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Subtitles for Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights.

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Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights

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November 1958, my senior year of high school.
While other girls were dancing to Elvis...
and dreaming about prom dates...
I was reading Jane Austen and dreaming about college.
And then my parents announced...
we were moving to Cuba-- in a week.
Slamming doors and giving the silent treatment...
couldn't change that...
but it was easier than admitting I was really scared.
At least everyone else was happy.
Dad got his big promotion from Ford.
Mom got to travel in style, and Susie...
I swear that girl could adjust in a hurricane.
Welcome to the Hotel Oceana.
Not too shabby, huh?
Here's what I know about Cuba--
my high-school French wasn't going to help me.
I didn't know a single person...
and though no one would talk about it...
Fidel Castro was leading a people in a revolution...
against President Batista...
not that you would know it from this place.
This is Cuba. Nobody cares what you do here.
Susie, you want a smoke?
Watch out for this one. She's a bad influence.
I'll take that as a compliment.
She'll have you ditching classes in no time.
As I recall, there's a certain someone...
that likes to ditch them with me.
Don't forget to sign up for mambo lessons.
Mambo classes are held every day...
My God. June Cleaver is in Havana.
Actually, that's my sister Katey. She's a real brain.
Oh, really?
Yeah. She's probably going to Radcliffe.
What, majoring in fashion?
Why don't you join us? There's room here.
I'm James Phelps.
Hi. Katey Miller.
Pleasure to meet you.
- Are you the-- - Yeah.
- Your dad works for my dad. - Yeah.
This is Sheila, Eve, Polly, and Steph...
and I guess you know Susie, right?
So, are you really going to Radcliffe?
I won't know till spring.
Whoa. Watch out, girls.
I guess if your head's in your books...
you really don't have time...
to think about silly things like the weather.
I'm so sorry. It's my fault.
No, just go get new drinks.
Stupid spic.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me. Señor? - How may I help you, señorita?
I knocked into those drinks. I'd like to pay for them.
That will not be necessary. Accidents happen. Excuse me.
I speak English...
and I don't need your charity.
It's not.
Don't worry about it. It's OK.
I'm sorry for what she called you.
- That was nothing. - Not to me.
Then why are you apologizing?
You guys were so good.
Your mother was good. I was OK.
- Dad? - Hmm.
I'm sorry I haven't been excited about all of this.
Sweetheart, it's OK.
Senior year is a terrible time to drag you out of school...
especially when you're the star of the class.
- Dad. - Come on. Don't deny it.
Be proud of it.
You'll do great here, too.
I can't stand on your feet anymore.
- Hey, you remembered that. - Yeah.
Very good.
Let's continue where we left off.
Book 18, page 25.
Katey, just do your best to follow, all right?
It's OK. I read it last year.
Knock it off.
Well, then perhaps you'd like to begin reading at line 342.
"Now the suitors turned to dance and song...
"to the lovely beaten sway...
"waiting for dusk to come upon them there...
and the dark night came upon them, lost in pleasure."
Can anyone tell us...
the significance of this passage?
It's a bunch of drunk guys doing it.
Athena wants the suitors to keep invading Odysseus' house...
so that he'll get angry enough to kill them.
And why does the goddess want that?
She wants Odysseus to find his strength...
and courage?
Very good.
Need a ride home?
No. I'm OK. I got a lot of catching up to do.
You know, a lot of girls...
don't like to let on when they're smart.
I know. I shouldn't have said--
No. No, I like that.
I like that about you.
A bunch of us are going to our country club on Saturday night.
There'll be a band. The music's pretty cool.
Would you like to go with me?
I really do have a lot of work to do.
On a Saturday night?
Come on. I'm sure even Homer took some time off...
between The Iliad and The Odyssey.
Well, sure. OK.
We're all here now. You can go.
You felt the sudden urge for Cuban music?
The van left without me.
I've been walking for an hour.
I can walk you back.
Oh, no. You don't have to do that.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
You'll find your way sooner or later.
Maybe in a week or a month.
Let me just say good-bye.
What was it you called him?
Abuelito. It's my grandpa.
I'm Katey. What's your name?
So what, you know like five words in Spanish?
Maybe ten.
And what are you studying so hard to do?
I haven't figured it out yet.
Here. Let me take that.
I've never seen dancing like that.
Like what?
I don't know.
I like it. It's very...
- Very Cuban? - Yeah.
- We should get off the street. - Why?
You don't understand what they're singing.
That way!
So you've got-- OK. Here she comes.
