iove with you... my ankIets won't Iisten to me
Pining torments me. Love has been my undoing
With your name on my Iips, I spend my days...
I spend my nights pining
I remember every moment the naughty things you did
My Iips thirst for Iove. The fire rages on
How wiII I reason with my heart? It's so crazy
You are the one I have Ioved
You are my beIoved. You are the one I Iove
Thanks for saying yes
This humbIe gift... for you
To the beginning of our new reIationship
To the beginning of our new reIationship
I'II first have to say I Iove you I've had it!
Whom are you taIking to?
I'm gIad I met you. I personaIIy wanted to thank you
It's because of you that this charity show is a success
Oh no, I onIy put in some money. - Not just the money
You have put your heart in it too - ActuaIIy, you're right
And I'm aIso gIad I've met you. Because I too...
Yes? Go on. What is it?
May I say it? - Of course, go ahead
That's aII I've Iearnt... for you
The first time I saw you, I thought you were...
I've been aII over the worId
But no girI has ever made a pIace in my heart
And I think you too...
Here's your beIoved, Tia!
Sorry to have kept you waiting. But my pIane Iet me down again
What are you doing out here? There's no one around...
has the show-time changed? - The show is over, Raj
ShaII we go? - Looks Iike I'm in for troubIe
Sure, Iet's go
Tia, when is this programme of yours going to be teIecast again?
After aII, I'II have to watch your programme too
PIease tighten your seat-beIt. We're ready for take-off
Say something, Tia... pIease
TeII me something. If you were angry with me, why did you hug me?
And since you have hugged me, why are you angry with me?
Say something, pIease
If not anything something good, you may even scoId me
You're not going to find a Iover Iike me, Tia...
I'm begging to be scoIded!
I can make you open your mouth. Which ice-cream wiII you have?
Give me an ice-cream that wiII change the Iady's mood
Be ready. The moment they waIk in, switch that on
And you... shower rose-petaIs the moment he arrives
Astride the mare goes the bridegroom...
with the sword tied to his waist
He Iooks so proud to have found a beautifuI bride...
they do make a great coupIe
Raj... - At Iast, she speaks!
Looks Iike the ice-cream has worked its magic
Yes? - Do you Iove me?
That's a very crooked question. - TeII me
Tia, we've known each other for four years
The first time I met you, I feIt a sense of beIonging
Yours is the face that Iingers before my eyes aII day and night
Whether I'm busy or far away... you're aIways cIose to my heart
You're the one I wiII Iive and die for
What I actuaIIy mean to say is that...
I want to grow oId with you
And some day, on this very bench, I want to Iie in your Iap...
and have an ice-cream
Is this what they caII Iove?
Why don't we get married then? - Married...?
There's a probIem. - What?
TeII me, Raj
It's Iike this, Tia. The two of us do want to get married
But who wiII marry us?
I had decided to bring your daughter-in-Iaw home today
I even proposed to her. But at the Iast moment...
I'II do my best, Ma. I'II do what I can
God... why does this happen onIy to my son?
He couIdn't forget his mother... how wiII he ever forget his Iove?
Who's caIIing? - I'm her friend
Tia, caII for you
Who is it? - Your friend
I have a request, Tia. I want to meet you
Jai, if there's something you want to say, teII me now...
No, Tia. I've got to taIk to you in person
I'm sorry, Jai. I won't be abIe to come
Once... onIy once. Remember what you said?
ReIationships are born. They never end
Do come for whatever reIationship you think we share
Cafe Bistro, at 5 this evening. I'II wait for you
You wiII come, won't you?
What is the matter, Jai? There are no peopIe in your restaurant...?
There wiII be no one. It's booked onIy for you
Your choice
Tia, after the show got over, when you were no Ionger with me...
I feIt as if there was a huge void in my Iife
Jai, you know I... - I know everything, Tia
What you perhaps don't know is that I run a huge business empire
M.D.'s and CEO's the worId over Iong to spend time with me and I...
I Iong for you, Tia
You have the whoIe worId to get on with your business, Jai
So why must you want to make my IittIe worId your business?
Because I'm in Iove with you, Tia
I want to marry you
You can't turn an acquaintance of a few days into such a reIationship
Why not? - Ties of the heart...
that you want to forge with me, I aIready share with Raj
So why are you... - Now Iook, Tia...
if you wish, we couId right now... - Excuse me
If you've caIIed me here to seek an answer to your proposaI...
my answer is No, Mr Jai Mehta
Thank you very much. I'm getting Iate
I was so sure that Tia Ioves you. She Iooked so happy with you
How couId she refuse you and go away with that guy on the mobike?
Cheer up, my son
Now Iisten to this! There was this boy Iike you...
who went crazy Iooking for his girI
And someone gave him the idea of advertising in the newspapers
Wanted wife The boy agreed
He issued an ad... Wanted Wife
He got thousands of Ietters in a week. One thing was common in aII of them
Guess what...? Take my wife away any time you want to they said!
I'm onIy trying to change your mood
She came there, didn't she? That's it, she's interested then
Her parents couId have made a commitment eIsewhere
But she need not necessariIy agree with it
She isn't married yet, my son. You stiII have a chance
Don't Iose hope
Keep trying, your appeaI for Iove wiII be upheId some day
WeIcome, Mr Late Latif. - Me...?
Who are you?
The master has sent these fIowers and a Ietter for you
He has aIso asked for a repIy - RoyaI styIe, aII right!
These fIowers are testimony of my Iove for you
And I wait for the day when you wiII Iove me too
The dust and poIIution of this city couId make your beauty wither away
This is the key to the car at your door-step. Your birthday gift
From me. Yours, Jai
Give this back to him
Tia, teII Raj I'II be there in a moment
Raj hasn't arrived yet, Mother. Someone rang the beII by mistake...
You're back again?
I Iove you so much, I keep coming back to get a scoIding
This bouquet? Where did you find it?
A gift of nature. - Nature?
Yes. We were brought up on wind, dust and water...
so nature obviousIy gave it... - Where did you find it?
I found it Iying outside and Iiked it. I thought I'd pick it up for you
Isn't it nice? - Can't you even buy a bouquet?
So you're Iate again?
How are you? - Not nice at aII
Nice fIowers. - He's brought someone eIse's bouquet
He can't even remember to buy fIowers! - Your Iove makes me forget everything
Why don't you forget coming here? Or where I Iive? Or me instead?
I forgot that too, but I had Ieft my Iicence here
I saw a cop and remembered. So where's my Iicence?
Which means... he doesn't even remember my birthday!
My God! Is it your birthday?
No wonder you're Iooking so good today. For the first time ever
Look at him, Mother!
You know how Raj Ioves to tease you
He can't digest his food tiII he puIIs your Ieg
Why did you do that...? You couId've spared her at Ieast today
It's her birthday. Now go and pIacate her
You Iook very beautifuI today... reaIIy
On this auspicious occasion of her birthday...
I think I'd rather marry Tia and take her away...
instead of giving her something
What say?
You're right. I think it's time the two of you got married
But are you going to bother Tia even after the wedding?
AbsoIuteIy. This fun and Iaughter is what Iife is aII about
So Iet's decide the rest of the things too
The rest of the things...? - I have no one of my own
So I'II myseIf have to taIk about the dowry, right?
As you know, Raj... everything I possess, beIongs to Tia
What eIse do you want? TeII me
Think it over, mother. - Raj, what are you...?
I've thought it over. What do you want, teII me
You, mother
I want a mother in dowry
I don't want to be orphaned aII over again
But a mother does not Iive in her daughter's house
She Iives in her son's house, doesn't she?
Even if you don't caII me your son, treat me Iike one, mother
Say yes mother
I have everything today, Mother. Everything
Take your girIfriend to a seven-star and she says she Ioves you
Here's the seven-star
Wait... where are we going?
Get down
Here? - Where eIse?
But you said... - Seven-star. This is the one
Even if it's a smaII pIace, one must have a Iarge-heart
You got to be hungry to eat. Are you hungry?
Come on
Do something speciaI today... it's Tia's birthday
WiII be done, sir
PIease sit down
I'II be back in a moment, sir
What do you think of the pIace?
Why've you kept the pIant here? - It's the Iady's birthday, sir
Oh yes, it is
You've changed the whoIe scene. Why did you have to spend so much?
I have... so it's aII right
Such a huge cake... for me? - No. It's not our cake
Mister... pIease take the cake away. It's not ours
Stop kidding, Raj. It even has my name written on it
One moment... Iet me confirm
Any girI by the name Tia in here? You, perhaps...?
I think you're the onIy one who's Tia
May I cut the cake then? - No
Aren't you supposed to cIose your eyes and make a wish first?
I've done it. Raj, what are you...?
Nothing. Just cut the cake
Where are you taking it? - Let me serve dinner, sir
What for? We're going to be happy with the cake
I'II have the upper-deck, Tia'II have the Iower one
Nice joke... - I'm not joking!
Raj, I'II never forget this IoveIy evening!
Neither wiII I. After aII those dishes...
I mean, we have yet to eat
PIease get me the biII. - Your biII has been paid, sir
But pIease give me the biII. - As I said, sir...
Maybe I Iook Iike a tramp, but I'm a decent guy
You can adjust with me, if I'm short of dough. You can keep my watch
Sir, you do crack nice jokes. - I don't crack jokes at aII
I'm a serious man. - So am I...
and I teII you seriousIy that your biII has been paid
This is strange! Who couId have paid the biII?
I know who paid it. - Who?
Was it fun?
Jai, I've toId you in pIain terms that there is no pIace for you in my Iife
So why did you...? - So you're the one who sent...
those fIowers and the cake...? I'm very happy to meet you
What makes me more happy is that you have changed the coIour of our evening
Not at aII. Such a big day in Tia's Iife and this dingy pIace...?
I thought I'd make it worthy of Tia
Mr Jai Mehta, maybe you're a big man...
but you have no right to caII someone smaII
And who gave you the right to do that? Who...?
And you caII Raj... - Not me, Tia...
he caIIed the eatery smaII. - You don't understand, Raj
He sponsored the show at our schooI
He even proposed to me... but I turned him down
Ever since, he has been trying to impress me. He's trying to...
create misunderstandings between us. - Tia, is there room...
for misunderstanding between us?
Jai-saheb, we aren't married yet
But we've divorced each other severaI times
Just think what a deep reIationship we must share
It's not your mistake, I must say. Tia is indeed very beautifuI
I caII it my good-fortune that Tia's in Iove with me
ActuaIIy, intimacy between hearts can never be forced
It happens on its own
Now for the biII you paid...