Thank you so much.
Thank God. Katey, where have you been?
I missed the bus.
I'm fine. I walked.
For heaven's sakes. Katey, why didn't you call me?
For all I knew, you could have been kidnapped by rebels.
It's not the rebels you should be worried about.
What did you say?
You're right. I'm sorry. I should have called.
Honey, where's your book bag?
I left it at school.
It was heavy.
Oh, God.
It was good I had all these boring American books with me.
They realized I couldn't be a revolutionary.
I don't understand.
They were just singing.
There is not such a thing as "just singing" here anymore.
You know, you're a pretty good dancer.
I was terrible.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, you were terrible...
but for an American, you move well.
Oh, thanks.
Why do you look in the mirror?
I was trying to remember the steps I saw.
But what does looking have to do with it?
Just feel the music.
You should see for yourself.
The real dancers are at La Rosa Negra on Saturday night.
I can't.
I got invited to this country club thing.
- Hey, that was fast. - Yeah.
Is that why you want to learn Cuban dancing?
Just to impress your date?
No. I wanted to--
Don't worry. Don't worry.
They won't dance like that at the club.
Just learn the fox trot instead.
I already know the fox trot.
Do we need to go shopping?
I just thought you might be going to the country club...
Saturday night.
Oh, you just thought?
Mrs. Phelps took me to lunch.
You two aren't planning an arranged marriage, are you?
No. I should have thought of that.
He's so cute.
- Yolanda? - Yes?
Is this square?
Yeah, you know... Iike a square?
Is a square good or bad?
It's bad.
This is square.
Oh, God.
I don't know.
You're smaller than me. Your dresses'll be...
You're joking.
Why? Is it square?
Definitely not.
It's not fair!
All of my friends are going...
so why would you go, and I can't?
I am older than you.
Such a waste. You don't even know how to have fun.
Sure you don't want me to stay?
Dad, don't.
OK. Bye.
Be careful.
Polly. Polly.
God, what'd she do? Paint it on?
Oh, I don't know.
Oh, I do.
I would like to invite you all...
to the Club Palace on Christmas Eve--
You been to the Palace yet?
...the tenth annual Latin ballroom...
amateur dance contest.
I'll have to take you.
Oh, yeah, yeah
Darling, you
Send me
Darling, you
Send me
You feel really good. Am I making you nervous?
Well, you make me a little nervous...
but don't tell anyone. It'll ruin my reputation.
I thought it was infatuation
Listen, we're going over to Polly's...
- for a little mojito party. - Oh, yeah?
And her parents are out of town again.
What do you think? Steph can make a wicked mojito.
Hey, I'm sure we can get someone...
to rustle you up a Shirley Temple.
James and I are gonna go to a Cuban club.
La Rosa Negra.
Yeah, we're going to the... La Rosa Negra.
Look at the way they feel the music.
They're feeling it, all right.
I'll get us some drinks.
- You look so Cuban. - So do you.
Hi. I'm Javier.
Name's Phelps.
Yeah. I know you.
So, the country club wasn't all you expected?
We thought we'd expand our horizons a little bit.
Oh, you mean actually experience La Havana?
Do you mind if I dance with your date?
Well, you'll have to ask her.
Te quiero Havana, the rhythm pumpin' in my heart
In la rosa
We dance to the tempo of love
Shall we give your boyfriend a show?
He's not my boyfriend.
Let your body talk till the voice in you says
I'm the one you find deep in the groove
That has your body and your senses
I'm the heat inside when rhythm and love collide
Let me introduce myself
Represent, represent
Represent, represent
Hey, me música
Represent, represent
Represent, represent
Hey, tu música
Lose your date?
Must be that Yankee dancing with my brother.
Good of you to bring your girlfriend to Havana...
while you still have the chance.
Why? Are you gonna run us gringos out?
That's right, comebola, so keep smiling.
Let me introduce myself
Represent, represent
Represent, represent
Hey, tu música
Represent, represent
Orishas underground de Havana
Represent, represent
Hey, tu música
Raoul y Esmerelda...
king and queen of La Rosa Negra.
When they dance, the floor is theirs.
You're as good a dancer as he is.
Katey, this is my brother Carlos.
- Arturo and Miguel. - Hola.
We were just talking politics.
Really? Well, my brother loves talking.
Javier doesn't like to talk politics.
After all, the revolution...
would screw up his job kissing your asses.
And where's the revolution tonight?
On the dance floor?
While you boys kiss and make up...
we're gonna get some fresh air.
Let's go.