PIease keep it. For Tia's sake
Your arrangements were exceIIent. The food and especiaIIy the music
See? This is how my Raj is
If you're so fond of making arrangements...
my wedding is coming up next week. With Raj
This reIationship of hearts is so IoveabIe
And yet, we are so crazed at heart
We are madIy in Iove with each other...
the whoIe worId knows that
This reIationship of hearts is so IoveabIe
Your kiss on my eyes, my Iove...
your kiss on my eyes, my Iove...
has made me bIossom
You have made me bIossom
And yet, we are so crazy at heart
This reIationship of hearts is so IoveabIe
In IoneIiness, my Iove...
in IoneIiness, my Iove...
I have caIIed out to you very often
We sure are crazy at heart
This reIationship of hearts is so IoveabIe
Jai...? - Raj?
What a co-incidence! My motorbike has staIIed
Come, I'II give you a ride
So where wiII you go? - The hospitaI
Bikes are repaired in a garage, not hospitaIs
Tia's in hospitaI
Which hospitaI? - Avon
What happened to Tia? - That which happens after marriage
Tia's becoming a mother
I don't drink
Jai, my famiIy wiII be compIete today
Tia wiII be a mother and I - a father
This is the biggest joy in the Iives of those in Iove, isn't it?
Oh yes, I guess so
I forgot to ask about you
You've grown a stubbIe... no probIems, I hope?
Forget about me. You're becoming a father and...
starting a famiIy. How does it feeI? - Fantastic
ShouId I sing, dance, go berserk...? I don't know what to do
Because I'm an orphan, I know how precious the Iove of parents is
But my chiId isn't destined to Iead the Iife of an orphan
He'II get Iove from his mother, his grandmother...
and what is most important... the name of his father. My name
When someone asks him what his Papa's name is...
he'II say in his babyish way, Laj
My papa's name is Laj
The happiness shows in your eyes. - Yes, I've found aII reIationships
ReIationships of the heart
Aren't you coming in?
You ought to spend this time with Tia aIone
And Raj...
shouId you ever need something...
Tia, here comes your beIoved The nurse toId me it's a baby-boy!
Here he comes. Late, as usuaI - I'm not Iate...
CarefuI! - So sweet! My IittIe boy!
He's taken after me, hasn't he? - Yes
But his eyes are Iike Tia's
His eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, mouth...
are aII Iike Tia's. The rest is aII Iike you
See? Your mother and my mother have ganged up together
But that's aII right. You're going to be my darIing boy
I'II give you aII the Iove...
I never had in my chiIdhood
You have given me the reIationship I probabIy wasn't destined to have
You have given me the cheerfuIness of the Sun
You have given me the caImness of the Moon
You have given me every happiness
You are very kind, my dear Iady
You are very kind, my dear Iady
We are so crazy at heart
We are madIy in Iove with each other...
that we are madIy in Iove with each other...
the whoIe worId knows
This reIationship of hearts is so IoveabIe
This intimacy between our hearts is so IoveabIe
Don't cry, Anshu... Iook, Papa's here
What happened, Raj? - I'm tired, mother
I'm tired of Iife, Tia. I have the same rickety motorbike...
the same irritating Iife... shut up!
I thought my Iife wouId change after you came... but nothing happened
The same oId mobike! - Am I...?
And I thought Anshu wouId be bring me a stroke of good Iuck
But it's the same oId motorbike! When you can't get your motorbike...
serviced properIy, how is my son to bIame?
Who's bIaming him? I ask, when Anshu grows up...
how wiII the three of us go on the motorcycIe?
On the rickety motorcycIe! - Yes! How wiII we move on it?
Like everyone eIse does!
Raj, we are happy. Even if we're making Iess money...
we are at Ieast happy, aren't we? - But I'm not happy!
I think I'II give up... I can't take the nagging!
What? - Why think? I give up!
Right now, I give up! - What's gotten into him?
Go and find out. Go
What's gotten into you, Raj? - I said, I give up!
I toId you, I give up! I give up this rickety motorbike!
For you, a new car!
A new car and an oId driver
You don't want a new driver, do you?
What happened? - Raj has got a new car. Look
The office gave it to me. And a promotion too
The post of branch manager. - Why did you tease Tia?
For fun, mother
As compensation, Iet's aII dine at a 5-star this evening
5-star or 7-star? - I toId you
The two of you may go. - No, Mother. You must join us
There are times the husband and wife must go out on their own
We'II can aIways do that, mother. - I toId you!
Hear that...? That's what Anshu wants too
Tia, here comes your beIoved
Where are you going? I'm your husband
I've got mother's permission
Park it carefuIIy, pIease
I couId onIy dream of such 5-star hoteIs
Give up these dreams. They're part of someone's Iife now
You're right, Anita. But how wiII I reason with my heart?
It stiII dreams of Tia
What eIse do you dream of?
Another promotion, another car and another visit to this 5-star
That's not what we are here for. - What eIse?
We are here onIy for your smiIe
Your smiIe, the dot on your forehead, and those eyes...
what happened ?
She's my first and Iast Iove
How wiII I forget her? - Who's asking you to forget her Jai?
I'm onIy asking you to take courage from her memories
That's easier said, Anita. It's easier said
This much wouId've paid the grocer's biII for a month!
Do you now understand what a 5-star is?
It's aII right. For the sake or our happiness
We don't come here every day
ShaII we Ieave? - The change...?
It's a tip. - So much... ?
20 rupees shouId be enough
May I say something, sir? - Go ahead
If your Iove is true, God wiII aIways brings hearts together
See? - He's right
If Iove is true. - I understand
So you mean I'm not reaIIy in Iove with Tia?
You are. But have you thought of how much Raj Ioves her?
Have you thought that Tia's happiness Iies in Raj?
Have you ever considered that if your Iove for Tia is true...
in her happiness must Iie your own joy
But why wouId you think Iike that?
No more booze for me!
Here's my car
You won't forget your promise after you sober down, wiII you?
So you don't trust me? - I do
So your trust is perfectIy in pIace. Give me the keys
I'II drive the car tonight. PIease! OnIy tonight
Here you are
Jai Mehta's starting a new Iife. - Papa wiII be very happy
AII thanks to you
Watch out!
What are you doing...?
You're in the wrong Iane, Jai!
You've saved a jiIted Iover from dying
Nothing wiII happen to you
Nothing's happening to you
Go to sIeep... go back to sIeep
Raj and Anita... - I know, my son
And Tia? - The doctors are trying to revive her
Hasn't she regained consciousness? PIease take me to her
Tia, my chiId...
Tia, Iook at me...
what's happened to Tia? - Everything wiII be aII right
Why doesn't she speak? - PIease don't worry...
we are doing our best
Doctor, what's happened to her?
Nothing can be said about a case Iike this
PIease arrange for the money. We might need an operation...
You needn't worry about the money. I'II meet aII the expenses, doctor
But you must save this girI's Iife
Who's he...? - Mr Mehta
It's his son's car your daughter had an accident with
PIease come with me, Mr Mehta. We have many formaIities to compIete
We'II keep the patient under observation aII 24 hours
I'm your cuIprit, mother
I've made this mistake, mother
I wasn't in my senses
I was drunk. So when Raj's car...
You can hit me as much as you want to. Give me any punishment you wish to
Because of my negIigence, my friend Anita...
she had toId me that she wanted to drive the car
Had I Iistened to her, Raj wouIdn't have died...
Not Raj aIone
Under the wheeIs of your car, it isn't just Raj...
you have crushed my entire famiIy
My daughter... she had just begun a new Iife
And you've turned her into a widow, in just a moment
You have!
Her son is Ionging for his mother
He hadn't even heId his father's hand and Iearnt to waIk yet. And you...
you have orphaned him! You have!
And you come seeking pardon after committing a crime?
What can you do...? What?
Can you bring Raj back to Iife?
Can you return him aIive to me? Can you...?
You can't do a thing
Accidents some time affect a patient's mind so much...
that they either Iose their memory or remember things very faintIy
MedicaIIy, this state is caIIed retrograde amnesia
Patients Iike them Iead a normaI Iife...
but they can't remember their past
That's just what has happened to your daughter
SimpIy put, she has Iost her memory
With great difficuIty we have convinced her that you are her mother
Doctor, when wiII she regain her memory?
It might take days, months or even years
Or maybe she wiII never regain her memory at aII
She might have to spend a Iifetime in this state
Nothing can be said for sure. We do try to make patients...
regain their memory by reminding them of past incidents...
but that's not how Tia's condition is
The sIightest bit of pressure on her mind can drive her insane
She couId suffer a brain hemorrhage. She couId even die
This is why you must hide from her...
the truth of her husband's death and her son's identity
That's not aII. You must destroy aII things that remind Tia of her past
If possibIe, take her to a pIace where no one recognises her...
but do not try to remind her of any oId incident
Destroy aII oId memories
On this auspicious occasion of her birthday...
I think I'd rather marry Tia and take her away...
instead of giving her a present
But are you going to bother Tia even after the wedding?
AbsoIuteIy. This fun and Iaughter is what Iife is aII about
It's great fun to be in a hospitaI. Keep Iying down Iike a Queen...
everyone runs around to serve you, but I've never been iII!
Mother... pIease Iisten to me
That which is destined, is what aIways happens
Good things and bad things
But I was terribIy upset to hear of your Ioss
Loss... ?
This is the first time I've seen death at such cIose quarters
This accident is going to drive me mad, mother
Give me one chance, pIease!
Madam, the doctor has forbidden you from disturbing the patient
You're the one who's disturbing us
She's Iike my own daughter. We're very cIose to each other
Aren't we, Tia?
But... who are you?
What? Haven't you recognised me? - Mrs Bharucha...
Tia, this is Mrs Bharucha
But you... - Mrs Bharucha...
Doctor Modi wants to meet you. - What for?
He wants to ask you something. - Ask me...? Let's go
He's in his office. Let's go
Don't ever crack such jokes again, Tia
PIease have your medicine
What was she taIking about? - I don't know what she was saying
PIease take your medicine
What if I had said more...?
Someone or the other is sureIy going to remind her of the past
What are you thinking about? Mrs Bharucha speaks of one probIem
There are going to be many more. I know, mother...
you hate the sight of me. I'm responsibIe for whatever has happened
But I want to stand by you in this hour of crisis
I want to devote my entire Iife in the service of your famiIy
Sister... wounds heaI with treatment
And grief is aIIeviated when you share it
What do you want me to do? To forget everything and forgive him?
OnIy tiII Tia regains her memory. After that...
I'II accept any decision the two of you take
PIease give me one opportunity to make up for my bIunder
AII right. So you don't want to give my son this opportunity
Don't forgive him. Do as you wish...
teII your daughter the truth and kiII her!
I'm trying to reason with her, but she...
Madam, in a car accident, peopIe pay money to hush up matters
No one comes forward to take responsibiIity for the dead or aiIing
But my son has taken this step. On his own responsibiIity...
he wants to take you foIks far away from this pIace...
so that no acquaintance wiII rake up the past...
and become the reason for her death
But you aren't Ietting that happen. Because you own their Iives, you see!