I was enjoying the dancing.
You were very hot.
It's not the safest part of town.
No, don't.
Take me home, will you--
Stop it! Get off!
You didn't say no to him.
Katey! Katey, get back in the damn car!
I'll take you home.
- Where is he? - He's gone. He's gone.
It's OK. It's OK. I'm fine.
My dad works for his dad.
I just want to forget about it.
Don't worry.
I'll take you home.
Come on.
I should have seen it coming.
I guess I'm not used to--
What? You never had a boyfriend in America?
No. I liked this one guy, but it didn't work out.
Why not?
He didn't know I existed.
Oh, yeah. That could be a problem.
This is as far as I go.
The staff is not supposed to mix with guests.
It took me a long time to find this job.
You'd be in trouble for walking me up there?
That's ridiculous.
Thanks for walking me home.
I'm sorry your evening was so difficult.
Not all of it was.
My job is to make you look beautiful.
Your job is to make our bodies like one. Watch.
Thanks. OK, that's it for today.
Who's gonna enter the big dance contest?
Isn't it just for locals?
Actually, it's for anyone who has the guts to try.
What about you?
No, I can't. I'm not good enough.
Sure you are. I've seen you practicing.
Think about it.
You left your sweater in my car.
- Just bring it to school. - Hey, wait a second.
I'm really sorry.
I was drinking. I would never hurt you.
He's not here.
They fired him.
Lois and your sister, they saw you.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
You know, you need to keep your mouth shut.
The things you do have consequences.
Lois is the one who blabbed it.
Oh, right. And you had nothing to do with it.
Well, what were you doing with that guy, anyway?
It's embarrassing.
Is that you talking, or is it those other girls?
He's not like us.
There is no "us," Susie.
- Hola. - Hola.
I am looking for Javier Suarez.
I'm a friend of Javier's.
From the hotel.
I didn't know he had friends in the hotel.
Is he here?
No. He's working there now.
You don't see him?
So, what do you want with my brother?
I need to talk to him.
You got him fired. Isn't that enough?
I know a way he can make some money.
You Yankees, you come here...
and you pour money into the casinos...
into the pockets of the gangsters...
who run this country...
the same gangsters who murder innocent people...
Iike my father.
I didn't know.
That's right. You don't know.
What is she doing here?
I feel terrible about what happened.
I went to your house--
My house? You told my mother I was fired?
- No, I didn't-- - Then what do you want?
I told her I wanted to talk to you.
I'm sorry you got fired.
Don't worry. It's my fault. I knew better.
Is this your new job?
That's right. You make 'em. We steal 'em.
Isn't that right, Javi?
There's this dance contest...
at the Palace-- Christmas Eve.
I think you should go.
And see if they need any busboys?
That's not what I mean.
You know what kind of people goes to the Palace?
I could get you in.
You'd have to be my partner.
You mean, dance with you?
God, I'm not that bad.
You didn't seem to mind it last night.
I wasn't trying to win a contest.
Oh, weren't you?
I'm sorry, but I have a lot of work to do.
The prize for the semifinals is $300.
The grand prize is $5,000.
The winners get to go to America.
I don't have time.
Come here to papa.
We could use some help here.
I have to make a delivery.
Oh, a delivery! Did you hear that, Rafael?
Yes, medical supplies. You want to see?
I'm very happy that you have a great heart, Carlos.
Some day you will help your family.
Some day you will understand that I am helping.
This contest...
does it cost money?
You know that it's ballroom dancing.
It's not what I do.
It's Latin ballroom. If we mix what you do with what I do...
I really think we'd have something.
I still have to teach you everything.
Not everything.
I'll have to teach you a few things, too.
Can we do this?
- What? - What are you doing?
Just dancing.
But this is a routine.
You can't just do what you feel like...
when you feel like it.
When I dance, I have no routine.
But this is a contest. We need a structure.
Can I see that?
First, you learn to move, and then we worry...
- about lists and words. - OK. Fine.
How do you call this?
Your hips?
Move your hips.
And circle.
Come on.
Come on. And circle.
That's a box.
What, are you crazy?
Why should I cover for you?
You want me to tell them what happened?
Well, hello there.
We're just heading over for some lemonade.
- Would you care to join us? - No, no.
We'll take a rain check.
OK. You two have fun.
I'm gonna help Javier, and you're gonna help me.
Your frame is really weak.
I could do without the bruises, thanks.
I can fit another couple between us.
It's not gonna be a crowded club.
We've gotta sweep across the dance floor.