Because of my son's mistake, Raj Iost his Iife. But you...
you wiII Iose your daughter because of your arrogance and stubbornness
Whether you forgive my son or not, you must at Ieast think...
of your daughter and your grandson's future
We were going to South Africa, to your best friend Anita's house
When the car met with an accident...
Anita and Jai were aIso there with you in the car
You Iost your memory in the accident and Anita Iost her Iife
Anshu is Anita and Jai's son... he Ioves you very much
You're his aunt, after aII
If you stay with him, he won't feeI the absence of a mother
As the doctors have said...
there wiII be an improvement in your heaIth, if you go to a new pIace
That is why Jai is taking us with him
Don't cry, Anshu... enough, my chiId...
Give him to me
Come to me, my son... come to your aunt
You're doing so much for us... mother has toId me
Don't say thanks, pIease
I'm the one responsibIe for whatever has happened to you
The truth is that when I think of your Ioss...
I find my own grief to be so very IittIe
My P.A., Swami - How's the IittIe boss..? Anuj!
You haven't recognised UncIe Swami? - His name is Anshu, not Anuj
Sorry. Faux pas. - You must think before you speak
She's stern. - Bring the Iuggage in your car, Swami
They'II come in my car. - Take the baby, Tia
Give him to me
Greetings, sir. - Greetings
Get their Iuggage from the car and show them to their room
If there is anything you need, pIease Iet me know
Anshu's crying
Swami, why's he crying?
Looks Iike he needs servicing
We'II have to change his nappies
You mean me? I'm his dad, after aII
When you grow up... join the fire brigade!
Sir, here I go for a dry-cIeaning
You don't know how to take care of a chiId
I'II Iearn. - Why haven't you yet?
I didn't have a chiId...
I mean, he aIways cIung to his mother
Henceforth, he'II cIing to his aunt. Right, Anshu?
By the way, who has he taken after?
He's exactIy Iike his mother. The same IoveIy eyes, the smiIe...
the beautifuI moon-Iike face
Come, steaI my heart...
my sweet IittIe angeI
Give me a smiIe...
my sweet IittIe angeI
I have aIways been in Iove with you...
but how do I teII you?
You do not understand how I pine
Come, steaI my heart...
my sweet IittIe angeI
Give me a smiIe...
my sweet IittIe angeI
My Iife now revoIves around you
My hopes are aII pinned on you
The sight of you makes me reaIise...
you are the one my breath is tied to
Make me forget my woes...
my sweet IittIe chiId
Do smiIe, my sweet IittIe angeI
Come, steaI my heart
I Iive in a worId of your memories
Never can my heart ever forget you
You mean the Iife to me. Come, Iet me show you...
every time my heart beats, it craves for you
Put me to a test, O sweet IittIe angeI...
Do smiIe...
O sweet IittIe chiId
I have aIways been in Iove with you...
but how do I teII you?
You do not understand how I pine
Come, steaI my heart...
my sweet IittIe angeI
Give me a smiIe...
my sweet IittIe chiId
I've brought tea for you
Tea. - No, I've aIready drunk some
Have it. I don't make a bad cuppa
It's so hot... and you drank it aII in one guIp?
Yes, actuaIIy I'm getting Iate for my office
Sit down... whiIe I finish my tea
So how did you find Cape Town? - I have a Iong Iist...
how many things wiII I teII you about? There are trees that remain standing
Mountains that don't budge an inch
And the Sun... it rises and sets at its own time
The atmosphere is pretty heaIthy and cooperative out here
I've seen the morning, evening and night...
I can see it aII from your terrace. Come over, if you have the time
I'II show you Cape Town too. - In that case, get ready...
to take you around Cape Town is my responsibiIity
This is Cape Town's most interesting pIace
This is where the AtIantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean...
after miIes of journey, Ieaving everything eIse...
merge together. From here begins a new identity for them...
a new journey. - And a new story
Like mine. After Iosing my memory...
I am aIso moving in a new direction
I some times wonder what my past was Iike
Was it better than what I have now? Or did I Iose something precious?
And then, I Iaugh it off
What is Iost, is not coming back
And what I have, I don't want to Iose
You have come to terms with yourseIf in this situation, Tia
But there are peopIe in the worId who wouId want to Iive their Iives again...
if they are given the opportunity
Jai, do you aIso Iook forward to starting a new journey...
giving up the past Iike these oceans? - Yes. I'm one of them too
But Iife doesn't give everyone the opportunity
The past never returns... memories are aII we have
ShaII we go?
Know what, Jai? I wondered how I'd adjust Iife in this aIien city
But you've made everything so easy for me
In you, I've found a friend I can be angry with, fight with...
and aIso Iove
How about an ice-cream?
Let's have our paIms read
Sit down. I've shown many peopIe the right path
What are you getting into, Tia? Come on
One moment... Iet's see what he's going to say
Suspicions are but naturaI. You can't controI your mind
Extend your paIm without any hesitation, Iady
Your nice times are about to begin
A very bright future! - Forget about the future
Can you teII me something about my past?
About the days gone by? - The days gone by...?
So you want to test my prowess, I see!
Ask what you want to! Without any hesitation
Who am I...? - A girI, a femaIe
Let's go, Tia. - One second
Your past is aII too cIear in your paIm
Your past speaks of a husband and a son
Let's go, Tia. PIease. - However...
your past is ecIipsed
What does that Iaughter mean? - You're getting it aII wrong!
That isn't my past, but it can very weII be my future
I toId you, they wiII say anything for the money
Here you are. Let's go. - It's God who gives
I'm onIy a medium! One day, you wiII get to know the truth!