OK. OK, I can sweep.
What are you doing? Your steps are too big.
No, I'm sweeping.
How's it going with James?
I got homework to do.
You know what, sweetie?
I've been wanting to ask you if you have any questions or...
concerns, you know, about you and James.
It's like dancing with my mother's ironing board.
Just close your eyes.
Just do it.
It's awkward to talk about, but...
it's important that you not let a boy pressure you.
And even if you have certain feelings...
when you're with James...
feelings that you aren't used to having...
Oh, God!
Do you have to be such a guy?
OK, I'll be the girl.
The decisions you make now, the choices you make...
could affect your whole life.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
You do?
I didn't want to waste the music.
No, of course not.
What's the problem?
Why are you so afraid to let me lead you?
I'm not.
You are. When you're ready to say you're afraid...
Iet me know.
- Hey. - Sorry.
No, no, no. Stay. I'm almost done anyway.
So, what did you decide?
I entered the contest.
All right. Good for you.
So, how's it going?
Oh, great. It's going great.
No, it's not.
God, I must have been crazy to think we could do this.
It's in two weeks...
and whenever he pushes, I pull...
and I'm flowing, and I'm being free...
and I'm making a circle...
and I'm not an ironing board anymore...
and it's still not working.
And now he says, "You're afraid."
Are you?
That's too bad.
Come here un momento.
Stand right here.
Let me see your frame.
A little pressure.
So, where'd you learn this?
My parents. They were dancers.
Drop your arms.
Now just basic.
What did you mean when you said, "That's too bad"?
If you can't move through your fear...
and connect with yourself...
there's absolutely no way...
you're gonna connect with your partner.
Listen to me.
I know that it's scary as hell...
to let another person touch that part of you.
But if you do, it's worth it.
Now forget everything I just said and dance.
The floor is yours.
I'll see you.
OK, I am.
You're what?
So the movement has to be fluid like the water.
Afro-Cuban dance, it's the dance of slaves.
When they danced, it was their only time to feel free.
So they could be a bird, you know...
or do a flamenco step and make fun of their owners.
Or just be in the sea...
instead of being stuck on an island away from home.
It's a dance about being exactly who you want to be...
in that moment.
It has to feel and look...
as natural as the waves.
and going.
We were having dinner, and there was a knock on the door.
Suddenly two policemen were taking my father away.
The traitor could have been anyone.
Batista has his spies everywhere.
That's the thing, you know?
My father never hurt anybody. He was just a free thinker...
but someone didn't like his thoughts.
We had a funeral, but we never found his body.
Carlos disappeared for a while, afraid he would be next...
and then this girl shows up with a baby...
says it's his and she cannot afford it...
and suddenly I'm in charge of my whole family.
Maybe it's not what you want for yourself...
but you are making a difference.
There's a revolution out there, and what am I doing?
Just painting stolen cars and baby-sitting.
No, you're keeping your family alive.
That's the most important thing you could do.
If we could really win this contest...
maybe I could bring my family to America with us.
Your parents, they're perfect.
You see how much they want to be in each other's arms?
For us to dance together, I mean really dance...
that's how it has to be.
Oh, don't let us interrupt you.
- No, we were just-- - Yeah, we saw.
Listen, we have more stuff in the alley...
if you want to do something useful, Javier.
I should get home.
Thanks for stopping by.
It's half an hour before curfew.
What'd you do, join the circus?
You're gonna tell me you were out with James?
That's what you told your mother.
I never told her what Susie said.
Susie was wrong.
Good night, Dad.
How long you gonna be mad at me?
The girls here.
I told Lois that I like "Jane Eyre"...
and she asked me what movie she was in.
I'm really sorry that I told on you.
And what I said about Javier, I was wrong.
You gotta think for yourself, Suze.
I know.
I miss you.
Well, I've been dying to tell you.
Can you keep a secret this time?
Sí. Claro.
Susie, your mother and I have some very disappointing news.
Now, I know how you love to decorate the Christmas tree...
and sing carols and watch home movies...
but I'm afraid tonight...
we're all gonna have to go to the Palace.
- All of us? - Yes, Susie, all of us.
I know it's your big night with James...
but you think you could save your old man one dance?
When did this happen?
Well, you know your father.
Blabs to everyone we were dancers.
So the Phelpses invited us to the Latin ballroom contest.
Where I hear the dancing is supposed to be pretty good...
but your mother and I will be looking out for mistakes.
I can't wait to see the looks on your parents' faces.
Don't remind me.
I really should be scolding you...
for keeping her out till all hours.
Don't worry, ma'am. We've done nothing you'd disapprove of.
I can promise you that.
Thank you.
You two make a very cute couple.
So many of the girls coming over from the states these days...
get a little, you know, wild.
You're lucky to have such lovely daughters.
Ladies and gentlemen, Merry Christmas!
In just a few moments...
we'll begin this evening's special event.
So, when do we get to see the championship dancers?
We're hardly champions.
You're just being modest.
Come on. I've never seen you guys dance in public before.
Actually, I thought if your husband didn't mind...
you and I might...
Maybe Katey would like to dance.
Would you like to dance?
I have to find the ladies' room.
I'll escort you.
No, no, I'm fine.
- Where have you been? - I'm sorry. I was--
This was a crazy idea.
No. We're gonna win.
This is the moment you have all been waiting for...
the Latin ballroom competition!
Three talented couples will be chosen...
to compete in the finals on New Year's Eve.
- Que bonita. - Gracias.
Señoritas and señores...
presenting the brightest star of the Havana night...
Lola Martinez!
Where's Katey?
Just wait.
Oh, my God!
Funny thing is when I look into your eyes
I sense something so sincere in your disguise
You whisper secrets I hear only in my dreams
Then I wake up to your tele- smoke screen
I wait patiently while you play your game
'Cause in the end
I'll be the winner all the same
You'll see clearly when the song comes to a stop
I'll be the one blowing kisses from the top
So, baby, stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
And that'll end ya, you should surrender
You'll never win unless you give in
So, stop, baby, stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
And that'll end ya, you should surrender
You'll never win unless you give in
So won't you give our love a chance?
Or do you only wanna dance?
You put your lips very closely to my face
And then you run away, and so begins the chase
I'll be the hunter, but, boy, you better pray
'Cause when I want ya, I'll get you anyway
You know what I wanna do, it ain't nothing new
I'm tired of dropping clues, so when I step to you
Will you rise to my occasion
Or will you make me change your station?
Stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
And that'll end ya, you should surrender
You'll never win unless you give in
So, stop, stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
And that'll end ya, you should surrender
You'll never win unless you give in
So won't you give our love a chance?
If you take my hands
And follow my lead, I'll make you dance
I can make you dance
But if you get my feet and miss the beat
Then I can't take that chance
I can't take that chance
If you take my hands and follow my lead
I'll make you dance, I can make you dance
But if you get my feet and miss the beat
Then I can't take that chance
I can't take it
So, stop, stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
So, stop, stop, you're surrounded
I got my love, love all around ya
One wrong move, and I'll drown ya
And that'll end ya, you should surrender
You'll never win unless you give in
So won't you give our love a chance?
Ladies and gentlemen...
the judges have chosen our three finalist couples for next week.
And they are couple number five...
Jose Velarde and Iris Mesa!
Couple number nine...
Tino and Lourdes Martel!
couple number two...
Javier Suarez and Katey Miller!
What could we have possibly done...
to make you want to hurt us so much?
You humiliate us in front of everyone...
including your father's boss.
What, did you figure that he'd lose his job...
- No one's losing their job. - You going to lose your job?
No. Please, go to bed.
I didn't do anything.
- You lied to us. - I know, and I'm sorry...
but I knew you wouldn't let me try--
Kiss a Cuban pool boy in front of everyone?
You're damn straight we wouldn't.
And why in the world would you want to hurt James?
I thought you liked him.
No, you liked him...
'cause he fits into your perfect country club world.
There's nothing wrong with that world.
No, but he couldn't keep his hands off me.
What? What happened?
Nothing happened. I'm fine.
Why didn't you tell us?
Because I didn't want to mess up your job!
Katey, how could you think...
that my job would be more important than you?
I didn't want to hurt you.
I just wanted to help Javier, which is his name, by the way.
Oh, God, I love dancing with him.
Oh, Katey.
Did it ever occur to you that that boy might be using you?
A nice American girl who can be his ticket out of Havana?
That's not true.
You may love dancing with that boy...
but there are more important factors here...
Iike your family and your future!
Why does it have to be either- or?
Just because you gave up your passion, why should I?
Katey, wait. Honey, wait!
I'm going to Javier's.
Your mother's just trying to protect you.
I'm gonna be out there on New Year's Eve...
no matter what you and Mom think.
No more lies.
He's out celebrating...
so if you want to wait for him...
That was Katey.
It's OK. She's with his mother.
Was I wrong?
but neither was Katey.