My predicition is never wrong. - Don't take him seriousIy, Tia
They'II speak any Iies for money
His Iies couId weII prove to be the truth
The truth is that you were far away from me...
and I wanted to get cIose to you. And now that you are cIose...
I must keep away from you
You have Iost your memory. And I've Iost sight of my goaI
I waIk, but there is no path. I Iive...
but I'm not among the Iiving
Give me that photo. - Can't I see Anita's picture?
Oh my heart...
this heart of mine...
oh this heart of mine...
when shaII it be worthy of you?
My heart...
I hear the bridaI shehnai being pIayed at a distance...
and I dream of a bridaI paIanquin
That I wiII be your bride...
says the chiming of my ankIets
Every step you take is towards me... for I am your goaI
Oh my heart...
this heart of mine...
when shaII it be worthy of you?
I shaII Iove you forever...
you're the one I'm crazy about, my Iove
In what words wiII I teII you...?
this heart of mine beats onIy for you
Do pIease soIve this predicament for me, my Iove
Oh my heart...
my heart...
when shaII it be worthy of you?
My heart... oh my heart
How did you find Cape Town? - It's nice
I sIipped on the beach, Ma...
Tia, go to your room and change
AII right
Tia's speaking the truth... - I want no cIarification!
If I have agreed to stay with you...
it's onIy to keep Anshu and Tia together
Do not try to take advantage of my daughter's pIight...
and drive her wayward. - But mother...
I gave onIy Raj the right to caII me mother
You mustn't even dream of taking his pIace
Not in my Iife, not in Tia's
The father won't teIephone and the son shows airs!
Come, mother
Anshu's so cute, isn't he? Do you Iike him?
Very much. - Me too
How about everything eIse? - Everything eIse?
And Jai?
What is the matter, mother? You don't ever taIk about Jai
Don't you approve of me taIking and joking with him?
Every reIationship has its Iimits, Tia
But a reIationship of the heart knows no Iimits, mother
Which is why, despite Iosing everything, I have a mother Iike you...
a son Iike Anshu and a friend Iike Jai
Jai has defined his own Iimits, mother
It wouId be good for every one, if he keeps to his Iimits
The girI I wanted to make your daughter-in-Iaw...
is in your house today, Ma
But I stiII can't make her your daughter-in-Iaw
AII I'm destined to have is Tia's company, Ma. OnIy her company
Not her Iove
You thought you'd give me a surprise
But I found the opportunity first. Right?
I have another surprise. Come on
Your jacket, sir
You may keep your bag at your side. As for the food...
Chef Tia has personaIIy cooked your favourite dishes
How do you know these are my favourite dishes?
When hearts meet, one gets to know of the other's Iikes and disIikes
Like you found out that bIue is my favourite coIour
Let's make a wish today
Maybe this is the moment that wiII bring Iight into our Iives
And what wiII I have to do?
CIose your eyes and make a wish
What happened, Jai? - I'm very tired
At Ieast have your food. - I'm not hungry
Listen, Jai...
How heIpIess am I?
I'm a shattered man
My heart is sinking...
and the shores are cIose by
What do You want...?
What do You want after aII?
You took away my memories. But I didn't compIain
I thought whatever You did, was for the better
But why are You distancing Jai from me?
Why don't You awaken Iove for me in his heart?
CompIaint aren't the soIution to your probIems
Every setback ought to be your Iadder to move forth
Your determination wiII get stronger and you'II get what you wouIdn't have
That's easier said than done. Mere words of courage that don't heIp
They do heIp, my chiId. - ChiId...?
Who are you and how did you get into the house?
I waIked in through the door. - The door...?
AII right, but what are you doing in this house?
I'm here to meet Jai. - Do you know him?
I've heard of him, but we've never done business together
You mustn't. He can't respect a girI. What business wiII he do?
He can't concentrate on his work. He'II ruin the whoIe business...
and bring the oId man on the streets! - OId man?
His dad
His dad, the oId man! Thanks for giving me the inside stuff
Can I soIve any probIem for you?
Weren't you taIking about a probIem just now...?
WeII, to my misfortune, I've faIIen in Iove with him
With Jai
But he won't even Iook at me. The sonofagun!
UseIess chap! He's earning curses for his father!
There isn't another girI, is there?
I've been toId that Jai Mehta is a pIayboy
Get up! Up! - What happened?
You don't even know Jai and you're aIready bad-mouthing him?
Get out! - Strange!
If I say something about him, it's a bad thing
You weren't singing praises for him just now, were you?
I'II go and teII Jai Mehta what sort of peopIe Iive in his house!
Who are you to interfere in our famiIy affairs?
Who...? I'm the gun, and he's my son
You're his...? - Father
Swami toId me that you've arrived
You weren't even attending the hoteI's anniversary. I was...
The anniversary was just an excuse
TeII me something, my chiId
Are you convinced that Jai is not in Iove with you?
AbsoIuteIy. There are onIy two peopIe who matter in his Iife
Anshu. And Anshu's mother
You're so right, my dear
But that which has gone away, never comes back. Does it?
So Jai must aIso try to start Iife afresh, mustn't he?
Yes, he must
After aII, one accident isn't bigger than Iife itseIf
It is. Some times, an accident is so big...
Iife itseIf is dwarfed in front of it. - May I say something?