Sometimes I wish we--
I just try to imagine what it would be like...
if we hadn't had...
Does it make me a bad mother?
Of course not.
You were good. It's OK to miss it.
They sure spiced up our old routine, didn't they?
I'll say.
That wouldn't have gone over too well at Roseland, would it?
Bert, she's not a little girl anymore.
What are you reading?
José Martí.
It was my father's.
We got rid of all his books just to be safe, but...
I kept this one.
- Javier? - Yeah?
- If we don't win the finals-- - We will.
But if we don't...
I'm not gonna go to college in six months.
You don't know how you're gonna feel in six months.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
I don't want you to give up your dreams for me.
But I have new dreams now.
Susie, why don't you and I go raid that buffet by the pool?
Tree looks nice.
Your father and I discussed it...
and we think that you should do...
a double turn at the finals.
You like the way I danced?
if you're asking me to approve of you and this boy, I can't.
But the dancing...
The dancing was incredible.
I think I should take a little credit for that.
I think you should, too.
- Hi! - Hi!
Javier, these are my parents.
Hi, Javier. It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
It's an honor to meet such wonderful dancers.
This is from my mother's garden.
Thank you. That was sweet of you.
- This is for you. - Thanks.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
Tonight we bring you the three winning couples...
from the Latin ballroom competition.
Do you want to dance?
Don't you dare!
Feliz año nuevo, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to our Latin ballroom amateur dance contest final.
You will dance on the stage one couple at a time.
Tonight's winning couple will win $5,000.
You are up first.
Our first couple this evening is Mr. Jose Velarde...
and Miss Iris Mesa!
Don't forget to look at the judges.
Don't worry about the others.
Remember, you're the queen of La Rosa Negra.
Our final contestants this evening...
Miss Katey Miller and Mr. Javier Suarez.
He's got a gun!
Go! I'll find you!
Where are the others?
Long live the Revolution!
Are you crazy or what?
With all those innocent people in there?
It would have gone great if you hadn't ruined it.
Killing people just like they killed our father?
It's not the same thing!
These people killed our father!
But you could have killed someone else's father!
Father would be ashamed of you!
He would be ashamed of us both.
It's horrible.
I never forget it.
I think all the time of...
Father going to the front door...
Waiting for his books.
What you did tonight...
And everything you've done for our family...
I'm indebted my brother.
You are a very good dancer.
You are a terrible waiter.
Batista fled the country!
Cuba belongs to the people!
Long live the Revolution!
- Is this smart? - No!
Let's go, my brother, let's go!
¡Viva la revolución!
Attention, all hotel guests.
President Batista has fled the country.
There is no immediate danger. Please contact the front desk...
I can't believe it's real.
Don't you wanna be out there celebrating?
No. I wanna be right here with you.
We didn't win the contest.
But the consolation prize was pretty good.
I'm so happy I can see all this with you.
Tell me.
he always said that when the revolution came...
Castro will kick out all the Yankee companies.
But you don't really know that.
No. I'm just saying that...
What, that I might have to leave?
It could happen.
But they wouldn't do that...
not if the whole idea is to give people their freedom.
Cuban people.
Well, then, you'll come with us.
I'm sure my dad can work it out.
And my family?
We'll send for them, just like we were always gonna do.
Katey, I wanted to leave because of Batista, but now--
But you don't know what life will be like here.
I mean, what if it doesn't get better?
My father died for this.
I have to believe it will.
I can make a difference here.
You showed me that.
This is my country. It's my home.
Oh, thank God.
Katey, are you OK?
We're leaving.
Yeah. Your father's making arrangements.
Give me that comb.
When you were little, you used to hide under the bed...
when I'd try to comb out these knots.
Katey, your father's been the only man in my life...
so I don't know what it's like to say good- bye to someone.
Saying good-bye to dancing, the other love of my life...
it broke my heart.
Then you were born, and then Susie...
and I loved you both so much that I--
- You're saying I'll get over it. - No, I'm not. No.
No. I'm saying I know you're hurting.
Everything's such a mess.
You have a choice.
You can do nothing.
You can hide under the bed...
Or you can work through the knots.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
I am taking you with me.
I am keeping you here.
Javier once said that dancing...
is about being exactly who you wanna be in that moment.
Dancing with him, I realized I was becoming...
exactly the woman I wanted to be.
We didn't win the contest...
but we did win something more important to us.
On my last night in Havana...
we were king and queen of La Rosa Negra.
We didn't know when we would see each other again...
but we knew that this wasn't our last dance.
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