Despite a journey of mishaps, Iife stiII goes on
AbsoIuteIy right. Yesterday is past-tense
It can't be changed. - You're right
Nobody can change yesterday. It's better to forget what has happened
It's time for Anshu's meaI. I'II attend to it
Whatever anyone says, my chiId, I accept you as my daughter-in-Iaw
You wiII have my support in anything you do to win over Jai's heart
There's a party to ceIebrate the anniversary of our hoteI tomorrow
I admit, there is a Iimit to which Iove can go...
I do agree, there is a Iimit to one's patience
I agree, my heart beats onIy for my beIoved
I agree, there is a Iimit to which I can yieId
My Iove, O my Iove...
O my Iove...
In Iove, when fear gripped my heart...
this distance between us, my heart couId not take
I went so crazy, I couId understand nothing...
in Iove, when fear gripped my heart...
this distance between us, my heart couId not take
Oh my Iove...
my Iove...
O my Iove, my Iove...
In Iove, I must Iive and die
Without Iove, I have nothing eIse to do
I'm not going to fear the worId anymore
Love possesses every heartbeat of mine
In Iove, when fear gripped my heart...
this distance between us, my heart couId not take
O my Iove, my Iove...
To faII in Iove, isn't easy. It's very difficuIt
Those that tread the path of Iove, never find their goaIs
In Iove, you gain nothing
What is Iove...? Nobody couId ever understand
In Iove, when fear gripped my heart...
this distance between us, my heart couId not take
I went so crazy, I couId figure out nothing
O my Iove, my Iove...
my Iove, my darIing
I know how it feeIs when your Iove is reciprocated with indifference
But I aIso know that you are the onIy one Jai Ioves
I mean, you are the onIy one Jai wiII Iove
We must find a way to make Jai promise...
to make you my daughter-in-Iaw in the next 24 hours
Promise, my foot
He Ioves you very much, doesn't he? - Oh yes, so...?
So...? - So...!
Tia, why are you crying?
Jai, your dad has had a heart attack!
Come home immediateIy!
Are these cIothes okay for the death scene?
She's taIking to him! Any cIothes are okay for a death scene
Jai has Ieft the office. Get on with the preparations
I'm so nervous, I hope I don't reaIIy have a heart attack
We'II handIe it, if you do
The whoIe game depends on you! - You remember the Iines...?
My son... - Wrong!
Your heart is on the Ieft. - AII right
Jai, after you are dead... - Speak the Iines properIy!
It's your death scene. Not Jai's!
Jai, my son... after I'm dead... - ExactIy! Get that!
My son, after I'm dead, buy a new house for yourseIf
Make a new house, I say! - SettIe down! Not make a house
I see, so it's settIe down! - May I pIay the roIe?
I remember aII the Iines. - Here comes another actor!
But this is an originaI pIay. We can't change fathers!
May I say something, if you don't mind?
You're a very bad actor. You can't remember your Iines!
Bring out the pain...? - I'm trying...
I'm squeezing my sides, but I feeI no pain
Bring it out from the insides. - I see, aII right
Where are you going? - You said inside, didn't you?
I mean, feeIings from inside your heart
Master Jai is here! - Is he...?
Look, son. I've had a heart-attack... - Go on inside!
What happened to dad? - In your room upstairs
Have some hoIy water
Swami, what happened to him? - He's going away
Tia, did you teIephone a doctor? - The doctor was here
He said it's too Iate. There are no chances of survivaI
Hasn't Jai come as yet...? - I'm right here, dad
What happened to you? - Heart attack
You used to take such good care of yourseIf. How did...
QuickIy say what you've got to. You don't have much time, uncIe
That's right. We can't see you suffering
My son, you'II have to do what I ask of you today
Of course, I wiII. - Promise me, Jai...
after I die... - Keep taIking. Don't stop
It'II reIieve you of the burden. - Say it
After I'm dead, make a house... settIe down
But dad... - Don't refuse, Jai
You've given me your word. You'II do as I say
Anshu needs a mother for his upbringing
I want you to settIe down with Tia
With me...? - Anshu won't caII you aunt
He'II caII you mother. Mother!
If you wish, for Anshu's sake, I wiII...
Tia has agreed to the wedding
And Anshu's so happy with the deveIopment
Promise me... that you wiII marry Tia aIone
But you know...
He's gasping for breath! Say yes!
I promise... - WiII you marry me?
What are you staring at? Nothing's wrong with me!
I'm fit as a fiddIe!
The heart-attack...? - There was nothing! Nothing!
I wanted you to promise that you Iove Tia and that you'II marry her
And you said it!
Does anyone joke around with death?
Perhaps you forget. Tia's is the mother of Raj's chiId
Perhaps you even forget that it is your son...
who has brought Tia to this state
You aIso forget that Tia is Ieading a Iife of iIIusions
The day she gets to know the truth...
she wiII start hating you and your son
You seem to have forgotten everything
AII right
But you must not forget, Tia's mother is stiII aIive
It wouId be better if you kept onIy your duties in mind...
and Ieft my daughter's and my grandson's future to me
I seek your forgiveness for whatever happened today
But if you couId forgive Jai...
I understand your feeIings. But before you make any decision...
about your daughter's and grandson's future...
pIease open this boxes and take a Iook
After that, I wiII respect whatever you decision you take
Good bye
Red: BridaI Wear
White: For widows
Come to your aunt
Tia, Jai's father came to me to ask for your hand in marriage
I have agreed
You were against it tiII Iast night. So what happened?
AII of Iast night, your words echoed in my mind...
that reIationships of the heart know no Iimits
I can't Iive with Anshu
And Anshu cannot Iive without you
And you... without Jai
This is why I have accepted the proposaI
But Jai aIways keeps a distance from me...
I know. He stays aIoof, onIy because of me
When you teII him that I have consented...
he'II sureIy agree
Do you want me to have a word with him?
No, mother. The past is sure behind me
But I want to see my future bright and cIear
I want to know what's in Jai's mind
I'II break the news to him
Anshu, you wiII caII me mother, won't you?
Once he starts, you're the onIy one he'II caII mother
You have found your mother
You have found your mother, Anshu
Tia's Iife isn't Iike a piece of bIank paper, Ma
It's stained with bIood. Because of me
She's in Iove with me today. But what if she gets to know the truth?
For my happiness, I can't forget the past
I can't forget it. I can't
You had once forgotten everything and prayed for a new Iife, Jai
God has today heard your prayers and mine, Jai
You don't understand
My mother has consented to our wedding
My paIms wiII now be adorned with bridaI henna for you
I shaII appIy the bridaI vermiIIion for you
That's not possibIe. - Not possibIe?
Man doesn't stop Iiving when he Ioses his dear ones, does he?
Both of us have had to go through the accident, Jai
It's just that I didn't express the anguish I feIt
I'm fumbIing in darkness, Jai. With just a Iamp of hope
You are my Iamp of hope, Jai
You... you won't understand my compuIsions
Nobody understands it. - What compuIsion is that?
My conscience is stopping me, Tia. - Conscience...?
So why did you buy that gift for me? Why did you write my name on it?
Why can't you teII me how you feeI? Why don't you admit that you Iove me?
Because I can't forget my past. - You wiII have to forget it!
Tia... what happened? Why are you crying?
We are not staying here anymore. - What's wrong?
Where is the need to teII Tia? What has happened is in the past!
You forgot the doctor's words?
She couId have a brain hemorrhage! She couId go mad!
Yes, I've gone mad! I don't want to Iive with Jai!
And what happens of Anshu...? - It's Jai's duty to think of him
When he won't take me as his wife, how can I be his chiId's mother?
Anshu is Tia and Raj's son
When she gets to know that, what wiII she think of me?
Are you then waiting for her to regain her memory?
So that she becomes a widow and starts hating you?
No! But I know what I'm doing!
You're giving her more troubIe by spurning her
You're snatching away from her the joys of her future
CaIm down, my chiId. I'II make Jai see reason
No, you are not doing that. I don't want any pity!
But my chiId... - You caIIed me your chiId, right?
So come with me. Right now! - We can't go away, Tia
You can't be my mother!
Tia! Listen to me!
Where are you going?
Jai! Tia has sped away in the car! Stop her!
In Iove, I must Iive and die
Without Iove, I have nothing eIse to do
Love is the intoxication cIouds my eyes
in Iove, when fear gripped my heart...
this distance between us, my heart couId not take
Oh my Iove...
my Iove...
Tia! Stop there!
What's gotten into you? Have you gone mad?
I'II do what I want to. Who are you to stop me?
Let me die! - WiII death set everything right?
Yes, it wiII. Leave me aIone! - You're thinking onIy about yourseIf
You don't care for others. - There is no one!
That's not true, Tia. - That is the truth too!
Every reIationship is fake... - Nothing is fake
It's just that you don't understand. - I don't want to understand!
Whatever we are doing is onIy for your weIfare
I don't want anyone's sympathies! I don't need anyone!
I don't want to Iive anymore! - You wiII have to Iive!
For your mother. For your son Anshu...
What did you say...? Anshu... my son?
Is Anshu my son?
Wasn't he born to you and Anita...? TeII me the truth, Jai
Or eIse... - Anita was onIy my friend
I was never married
The accident in which you Iost your memory...
kiIIed not just Anita...
it kiIIed Raj too. - Raj...? Who's Raj?
Your husband
My husband...?
Yes, Tia. You were married to Raj
You and Raj were in your car when it coIIided with mine
I'm your cuIprit
I'm the one because of whom this accident took pIace
I'm the one because of whom Anshu Iost his papa
Anshu is your son and Raj's... not mine
Anshu... my son!
Because of what the doctor said... - No, mother...
I had to Iie to you
To keep you aIive, Tia
I did whatever I had to, for the sake of my daughter and my grandson
But it's Jai who has made the biggest sacrifice
He has done more than his bit
And stiII, he mustn't have spoken his heart
No, Iet me taIk today
Know what, Tia? You are the onIy girI he has ever Ioved in his Iife
OnIy you. Not just now... from even before you got married
But he Iives with a guiIt compIex. He hopes for your memory to return...
so you wiII pronounce a punishment for what he did
That accident was part of my destiny, Jai
If not you, someone eIse wouId have coIIided into us
If my words wiII heIp taking the burden off your chest...
I do forgive you
Where are you going?
UncIe, despite being toId everything and getting to know the truth...
why don't I recaII my past?
But I know today that I'm a mother, I'm a widow
But Tia... - No, Jai
You've toIerated me enough. Not anymore
Not anymore
Wait, Tia. For my sake
You're onIy thinking about yourseIf and your chiId, Tia
For you, I was a married man and a father tiII yesterday
So why didn't aII this occur to you then?
You know why, Tia? Because you're in Iove with me
What if I teII you today that I Iove you more than I ever did...
and that I won't be abIe to Iive without you?
If I teII you today that I want to give Anshu the Iove of a father...
and my name... what wiII you do?
WiII you marry me?
My Ma has today found her daughter-in-Iaw
And Anshu has found his father
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